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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. a big night for the two front - runners in the presidential race. hillary clinton and donald trump with multiple super tuesday wins. but their closest competition walked away with some reasons to stick in the race. good evening, i'm pam moore. from our partners at c-n-n. karin caifa reports from washington with a look at the scoreboard. and where the race heads next. >> reporter :frontrunners hillary clinton and donald trump won early and often on super tuesday -- showing strength especially among voters in southern contests -- on the
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biggest day on the primary calendar so far. bernie sanders pulled off wins in vermont and oklahoma, but hillary clinton exit super tuesday with far more delegates. off of that big victory in south carolina saturday - clinton scored wins in states like georgia, alabama, arkansas and texas. speaking in florida -- she looked ahead to a potential november matchup against trump. and trump, returned the fire. >> : instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers and build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so everyone american can live up to his or her potential >> : once we get all of this finished, im going to go after one person and that's hillary clinton. on the assumption that she's allowed to run, which is a big assumption. >> reporter :trump referring to the clinton email server controversy there. he won states in the south -- including alabama, georgia, and tennessee
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-- and up in massachusetts. but ted cruz showed he can beat trump. he did it in iowa in february, and added super tuesday wins in his home state of texas and in oklahoma. the two wins -- plus the earlier iowa victory-- now helping him make the case that the republican race is a two-man contest -- and cruz tuesday night asked that other candidates shelve their bids -- and help him beat trump. so, now we look to the next events on the political calendar. the republican candidates debate in detroit on thursday. the democrats debate in flint, michigan, on sunday. michigan is among states holding contests -- next tuesday, march 8th. in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> pam :presidential front- runners donald trump and hillary clinton. took home the most primary wins tonight. clinton is the projected winner in seven states. including georgia. virginia. alabama. massachusetts. tennessee. texas. and arkansas.
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meanwhile, bernie sanders won 4 state primaries - vermont. oklahoma. colorado. and the minnesota caucus. for the republican party. trump is the projected winner of seven state primaries. georgia, vermont. virginia. alabama. massachusetss. tennessee. and arkansas. ted cruz won two primaries tonight - oklahoma. and texas. meanwhile. marco rubio won the minnesota caucus. his first win in the primary season. results from alaska's primary are still coming in. our coverage continues online on our website. there, you can find a complete list of primary wins from tonight. as well as reaction from the presidential candidates. it's all on kron-4-dot-com. there has been a rash of robberies in the east bay at bart stations. while drivers park their cars for the day, thieves have been stealing the catalytic converters from underneath the vehicles.
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as kron 4's alecia reid reports, they are more than likely being sold for some fast cash. >> : they're making money on these >> alecia :cars sitting at bart stations are becoming a hot commodity . well these catalytic converters found underneath vehicles that modify toxic pollutants in a car's exhaust system they've been the focus of thieves recently. criminals can pawn these off to scrap yards and make a quick buck what's inside of them is what's really expensive. >> : platinum and rodium and these raw materials sell for 5- 800 dollars an ounce so there's a reason why they're stealing them. >> alecia :3 were stolen from hondas parked at the north concord bart station on monday. and just last week, 4 were stolen from vehicles parked at the north berkeley bart station. in previous years, converters were also swiped from the lafayette and pleasant hill stations. >> : it doesn't matter what type of car you have, they can go right under there and chop that thing right off. >> : they're taking a risk going
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around. that turns into grand theft real quick. >> alecia :there is a device that can be bought and attached under a vehicle to help prevent the converters from being stolen. mike abuyaghi from r&m automotive says for the victim, replacing a converter can be expensive. >> : depending on the make or model of the car it can be thousands of dollars. >> alecia :insurance companies normally cover the cost if their client has comprehensive coversge. reporting in concord alecia reid kron 4 news. >> pam :more than a dozen people joined together earlier today.. to remember a 14-year-old teen who was gunned down monday morning in richmond. classmates and family members of xavier mc-lanahan. left flowers and signs. on the same walking path where he was killed yesterday. xavier attended kennedy high school.. but police say he had not attended classes for some time. family and friends say, he was a good person.
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>>:she never did nothing to nobody >>:i am going to be walking it for him as well >>:he was not a gang banger or drug dealer >> pam :xavier's death is one of two homicides in richmond within the past three days. police are investigating whether both cases might be connected. as for xavier... he was supposed to be moving to mississippi today with his family. new at 11. police are searching for a suspect who they say tried to lure a child in antioch. officials say, a man tried to lure an antioch high school student into his van. it happened around 9-45- this morning. at the intersection of l- street and sycamore drive. police say, the suspect was driving a gold- colored mini- van. and motioned for the student to get into his vehicle. the victim refused. the suspect is described as an
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hispanic male with a "droopy face" and black hair. sonoma county authorities have now found the body of a santa rosa civil attorney. steven mitchell's body was discovered by a jogger two days ago. along bodega bay. mitchell went missing on february 13th. his car was found in bodega bay. he had left a note saying. he was going to kill himself. the coroner's office says, it will conduct an autopsy to find out what caused mitchell's death. a dramatic crash in walnut creek. a car slammed into a panda express restaurant. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a- b-c 7 news. it happened just before 5- tonight along oak grove road. the restaurant manager says the car crashed into the backdoor of the building. and also hit another restaurant next door. one person was trasported to the hospital. no word yet on the cause of the
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crash. a nice night here in the bay area. this is a live look outside along the embarcadero in san francisco. however. another storm system is heading our way. kron 4 meteorologist brittney ship has been tracking the forecast. brittney. when will we see the wet weather? >> brittney : our first chance to be tomorrow night for rain we have a few chances of showers over the next couple of days people see temperatures finally moving into the '50's and has some patchy fog to start highs around a reason--around the region
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>> pam :new at 11. the rainbow tunnel that connects san francisco to marin county now has a new name.the robin williams tunnel. the two new tunnel signs.for each side of the highway.were installed yesterday. it was unofficially known as the waldo tunnel. the california state senate approved the name change last year to honor the late comedian. williams grew up and lived in marin county. the signs cost 3-thousand dollars.and were paid for using private donations. steph curry sat the bench for tonight's game against the atlanta hawks because of an ankle injury over the weekend. kron four's jeff bush was at the game tonight and talked to fans who say they are disappointed he did not play but agree he should wait until he is healthy. >> jeff :thousands of the faithful dub nation gathered for the tip off against the hawksnobody knew if curry was in or outfinally, about 20 minutes before the gameit was
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officialcurry would not playa lot of disappointed fans. but, the team drove on and fought the good half time, fans were convinced the team would pull off a victory against the hawks. >>:they are playing great defense and shooting well and pretty much look pretty good. >>:they are doing great. i think they are doing really well without him. they covered for him and it just shows you that without stephen in the game they are still effective. >>:you can see the energy coming off the people coming off the bench just picking up the new energy and focusit looks like they are doing pretty well. >>:are big scorer is on the bench but we have a pretty good lead here and we're going to go into the second half and dominate and will be fun >> jeff :the team struggled in the late minutes of the game which eventually went into overtime.but, with a hard fought back and forth the warriors were able to beat atlanta without their star player. clearly a lot of disappointed
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people who came out here tonight to see steph curry play but everybody i talked to agrees that it's better to let him sit out this one game to make sure that his ankle is healthy. i'm jeff bush in oakland, kron four news. >> pam :coming up in a few minutes. kron 4 sports director gary radnich will bring us complete warriors highlights from tonight's game. that's coming up later in sports. coming up. several sheriff's deputies facing felony charges. accused of making inmates in their custody. fight gladiator style. two separate incidents of planes slidding across runways. we'll show you the pictures. the sierra snowpack numbers out today. details on how california is doing i n light of the long drought. >> gary :coming up zero little later in the broadcast of the warriors without the ndp--mvp and i get a kick out of old
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debts with money dumping--old guys with money dunking
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>> pam :three san francisco sheriff's deputies are facing charges. after they allegedly forced inmates to fight with one another while in county jail. former deputy scott neu. and current deputies eugene jones and clifford chiba. have been charged in connection with the alleged jailhouse "fight club incidents. the allegations came to light last march. when an inmate's
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family contacted the public defender's office for help. no court dates have been set for arraignment. authorities have called off the search for a man who may have been swept out to sea from half moon bay. the san mateo county sheriff's office believes that 25-year-old michael dwyer of brisbane may have been washed off shore monday afternoon. a witness reported seeing someone struggling in the surf. the call triggered a massive air and sea search that continued late into monday evening. dwyer's jeep wrangler was also found in a parking lot near the beach where he may have disappeared. california water officials aren't too happy with this year's snowpack numbers.because its lower than expected. today, surveyors found that the month of february did not bring above-normal they thought it would. the state relies on the snowpack for one-third of its water.
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this is the second year california has had mandatory water conservation rules. forecasters say we could get snow and rain this week. another storm system could bring more snow to the sierra later this week. kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now. brittany. how much snow can we expect? good be as we go into tomorrow it will get warm again and then the clouds will increase and we expect wednesday night rain and by thursday those showers will continue to linger but by the weekend we seek cooler temperatures and another round of rain right now are temperatures are at 58 degrees
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satellite radar shows a system that is going to be approaching right now it will be sure as we head not home from work but wednesday night if you have plans it will continue to transition to the south and a few pockets of moderate rain are expected was a widespread rainfall all into the south bay if you are an early riser you will see some what showers so be careful driving to work we pushed into friday we will see another round of light showers but it will not be until saturday night heading into sunday were a series of heavy
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rain and strong winds and the possibility of flooding per your high as--here are your highs >> pam : our sports director gary is here with yet another great night of the warriors >> gary :on the cover of sports illustrated. curry with a sprained ankle
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and of the third--end of tahhe 3rd to beat the buzzer tied at 95, goes to overtime warriors up 3 in ot 45 seconds left green throws it and it happens to go in warriors with 4 point lead up 2 with thompson hit 2 key shots down the stretch, 43rd straight home game, one off the record
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>>:it was a helluva game we just get out there and we get it down --get it done >> gary :hunter pence's mri results are back, and his right achilles tendon is fine. just some swelling. pence missed the beginning of last season with a broken forearm no such worries this year so far saysthe giants first game of spring training is tomorrow against the angels pence wasn't expected to play much if at all the first week along with most of the regulars anyway clippers owner steve ballmer dunked off a ttrampiline during halftime last night's game he promised fans would receive a free pair of red converse sneakers if he could throw one down and subsequently came through not to be outdone memphis grizzlies owner robert pera wanted to show he could dunk without a trampoline so he threw
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one down in the gym today and posted the video on twitter to be fair pera 37 is 22 years younger than ballmer and did not do it at a game or gi ve away any shoes first is was the six tricked our vehicles then he bought a 270-pound hog yesterday yoenis cespedes arrive for mets pring training along with teammate noah syndergaard on a horse more specifically a horse named "candy" every time i see his car or his horse it kind of ticked me off at spring training is too long-- tips me off >> pam :just ahead. chicago's o'hare. where not one but two planes have trouble landing because of the slippery runways.
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>> pam :take a look at this. stormy weather causes a slippery mess in chicago this afternoon. two planes slid off separate runways at chicago o'hare airport. first. a small corporate jet slid off the runway just after landing. two people were aboard. but no one was injured. soon afterward. an american airlines flight headed to new jersey. requested to be towed to the terminal after sliding on another runway.
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there were hundreds of flight cancellations in chicago today. also up to 90- minute delays. still ahead. astronaut scott kelly is back on planet earth. we have new video tonight of his arrival. they say denny's 7-pepper spicy skillet is crazy spicy, but how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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>> pam :nasa astronaut scott
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kelly is back on earth after a yearlong mission. just a few hours ago.kelly and two russian cosmonauts landed in kazakhstan. >> pam :and good night everybody
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erin andrews back on the stand defending her good name. >> i felt like everybody was looking at me like they have seen the video. >> she said she was so depressed she thought help from a therapist. >> talk to someone like i am so screwed up. >> then, secret service smack down. who was at fault? what this former agent is saying today. >> and first lady melania. donald trump's wife. her days as a model. >> she is not a barbara bush. >> could your ambulance driver be a predator? >> vulnerable women molested in the back of an ambulance by a paramedic. >> the look in his eyes i will never forget.


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