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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the zika virus reaches san francisco. what you need to know about the disease and its threattown born children. the felony abuse arrest of a nanny sends shock waves through an east bay community. exclusive pictures of the inmate fight that led toe a lockdown at the santa clara county jail. a triumph of the human spirit over animal savage rei. >> we are gathered here today to stop bullies in their tracks. >> five years after being beaten nearly to death at a giants-dodgers game, brian stow shares his message with school children. this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. breaking news. we are following tonight, health officials confirm a second case of the zika virus in the bay area. a person has tested positive for the virus in san francisco.
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the virus has been linked to serious birth defect. hello everybody, i'm pam moore. a r stone joins us with the latest details on this case. j.r. >> reporter: those officials are saying this person has recovered and is doing well now. now, when it comes to the zika cases in california, we're talking about five different counties. we have a map. it's not quite working right now, but five different counties where this has been confirmed. san francisco county, napa county, yolo county, los angeles county and san diego county. it's official. a san francisco resident has tested positive for the zika virus. a virus spread by mosquitoes and a virus that in some cases has been linked to babies born with unusually small heads. health officials tell us that in this most recent case, a person was infected by the virus when they traveled to central america. this person was not pregnant, is said to currently be doing well, and did not transmit the
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disease in the united states, according to officials. san francisco is the second bay area county to confirm a zika case this week. napa officials announced wednesday a pregnant woman has in fact tested positive for the virus. area doctors that i talked with said when it comes to the zika virus, it is a learning process for everyone. they tell me many of their patients have already changed vacation plans and opted to stay clear of places like central and south america, all because of zika virus fear. those with the cdc say zika virus symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain, or red eye. the cdc has issued a travel alert for pregnant women and their partners for certain areas of central and south america. again, the new news tonight, five different counties here in california now have confirmed zika virus cases. pam, back to you. >> our coverage continues on-
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line on our website. there we have more information on zika including tips on how to avoid getting the virus. it's all at the other big story we are following tonight, a nanny arrested for alleged child abuse on a 13-month-old baby in her care, and a camera in the home was rolling at the time of the incident. grant lodus is following the investigation. >> reporter: this nanny, mariah gonzalez, 20 years old, had no idea the parents had hidden a camera in the room. police say video shows gonzalez silencing the crying baby by putting her hand over his mouth. at one point, police say the video shows the 13-month-old going limp twice before the nanny puts the child in a crib and walks away. at gonzalez's home today no answer when we knocked. people who live near that baby
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boy are stunned. >> oh no, i seen something on the news this morning, that was it. i didn't even know it was my next-door neighbor. i just thought it was someone in livermore. >> i live down the street actually, but i really haven't had that much interaction with her. i saw that story. wow that blah me away. >> reporter: gonzalez advertised on a popular on-line site called now police are looking to see if anybody else may have had any contact with gonzalez, possibly more victims out there. gonzalez now out on bail. she is die in court tomorrow morning. new tonight at 6:00, police said that a background check could not have stopped the actions of the nanny in livermore. so what should parents do to make sure they hire the right person for their family? kron 4's justine waldman asked the experts and is here now. justine, as new parents, you and grant have gone through
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this process. >> we just went through it trying to find the right person while grant and i are both here at kron 4. it can be a frustrating situation but finding the right person starts with asking the right questions. >> i think a nanny should come in and enrich a family's life by providing that extra layer of security. >> reporter: for 25 years, darrell has matched nan niece with families in the bay area. her business in menlo park provides vetting and screenings for families looking for childcare. she shared her expert advice on the skills that she looks for. start by asking these key questions to see the nanny's strength and skills. >> how was she at showing up on time? tell me about the relationship she had with the children. how did she handle discipline? did she ever lose her patience? >> reporter: she believes experience counts. she looks for nannies with three to five years under their
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belt, and references. she says go deeper than the list the nanny gives you. do some investigating. >> if it takes calling eight references, call eight references. >> reporter: she worries families take too much at face value. some nanny skills cannot be taught. so when you are a new parent what do you really know? >> when you're a nanny, trust is either 100%, or it's out the window. it. >> reporter: i checked, and there are many stores and businesses in the bay area that offer training for nan niece beyond just cpr and first aid or even how to change a diaper. as for cameras, the expert said if you find the right nan anyway and you trust her and she has the right experience, you shouldn't need one. but the family in livermore, pam, if they didn't have a nanny cam they would have never known this had happened. >> justine, thank you. happening now, a fight breaks out at the santa clara county main jail this afternoon, and tonight the sheriff is crediting the newly installed cameras for capturing
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video of the incident. kron 4's scott reyes was one of the only reporters inside the jail when it went on lockdown. he joins us live tonight. scott, the jail still on lockdown? >> reporter: just in the past hour that lockdown has been lifted. those cameras installed yesterday the sheriff says today they were put to good use. here's would they picked up. take a look at the surveillance video from this fight. it's newly released video. it happened thursday afternoon. you can see several inmates running, fighting, and then the guards rushing in and breaking it up. the sheriff says that the fate happened around 3:20 this afternoon in cell 4a. at least 10, possibly up to 30 in mates were involved. there were some injuries as a result. pepper spray was also used to try to subdue some of those inmates who were fighting. we do not know how or why the fate started. the jail did go on lockdown for
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hours. the hazmat crews had to come out. medics were called out to help clean up the mess, the fight happening one day after the sheriff, sheriff laurie smith, took matters into her own hands and went to costco and paid about $900 to get some cameras installed. she said she was sick of waiting for the state to come in here. it could have taken two years for them to install cameras, and it would have been at a much higher price. i talked to her earlier this afternoon. >> i wasn't happy. we need cameras now. today is a good example for why we need cameras. we just had a major fight in the area that we put cameras where we had none before. we had a major fate of about 30 inmates. >> i saw the video, and it looked like two people, one kind of hit him with the shoulder, then the fight was on, then a lot of other people jumped into the fight. >> the sheriff says that the goal here with these cameras is to not only protect the inmates but also to protect the guards
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in there. she says she wants to be 100% transparent by installing these cameras. i can tell you none of the inmates today were seriously injured that in fight. live outside the main jail in santa clara county, scott reyes, kron 4 news. >> a live look along san francisco's embarcadero. a mild gray day. more wet weather is on the way. meteorologist brittany ship joins us. >> as we head into the rest of tonight we will stay dry. but a few of our lingering showers will start to push back on shore. this will be closer to 1:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., and lingering into your morning drive. keep that in mind. allow a little extra time to get to work. we're seeing dry conditions but our satellite shows although we are nice and dry in san francisco, monterey up to lake tahoe seeing isolated showers. you can see to the left more cloudiness will be on its way, and that's going to turn into
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showers for us overnight. over the next three hours we will see temperatures staying mainly in the high to mid-50s, cloudy skies expected, but coming up i'm tracking a stronger weekend symptoms, and i'll have a closer look at your three-day forecast. new tonight at 8:00 this week retired soccer star brandy class taken announced she will -- brandy chastain announced she will donate her brain to science. she says she hopes the donation will one day help kids and other soccer players avoid serious brain injury. today kron 4's charles clifford spoke with soccer coaches and with parents about concussions and the safety of the kids who play the game. >> reporter: gino has coached youth soccer for over ten years. he says views on concussions are changing. >> 10, 15 years back it was more of the shake is it off mentality and go back in and play. now we have enough research that says that's not the best
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-- that's definitely not an acceptable standard. that's certainly not the gold standard. >> reporter: he says the u.s. soccer association recently ruled that kids under 10 cano longer use their heads to hit the ball. some leagues have even set that age limit higher. coaches are also required to undergo training. >> where every coach is going to have to go through a concussion educational program. >> the new limits on heading are meant to protect young children but kids who keep playing soccer into their teen years or beyond usually don't have those restrictions. >> i definitely worry about the concussions. >> reporter: son i can't hansen's teenage daughter plays in a competitive league. she says it can be rule. >> sometimes they'll take big hits for the sake of the game. >> reporter: but unfortunately the game is still going to be played the way it is played so there comes a point where head willing be introduced. >> reporter: he says the new limits for young children are a
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good thing. >> ensuring that kids aren't heading the ball under the age of 10 is definitely a step in the right direction. >> reporter: in santa claire remarks charles clifford at kron 4 news. a judge makes a major decision on whether or not to release student records. details on today's ruling coming up. plus, donald trump in combat mode's faces off with his fellow rivals for the race for the white house. hear what he and others had to say during tonight's debate. and next, a valuable homeless program in the east bay is closing up shop. how this could affect crime. and dry now but we're tracking showers for tomorrow, heavy rain by the weekend. i will break down the timing of these next systems. that's all coming up in my full forecast.
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soon bart passengers will have the opportunity to participate in a pilot program aimed at easing overcrowding during the peak of the commute. the program is called bart perks. the idea is to give passengers incentives to take the train during off-peak hours by offering reward points, cash, and other prizes. clipper cards will be used to keep track of travel patterns during the six-month trial period. bart officials hope to get 5% to opt in. tomorrow u.s. representatives will announce legislation that will provide
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california fishermen and businesses with $138 million in funding. this comes after the shutdown of this year's commercial crab season. the season was supposed to open november 17th, but it remained closed because of the high levels of harmful toxic acid found in the crab. as of last month the shutdown cost an estimated $48 million in losses to the industry. the funding now depends on state officials declaring the crab fishing industry a disaster. it. our switch into a wet weather pattern has started with light showers today, plus a stronger weekend storm coming. brittany has been tracking the forecast. she's here now. as we go into the weekend that's when the heavy rain will get here but tomorrow we have another round of showers expected on and off throughout the day. that's going to affect your morning commute. light rain but wet roads so you do want to allow a little extra time. here's a live look where we're seeing dry conditions, mostly cloudy skies.
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our temperatures right now at 63 degrees in napa, 57 in santa rose -- santa rosa, 57 in half moon bay. our satellite showing us the showers have quickly pushed off to the east to the south of lake tahoe and still lingering just outside of mop tear ray but not so much in our region any more. weekend rain shows us as we go into your saturday night into sunday morning that's when the heaviest rain is going to fall with a series of systems that will continue to bring us a chance of rain even into next week. but with this stronger system over the weekend we track strong winds and also the possibility of urban flooding. we could see by sunday afternoon up to two and a half inches of rain for the north bay, up to two inches bayside, east bay an inch and a half, the south bay picking twowp inches. the heaviest amounts near the santa cruz mountains, anywhere from three to four inches of rain with this next system. your three-day forecast shows as we go into tomorrow just a
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few scattered showers on and off, similar to what we saw today. saturday is when the stronger winds and also heavy rain starts to fall, then we'll seelingering rain and even the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms on sunday. you will also notice cooler temperatures with daytime highs in the low 60. up next i'm tracking how much snow we'll get in the sierra and a look at your seven-day forecast. pam. the service called amazon prime now became available in the east bay for the first time today. company officials announced the free two-hour delivery service for prime members has come to more bay area cities. east bay residents can now download the mobile app which gives customers access to tens of thousands of items. san francisco and san jose have had the option since november. now the service will reach from san pablo to hayward. one-hour service costs $7.99 per delivery. the cost to be a prime member is 99 a year.
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still ahead tonight, an attempt to rob a store clerk back fires. how the clerk fought back against the robber. the tech sector is entering a slowdown. i'm tech trends reporter gabe slate. i met with a tech jobs recruiter to find out what jobs are still hot and what job seekers need to know. that's coming up on kron 4 news. later in this broadcast of course we checked in on the warriors. they're going up and down with oklahoma city. we'll have the story from oracle. also, a's and giants, practice baseball. and how about we go to a boxing -- a kick-boxing press conference with a kid from stockton getting down. that's a little later in this broadcast.
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kron 4 is live in martinez with more on the shuttering of contra costa home outreach. >> reporter: pam, doug stewart funded contra costa homeless outreach more than 12 years ago. since then he has helped take thousands of people off the street but in just a few months the program will be no more. >> the streets of contra costa became a part of me and i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: as private donations and funding from the county have dried up, doug stewart says he has no choice but to pack his family up and
8:21 pm
move to arizona this summer putting an end to a more than 12-year run. >> last year we saw just under 3,000 people, rate about 2,997 people. we sheltered just over 1,000 people at 1,041. i feel more bad for law enforcement because now they're going to have to build new relationships. they're not going to have no one to call in the middle of the night. the county will have to step up. >> reporter: we've tagged along with doug as he and two other staffers spent six nights a week stopping by homeless encampments, handed out food, water, blank, and offering shelter. martinez's police chief says doug's departure will be a tremendous loss for his city and others. the chief says' not sure if crime will go up but that the homeless community will certainly have less options to get help. and doug agrees. >> i definitely think we'll have more of the smaller crimes, more camping, things of that nature.
8:22 pm
but, you know, time will tell. more people on the street, more time to be outdoing stuff. >> reporter: over the years doug says that he's spent more than $50,000 of his own money on this program. he says the program's last day is july 1st. live in martinez tonight, kron 4 news. new tonight at 8:00, as we have been reporting it is not going to be a bubble pop, but there is a big slowdown happening now in the tech sector in the bay area. the once hot start-up is the latest to announce layoffs. the company is cutting 17% of its workforce. that's about 250 people. we sent our tech trends reporter gabe slate to talk with recruiters in silicon valley. >> reporter: i'm in downtown san francisco at the offices of mondo. they recruit tech talent for
8:23 pm
start-ups and companies. they say they are still seeing a high demand. >> bottom line, people are still hiring? >> they are still hiring very much so. >> you are busy? >> we are so busy. each recruiter probably has about, maybe five or so opportunities they're working on at a time, at least in our offices. >> reporter: the opportunities are companies blacking for people. >> yes. >> reporter: i asked tiffany what type of jobs or skills are most in demand. >> the biggest jobs that are really hot are front end development, anything in java script. it's all about user experience. it has to do with how it looks, how it feels. some of the technologies are ember, react, node, things like that, mobile designing, like those are the hottest opportunities at the moment. >> reporter: i also asked tiffany what about students about to graduate and look for tech jobs here in the bay area somewhat is her advice for them? >> honestly i think they should take advantage of their
8:24 pm
education and enroll into boot camps or coding camps. you can get them done in a few weeks, as well as networking, going to be events around the city for tech opportunities. you learn more about something. the biggest thing is reach out to your recruiters. they know the industry. they know what's hot. if you like the recruiter and agents that you work with i suggest going back to them. >> reporter: i always thought the main purpose of job recruiters was to pluck people from one job and bring them to a new job. not so. people looking for tech jobs can contact mondo and seek their help. for more information about that and resources for job seekers and graduating students entering the tech workforce look for my tech page on kron or our mobile app. still ahead, an ugly battle between mitt romney and donald trump. why romney is not supporting the gop presidential front runner. plus dramatic video of a
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have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. here is a tip. do not mess with her. this cashier fought off an armed robber with only her hands. she also had a hammer. she was working alone in a convenience store. look at her go. a guy pulls a gun, demands money, then she just goes postal on him. she slaps him and then chases
8:27 pm
him out of the store, hammer in hand. >> as i note, i said, go home. if you want to shoot me, shoot me. i just slap it lake that, so i take my hammer and try to break down his forearm. >> if she has a hammer and i have a gun, i would give her the money. but the suspect has been arrested and is now in custody. pam. a local high school student now battling a form of herpes, all because of a wrestling match. we have reaction from the student and his father. plus, el clap poe speaking is -- "el chapo" speaking out about his prison sentence. why he is asking to be extradited to the ? a federal judge rules against releasing millions of student records. we have details about today's ruling.
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new tonight at 8:00 a series of attempted home burglaries has residents on edge in union city tonight. we go to the neighborhood where the most recent incident occurred. jeff. >> reporter: pam, the headline here is 13 residential burglaries in the last two weeks. we're here at the 4100 block of
8:30 pm
dire street, and all of these burglaries have been taking place around this area. i just talked to a woman who was walking her dog just five minutes ago. she says that her neighbor was one of those victims. somebody broke into her neighbor's house. fortunately her neighbor was able to scare that burglar off, but she expressed how scared she is right now. she says that it is the talk of the neighborhood here in this part of union city. we're going to have more on this story and that interview with that resident tonight on kron 4 at 11:00. for now, jeff bush live in union city, kron 4 news. the republican debate tonight, and donald trump in full combat mode as he faces his two rivals who are anxious to take down his candidacy. and the debate battle comes just hours after a very personal attack from mitt romney. grant is here now with the latest on the republican debate. grant. >> we're down to four. ben carson no longer in the
8:31 pm
race. the four candidates on the stage in detroit, trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. it was trump's first face-to- face meeting with fox anchor megyn kelly since their contentious encounter in the first debate, then trump skipped the next one. here were their first words tonight. >> mr. trump, hi. >> hello. >> nice to be with you. you're looking well. >> as are you. and then she went on to ask a very long question that we won't include. the first fireworks of the debate came when marco rubio challenged trump for having his line of clothing, trump's line of clothing made not in the u.s. but in mexico and china. >> this little gay has lied so much. >> here we go. >> about my record. >> so much -- >> you see what happens again when you challenge him on a policy in addition you ask him about the economy and the first thing he does is launch an attack about some little guy thing because he doesn't have
8:32 pm
answers. and we're about to make him the president of the united states of america? this is not a game. >> i know what's happening with the economy. >> well then answer the economy question. >> you haven't employed one person in your life. i've employed tens of thousands of people. >> those two went at it for quite awhile, trump calling him little marco and rubio responding with big don. perhaps the most news worthy moment came near the end when rubio, cruz, and kasich all said they would support trump if he becomes the gop nominee, especially important given what happened with mitt romney today. meanwhile trump reluctantly vowed to support another candidate if, in fact, that person is the republican nominee. trump's day did start on a contentious note when mitt romney called a news conference for the express purpose of denouncing trump's candi deals. romney who ran as a successful
8:33 pm
businessman in 2008 mocked trump's claim that he is one, too. >> but you say, wait, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't, and no, he doesn't. >> romney went further saying trump is not only a bad businessman, but a bad person. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> he said trump's nomination would be disastrous for the republican party and disastrous for the entire country. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. he has neither the temper meant nor the judgment to be president. >> however, four years ago romney praised trump. today he said the billionaire's borish behavior repels him and he predicted trump's response. >> he will talk about our
8:34 pm
policy differences, or will he attack me with every imaginable low road smolt? >> in that way trump did not disappoint. just hours later making this reference. >> he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees, he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging. >> it's time to check on our weather. our meteorologist brittney shipp is here. she says the light showers will start overnight and carry on through friday. >> carry on through friday, then it turns heavy as we head into saturday night. so showers on and off, but really we've already entered into the wet pattern that's going to give us scattered showers and heavy rain, kind of a combination of everything over the next week or so. so here's what to expect. as we head into tonight, we will see scattered showers overnight. this is going to linger into your morning commute, then by this weekend we will see our wind speeds picking up. heavy rain is expected by saturday evening. another round of heavy sierra snow. storm tracker 4 showing us that
8:35 pm
we're dry right now. a little bit misty on our golden gate camera. our satellite shows that the showers that moved through earlier today are well off to the east, moving near lake tahoe, also down to monterey, but not so much in the bay area or near the peninsula or even the south bay. here's the second system that's starting to push on shore. it's going to give us our showers as we head into our overnight hours, once again into tomorrow morning, lingering on and off through the day. so our futurecast 4 shows us what that will look like. you can see how scattered the shower activity is going to be throughout the morning, then a few rounds of passing showers. then saturday is when we start to see the more heavy moderate downpours and widespread rain which will continue throughout your 6:00 hour on saturday, at least through 9:00, 10:00. another round of light shower activity on sunday, even the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms. if you plan on heading up to
8:36 pm
the sierra we have a flash flood watch in effect and also a winter storm watch that is going to affect your entire weekend. so flash flood is expected friday, started day, then heavy snow and a winter storm watch goes into effect as we push into saturday night, lasting until sunday. isolated snow showers could good on until monday. highs around the region tomorrow will still be a little above average but things will cool down as we head into the weekend. take a look at sunday daytime highs around 60 degrees. pam. >> well, the records of nearly 10 million california students will not be released to attorneys after all. that's because of a new ruling by a federal judge. kron 4 has been pouring over the court documents. here's what this ruling really means for everybody's children. >> reporter: this is a case a lot of california parents have been watching. parents worried that the records could be vulnerable to hackers if they were released by the department of education to the plaintiffs of a lawsuit. the federal judge ruling on
8:37 pm
this issue received so many objections from parents she can't even ready them all because of the flood of mail into the federal courts the judge will strengthen protections on that student data. it's important to note the plaintiffs in this case, they are also parents. they say california schools are not adequately serving students with disabilities. two weeks ago we sat down with one of the plaintiffs from morgan hill who explained why they want to look at this information. >> we didn't want a whole lot of descriptive information, just basic information. so that the fact is our group could also pinpoint other families that were also having the same problems. >> jane says her two contes who have attention deficit disorder and depression are not getting adequate education. attorneys will have access to that data but it will come directly from the department of education. today judge mueller says this
8:38 pm
case highlights just how important it is to parents that their students' private information stays in secure hands. i'm kate cagle reporting j. a south bay teenager spreading the word about the infectious disease he contracted while wrestling. and have you heard heard of a -- have you ever heard of a tampon pack? one group wants to eliminate it. we'll have more details on the storm that's moving in over the weekend, coming up. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
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for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. >> five women are suing to block new york state's so- called tampon tax.
8:41 pm
the group wants the state tax department to stop imposing a 4% luxury tax on feminine hygiene products. the lawsuit says the department taxes products used by women only but not items used by both genders. they also say feminine hygiene products serve as medical purposes and are necessary for women's health. new york women reportedly pay $14 million in taxes on feminine hygiene products every year. drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman wants to be extradited to the united states, and his attorney says as soon as possible. his lawyer says "el chapo" is complaining that the conditions at the maximum security prison where he is being held in mexico are unbearable, and they are making him seriously ill. additionally the attorney says "el chapo" is willing to plead guilty on drug trafficking charges to the u.s. only if he is held at a medium security prison. he is allowed to see family members, and he is not kept in
8:42 pm
isolation. guzman escaped prison in mexico back in july. he was recaptured in january. is george clooney leaving the big screen? coming up we explain why he may quit acting. plus, an amazing hole in one made in front of a golfing legend. and then, coming up in sports, we'll take a look at how the warriors are doing in their bid for an nba record tieing 44th straight win at home. and the red-hot cal bears go down to the wear in arizona. gary has highlights and all the sports. gary is coming up. settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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8:44 pm
contagious dissees known as mat herpes. he and his father are worried about the match. >> i want it shut down. it can definitely happen in a week or two but need the initial time period to go by so you can tell if kids have it, or if no one has gotten it, if more, if less, you know. >> the school has not said why it plans -- what it plans to do about the state match in bakersfield this coming weekend but blake and his father are hoping that they can stop the preventible spread of the herpes virus before anyone else is infected. five years after brian stow was brutal ally attacked after a giants-dodgers baseball game in los angeles he's talking to students about bullying. he suffered a severe brain injury that left him in a coma for nine months and took away his life as a paramedic. he now gives presentations to school audiences with a message
8:45 pm
that bullying sun acceptable. he spoke to students at hills dale high school today urging them to stand up against bullying. >> don't just stand and watch. doing nothing sends a message that the bullying behavior is okay. speak up to an adult. you're not a tattletale, you're a life saver. >> he's come such a long ways. so remarkable to see him doing these programs. brain's speech pathologist says that his presentations have contributed to his recovery. it's the shot of a lifetime for an 11-year-old with tiger woods watching just feet away. check it out. how about that for craziness at the brand-new course, bluejack national in texas. family friendly. tiger woods with the bear hug.
8:46 pm
there he is with the coral colored shirt. tiger says, are you kidding me? he had to follow the hole in one. he ended up parring it 81 yards on that hole so not super far. it is family friendly. tiger, of course, not playing competitively as he recovers from back surgery. taylor, a junior golfer from corpus christi. he was given the honor of christening that course because he had perfect attendance at school. it's now time for gary radnich, kron 4 sports. good evening everybody. this was good night to own a television set with trump and rube and ted going at it, and the warriors and thunder going at it in a rematch. 63-61 at intermission. cal basketball. we start looking ahead to march madness.
8:47 pm
jaylen brown only had five points tonight, and that's pretty much the difference. the star freshman couldn't get off. tyrone wallace and a very good team. back comes arizona. they regain the lead as cal goes cold the last two minutes. nope, not going to happen. bears still with a desperation heave, and nah. so there it is. 64-6 1. arizona went on an 11-0 run to end the game. cal's seven-game win streak is over, but nonetheless, they're 21-9, 11-6, third in the pac- 12. you see that coach right there, grant? sean miller of arizona. cal is still going to get an ncaa bid. kind of fun to see that coach who we just showed. when he was five years old, you can look him up, used to be on the tonight show. he was one of the kid trick ball spinners and dribblers. he grew up, i think he played
8:48 pm
college but wasn't good enough for the pros. he went on to be a coast. every time i see him, i say that's the guy who used to come on and do all the stunts on the tonight show. sean miller. all right, we still have tournament action here on the women's side. it's funny if you want to think of something rough to say, hi, lindsey gottlieb, you play 18 games against each other, then you still have a conference tournament. game to everytime for cal versus utah, then cowling and company took advantage. the cal women's team wins 66-63 in overtime. they move on to play arizona state tomorrow around 2:00 at the pack 12 tournament. all right, there's no car like a lexus, right, folks? and no highlight like -- oh, willie cauley-stein. oh man. that was on espn. i would say, oh my gosh, that's
8:49 pm
nasty. right, fred? hey, sure, buddy. willie cauley-stein, and that's it, from sacramento, california. that's how you do it. i do it more of a general thing here with you. sam has carried me for years our relationship. i appreciate that. grant has come on great. but if i was on espn, it would be like the radio show where i appeal to 35-year-olds, and you just have to talk like they talk. >> okay. when in rome. >> some guy was interviewing me today, isn't that kind of weird that you're blah-blah-blah, and you're entertaining 35-year- olds? i said, you're darn right i am. >> you entertain everybody. >> i don't care if i'm in the shot or not. i love you. would do you got there, grant? you know what's funny, sam, when i do one of these from way back i don't know deck, almost like a crutch i'll go, grant, check it out to see that i'm
8:50 pm
not make it up. oh, look at kron. >> that must be mark burnett. is that mark burnett directing? gotta be. wade director once that said, can you shoot that? they shot the doorway. but the great mark burnett. look at that. >> the great youtube. you can just pull up a video. >> you can see that and again, if ashley is watching, you can see the johnny carson show on our old-timer's network. what's the name of our network where they replay it? classic kron. >> me tv, isn't? >> what's that? >> me tv. >> you're hipping it. i don't know if you made that up. >> i didn't make that up. >> she does not make things up. >> antenna tv. >> close. >> i call it classic kron. >> i was that close. i even did mumble, grant, see if pam is making that up.
8:51 pm
thank you grant. in the last 24 hours i have just grown to love this guy. he's one of the few guys that covers your back. he's a good guy. >> yes, he is. >> unless they said we'll give you and your family ten grand more if you can get rid of him. but right now, it is warm in here. what would it be, 20? >> 10 would do it. >> give me some exhibition baseball while we sit and drink beer in the stands, we watch other guys get in shape. mike trout, there he goes. grant earlier said he would take trout over young harper. i don't know. angels beat the a's, a final of 8-2. giants lost today 8-7 to milwaukee. let me show you alex rodriguez, his first at-bat of the spring. one of the great comeback stories. how many of us had this guy buried after he got caught with the drugs? his first at-bat is a home run, and there he goes. he's 41 years of age.
8:52 pm
so alex rodriguez, of all the guys who were associated with that, the drug stuff in baseball, he's come back pretty darn strong. so for all of you out there that are on something, hang in there, and if you can hit a baseball, you can get -- continue on in life. >> hey, all right, garyg advice. >> right. >> still ahead, george clooney talking in a way that has some moviegoers worried. we'll tell you next.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
star wars fans "the force awakens" is available for digital download on april 1st. disney's ceo bob iger announced the news today. viewers can download other added features as well including deleted scenes and other footages from director j.j. abrams. the first six star wars movies were available for digital download for the first time
8:56 pm
just last april. the film will be released on blu-ray and dvd on april 5th. a lot of people excited about that. >> i say george clooney, first thing you think of. actor. >> handsome. >> his wife now, too. she's an all-star. >> philanthropist. >> but handsome. i mean, let's be real. it's george clooney, right? >> well -- >> he's going to stop acting because he's aging. >> oh, come on. >> i know. i think he looks just fine. tells the bbc, does clooney, that he's getting older and, quote, i think nobody really wants to see anybody age. it's becoming vurn for giving. the camera is. the camera softensly getting better. so aging becomes something that, you know, you try to do less and less on screen. aus age on screen, you get to that point where you really understand, you know, you can't stay in front of the camera
8:57 pm
your whole life. and it's so much more fun and more creative to be directing, says clooney. he also says it's a judgment that comes with aging is obviously a lot worse for women. >> that's true, it is. >> i still think he should stick with it. >> it's strange to hear him say that. maybe he will change his mind. >> he doesn't look 54. >> he looks great. >> even as he ages ?ee. looks a good 54. if we all had such problems. >> that's it for us tonight at 8:00. we're back at 11:00. hope to see you then.
8:58 pm
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