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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> pam:brittney shipp joins us now.this next storm is expected to be a big one right? >> pam:our meterologist brittany shipp is here with all the weather details. >> brittany: dollars saturday evening plants will be impacted the most. ----as we go into the overnight hours or route 118 m-3 with
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a wide spread like rain with a few pockets of moderate downpour in santa rosa and into vallejo and fairfield creek that is when things will start to get going. with more moderate and had the brain in said francisco creek and san mateo--with the heaviest rain showers in san francisco and san mateo. i will let you know how much to and expect and the next forecast at about 10 minutes. pam? >> pam:for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kron 4 mobile app. >> pam:it's your number one source for news and weather in the bay area. >> reporter: you can see that the traffic is moving at a very slow pace with drivers taking their time giving distance between them and the locals that are in front of them because of the rain showers coming
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down. we do have a break right now but chicken see how the system is a great, clouds are low and heavy. as for the traffic concerning eastbound and westbound interstate i'd-83 is slow going rush traffic--the rush hour. people are trying to get home or to their destinations we will keep you updated. >> pam: were #1 source for news and weather in the bay area please download the kron4 mobile application. >> pam: today. the woman accused of abusing a baby in her care, appeared before a judge. police say, the abuse was captured on video. >> pam: but as kron 4's terisa estacio explains. the nanny's attorney says, no crime occurred. and claims
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the case is now compromised. >> reporter:walking between her sister and her attorney moriah gonzales tightly holding her sister's hand made her way to a pleasanton court house. she was here to enter a in a case where prosecturos say a nanny cam - captured the 20 year old livermore resident silencing a 13 month old baby's cries with her hand until the baby went limp. >> william du bois/gonzales attorney it is an interpretation. he would not show the video to moriah. >> reporter:gonzales attorney - william du bois argued outside of court that there is much more to this case - first - he says there are problems with how it was investigated. >> reporter:the parents have a very close relationship with law enforcement. >> reporter:secondly - he says - gonsales is a caring person and there is no facts to show she injured the child. >> reporter:the child was not hurt, in fact she took the child after the parent came home to the park.
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>> reporter:in court documents - police alleged the nanny cam video shows gonsales 'place her hands close to the crying boys face and the sounds went from clear and audible to a muffled cry. he then went limp. also, that she flung him overr her shoulder. before putting him into his crib, then leaving him in the room alone. >> reporter:livermore police have asked for the communities help in this case. asking if anyone has used gonzales as a nanny - in case there could be other possible victims. >> reporter:gonzales attorney took great issue with that. >> reporter:listen - >> she did not victimized her children pricked--that is not the type of person that she is to rid. >> reporter:there were be no others bc, she did not victimize this child. people will only say she is loving and caring.
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>> reporter:gonzales refused to answer any questions after entering a not guilty plea. prosecutors hit her with a protective order as well, saying she is not allowed to be around anyone 18 and younger. >> reporter:her attorney plans to fight that at a later hearing. she is back in court in may. te >> pam: sad news on the peninsula. >> pam: the 97-year old woman facing eviction. after spending more than 60 years in her home. has died. >> pam: marie hatch made national headlines after she put up a fight to stay in the home. when she was served a 60-day notice. >> pam: kron 4's kate cagle has been covering this story from the beginning. she is live in burlingame tonight. where marie's attorney's say, they are still going to fight. kate >> reporter:marie hatch lived on this street for 66 yearsshe said all she wanted to do was die in her homeand last night she did. stillher loved ones tell me her death is a complete shock. >> reporter:in fact - when i spoke to marie last week she was chipper, yet worried after receiving a notice to vacate within sixty days. >> reporter:a week ago her
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attorney's sued marie's landlord for breaking an oral agreement that marie could live here until she died. those attorneys also sued for elder abuse - saying the stress of the eviction sent marie to the hospital for heart palpatations. >> reporter:thenlast week marie came down with an upper respitory infection. >> reporter:she was discharged from the hospital yesterday - her son and roommate thought she was on the mend.but marie died hours later. >>nancy fineman/attorney ".it really has an impact." >> reporter:marie's roommate georgia will still fight for her right to live here- she's in her eighties. >> reporter:the landlord could not be reached for comment today - he says a trust requires him to sell these cottages this year. >> reporter:even after marie's deathher attorneys are going forward with the "elder abuse" part of this lawsuit. >> reporter:they are seeking monetary damages for her family. i also spoke to georgia todayhear from her coming up at six. >> reporter:back to you.
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>> pam: one of the most sensational murder cases of modern times. is back in the news. the recovery of possible new evidence from a property once owned by o=j simpson. >> reporter:los angeles police confirmed this morning. they are examining a knife. >> reporter:grant lodes is here to tell with explain what it might mean. >> grant:the evidence is a knife. it was turned over to the los angeles police last month. and the story of its discovery goes back to just after simpson's sensational murder trial. >> grant:the slow speed chase. the glove that didn't fit. it's been more than twenty years since the world hung on every twist and turn of the case, right up up to the stunning verdict. >>we the jury find the defendent orethal james simpson not guilty of the crime of premeditated murder. >> grant:simpson found not guilty of murdering his ex-
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wife nicole brown and her friend ronald goldman. but losing a 33=million dollar civil suit filed by their families. he was forced to sell his brentwood estate. and in 1998 the new buyer decided to tear it down. >> grant:while excavating the perimieter of the propety, one of the demolition workers reportedly dug up a buried knife. and turned over to the nearest cop, who apparently decided to keep it as a trophy. >>"he claimed that an individual, who claimed to be a construction worker, provided him with this knife, claiming it was found on the property. so, he held onto it until just recently, when we discovered he had it. " >> grant:it is now in the possession of the l=a=p=d cold case squad. >>"they are going to study it and examine it for all forensic, including serology, dna and hair samples and that is on-going as we speak." >> grant:even if it provided positive evidence of his guilt, the rules of double jeopardy mean simpson is forever off the hook. >>we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicides he's already been charged with because he's been acquitted.
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>> grant:one of his attorneys says it might provide closure to the brown and goldman families, >>"the verdict of history has its own claims. if history proves that o.j. simpson did it, then that is what history will determine. history does not have a statute of limitations. history does not have a double jeopardy clause." >> grant:simpson is currently serving a nine to 33 year prison sentence after a confrontation over allegedly stolen sports memorabilia in las vegas. >> grant:now aged 68 years old, he will be eligible for parole next year. >> pam: so what else might we learn from the discovery of this potential new evidence in the o.j. simpson murder case? quite a lot actually, a s we hear now in this report from kron four's rob fladeboe. >> reporter: this is a bomb shell and the former-says o.j. simpson case. steven clark/former prosecutor --- >> reporter:former prosecutor and legal analyst
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steven clark says the knife found buried at >> reporter:o.j. simpson's former estate could be what he termed the 'missing link,' in a case that has never really been closed. >> reporter:clark says the knife is important in a reexamination of the simpson case, even if the forensic tests find no blood or dna evidence. >>steven clark --- would you will see now going back to look at the autopsy photographs and being new knife evidence. they are going to make a comparison to see it this is an assistant with what killed nicole and ronald goldman. >> reporter:the knife in question is described as a 'folding buck knife,' not unlike these. knife expert sergey pikiner, stalkers,' shop in san jose, says the popular buck knives are top quality and known for keeping their edge. >>sergey pikiner/knife expert-- yes a lot of hunters use these particular knives.
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because there are good for sharpening. and there were a lot of actors your shopping for them. >> reporter:clark remind us that dna technology is far better today than it was 20 years ago and if nothing else, reopening the case might raise other questions and possibly put to rest any doubts that still linger about the verdict in what was then known as 'the trial of the century.' >>steven clark-- now that this may be the murder weapon and may answer a lot of questions and perhaps bring closure to these families. and conclusively showing that o.j. was responsible, or perhaps this may not have anything to do with the murder. >> reporter:in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> pam: coming up. the number of cases of the mosquito - borne zika virus. jumped from one to five. in just five days. we have the latest details. >> pam: more confirmed cases of zika virus in the bay area. >> pam: the disease, which
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is linked to severe birth defects. has now shown up in four bay area counties. involving five cases. bell also there are lick concerns and the school district?
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>> pam: more confirmed cases of the zika virus and the bay area. the disease. which
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is linked to severe birth defects has now shut up and for bay area counties spirit embodied five cases. kron4 charles clifford is live in santa clara county. where are these new cases? >> reporter: behind-the- scenes the health department is checking with a lot of people who have gone to central america mayhap possible issues with this virus so there may be more cases ahead. they may not spread for couple reasons, it is not a dearborn illness. the main with its brick through mosquitos. and two types of mosquitos, that we do not have here in the bay area. one known as the
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yellow fever mosquito in southern california but so far here in the bay area that have done a good job of keeping that particular skill from movie and locally. coming up! we will talk more about this situation with experts. at 8:00. in regard to keeping this mosquito from entering the bay area. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam:and today. new. scary zika research. paints an ominous picture for babies and their families. >> pam:grant is here with that part of the story. >> grant: this is really ground zero as to what this virus does to the babies. we have known that the babies hit can be shocking because of this virus. but this no one has more of an almond
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outlook. what scientists in brazil and america researching and studying credit women who were infected with this virus. shown to attack brain cells causing the small hits and brains it also caused loss of eyesight and in some instances, field death. -- fetal death. >> grant:the study, published today in the new england journal of medicine.suggests that zika can attack a fetus at any stage of pregnancy.even if the mother is infected in the third trimester. our coverage continues online on our website. >> grant:there. we have more information on zika. including tips on how to avoid getting the virus. it's all at kron-4-dot-com. >> pam: it it seems like
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bart has been extra crowded it pass. because of electrical problems on some of the bart trains within the last week. in san francisco with diane ackerman. --dan kerman >> reporter: the bart trains have been extra crowded. and it turns out that they have had a problem with an electrical problem some of the equipment is shirt-- short circuit team. they do not know what the cost is. to reduce the number of cars on each train so now that they are becoming a little bit more crowded. >> we need each of and available trained more available. it is so crowded toward the last thing we
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want is to have one less car available. >> reporter: bart has determined that if the shutdown this station in west oakland, if they shut it down, it will cause more problems. they have shut down this station. they're not sure if that is the call it that is because creek but until they can determine with the real problem is they will cut this down. they hope to have three-quarters of the trains and cars that an action next week. >> pam:healdsburg junior high. shut off its water today, after the school was alerted by district officials, that there might be a contamination issue. >> pam:the school is now providing and moved food
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preparation to another nearby school. authorities decided to test the water at healdsburg middle school. after water tests done at healdsburg elementary school. showed traces of lead earlier this year. >> pam:the superintendent said, they will continue with bottled water and outside food preparation. until they receive word the water is safe. >> pam:the lead pipes that caused a water crisis in flint , michigan are starting to be removed >> pam:crews began their work this pipes. connected to water mains in the city the city of flint has asked the state for 55 - million- dollars. to remove every lead pipe >> pam:the state pledged to give 58 - million dollars but none of that money is earmarked to replace the lead lines. instead of waiting for state officials in michigan the mayor of flint is beginning the process by using 2 -million dollars flint has received from nationwide donations . to start to replace eight- thousand bad pipes. >> pam:wet weekend ahead.
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>> pam: she is tracking the running for us. -- the rain for us. >> brittany: closer to livermore, danville and walnut creek spirit that is where the rain showers are the heaviest. here is what to expect. more showers for us and light rainfall. and then the heavy rain will start tomorrow evening. with the wind advisory end of that for most of the region. the snow will continue and the sierra all the wait until monday saturday night into monday morning. >> brittany: we will continue to see more moisture pumping into the
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system and as we go into tonight more scattered showers. the brunt of the storm will get here and to saturday--will get here and stay in to saturday afternoon. >> brittany: as we push into the afternoon hours on saturday that is what it will start and then soon cleared out. monday we will still see scattered showers falling into the thursday morning commute. the heaviest rain shower and will be saturday night. with two and a half interest in the north bay. , three to 5 in. of rainfall for the weekend in the santa cruz mountains. some are suggesting anything higher amounts. >> pam:next. >> pam:today ben carson officially suspended his g- o-p presidential campaign. he made the announcement at c-pac - the conservative
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political action conference.. taking place outside washington, d.c
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>> pam: today, been car sent officially suspended his g o p presidential campaign. he made the announcement at see pat the conservative political action conference taking place outside washington d.c.. --ben carsen >> pam:meanwhile. voters in five states will head to the polls this weekend. kron 4's national correspondent mark meredith stand. in the race for the white house. >> reporter:hostile, loud, and divisive. >>"nat break from the debate" >> reporter:thursday's g-o-p
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debate in mighigan once again showed americans how divided the party is in choosing their party's nominee. >> reporter:but it's the party's last nominee - mitt romney - who's eager to re- shape re-definining the race - calling a donald trump presidency dangerous. >> reporter:now it's up to voters in a handful of states to make up their minds. this weekend - democrats and republicans are voting in kansas and louisana. >> reporter:in maine and kentucky - republicans will caucus, in nebaraka, democrats vote saturday, in maine they'll vote sunday. donald trump continues to lead the delegate count - right now 98 delegates ahead of texas senator ted cruz - and even further ahead of florida senator marco rubio. >> reporter:meanwhile vermont senator bernie sanders is facing fewer options to become the democratic nominee. >> reporter:hillary clinton continues leads the senator by 600 delegates and is nearly halfway to needing enough delegates to wrap up her race. a c-n-n o-rc poll of registered voters shows in a hypothetical matchup clinton would be able to beat trump in a head to head match-up
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52 to 44 percent but would face a much closer race between both senators ted cruz and marco rubio. >> reporter:past this weekend - the race continues with a democratic debate sunday night, four states head to the polls on tuesday including michigan, and then we've got another republican debate on thursday. >> reporter:a busy week ahead - that's a quick look at where things stand in the race for the white house - in washington, i'm mark meredith. >> pam: coming up at 5:30. another deadly crash in san jose. the 12th vehicle fatality in the city this year. >> pam: we will be back!
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>> pam: and other deadly crash in san jose. the 12 the local fatality and the city this year. --another >> pam:this time it was a hit and run situation. and tonight police are looking for one of the drivers. >> pam:kron 4's will tran was on the scene this morning. >> reporter: the two cars collided and or the bandit,
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far away. --and where they ended derrick far away. >> reporter: all day they have been looking for the driver of the dutch the rhinegold. when they came here they saw a person in the area and they took that person down to the police department to question that individual. there are not sure if that individual is related to the accident. -- dodge durango >> reporter: the driver of the nissan has identity has not been revealed. >> pam:in the east bay. >> pam:a security guard saw a woman drive off an antioch marina and then pulled her
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out of the water to safety. >> pam:the driver was arrested for a d-u-i. >> pam:police responded to a call from david quintanilla, a secuirty officer at the marina at about 10:30 p-m. >> pam:he says the woman was driving "recklessly" in the parking lot and saw her speed off the dock into the water. >> pam:quintanilla then jumped in to rescue her. ap- ca--car >> i was able to reach her hand and pull her out of the water. >> pam:woman drives off marina dock, security guard pulls her out >> pam:emergency crews arrived and took the 41- year-old woman to the hosiptal. she was visibly upset in the back of the ambulance while being treated for unknown injuries. >> pam:the contra costa fire department was there to haul her overturned car out of >> pam: the sierra is
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looking for to snow. bring? --brittany? >> brittany: we have a winter storm advisory that goes into effect. we also have a flash flood warning that will go into effect for it lasting until saturday starting today. we are expecting snowfall to move in saturday night into monday morning. we are expecting travel delays. we are looking at when dust and 55 mi. per hour. this is not keeping the stronger system that we are tracking. this is a warm up to the main course. >> brittany: at golden gate
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bridge it will be slow coming. the roadways are dry right now. rainshowers are situated near livermore, and then deal. --danville >> brittany: when you wake up tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. we are dealing with light spread--widespread rain showers. it will be at around 2:00, that we will see the heavier rain showers coming down in san francisco and parts of san mateo and now bob. --napa >> brittany: i will have my full forecast coming up and about 15 minutes. pam? >> pam: you heard the report from brittany. what what
5:35 pm
will be happening in the sierra. we have grant lotus here with coup. with more of what to expect. >> grant: it is friday but you will probably be working this weekend because of what is expected? >> there are no days of spirit and the weather is the way is right now. we had lightning, i went and just turning into snowfall. about 1 in.. at the summit, about 28 degrees and is starting to drop right now. this is just the first wave of the
5:36 pm
parade of some storms. >> grant: did you just hashtag on me? >> i just hashtagged on you . (laughter) >> you should try to get up here by saturday, we will start to see between one to 3 in. per hour creek and the temperature is dropping a quick derrick deftly, terry change in your car. --carry change in your car.
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>>slow your roll and take it easy. this is not a small system. >>dress warm and prepare for the weather storms. >> be ready for sunday and monday. >> grant: this weather is definitely what we were looking for creek especially in regards to the drought. >> needed it to rank first.
5:38 pm
the rainshowers will penetrate the dry base that we have. --rain >> so that we do not get behind every-dish at the height avalanche effects. >> as the temperature starts to drop their it will start to raise, if we get 25 or 27 1 in. can turn to to speak. we are looking at a lot of snow. setting up spring and also helping us with the drought conditions. the drop was bringing to 92 percent of snowcap right now. loving mother nature right now. >> grant:love haning with
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mr. coop. good day and have a nice weekend! >> pam: the three jail guards accused of beating and murdering two mentally ill inmates will be held over for trial. >> pam: we will be nissan leaf...
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what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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>> pam:the ruling was made yesterday evening, following a four-day preliminary hearing for jereh lubrin, matthew farris, and rafael rodriguez. >> pam:the deputies are accused of killing 31-year- old michael tyree at the main jail in san jose back in august.and are set to return to court on march 14th for further arraignment. >> pam:all three have pleaded not guilty. >> pam:the maximum security area of the the santa clara county main jail remains on lock down tonight. >> pam:this after a melee yesterday. that started with 10 inmates. but others got involved. >> pam:here's video from the sheriff's department of how quickly the brawal escalated. with fists several inmates were injured. two had to be taken out to a local hospital. >> pam:jailers believe the fight was over money. and
5:43 pm
that no weapons were involved. >> pam:the 3 inmates who escaped from an orange county jail were charged today with >> pam: >> brittany: i am tracking another system. it will be in stronger storm moving van over the weekend. i would let you know what to expect.
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>> pam: as we have been reporting. it is not going
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to be a bubble pop. but a big slow down is happening now in the tech sector in the bay area. >> pam: the once hot start - up called - zenefits. is the latest to announce layoffs. the company is cutting seventeen percent of their workforce around two hundred and fifty people. >> pam: we sent our tech trends reporter gabe slate to talk with one of the premier tech job recruiter firms in silicon valley to find out more about the state of technology jobs in the bay area >> gabe: this company says that they are still seeing a high demand. >> each recruiter has about five or so opportunities to work on at the time. >> gabe: that this company is working for people?--that is >> yes.
5:48 pm
>> and has to do with how it looks, how it feels and that is what is in high demand. things like that that are mobile designing is the hottest opportunity at the moment. >> gabe: what about students that are about to graduate to look for opportunities and the bay area? what are- as what is your advice for them. >>coding and networking. louis offer opportunities to learn more about the companies. and talk to your recruiters they know what is hot right now i would suggest calling back to them. -- going >> grant: for more
5:49 pm
information about that and the resources for job seekers and graduate students entering this industry. go to my tech page. >> brittany: it will pick up as we head into tomorrow creek start making your weekend plans. heavy rain showers will last for a few hours saturday night. the wind speed will pick up. >> brittany: storm trackers for showing us that we do have some rain showers and livermore and east bay. we do have more expected by tomorrow with heavier rain showers. along with a winter
5:50 pm
storm warning. that we will have all the way into monday. and isolated thunderstorms with another round of sierra snow. we do expect to see, a lot of the shower is continuing through friday evening and tomorrow. we'll also see temperatures pushing to the high sixties and then dropping down lower on sunday. >> brittany: for the north bay, 2 and 1/2 inches, 2 in. at bayside and closer to the east to inches. we will see three to 5 in. at the santa cruz mountain spirit we could get possibly more than 7 in. of rain fall. >> brittany: have sustained
5:51 pm
winds between 15 to 30 mi. per hour with a wind gust at 50 mi. per hour. would down trees and a lot of rain showers coming down bringing down trees and power lines. when the storm watch in the sierra. and flash flood. >> brittany: at our ticket to start to drop we will see more snowfall into monday that will affect the role is. so expect delays. >> brittany: will be warmer, that would help fuel when storms and showers by monday. it would drop below average in regard to the temperatures. we will see warmer weather to start
5:52 pm
tomorrow, when the conditions and snow in the sierra and rain showers. along with isolated thunderstorms and then we will have a cold start to your work week. pam? >> pam:prince has made a habit of playing last minute shows and one of those will be held tonight at oakland's oracle arena. >> pam:he was in oakland last night for the warriors game and he has repeatedly praised the team at some of his concerts. >> pam:prince wowed audiences at his sold out show last sunday at the paramount theatre in oakland. >> pam:tickets for his show tonight are still available on stub-hub starting around 95 dollars. >> pam:a musician is suing hip hop artist jay-z over his music streaming service "tidal." the suit was filed saturday in federal court in new york by john emanuele, who is half of the duo "american dollar." >> pam:emanuele claims he has not been given what he is owed in royalty payments. the suit is also seeking class action status on behalf of other artists being streamed on tidal. >> pam:a spokesman for tidal
5:53 pm
said the service is up to date on all royalty payments it owes emanuele -- and all other artists -- and that the suit is without merit. >> pam:the spokesman called the claim -- quote -- "a perfect example of why america needs tort reform." >> pam:up next. >> pam:hollywood is bursting with baby bumps. the insider has a closer look at the stars.getting ready to give birth.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> pam:the hollywood baby bump brigade is in full force. but which star mommy- to-be is throwing all pregnancy rules out the window?
5:56 pm
>> pam:the insider's keltie knight joins us from los angeles with more. pam, kelly clarkson, chrissy teigen and anne hathaway are among the pregnant stars that are expecting. and now the race to the deliver room is on. >> reporter: from barely showing to growing and growing the the the blood is on display. hathaway will be heard to the delivery room with her first video rioting before spring. --are writing-- arriving during spring. >> when is the baby do? >> in april. >> i am a little tired. >> we will take 4 months
5:57 pm
offi think >> kelly clarkson is one month away from expecting her son. >> i never thought that i would be a mother, i am enjoying the experience. >> pam: news and weather will continue and 70 second on kron 4 news at ÷h,z/
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: not as six separate
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and the new field storms headed for the bay area. you are taking a live look over the golden gate bridge. some morning showers what to the bay area but the heaviest rain is expected to hit later. plus a nanny accused of abusing a 13 month old baby and the east bay appears in court today. and the glitch that led to overcrowding on bart trains this morning with the agency is doing to fix the problem. plus more of the virus cases confirm to the bay area. how you protect yourself. >> pam: the evening everyone. i m pam moore will get to those stories in just a few minutes. but first, could there be a crack in the o.j. simpson case? the
6:01 pm
loss angeles police department says it has covered a knife possibly connected to the 1994 stabbing death of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. murder that the o.j. simpson case was tried and acquitted four and a highly publicized case. cnn correspondent dan simon joins us live from las angeles. then what does the latest developments mean? >> reporter: week the construction worker came across this knife and then approached a police officer that was off duty. he asks why did they they acted officer why did he hold on to the ninth for so long before taking it to the police? which is another strange situation.
6:02 pm
>> investigators will look at this spirit may be that officer has some type of story or rationale behind it. but, what we do know is that they are calling the construction worker to come forth and question him for obvious reasons. one thing should also point out. the goldman family put out eight response that they do not want to engage in this conversation until more evidence is found in more history on this discovery is found. >> pam: o.j. simpson does has ties to the bay area. he
6:03 pm
was born in san francisco and attended galileo high school. where he played for the school football team. since it is currently serving a 33 year prison sentence at our he was found guilty and 2008 up armed robbery and kidnapping charges. he is currently serving his sentence at the love lot correctional center and nevada. --lovelock correctional >> pam: the people versus o.j. simpson was at the time billed as the trial of the century. grant lotus join us now. grant, people want to know why this new discovery is relevant? >> grant:
6:04 pm
>> it has brought domestic violence and race relations along with celebrities being treated different than others into focus. that is what captivated the citizens of this country and why people are still captivated and more answers to these unanswered mysteries. >> grant: 9 and the question surrounding will add to the mystery and add up to what he described as a bomb shell. >> pam: are going to switch gears and talk about the rain showers which we have had a lot of problems are around the bay area. san francisco public towards the part of reporting for trees have fallen down in the city.
6:05 pm
>> pam: this is video from a tree that bill in the 3700 block of market street. a tree also collapsed on a minibus. no injuries were reported. with strong winds and heavy rain expected to hit the bay area over the next couple of days. the public works department expects to be pretty busy. >> pam: meteorologist britain should join us now. and rodney how big are the storm's expected this weekend. --brittany >> brittany: storm trackers for showing us right now little bit of light rain showers moving into ramon and san rafael. more showers, just starting to come into vallejo and american canyon. it will be in what comment for you.
6:06 pm
>> brittany: you can see the low hanging gray clouds increasing going into the rest of the night you will see more rain showers on and off. you will see the strongest storm associated with a cold front moved into our area. but rainshowers will then be the heaviest. with more scattered showers expected with mao conditions and cooler temperatures with another round coming up next in my full forecast in about 10 minutes. pam? >> pam: for up to the minute weather alert and forecast and your neighborhood. download the kron4 mobile application. it is your no. 1 source for news and weather in the bay area. >> pam: we are learning
6:07 pm
information tonight in the case of a nanny captured on videotape allegedly abusing a 13 month old baby boy in her care. grant is back with details on that story. >> grant: today moriah done gaullist was in court and pledge to 10 with her sister and a turning at her side. prosecutors say in any camera captured the 20 year old livermore resident silencing a 13 month old baby crying with treuhand until the baby went left-- baby went limp >> grant: gonzales attorney says something like this is completely out of character.
6:08 pm
>> it is an interpretation >> grant: gonzales entered a not guilty plea in addition to facing a felony charge, the nanny was hit with a protection order preventing her from being around anyone 18 and under. her attorney plans to fight that at a later court hearing. gonzales remains out on bail. her attorney would not say whether she is continuing to work as a nanny right now. >> pam: new ad 63 the same man has that are arrested for the third time for a sexual assault. christopher harmon who used to be an employee of the summer phillip ward off school. he
6:09 pm
was are arrested for molesting a 4 year old child and others claiming that they were insulted by him coming for boeing the investigation. after surrendering at the sonoma county sheriff's office. he was booked for rate and a drug the victim, unlawful sex with a minor and oral copulation of a minor. un it is said to appear in court on march 9th. >> pam: and the last week bart has had to take a whopping 80 cars out of service due to electrical circuits damage when traveling through the trans they too. --transbay tube >> pam: what is bart doing about it and how is it and packing passengers? kron4
6:10 pm
joins us live from the embarcadero bart station in san francisco with more. with dan kerman... >> reporter: bart passengers traveling during commute hours or all too familiar with crowds. >> it is nonsense after 5:00 p.m. you can really get in a train, you have to miss the trains and if you can squeeze and it is a very tight spot. >> reporter: bart has become so packed that most have not realize bart trains have been a little extra credit and the last week because bart is buying shorter trains. >> today trained are not card shorts and each car can hold 140 people so it does make a difference. --one car
6:11 pm
short >> reporter: since last friday bart has had to pull 80 cars out of service due to an electrical problem. it seems when our cars that carry the systems all this population equipment goes east through the trans bay to acer's and voltage is damaging some of the key electrical circuits. lombard does not know what is called the the problem is a fount it goes away when they shut down the substation outside the west oakland station. so that is what they have done. bart expects to have three- quarters of the damaged cars back and the service by monday morning >> pam: police are searching for the driver responsible for a fatal hit and run in san jose this morning. officers are around arrived
6:12 pm
or around 3:00 a.m. to the scene of a two car collision in the intersection of camden avenue responders have a truck and as you the that both sustained major damage on the road. the truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene at the other driver was nowhere to be found. we will be back!
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> pam: happening now!
6:15 pm
health officials in the east bay have confirmed that three more cases of de-- the zika virus have been found in all five people in the bay area that have been diagnosed with the illness. now the disease has been spreading quickly in parts of central and south america and it is suspected of causing severe birth defects and become more children and pregnant women. this disease is spread mainly to mosquito bites and health officials across the country and california are working quickly to keep the disease from taking hold here. kron4 charles clifford is like for us tonight in santa clara county with the details on these latest cases what victor control
6:16 pm
districts are doing to keep the disease from spreading ... >> reporter: vector control agencies have been working very hard to keep this mosquito from getting a foothold in the bay area. they are asking the community to keep an eye on the yellow fever mosquito. >> look a little different with black and white stripes creek they looked different. if you see something with black and white stripes contact your misdeal control and report it. >> reporter: have now seen any of these mosquitoes. they were able to eradicate that population from coming here in southern california. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: the water at
6:17 pm
healdburg middle school was shut off today due to contamination concerns. water testing began at the school last week and health official said yesterday there might be a problem. as a precaution school officials began serving about water in preparing food off campus. >> pam: the district decided to test the junior high water after lick it was found in the water at a nearby elementary school earlier this year. --lead >> pam: authorities say they will keep the water shut off until health officials say is safe to drink >> pam: the 97 year-old woman who suddenly received
6:18 pm
an eviction notice after nearly seven decades in her home has died. a gold fund me cite raised nearly $50,000 to help her fight the addiction and that money will now help the family planning a celebration of life. kron4 kate k goal is live near the home and early gain. he just spoke with this woman last week. >> reporter: the 97 year old woman who sold it received an eviction notice after nearly seven decades has died in her home. more real was loved her love was as her sudden death is a shock. she seemed chipper last week but said she was suffering
6:19 pm
from anxiety over the eviction the owner at the time, she could live here until she died. summary was shocked when she received a 60 day notice to vacate them are currently lower. of the addiction has gained attention all over the world or france's marie was deeply troubled at the ball of moving. her roommate georgia still lives here and her future is now uncertain and tonight she is mourning her friend. >> reporter: last week were read promo attorney filed a lawsuit to keep her in her home and it also sued the landlord for elder abuse seen the eviction her retells. that is part of the lawsuit that will move for with our reid lawyer seeking monetary damages for family. the landlord cannot be reached for comment but has previously offered to help relocate. >> brittany: more showers tonight leaned rainshowers,
6:20 pm
isolated thunderstorms are expected and yet another storm system he is in effect for the sierra. >> brittany: the rainfall that has moved through, you can see some of the higher elevations was snow. with more and more and more sure coming through and they call our system will move through as we head into saturday with a cold front associated with that system. >> brittany: or future cash shows that as we go into the rest of tonight within the next 12 hours, the heavy rain will not get here until two to 3:00 in the afternoon on saturday. it will be widespread by 5:00 with heavier rainfall. hour after hour. we can see this moving on a little bit before then, but you should
6:21 pm
plan for your saturday to beat affected by heavy rain showers. >> brittany: another system is ahead of us for sunday. so, here is a breakdown for the weekend with the heaviest showers for saturday. and when it buys reach that goal in effect for mostly saturday and saturday night with the possibility of logging. two and a half inches in the north bay. three to 5 in., so if you are closer to the santa cruz mountains and son to get upwards of six to 7 in. of rain drops. >> brittany: went tree we do
6:22 pm
have eight went advisory in of that. from 30 to 15 the last. we will have a cold front that would give her dropping our temperatures into the low 60s from monday and tuesday. pam? >> pam: new s six. antioch high school is hosting a concussion prevention even that too spread awareness about concussion dangers to student-athletes. this function hopes to educate parents and students about concussions it also provides suggestions on how to avoid a brain injury while playing sports. more than 450 students at least are expected to attend including members of the antioch high football, wrestling and volleyball and soccer teams.
6:23 pm
>> pam: the congressmen desaulier is the author of the process--protecting student athletes from concussion accurate which reads the nationwide standards on concussion safety. according to a recent survey more than 140,000 students suffered concussions while playing high school sports every year. we will be back with more!
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> pam: an antitrust coalition continues to gain steam inside the republican party. and is at--and it is possible donald trump could
6:26 pm
fail to win a majority of delegates before the party convention this summer. those conditions could result in a showdown of the convention floor. jonathan mann at lanes. --explains >> reporter: last time the republicans gathered, for example-as for example mr. romney was sold advanced he had 90 percent of the delegates but what is the donald trump can i get enough delegates from getting the majority creek he does not have one yet. it could turn into a real competition derrick boating alto they can't find a consistent thread it has not happened in decades. >> reporter: party leaders
6:27 pm
may have to intervene to divide debt outcome. --to divide the outcome >> reporter: what they know and what we know is that people are clearly against them. --poles >> pam: the latest developments and a local babysitter charged with abuse. and how the weather can't affect your comment. we also have the latest on the historical warriors next
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: moriah gonzales you see right here in the middle. her attorney says that she would never heard a child. and that is the interpretation and not a crime that actually occurred here. the camera shows the nanny quieting the child until the baby goes limp. she stays not guilty. >> this is a bombshell in the o.j. simpson case.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: a discovery of a knife at o.j. simpson's former estate could bring a new revelation to the still open case. >> reporter: possibly forcing prosecutors to reopen the case kron 4 news >> reporter: seems like bart cars are extra crowded lately and that is correct. and had to be pulled out of service just within the last week. some of the cars go east through the trans bay to they are experiencing electrical problems. the circuits are blown. bart has learned by shutting down the substation they can stop the problem. but, they still do not know what the cause is accurate and that are trying to investigate that over the
6:32 pm
weekend. they hope to have those big cars back in service by monday morning. kron 4 news >> reporter: three more cases of the zika virus bring into a total of five in the bay area. health officials say there is zero chance that it is bridge here because it is not a airborne illness. it is narrowed down to two types of the skills that we do not have here in the bay area. kron4 . --mosquitos >> brittany: heavy rain showers expected and the wind speed will be up. two and a half inches in the north bay, said the cruz mountains at three to 5 in.
6:33 pm
and possibly up to 7 in. of rain showers at a higher elevation. with a wind advisory going into affect tomorrow. between 50 and 30 mi. of when the dust, on top of all that and how much note we will receive. the others think that we will be dealing with, the careful driving because of the winter storm advise the report that will last until monday morning 8 to 60 in. of snow for elevations between six and 7,000 ft.. we will take another look at the 7 day forecast as the show come to close. >> pam: grant is here with a look at people here and the bay area and how they can
6:34 pm
hit safely to the sierra. >> grant: this is a legitimate form here in the sierra. >> brittany: you concede caltran cameras capturing this image. >> grant: officer mann, thank you for being with us. how are rose looking tonight?--roads.. we are working to see if we have officer mann, that normally joins us accurate we'll work on that phone connection. obviously, it did not look out for us right now. >> brittany:
6:35 pm
>> grant: we are looking at eight to 16 in. of snow. this winter storm warning start at 10 saturday night and last until 10 monday morning. if you do not have monday off, it could be a difficult task let the and dangerous task to try to get back home to the bay area from the tahoe area on sunday and monday. >> grant: we look forward to talking to officer mann. >> pam: until this morning the historic liberty ship
6:36 pm
rid oakland victory was at this thought in richmond when it was moved to a slip just yards away. >> pam: the move was made in conjunction with the opening of directors loft winery to rebuild the the use of separate fiscal and angel island from the soon to be built patio. >> pam: the new spot places the ship and historical setting that reflects the world war two shipyard where hundreds of liberty ships were constructed >> pam: and r c coupes-- an ozzy oops! >> pam: was the christian era of war has been holding onto since the late '80s about her and ivies marriage. that is coming up after the break.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> pam: in a recent episode of the tall sharon osborn, -- of the talk revealed a secret from years ago of all her rocker husband. kristin and tenor with hollywood today break as the story. >> reporter: she caught 10 and the bid with two of
6:40 pm
their nanny spirit they were the bane of our existence they wanted to be all part of the rock star lifestyle. >> reporter: she caught him in the bed with 2 of their nanies. >> reporter: >> grant: as promised the to look at the lake tahoe roadways conditions. we have officer man on the phone with us. >> grant: a lot of people are looking or thinking
6:41 pm
that more snow and the sierra, at such great news. >> is one of those things that we are looking at a lot of snow over the weekend. if you are planning to come up here. make sure you are prepared. slow conditions. as things began to change within the next 24 hours. >> grant: rainfall is supposed to change into snow overnight. hasn't happened yet? >> we had an incident but other than that that's the only accident we have had so far. we are doing pretty good i have a friend higher elevation from me and it is
6:42 pm
going there as well. starting around 4:00. >> grant: are looking at a dangerous lead the commute. --lengthy commute >> grant: best thing to do is make sure that yourgas is on full. >> yes freeway holds so you want to make sure that you have a full gas. make sure your address appropriately. and make sure again that you have enough gas. and drive slow.
6:43 pm
>> grant: going into monday morning this snowstorm will begin saturday at 10 in the morning and last until 10 or 6 continue until 10 in the morning monday. >> pam: and gary will have the highlights and sports next!
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: often good evening everyone. >> gary: weeks the latest victims oklahoma city tied the national basketball association association record for consecutive wins at home. curry and i returned to the lineup and keen curry scored 33 points. the other day the dubs a fight in the third until
6:47 pm
golden state rallied for a 39.4 corporate has 44 straight wins at oracle and still ahead of pace of the 99--1995-'96 chicago bulls record accurate steve kerr on the warriors run thus far. >> gary: spring training, baseball because we have to! madison bumgarner... i try to be a wise guy but we watched some of the great athletes get in shape. baumgartner, three strikeouts in two innings and one run. >> gary: giants win 4-3. oakland athletics, sean mania. 6.58 call him the
6:48 pm
samoan randy jackson. >> gary: 9 runs this afternoon. the oakland athletics, and final of 9-4. >> i am not authentic spirit thinking for that. --thank you, for that! >> gary: the gave me a reason to live. one day i was staring at a loss. --at the walls >> that is true grit. >> gary: as they use his home one day she walked into my life. i have not had
6:49 pm
money sense. >> gary: you look at her and by a man grown man and over 60 i have raised a family and i have six champion should bring and someone curses at me i would never feel the same way about him. i come not want to pretend that that's just me. >> gary: you have ever achieved anything at life and a kid comes up to you in the heat of the moment. and talk to you. as if something negative. >> it is ugly creek but he did apologize. it was in the heat of the moment. >> do you think that trump
6:50 pm
vs. clinton would actually hurt your real ratings?-- really hurt >> gary: if you get a bloodbath between these two individuals is like a contact sport back and forth. she is that, he is back and dropped is this and clinton is back. and i am going, what about the forty- niners? i do not want to see a dip, when these to go head and head. >> ken curry physically played at this level for years and years? >> gary: grant, didn't think he can like jordan and others >> grant: if his ankle told
6:51 pm
the parent yes could. -- if his ankles hold up... yes, he can. >> if chris barack was a white he would now have received rave reviews for his oscar intro. --chris rock >> i thought he hit the market >> gary: i thought he was near brilliant. >> how could you not use a cell phone and 2016? >> gary: i do not want to be bothered. no one called me
6:52 pm
to bother me. i am working. all the time. >> pam: we will have the forecast next
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> gabe: check this out. kids are playing without
6:55 pm
electronic devices. this is something every parent should know about accurate and tech trans gate fleet, coming up at 8:00. --tech reporter, gabe slate >> pam: we are back at 8:00 and we hope to see you then. as always, stay in touch at kron4 dot com.
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"the insider" counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, inside hollywood's baby bump brigade. kelly and chrissy. >> i'm a little tired. >> who will be first in the race to the delivery room. >> i mean i feel huge. i feel like i'm ready to pop. >> being pregnant and in the hollywood spotlight involves a bit more scrutiny >> then simon cowell finally returns to tv. has his 2-year-old son softened his harsh judgment? >> i was. a.>> >> along came dora. >> number three, who's hotter? batman or superman? >> very handsome, ben affleck is a little more rugged and weathered.
7:00 pm
>> inside their duel covers for the month's most anticipated movie. plus, our "insider" bonus, lords and ladies, time to bid ado to "downton abbey." >> are you sad or happy? bittersweet? >> is this really good-bye. >> could this really be the end of it? >> it's time. >> there are many rumors about a film. now hollywood from the inside out, "the insider," together with yahoo! hello, and welcome to "the insider." >> we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> meghan trainor reveals, "i wore sweatshirts all the time because i was so insecure." we take you inside the grammy winner's body image struggle. let's start with the number one tracking story today. the star mommies-to-be putting meaning to the term working mom, but who will be the first to cross the delivery room finish line. we go in hollywood's baby bump brigade.


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