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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :car crashes, mudslides, and toppled trees. as we get another round of heavy rain. there are flash flood warnings tonight. and predictions of another wet commute in the morning. good evening. i'm pam moore. the soaking el- nino rains are expected to last through the weekend. at least. we have several stories on its consequences. starting with kron-4's phillippe djegal who has been surveying the damage in the hard -hit northbay. >> phillipe : hard hit an understatement -- considering the flooding. just take a look. a couple in sebastapol caught in
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flood waters needed to be rescued, after their car stalled out on this drenched road. the rohnert park expressway off-limits just west of highway 101 -- where the rain turned the street into a river. a close eye also being kept on the creeks in petaluma where the waters are rising. in novato, where a flash flood watch is in effect. it was breezy. and, like everywhere else -- wet. sandbag stations available for neighbors hoping to keep their homes dry. further south in sausalito. public works crews spent the afternoon chopping down trees that collapsed on glen drive. >> : and if there were other trees that were adversely affected or might fall, we want to take those out as well. >> phillipe :driving conditions difficult. pets didn't seem to mind the rain, but it sure caused problems on the freeways. weather a factor in this crash on northbound 101, where the california highway patrol says tailgating in the slippery conditions may have led to the collision.
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>>:increase your following distance, turn on your headlights and pay as much attention as you can." >> phillipe :from sausalito to novato. even those with umbrellas doing their best to avoid the rain. as for that flash flood watch. it will remain in effect until sunday afternoon. in marin county, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam :the storm -tracker radar helps tell the story. our meteorologist brittney shipp is here. to fill in the details for tomorrow's commute. >> brittney : you will like to be careful just like the officer on the video and allow for some extra time so that we can decrease some of the accidents we have been seeing today. and affected people all like today in the east bay. as we go into the rest of tonight we will see another round of heavy rainfall that will be closer to your morning
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commute time so right now we're not seeing a whole lot of rain in san mateo satellite radar showing us all the moisture keeps pushing into the area and into northern california and this is the next section-storm it's gonna be here and that will reinforce all of the rain that we've already seen so here's what you can expect as you get up to had to work tomorrow morning there is 5:00 a.m. widespread light rain and isolated pockets of heavy down ports near napa and the same thing in san rosa and as we go through the early morning hours we are expecting a lot of rain and even some heavy downpours in san rough fell closer to your lunchtime hours and as you head home to work another--head home from work
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another round of storms and we still have a flash flood watch i'll go over all the details coming up in the fall forecast >> pam :rain was on just about everybody's mind today and it affected everybody jeff bush was on the site to show you what it was like in the east bay >> jeff :water flowed down the street like a mini river in berkeley as parents picked their kids up from school in the downpourit was a soggy day in the east bay, for sure. drivers on the highway were forced to deal with the rain the only way they couldhit the windshield wipers and turn the lights onwhite knuckles on the wheel. the drops of rain danced on the asphault as the cars rolled bythe roadway was saturated and water rolled off into the gutters. mud slides on clarmont avenue in berkeleycars were forced to go around the pile of earth and rock that had come loose from the hillside and deposited onto the streetseveral slides but no major damage. sand bags put to good
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useprepared residents happy they put them out before this latest storm rolled through. as day turned to nightthere was no sign of the rain letting upumbrellas were in high demand. walnut creek drivers were carefully navigating the rainy downtown streets and pedestrians were just trying to get where they were going without getting too wet. march storms were a part of life all day and night on thursday. >>:the storm was felt just about everybody in the east bay but most people did not mind because of the drought >> pam :the east bay hills have also been feeling the effects of the heavy rain all afternoon. mudslides forming. and storm drains filling up. are just a few of the results from the storm. take a look at this footage of this rescue made in the
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sebastapol / occidental area. this happened earlier today, as the el nino storm hit the north bay the hardest. on freestone valley ford road. just north of highway- one. rescue crews were called out to save two people who got stuck in their car in flood waters. >>:they walked out and assisted those folks to dry land >> pam :flood warnings in much of the north bay. are in effect, as the rest of the el nino storms move through. authorities say. remember to avoid driving through puddles. because the depth of puddles may be deceiving. as it was for this couple. whose car got swamped. san francisco is bracing for el-nino. starting monday. the city is opening additional shelter beds. to get people who are homeless out of the rain. the city's human services agency will have so-called- pop- up shelters available at glide memorial church, larkin street youth, and providence foundation among others locations. the pop-up shelters will include sleeping mats and
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blankets, meals, and health services. and in the mission district, new temporary flood barriers are back out around 17th and folsom streets. this is a new pilot project, designed to protect san francisco homes and businesses. many in low lying areas have been soaked before. some business owners are worried the new barriers could make the flooding situation worse. others are just hoping they work. >>:i'm glad they're taking an interest in our problem and i hope they will make the repairs that would make it so it does not happen anymore but am curious to see if it works >> pam :these barriers cost more than 160- thousand dollars. the city is also looking at a more permanent solution. but officials say, it will take years and hundreds of millions of dollars to complete. for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kron 4 mobile app. it's your number one source for
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news and weather in the bay area. a federal civil jury today cleared four san francisco officers involved in the fatal shooting of alex nieto. the jury decided the officers had not used excessive force when they killed the 28-year old in bernal heights park back in 20-14. neito's parents filed a lawsuit against the officers contending the shooting was excessive. 59 shots were fired in 30 seconds. police say. nieto was pointing what looked like a gun at them. it turned out that he had been holding a taser. the dean of u-c berkeley's law school has stepped down in the wake of a sexual harrassment lawsuit. dean- sujit choudhry resigned today instead of taking an indefinite leave of absence, while a sexual harassment lawsuit from his executive assistant. moves forward. had he stayed, he would have made a professor's salary of more than $284,000. instead of the $415- thousand he has earned as law school dean. since july 2014.
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the stage is set tonight for the first strike in the history of the city college of san francisco. the faculty voted today to support a walk out. but no strike date is set yet. the union has been fighting for a new contract deal for more than a year. the union president claims. pay levels for faculty are below 2007- levels. despite the higher cost of living in the bay area. breaking news at eleven. richmond police are investigating a fatal shooting. police say, a young male victim was found on west macdonald avenue. suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. emergency crews attempted to save him but he was pronounced dead at the scene earlier this evening. police have not identified the victim. nor suspects. the motive is still unknown. still ahead. a change may be coming real soon. to california's smoking age limit. in l-a at this hour. fire-
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fighters are getting a handle on an inferno that has engulfed much of a city block. and later. the man who caught a shark too big for his boat. and heavier than most cars. >> gary :coming up later in this broadcast we have the pact calls highlights--pac 12 nissan leaf...
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>> pam :firefighters in los angeles are still on the scene of what was a huge blaze tonight. a commercial building caught fire. at least 150 firefighters have been on the scene. the fire was first reported around 7-45 tonight at a building in boyle heights. the fire was completely knocked down around 10 -tonight. no injuries have been reported. a father is behind bars tonight. after allegedly taking his daughter hostage, in a police standoff. san jose authorities received the call from the mother of the 3-year-old, saying, her husband had a handgun and had barricaded himself and the baby in their home. swat teams negotiated with 34- years old thomas chalmes. he surrendered his daughter unharmed to police. and eventually turned himself, in after a six-hour standoff. >> brittney : take a look at our
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storm trackers we are still seeing moderate rain in the north bay and it will continue as we head into the weekend with the flash flood warning been our main concern it stays into effect for the entire weekend and the concern is for mudslides and heavy rain is expected could see anywhere between five to 8 in. and player tracking one to 3 ft. of snow for elevations here is the satellite radar showing in the first system that came over the region and here is tomorrows a system we are already tracking friday's system as well so we have a lot of moisture in place and it is
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pouring into our region the combination of these systems and moisture is giving us these heavy rains and flash flood watches which will stay until friday afternoon here is the future cast showing that as we headed to the rest of the night we will have light rainfall and moderate to light rainfall if you're in the north bay but once again the heaviest amounts are still in the north bay and that is where continues to go into the day by 4:00 some of the heaviest rain already passed but still light rain is expected as we get into saturday we are expecting heavier rain closer to the evening hours instead of in the morning so by 3:00 we are tracking that widespread rain and have another round is to go in to the morning on sunday so this is a lot of rain and adds to a lot of inches for the north
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kills and three of 4 in. bayside with one to 2 in. expected in the santa cruz mountain range of the bull's-eye is in the north bay and will not see as much rain if he live in the south bay but here are the temperature is right now temperatures tomorrow will be similar to what we've seen today mainly in the high fifties and low 60s and here is your seven day forecast showing heavy rain tomorrow and saturday and sunday there are heavy rain is expected and similar for sunday and saturday as well >> gary :it is time for kron 4 news had lent sports for the goal is not to entertain but to inform where will colin kaepernick end up?
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here's where we stand so far-- the jets and browns have joined the broncos in showing interest in number 7. however, the reigning super bowl champions appear to be the front runner. according to nfl reporter mike silver, both them and the 49ers appear to have agreed on compensation for's just a matter of making it official. reports say that if he is dealt, it would be for a draft pick in either the 2nd or 3rd round. earlier today, the experts on nfl network weighed in on where is the best fit for him. meanwhile, the raiders are making some significant moves. they struck a deal today with former chiefs cornerback-- sean smith. the 6-foot-3, 8-year veteran joins a secondary that's trying to rebound with the retirement of charles woodson. smith joins some other high- profile acquisitions for the silver and black. earlier this week, they signed longtime seahawks linebacker-- bruce irvin. and bolstered their offensive line with ex-raven-- kelechi osemele.
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gary payton in the second had 20 points and ivan had his best statistical game of the season they're up five with 45 seconds to go and then he scores and then one more time he had four blocks cal struggled in the second half they move on to play utah tomorrow night in the semifinals the sharks. great on the road. no so great at home. ray whitney former sharks honored tonight at the tank 2nd period/ scoreless devonte smith-pelly scores from the top of the circle 1-0 devils 2nd period/ 1-0 devils keith kincaid makes the save on joe pavelski then patrick marleau 30 saves for kincaid 3rd period/ 1-0 devils
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travis zajic just gets it by martin jones for one of his two goals 2-0 devils final: 3-0 devils kincaid with the shutout sharks only 12-15-3 at home and are 4 points back in the pacific division and the warriors again are up today and they will take on portland's tomorrow night at the oakland coliseum arena and i know some people tell me that i always call at the oakland coliseum arena but when i was a boy it was called that and if you want to call it oracle than you are entitled to the fun and games start at 645 and 845 is the headline sports back to pam >> pam :still ahead.
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a smoking bill is on the governor's desk. that could alter habits through-out california. stay tuned for inside edition with deborah norville. see it, after the news.
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they say denny's 7-pepper spicy skillet is crazy spicy,
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but how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. >> pam :california is on the verge of putting smokng products out of the reach of teenagers. a bill awaits governor brown's signature tonight.that would raise the legal age to
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buy cigarettes and tobacco products. the new age limit was approved today by the legislature. supporters say tobacco products are contributing to a health crisis among young people in california. tomorrow, former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest. right next to her husband, former president ronald reagan. a private funeral will take place at 11- in the morning, at the reagan presidential library in simi valley. hundreds of people have passed her casket in the past two- days. to pay their respects. first lady michelle obama, former president george w. bush and former first lady hillary clinton will attend tomorrow's funeral. mrs. reagan died on sunday at the age of 94. when we come back. the fisher- man who hooked something weightier than a car.
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>> pam :a south carolina man has quite a fish story to tell friends and family. more correctly. it's a shark's tale. chip michalove caught a great white shark this week. that crushed the scales at 25 - hundred pounds the hilton head fisherman says, he is actually accustomed to catching great whites. but not as big as this one. and the only thing he used to pull the giant fish in. was his fishing rod and reel.
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>> brittney : the rain continues even to the weekend and we are really getting soaked that shows here were all the rain forest is--all the rain falls as there you can see where it will, throughout the week and the seven day forecast so tomorrow is going to be a what morning commute with lingering showers to the day and on saturday we will see rain fall movie in again and even on sunday tuesday wednesday and thursday we start to warm back up >> pam :that is it for us
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tonight at 11 to can always tune in to our morning news to get and get the latest on the weather with our mobile app
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♪[ music ] sucker punched at a donald trump rally. wait until you see what else happens behind the scenes at trump rallies. and -- >> raise your right hand everybody. >> you mean your right paw? >> then the story behind the all girl airplane brawl. and nancy reagan's daughter, patti davis. all alone with her mother's casket. >> it begs the question, where's your brother? >> plus, hulk hogan's ex-wife in tears. >> i gave him everything that i had. >> the shocking letter she


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