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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 11, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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grant l:--
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>>phillipe d: and they're being drowned out of their holes in the hills there seeking shelter in people's homes and is a nasty problem that most people do want to have to deal with to the called gilbert-it one of its a
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nice home simply has not been wrapped you percent this problem
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may last long after rain past into disrespect have a problem didn't touch with the specialist immediately. >>scott r: the rain has been on and off. mill valley all evening long it is not very hard not will be suggested that more rain tomorrow and the fact that the mill valley is on the flash flood warning this can become
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very problematic and whereas all the water from this creek coming from it is come from all the storm drains all over town collecting the driven storm rain water has been saturating the north bank--bay. >>scott r: all the drilling right into the storm drain and and to decree the region showed you do concede they have the road closure set up and ready to go out here just in case it becomes problematic.
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>>pam m: they're either even or near full capacity the past few months we have been keeping an eye on the stevens creek reservoir the water back then
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was just a trickle and move with the oil reservoir is family dozen feet above where was before but it is now the very top one final look at this is another section of the reservoir back in december and your talk the same spot looks today.
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>>pam m: the reservoir is also completely off water from the rain the rival in nearly doubled so far this winter the last time we want to check the reservoir level was in the summer backbend waterline was about 30 ft. below the top of the dam now it is just inches below. >>reporter: the reservoir is one of the smaller ones in the reservoir system and even a levels are at capacity california still needs more rain many of the largest reservoir can depend on the
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state and still below average for this time of the year and a deadly had run on a busy bay area st. the manhunt underway for the driver.
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>>pam m: police a searching for suspects that targeted a car on singleton world war streak right next to capt. elementary school please tell the into the suspect's car described by witnesses with no windows and happened as before six in the morning on the on a broadway and paul police received reports of a body in the roadway when their private found the victim dead at the scene.
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grant l: howe all they carry that live the broadcast partner cnn police said the wreck of
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fights and the crowd and one demonstrator had to be forcibly removed from the stage increasingly they've been an inside of confrontations but they're sending to advocate violence that vinified the
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protesters after the punch officers wrestled him to the ground but did nothing to him what to see goes back to his seat in the toe inside edition he did not like how he looked back to today's events in chicago after the rally was canceled the crowd moved out into the streets to briefly. >>reporter: 01 this enough to 37
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m.p.h. and oakland 36 and san francisco airport 33 in half moon bay because of the next couple of hours another round when the conditions the next
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system starts to move and. >>reporter: we sincerely strong wind gusts were jiving and higher elevations transitioning to the south so as we go through the day will see the afternoon
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and evening will see more rainfall in parts of san francisco this will happen all over again as we head into sunday the heaviest rain to happen today and yesterday as we go to the weekend will see periods of heavy rain is out as much as we saw the past couple of days it's been very active. >>pam m: a huge mess to clean up the santa cruz mountain will take a closer look at the damage following the latest round of wild weather.
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>>pam m: invested all types of new gadgets and devices on the market has new categories include where both the internet things and smart home appliances some of his catches of very sophisticated and can be intimidating.
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>>gabe s: we always get the new innovative thing is here first the store is a first of its kind and offers a completely new experience when shopping for consumer electronics the work is all techie in they're ready to give you all for them on anything you want to learn about electric skateboard did that to bicycles your headsets month lightboat to has the
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lighting in your home electronic can't to go herbs in your house droned on types of towhees including the
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>>pam m: the festival will take place before during and after the parade on saturday and begins at 1130 in the morning on the corner of market and second street, for you are making a proposal to reinstate the tax on candy and snack food all eyes on
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the russian river as relentless trend continues to pound the north with the good news tonight the deeper reason for flooding plus a store you only seen we talk with an east of a business owner who was burglarized twice of the night.
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>>pam m: a live look outside you concede the bay bridge on the saudi friday evening dress yourself for what we can another storm is heading our way tomorrow night.
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>>pam m: however it is likely and the they're not been a friend for the river to reach flood stage again the to the news. >>reporter: with the threat of mudslides continuing also flood streams and creeks when the conditions will remain tonight this year's know we're tracking to the fourth pick for elevations above 5,000 ft. and snow levels will drop down to about 3500 will be a great
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weekend. >>reporter: is going to continue pushing to the east to bring snow to parts of this year and
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make tile you consider the switch of a more snow is expected to come down so much know that we have a will to storm warning as want to stay in effect until 11:00 a.m. on monday we expect to see it blowing snow then is going to be very tough to drive around but it is nice for us to allow more small. >>pam m: from down trees to down power lines cruise a busy cleaning up today and will continue our coverage >>dan k: the aftermath of the storm was very much present a
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broad terrace and oakland tree removal crews have their hands full after the street came down blocking the road when over saturated ground also toppled the tree and salami drive in oakland this man decided the bloc rose more than he could bear solely tied the trip to inspect a truck and before you knew the tree was all the way in the road was open again of the road on shepard came in the road was not blocked but it was closed for a period of time in more when a tree came down on like airlines the ginnie was brought into the energize those lines repair the paul the lines the removal of the tree would follow one of 300 ft. in the customs were without power in
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that area initially pg&e remind customers that they see down power lines anywhere you should assume verify if it should definitely avoid them. >>pam m: places paulo gathered on the shoulder of the road caltrans crew stayed nearby to drive along the road to check the modest size the cut wind
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howling through the trees left the branches and debris up and down the 29 highway to what the cab most people inside the some- the tech advantage of a small break in the rain the storm continues to blow one from the san mateo coastline will travel along rows like these driver should remember to keep an eye a fallen rocks and mud slides rain and wind have been affecting flights coming in and heading out of the bay area of san francisco to-the airport will for 422 delays and 81 cancellations flights and now experiencing an average delay time of about an hour san jose and oakland to national airport have not reported any problems because of the weather.
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grant l: over the past few days the crews have have the delay demolition of red tag departments the buildings that dangle off the cliff edge of pacifica now there reschedule the project for tomorrow a reminder from of to the weather alerts and weather forecasting and neighborhood down load the mobile application still had of
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your reaches out to us after this store is burglarized the survey as video he hopes that will help catch the culprit + president obama talks privacy vs. security as south and southwest his take on the battle with the fbi then i saving is sunday time to spring ahead public health and the impact from losing an hour of sleep. bladder medicine not working?
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injection site pain, fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. >>pam m: the procession began with the sending of the republican and friends of the ridge of political figures to the seas of the ronald reagan for the library in simi valley
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where the service was held former nbc news anchor brokaw spoke challenge his thoughts and memories. >>pam m: infrared amazing grace and the pallbearers carried her flower pots the warriors' 6 revenge and a blowout loss
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support and early update from...
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>>pam m: president obama said
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the fed the start of the south wind conference the importance of using technology to improve civic engagement the security camera images show that the fees involved. >>reporter: the owner of superior sound david did not want to show his face what he
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did want to share the multiple angles of security camera video has a burglars breaking into his business a broken our store is closed entellus that they did come over night to check the place out but he regrets not committed himself he wants these
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faces out there for everyone to see. >>pam m: had to the web site and con, on the storage have. >>gary: daniel little only has
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seven we doubt we have 51 of for portland right now it is all golden state as we reached and mention in oakland the warriors all over the trail blazers the next lorry we've been working on the debt with the new director has some sources and regard to cabinet and of course they don't
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want to guarantee him some $12 million for this upcoming season..
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>>gary: the lakers said there probably got stung but land of
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the row of little look what they have done since >>gary: i like to see him do with i think he has too much talent to just give up on and i
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think once jim harbaugh left he did not trust, so low the change of scenery fifth when you have processes and violence but all of this we say this if you're a politician you have to have its gigantic ego you have to be so full of and yet the talk about what you can do 24 hours after
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pretend that is what i meant by that i think and i said this last week sports talk radio is clinton vs. trump. >>gary: is really a shame i went to the science fair with my daughter and all of a sudden i
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become mr. wizard i sent you an extremely nasty e-mail you wrote me back still don't believe it to me is part of the job if you can't take it from a first found out we were married you know how
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many people wanted to buy this business task. >>pam m: don't forget you have to spring for this week and will explain how one this hour of sleep can affect your health
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grant l: not only does this sound annoying in tiring the indicated also hope hazard if you've had a cancer your 25 percent more likely to have a stroke of during the two days after they place saving time people over the age of 6520% more likely to have a stroke in those two days of the overall rate for stroke this is in 18% more likely to have a stroke the two days after the life saving time we want to check back in
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with the with them a visit with a weekend.
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>>reporter: we will see a bit low and the system you could take a closer look like a tall it will be a popular spot for everyone to go this weekend this is a really strong wind gusts there to the tree to catch showing us was in store for us as to go to the rest of tonight you'll notice most of the rain fall south and east of the peninsula the chance of showers
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on monday and everything starts to clear up. >>pam m: we're back tonight at 11:00 p.m. all the of this on news weather and sports we hope to see you then we can stay in touch thinking for being with us everyone. ♪ ♪
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