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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam :will have the latest and will also have the latest on tonight's big primary contests in five states with the winners and losers tunis tonight--jion us an unease tonight.for drivers who use interstate 80 near pinole. the c-h-p is investigating another sniper- like shooting kron four's jeff bush explains what happened this time. and who police are looking for. >> jeff :this video was recorded shortly after the shooting was reported and comes from our partners at abc seven. according to chp, the female driver of the silver suv at the top of your screen was driving eastbound. chp says a green toyota pulled next to her vehicle. police say the passenger of the moving toyota rolled the window down and pointed a gun at the
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suvand, then, pointed the gun into the skyfiring several rounds into the air. she pulled over near appian way and called police. the green toyota kept moving down the highway at a high rate of speed. fortunatly, no one was hurt and no vehicles were struckand, traffic was never stopped. this is not the first time a shooting has happened on interstate 80. at least eight shootings have been reported since novemberone of them fatal. police say they are taking this latest shooting seriously because of the recent series of gunfire on the highway. chp says the victim in this case did the right thing and pulled over immediately and called police. if you know anything about this shooting they want you to give them a call. i'm jeff bush in pinole, kron four news.
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>> pam :a suspect is still on the loose tonight... in connection to a shooting nearly 12-hours ago in west berkeley. the incident happened.. near the corner of san pablo avenue and delaware street. police say... a man opened fire on someone else... near the crosswalk. witnesses saw the 20-year-old victim clutchiing his bloody shirt in front of a liquor store... before he was taken to a hospital with critical injuries. berkeley police do not believe the shooting was a random incident. and are warning residents to remain in-doors... >>:if they see anything suspicious in their tradition to give this to call immediately >> pam :--in their neignborhood the swat team was on the scene for hours... until the area was cleared around eight -thirty tonight. we now have the details as to why a cal basketball coach was fired for sexual harassment. u-c berkeley released a report today... showing that the assistant men's basketball
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coach, yann hufnagel... admitted trying to trick a female reporter into having sex with him. the reporter... whose name and media outlet remain undisclosed... says, she felt trapped into accepting his repeated sexual advances. because she needed him as a news source. the report also states hufnagel did not think his actions were wrong... because the reporter did not work for the university. the sexual harassment investigation is still ongoing. in palo alto. a security guard who was hired for increased train track patrols because of teen suicides is in trouble tonight. 35-year old luke sauer. is booked into the santa clara county jail. he has been arrested on suspicion of performing a lewd act on himself while taking a break in his car, last month. sauer was fired from the city's "track watch" program. it was begun seven- years ago, in response to a number of teen suicides on cal-train tracks in palo alto.
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the hunt is on for a man police say, flashed a 13- year old girl while she was walking her dogs. it happened last night on melville avenue, near middlefield road in palo alto. as kron 4's alecia reid explains, police released a sketch of the man they are looking for. >> alecia :the victim was walking her two dogs down melville avenue when police say this man stopped the 13 year old girl and started petting her dogs. when he stood up, he lifted his sweatshirt and exposed his naked genitals. >> : shocking! here is a very quiet area >> alecia :the victim immediately walked away, with him following her home. authorities say the teenager was able to tell a parent who dialed 9-11 while rushing outside to see if the suspect was still around. by then he was crossing middlefield road, heading towards rinconada park. >> : i'm glad that she's safe >> alecia :if you've seen this guy scruffy, black, wavy hair, with a skinny build, average height, between 25-30 years old. call police. >> : i think it's a safe neighborhood and i think this
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was something very unusual >> alecia :there was an extensive search, but this guy is still on the loose. police are investigating other incidents that occurred last year to see if there are any connections. reporting live in palo alto. >> pam :the republican race narrows to three candidates. and hillary clinton's march to the democratic nomination picks up momentum. the latest super tuesday-part 3 primaries, bringing the white house race into sharper focus. donald trump's florida victory convinced marco rubio to suspend his campaign. trump has also been declared the winner in north carolina and in illinois. but his plans for a sweep, thwarted in ohio. missouri is still undecided. john kasich, the governor of ohio, has taken his home state and all of its 66 delegates. it was the first win for him. and a vital win to keep his campaign going. on the democratic side, hillary
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clinton completed her sweep of the south by taking florida and north carolina. she also easily defeated bernie sanders in ohio. the race was much closer in illinois, where she edged sanders by only about two- percent of the one= point eight million votes cast. clinton is holding onto a slight lead in missouri, where the margin is even closer. with 99- percent of the ballots counted, the two are separated by just a few hundred votes. mary moloney, with our c-n-n partnership.has reaction from the winners and losers. >> : while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is >> mary : the florida senator ending his bid for president -- after a crushing loss in the sunshine state -- to donald
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trump.marco rubio is the first sitting senator to lose a primary in his homestate since 1960.confetti flies in ohio as the buckeye state's governor john kasich wins. >> : i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you that is all i can tell you, i love you. >> mary : trump celebrating -- winning the majority of the super tuesday states. >> : we are going to make our country rich again, we are going to make our country great again. and we need the rich in order to make the great. i'm sorry to tell you. >> mary : hillary clinton's focus on florida paid off with a win.she also won north carolina -- ohio and illinois. >> : this is another super tuesday for our campaign. >> mary : bernie sanders and ted cruz also picking up delegates -- and keeping their respective campaigns viable. >> : we are doing something very radical in american politics -- we're telling the truth."
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>>:we continue to gain delegates and continue our march to 1237. >> mary : i'm mary moloney reporting. >> pam :here is where the race stands now: hillary clinton picking up nearly 3=hundred delegates in the four states decided so far. bernie sanders gained nearly 2=hundred. both candidates will share in the 71- delegates still to be portioned out in missouri. and for the republicans, it is now a three man race. donald trump is more than halfway to the 12 -hundred and- 37 delegates he needs for the nomination. only missouri's outcome is still undecided. right now, it looks like trump and ted cruz will split that state's 52 -delegates. happening tomorrow. work on that big sinkhole in moraga. will keep the main intersection of rheem boulevard and center street. shutdown indefinitely. today, piece by piece, crews removed a street light, a huge chuck of sidewalk and curb. but the city is keeping the
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street closed until crews investigate what caused the sinkhole to open up on sunday. rupturing a gas line. >>:we still do not exactly know what is going on with the sinkhole so we are working with pg&e who restored gas service to a grand majority of the people who are out so that was the number one concern is that the local residents and businesses are made whole >> pam :when the light- post ruptured the gas main. p-g-and-e cut off gas and electricity to more than 25-hundred moraga customers as a safety precaution. some residents have been freezing, because they have had no heat in their homes for almost 2 days. again. the intersection of rheem boulevard and center moraga is closed tomorrow.and indefinitely because of that sinkhole. still no word on when highway - 121 in napa county will reopen. cal-trans closed the stretch of road between wooden valley road and circle oaks drive. after a huge crack separated part of
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the road. it happened sunday during the intense rainstorm. the c-h-p says. the road could be closed for weeks. coming up. we check in on the bay area reservoirs. the invasion of the ants. the el nino fueled storms brought a lot more than just water to the bay area. we have details. >> gary :and coming up later in the broadcast we have some warrior chapped--chat >> brittney : and i am tracking even warmer weather as we go
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into the rest of the work week plus a chance of rain at the end of the weekend and i'll let you know coming up in your seven day forecast
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>> pam :intense rain in the past few days... has vastly increased water levels in east-bay-mud's reservoirs. according to the east bay municipal utility district... its reservoir levels are now at 61-percent capactiy. that's up from just 50-percent last week. a dock at the san pablo reservoir had to be pulled
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closer to the shore. because the water level there increased nearly 6-feet. officials say, their reservoirs are functioning at 100-percent of normal systemwide. but officials still say more water is needed.. to pull california out of the 4-year drought. rats and mice are not the only pests infesting homes following the el nino fueled storms slamming the bay area.ants can now be added to the list. they have been invading homes. looking for food. according to an western exterminator company on the peninsula. the ant calls have become even more frequent than the mice and rats calls. and they say, the ant calls will not be dying down anytime soon.because ants surface in high numbers during hot and wet weather periods.
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sharks looking for rare back- to- not the boston bruins. i >> brittney : warmer temperatures are expected and we are tracking weekend rain and a slight chance of showers on sunday with a better chance of rain as a half into monday curacy satellite reuter showing high-pressure and you are not seeing a lot of --satellite radar you can see how strong this ridge of high pressure is an ax kind of like a dome which keeps us nice and dry sunset will see a lot of sunshine once again tomorrow here are your highs around the
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region >> pam :are sports director gary is here >> gary :it is time for the earliest 11:00 p.m. sports report and all of south and north america--in all of north america sharks looking for rare back-to- back wins on home ice. --let's head to the tank-- joe
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thornton and the gang hosting the boston bruins. ---it got a little testy. tempers flared at the start of the 3rd period. --and the bruins would have more reason to be angry. 2-all-- sharks with the power play. and joel ward capitalizes with the go-ahead goal past tukka rask. --that would be the difference. as the sharks win by one and that is consecutive home victories for the first time in two months. days after getting snubbed out of the big dance, st. mary's moving on to the nit. let's head to moraga-- the gaels hosting new mexico state in the opening round. --and st. mary's got all they could handle. led by 12 in the 2nd half until the aggies tied it off a layup with three seconds left. --but the gaels got bailed out. aggies commit an unecessary foul. joe rahon goes to the line.and nails both freebies. --st. mary's wins 58-56. and awaits the winner of georgia and
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belmont. the golden state warriors continue to rip through the history books. the defending champs back at practice this morning.just hours after sealing another 60-win season. the warriors blew out the pelicans for their second straight year with at least 60- victories.the first time that's happened in franchise history. more than half of the wins happened with luke walton running the show as interim head coach. steve kerr was not at practice today, so walton was asked who do those w's go to. >>:neither one of us really care about the we're just happy that as a team from keep getting more and more winds and--wins
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he made light joke about it and then we done >> gary :larry told me that a have to keep the sports straight pieces that we could have a little fun so here is something fun--but he says finally, the cutest rendition of happy birthday. that's riley curry singing to her old man steph for his 28th birthday. that is the fifth show that i have run it on today but you can't beat it everytime and thank you larry for just little light touch tonight >> pam :just ahead. ikea's grand plan to bring a new store to the bay area.
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ikea is trying to build another store.this one in dublin. if approved, it would be on the corner of hacienda drive and interstate 5-80. ikea already has stores in east palo alto and in emeryville. the new dublic store could create more than 5-hundred jobs. ikea often offers meals at reduced prices to make them more affordable for large families. building could begin as early as next year.
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a robotics expert is warning the public. that self- driving cars are "absolutely not ready" for use. a director of the duke university robotics department. told the senate, the cars cannot handle bad weather. and cannot follow a police officer's orders. she also says, it is easy for hackers to take control of the car's navigational systems. g-m and google officials say, they want to speed up the process to get the cars on the roads. as kron-4 news continues. meet some stanford robots that have remarkable pulling power for their size.
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that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> pam :finally tonight. a mechanical wonder from the braniacs at stanford university. they have created a team of six tiny robots that can pull a car! they're called u-bots. like ants, the u-bots work as a team to move objects hundreds of times their size, like this frog being carried along by ants. the tiny robots use micro- adhesion and team load-sharing, to conquer the weight of this nearly 4,000 lb car. the stanford researchers noticed. ants can boost their lifting and dragging power by using three out of their six legs at once. this is really amazing and that
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eventually will replace all of us here in the newsroom but until then we will keep plugging along an >> brittney : is here to give us a quick look at the weather as we head into the next couple of days we're going to stay strong over our region with high pressure so lots of sunshine and then the rain and the sock--and thus no room to stay no.--are going to stay in the north here's the seven day forecast showing that thursday is going to be our peaked in the temperatures and then a peak of high-temperature--peak of high pressure and then the temperatures will slowly dropped without one not happen until monday with a chance of rain moving in sunday and monday with spring officially starting
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on sunday as well so that is a pretty good looking forecast >> pam :it is a pretty good looking forecast thank you for watching tonight you have a good night see you tomorrow
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the night president obama made fun of donald trump. >> donald trump is here tonight. >> insulted, shamed. >> we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience. >> was this the moment trump vowed to run for president? the wrath of trump. >> then, o.j. simpson's life of prief lang behind bars -- privilege behind bars. >> he has a flscreenedtv. he likes to keep up with the kardashians. >> the shocking death of an extreme weight loss contestant. he lost 180 pounds. >> found dead in his hotel room. >> then, what you should


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