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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the power is spiking up to 2,000 v and that in power they cannot handle it in damages them specifically this little white device a notch it stood on new cars damaged by that additional power and that is damaged. nine might recall the very similar thing back in february oakland and the trend space to impart says that as a ghost machine the problem resolved itself never figured out what was going on the belief that they have isolated the problem. but it is
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confident a few days it will figure out what is going on two trains running here again until months to get all those trains and service for the next few weeks and they could see a shorter trains of the reason is and take up the 22 weeks to get a replacement one such an get the process could take awhile before they can get all those back in service. >> pam: the major inconvenience for writers is might imagine forcing them to take a bus bridge. but and then a bios today to find oil it's like for commuters. they're not sure when
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it affects so that means these writers are stumped. some question of using it was a good year not thus bridge took 20 minutes chatting on to what would it would take to ride bart more than a dozen palaces
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shall writers back-and-forth wrote another bust still they have their own issues with the bark as a whole. sot/tc: 1:19 sherry caywood i as you heard, bart riders are already at their wits end, and this is just day- two of a slowdown that could go on for sometime. >> pam:what does bart's elected board of directors have to say about all this? kron 4's dan kerman is live at the north concord bart station. with that part of the story dan >> reporter: the two big
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problems until they find that vehicle that the data bus bridges from not conquered a point back-and-forth one half of it the other half last longer trains and data service people be more crowded on the trains or even months the problems concerns to bart board member zachary. carl the blame lies with a letter of preventative maintenance.
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"we need to locally invest in this this year will likely will do measure and asked the public's help as we address that. media to weigh in on the
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and now - a lot of their attention is focused on a response that was tweeted catherine heenan is here to explain. >> catherine:people are talking about what's considered the surprisingly honest response from bart. the system sending out a tweet that didn't offer up any excuses. only this -- a simple statement that bart was built to move far fewer people.saying much of the its useful life." adding "this some people are applauding that plain and simple reaction.
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including this person - who called the bart's new social media manager "real as hell." they appreciate that the problems aren't being sugar- coated. there's even some sympathy. this tweet saying 'i hope that whoever runs social media for bart has a full bottle of wine and a hot bath waiting for them mock bart.and to have a little fun with all this. someone named connor saying "end of its useful life is going on my tombstone." another says "ah yes. this is our reality. exactly the kind of hashtag you want your public transit system's and finally.sarah w. says 'remember to post a selfie with the hashtag this is our reality the next time your train is evacuated after it fills with brake smoke.' make sure you download the kron four mobile app. so you can get bart and traffic alerts anytime and anywhere. the kron four mobile app is a free to download for i-phone and android devices. >> pam:busted windshields. multiple vehicles targeted by vandals in the city of san leandro. problem dating back to december of 2015. surveillance video of a person
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crimes. kron 4's haaziq madyun gives you this residential surveillance video shows a vehicle coming to a stop in front of this house on santiago road in san leandro. the passenger rear door opens, say is a bbgun emerges firing over and over again at the windows of vehicles parked in the drive way, then running to get back into that same car as the vehicles targeted in that video "eight vehicles had their windows shot out" eight vehicles vandalized in one night, this incident happaned
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wednesday at around 1:30am. san leandro police lt. robert mcmanus says these latest acts of vandalism will be added to a staggering number of vehicles with windows blown out by"in the past roughly 3-months, over 120- victimized vehicles in lead on the recent case, however he says investigators have responsible for all of the this a small group of individuals doing all of it or responsible for these crimes, what we do know right now issan leandro police has increased patrols in the areas where the are also working with office because similar crimes have taken place in unicorporated parts of alameda county. in san leandro haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam: airport of the assists
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trap coach had had relation student. 21-year old enoch garcia was arrested after a district employee contacted police. they reported the assistant track coach had an inappropriateafter an investigation police found the coach had sex with two students.a 14 and 17-year old girl.both enrolled at the high garcia has been booked into the santa clara main jail. there is much more ahead tonight. a big announcement from why this generation of killer whales at the theme park. will be the last. plus. pothole problems in the south bay thanks to this months rain. coming up. the new technology and how this winter's powerful el nino winds and waves. create more problems for pacifica's shoreline.
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you may soon have to pay for parking after six p-m in san francisco. city transit officials are looking at enforcing parking meters. later into the evening.
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this is in response to a recent decision to lower fees for towed cars. from about 500- dollars to this has left the san francisco municipal transportation agency budget shortfall. the m-t-a is now researching how by making people pay to park decision by summer. potholes are taking a toll on bay area roads. to say nothing of your tires and lower back. as kron four's rob fladeboe shows you now, the return of el nino and winter rains has resulted in a plague of potholes. >> reporter: you are looking at the future of pothole repair. it's san jose's pothole spray injection truck and it's in high demand right now as potholes like this one are showing up across town like spring daisies. sot ralph mize/s.j. dept of transportation during and after a storm, rain water seeps into small cracks in the pavement and undermines the road bed below, resulting in a pothole. if left to fester, a pothole or two can lead to larger problems like pothole chains or sinkholes. the spray injection truck and it's one man crew can fix a pothole in about 20 minutes flat.
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few neighborhoods are immune but high traffic streets and freeways battered by heavy trucks are getting the most attention. as a rule areas with more rain are seeing more potholes and they account for just a fraction of the million dollar annual budget spread across 2400 miles of roadway. after a stormy early march. rain and snowfall in the northern area of the state, did do some good for our dry conditions. virtually all of california remains in some level of drought, but weekly monitoring data is showing. a modest improvement. the u.s. drought monitor says, as of tuesday, only about three- quarters of the state was in a severe or worse drought and that is down from 83- percent
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last week. as a whole, less than one- percent of the state is not suffering from drought conditions. ap-ca--california drought modest improvement in california drought picture exceptional, extreme and severe >> pam:waves fueled by el nino storms have been hitting hard along the pacifica coastline. we saw the eroding cliff edge where homes needed to be demolished. now, unusually high tides along one beach are causing a shift in the sands. kron four's jeff peirce has the story. >> reporter:if you want to witness the power of the winds and waves of this winter's storms one needs only look at the beach at sharp park in pacifica where tons of sands have moved up and down the coast. hugh piles of sand rise above the sea wall and have buried stairways to the beach.
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all the sand is coming up onto the sidewalk to the streets across the street to the houses, this lawn area is all sand. where the sand is piled on one part of the beach the waves have carved out large sections of another. the water's coming in further, with the high tide it's coming those tides have stripped away enough sand to expose an artifact from the first have of the last century that hasn't the shifting sands have been moving up and down sharps parkit's coming fast off the hills on the south there all goingas the wind
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and waves keep moving the sands at sharp park beach it dwarfs the efforts of in pacifica jeff pierce kron four news. >> reporter: change tomorrow it will turn cooler cloudier will be here for a week and a " going on right now 81 degrees and center fell and then at the richmond antioch 76 san jose offshore winds in place at of the north and keeps the ocean air of the area starting tomorrow we see ocean air bag in the bay and makes for a big change temperatures down 10 to 20 degrees sunday in san francisco coastal clouds beginning to approach from the west those arriving in san francisco around midnight tonight. it lisa up the day with low clouds in the morning when sunshine in the afternoon and went up the ocean noticeably cooler. star tracker midnight tonight variable clouds of the
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coast and then into tomorrow morning low clouds in the bay. also sulfa a north bay ballets in a little the clear still hang on supper 9:00 a.m.. and then 10 to 11 then sunshine for the afternoon but that what the temperatures will be tomorrow " to mid-60s " '70's south bay made seven days a spate of ballets and then 10 to 20 degrees update on what to expect the weekend with rain later on. >> pam:the 20-13 documentary "blackfish". shown a disturbing light and sparked controversy over killer whales in captivity today, the park announced that the whales currently at the theme park. will be the last generation of mammals to reside there. the insider's debbie matenopoulos is in hollywood with more. pam, orca trainer at sea world, john hargrove who's also featured in
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the whistle- blowing documentary spoke to michael yo about this monumental decision and tonight the insider investigates the blackfish effect! joel manby:09 we are ending our orca breeding so this will be the last generation of orcas at seaworld 11:04:18 what he said was fantastic i am going to chose to beoieve despite seaworld sordid history of not being tansparent vo1 - 11 former sea world trainer john hargrove has been a powerful force in the campaign against the captivity of killer whales so while he is hopeful he's also what he says sound great thats what i wanted from the beginning end breeding program but will he back it up wity actions? 1:57 the only way to prove that 11:11:38 we put this pressure on them and but i dont think they make this decison out of the goodness of their heart they saw no way out they m made the decsion to save their business vo4 but the theme park continues to move in the right direction - now partnering with the humane society of the u-s on some very important ocean inititives for a more humane society.
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11:17:41 its a wise pr move but regardless of the reason its a better and dignity and respect and if he follows throught with those actions were going to give try to get to the bottom of who water crisis. kron 4's stanely roberts is cracking down on people behaving badly behind the wheel.
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apple's tim cook is not backing away from his refusal to help the justice department unlock the i-phone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. catherine heenan is here with the latest on what cook is saying. >> catherine:tim cook sat down for an interview with time magazine. and essentially doubled down on his insistence that the f-b-i should back off. it's a cover which the apple ceo describes himself as a "country boy" who he says the encryption issue is as important as the "sun, the air and the water." cook also used the interview to reveal what apple says are
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errors made by the government - which could have avoided the court battle. saying the feds asked syed farook's employers to change an i-cloud password.which meant agents couldn't access the phone's information. he also claims he's "deeply offended" by the fbi's tactics - which he says have included lying and behaving unprofessionally. >> pam:congressional lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. grilled michigan governor rick snyder. and e-p-a administrator gina mccarthy today. accusing them, of not taking action when they learned about the water crisis in flint, michigan. diane gallagher reports on the hearing from washington, d.c. which included several fiery exchanges. calling for both mccarthy's and snyder's resignations. >> reporter:michigan we failed. the flint water crisis takes center stage on capitol hill, with the house oversight committee grilling michigan's governor rick snyder. maryland the governor's fingerprints are all over this. and e-p-a administrator gina mccarthy. georgia the environmental protection agency, they didn't do that, they didn't protect the public. at times, calling for their jobs. utah - or house oversight committee chairman if you want to do the courageous thing, you too should resign. pennsylvania you need to resign too, governor snyder. at the heart of the hearing, the dangerous levels of lead the people of flint, michigan have
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been exposed to for more than a year in their drinking water. maryland an entire generation of children who suffer from brain damage, learning disabilities and many other horrible effects of lead poisoning. and finding out who knew what and when. new york even when you did know, you did nothing. and why it wasn't handled immediately. maryland i find it hard to believe a crisis of this magnitude escaped your attention for so long. michigan let me be blunt, this was a failure on all levels. i will take responsibility for not pushing hard enough but i will not take responsibility for causing this problem. meanwhile, in flint, the mayor is more concerned about fixing the problem right now than assigning blame. we need money. we need to fix this problem. and while, right now there is, you know, apologies are going on and finger-pointing is going on and, we can't wait. in washington, i'm dianne gallagher
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the 'stop trump' movement. picks up steam in the republican party. next. the politican some in g-o- p. want to get into the race instead. plus. another major political battle unfolding in washington. the president's pick for the u.s. supreme court. the war of words on capitol hill. next.
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>> pam:president obama's nominee for the supreme court paid his first visit to capitol hill today. catherine heenan is here to tell catherine? >> catherine:senate republicans refused even to meet with merrick garland. says he told the nominee on the phone last night it would be a waste of time: there's no chance there will even be a hearing, much less a vote, on his confirmation in this election year. at the capitol today, the only doors open to the nominee belonged to democrats. minority leader harry reid welcomed judge garland to his office. afterwards emerging to praise obama's choice to succeed the late justice scalia. his qualifications are about as good as you can get. garland also met with the top democrat on the judiciary
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committee, patrick leahy. we could easily have hearings, a debate, a background and the vote by memorial day. the republican leadership is refusing to budge on giving judge garland a hearing, majority leader mcconnell writing in usa today, quote "the american people deserve a voice in such a momentous decision." president obama says the people did have a voice when they twice elected him president, he told supporters in a phone call, "they didn't add a caveat that said we want you to be president except for last 300 days when you don't have to fulfill your duties." while mcconnell refuses to even of republicans now say they are open to meeting with him, some are facing re=election, including judiciary committee chair charles grassley.
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"if i can meet with a dictator in uganda, i can certainly meet with a decent person in america." grassley says he agreed to a meeting with garland. but that there will be no confirmation hearing until a new president is in office. >> britteny: and even 80s like norman map 80 degree temperatures not hard to find san mateo 82 degrees 84 at lafayette said clara sayville pittsburgh at 79 degrees and then watching temperatures. up
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in the forecast what to expect the weekend and week after that coming up. >> pam:some conservative leaders are scrambling to find an antidote. to donald trump. they met in washington today, to try and figure out if they still have a shot. at preventing him from clinching the g-o-p nomination. but as c-n-n's sunlen serfaty reports. one possible alternative to trump says, he is not interested. paul ryan today brushing off the idea that he could be drawn into the presidential race. house speaker: "it's not going to be me. it should be somebody running for president. people are out there campaigning. " but the house speaker is not stepping away from the prospect his party might be heading towards a contested convention. house speaker: "this is more likely to become an open convention than we thought before, so we're getting our
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could very well become a reality " this comes as conservatives belonging to the "stop trump" movement are huddling in washington today. sources tell c-n-n. there was "absolute consensus" in the closed-door meeting on trying to stop trump from getting the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. but that there was a "real division" about launching a third-party challenge if trump ultimately becomes the nominee. trump's team encouraging republicans opposed to trump to rethink their strategy. : "when we get to cleveland, he's going to be our nominee and , you know, some of these guys are gonna have to decide how much damage they are willing to do to the party because they don't like that." the potential for a contested convention is now pushing the g- o-p candidates into effectively waging *two campaigns side-by- side.. still working* to win outright . presidential candidate: "look, if donald might come in and we're neck-in-neck and neither of us are at 1237, then it's a battle for the remaining
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delegates, then it's actually how a convention normally operates." but also scrambling to *prepare their back-up plans if the nominating fight is still unsettled before republicans gather in cleveland this july. presidential candidate: "it is unlikely that anybody is going to achieve enough delegates to avoid a convention." the campaigns making their calibrations from the *sobering reality they face when it comes to the math. candidates need to get to 1237 delegates to clinch the nomination *before the convention. based on the current delegate counts donald trump would need to win a little more than 50 percent of the remaining delegates to reach that mark. ted cruz would need roughly 80 percent. and for john kasich it would be mathematically impossible -- he would need about 108 percent. for the first time since he dropped out of the race for president. republican senator marco rubio was asked today about donald trump's impact on the republican party.
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>> pam: rubio said, he did not know if he will endorse any of the candidates. and that he is not interested in being vice - president. meantime. hillary clinton has picked up another win. after senator bernie sanders said he will not seek a recount of results in missouri's democratic primary, conceding defeat. clinton has a narrow lead in the race and sanders could have sought a recount because the margin was less than one-half of one percent. hillary clinton gets an extra two delegates from missouri for winning the statewide vote. the republican race in missouri remains too close to call between donald trump and ted cruz. one california community is seeing an increase in applicants who want to become u- s citizens so they can participate in the upcoming election. those who want to vote need to start registering now.
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a citizenship teacher in modesto says her class has doubled in size over the past few months. in a class there are usually 30 students and for this year, nearly 70 signed up. one of her students knows the importance of having a voice as a citizen.and he decided taking time to sign up for the class was well worth it. the process to become a legal voter can be a lengthy one. for people who have already established residency in the u- takes federal officials about six months to approve the citizenship. so, applicants who submit their paperwork now may be able to vote in november. still ahead at five. a big set back for the cal golden bears as they head into the n-c-double-a tournament. and next. a nun accused of having a bad habit.
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on wall street. the dow climbed 155 points. the nasdaq added 11 points. and s and p gained 13 points. how highcatching a shoplifter on
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camera isn't happens every day. but in a small town in pennsylvania.a recent suspect doesn't fit the usual mold. catherine heenan is here to earlier this week.a woman was spotted on surveillance video - apparently stealing things from a surplus outlet. she was caught.but then state police got a surprise. the alleged thief is a catholic nun.from a convent in danville, pennsylvania. police say she took about 25 dollars worth of snacks, coffee, they say she'd planned everything out -- arriving with the store's red plastic bags already stashed in her purse. the convent isn't commenting. 78-year-old agnes pennino has been charged with a summary offense. meaning if she pleads guilty - she will only have to pay a fine.
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still ahead. kron four's vicki liviakis show us how you can make a james beard award winning meal. from in tonight's dine and dish.
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in less than 24-hours, the california golden bears will tip off their run in the ncaa tournament. capping off a week that's had more highs than lows for the program. three days after an assistant some more bad news this morning. mark carpenter joins us with the details-- what is it this time?? >> reporter:there's a reason president obama picked hawaii over cal in his bracket.he probably knew something was brewing. massive blow for the bears as starting point guard and leading scorer--tyrone wallace is out for the next 3-to-5 weeks after breaking his hand in practice yesterday. team's plans to make a run.but
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the gameplan is-- positive thinking. cuonzo martin- cal head coach "this is good times right now. you have 68 teams in the ncaa tournament. so you work hard to get to this point, you are supposed to rejoice and have a lot of fun with this and that's what we'll do." you gotta appreciate the and on top of getting his players to savor the moment, cuonzo martin is having to fill the void left by one of his top players. not only is tyrone wallace the bears' leading scorer, he's the only one on the roster with experience in the big dance. 315 "he averaged 15, 5, and 5, so we are going to have to pick up the slack in all those areas. he's a big time rebounding guard, can score in a lot of ways, abut i think we are a deep team. a relatively experienced team with the juniors we have, kava up what tyrone left." wallace's absence is the second serving of bad news heaped on the bears plate this week. assistant coach yann hufnagle
5:47 pm
awhirl allegedly violating the school's sexual harassment policy. questions now linger on how coach martin handled the investigations.inquiries he refused to address at this time. cuonzo 1624"what we talk about with our players is things happen in life whether it's basketball, in the classroom, family members it's a bump in the road. you keep moving forward. we don't spend a lot of time we aren't consumed with it. we talk about it, deal with it, keep moving that's life." 402'we've had a rough week for the team and everything, but we've had ups and downs the entire year, so it's nothing new for us. but the main thing for us is putting it behind us and focusing on tomorrow's game." cal enters the tourney as a 4- seed.which is the highest in tipoff against hawaii is set for 11-o-clock tomorrow morning. sunday. on and off wet weather >> reporter: of somewhat weather sunday along with the
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temperature is dropping in the '50s and '60s that such a case right now but the temperature is right now really warm in the '80s and a lot of locations. wimple see more clubs tomorrow and then in the fog begins to make its way into the bay. tomorrow is low cloud seven and low clouds clearing 10 to 11 then sunshine in the afternoon coming in off the ocean 20 to 30 m.p.h. and falling and all the cool air. the storm was a couple
5:49 pm
days start all over the bay area starting sunday of the chance of rain a special sunday afternoon. for nullo close from morning and then a chance for showers along with sunshine and then it cooler weather that storm this weekend
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means snow and the sierra. it's one thing to eat out at a restaurant. meal - yourself. tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis - takes us to oakland. and a diner's darling. that just got nominated for its cookbook. it's all about cooking over an open flame. and hand chopping fresh local produce. camino in oakland is an east bay hotspot. famous among food-lovers from all over the bay. and now it's being recognized for it's cookbook. nominated for a james beard award.
5:51 pm
not only are the pictures pretty to look at but the pair insists you too can cook. easier? another secret is the wood. camino gets it right out of or in my case if all you like to make is. reservations. in oakland, vicki liviakis, kron coming up:
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ifyou going to behaving badly might i suggest you pick a different city where there is not a crackdown in effect
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last month it was foster city and san mateo. this month it is different cities. a crackdown on people behaving
5:55 pm
badly behind the wheel. according to burlingame's police chief. the saturation of traffic officers on the streets. has created a close to 58 -percent reduction in traffic- related fatalities. us. sound of siren this driver in burlingame is pulled over for three things first your driving with duel earbuds you can't do that with the duel ear phones in your ear it not legal its illegal second you have a cracked windshield . third, you have two break lights out you have your driver's license and registration and insurance this is officer chica of the city of hillsbourgh police department however we are in burlingame you see its that time of the month on the peninsula where officers from all around the county come together it's the step program step stand for san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program where any and all traffic problems are addressed here's what going to happen im going to have to issue you a citation for the ear buds in not going to cite you for the brake lights or the cracked
5:56 pm
windshield and do maximium enforcement in selected cities this time its burlingame and hillsborough sometimes its speeders like this over the 25 mph residential speed limit in hillsborough why did i stop you, i'm not sure ok what's the speed limit down here 25 you're doing about 40 ughhhh ok whats the rush today work or sometimes the person behaving badly is do distracted they are unaware they are sitting next to an officer while watching videos on their phone hi so why did i stop you i know why but wait i kno w this person
5:57 pm
you came to my house last year for people behaving badly . yup she sent me a story idea and it became a segment in south san francisco this blue van has a problem you see the van seats two people how many people do you have in there four, four guys so we have an obvious problem you have your id on you got away this motorcyclist was speeding and officer chica attempted to stop the rider nats of siren and the rider took off even blowing the red light in a future edition we get to talk to some of the drivers and tell you a little about this guy who gets his own segment cocaine is bad . in burlingame stanley roberts kron 4 news
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not pleased-- that is what many bart riders told us today as they were forced to use a bus kron four got on the bus with riders to see how it was and how situation. stations faced with this power surge issue. especially at issue was the fact. that they had to wait for the bus to fill up then take although many say it is an inconvenience. they appreciate the bus bridge.s riders say they will allocate more time on friday to take the bus bridge. and they certainly hope by monday it will be fixed.
6:03 pm
this is only day two of the slowdown that could last for weeks. and bart riders are already angry. what does bart's elected board of directors have to say about all of this? kron 4's dan kerman is live from the north concord bart station with that part of the story.
6:04 pm
the commute and updates equipment problem. >> reporter: trained search at the summit in north concord pittsburgh a point many more are driving to north concord and that is at capacity murray said the there are still spaces to be had in a private plot adjacent from the pleasant hill station. writers frustrated the fact so many bart customers have been knocked out of service they have to endure the fuehrer cars and bigger crowds. some are calling
6:05 pm
for discounts free rides. they'll hold its next meeting thursday many of these concerns questions or officers will come not and what they're doing for writers. kron4news-dot-com we have more pictures up of the commute updates on you quit a problem. >> pam:while investigators examine surveillance video in one of the recent cases, victims of these pieces and paying for the costly repairs.
6:06 pm
these window replacement workers had their hands full cleaning up shattered glass and installing new windows on multiple vehicles vandalized here on santiago road in san leandro early wednesday "today i'm busy, i'm busy i'm all of this extra glass work has been made possible by the man you see here in this surveillance video. san leandro police say he used a bbgun to blow out the windows of 8- "typically it's a drive by type fashion where the suspect vehicle drives by, and randomly shoots at the parked cars and to date there are up to more than 120 victimized vehicles in the city of san leandro alone" 120-vehicles with windows shattered in the past 3-months "right now we're just kind of scratching our heads wonder why people would do this? is this some sort of a game? is this some sort of group going out to create damage and havoc?"
6:07 pm
investigators estimate since last december the damage to "one of our goals here is not only locate and arrest and have those responsible prosecuted but really to seek restitution for the people, most of them, have have those windows replaced" investigators say the suspect in this recent case was seen getting out of a dark colored sedan, possibly a lexus, with chrome wheels. the person you see here is described as a white 20's wearing a light colored sweat shirt. if you think you recognize him you can contact san leandro police. haaziq berkeley police are investigating a possible attempted child abduction from earlier this week. according to police a 9-year old but girl was walking on harper street on her way to malcom-x elementary school monday. a green van pulled in front of her.
6:08 pm
the student said a man began walking behind her and pushed her. so she started to run. she made it safely to school but did not report what happened until later that night. kron 4 spoke with school officials today who stressed the importance of reporting suspicious people right away. police do not yet know if this incident is connected to a series of attempted child abductions from last fall that
6:09 pm
the community is being urged to keep a look out for any suspicious people. new at six. san francisco lawmakers are deciding weather to give up six- hundred dollars each to sidewalk vendors and artists who say they lost money during the super bowl. a board of supervisors committee approved a bill to compensate nearly 250 permitted street vendors who had to relocate due to super bowl city. streets along the embarcadero were closed for more than 20 days while the infrastructure needed for the city's event was set up, held and taken down. the full board will vote on the proposal next week. a warm, sunny day here in the bay area. this was the scene in pacifica earlier today. people soaked in the warm weather at the beach. but we could see a slight cool kron 4's brian van aken has been tracking the forecast. brian, what can we expect >> reporter: temperatures in the '50s where the water temperature
6:10 pm
every temperature today and into the '70's 80's here at the highest from the saturn and and 81 degrees at oakland mayor of 8082 for san mateo most places in the upper 70's elsewhere. this number a good 10 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year onshore winds kick in tomorrow and all means cooler weather coming our way starting tomorrow in san francisco notice the palm trees swaying little will help cushion lore clouds to our night and will close living in the bay tomorrow morning and see the sun tomorrow the details coming up later on. a gruesome
6:11 pm
discovery in the east bay. police have discovered the remains of a 90-year-old el cerrito woman in a trash barrel where she lived. officials have confirmed the remains were of mary osbin. and mary was last seen at her house an arrest warrant has been daughter. alicia osbin. investigators believe she is in she is considered armed and volunteers are expected to search this weekend for 15-year- old sierra lamar, four years after she went missing. about two dozen people will come to eastman canyon and uvas roads area where lamar was last seen. she went missing on march 16th 20-12 when she left her home in the morning and missed her bus for school. no body was recovered and formal search efforts ended this time last year.however volunteers still get together to look in the area.
6:12 pm
antolin garcia-torres was arrested who months after sierra's disappearance on chargers of murdering andhe is set to stand trial next month.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
where huge piles of sand have street. lawns in front of houses are burried by sand that stretch all the wat to the edge of the water. one resident explains that tide has been coming in higher than before.and although crews are there to try and move back the sand.the wind and waves are >> britteny: >> reporter: the books are coming our way for the weekend making for a big change sunny warmth cloudy cool and rainy sfo clear skies of blue skies all of the place for this afternoon warm temperatures in the east bay 22 30 mi. per hour
6:16 pm
for saturday and then morning clouds could be some sprinkles a nice chance for sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge partial clearing in the afternoon sunday was a cloudy rain developing and then continuing to the afternoon evening it will not be a huge storm rainfall amounts only a quarter of an inch and then at midnight tonight return of low clouds when they're shifting instead of coming of the north and west. all this could push in the bay still overcast they said the north bay. 10 or 11 before
6:17 pm
the gray skies give way to boost as because of cloudy start that will have an impact on temper pictures look for a cooler readings and today in some places cooler low 60s with '70s allman valley and 73 degrees inland will not be as pronounced. >> pam: but the recent storms have around the bay area. san jose's pothole repair crews, which include this high-tech 'spray injection truck,' have while a spokesman for the department of transportation tells kron 4 news that the number of
6:18 pm
calls from the public requesting action on potholes after a storm is double what might be considered normal. the problem is all that water seeping into the pavement
6:19 pm
high traffic roads and freeways are seeing the most potholes. the city's stated policy is to have a crew on scene within two slightly last month but are still well below the average according to a new study from the business analysis company. core-logic. sales increased point-3 percent from january to feburary and analysts say sales will continue to go up because of the growing more than 4 thousand eight hundred and 50 homes were sold last feburary. california had the storngest feburary sales this year since the average home price has risen for 47-consecutive months in the states are now being warned that exposed to hepatitis or hiv. catherine heenan is here with >> catherine:the list of states keeps growing. a former surgery technician named rocky allen has been indicted on charges of tampering with patient medication -- and obtaining a controlled substance by deceit.
6:20 pm
the story began when someone allegedly saw a surgical tech slip a syringe with pain medication off a cart in a colorado operating room. now the investigation is focused on hospitals in at least three other states ---- arizona, prosecutors say allen has a history of moving from hospital two hospitals in washington state this week were among the there's a chance they were allen has tested positive for >> pam:bumble bee foods is recalling more than 31-thousand cases of canned tuna over
6:21 pm
possible contamination issues. the product due to processing deviations at a packing facility.
6:22 pm
the products included in the recall include the 5 ounce cans of chunk light tuna in water and the chunk light tuna in oil. they were all sold in february. the u-s-d-a says if consumed. it could result in life-threatening injuries. no illnesses have been reported. trying to build some bridges on he met with two leading senate democrats today. as some republicans appear to soften their opposition to garland. from our partners at c-n-n. pamela brown has the story. president obama's new supreme court nominee merrick garland is meeting privately with senate democrats patrick leahy and harry reid. as he lobbies for support in the face of fierce opposition. ranking member, judiciary
6:23 pm
senate is refusing to budge on giving judge garland a hearing -- saying it's not about the person. it's about the principle. >> pam: heated debate over tainted water on capitol hill at and where michigan gov. chris. see world in coming. of more detail in the space renounce. major
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
the current generation of killer whales at seaworld will be the
6:26 pm
catherine heenan is here with details of a major decision by the theme park.that was a long time coming. seaworld is bowing to years of and says it's ending its orca breeding program. it's immediately putting a stop to the breeding and will soon stop making the killer whales perform tricks for the public. >> catherine:the company has been under pressure --- particularly after the 2013 release of the documentary "blackfish".which argued that putting the whales in captivity shortened their life span.and made them violent and neurotic.
6:27 pm
the 29 remaining orcas will company's theme parks - but in what are called "natural orca encounters." the seaworld ceo says the company might eventually make a shocking diagnosis for bowe bergdahl. what disorder the former soldier is now facing. stress takes a toll on the body not only mentally. but why it is especially bad for your heart. and another chaotic night for bart commuters. we'll have an update on the major delays.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: a strategist like rudders and apologize for all the inconvenience. >> reporter: and conquered parts as thursday that they will remain at this evening and friday narrowing in on finding what is breaking damaging the
6:31 pm
park cars here in north cocker of power spikes along the third rail may be putting too much power to the cars. multiple vehicles vandalized overnight after someone uses some type of begun to shatter windows.
6:32 pm
it's not just san jose participate. but the most rain are seen even more paul holes. >> pam: bay area.
6:33 pm
but cooler temperatures are on the way. brian joins us now with the forecast. brian, what can we expect tomorrow? >> reporter: full weekend we will have some rain for sunday and saturday but sedated to stuff sunday we will be dealing with grain from much of the day. san mateo bridge clear up there and a little hazy to create down to 15 to 20 degrees not as cool conquers san jose's center rosa and for tomorrow we will have low clouds bring in cooler weather as well as the sea breeze up and over 20 mi. per hour sunshine for the afternoon it will be especially by the coast school and then saturday lots of clouds we have partial
6:34 pm
clearing afternoon temperatures about the same and mostly cloudy to start the day sunday. >> pam:in national news. a fiery exchange over tainted water on capitol hill today. catherine is here to tell us what happened when michigan's governor testified about the water crisis in flint. >> catherine:republican governor rick snyder told a house oversight committee that part of the blame for flint's contaminated water belongs to professional bureaucrats in his state and in washington. the fireworks came when the governor claimed that he acted
6:35 pm
as soon as he learned of the crisis. "i took immediate action as soon as i learned there was a lead issue. i started issuing filters. doing water testing, doing blood testing "governor snyder, plausible deniability only works when it's that you didn't know about any of this until october 2015. you were not in a medically induced coma for a year. i've had about enough of your false contrition and your phony apologies. people who put dollars over the fundamental safety of people do not belong in government. and flint is a predominantly african-american city north of two years ago, state officials hoping to save money switched the city's water supply to the polluted flint river. >> pam:bowe bergdahl-- a soldier held captive by the taliban for
6:36 pm
nearly five years-- has been diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder. the diagnosis was found in documents recently made public. health officials say those with the disorder have trouble interpreting social cues and develop distrust with others. the taliban captured bergdahl after he left his base in 2009.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
stress can be harmful not only mentally. but physically as well. it can be especially bad for your heart.
6:40 pm
from our partners at c-n-n. jim morelli has a look at the damage stress can do to the body. and strategies for dealing with it, 'eating rate or other sorts of inhabits excess of drug. true and we really distressed. i think that exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress. other potential ways to relieve practice positive thinkingmeditate or pray. unplug from electronics, especially at bedtimeget enough sleepand finally, find activities that make you feel good coming up. lost dog and its owner. where they found the dog nearly a month after its disappearance.
6:41 pm
>> pam: did for the biggest game of the year they did lose the leading scorer to injury.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
and a >> gary: at eve of then nc a a open-air their starting point guard and one player on the youthful team tyrone their point guard will be about four then matchup against hawaii
6:45 pm
we have a fifth seat being upset by 12 see. the picket up yale and baylor derek fisher once
6:46 pm
upon a time the start of arkansas and pulled the upset today had to go to two overtimes and knocked off from the big 10. the reverse layup and 70 the 64.
6:47 pm
if the work on this particular sport and driving people into the arena jersey is being sold
6:48 pm
with their names and no proceeds. offensive linemen zane and the forty-niners have done something. their body has stories everyday stuff we've heard and now they say they do not plan to release capper neck and tail and $0.9 million salary. a week after supposedly going to denver cleveland and according to the coach says alec
6:49 pm
the have him on. he's a big fan. hot press has a job nbc york
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
heartwarming or union the telos dog and owner where it was found after it disappeared
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam:a heartwarming story out of southern california. one lucky german shepherd is back with her family. after being lost at sea for over a month. the pup-- whose name is luna-- was discovered yesterday on san clemente island. a training base off the coast of san diego. navy staffers spotted her by a road, wagging her tail. luna was presumed dead after she fell off a ship in february. officials believe luna swam to the island. and may have lived off of mice for weeks. archeologists found hidden rooms in king tut's tomb.leading them closer to solving one of egypt's biggest mysteries.the final resting place of queen neftertiti. the country's antique minister looked at an analysis of scans on the famous burial site.and there appears to be two unknown rooms in the chamber.
6:55 pm
these spaces could contain metal or organic materials.and getting to the inside is going to be a very difficult process. in a news conference in cairo.the minister says that they will scan the chambers again at the end of the month. >> britteny: close in the bay cooler weather for tomorrow the 70 cds. .
6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
these are the hands that build the machines, the machines that sort, stack and seal. these are the hands that keep private information private. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that dig for opportunity, identify patterns, and uncover risk. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
6:59 pm
"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. numbadele's post-partum confession on stage. >> i've got the baby blues. >> as madonna's family troubles -- then that was ben and new fiance caught out their first public date. >> they seem to be quite affe affectionate. it's the best escape i have ever had. >> plus insider bonus. after 50 years, seaworld will end its killer whale breeding
7:00 pm
program. was this the blackfish effect? only we're with the seawor. hello, everybody, and welcome to "the insider," we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> starting with the n one story everyone's talking about. madonna's australian fa burning up after the material girl made them wait three hours to see her in concert. is her custody battle taking its toll. meadonna's concert in brisbane and adele's concert in germany couldn't ha -- >>


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