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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 30, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>"ten, ten years?" >>"that i don't know, that i don't know." >>"why not?" >>"i don't know." >>"you take positions on everything else." >>"i don't know i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position." >> reporter:trump's remarks -- sparking democratic frontrunner hillary clinton, who tweeted: >> reporter:"just when you thought it couldn't get worse. horrific and telling." >> reporter:hours later, trump scrambling to tamp down the firestorm. issuing a statement that said quote - "the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be legally responsible, not the woman." >> reporter:he added: "the woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb." >> reporter:this as donald trump deals with another controversy surrounding his campaign manager. >>donald trump/ presidential candidate "they wanted me to fire him." >> reporter:the gop frontrunner today doubling down in his defense of corey lewandowski. who was arrested and charged with simple battery for grabbing the arm of reporter michelle
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fields. >>donald trump/ presidential candidate "did anyone think it was a horrible thing what happened? i don't get it." >> reporter:after questioning fields' account at cnn's town hall tuesday night. >>donald trump/ presidential candidate "michelle fields, who, by the way, she is not a baby. ok? in her own worlds, exactly. 'i was jolted backwards.' well, she wasn't, she's standing there. 'someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm. tightly. and yanked me down.' she wasn't yanked down." >> reporter:accusing fields of pressing charges to gain attention. >>donald trump/ presidential candidate "wouldn't it have taken care of this if he had simply said, 'i'm sorry?'- i actually don't think so, i think she would have pressed charges anyway, because i think she likes it, that's my opinion, maybe i'm wrong." >> reporter:his rivals are pouncingcriticizing trump for setting the tone for his campaign >>sen. ted cruz/ presidential candidate "look, it shouldn't be complicated that members of the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press." >> reporter:both cruz and kasich saying they both would have fired any staffer of theirs who did the same.
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>>gov. john kasich/ presidential candidate "when you see things that are pretty clear - from what i understand the video is clear. of course i would fire him." >> reporter:the three remaining republican candidates are also facing questions about the gop loyalty pledge they signed last september. >>anderson cooper/cnn "do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is?" >>donald trump/ presidential candidate "no. i don't anymore." >> reporter:all three backing away from their commitment to support the eventual republican nominee. >>gov. john kasich/ presidential candidate "if the nominee is somebody that i think is really hurting the country, and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them." >>sen. ted cruz/ presidential candidate "i'm not in the habit of attacks my wife and attacks my family." >> reporter:trump insisting he doesn't care whether cruz supports him. >>donald trump/ presidential candidate "honestly, he doesn't have to support me. i'm not asking for his support. i want the people's support."
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>> pam:the latest controversy comes. as a new poll shows, senators ted cruz and bernie sanders with leads over the republican and democratic front- runners in wisconsin. >> pam:the marquette university law school poll shows, cruz ahead of donald trump 40 to 30-percent, in the g-o-p race. meanwhile, for the democrats. bernie sanders is ahead of hillary clinton. 49 to 45-percent. the wisconsin primary is next tuesday. april fifth, and it is the only major contest before new york, which votes two -weeks later. >> pam:a viral video showing two san francisco state students arguing. about who has a right to wear dreadlocks. continues to spark interest on social media. kron 4's dan kerman has been following the story. he joins us live in the newsroom with more. dan? >> reporter:this is the video that has sparked conversation it was posted to youtube two days ago and has already received 1.7 million views >> reporter:here's what we know today >> reporter:police are still investigating whether there was an assault this case. they have confirmed the woman involved is a student named bonita tindle. she is one suggesting it is ininappropriate for cory goldstein to have dreadlocks because it is not part of his culture we know that goldstein has chosen
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not to press charges but, the person shooting the video does want to press charges because of what tindle for appearing to grab is phone at the end of the video >> reporter:now the kron 4 facebook page comments about this video with 14-hundred comment and 15-hundred shares. among them >> reporter:robert says the woman should be expelled. ishmael says he has the right to have dreads, just as much as she has the right to dye her hair blonde. >> reporter:now there are comments on social media suggesting it was goldstein that provoked this confrontation he denies that, we reached out to people online who said they were at the scene, they have not gotten back to us. >> pam:new at five: we just learned 30 minutes ago prosecutors will not seek the death penalty for three drifters accused of killing a hiker in marin county and a tourist in golden gate park. >> pam:morrison lampley, sean angold and lila alligood would instead face life in prison without parole if they are convicted. the marin county district attorney's office says after
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reviewing the case, it was the appropriate decision. the trio is accused of killing audrey carey last october. >> pam:a couple of days later they're suspected of killing steve carter on a trail near fairfax and stealing his car. >> pam:a robber is on the loose. after pulling off a brazen heist at a walgreens on the peninsula. burlingame police gaves us this picture of one of the suspects. >> pam:they say he walked into a walgreens on el camino real. just before 1 a-m yesterday. >> pam:he then went to the pharmacy. jumped the counter. and pulled a knife on the clerk. >> pam:this is another surveillance photo of the suspect. police say, he demanded to know where the drugs - "xanax" and "hydrocodone" were kept. >> pam:he then grabbed more than 3-thousand pills. and ran out the front door where a car was waiting for him. >> pam:in the east bay. >> pam:an antioch neighborhood says crime. in tonight's my kron 4 story. jeff pierce shows us what the community is doing to combat the problem.
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>>my name is mike lapento jr and this is my kron four story. >> reporter:this new subdivision on the far eastern edge of antioch with it's sparkling new homes is becoming a magnet for crime. mike and his father have been victimized four times in the last year. they have installed a set of security cameras. >>we put this in after the last time we were robbed of over two thousand dollars worth of tools. >> reporter:tuesday night they had their truck stolen out of their drive with all it's new tools. >>a vehicle actually came by and made a circle and parked across the street here.this guy comes back and comes right by our house here and what he's actually doing is scoping out the house. >>you'll see him come back he'll head to the door no hesitation super calm he's got some sort of tool that he uses, knows exactly what he's doing. he rolls it out to the middle of the street, not starting the car yet, then he gets over here i'm guessing he's alerting this guy that's parked over here then he turns on the car and pulls off. >> reporter:the surveilance
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cameras only neighborhood feeling victimized and they have begun to come together to form a neighborhood watch as part of the solution. >>it started out with little and it's progressively getting worse. >>we've watched all of this grow with crime along side of it. >> reporter:they feel the incidence of crime in their neighborhood is not receiving the attention from law enforcement that it deserves. >>we're getting no help from the police we're doing things on our own to try and make everybody aware. >> reporter:antioch police say they seeking more officers as these neighborhoods expand and encourage vigilence of nieghbors coming together, in the mean time the sparkling new neighborhoods still present a tempting target for criminals to prey on. >>i believe right now they know there are no consequences. they're never here. so why not keep coming back here. >> reporter:in antioch jeff pierce kron four news. >> pam:vehicle break-ins in santa clara are on the way back down. that follows an
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upward trend in recent years. new numbers reported to the state department of justice show, a significant spike in 2014. peaking last year when almost 14-hundred break-ins were reported. >> pam:at least 150 of those break-ins, are blamed on a west oakland crew, known as the ghost town gang. 'smash and grab' thefts were occurring in strip mall parking lots across the bay area. before 21 suspects were indicted in december of last year. >> pam:santa clara police also attribute the spike in vehicle break-ins. to the passage of proposition- 47, which reduced property crimes, from a felony to a misdemeanor. >> pam: >> for instance drug and netted used to beat a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor. so the would be back on the street instead of taking them to jail.
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>> pam:police say, they have made the vehicle break-ins a priority and that the upward trend is now going in the other direction. >> pam:there have been 160 reported so far this year, while there were 314 break- ins by this time a year ago. >> pam:in the south bay. two people are behind bars this morning. on suspicion of stealing mail from apartments in morgan hill. it happened around one- yesterday afternoon, at the murphy ranch apartments. along east dunne avenue. >> pam:police arrived at the scene and found someone standing next to mail boxes at the complex. another person was hiding behind a nearby bush. >> pam:officers arrested 37- year-old fleitcha johnson. and 36-year- old myisha johnson. mail to the rightful owners.
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next. why pet owners are being told to be on alert in one area of the east bay. >> pam:plus. police in oakland cracking down on drivers not yeilding to pedestrians. but they were not handing out tickets. >> pam:we will explain why. >> pam:and did the wet start to march. take a bite out of california's drought? the latest findings on the snowpack in the sierra. coming up. >> brittany: tracking warmer come vicious as we get closer to the weekend that will have more later in the protest.
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>> pam:a warning for people in the east bay. to keep an eye on their pets. police are investigating multiple cases of animal cruelty. kron four's averi harper explains what is happening. >> reporter: police say five animals were shot and died from their injuries and others had to be euthanize because they were injured so badly. fouled and berkeley marina saturday. other animals were shot. they found palace still inside of them--pellets >> it was awful. how could anyone be cruel to an animal. they are like human beings they have a right to live as well.
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>> reporter: shot at the zero planets that they frequent. --at the arena that they frequent >> this is really sad. you are coming here to get away from things like that and it just breaks your heart. >> reporter: are asking anyone with any information of what may have happened to these animals to please give them a call. every harper, kron 4 news. --averi harper >> pam:the woman who was struck and killed on interstate - 280 has now been identified. 23 year old alexandra stevenson. was found dead in the right lane of the busy freeway. north of alemany boulevard monday morning. >> pam:this is video of the scene from our helicopter
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partnership with abc-7. police say, she was struck by more than one vehicle. they do not know why stevenson was on the roadway, or how she got there. >> pam:police are awaiting toxicology reports to see if drugs or alcohol played a role. >> pam:it was very close call today. for a pedestrian trying to cross an east bay street. fortunately, the person was a police officer. >> pam:but you won't believe how many times, cars got dangerously close to hitting the undercover officer. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, those in charge of the operation say, the goal today was much different than what you might imagine. >> reporter:watch. >> reporter:and you can see, driver after driver, after driver on grand avenue while this person tries to get to the other side. >> reporter:look on this time. the car gets so close to hitting the pedestrian. fortunately, this is not just any person, but an undercover officer - out here to bring more awareness to drivers. >> reporter:and get this. the goal here is. not to give tickets. >> lt. david elzey/opd --- it would be more of a success if we did not have many parrot that is because
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majority of the public are all saying the traffic laws. >> reporter:however, tickets were certainly handed out. because drivers failed to follow the law repeatedly. >> reporter:--did you just not see the person. no --why did you not stop? officers are still counting up how many infractions they wrote. during this sting. >>--we just want people to be safe. >> reporter:the department says htey have seen an increase in pedestrian injuries. which is what promopted this operation. in the last 3 years, they ahve had 876 injries. they plan to do mor of these opeaions in the future. >> reporter:te >> pam:dungeness crab season has officially started. after the price was set at $2.90 per pound. crab fisherman took part in a closed meeting yesterday. to discuss the late start.
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>> pam:california's crab season was delayed because of concerns been found in the crustaceans. the state declared the sea creatures safe for human consumption late monday evening. >> pam:fisherman say, piers across the bay area have been ghost towns for the past four months , but this week , back to normal. >>,.it means our lively hood it means everything, so this how we pay our bills. this is how we make our money. so it's our jobs. when we can't fish.we cant pay our bills" >> pam:as fisherman finally prepare many fear they won't regain the revenue they lost. the estimated $48 - million loss to the fishing industry. >> pam:now. fresh, locally caught counters and markets. as early as tomorrow. >> pam:much better than last year. but not what state water a strong el nino winter. grant lodes is here with the results from today's snow survey in the sierra. return
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>> pam: not too bad but not what we really needed. >> grant:this is the most important snow survey.because it's the last one of the season. at least there was snow on the ground today just off highway 50 near sierra at tahoe. >> grant:last could see the ground. today's snowpack measured about 95 percent of normal.which is a vast improvement comapred to last year's measurement at the same time.but slightly disappointing to some considering the el nino that did fuel several strong storm systems. >> it seems good because it is obviously so much better than last year. it will improve conditions. but there are still some that ongoing of facts that we will need to handle as well
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as it the the fourth year of this impact. >> grant:state water regulators say they'll use this measurement when they consider whether to ease the state-wide water conservation mandate. governor brown ordering people to use 20 percent less water. return to index >> pam:a sunny breezy day today. brittany is here. return to >> brittany:patchy fog tonight and in the morning then sunny and warmer. right into the weekend that is great and even warmer into next week. breezy conditions for this afternoon has started to calm down as we get into the next couple of
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days. the reason why things are selling down is because we have a system to the east of the contending to move away. taking away the long gray snow showers affected the lake tahoe area. just a few showers will bring in the sierra. --lingering >> brittany: as we go into the rest of tonight we will see more apache f o g. -- patchy fog. will start to drop quickly in the low 50. we will have more of the three day forecast to let you know things will warm up for the weekend and what is in store for rest of the week. --and the upcoming week. pam?
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>> pam: california moves closer to raising the minimum wage will help more when we return curry
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>> pam:california moves closer to raising the minimum wage. >> pam:california is moving closer to being the first state in the country. with a 15- dollar minimum wage. catherine heenan is here with today's developments. >> catherine:a california assembly panel has given preliminary approval to the deal today. >> catherine:as soon as tomorrow -- the full assembly could consider it. the deal was negotiated by
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governor brown, labor leaders and legislators. >> catherine:it would gradually raise the minimum wage to 15-dollars an hour by 20-22. but we're also hearing more details on the stupendous costs involved. >> catherine:today a legislative analysis says this would eventually cost taxpayers 3-point-6 billion dollars a year in higher pay for government workers. and the projection doesn't deal with the broader impact to private businesses - especially smaller ones. >> catherine:some economists say this could lead to lay- offs and cause price hikes that couldoutweigh the benefits. >> catherine:supporters argue the higher wage will help more than 2-million californians livingin poverty. >> pam:the backlash continues for instagram - over possible changes in how photographs are displayed and delivered to its users. kron 4's tech trends reporter gabe slate explains what is happening.
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>> gabe:right now instagram is not making this change. it's staying in chronilogical order. >> gabe:they are just testing this out with a small amount of users. they sent out this tweet. >> gabe:saying. "we're listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now. we promise to let you know when changes roll out broadly" and it's likely if they did change to this new style there would be an option to turn it off and keep it the way you like it. >> gabe:but for argument sake. let's say the y do move to this algo=rhythm style of displaying >> gabe:why would they. well they say it's to improve your experience. >> gabe:show you what you're most likely to like content based on your interactions and interests. the change could help users catch clips and photos from events such as a concert or a fun moment in a friend's
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life that may have happened while they were away from the app. >> gabe:but there are alterier motives here. changing to the algorythm is a pre- system. like what happened direct and easy way for instagram to make money off brands and businesses. >> gabe:boosted posts are when a brand or business pays for their facebook post to be delivered to more users. so all the marketers and retailers and anyone selling anything who dishes out content on instagram could lose their free ride. their content will get lost once the algorythm goes live because people would only see their posts if they constantly actively like them >> gabe:when you think of this like that. as a business decision. it will be hard for instagram to avoid switching to this style they will have to eventually. or find other creative ways to make money but for now it's not happening >> gabe:wyttgs
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>> pam:now at 5:30. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. >> pam:kron 4's brittney shipp is here with a look at tonight's forecast. >> pam: >> brittany: we are seeing
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beautiful conditions that are a little bit warmer today than what we saw yesterday. looking into weekend temperatures to stay warm. 67 degrees in fairfield and will see more these temperatures tomorrow. 67 i raised in san jose, some are still breezy depending on where you are in the east bay. >> brittany: we have been dealing with breezy wit and conditions for the last couple of days but we are quinn to start to see things coming down as we get closer to the weekend. >> brittany: i will have your weekend forecast coming up. pam?
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>> pam: a man accused of plotting an attack in france. is facing terrorism charges tonight. reda kriket was arrested last week. in a raid outside of paris. >> pam: authorities say, the plan was in its advance stages. police say, they found materials to make bombs and a rifle. all in an apartment kriket was renting. >> pam: prosecutors have tracked his movements and noted he made several trips between france and neighboring belgium. they also think he went to syria at least two times since 2014. >> pam: at least three other people are in custody. as authorities crackdown on suspected terrorists following the deadly blasts in brussels. return to index of stories... >> pam: minneapolis is on edge tonight, after prosecutors decided not to charge two police officers. in the fatal shooting of a black man. 24-year-old jamar clark was killed last november,. >> pam: police were responding to a call of an assault. and clark was a suspect. the prosecution says, evidence showed clark was trying to grab an officer's gun and was not in handcuffs at the time. >> pam: dozens of people have gathered at the scene where the shooting happened. and larger protests are expected. the city's mayor says, she
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understands people may be angry. but she is calling on everyone to remain calm. >>"i absolutely support the right to express those emotions and to demonstrate peaceably. it is as much the job of the city of minneapolis to facilitate the peaceful expression of free speech as it is to keep everyone safe." >> pam: there were numerous protests following clark's shooting last november. the police chief has taken video last week, saying violence would not be tolerated following the prosecutor's decision. >> pam: new tonight. video emerging. of a police shooting in texas. that the victim's family is calling racially motivated. grant lodes is here with the story. and grant the victim here was holding a barbeque fork when the shooting occurred?
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>> pam: grant? >> grant:yes, a large one.but a fork none-the- less. >> grant:the officer says his shot-gun accidentally discharged.the shooting was actually last june.but the police department is releasing the grainy footage now.saying it wants to be transparent.and that the incident is *not racially motivated. >> grant:today's release of the video comes one after officer courtney johnson was indicetd. you see the officer here.and the shooting victim to the right. >> grant:fort worth police say it got a 911 call about a man with a knife. police say it ended up being an 11 inch barbeque fork. >> grant:the video shows the moment when johnson approached 55-year-old craigory adams. adams was ordered to drop the weapon. >> grant:he down on one knee.and then was shot once in the arm with a
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shotgun. >> grant:the man shot has recovered. the officer has been charged with aggravated assault by a public servant.a felony that could mean between five and 99 years in jail. >> grant: maintains the shooting was an accident. is out on 25-thousand dollars bail. >> grant:pam? >> pam: it was 35- years ago today. march 30, 1981. that president ronald reagan was shot and seriously wounded outside of a washington d-c hotel. reagan was just 69- days into his presidency, when john hinckley junior opened fire. >> pam:hinckley's first shot hit press secretary james brady other shots wounded a police officer and a secret service agent. >> pam: the final shot hit reagan's limousine. and then ricocheted into the president's chest. brady was left paralyzed. >> pam: law enforcement quickly apprehended hinckley at the scene of the shooting. he was later found not guilty by reason of
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insanity. >> pam: a new study on obamacare has found. enrolees suffer from a significantly higher rate of costly diseases. catherine heenan is here with the numbers. >> pam: catherine? >> catherine: the study by the blue cross - blue shield insurance association is the first to look at the millions of people enrolled in obama care. the bottom line --- these two numbers. >> catherine: obama care enrollees cost insurers an average of 559 dollars a month, more than 100 dollars more than people insured through their unions or employers. the study found the participants have higher rates of costly ailments like diabetes, depression, hypertension, heart disease, h-i-v and hepatitis. >> catherine: they also visit the emergency room more often. as a result, some insurance companies are suffering huge losses. >> catherine: a spokesman for the obama expected the initial enrollees to be sicker, since many of them had previously been denied
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coverage because of pre=existing conditions. >> catherine: pam? >> pam: president obama's supreme court nominee. was back onmerrick garland met with minnesota's democratic senator, al franken, who gave hm his full endorsement. >>minnesota "i said, i want someone who after we have the hearings, the american people go, i'd like nine of those. and i think he is a great nominee in that regard." >> pam: he also has the backing of new york's kirstin gillibrand, another democrat. >> pam: garland has met with ten senators so far, all but one of them democrats. republican leaders have promised to delay his confirmation hearings until after the election. >> pam: more women will have access inducing drug, thanks to a labelling change ordered by the food and drug administration. the f=d=a notified the manufacturer of the drug mifeprex that the drug is safe and effective for terminating a pregnancy. >> pam: the new label will allow its sale in ohio, north dakota and texas. states that currently prohibit "off-label" uses of the drug.
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>> pam: stanley roberts did this to one of the deli is areas of the bay area and find people behaving badly. --the deadliest mayor rob ford. who died
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>> pam: a new study by the issuance institute for highway safety - is shining a light on the poor state of headlights used by the car industry. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with details on that report. >> catherine:there might be a reason why a lot of people have trouble seeing while driving their eyesight. the study looked at the headlights on more than 30 mid-sized cars -- and only one model gets a grade of 'good'. >> catherine:as for the rest -- about a 'acceptable' -- a third 'marginal' -- and a third are 'poor.' >> catherine:the headlights on the toyota prius five - available 'only' in the top trim line - are the only ones rated good. at the bottom - models including the mercedes benz cla - the nissan altima - and the volkswagen passat. >> catherine:the institute points out that about half the traffic deaths in the u.s. happen in the dark -- or at dawn or dusk. >> pam:if you are planning
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on flying for a summer getaway. at the airport. a program which was touted as the answer to long security lines at airports. has not lived up to its promise. >> pam:four years after the transportation security expedite screening, it is far short of enrolling enough passengers to make a difference. >> pam:the t-s-a cut its airport screener staff by 10 percent anticipating that pre-check would speed up the process. >> pam:now, airlines are warning fliers to expect massive security lines across the country this summer. >> pam:still ahead. how el nino delays. >> brittany: and, i am tracking a another beautiful day. i will have more in regards to the weekend coming up after the break!
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>> pam: the three people accused of killing would not face the death penalty. we will have more coming up at kron 4 news at 6:00. >> pam: it is spring break for many.and that means summer is just around the corner. tonight the insider's debbie matenopoulos looks how many "a" list celebrities are getting ready for the beach. >> reporter:pam, tonight we breakdown gettin' a spring break start on their summer bikini bods! >>bahar takhtehchian / beatuy & lifestyle expert "britney spears - who is 34 and the mother of 2 seems to never age! >> reporter:britney spears dancing her way into our hottest bikini bods of 20- 16! apparently teaching dance classes is singer stays in shape. >>she got some flack for the
5:46 pm
photo of her bikini clad bod laying by the pool - people accusing her of photo shop because her ribs and hipbones are poping out. >> with my third son i gained a ross 60 lbs. in pregnancy >> reporter:another mom --- sabrina the teenage witch actress melissa joan hart - proudly the help of nutri- system. >> reporter:on monday, the mom of three --- instagrammed "i feel confident and full of energy! who's ready to hit the beach with me?" >>beauty expert tba i.e. "a restricted diet is certainly important for - especially as we age - metabolisms tend to slow down. we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on news, i'm debbie matenopoulos back to you, pam. >> brittany: is not a cloud
5:47 pm
in the sky. as we head into the rest of tonight we will have p a t c h y s f o g tonight and then in the morning. >> brittany: we should see some wind speed coming down a little bit as we go into the next couple of days here. as you take a look outside pressure will rebuild. moving away from us. i will show you what to expect in regards to the f o g and greasy went to marleau current we will continue to warm up and stay dry creek with temperatures and 68 degrees in math,, 67 and plaza 10. current wind speed month in oakland. 17, in san jose occurred in
5:48 pm
areas of low pressure pulling away. >> brittany: tonight should be at all dry cree. it will be slightly warmer as it-says it will be slightly warmer that it was the last two nights. the upper jaws will drop down to 51 in richmond, 44 in santa rosa and 50 degrees left over in san francisco. 71 in santa rosa, starting to see more of the mid '70s copy up on the mat. 71 and livermore
5:49 pm
and 62 and san francisco. trekking more temperatures as we go into the weekend. i will have the 74 cast in a little bit. pam? >> pam: on wall street. >> pam: the dow climbed 83 points. >> pam: the s and p gained nine points >> pam: and the nasdaq increased 22 points. >> pam: here is kron 4 financail expert rob black with tonight's winners and losers. >> this is the time if you are unhappy with your salary, to go out and look for another job because unemployment is low and there are more jobs being created.
5:50 pm
>> first and foremost majority of people say that flying is awful to rid the due to global warming flights will take a little bit longer. so we will be an hour cram seats a little bit and launder as well. -- longer as well. >> it is going to get worse. we are coming out with last the economy seats. you will now have a place for a bag. i won >> reporter: to talk about you too. --i'd like to talk about youtube!
5:51 pm
>> yes. >> over a hundred hours of content and a roster of talent. with our original shows that are going to offer tv shows like dawson creek ecru and tensions the movie. so they have 75,000 creators and a million subscribers. >> justine: >> reporter: coming up people behaving badly later in this broadcast.
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>> pam: there are a lot of really dangerous intersections throughout the bay area one of them is in the city of menlo park. >> pam: the menlo park police are responsible for enforcing the rules of the road --- >> pam: as stanley roberts shows us in tonight's people behaving badly. >> stanley:marsh road and bayfront expressway a place where people behaving badly is common pay attention to this big rig although it is still moving the driver blocked the intersection >>siren . >> stanley:a motor officer attempts to pull over the truck which pulls on to highway 101. ill catch up to them in a bit >> stanley:while that was going on this menlo park seargent pulled over a bicylist for running a red light right in front >> there was so much going on i had a hard time keeping up >> >> stanley:this is a ghost bike it was
5:56 pm
>> stanley:because someone was hit by a light ok, on a bicycle so i was there for that i don't another. stop for the red lights i know you're a bike i know this frustrating .but red lights apply to you just like everybody else it the same ticket its about a 350 dollar find for running a red light >> stanley:seargent paught give the rider two options either learn his lesson from the conversation or take a ticket . the rider chose >>the rider told me >>i guess i thought it was yellow that i was making it i guess i was wrong >>siren yelp >> stanley:the driver of this honda also ran a red light. but this not how the driver saw it >> stanley:actually a car came in front of me and he stopped the car he just stopped in front of me >> stanley:so if you missed that he said a car stopped in front going >>it's a ticket for running the red light it's not an admissions of guilt >> stanley: 101 .officer byers is enforcement found a few violations with this truck including tires out of
5:57 pm
compliance and this tied down although the driver argued it was safe >> give you a ticket >> stanley:needless to say he put the water in a safer place so it won't fly off and hit a car >> warning n the bottle it not fair to the other drivers you're a big rig its going to fly off at some point and time and hit another car and these tires need to be don't their going to start flying off and hit another car
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at six. >> pam:shocking new developments. in a crime spree that spand into two bay area communities. the three suspects accused of killing a san francisco tourist and a marin county hiker. will not face the death penatly, if found guilty. >> pam:good evening everyone, i'm pam moore. >> pam:it's a story that
6:00 pm
shocked the community back in october. grant lodes is here with a timeline of the events and today's new developments >> grant:pam, morrison lampley, sean angold and lila alligood. would instead face life in prison without parole, if they are convicted. the marin county district attorney's office says. was the appropriate decision. the case first started back on october third. when the body of audrey carey was found in golden gate park. >> grant:carey was shot in the head. and found during the weekend of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. two days later. october 5th. popular tantra instructor.67-year-old steve carter is killed on a popular marin county hiking trail near fairfax. >> grant:his dog was also shot.but survived. surveillance video caught the trio. in carter's car at a gas station. two days later. october 7th. the three are arrested in portland. in carter's stolen car. >> grant:officers found audrey carey's belongings. with the suspects. a preliminary hearing for the defendants is set for may 9th. >> pam:it's 'a constant battle.' that's how one
6:01 pm
south bay police department describes it's effort to combat car break-ins. santa clara police taking action to reverse an upward trend going back three years. >> pam:kron four's rob fladeboe has the numbers and what police are saying and doing about them. >> reporter:vehicles in shopping mall likely to be hit but cars parked on the street were also frequent targets. >> reporter:the trend first showed up in 2013 when 950 break-ins were reported. the number jumped significantly the next year to 1,360 and then up again slightly in 2015. >>sot lt. dan moreno -- we put a our patrol and teams on it and they discovered the trend. it was their regional trend with an oakland street gang. >> reporter:21 members of the west oakland-based ghost town street gang were indicted and thought to be responsible for at least santa clara police also blame the passage of proposition 47, which vehicle burglaries from a felony to a misdemeanor.
6:02 pm
>>sot lt. dan moreno -- subsequently, where criminals are on the street with the increase of property crimes. in santa clara. >> reporter: break-ins are an easy pay day for the perpetrators and remind owners to keep valuable out >>video >> pam:this is the viral video of two san francisco state students arguing about whether its appropriate for white person to have dreadlocks. the video has garnered almost 2 million hits since it was posted on you tube two days ago. >> pam:but more than the argument is the question of assault. kron 4's dan kerman is live in the newsroom with the latest.
6:03 pm
>> reporter: there are two questions here did the woman and the interview also the person that she was having an argument and dishy us what the person that was filming the incident. >>video >> reporter: an african- american woman, now identified as benita tindell, is in an argument in regards to if a white person should be able to wear dreadlocks. boasting does not want to face charges. police are continuing to investigate. as they began to come in
6:04 pm
regards to the need dreadlocks. among them, who she think she is telling someone how they can wear their hair? the other person sits and makes me want to get dreadlocks completely for the spike up it. and i do not consider his here to the locks. culture matters to some rich white folks have been intruding on black folks culture, up enough already. >> reporter: we reached out to some of those people heard the either did not get back to us or refuse to speak with us on camera. the student government of san francisco state says the woman in the video is an employee or an employee for them creek she was not representing dell had during the taping of de incident-- of the
6:05 pm
>> pam:now to a "my kron4" story in antioch.where a group of residents have come together.trying to help each other police their neighborhood. >> pam:this comes after yet another surveillance cameras. grant lodes is here with that video.and a plea to police. >> grant:mike lapento junior says his home in a new development in eastern antioch has been targeted four times in the last 12 months. that's why they installed security cameras. you see a crook casing the scene. >> grant:then hopping in the drivers seat.and taking off. the truck.and two thousand dollars worth of new tools inside.stolen. >> grant:now.people in the neighbrohood are meeting with each other.and looking out for one another. >> it is progressively getting worse. >> i believe, that they know
6:06 pm
that there are no consequences. so why keep coming back here--so why not keep coming back here. >> pam:three suspects were arrested last week in connection with robberies at various food shops across antioch and brentwood. the investigation into the robbery spree started march 11 at around 9:15 pm when two of the suspects robbed a brentwood subway. >> pam:police caught wind of the trio's where abouts and arrested a 15 year old antioch resident , 20 year old jonathan sokoya, and 21 year old nicholas mcbride by march 25th >> pam:the robbers held shop owners at gunpoint , taking small amounts of cash. >> pam: berkeley police are now hoping for help from the public. in catching the person who has been randomly killing animals. catherine heenan is here with the latest on the case. >> catherine: this is such a
6:07 pm
nasty incident...police say someone with a pellet gun has been shooting animals - leaving them badly injured and dying. they're still hoping to find witnesses. >> catherine: at the berkeley marina saturday afternoon -- a groundskeeper found 5 animals which had been shot.a possum, a cat, and three raccoons. three were already dead and two died later. >> catherine: they were all found around the 100 block of seawall drive. vets did scans on the animals - and found they'd been shot with pellets. local residents - especially pet owners - say the news has been sad.and troubling. >> just really sad. it's about being with nature and getting away from things and to hear something like that this brochure heart. -- breaks >> i would someone be so cruel to animals. they are like human beings creek they have a right to live too.
6:08 pm
>> catherine:police are hoping someone saturday -- and saw something that will help them track down the person with the pellet gun. they're also investigating the possibility that the animals were also poisoned. >> pam: new at six. >> pam: san francisco police are asking for the public's help. identifying a man who stole a dog from a walgreens store near alamo square. >> pam: police say the victim was in the store in the 13-hundred block of divisardero street earlier this month. with his 5-year- old chihuahua-poodle named "catfish." >> pam: officers say the victim picked up some items. but then was unable to locate his dog. >> pam: surveillance video shows this man taking the dog. anyone with information is asking to call police. >> pam: the sun is shining today. outside over the golden gate bridge. kron four's brittney shipp is here. >> pam: brittney what can we expect for the rest of the eveing? >> brittany:patchy fog tonight and in the morning then sunny and warmer. >> brittany: for the most
6:09 pm
part, just gorgeous condition spirit we will be wanting things up for the weekend. not a cloud and the sky on this camera. breezy conditions will stick all run where satellite radar shows there is an area of low pressure off to the east causing problems and the midwest and we see linked rainshowers to the south of our area. as 68 degrees not but assets rose up. much cooler if you are closer to daly city. was 65 degrees in half moon bay as we go into the next couple of days we will continue to warm up. >> brittany: but a pan, we will drive down to the '50s for the entire area and by 9:00 p.m. we will stay in the 50 degree temperatures. i will have more for the 7
6:10 pm
day forecast and just a little bit. pam? >> pam: the woman who was struck and killed on interstate - 280 in san francisco this week has now been identified. 23 year old alexandra stevenson. was found dead in the right lane of the busy freeway. north of alemany boulevard monday morning. >> pam: this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc-7. police say, she was struck by more than one vehicle. they do not know why stevenson was on the roadway, or how she got there. police are awaiting toxicology reports to see if drugs or alcohol played a role. in one east bay city, there has been an increase in pedestrian collisions. and in response, the oakland police department conducted a sting operation to try and make a difference. >> pam: they issued 51 tickets and one arrest. >> pam: and, as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the public was keenly aware of what was going on and why it was important. >> reporter:this pedestrian safety operation was certainly walk in the area. especially this group. >> reporter:watch as they cross the street, and almost
6:11 pm
get hit by a driver not yielding. afterwards, they spoke to me about what it is like to walk in the area. and the operation. >>17 tony morrone/pedestrian -- we are walking across and halfway through its got a car going faster and i pulled my friend that. it was a little bit dangerous. >> people walking across the street, you have to be aware of the cars and pedestrians. >> reporter:others including many mothers out with their gratitude. >> aparna rao/pedestrian -- sure. it helps. >> reporter:and listen to this - this crosses here at grand because she says she nevr feels safe. >> bellis calausen/pedestrian i never cross here. because i feel as if they do not see me. >> reporter:and it wasnt
6:12 pm
just pedestrians ,but cyclists who chimed in saying that todays pedestrian safety enforcement is a good thing. >>chris lee/bicyclist -- good for them. so many people are not following the law. >> reporter:as an officer was ticketing yet another driver, this business owner taed to me >>phillip thoman/oakland business owner they are too fast. it is scary. >> reporter:opd plans to do more enforcement operations like this in the future. >> reporter:te >> pam: bay area women are standing by a woman who was told to cover up well breast-feeding in public. and now, now that the fbi has had and to the phones used by the san bernadine a shooter to rid apple, is now asking for questions or-- asking for answers.
6:13 pm
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6:20 pm
>> pam: warmer temperatures are ahead and no rain. brittany? what does a lot like tonight. >> brittany: in the northern sierra, area which did get up to 97 percent of normal. it did not make up for all of the years of drought that we were dealing with for the last four years occurred and o'neill, did not quite deliver what we needed. but we were pretty close to the average this year----el nino >> brittany: we are glad to be slightly warmer and are tracking conditions we do not see rain in the
6:21 pm
forecast. we are 65 in san mateo with wind speed still uneasy. brown 15 mi. per hour in oakland and the same thing in fairfield. >> brittany: as we go into the rest of tonight things will come down just a little bit. snow showers to start clearing within that region tomorrow. for the past three days associated with the system we have seen lingering systems. the livermore, 49 and oakland with whatever temperatures than what we saw today was low 60s and sent francisco. and december failed. tanagers at livermore at 70 degrees with the warming trend into the weekend. --
6:22 pm
with temperatures in livermore at 70 degrees with the one trend headed into the league and. --weekend >> brittany:pam? >> pam: the tat for humanity will purchase 2 a. of land and one that creek. our community service partner is taking on this project. to help house low- income people who may struggle to find affordable housing. >> pam: the plant is to build 52, the minimums. offical approve the $3 million sale tuesday morning. the area is conveniently located near the pleasantville bart
6:23 pm
station. officials say construction will begin in about four years. habitat for humanity is a nonprofit organization that aims to build affordable housing for low income families all around the world. we >> pam: will be back! (scal): good day, m'lady!
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >> pam: on the campaign trail today, donald trump's is on the defensive terret insisting that he did not mean what he said about punishment for women who have illegal abortions. he made the controversial comment in a town hall meeting on m s nbc. >> there has to be some form of punishment. yes. >> for women?
6:26 pm
>> yes. there has to be some form. >> 10¢? 10 years? >> that i do not know. >> pam: democratic front runner hillary clinton pounced on the comet, tweeting just when you thought it could not get worse. horrific and telling. >> pam: four years--hours later trump came out with a statement backing off its it " the doctor or other person performing this illegal act on and one that will be responsible, not the one in. the woman in this case is a victim as the life in her room. " >> pam: completely
6:27 pm
unacceptable. that is what the obama administration is san about the alleged assault caused by donald trump's campaign manager. charged with a single count of simple battery powered he is accused of assaulting a female reporter brought in recent dropped yvette and florida part white house spokeswoman josh--white house spokesman joshed anna's blasted trump went next about its a bit earlier today. >> pam: we will have more after the break! ÷h,z/
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: francisco state university, police continue to investigate a confrontation occurring over dreadlocks creek--over dreadlocks. >> reporter: suggesting it is inappropriate for the white male, to have dreadlocks. the police are focusing on the other incidents. who was at fault? was it when she grabbed the 1-this was it when she grabbed the man that was building good argument. or the individual the she was arguing with to begin a month. >> reporter: an upward
6:31 pm
trend in break dance for 2013 and peaking last year. due to an oakland street gang. so far, this year burglaries are down 35 to 40%. in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. --what were trend anin break i n's >> it is awful. why would someone be cruel to an animal. >> reporter: are still searching for anyone with any information that could
6:32 pm
know what has happened to these animals. >> reporter: operation being revealed on this day riding several dozen tickets as car after car spred : traffic. tried to get drivers to slow down and pay attention to pedestrians illegally crossing the rose. they plan to do more and the future. to receive us thus seal kron4 newsprint-- ter isa estcio, kron4news >> brittany: a little bit of patchy f o g occurring tonight. we are pretty much
6:33 pm
down with the system bringing light snow showers and the sierra. high pressure will rebuild over our region giving us the warm temperatures. here are some of the clouds that are double up developing as we go into tonight and then bring into tomorrow. temperatures will climb. so the high of around the region tomorrow will become more and the seventh zero temperatures to rid--will be more and the 70-- 70's >> pam: california is moving closer to being the first state to approve a $15 minimum wage. catherine heenan is here with the latest developments.
6:34 pm
>> catherine: supporters say that the raises will benefit more than 2 million californians are earning minimum wage to rid the business owners and some economic--but business owners and some economists say this could lead to lay- offs and cause price increases that could outweigh the benefits. >> catherine:a legislative analysis says billion dollars a year in higher pay for government workers who make minimum wage. >> catherine:the deal - negotiated would gradually raise the wage to 15 dollars an hour by 2022. >> catherine: pam? >> pam:two minneapolis police officers will *not faceold jamar clark. according to the prosecutor, officer dustin schwarze shot a scuffle with
6:35 pm
another officer -- and took control of that officers gun. >> pam:investigators concluded the officers acted in self-defense. but before today, details of clark's death had been murky -- sparking widespread protests. clark was african-american; the officers are white. >> we saw him leave finally grabbed to the ground. -- violently grabbed >> that is the problem with this system today. it's hard for the average citizen to get justice. >> pam:the city's mayor says, she angry. but she is calling on everyone t o remain calm. >> pam:with the loss of popularity in " tsa pre checking" traveler's are bracing themselves for huge security lines this summer. >> pam:customers who enroll in "pre check" are able to get fast screenings but most fliers aren't enrolled in thebecause airports expected a larger enrollment in " pre check" tsa cut it's screening staff by 10 percent.
6:36 pm
>> pam:airlines are already warning passengers to arrive at least two hours early , or risk missing their flight. ever since seeing the film "dolphin tale". one six- year-old from new york was determined to meet the star who lives in florida. >> pam: still ahead, a heart warming story. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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6:39 pm
>> pam: the pair share something special in common. they bothonce the community got wind of the six-year- olds wish. they rallied together. jenn schanz. has the story. >> reporter: >> i was watching the movie and and my head, but he is just like me. --he is just like me this >> reporter: prostatic tell was able to get her going again. >> we both lost things that we needed to moles--move >> reporter: just like
6:40 pm
winter, britain is a fighter. once braden 1 winter storage is started with a lemonade stand raising money. it was not long before neighbors took notice. >> really important to share. why >> reporter: catching his dream come true. --watching his dream come true. >> reporter: only did he get to slash all round with his flipper friend. >> i can help animals. >> reporter: >> pam: the warriors in utah taking
6:41 pm
on the jazz. right now. >> pam: and, held the lakers are getting a cold shoulder by attempting to rid coming up!
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> grant:and here is how the dubs stand right now in that chase for a record 73 wins. they are currently a game ahead of the '95-96 bulls 72-win pace. if the warriors beat the jazz they would be two games ahead of that pace and only five wins from breaking the record. >> grant:the lakers soap opera of a season got worse today.
6:45 pm
>> grant:. that is reportedly a video recorded by lakers guard d'angelo russell. talking to teammtae nick young. aka "swaggy p.". about women he has been with while enganged to pop star/rapper iggy azalea. it is not known wheather young knew he was being recorded or how the video was released. but once it became public reports have russell be ostracized by the team. to the point he is eating by himself. one team insider said it was a "prank gone wrong". it didn't take long for twitter to react to the drama.
6:46 pm
>> grant:someone named kyle creek probably had the funniest response. "if you think this d'angelo tape is embarrassing for the lakers, just wait until players find out someone has been recording their games". >> grant: just wait until someone has been recording their games?
6:47 pm
>> grant:arizona cardinals pro-bowl defensive back tyrann mathieu responded to russell tweeting "get real". by re-tweeting. "you ain't real. no matter how much money you make. you a corndog" >> grant:and then iggy azalea herself chimed in. tweeting "hmmm. i see d'angelo russell is trending. i actually like his film. thanks bro". >> grant:the players in question responded before their game tonight. >> brittany: this is just crazy. it is like a soap opera. discontinues to go and go. -- it just >> grant: these kids are and
6:48 pm
it can be a pyrrhic no excuse but. -- these kids are in the nba. no excuse >> pam: this is your friend. you are not supposed to do that! >> grant:thank you, ladies . (laughter) >> grant: don't do that! (laughter) >> grant:u-s-f has hired kyle smith as their new men's basketball head coach. smith brings experience to the dons. prior to being
6:49 pm
columbia university men's basketball head coach for the last six years. the 46 year-old spent nine seasons as an assistant coach for saint mary's college. during his time as a gael he helped develop current n-b-a players. matthew dellavedova and patty mills >> grant:this season. columbia university finished with a record of 25 and 10 under his direction. the ivy league lions had an overall record of 101-83 smith will be the dons 19th head coach . >> grant:the n-h-l has suspended canucks forward jake virtanen for two games. last night he delivered this hit to sharks defenseman roman polak earned him the punishment
6:50 pm
from the n-h-l this is the second time in less than a month that polak recieved a nasty hit >> grant:in early march. the oilers darnell burse broke the czech's nose virtanen will lose more than 9,000 dollars and will miss thursday's road game versus the sharks. who won last night's game 3-1. >> grant: the niners took a break to spend the weekend at the california 16th annual winter fast-- festival. raising a bunch of cash. for the leadership fund to help silicon valley education fund raiser creek finding the next leaders in science, technology, engineering and math. >> grant: misplacing one of
6:51 pm
his game checks from last year. the game checks are one 16th of your entire salary. you do not get paid every week or two weeks like normal people. this was a hundred and $30,000. he says i have direct deposit normally but i remember getting one hard copy. (laughter) >> pam: how do you forget that? somewhere, it is out there. >> pam:grant, thank you! the can do everything. we are so proud of you.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam: comedienne and talk-
6:55 pm
show host will be goal board is getting into the marijuana business patrick offering--comedian and talk show host whoopi goldberg is getting into the marijuna business. she - along with cofounder maya elisabeth - are launching a new medical marijuana company. it's based in california and called 'whoopi and maya.' their products will target women who suffer from menstrual cramps.
6:56 pm
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that's why you drink ensure you don't let anything keep you sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! for the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. ensure. always stay you.
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"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, th tale of two dancers. sweet versus salty. >> i think my confidence was knocked a little >> you have been very open that you've had a past. i have grown in s ways. >> as once personal demons alcohol and drugs become public, is another cracking the dancing pressure? >> it's been a re rough week. >> as the fear of the walking dead phenomenon continues to dominate. >> women love the show. it great. >> what's got women hooked on the cable ratings giant? >> and number pop music's new love connection. >> what about selena? >> i don't know. she's w of my league. >> but is she? why the web is going nuts over a charlie booth and selena gomez
7:00 pm
hookup. ♪ ♪ >> are yo guys dating? >> i'm sweatingnow. >> plus our "insider" bonus. >> from britney on the beach to melissa joan hart keeping it real. hollywood moms are baring their spring bods. >> stay on eat healthy. >> hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> hello, everybody. welcome to "the insider" this is hump day wednesday and while we're half way through the week, "dancing with the stars" season 22 is getting started. >> yeah, there's already so much drama and pressure and haunted by troubles of their past, a lot of the contestants are already falling apart. it's gettingreal, but some are using those struggles to help propel them forward. >> and some are >> and by some we mean jody sweetin and barton. dancing with demons. life lessons from the ballroom.


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