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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 1, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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he reportedly said things about amal like we have a very strong connection, she looks great on the red carpet and we also stay in t via social media. it's that social media that first made us question things because ggorge said this. >> i don't twit because i don't want anything that i could possibly write at midnight to actually end my career. you can go and kiss my [ bleeb[] all spelled >> we reached out to george's camp this morning and this is what his spokesman me. being misquoted seasonal unusual but to have something completely fabricated is a very disturbing trend. translation, just because it's on the internet doesn't it's true. have a listen to what george told me. >> she alsoappens to be one of the smartest people i have ever met. >> right now the totally adoring
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husband is home alone in california. he was out getting sushi la night at his favorite place, as for amal, she's in new york working on a case shopping. because w not? wearing a nearly 1,700 orange rib cashmere tunic and a leather clutch, amal left the studio after two hours inside. she strutted out in the floral knee highboots, they cost nearly $1,600, they won't be available until fall. the next star we're all talking taylor, have you seen this? ♪ >> couch. don't worthy, it's a stunt double and a pretty new commercial for apple music. ♪ >> this sunday's ih music
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awards, she's up f eight honors, including best tour. and we have got who's with whom. taylor's bringing boyfriend calvin harris and best friend selena gomez, just one table away selena's ex, justin believer. next couple blake and gwen, breaking some major baby news. check it out. gwen posting this sonogram this morning, saying it's a what? oh, yeah, april fools, not everyone was laughing, the pregnancy joke back fired when some followers called it offensive. blake asked how he dealt with the critics and he said i abhor self appointed do gooders on social >> she rocked thigh high boots and a baby doll dress playing with her look on snapchat and turning the tables on the
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paparazzi. after "snl"-to blax, he's set to perform on the 51st annual acm awards sunday on cbs. we are less than one week a from finding out who will be the final american idol. can you believe it's almost over? and will they be able to fi one more kelly or jordan? we were there when the contenders got narrowed down to the top three. it's down to la porsha or dalton. this could be their future. you know you're a big star when ywhen -- >> any suggestions? >> there's a great sport about him. i was like, so this is what has happened.
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>> he was like, do whatever you want. >> you mean tonight? no, no, no, no. >> now here's what to expect on idol's three part series finale, all judges will perform individually. no one's going on the american idol live tour, the annual best not happening this year, and j-lo is to cry. >> i will be very weepy. >> not as much as i am. i haven't been here since the first season. >> it's been such an amazing era. i'm going to need a good dress. >> the final idol episode ever promises to be spectacular. kelley clark son, carrie underwood and katharine mcphee are expected to perform. kyle over there as well. how can you have a finale without them? carrie washington must really love a scandal. she turned it into a h hit for abc.
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now she's tackling the real confirmation. she plays anita hill claiming that she was sexually harassed by then supreme court justice clarence thomas. i joined last night at the red carpet premier. carrie was on -- in the film, she's flawlessly thro back 25 years to transform into hill and h 1990s fashion. >> it was all about her. and just trying to be her to the best of my ability because really respect her and i respect her journey. >> i have suggested that i was afraid of retaliat >> carrie executive produced the hbo movie, the real anita hill was there for support, along with co-stars. gabrielle looked amazing in marc jacobs. and erica christenson was sharing a seven-month baby bump. >> do you know what you're
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having? >> i'm having a girl. >> the night truly celebrated strong >> it was so much fun making this movie. it was a hard movie to make, but everyone poured their hearts into it so i'm thrilled to see everybody tonight. >> you might be asking the question, what happened to anita hill? she went on to a distinguished academic career atbrandice university. is this 6-year-old singer the next mariah, whitney or beyonce? and later debra wi as talked to her movie mother shirley maclainmaclaine. >> it's interesting to know what attracts me. we have got all that ahead. but first the remake, the epic television event. >> your is your spirit.
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>> it's been nearly 40 years si original miniseries captured nation and won nearly nine emmys. in the ground breaking original, kunta kinte on the new series. >> i want thisgeneration, this era to be a caveat for conversation. >> roots premiers on memorial
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simulcast on a&e and lifetime. on "e.t," joe-z's country fashions dos, don'ts and efforts to codify drug in northern california to hear from the families affected then what causes about to go out of control in going to appear that is next on kron 4 news at 8.
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okay, i've been at justin mikes for 30 years and a 4-year-old just told me that's e >> steve harvey's new show is so
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cute. it's executive produced. out showcases amazing tsae inin performers with extraordinary talent. you can see this 6-year-old, she's got a big voice. and a big talent family. >> absolutely. her father is grammy winning directorodney, he's worked mariah, whitney and all those ladies. we wa find out how the point sized phenom stacks up in the diva department. ♪ >> how old were you when you started singing? >> 2. >> 2? could you even speak yet? >> no way. >> singing before she talked? dad rodney breaks it down. >> my wife sang the whole time
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she was pregnant. >> and with a killer ring. joy the high notes and go real low. >> you juut love being on stage? that nobody gave me the voice. it was god. >> her heavenly voice is why the show has been averaging 13 million each week. >> how much fun did you have with steve harvey? >> i had a ton of fun. but i saw pictures of me and steve and he did the same thing. >> with her music producer dad's help, she has rubbed a elbows with stars in hollywood. >> i met michjackson. my favorite, favorite, favorite, is justin bieber. ♪
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>> all right. hi five. >> well, might have seen joy last season america's got talent, making the rounds. >> yeah, getting it done. >> when she was asked what she would do if she won the million dollar prize, she said she would give it to people who don't have any clothes. >> starting early, with the giving side. take a look at what we have up next. >> our flash back friday at debra winger. plus debra's terms of endearment mom opens up about her plastic surgery secrets. >> you lift your chin so it goes up. >> and why is 90s heart throb antonio jr. stripping down for chippendales? that's ahead.
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the swoon is antonio sabado jr. joining
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chippendales. remember him in those calvins? yeah, that was him back in '96 when he was just 24. it's crazy how not much h changed, but the posing pro needs some pointers from stripping vests. >> we have got to get you some uniforms. >> two backstage jobs we want? this roller and body oiler. antonio's been eyeing this gig for a while. >> i have grown up about this show and i'm part of it. >> get ready for some epic shirt ripping. >> boom. you're next. that is one of the most romantic movie moments ever, debra winger getti tin ting swe
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her feet by richard gere. she was the number one star back in '80s, it's good to see her back. was it that drew you to the show? >> the fact that i hadn't done it before. >> brady wears them. >> it looks like brady wears them. >> okay, but what happpned debra? three oscar noms and many iconic roles, "urban cowboy. "an ooficer and a gentleman," "terms o endearment." do you think it heralds the come back of the old-fashioned moment? >> let's throw back now 34 years debra's first "e.t" interview in 1982 talking about filming a nude scene.
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>> it was hard for me to do it just because i was embarrassed. >> more recently, this was debra her best, with ann hathaway in2008, rachel getting married. budebra's newest role is actually comedic. as mother to ashton kutcher and danny masterson on the ranch streaming on netflix. >> she's pretty bad ass, do you think you can hang with her? >> i have hung wi her and i'll continue to hang with her. >> you made s comments about how everyone should just look their age hollywood, have you felt that kind of pressure? >> you know, say ageless and so then you think with age is the opposite of that. but i think i'm pretty clear about feeling good and trying to maintain my authentic self.
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>> at age 60, what's her secret? >> i think it's really good to laugh. >> you might re debra's mom in "terms endearment" played debra's mom. when we sat down together, we talked about plastic surgery, her open marriage and what it's like to role model of some of the hottest young actresses of today? >> so many young actresses look up to you, you talk about jenniflawrence. >> i'm impressed with her. >> what was the advice you gave her? >> just be herself. >> do you see of yourself in jennifer? >> yes, i do. >> they're both oscar winners and both live by their own rules. like did you know that at 81
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years old shirley still loves to flirt with men. >> it's interesting what attracts me at this age in another person. probably humor, intelligence and they can't skinny or little, they've got to be big and potentially dominating. it gives me something to do. >> fo shirley, life's all about calling your own shots. she's outspoken about her belief in reincarnation a says having an open marriage is is key to relationship success. in fact shirley and her husband steve park made that work for nearly three decades. another piece of advice has to do with fashion. >> you say being cute just takes too much time and effort. pants.y i want to be in my gym i love you for that. >> when i was21, 22, i would put on something that had a tight waist. i would go to the bathroom and undo the tight waist and get back in the car s i wouldn't have to do anything else in the
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tight waist. >> i loved sitting down with the hollywood icon ats talking all about her crazy experience. and she gave me hollywood plastic surgery tip. explain how that worked. >> on levers and you do a bobby pin and you lift your chin to it goes up and then you have a headachlunch. >> that made us so curious, we looked up facelift tape on youtube, this is what we intriguing and slightly freaky, i think i'll j rely on shirley and her final tip for succeeding in life. >> breathe deeply, bealone, that's a big word, just be, b-e, then things will start to actually revealthemselves. >> she was just so incredible to talk to and as we sat there, she said i look into your eyes and i can see into your soul. that's what i do with people. there's a co connection.
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i asked shirley what h favorite movie was she starred in. she said "terms of endearment." >> a five kmovie. >> and in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, hollywood legend won ms. burbank in 1948?
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next on kron-4 news at eight: it is being blamed for almost a dozen deaths. now a public alert is out about dangerous fake drug the f-b-i and police swarm a bay area home. the possible link to the man suing over police brutality. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. wilkinson's ne
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wardrobe basket. it's all on
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time for the answer tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which hollywood legend won this competition back in 1948. congratulations to tanniana alley w plans to marry her fiance later this summer. and before we go, here's one more thing to check us. >> have a great everyone. >> on monday, outlander can only experience the glitz and glamour of the scene to premier one place,
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now at eight. "it is murder in every sense. whoever's making these pills is murdering people." we look at the fake painkillers sold on the street and the terrible toll is is taking on some bay area families. whoosh he's 23-years old, mentally disabled and a paroled serial sex offender. now he's homeless in sonoma county. and authorities are not happy. whoosh ever have a nightmare about being in a car and losing your brakes? imagine being the captain of this 150=foot tour boat honk honk whoosh and it may be the most important question you can ask your smartphone. how long will i live. british researchers are working on software that will give you an answer. this is a full hour of your >> pam:it is a deadly drug. pills laced with fentanyl. >> pam:it is a deadly drug. pills laced with fentanyl. finding their way onto northern


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