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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 28, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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married, that's fine. but neither one of us want to be married. >> i have no desire. >> keshia filed her own divorce papers in response and it appears these two didn't have a prenup. keshia 0 who is reportedly worth $12 million, says she wants all the money she earned before the marriage, that includes "the cosby show." and ed hartwell docs he stated there's no children. keshia points out, there's no minor children, but one is expected. >> have you seen ed hartwell or spoken to him after the divorce filing on monday? after he told you monday? >> no, there's nothing to say. i'm not about driving people into the eye of the media. even with the paternity test, one day he will have to answer to her. and explain to her. >> i don't like this. >> like what? >> all this lying you want me to do for you. >> no one could have predicted this future for the former cosby kid. but keshia is staying positive
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and focusing on her family. including her 9-year-old step-son, dj. >> that's the hardest part. every night he would hug me and say i love you keshia. and he would say the baby, i love you. and i hate that he doesn't have that experience any more. >> hopefully they will still be able to have a relationship, and the kids can have a relationship. we reached out to keshia's husband, ed, but he has not responded to our calls. i conveniently bumped into tom hiddleston, ouu solo at comic-con. we had a quick chat. i want to you look at his face when i asked him about taylor swift. yeah. by the way, paparazzi didn't do much better with either of them last night. >> hiddleswift, taylor and tom were spotted holding hands in santa monica. earlier each was out solo.
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hiddleston on a jog, all black. swift at a local gym and check out her ingenious avoid the paparazzi tactic. the old side-step. can't side-step this. taylor got no vma love this week. while kanye's famous video, the -pone with a swift look-alike a that controversial line, got two nominations, including video of the year. ♪ ♪ >> last night, he was described at a drake chicago concert for the first time kanye referenced kim releasing part of taylor's recorded phone call. which they claim proves swift lied about not okaying his song. >> i am so glad my wife has snapchat. >> thank you, too. >> he called her. spoke tooher. she even helped him like rewrite, you know, it's so wild. ♪ ♪ >> and speaking of
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snapchat-gate. in the new "harper's bazaar" both kanye and kim talked taylor weeks before the scandal broke. >> other favorite news. >> kanye said he didn't have one. kim was a little more telling quote i was such a fan of hers. ouch. the couple posed for the mag, which will celebrate its icons issue during new york's fashion week. kimye went all out for the karl lagerfeld's photo shoot. they own out to being over the too. >> kanye, like us, they are aware that sometimes they might look a little flaunty. you know, but at the same token, it's their life. >> one of music's most visible couples is calling it quits. mary j. bliges had filed for of 12 years. her manager husband marttn isaac. blige is requesting he does not get spousal support. last night there was a "90210" reunion with some of your favorite bevellyills kids all grown up. their thoughts are with their
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fellow classmate, shannon doherty. who is with a courageous battle with breast cancer. >> she was posting pictures, that was brave. >> jason priestly said he hasn't spoke within shannon recently but has been following her journey on social media and couldn't be prouder of his tv sis. >> she's a strong kid, a tough fighter. i know she's going to come through this fight. she's going to be okay. >> we were with jason at the raising the bar to end parkinson's fundraiser for the michael j. fox foundation, we got an update on michael's 25-year battle with the disease from his "back to the future" co-star. leahh >> he's much better than he was 1255years ago. >> toriispelling and tiffani amber thiessen were there. >> i know she's going to come out even better. >> our thoughts are with shannon as well. now earlier this week we were all shocked by lindsay
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lohan's explosive fight with her fiancé. where she screamed that he strangled her and now topping tonight's stars around the world, is lindsey pregnant? >> in this new photo lilo is smoking a cigarette. her dad, michael claims she had previously texted him that she's expecting. lindsay's friend tells "e.t." exclusively the actress has not been speaking with any members of the family since the couple's with her since then are not en she is wearing what appears to be her engagement ring while she work out her troubles. the father of her son bing brought along his girlfriend, modee elle evans. they all seemed to be having a great time together, with her girl squad. >> i don't know, but i feel like i've been here before. >> cruising the mediterranean. mariah carey and fiancé billionaire james packer
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followed on his yacht. they went shirtless, getting sunshine and mi-mi donned a and it's a love trip for leonardo dicaprio and supermodel ninain nina agdal. they took a stroll and leo lost headgear, moving the sweatshirt to around his waist. >> we always know it's him. we know it's you. up next the show making headlines for pulling back the veil on "bachelorette." one of the stars of the great hits on reelz, have they gone too far? then breaking news on a "beaches" remake who is going to be playing bette midler's icon
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tomorrow on "e.t." before the rio olympics, we're with gold medal
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everybody is watching and talking about "bachelorette." there was a headline on espn's "sportscenter." if you're a fan, youuowe it to yourself to check out lifetime's "unreal" aabrilliant, behind-the-scenes look at a "bachelorette"-esque show. i sat down with the film's star. >> today we bring you "everlasting." >> he looks good in hawaiian shirt. the people at trader joe's? >> they're doing fine. the show has been on for 20 seasons, they have like 60 million viewers watching, my heart's not breaking for them. >> it feels like "unreal" pulls the veil back. >> i think we pull the veil back on reality television. just in terms of how, how are these shows produced. i don't really think, at least my intention was not go out and do some sort of exposexpose.
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i love "bachelorette." >> sheri plays rachel, a reality show producer who goes to the ex-treel and at times struggles to keep it all together. >> how do you play crazy so well? to play someone who is like -- >> it's exhausting. i feel like we just finished shooting about six weeks ago or so and i'm just starting to come back to it like my character was thrown in a psych ward. >> while romance is a big part of the show. tte most important relationship is between rachel and her boss, quinn. played by constance zimmer. >> did you -- are you going to pretend that you care about me now? >> the real love story of the show is between the two of us. >> e're both working mothers. to have that sort of camaraderie in this experience is invaluable. >> you have two small children? >> i have two small children. >> how was it shooting and having two small ones? >> well my small one was two months when i went back to work. the director on set came up with a code for me for breastfeeding. it was like, guys, 1027.
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i'll be back in 15. because breastfeeding on set surrounded by all of these men. 1027, i'll see you in 15. only one episode left until the finale. already thinking about season ttree. >> you guys have a lot of crazy story lines. where does it go? >> i feel the exact same way. we like to call it in hollywood, the wp. >> what's that? >> writer problem. i'll see what they've got cooking for season three. >> here's the thing about sheri. she's been acting since the aiming of three and her resumé includes five seasons on "e.r." there was "who's the boss." "knot's landing." and her appearance on "30-something." still ahead, john travolta's transformation to mob boss, john gotti. and why is lea michelle in handcuffs?
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and the three things you need to know about the movie on the assassination attempt on ronald reagan. and chelsea clinton's exclusive, what she has to say about her mom and her surprising relationship with ivanka trrmp. competition between you and relationship with ivanka trrmp. competition between you and ivanka? -- captions by vitac --
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♪ ♪ a "beaches" remake tops o o tonight's roll call. the 1988 classic is being turned into a lifetime movie. with "frozenn's idina menzle taking over bet midler's role. next the set of "scream queens" season two. emma roberts is back at chanel. there's a cool twist. season two is a partial reset. the set is completely different. set in a hospital.
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but lea michelle's hester starts the new season in prison blues and shackles. and finally our first look at john travolta and kelly preston on the set of "gotti" a film about the life of the famous mob boss. travolta plays the don and preston stars as wife victoria.o you might be surprised at which stars will be playing ronald and nancy reagan as the news came out a federal judge is going to be releasing the man who shot president reagan. john hinckley junior. and the timing is interesting. because production is under way on the movie version of bill o'reilly's book, "killing reagan." and nischell turner is first on the set. >> i would abandon of getting reagaa in a second if i could win your heart and live out my life with you. >> a chilling recreation of that fateful day in 1991. >> the president was not wounded. >> he was wounded! >> it's not just the reenactment that has us doing a double-take.
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in the category of casting we never saw coming. tim mathison is ronald reagan and cynthia nixon is nancy. >> are you happy with the transformation? >> i'm pretty good. the clothes are so beautiful. they've been really tailored wonderfully. to fit me. and it's very strange to look as well as i do in these clothes and yet, not want any of them. >> but not exactly "sex and the city." >> no judgment. tim mathison as ronnie, he's got that down. >> i'll show them. >> we all know the love story that is ron and nancy. and now the new docu-drama "killing reagan" sheds light on the day she almost lost him. the director wanted a high level of authenticity on set. >> the entire crew has created such a sense of reality. calls him mr. president and rod would not allow me to meet hinckley. >> told me that. that blew my mind.
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that you guys never met. you didn't really know the face in the crowd when the assassination attempt scene happened. >> no. >> i can assassinate the president. >> numberrtwo, kyle moore looks eerily like john hinckley junior. >> this is scary looking. >> the second day of shooting, a security guard who didn't know me stopped me and said, who are you looking for? i said well your instincts are great. you probably should stop this guy. >> and number three, this is fox news host bill o'reilly's latest collaboration with nat geo based on his best-selling look. "killing lincoln" and now "killing kennedy." >> i probably will write a book. immediate. we need to have a little separation. i will say this about barack obama, i like him. personally. i think he's sincere. well bill has his next book coming out september 13th called
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"killing the rising sun." and he's already sold the movie rights. we've expect to see a lot of ivanka trump and chelsea clinton out on the campaign trail stumping for their parents. behind the scenes these two young mothers are also very good friends. nischell turner sat down with chelsea today to talk about her mother and she also asked her about ivanka. >> is there any sort of competition between you and ivanka. you saw her speech and it was so -pgreat and like okay, i've goto make sure i'm just as good tonight. >> our friendship didn't start with politics and it will last long after this race is done. i just could see how much it meant to ivanka to introduce her dad. and i remember what that felt like for me in 2008. i'm so excited to have that same opportunity again to introduce >> chelsea's mom, hillary, just welcomed her second grandchild. chelsea gave birth last month to a boy, aden. >> one of the things i always cheer and cringe at at the same time. i always said i wouldn't become my mother.
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but there are certain things ii do now like oh gosh, that is jackie turner. what do you do now that you're like, oh, gosh, that's just like my mom. >> i think it's inevitable. my daughter, i find myself giving her ridiculous praise for doing things llke -- you know, putting the top back on the cereal container. i'm like, charlotte that was so good. thank you so much for putting the top back on. and she beams at me. oh my gosh, i'm just like my mother. >> how do you separate the politics from the personal? not want to scream from the top of your lungs, leave her alone? >> the gift of having grown up in politics is i never mistake the political for the personal. >> she isn't the only one prepping for tonight. katy perry hit the stage around 1:00. carole king. too. ashley judd. >> people criticize me, i'm okay
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with their criticism. but i will be part of the solution. >> star jones threw a little shade at her former "celebrity apprentice" boss. >> i've known donald for a long time and i don't recognize this donald. i'm embarrassed to say that i thought of him as a friend. because again -- good-bye. >> and finally, everyone still buzzing about this -- broadway's biggest stars belting it out last night on the dnc stage. ♪ what the world needs now ♪ is love sweet love >> i mean when it's idina menzle and ben vereen, and tyne daly. debra messing. >> we want love right now. right now.
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>> back to chelsea for a second. ooe of the things her mother told me was ttat when chelsea was in high school. she would wait for her every day at the white house when she got home from school so they would have that time together. >> we'll be right back. reveals why she's
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staying single. watch it on >> announcer: travel conniderations provided by --
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we're out of tiie for tooth, but we cannot wait to share the news about what we have next week. >> so many big exclusives. >> bye, everybody. hurry up, only we were invited on to mariah carey's yacht. see how the diva arties off the coast of italy. >> i was very jealous. did jared leto take his joker role too far on set? then -- >> whattan evening. >> what an evening, right. >> we're one-on-one with "bachelorette" jo jo and the an she choosss. >> you'll have to wait and see. and a day in the life of jon gosselin. the father of eight takes them
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