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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a man is behind bars accused of arson in the destructive clayton fire. >> he has been identified as damin pashilk. this is his photograph. he is 40 years old and lives in clear like. the massive clayton fire is not the only fire he is accused of starting. with give you an update against the fire in lake county. it is only 5% contained. you
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can see some of the fire aftermath in lower lake. 175 homes and businesses have been destroyed. 1500 more are threatened. the fire is burning near highway 29. evacuations have been ordered. >> there is a lot of relief that the suspected arsonist is behind bars. >> there was good reaction when the arrest happened. >> reporter: is -- you talk with people who learned of the news and many of them said, we are not surprised. this evening behind me in lower lake you can see the damage from these fires and it is extensive. the clayton fire has through much of lake county and the sheriff had a message for those who live here. >> it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of damin
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pashilk . we were able to arrest him on 17 counts of arson. cheers from a vacuum is who learned in arsonist is behind bars in connection with the clayton fire and other lake county fires within the past year. >> i told the da and the cow fire prosecutor that if they do not now him to the wall, i will. >> in arsonist to me is like a domestic terrorist. he wanted to destroy houses and people. >> reporter: she is concerned about her home. she was out of town when the clayton fire started. when she got back she was unable to get to her house. but witnessed flames nearby. >> i watched it byrne.
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dish -- byrne. >> reporter: she is having her home is okay. her emotions are one of many. many people wondering if their homes are okay. i asked investigators if more arrests could be coming. they could not a into the details of the investigation. officials say the fire is burning away from the more populated areas. many people are still not able to return home. some do not know if they have him to go back to. several in evacuation centers are open and a lower lake and clear lake areas.
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they include kelsey bill high school, seventh-day adventist church in the twin pines casino. here is video as the flames tore through lower lake. the fire began on saturday and spread fast. if you people who lived in the area were able to come back to see if anything was left. one of the buildings destroyed. a church that was nearly 200 years old. we were first on the scene when the pastor of the united methodist church came back for a look at the wreckage. >> reporter: this is the first time he has been back to look at the damage to the united methodist church in lower lake. >> it is one of the oldest structures in lower lake. it is gone. >> reporter: the church has served the community for more than a century. at the same location.
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a google map image showed what it used to look like before it was consumed by the fire. >> we were planning on having the building repainted. there is nothing to repaint. >> reporter: the pastor said an active congregation of 70 people attended the service. this past week will be the last at the historic site. >> i locked the doors on sunday. >> reporter: you can see how devastating the effects of the fire are. this home burned completely to the ground. there is not much to come back and pick up. >> it is devastating. there is nothing left. there are remnants. i could tell what is the piano or the furnace was. i can see my desk. other than that you cannot recognize anything.
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>> reporter: the pastor is optimistic the community will take on the challenge of rebuilding from the ground up. >> we will start again. as we have been reporting, so many people have been burned out of their homes are forced to leave. we have two personal experiences. we begin in lower clearlake where a woman rushed from her house with a few belongings in her car. a lot of memories and her cat. >> i am scared now. i don't know what to think. i have never gone through a fire before. there are people's that lost their homes and animals. when i heard about the valley fire in middleton, i did not have any idea. i saw the burned areas. i am thinking when i go through morgan valley i will be looking.
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>> she is very worried about the home she had to leave behind and whether it will be there when she is allowed to go back. our other story is a story of hope. and evacuee said how her decision to check on her parents led to the loss of 6/9 cats. >> he was gone 45 minutes. it was up in flames. the animals that were in the home -- i lost them. we got three out. [ audio not understandable ] i have a 16-year-old dog. it will be part of the plan to go to friends or family. >> several of her pets -- and
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mike many she is we -- determined to rebuild. determined to re we will map ou fire and last summer's fires as well. this area has been brutalized. >> we will start with the clayton fire. that tore through parts of lower lake. mostly yesterday. started on saturday but yesterday was bad. this is south of clearlake. 4000 acres and counting. 1500 structures are threatened. if it has to get bigger, this is the best scenario. this is a rugged area without homes. last year's valley fire burned to the southwest of the clayton fire. a massive burns and. parts of middletown and other populated areas. or than 76,000 acres were charred here the valley fire
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was almost apocalyptic back on september 12 back on september 12, 2015. four people died. it destroyed 2000 structures. considered the third worst fire fire in california history if you base that on structures destroyed. last summer where we had the enormous rocky fire in lake county it destroyed nearly 50 homes and burned 70,000 acres. later in august of last year the jerusalem fire started and grew to more than 25,000 acres eventually merging with the southern edge of the rocky fire. six homes were lost. followed up with another horrific fire this year. the clayton fire. we spent the day in lee county. we spoke with someone who has lost everything. twice. >> we hosted down ourselves and
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thought it would be all right. it was on the other side of the fence at the end of the road. let's get out of here. >> reporter: monday they returned to what used to be his neighborhood. there was little left in this part of lower lake . losing a him to fire is not unfamiliar. >> our house burned in the fire storm and berklee years ago. we rebuilt. it was not the same. we sold and i came up here and have been here for 18 years. >> reporter: he had an escape plan in place and was able to grab important papers. and his family and animals. >> i tried to stay strong for my kids. i have been through it before. aurora with it. i know the path will be heading. i can tell my kids that everything is replaceable.
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>> reporter: as for what n;&ñist -- >> we hope to rebuild. i love lake county. it may take a few years. >> reporter: lower lake was anything but calm as firefighters work across the neighborhood putting out hotspots. while he was able to get in for a few minutes, most residents are being kept out. some do not know the fates of their homes. the clayton fire as you may have expected forced schools to shut down. here is a list of closures. all screws are in a unified school district. the closure is opposed to last
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all week long. today was supposed to be the first day back at school. weather conditions are always a concern for fire crews. >> what can the crews expect that they break? >> as we go into tomorrow, the wind speeds will be fairly light to start the morning. however, in the afternoon the wind speeds will go up. this is closer to the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. by the time we get into 5:00, we will start to see breezy conditions moving at 13 miles per hour. we will see the temperatures in the high 90s. close to triple digits. we watch the humidity levels. 15% to 30%. humidity will go up in the evening. but during the day, we will see dry conditions. breezy conditions and pitchers
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close to 100 degrees. 4sv i am tracking relief later in the week. coverage of the devastating fire continues online on our website. we have more on the suspect who is just arrested earlier this evening for allegedly starting to blaze. we have a video slideshow of the flames from the fire lines in a complete list of the school closings in the surrounding area. that is on . santa fe police are investigating a homicide. 6:00 tonight there was a double shooting and east san jose two man showed up at the hospital. one person later died. the other is expected to survive. no word on i suspect or a motive. wednesday it will mark one week since a man was found
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murdered inside a bay area shopping mall. he was found dead in san francisco. his killer is still on the loose. we spoke with his girlfriend who called police when he went missing. >> reporter: last wednesday his body was found in an emergency exit stairwell inside the mall. >> he was my favorite guy. >> reporter: his girlfriend said she is heartbroken. >> probably the hardest thing that i have ever had to go through. just because i really loved him. we loved each other. >> reporter: he was a cook at a restaurant. it was his dream job. >> he was really proud of it. he wanted to work in a michelin star restaurant. that is the reason why he
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decided to go to sons and daughters. he was so happy. >> reporter: investigators ruled his death a homicide. no suspects have been identified . the motive remains a mystery. she cannot understand why someone would want to hurt him. >> he was very funny. he would let that sugar sometimes. >> reporter: she and his family have been in regular contact with investigators who told them they are getting tips and following leads. >> i want to believe they are doing everything they can. i hope that is the case. i believe they are. in east bay, a 15-year-old girl has now been reunited with her family. >> it was a story we covered exclusively. because of our report a viewer recognize the teenager and police brought her home.
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>> reporter: i have been in contact with her uncle. right now they are excited and happy to have her back home where they say she is safe. she left the house on saturday night, august 6 when she did not return the family feared she met up with someone she connected with online. and she may have been in trouble . due to our coverage, a viewer recognize her on a train. that information led police to the area where she was located. tips aided her -- in finding her . she was gone for nine days. because of her age and the fact that this is an ongoing investigation, police will not get into the details of how she was recovered. saying they are grateful for their viewer who spotted the teenager and made the call to authorities. in the community they gave tips aided in her safe return. now to the east bay where
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police do not have many leads in a deadly stabbing that happen in hayward. what is more concerning it is the fifth homicide they have had in the past 13 days. what do people in the police say ? >> reporter: this is the spot where a man died after getting stabbed sunday night. he had been out getting a drink from a store and was attacked on the way home. neighbors say he was bleeding on the quarter less than a block from his own home. before this happened, police were shocked by four other homicides that happened in the first week of august. >> it is an anomaly. it is something that has never happened. >> reporter: the number has climbed to five in the first two weeks of august. that makes eight homicides in town for all of 2016. >> i was unaware of this.
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usually they are around other places. >> reporter: sunday's stabbing does not appear to be related to the other cases. the first were domestic homicides. the next may have common gang ties. one of the victims was a teenager. >> it is crazy. growing up here i never heard any news about that in hayward. it blows me away that stuff like that happens. >> reporter: witnesses reported two males taking off in a white car. police are asking for information i could help them in the investigation. police made arrest in the domestic homicides but the other three cases are open. in addition to all of this comment there was an officer involved shooting over the weekend. least arrested two people for attempted murder of a peace officer. as much as we would like to get this fog over to lake county
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it will be here for us. >> it will keep us cool at the coast but hot inland. we will see another round of temperatures pushing close to the triple digits. toward the end of the work week , we will see cooler conditions. we take a closer look at the fog . moving into parts of san francisco. it will slowly reach into parts of the east bay. tomorrow there will be zero visibility for oakland and hayward. one-mile for san jose. clear conditions in -- as we get into the late morning fog retreats but we will deal with dense fog along the coast. right now it is hard to make out the golden gate bridge. there is a coastal drizzle for parts of san francisco. tomorrow cool at the coast and hot inland.
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this weekend we will see cooler conditions for friday, saturday and sunday. it is cooler if you are closer to concord and fairfield. right now temperatures at 62 and fairfield. 63 in san jose. mid 50s in san francisco. our basic breakdown is the dramatic temperatures mild in the green. mild air along the coast. there will be warmer conditions near san jose. hot in sacramento. temperatures close to the triple digits into the mid-90s for most of tuesday. that is the weather breakdown. hot inland temperatures and cooler at the coast.
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three day forecast shows temperatures in the mid-90s on tuesday. wednesday one of the hottest days of the week. it will be 97. thursday we will slowly start to see a cooling trend. by friday it will be 89 we will stay in the 80s saturday and sunday. low 70s each day by thursday and closer to the coast low 60s for the next week or so. the cooldown will be great for the firefight. hope you plan out tomorrow as well. a lot more news. including the latest on the destructive wildfire in lake county. we have photographs from inside the fire line. and what we know about the man accused of
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starting the wildfire. team usa basketball is undefeated so far in the olympics. that is not stopping some serious criticism of the star- studded team on social media. we will tell you why some fans are worried.
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week two of the summer games underway in rio. that means the track and field events are starting. >> we have the olympic headlines. >> reporter: tonight events were delayed because of rain. when the action got going comment crazy things happened. dramatic ending in the women's 400 meter. team usa alex felix edged out at the finish line as miller of
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the bahamas drove across the line. felix was the reigning champion of the event. but with her silver, she is the most decorated woman in track and field with seven career medals. simone biles ends up taking bronze in the balance beam finals after stumbling in her routine. she was going for a fourth straight gold medal and was on track to become the first female gymnast in history to win five gold. her teammates hernandes claimed that silver. men's usa basketball team will face argentina. they will meet in wednesday's quarterfinal. the winner advances to face spain or france. despite the recent struggles, they remain undefeated. but since is is the knockout stage, if they lose they are out on
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wednesday. we want to mention women's basketball team will face japan in the quarterfinals. here is a quick update on the olympic medal count. the united states leads with 26 gold, 23 silver and 26 bronze. that is a total of 75. >> the basketball team maybe undefeated, but some ink the squad may be playing better if they had less fun in rio. >> it is hard not to have fun in rio. we have some photographs which had social media abuzz. >> you know this team. the bar is this high. if they do not win by 40 or 50 or 60 they say what is wrong with team usa. the past wins have not been by that much. people want blowouts and they are winning by three points. you see the guys having fun.
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photographs with michael phelps and durrant and jordan with the greatest swimmer of all time. you will see tremont watching the women's it beach volleyball. we mentioned they have been struggling. they have only on the past two games by a combined six points. however, they are still winning. they lost by 10 points before that. some guy named clark on twitter said after the most recent win, he said i will not be surprised if usa does not get a medal. embarrassing. where does that leave us? it seemed that cannot win every game and make people happy. there are not just photographs of them attending other events but also playing beach volleyball having coconut
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drinks. the bottom line is, they are undefeated. until they lose, -- >> they win the gold medal and a woman the gold-medal. >> you want the elite layers to go to the olympics. let them have some fun. >> we would want to have fun if we were in rio. >> we can do both. >> they have struggled more this year than they have since 2004 when the wheels came off and they did not when the gold. which had been the norm since the dream team with magic and michael. days after a mother was seriously hurt by a falling tree limb at a local playground, what can they do to keep the
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park saint? police say this fire was no accident. what we are learning about the man accused of starting the fire in lake county.
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we are following developments in the lake into the fire. the man behind bars accused of arson. >> he has been identified as damin pashilk . it is the story we are tracking. we have a photograph. he is 40 years old. the massive clayton fire is not the only fire he is accused of starting. he is charged with 17 counts of arson. the fire at lake county continues to burn. it is charred 4000 acres.
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it is only 5% contained. you can see the fire aftermath in lower lake. 175 homes and businesses have been destroyed. 1500 structures are threatened. the fire is burning near highway 29 and clayton creek. evacuations have been ordered. >> weather on air or online some of the most dramatic images comes from the viewers. this is showing some of the flames at the windows of this home from outside and inside of the home. the photos were taken by a viewer from santa rosa. he captured a close look at some of the devastation and lower lake. the photos include a look at the exhausted firefighters stopping to grab a breath of fresh air and moving on. it included a crew from napa city and he did not have to go far to see the damage. homes on fire and charred remains of what had been a quiet neighborhood.
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burned-out cars and trucks. we welcome your photos to tell the stories in the bay area. you can send photos or videos to our website, . look for the report it tabs on our on the go mobile application. the wildfire in my county is one of several fires burning tonight. there are at least 11 major fires burning. we have a mapped them out. the problem is all over the golden state. that is putting a lot of pressure on fire crews and resources. the berkely community is mourning the death of two young men that were killed over the weekend. >> they were at a party in oakland went gunfire erupted in they were killed. these young men went to berkely high school. >> reporter: they are both berkely high alumni and they are both athletes. craig fletchers-cook and
10:34 pm
terrence mccray were at a birthday party at the prime development art gallery on 15th street in oakland saturday night. just before 1:00 saturday morning gunshots rang out. police say they were shot multiple times. there is a third victim found several blocks away. authorities say he is in stable condition and is recovering at a hospital. both craig fletchers-cook and terrence mccray live in oakland and terrence mccray played for berkely high football team. craig fletchers-cook played for the football team and the rugby club. i spoke with his former coaches that the team was fortunate to have a player like craig and he was a dynamic leader who led by example. police have not released any information about suspects or a motive. this marks the third berkely high graduate that died this summer. the 17-year-old drowned less than a week after graduating back in june.
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if you are a loved one stayed at a hotel recently, you may want to keep a close eye on your bank statements. today we learned hotels across the nation including in the bay area have been hacked. it includes guest information at the high it, sheraton, marriott and westin hotels in at least 10 different states. names and card information at 20 different locations and one being that the meridian in san francisco may have been stolen. the data collection may have started as early as march of last year. the hotel said it contained the incident after it was discovered and customers can safely use cards at all of its properties. a number of people have been kidnapped from a popular tourist spot in mexico. it happened in one of our to in an upscale restaurant. two suvs carrying an unknown number of
10:36 pm
gunmen arrived around 1:00 in the morning at the restaurant on the city's main boulevard which runs through the hotel zone. as many as 16 people were kidnapped. we do not who they are or why they were taken. five cars were found abandoned at the restaurant. it is unclear if they belong to the victims or the attackers. there is no word whether americans are among those who were taken. we are in louisiana where a massive search and rescue operation is underway. we have learned seven people are counted dead due to the major flooding. thousands more are homeless tonight. some areas received more than two feet of rain in three days. the water rising so fast the residents had very little time to evacuate. >> we have lived here 10 years and it is never been this high. >> we did not think it would be like this.
10:37 pm
>> we have thousands of home that have never taken on water that have flooded severely. >> reporter: more than 20,000 people had to be rescued from the parishes north of new orleans. one of them was a woman trapped with her dog in a car filled with water. >> i had to get a hold of her and pulled her out. i could not do it from the boat so i jumped in. took a deep breath. and kept feeling around and i felt something. i got the dog out. the dog still conscious. >> reporter: with only a street address to guide them, coast guard helicopter pilot improvised. >> [ audio not understandable ]
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>> reporter: birds have replaced cars as hundreds of roads are flooded. including at least three interstate. tonight 11,000 people are spending the night in shelters. the flood warning has been extended until thursday morning . the governor said the floodwall present an even longer range health challenge. >> we will have standing water here. we will have mosquitoes. with that zika threat we need assistance to spray. >> floods are the worst. as we can show you, the water is up to window level. estimates are that only one in seven property owners had flood insurance in baton rouge and that is one of the hardest hit areas. a news check of some other big stories we are following. >> days after a mom was by eight large tree limb while kids were at a playground, city of san francisco is
10:39 pm
inspecting trees. >> the tree limb that fell weighed 100 pounds. the mother is in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. >> we went back to the popular beach park today and the trees rechecked for problems. >> reporter: regulars sat under the shade of the same tree that snapped on friday. another young mother played with her children in the playground. she had not heard about the accident. >> it looked good. >> reporter: they took a look at the trees. the city said it was assessed i an outside tree specialist in 2010 and print in 2013. i asked if the drought is causing undue stress to the
10:40 pm
trees. the general manager of the park is that it does not appear to be the case. >> there are some parts of california in the sierras where the drought resulted in some infestation. we have nothing that here. there are various tree diseases and treat conditions that we look at from time to time. which gets back to the importance of the assessment. >> reporter: they cannot point to an exact cause of what they call an out -- a horrible accident. we do not know why it happened, a regular part goer said it was windy. >> it funnels through the buildings. you have to keep your eyes open. >> reporter: the wreck and park department has 177,000 trees under the care. some can live as long as 150 years. over the next few days of the head arborist plans to check all the treasonous park before any further action is taken.
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if you do not feel well, you may reach for this without giving it much thought. tonight there is new research that says if you are pregnant you may want to avoid this common pain reliever.
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we told you about the story . the toddler that fell from the window of an apartment building. the child later died. tonight he has been identified. he was 20 months old. he leaned against the screen of an open window causing him to accidentally fall to the ground . please say emergency crews responded to the apartment complex before 8:00 last thursday morning.
10:44 pm
the boy was taken to stanford medical center where he died. san francisco police believe they have nabbed a bandit. is the bank robber notorious for his disguises including dreadlocks, makeup and masks. and an ability to lead over counters. the suspect was identified as andre brown. he is 57 years old . he was caught friday after entering another bank. he had been under surveillance. he is wanted for a series of take over style bank robberies in san francisco and in san mateo. pregnant women who take acetaminophen are more likely to have a high -- hyperactive child. researchers say expect that mothers who are exposed to the drug run a higher risk of having children with emotional or behavioral problems. the active ingredient in tylenol and other popular of
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them counter medications. ticket for everything from allergies to the flu and to help them with sleep. the study said while it is safe for pregnant women to use, you should only take it when necessary. the giants welcome back an old friend. highlights from the series opener with the pirates. the 49ers have a potential quarterback backup for the year. we are going to track your wake-up plans. closer look at your forecast is coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn?
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tonight the bay bridge lights are shining bright. despite the fog. that is the light, right?
10:48 pm
we need the fog to keep us cool. >> it will be hot inland. back to the mid-90s. 60s closer to the coast. we are tracking a cooling trend and it will happen over the weekend so it will make people who are tired of the heat happy. tomorrow we will start with partly cloudy skies and mid-50s for the coast. the coast will start in the high 50s. inland locations are in the low 60s. we will warm up by 3:00 into the low 90s for inland locations . the bay will be 70 degrees. temperatures are 62 in fairfield. 66 in livermore. radar shows us the clouds in the fog pushing into our shoreline. it will push into
10:49 pm
parts of the east bay. the pattern is hot inland temperatures and coastal drizzle and fog. far-reaching fog at 7:00 am on tuesday is zero visibility stretching to livermore. this will clear out by 11:00 in the morning for most locations with the exception of the bay. starting off in san francisco it will be mid-60s tomorrow. 76 in san mateo. low 70s for palo alto. 79 in sunnyvale. 83 and san jose. to the east bay it will be partly cloudy. temperatures at 93 in concord. 95 in antioch and brentwood.
10:50 pm
a few spots are going to see hot temperatures for the north bay. if you are closer to vallejo it will be 78 degrees. seven-day forecast shows the changes. we will drop 5 degrees and drop another 3 degrees on saturday and sunday. the giants are trying to get off the awkward post-all- star break. >> if there is any game that sums up the giants recent struggles, look no further than sunday's series finale against the orioles. they had the lead nfl apart on a baltimore three
10:51 pm
run homer in the ninth inning. they are looking to take out their frustrations on the pirates. vogelsong got a standing ovation. the pirates offense made the crowd sit down. the pirates are up. two run homer bounced in the water in the pirates get two more runs. the giants responded. they get within one. that went and vogelsong's night. pittsburgh would not go away. mccutchen with a blooper. it is a ground rule double. due to fan interference, the
10:52 pm
fan was ejected. they are back at a tomorrow night. the athletics game was decided on one swing. they are up and then he did this. bottom of the fifth. that is the difference. oakland suffers its third loss. as gabbert did not make the strongest case to be the starter and kaepernick has up- and-down health, they need options at the quarterback position. the team learned of on backup. lewis is done for the year with a torn acl. he actually had the best numbers of any of the quarterbacks who played yesterday. he is expected to remain with the team when placed on injured reserve. chip kelly talked about the situation. >> when you settle down and get
10:53 pm
into a rhythm, he took us on good scoring drives. i thought he did a good job of managing. i am disappointed because i thought he played well and was starting to come on. we would like him to stick around. a wild night on the track in rio. felix witnessed it firsthand at the 400 meters. she edged out at the finish line as miller of the bahamas.across the line. miller finished seven 100 of a second behind. she is still the most decorated woman in american track and field with seven career medals. this is a cool video out of notre dame. the fighting irish and fighting robots. they brought these on for a
10:54 pm
training camp. they can go as fast as 18 miles per hour. here is what is next. [ audio not understandable ] >> i will explain what is going on in the city of vallejo in the next edition of people behaving badly. ♪ ♪
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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alejo police are conducting sweeps but not for criminals. >> it is something that is clogging city streets in bringing down property values. >> reporter: he found people behaving badly. >> i called the two men earlier
10:58 pm
and i asked him to come around and mark them. >> reporter: [ audio not understandable ] >> reporter: every other day someone dumps a car on the property. like this bmw with a sign that reads warning you are parked in a no parking area. favor part is your license plate number has been noted and recorded. there are no plates on the car just lots of dust. also a pickup truck. it is clearly not drivable. we will come back to these in a moment. this is another warning stepper -- sticker. the city has an epic problem with abandoned vehicles. we are tagging them for removal.
10:59 pm
as soon as some are removed city workers find more. if your car has flat tires that are covered in dirt, it could be an indication that the car is abandoned. like this van. it appears to have expensive rims but on his flat. the biggest indication are the license plates or lack thereof. behind it is another car that has plates. they are not in the recommended location. the city has been doing sweeps to try to get rid of cars parked too long. it is an uphill battle here you can help. if you noticed a car has been sitting for too long call and report it.
11:00 pm
>> [ audio not understandable ] >> reporter: abandoned cars affects everyone. small relief for people in wake county dealing with another devastating wildfire. >> authorities say the man accused of starting the 4000 acre clayton fire is not behind bars. >> damin pashilk is facing 17 counts of arson in connection with several fires in the county over the past year . including this light and fire which has forced thousands from their homes. >> we talked with residents after the arrest. >> reporter: the clayton fire


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