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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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now at eight. it sounded like an explosion what we are learning about a pair of freak accidents: three people in critical condition after a taxi slams into a shoeshine stand in san francisco's financial district. whoosh and tragedy on the sonoma coast . a woman came up screaming my babies my babies two young children drown after their mother loses control of her truck. whoosh also tonight. man with a golf club and an a taste for destruction takes on bart. whoosh and an east bay public school district facing a flood of unexpected students. the reason, coming up on kron four news in prime time.
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a frightening scene in san francisco's financial district. a taxi cab. jumps a curb. hits two people and slams right into a newsstand. these images courtesy of our partnership with abc 7. good evening i'm pam moore and i'm steve aveson. tonight three people, including the driver are in the hospital recovering. now police are trying to figure out what happened. we have team coverage of this crash tonight. kron4's alecia reid is live at sutter and sansome streets. she spoke with witnesses but we begin with kron4's spencer blake live on market at sutter.with the latest. spencer? >> reporter:this crash looks so bad, is amazing only three people were hurt. but all three of them ended up at the hospital. two of them work on this corner everyday. rush hour began early as traffic came to a complete stop at sutter and sansome.
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a yellow taxi cab drove up onto the curb, and plowed into a newstand restroom, a shoe shine stand, and another vendor's tent on the sharp corner where sutter meets market street. yellow tape has closed off the intersection since 3:30, and crowds of people stop to ask questions and take pictures. "we don't have any information at this time on the cause of the collision. that will be under investigation." the driver of the cab and two men who work a the shoe shine stand, were badly hurt. they're all in the hospital.
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two of them are in fair condition, and one is in critical condition. people walking by all seem especially concerned for the men at the shoe shine stand - a staple of market street. "yeah, i see him here all the time. i walk by here twice a day." "there's always been a shoe shine thing going on down here." so far police haven't reported any other vehicles damaged. "this is a very busy intersection of market street. there's cabs and buses, bicyclists and pedestrians, so we're not sure at this point if any of those factors are involved." officers are asking anyone who saw the accident to come give them information. officers are still out here right now, so if you're in the area and you did see something, you can talk to them directly. we also spoke to yellow cab co- op, the company that owns the taxi. so far their only comment is, quote: "at this time our thoughts are with the injured people." live from market street in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. thank you spencer. kron4's alecia reid is just a short distance away. at sutter and sansome streets. she spoke with witnesses and has more on what happened. alecia kron 4 was the first to tell you about this breaking news story. through our mobile app. >>alecia: people hear her get their shoes shined people come
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the market's really fast and then put a solid one-two market pinsetter. the stand and then the german who runs took some of the hit. lot of folks here still
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in shock about this unfortunate accident as the investigation continues they are keeping victims and their prayers. >> pam: we sent a push alert at 3:49 this afternoon. make sure you download the kron- 4 news app to always get the latest breaking news. it's free for iphone and android devices. >> steve:another big a terribly tragic story. two young sisters.dead tonight.after the pick-up truck they were in.plunged into the russian river. tonight, a sonoma county community is mourning. and the girls' mother. who was driving that truck. is heartsick. grant lodes is here with details about the efforts to save those little girls. >> grant:the mom was driving the
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little girls to school in nearby monte rio,.at about 8:30 this morning. and about an hour ago.the chp released their names.kaitlyn markus was six years old. her sister hailey was four. both lived in jenner. investigators say the roadway was wet.from a morning mist.and slick.when the pick-up slid on southbound highway one just south of jenner. the chp thinks the mom may have overcorrected.then the truck plummeted down the embankment.about 40 feet. the f-250 was about 15 - 20 feet underwater. the mom kicked out a window and surfaced. she then tried to go back and rescue her kids. good samaritans and deputies in the area raced to help. diving down. but without diving gear.they
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were not able to free the girls. now.people in jenner.almost numb with grief. the mom.there rocking back and forth.stayed at the scene for hours.nearly paralyzed by the reality of what happened. investigators are working to determine of drugs, alcohol or cell phone use. were factors.though they say those things are not thought to have played a role in the horrible accident.
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we're learning that within the last hour a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the italian city of norcia. the quake struck at a depth of six miles. the shaking could be felt in nearby rome which is west of norcia. no work yet on any reports of damage or injuries. a bizarre scene at a bart station today. a man, armed with a golf club, started smashing the middle of the day. >> steve:bart police got the first calls around 1-30 this afternoon. witnesses say the man was breaking windowns on a train. he then got off.and continued his rampage on the platform.breaking several windows that are now boarded up. police say the man did not attack anybody. officers moved in and managed to take him into custody. >> pam:in pinole. police are looking into a shooting at a marijuana grow house.
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it happened monday night on stokes avenue. police say, the homeowner told them, a man in a group tried to break into his home. that homeowner reportedly pulled out a gun and fired several times. the suspects took off in a light- colored truck. when police entered the home, they noticed the marijuana grow. police say, they believe the home was targeted. so far, no arrests have been made. police are searching for a suspect... who robbed two tourists at gunpoint at san francisco twin peaks. it happened around 10- o'clock monday night. while two men were taking pictures at the popular tourist spot. officials say, a man in his 20's came up and held a gun against the back of one of the victims. they say the suspect threatened to shoot if they yelled. he then took a backpack from one victim... which contained two tablets, a hard drive, a camera and money. no arrests have been made. >> steve:police are still searching for suspects who robbed a u-s bank in lafayette. the robbery occurred around 5 this evening in the 34-00 block of mount diablo boulevard. police used a helicopter and a k-9 unit to search for the
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suspects. the suspect caught on surveillance video is described as a latin american man, about five-feet six inches tall. police believe other suspects may have escaped through the back of the bank. city officials meet today... to consider whether to declare a state of emergency in san jose. the crisis at hand is a shortage of police officers. the problem comes as homicides...continue to plague the area. one of the most recent incidents happening over the weekend...which included the killing of two brothers in a drive-by shooting. already... san jose is on its way to reach a 25-year high. now city officials are discussing the possibility of authorizing the police chief to put as many as 50-detectives back on patrol. trt:10/ "it's a crisis" more cops on patrol could mean faster response to 9-1-1 calls... but it will mean investigations into burglaries and property crimes could take a back seat.
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>> reporter: schools isn't just an ardent parent is reluctant to move there shall from one case school to another and parallel that's what's happening. livermore valley charter pretoria. and the travel fell it corp. and the mismanagement. to kids at the charter school many
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parents have pulled their kids i'll fearing the charter's financial woes could put his education in jeopardy. >> reporter: it will trickle down because teachers will leave. " she likes lower charter. meanwhile the district says that as it has been able to find space and because the kids are spread out across all will gribbles class sizes have only increased by water to stand the district is not plan to hire additional features that could happen at the high-school level later in the year. >> pam: hear more from the team who was a center of a bay area
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sex scandal. and then the mayor of san francisco visits a woman paralyzed by a fallen tree limb changes he's promising following the accident. >> pam: certainly fire is out and back to school for children and lake county
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but them hit
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>> steve:there is a bit of mystery tonight. surrounding who exactly is paying for celeste guap's upcoming rehabilitation? she is the woman at the center of several bay area police sexual misconduct investigations. >> pam:she says she will be leaving soon to receive treatment out of state. today, kron4's haaziq madyun went to richmond to find out where the money to pay for guap's rehab. is coming from.
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kron 4 was the first to break the story of the sex scandal involving several bay area law enforcement agencies. >> reporter: organization does not offer and status degree of assistance they did not have a budget for something like that. and that leaves the original plaza apartment. officials there told me no comment. >> reporter: without lawyers involved in arranging some kind of agreement. areas legal red
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flags. the police allegedly note out this lot started. officers have any time what few of the want and then the glove recovered only to go but trade. and have some protection that some day it is not any different than first-class him. we still don't of loot is paying for the rehab but one thing we do know she is someone up the courage to accept the offer and appears to be looking for to a. it's got to be nice being a new environment and being able to focus on myself. entire section
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dedicated to this three >> grant: 7 bells they occur as and% the hearst castle appears to escape danger of fire fighters still standing guard there tonight. 48 buildings with homes destroyed all of days ago and then at seven area communities have been ordered to evacuate. one week after the local fire first exploded in the cajon pass area declared fully contained in the fire destroyed on june 5th palmas to another building as well as our ranks the 28th close
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destructive fire. under mandatory evacuation orders and then in my county clinton fired about 96 percent contained 4,000 a. 300 buildings including 100th 50 homes have been destroyed all evacuation orders lifted clayton fire off highway 29 and lower lake area for year-old man has been arrested and then accuse of setting the fire intentionally. >> britteny: we will still see
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gusty wind speeds humidity is a collection the temperature is a low 90s. and then closes the 25 or humidity and your lower like closer to 40%. olga had for the entire area shows a patchy fog it started developing and also cloud mostly cloudy start a lots of sunshine in the afternoon to our will be a bit warmer friend and locations and then put in the week we start the cool things i can't. 63 nap by and then kevin church in oakland at 62 same thing hayward. 66 of san jose and then our future cast for shows the clouds and the overnight hours and temperatures will stay mild right along the
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shoreline pushing into most of the east bay then we see warm conditions continuing in the thursday. warmer in the conditions mild temperatures expected for the cows are on the bay. >> britteny: 80 degrees nevada out and 77 and palla. " we got tomorrow morning we will deal with patchy to dense fog most locations on the zero hit we will track a closer look either 70 forecast also more changes on the way.
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>> grant: information devastating for town warriors talking about. felt in rome. america town recalled the residence. under the debris. his words not there anymore. pelvis devastating news coming in between the 6.1 magnitude quake in rome event he reports of damage or injury there. a dire situation we continue to be posted.
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>> pam:a dangerous consequence. we'll explain the one downside our tech reporter gabe slate shows you a new product on the market that seems like a toy but teaches kids the principles of coding. jordan is play with his robot >> gabe: controlling them through his client had. it takes intermissions challenges projects to run these products. all very cleverly designed it feels like a fun toy but kids the plan with this system are learning how to code programming of the robot to do different things. jordan's mamma's all for it.
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>>: the way for children to think on their own and do it in context of robots. this system is made by wonder workshop recommended for a and up and they're called-and dapper said at $50.
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ahead at eight. mayor ed lee meets with a woman paralyzed by a fallen tree limb in san francisco. what he says will change. in light of this accident. plus a man uses airbnb to burglarize a home in the bay area. how police say he made sure no one would be in the home at the time of the crime. coming up
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most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ♪ a special visit today for a woman paralized. by a tree limb that fell on her. in san francisco's washington square. pam explains mayor ed lee spent time with the mom today who was with her kids in a popular north beach park.when the unthinkable happened. >> pam:that's right steve- she is now recovering from a broken spine and cracked skull. doctors do not think she will walk again. kron 4's maureen kelly spoke to the woman's husband. and to the mayor, who is promising to take steps to prevent accidents like
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this from happening again. hopefully no one will get hurt like my wife again. jen kong tan.who goes by the american nickname tony.and mayor ed lee talked to the media after the mayor's visit. here's a snap shot of the bedside meeting. in the middle is tony's wife choy ying zow, who also goes by the name emma. the mayor came to visit ella after she was transferred here to laguna honda hospital. emma was left paralyzed from the waist down when she was hit this roughly 100 pound tree branch has she sat and watched her two daughters play at the playground at washington square park in northbeach. the city's rec and park department sent an arborist out to double check the tree after it happened.and all of the trees in the park. they say they've determined that the tree is healthy. after his meeting with emma and tony the mayor says the city is doing to do what they can to prevent what he calls a freak accident. >>:they just want to make sure that it doesn't happen again, they've checked out very single tree twice to reassure themselves and of course we need to do it for other parks so so i am making sure that rec and park follows up with all of this. >> reporter:rec and park has nearly 200-thousand trees to maintain.and so far there's no word of how or when that mayoral directive is going to be carried out.meanwhile the mayor did say that rec and park comissioners have volunteered get the word out about emma's go fund me
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page.the goal right now is to raise 50-thousand dollars to cover medical costs and living expenses the mayor said he's knows tony's boss and is going to try and smooth things over so tony can take some time off work. while tony says he and his wife are grateful that the mayor promised to do what he can to help. tony is still looking for a good lawyer.because he's still considering suing the city for what happened to his wife. maureen kelly kron4 news
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>> pam:officials with san francisco parks and recreation say, they will continue to assess the trees in all the city's parks. they add. they will focus on trees along pathways and points of public gathering. >> steve:a man is behind bars tonight after police say he burglarized an apartment that he was planning to rent through air b-n-b.
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police say 35-year-old david lefevre booked an apartment on claderon avenue in mountain view. they say he suddenly cancelled the reservation and then burglarized the apartment. it happened earlier this month, but police just arrested the man yesterday. police say they found several items from the apartment in the man's car when they arrested him. police say similar crimes have been reported around the bay area, and they are reminding people to be extra cautious when listing their homes on short- term rental websites. a spokesman for air b-n-b. did issue a response related to this incident. saying quote. "negative experiences are extremely rare as more than 100 million guest arrivals have had safe and positive experiences on airbnb. we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and have removed this guest from our platform. we are working with the police on this matter and are supporting the host under our $1 million host guarantee."-- end quote >> britteny: poets of san francisco's south san francisco a general pattern slight warming trend is your thought tracker by 7:00 a.m. it will see low visibility for most locations even and the concord into the
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rest of tamara partly cloudy skies and also foggy conditions high fifties for the bay inland low 60s by name partly cloudy temperatures pushing into low 80s and then you notice as we had until 3:00 hour mid-80s for us. we will kill little but a cool down toward the end of the week. another letter is seven day at the end of the show. >> pam: >> steve: this happened at 10:00 on monday night court two men were taking pictures of the tourist spot. officials amanda's 20s held up a gun against one of the victim's the suspect threatened to shoot if they all the suspects then took a back pass from one big dump
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containing two tablets a hard drive and money norris have been made. >> pam: he is now removed himself from a different sex crimes case a group urging a recall on thursday because of the turner case continues to criticize the judge his latest action is further proof the use on qualified to be judged he has chosen to step down from his latest case for personal reasons and then gary defends the judge's move. a sentence
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stand and jailed assault party. it talked to hustle a fat in her life and that this group upset with the sentence has rallied to their of the judge ever since the. group says it has collected a million signatures
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picture >> grant: since then there's room and then the magnitude quake and that struck overnight and a 6.16 0.2 note i'll of the damage doesn't appear to be to substantial he there's a bad situation khmer he is planning an ominous picture saying it and the town is not there anymore. he see the
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rubble piled up how well the buildings constructed of seven adults the stand-up to earthquakes and according usgs pulmonary and indications and their words and more vulnerable and the quake of this magnitude would decimate a lot of homes and buildings and in central italy, and this happened overnight and the 30 morning local time. as about that same time and obviously stunned more effort happened at 3 in the after dinner. we continued trephined more and bringing new information. it will take a short break and be right back.
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>> pam: all of them are offered to most drivers. also tennessee's don r. richard drivers opting get caught. >> stanley: as morning rush-hour at forcing king street nothing short of chaotic on the streets. and the bosses and griggs and leonard traffic. on this 50 ft curve labeled the taxi zone even has the words, hit britain and the streets. is there is a
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however to the story its example and then entering into taxes on the costa hundred $10 pot parking officer photographs a car and you know has next. all tell you the owner gets a ticket in the mail. the chair trevor's attempt to drop off passengers and that if noticed many it chatters away. this to get caught. of course of the drivers returned to plead his or her case. >> stanley: once the tick is printed its hauliers. the past 3 hours 25 tickets issued for our violations and drop off passengers.
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>> reporter: 7 and playing the best baseball. the stets couldn't matter less. and expect the division and then the giants' offense and themselves 32 in the fifth inning of a law for the second inning and a full screen but a full highlights in kron 4 news at 10. after injury and in june and underwent season-ending surgery. pour and cartilage in the left knee. hit
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with the see you think about maybe all lining up the receiver.
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>>: scheduled to appear in september i'm looking for the pitching opera. schmidt decision. kit for the canadian national world cup of hockey and the pro season at san jose top scorer it starts. in toronto september 17th and the big capt. for team usa. the stockton native people irishman of action. all the lower courts mcgregor has been served with a
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six month medical suspension because damage sustained to his left leg. this means he cannot have any full contact training still a at least october and may not see him fight again till february. there's been rampant speculation there might be a third fight. apparently shot that down and we love the sea a trilogy of that one.
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>> grant: this is the to our drive northwest of rome and the images are trying to show homes
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and businesses that have crumbled into the streets. the mayor of that town says he has residences that are buried under the rubble he needs heavy equipment and soon to try and cut a path history. the town isn't here anymore and that might be a figure of speech to this point. when you look around the homes that were standing guard along her standing. we do not have specific numbers in terms of injury or damage.
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>> britteny: a pretty powerful earthquake that those folks to dealing with right now and just a transition into your home. we will see temperature is pumping a little bit into tomorrow and cooling down from thursday friday into the weekend temperatures start to recover a bit. and writer on the day temperatures close 70 over the next few days closer to 68 here in the coast moraine befallen conditions expected as we get into closer to the end of your work week. centaur the weekend and to next week we will start to see temperatures warming back up again close to the average. >> pam: ought to at 10 we shift gears until you about a moral
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life stories differences cozies celebrating the arrival " related to the llama and campbell video as an hour after she is part of the first birthday at the san francisco zoo but has not been yet named and bonding with the mother and a private area not yet visible to zoo visitors. they will be same people and soon.
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and now he wants a cell phone, if you can believe that. woman: i know that look. then you get really quiet. so are you gonna tell me? we had a fight this morning. it got ugly.


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