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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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when the placard is displayed the city of san francisco takes disabled placard abuse seriously this driver tried to use a placard to gain free parking but the registered owners was someplace else in the philippines and weren't coming back, so they gave him the placard so the city gave him something in exchange for the misuse of the disabled placard you have to put money in the meter and pay, so what going to happen you going to get to get a ticket for the meter and a misuse because you not the owner of this placard ok the san francisco municipal transportation agency also known as the sfmta deploys parking enforcement officers out to do random checks on driving using disabled placards this the ro for 918 the placard is checked by calling in the reference number and cross-referencing it with the driver's license of the ro or registered owner in many of the cases the placard checks out and the person is sent on their way . some people like to leave the placard hanging on the rear view mirrow even though they fed the
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meter basically the only time this should be hanging up on your rear view mirror is when your wife is in the car if she's not in the car don't hang that placard some driver actually park in disabled parking spaces with no placard or disabled license plate visible this driver walked away and could have easily received at ticket it turned out he had a valid placard he simply forgot to hang it when he parked . but more than often they run across people you are misusing the placard and they get issued fines for not paying the meter that's 71 dollars the fine for the misuse is 875 dollars and more then often when the person caught hears the fines they ask to be cut a break can you be excused i'm sorry sit but it just doesn't work that way i was out with parking control for only 4 hours and in that time 5 different drivers were caught misuing disabled placards and you should stop recording right now she wasn't one of them . her ticket was for something else if i'm asking you to stop the ones we did catch let's just say there are so many things a person could buy with the money they were fined for misusing a disabled placard i'll share more with in a future edition of people behaving badly in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> reporter: 500 as the base amount of effort safety right now just over 400.
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councilmember held against managers saying the city should ask for help from other agencies.
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>> steve: hours before he set to deliver close speech in arizona. dad had been invited for dialogues and the meeting with trump would be extraordinary given the pleasure is consistently to build a border wall. and make mexico paid for it becomes after months of harsh
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words between trump and mexico's former leaders including comparing trump the hitler. >> reporter: the coaches' shirts fans to be focused on football got personal politics.
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>>: if it'll let things cool. >> reporter: 0 the same backlash relative to others with more live the king jr.. i don't think there's so by that. and
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recently broke his social issues and address that as well. a past jordan opted for making money instead of speaking out. >> reporter: look for several
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people this time to victims a group of kids 1215 distracted them and when the victim's chest after the the second laptop fun behind another kit also stalled. when the suspect plunge the victim and faceplates are written a small mall security so they can identify the five boys in that group.
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we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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>> britteny: see at 7:00 a.m. just a little bit of fog for half moon bay apache fog and hayward livermore rolfes clear visibility and the temperatures
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will be a few degrees cooler specially inland locations even san jose now is 80 degrees for your high tomorrow a degrees in livermore and then '70s and oakland's mid-60's in san francisco 85 concord and antioch. the amateurs turf of the 8680 degrees and vallejo 82 annapolis sunday forecast showing the cool temperatures fall like conditions for the implications to run through wednesday thursday by friday sentenced a warming trend into a week and fax to the mid '80s the as 3-2 year holiday weekend by monday we see the high 80s and low seventies for a buffet and the coast. close 63 comfortable. . >> steve: 80 for joining us tomorrow we will be here if >> steve: 80 for joining us tomorrow we will be here if you're all ago state with the morning news. you're all ago state with the
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what were they thinking? the 4-year-old boy thrown off a bridge. this is where it happened. >> pretty scary. and first, the accused killer known as the cannibal frat boy. now this student. why they're calling him the human canon ball. >> somebody just broke in my house and came through my window. then, my name is jessy. >> i have the right to say month. and now a toddler's trip to the dentist ended in tragedy. >> she didn't have to die. >> a 14-month-old girl taken to the dentist to fill some cavities. >> how did this go so terrly


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