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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 1, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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taking the engagement. why the break-up is getting even nastier. then, adele's alcohol confession. what you never knew about the singer. >> my entire life. plus, hollywood sell prats halloween. inside the celeb costume parties. who is the werewolf of beverly hills? >> look out mary lou. we're talking to the top of the leaderboard. >> i think i just swallowed a bug. now, for october 31st, 2016, this is entertainment tonight.
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>> mariah carrey demanding her ex fiance pays her millions. >> seems geeting unengaged from mariah carrey could be an expensive process. the ring is off for mariah, who basically said i don't care about those cheating rumors as she spent the weekend out with her backup dancer. while there was no pba, mariah was in a very good mood. she seemed like she wanted to be seen with brian tanaka. estimating her $7 million engagement bling with her butterfly ring. as for where she would put the giant rock? saturday we spotted it on her right hand as ariah spent the night out with her kids, leaving a costume party at 11:00 p.m. while the 46-year-old was all smiles, a new report says she's
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telling her ex-fiance. it's the recoup earnings for her canceled dates and she uprooted her home to be with james in california. while james is reportedly told mariah to get out of the mapgs the couple were renting, a source today tells us mariah is still living there. and she needs to pay out the rest. she says he had needs to pay for a home to make it easier for her kids to see their dad. we go from a messy split to a messy divorce. brad pitt and jaeng jolie, the
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first casualty, their home in new orleans. >> we're a married family pretty much. but we have a base here definitely. >> that just sold for $4.9 million. the now estranged couple made 1 million-plus. they purchased the mansion for $3.5 million back in 2007. it has 7,645 square feet and three bathrooms. the couple cleverly listed the estate under the amongo bongo trust which is one of the songs they danced to in mr. and mrs. smith. the movie where they first met. >> they wanted to get rid of the house. brad and angelina actually cut the price by $800,000 and wound up selling it for far less than they were asking. >> they grand the property after hurricane katrina. prad showed me around the housing project he helped develop in the city's lower ninth ward.
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>> symbolically it will be putting the neighborhood back together. >> the couple has already put their french mansion and vip yard on the market. they paid an estimated $60 million for the property. >> it's a challenging property to be selling. it's a business. >> what's next in the divorce sell-off? in italy. it's worth $41 million. in west london they own a $16 million home and brad has a 5,300-square foot home in los angeles. >> brad pitt bought this back in 1994, long before he ever met angelina. so it's possible that for many reasons, including sentimental ones, he will want to hang on to it. >> we also have new information about val kilmer's mysterious health battle. it has been rumored that the top gun and bat man forever star is suffering from cancer. we've just seemed to confirm it. val is dealing with exactly what i had, and things don't look too good for him.
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what michael had and survived was stage 4 oral cancer. he was speaking to val sunday when asked about their 1996 film together. >> that's ridiculous. >> my prayers are with him. that's why you haven't heard too much from val lately. a source close to michael told "e.t." they haven't spoken in over a year. health issues for the star became public early last year when kilmer was reportedly hospitalized for wleeding in his throat. he immediately tried to reassure his fans with this post. released from the hospital and on my way home. freedom. but throughout the year, val was seen in public with a scarf covering his throat. in june, he said, i do not have cancer or a tumor. last december he was photographed with a trach yos tome tube in his throat. he joked, perhaps they used trach photography. and what appeared to be a tracheostomy scar. and this smiling moment in l.a.
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in september. the cancer michael had does have a survival rate of about 75%. >> rejuveeation of energy. >> we certainly hope the same for val. now, the big buzz across the pond is that prince harry has a new american girlfriend. here are the things you need to know about dating britain's bad boy. number one, 35-year-old megan markel is an actress on the cram a "suits." she reportedly met the 32-year-old prince while promoting the invick tus game. number two, she's a foodie. she's cooked with plat mat lauer on "today." said to have enjoyed her cuisine and she reportedly stayed with him at kepsington palace, where she met william and kate. and it's said that they like her. number three, megan is a human
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rights activist and united nations advocate for womenn number four, they seem to wear the same bracelet. this number on her wrist looks a lot like what harry has been recently sporting. she sat in the royal box at wimbledon this summer and showed us the view on instagram. number five, she's divorced. megan married in 2011, and split in 2013. they told "e.t." they don'tt comment on the prince's personal life. but we think they're a good match and they both love to have fun. >> i'm sure she also loves halloween. he's getting into the spirit, so is beyonce. check her out. a great choice this year. >> come on, salt and pepper! you've got to love it. there's mama getting her 4 1/2-year-old ready. obviously the "today" show getting in the spirit as well.
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kicking it off with a blast from the past. >> i'm your host carson daly. >> carson's costume strategy, from two decades ago. ? we're looking at the best pop culture moments from the '90s. >> they pulled off a similar personal throwback with a twist. and the flashback, morning show fits perfectly into matt lauer's plan. >> wasn't it fun to see brian back? >> very unusual. i feel ridiculous in it. poking fun at bryant gumbel in 1993. we were expecting a britney impersonation. >> i think you have to take a break on the female roles. enough is nough. >> taking the easier route.
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it's me.irst lady. >> a cult movie. and the '90s sensation. and the perfect cover-up. this would have been the show's first halloween with billy bush. he, of course, left two weeks ago after the leaked tape. he's still laying low hiking this weekend with his wife. who will be the "today" show replacement? >> it's not for us to decide. >> the "gma" gang got into the spirit. only michael strahan could fill that peek a chu costume. >> can you imagine having him on your phone? >> much more fun to come. as the stars go costume crazy. kate hudson's corset. and which of george clooney's exes showed up at his party.
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james hinchcliffe, we give breaking news about his partner, shauna, why she may not return to the ball room this season sglfblgs jerry springer celebrated 25 years of talk show madness. our flashback as the host shared madness. our flashback as the host shared his sscret to success. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination madness. our flashback as the host shared his sscret to success. are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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it's a sea of halloween for kelly clarkson. ♪ rocking the singer's signature wig, she belted out the massive hit. you just made my day. i love it. >> and the problem is, i can't really see you. >> ellen degeneres got a little help from a friend. >> obviously we're not seeing her without her dancer. welcome my maddie for the day, heidi klum. >> hhidi loves her halloween and her big party is coming up tonight. but it was a wild weekend for star halloween parties. we spotted two of george clooney's exes at the bash george throws with randy gerber.
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>> we brought the kids, too. >> clooney was a no-show. but two of her exes enjoyed the festivities, as well as other partygoers. as well as tatum in an epic unicorn costume. move over leonardo dicaprio, trying to go incognito. leo told me he hit up kate hudson's bash nearby. a corset for a sexy wild west inspired costume. and that's gwyneth paltrow. and katy perry may have stolen the show. dressing up as hillary clinton and donald trump. the next night it was katy's turn to host kate at a '500
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inspired sock hop social. >> school is in session, kids. >> katy played the role of princip principal. and a giant game of twister. boyfriend orlando perfectly played his part as a high school heart throb. still ahead, a "dancing" star shows. james hinchcliffe speeding through the streets of hollywood. then, adele's candid confession. what she says about being a massive drinker and battling depression. and jerry springer, celebrating 25 years on the air. >> 25 years from now, i don't think i'll be talkative. just yell loudly. jerry, what do you think? closed captioning
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adele opens up about sub ses, drinking, motherhood, and possibility partum depression in the new "vanity fair." >> the most important thing in her life is her child. and she wans to be around for a very long time to see her child grow up. >> the ten-time grammy winner tells the magazine after the birth of her son angelo, quote, i felt very inadequate. i felt like i had ade the worst decision of my life. but she's always been absolutely in love with her 4-year-old. >> how is it being a new mom? >> wonderful. >> she doesn't share photos of her son, but adele credits hee for helping her cut back on her drinking. and she said having a hangover
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with a child is torture. imagine a 3-year-old knowing something is wrong. it's hell. she says she now indulges in maybe two glasses of wine a week. ♪ >> she said she hasn't made her best record yet. i think she still thinks she has a lot of great songs in her. >> just like we all have a favorite adele song, we all have a favorite or at least a memorable jerry springer moment. now, we can talk about some, and others we can only shake our heads. for 25 years jerry showcased some of the craziest parts of humanity. and you know what, people love him. >> anybody can be a talk show host. you do three things to be a talk show host. you have to be able to say, you did what? come on out. we'll be right back.
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if you can do those three lines, you've got a career. >> that's the first secret to jerry's success, make it look easy..o cf1 o we spent a lot of time with the air. during his 25 years on the host hasn't changed much. but his show sure has. listen to jerry describe it in his first "e.t." interview back in 1994. >> we tend to deal with more political subjects because of my background. >> scratch the politics. springer was all about baby daddy fights when we west behind the scenes with him in 1998. jerry carried a bat and a ball into the kind of ringleader that made him a pop culture icon. >> the day i figured out, wow, we're on to something, there were two cultural moments that impacted me. and i think one was being on the
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show. >> it made me angry, jerry. >> and the other was being on the cover of "rolling stone." that's honest lip the first time i noticed, oh, my quosh, people are noticing it. >> none of that went to his head. that's springer's second secret, admit the stupidity. >> it's a circus, period. it has no redeeming social value. >> the show is 25. springer, he's almost 73. but don't mention retirement. jerry's third secret, work to stay young. >> i just do it because it's fun to do. and i'm not that good at golf. i mean, i i think i'd go crazy. it's psychological, i'm sure. if i ever had nightmares about something, it's about not having a job. which is crazy, i know. >> 25 years. >> i'll see you at 50th. 25 years from now i don't think i'll be as talkative.
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just yell, jerry, what do you think! say something. i'll put it on my tombstone, i -pwon't be right back. >> the springer show actually had more viewers than the oprah winfrey show. that was also the year of his infamous episode, i married a horse. >> is that legal? no horsing around here, indycar driver james hinchcliffe will dance with a different person on the show tonight, because shauna is injured. when it comes to james, nothing slows him down. >> how do you feel at this point in the season? >> just getting to this point raises your confidence a bunch. the first couple of weeks, you're trying to learn a new dance, you have a week to do it. there are long hours, a lot of hard work. >> lots of hours means not much time for his girlfriend, actress becky dalton. james still has to race on weekends. >> how is it for you to get the girl in there? i know you have a lady there,
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come on. >> girls like guys in uniform. fire suits can be a good look. >> this is basically the type of car you're in. >> pretty much. just put another seat in the back so i can take you for a spin. >> oh, boy. step on this, hold your hand. i just hit my head. me and hinchcliffe. pedal to the metal. >> there it is. life in the fast lane.
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>> i think i swallowed a bug. >> the irony is she was worried about the speed of the race car. she didn't think about bugs. >> that's why she took the day off today. we'll be right back.
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watch it on travel considerations provided by -- heidi klum is hosting her annual halloween bash tonight. >> the party of all parties when it comes to halloween. we're going to take you there. >> she lofsz halloween. bye, everybody chcts heidi klum is dressed as cleopatra, a 95-year-old woman. >> i'm noo bad. >> how this year's costume tops them all. that was the last one.
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>> then -- >> i'm back! >> only "e.t." is with little eden. what her life is "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> do you think they'll get ba together? or is this it? >> you mean, after e! aired her reality show? >> number one, wendy williams sounds off on mariah's billionaire breakup. >> her antics are very tired. >> daytime tv doesn't mess around on halloween. >> laura xander hamilton. >> the stars go big. why jodie foster and jennifer lawrence share more than movies. >>. >> lori hernandez plays dressup for


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