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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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east bay tonight she's under arrest. for what she allegedly did to a six month old boy. >>whoosh >> steve:we will take you live at oracle arena, where the warriors' kevin durant faces his old team for the first time tonight. >>whoosh >> steve:fourteen years after gwen araujo's murder, the mother of the transgender teen is facing the challenge of homelessness. >> steve:a story of loss and compassion that you will only see right here on kron four news in prime time. >> steve:now at 8. >> steve:a body found near an east bay park. police say the death is suspicious. >> steve:thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. >> vicki:and i'm vicki liviakis. the body was discovered near arroyo viejo park in east oakland. kron-4's alecia reid joins us live tonight from oakland.
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>> vicki:alecia what do we know about this grisly discovery. >> reporter:a 12-year old homicide case is being activly investigated in oakland. police along with the f-b-i were out today near the port of oakland today. they say they are looking for evidence that could lead them to closing the investigation and bring closure to the victims family. >> reporter: shootings on a regular occurrence in her neighborhood but she has never heard of bodies being found in her neighborhood or set on fire. >> this is an extremely scary. i hear bullets fly all the time to read one time it hit my car. and not too long ago, i have came into the house and someone was shot--some one window
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was shot. >> reporter: police is being very tight-lipped about this they are asking if someone had seen anyone or had surveillance the deal that could help the investigation called the authorities. alecia reid. kron4newd s >> steve:sources have confirmed the investigation is linked to a 2004 missing person case in which the recently received a tip leading them here to >> up. if you disrespect woman before you were in office
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>> reporter: just a few hundred yards from where we were standing. we were talking to people who came to this thing to hopefully find out more informations. >> it is scary to think about it hear about these things on tv or other cities and the fact that happens down the street from where i live is a little bit scary. >> reporter: the body has been removed from the area and the coroner's office will discover the cause for the death. >> reporter: and the identification has not been listed. >> vicki: a 12 year old
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homicide case is being actively instigated desk- investigated in oakland. police along with the s b i work out there to today near the port of oakland and they say they are looking for evidence that lead them to closing the investigation and bringing closure to the victim's family. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> brittney: >> grant: police found two people. at least shot once. one is dead at the scene and the second but then taken to a local hospital but not for any injuries. police does not know the motive for. there has not been any suspects located or apprehended. this discovery was made just after 630 tonight in san jose in
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capital part. you see the green opening space at the bottom of the screen you can see that is where one body was found. and the other expected to survive. >> grant:steve? >> he certainly knows how to shake things up. >> if you disrespect women before you were in office. you would disrespect women as president. (cheers & applause) >> steve:the final push to election day.has the presidential candidates pulling out all the stops. >> steve:and depending heavily on secure their spot in thejustine waldman is covering decision 2016 for
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us. >> steve:justine. the candidates are >> reporter:5 days until election day. and both candidates have their top surrogates spread all over battle ground states today.s democratic hillary clinton particularly among black voters. >> reporter:in her corner. >> reporter:president barack obama in florida. you'll hear from him in a few. >> reporter:plus, her running mate tim kaine in arizona. who gave his speech in spanish. >> reporter:and in wisconsin. bernie sanders appealing to two crucial elements of a clinton victory: millennials. >> reporter:republican donald trump who was in florida. got some help too. >> reporter:daughter ivanka. out helping to appeal to women in new hampshire. >> reporter:ted cruz in iowa with vice presidential candidate mike pence. but the onetime bitter rival of trump never mentioned him by name in a speech. >> reporter:the new element.wife melania making her first solo apperance in philadelphia. she says that, if she becomes first lady, she'd focus on combating online bullying as part of her work as an advocate for women and children.
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scott >> reporter:kron 4 is your home for decision 2016. we will have live coverage on election day beginning at 8:00. we have a team of reporters and analysts covering the presidential race, and local races that are important to
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you. >> reporter:that's this tuesday.november 8th, right here on kron 4. >> steve:today.the man who was caught on camera slapping a teen employee of an entertainment center.turned himself into police. kron-4 was first to break the story last month. surveillance footage taken from the scene shows this man.identified as torin jackson.brutally slapping the 17-year-old across the head. >> steve:police have not provided a motive for the attack. but kron-4's j-r-stone talked to the victim told us the suspect became angry after the ticket machine malfunctioned. jackson faces misdemeanor battery charges according to police. >> vicki:it's a parents worst nightmare - finding out your child could have been *abused by the person you pay to *care for them. in the east bay a baby sitter who's worked with berkeley families fore more than a decade is behind bars tonight - accused of hurting a little boy she was watching. >> vicki:kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the berkeley police department. >> steve:ella how did the
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parents find out about the alleged abuse? >> reporter:police say there is with a video recording of their nanny allegedly hitting and dragging their baby boy all the while he cried uncontrollably. parents sometimes have no choice but trust strangers >>"when it comes to my brother i would rather watch him than have my mother pay some random person to take care of him." >> reporter:friday night a berkeley couple called police caught on camera hitting their 6-month -old son. sgt. andrew frankel, berkeley police department >>"parents had installed sort of a nanny cam surveillance system and had film of that abuse." >> reporter:on monday, police arrested 44-year-old ingrind johana perez as she was driving to another babysitting job. she has worked as a nanny for several berkeley families for more than 10 years. >>"that is really surprising to me. i mean i understand she was a stranger to some people but if she'd been working for so long i imagine some of it must have been word of mouth and if she was getting good recommendations" >> reporter:perez has been
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charged with one misdeamanor and one felony count of child abuse. police are now looking for any more possible victims. families who most recently hired perez were contacted by police to make sure no other kids were harmed. >> reporter:tonight at 10 we'll hear from a girl whose own family has experienced a similar never trust an outsider to babysit. live in berkeley ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> steve: thank you, ella. >> steve:a gas station clerk suffered major injures.during agrant lodes is here with images of the suspects. >> vicki:it happened around nine last night at an arco gas station on broadway streetnear shenandoah park. >> grant:officers say two men entered the gas station and left without paying. the store clerk chased the duo outside and was struck by their get-away vehicle, a silver four-door sedan. the clerk suffered a major injury to the left legand is currently in the hospital. the suspects on your screen are described as black males
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in their early twenties.weighing around 150 pounds with dread-locked >> steve:a big night for kevin durant tonight. the new warrior is facing his former team. and there's some bad blood between the two. >> steve:kron-4's mark carpenter joins us live from oracle arena. mark any tension spilling out on the court tonight? >> reporter: everyone and every basketball fans are just obsessed with this relationship and the dynamic that could be a rivalry. >> reporter: here is westbrook more me up.
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and, durant ... warming up. >> reporter: say maintain that there is no animosity. and they do not put any extra emotion into a game like this. is just another game. >> at the end of the day made all decisions. i do not believe you have to make a phone call or text. yes, that is his friend mud, i do not believe you have to go out your way to inform him of your decision. >> i started as an oklahoma city man in the beginning. we just feel betrayed how he
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left. >> i think regardless of how. he left another team. they're still all for a ring and they are trying to go get it. --owed for a ring >> reporter: was see what kind of play materializes tonight and we will see if the warriors come up on top. >> steve:ahead at eight. an east bay city gives aas they unanimously support proposition 64 days before the election. >> she did not deserve to die. she was so full of lies and had dreams and goals of our own. --she was
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so full of life >> vicki:14 years after the brutal murder of her daughter. we talk exclusively to the what she has to say about her daughter's killers. >> steve:and next. shedding light on how those with special needs are a targeted population. kills 40,000 californians...
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every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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>> vicki:the alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy with down syndrome at a bart station saturday night still hard imagine. >> steve:and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports. a bay area advocate for people battling developmental disabilities says that population is targeted by predators ihappens far too often. >> "i'm outraged." >> reporter:it happens more often than you think. >> "it's really got to stop." >> reporter:special needs children and adults, victims
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of a sexual assault -- not an aberation says diana conti. >>"predators look for easy marks." >> reporter:conti is the c- e-o of parca, a burlingame non-profit that provides support services to people with developmental disibilities. >> reporter:and, she's refering to a 15-year-old boy's encounter saturday night at the pittsburg bay- point bart station. when police say a 38-year- old man followed the boy into the bathrooom, locked the door behind and sexually assaulted him. a boy with down syndrome. >> reporter:the centers for disease control and prevention says ages three to 17 have at least one developmental disability. >> reporter:and, conti says the percentage of them who are sexually assaulted is much >>- "between 40 and 60 percent have had some kind of sexual assault and they do think that is under reported, so it could be even higher. i mean, that's kind of an astonishing number in itself." >> reporter:but conti says often people disibilities are reluctant to report an assault. >> reporter:especially boys. >> reporter:in this recent case at bart, police say the boy's mother was waiting outside the bathroom and immediately called police when she heard what happened -- the man was arrested. >> reporter:conti says the victim will benefit from
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mental health counseling. >> reporter:but thinking bigger picture. >> reporter:she says creating task forces made up of law enforcement and mental health experts who could respond to cases like this would raise awareness. >>- "there has to be a community outcry, that this culture that this is not acceptable behavior anymore, for anybody, whether people are developmentally disabled or not. >> reporter:in burlingame, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki:passing with unanimous council approved a resolution in support of proposition 64---the legalization of marijuana. councilmember rebecca kaplan said supporting prop 54 is in oakland's best interest. the city has been historically friendly to medical marijuana. >> vicki:and now councilmember kaplan says their resolution furthers work to end the harms of
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prohibition. prop 64 would allow adults over 21 to legally grow, possess and use marijuana for recreational use. and let the state regulate and tax the industry. as well as allowing people serving criminal sentences for marijuana related crimes ---to be eligible for re- sentencing. >> vicki: >> steve: take a look at that. the sat or cisco international airport is looking pretty good tonight. --the san francisco international airport >> brittney: closer look at our satellite radar. we are seeing cloud moving into parts of san francisco and the east bay including the south bay and the peninsula. for the rest of this evening. we have one weather disturbance as we go into the weekend. it is still
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pretty off the coast. as we move into sunday we are tracking overnight showers. the want to run your arens on sunday in look like everything will stay dry but some luster could make its weight band. we do have an advisory for you. sneak the waves and strong recurrence there is a strong possibility to be careful if you are planning to go into the water early tomorrow morning. >> brittney: 57 in half moon bay, 56 in livermore. a few clouds will stick with us as stated before. by the ethanol i am headed-as we are headed that--by the
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afternoon we are headed back in the seventh degree temperatures. we would take a look at the 7 day forecast coming out! >> steve: thank you, brittney beachgoers to look out for dangerous sneaker waves that >> steve:missing for months. a woman is found chained inside a sex offender's home. now police think there could be more victims. >> vicki:plus. sinking and leaning. calls for action against the developers of the 58 story millenium tower get louder. >> gary: coming up! a little bit later in this broadcast. we would touch basis with
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the gang and the oracle or reno tonight. -- game >> gary: so a personal story is of a young man who wanted to share with his father passed away. >> steve: thank you gary. part of an elaborate host or is it? where d.c. mayor everett claims were filed. coming off!-- one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote.
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vote. vote.
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>> steve:san francisco's city attorney,deniis herrera announced a lawsuit against the developer of theherrera claims the developer failed to inform prospective buyers about the fact the projections. >> steve:recent figures show the building has sunk 16the developer lashed out.issuing a statement calling the city attorney's claim without any merit. the developer blamed a nearby project.the new transbay center has the reason why the 58 tower condo complex has sunk more than predicted.
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>> reporter: i will not show you how he did it but it is a lot easier than you think. >> it is the matter of an just putting things together. >> before the start--before
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the manufacturer's cars to build something to make sure security is at its four front. >> reporter: >> before you get home change the password not use the default >> reporter: for a closer look at those options and a look at the tech paid more on the mobile application. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> vicki:it was a heinous crime more than a decade ago. the scars are still fresh, yet the victim's mother is willing to forgive her daughter's killers. >> brittney: i am tracking and a small chance of rain
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showers for the weekend. more details after the break!
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>> reporter: it was a heinous crime more than a decade ago. the scars are still fresh, and the victim's mother is willing to give her daughter's killers. >> - it's been really hard >> reporter:october 3rd 2002 gwen araujo attended a house party in newark. it was the last time the transgender teen was seen alive. >> - there were so many hours that went by that they had time enough to stop what they were doing but they did not. >> reporter:the final hours of her life were bloody and painful. a that summer beat, strangled, hog tied, then
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buried the newark high school student's body in the sierra foothills >>sylvia guerrero - sot - they buried her 3 feet deep and place 3 boulder rocks on her body so the animals wouldn't dig her out. the heaviest bolder rock was placed on her face. it took 3 sheriffs to remove that boulder rock, so it had crushed her head and the side of her face. >> reporter:no one from the party reported the crime, but 2 days later, one of the killers, jaron nabors, confided in a friend. two weeks later he led deputies to her body. nabors, jason cezares, jose merel, and michael magidson claimed "trans panic" as a reason for the murder. gwen was in fact, a biological male named edward. and that deadly night she'd had sex with 2 of her four killers. >>- she did not deserve to die. this kid was so full of life and had goals and dreams of her own >> reporter:nabors and cezares both served prison time for manslaughter and have since been released. but merel and magidson who were intimate with gwen, both got the maximum, 15 to life for 2nd degree murder. >> reporter:just last month merel's parole was approved
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with the blessing of gwen's mother sylvia. she forgives merel now saying merel has always forgiveness is a part of her own healing process. in fact sylvia empathizes with merel. while in prison, his daughter died. >>- when he lost her, he didn't get to say goodbye, he didn't get to hold her. he no longer gets to love her, or hear her voice just as i don't >> reporter:but sylvia says magidson is agrees he's unfit to be set free. at his own parole hearing last month he said he needed more time in the system to deal with substance abuse issues. and parole was denied. >>- there's nothing there but evil and cold, it's really sad >> reporter:and until he acknowleges his role in her daughter's death continue to oppose magidson's release. and never stop fighting for the transgender community a promise she made at gwen's funeral >> i'm proud to say that i
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know my daughter's death started the transgender movement >> reporter:2015 held a record for transgender people killed in the u-s with a total of 21. unfortunately there are still people being killed for who they are. >> reporter:this year has surpassed last year's number, with 23 trans homicides across america. >>- we still have a lot of work to do because there's lot of evil people out there that will do to my daughter what they did 14 years ago >> reporter:it's been more than a decade, and the life of pain has left emotional scars.s-d. before her daughter's murder she was a legal secretary for nearly 2 decades. >>- i've never not had my own place, my own dresser, my own closet >> reporter:now she's unemployed, homeless and living in a friend's car. >> reporter:her current plight doesn't cloud her mission, as she continues to
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fight for lives that are taken because of hate. reporting in kron 4 news. >> vicki:before merel is granted his freedom, the parole board's legal staff, and ultimately governor jerry brown, will have to sign in order for it to be final. >> vicki: steve? >> steve:the 19-year old who brutally attacked an elderly woman jose home is now being charged with murder. >> vicki:he was originally charged the victim died from her injuries she sustained during the attack. police say zachary omar cuen faces life in prison if convicted. >> vicki:the home invasion happened back in september when cuen. broke into the home of 88-year old "miss flo" douglas--- robbed her and then savagely beat her. >> vicki:the victim was left with injuries that hopitalized eventually killed her. a fingerprint found at the crime scene led deputies to cuen.who is being held
8:36 pm
without bail. prosecutors say miss flo was a beloved member of the community. >> steve: shall we talk about the moon now? or shall we say that for later? that is the question. >> brittney: yes, we can talk about that later we are going to see a chance for showers mainly, for saturday night going into sunday. we are at 55 degrees in fairfield, low sixties for richmond, 674 half moon bay, 57 for novado. >> brittney: we will stay
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nice and clear and dry going into friday and even before we start off of saturday. but we will notice some changes. across six or 7:00 p.m.. we will see an increase in our clouds. in san carlos up through santa rosa. with a few isolated showers overnight saturday and clearing up sunday morning. 3:00 tomorrow 69 for the marine district. 73, and san mateo and at the san carlos airport with 74. 74 degrees in antioch. and 77 and have fun.--in napa
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>> brittney: we will see temperatures mainly stay in the '70s. and there you go. we drop in the '60s for the inland location, also closed in bay. so, really great forecast for us. guys? >> steve:not only super but --- mega!when you can see the biggest moon in half a century >> vicki:and next. a beloved professor gunned down. now police say they have his accused killer. how they tracked him down.
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>> vicki: a person is now in custody and charged in the murder of
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a popular south bay professor. 28 year old eddie ruiz is being held in connection with the murder of foothill college professor david moglin. >> vicki:the economics teacher was gunned down last july in downtown san jose. police says ruiz's arrest was in part due to tips stemming from a surveillance video. investigators say ruiz robbed moglen as he sat in his car and is accused of shooting moglen when he gave chase. >> vicki:in a statement, foothill college said moglen's murder is still being felt by his colleagues and students. >> reporter: and frustrated mother is a demanding justice for her disabled son. what she says the incident is king swap under the rug. coming up at 10:00 on kron 4 news. >> steve:still ahead at 8. she was missing for more chained in a basement. now police think there could
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be more victims. >> steve:in sports. we'll check in on how the warriors are doing against the thunder at oracle arena tonight. >> vicki:plus. the city of chicago is still celebrating the cubs first world series title highlights and all the sports coming up.
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(cheers & applause) >> gary:lebron james was feeling the moment. wore a shirt that said "cleveland or nowhere".take another look at davis going deep to left field. davis and indians fell short to the cubs in extra innings. they lost game >> gary:seven-8/7 >> gary:last night's world series game 7 was the most-watched baseall game in 25 years more than 40 million people watched the chicago cubs end their the cleveland indians in 10 innings to win the word series (cheers & applause) >> gary:more than 25% of all televisions in the country tuned in to the game it was the highest-rated baseball game since game 7 of the 1991 world series between the minnesota twns and atlanta braves whch the
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twins won >> gary:the most watched world series game of all time was game 6 of the 1980 fall classic between the phiadelphia phillies and te kansas city royals. the city of chicago went crazy after the cubs won their first world series since 1908. wrigleyville bars and were all around wrigley field. >> gary:fans took their celebrations to the streets and were on top of cars. and through out the rest of the night fans were singing "go cubs go" and enjoying every moment after overcoming a 3-1 defecit to beat the indians in cleveland. >> gary:and last night after all the celebration inside the clubhouse. the cubbies packed their bags and are back in chicago. for more than a century cubs parade. >> gary:the most watched game in over 20 years last night! >> gary: the most watched world series... grant was a
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little peep. (laughter) >> grant:i was just 11 month s old. >> gary: you were being nursed at 11months old? >> grant: you may get some calls on this one, gary.
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>> grant: you have up t ao at least an year. >> gary: clinging on to mom as long as you could. huh? >> gary: on to the next story... >> gary:the team's progression will end in downtown chicago at grant park. city officials haven't released the cubs parade route. but the rally will begin at noon. >> gary:it took cubs fan
8:51 pm
wayne williams 36 years to fulfill died from kidney cancer in 1980. williams made a pact that they would listen to all the world series game together when the cubs made it back. >> gary:so he had to drive from north carolina to indiana. williams brought a folding chair next to his dad's grave and they both listen to the cubs win a world series via his smartphone >> gary:it didn't take long for the giants to make a move this contract's option. to hit free agency. the former tampa bay ray will earn 7-million dollars this upcoming season. in 12 starts with the giants moore had a 6-5 record with a 4.08 e-r-a. >> gary:moore played a big role in the cubs in game 4 of the nlds. >> gary: that's it! i'm done! >> steve:coming up at 8. can't stop listening to can't stop the feeling? or maybe don't stop believing? why these songs get stuck in your head. and the songs that rank as the catchiest >> steve:that's after the break! break!
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join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
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if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m >> stanley:tonight at 10 i'm stopping you just stopped in a lane of traffic by a red curb underneath the no stopping anytime sign to let out a passenger >> stanley:enough public complaints have prompted the san francisco police to take action i'll explain in the next edtion of people behaving badly. >> grant:we all know those songs thatwell it turns out there is some science behind why. a study from psychologists at durham university in the u=k say it's a common phenomenon. 90-percent of people experience an earworm song at least once a week. >> stanley:researchers say it comes down three reasons. the pace of the song ---- upbeat tempos that people can move to for example. >> stanley:a simple structure to a song.makes them easy to remember. think twinkle twinkle little star. and a few unique intervals. now songs that topped an online survey in the u-k as earworms.
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>> stanley:number 1 lady gaga's bad romance. >> steve: >> stanley:also on the list journey's don't stop believin and queen's bohemian rhapsody. that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps.
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>> steve:our next newscast is tonight at 10. see you then.
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