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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 4, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now back >>reporter: as you start today not a whole lot intrusion but we
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jump over to the bay bridge in san process' waiting for the grace guys will be sharing that scattered clouds and the future of however that may not be the case all day and this guy you conceding that is still the possibility of rain we are looking for to scattered clouds
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71 mild looks like 73 calls for oakland and warm and sunny going on for san jose and. >>robin winston: know the problem so far really quiet heading into san francisco here is a live look and see the cash lands on the right-hand side that is normal know the problems only nine minutes from the average drive let's head over to the san mateo frig the ride or 92 was also good commit heading into foster city know the problems leaving hey were this morning so far gneisses
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move is only 27 minutes. >>james: his body was signed by the employee was covered in dirt and debris in mud to share the part of his work in the time piece together to find out what happened to him.
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>>reporter: that at the stockholm the area of forensic evidence back while the corner remove the body she's never
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heard of bodies being found or set on fire in this neighborhood >>james: one person is dead all of this in san jose it happened near them the land in peter pan avenue clinton identified the
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victims no word on moguls who before the children nor rest have been made another big story we're following is a disturbing video appears to show a special needs child being choked by a school bus and leave it happened in richmond and the mother is demanding answers >>reporter: the bus driver can down her son with his neat and choked him she wants to see that man fired or arrested but she says after working months to hold accountable she is the sense that they're trying to sweep the incident under drug see chested the academy to protect her special needs sun
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that change back and a pro on the cellphone footage was capture shown the 11 year-old and a fellow student being attacked by a bus monitor he is still traumatized and now has to take medication for nightmares on the day in the incident the mother says she received a voicemail from schools administrator confirming that the bus monotone was responsible for the altercation off if
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parents told her the man on the video is still employed by the bus company first started now she is demanding police take action we reached out to first to they have not yet responded reached down to the family that told us that did everything in their power to help their recommended that the employee be fired in the also helped file a police report
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>>james: he slapped a 17 year- old across the head investigators have not provided a mode of the we spoke to the victim following the incident to told us that he became angry after the ticket machines the cost of tickets to malfunction >>james: based on the documents it did not appear such.
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>>reporter: 40 isn't enough to bay and 45 in novato 49 go on for now she said in an earnest
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and to build little bit less likely to get into the hours of saturday night if phil if >>robin winston: haven't done
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any major hot spots or traffic alert the ride into san francisco don't expect any problems during the 4:00 hour it is usually the lightest our the
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right by it 80 people who know her say she does not have any friends in the area she is 5 ft. tall boys about hundred and 60 pongs. >>reporter: that draw surveillance video to pull is will the lesley showed her babysitter attacking their six month old son the dish attorney
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charged 44 year-old with one misdemeanor and one felony count of child abuse if she knows the pain all too well when she and her sister were abused by a nanny if
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>>james: he's been held in connection with the murder of a college professor than economics teacher was gunned down last july in downtown san jose to less was a part due to tips stemming from some violence video in a statement the murder is still being felt when his colleagues and student so >>james: this man broke into her home in rochester and savagely beat her she was hospitalized full month when she should come to her injuries a thing of pratt found lead deputies to him if he
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convicted he's facing life in prison >>reporter: they're choosing to vote earlier than ever before their shine to rally supporters in his final days republican nominee is keeping a three given robins and to a different key states new hampshire's ohio and pennsylvania most americans made up their minds of the
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campaign is all about giving those people out to the voting booth >>james: that hosted the oklahoma city thunders and before the game he walked into the real trolling wearing a photographer best during warmups both focusing just on basketball is 39 and tied in
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with steph after the game again no interaction >>james: they have now won four and they scored least 20 and 69 straight games and that ties in
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with michael jordan for the second longest streak since the nba jordan had a 72 streak >>james: he made a pact to his father that they would listen to all the world series games together when the cubs made it back soviet drive from north carolina and indiana to live a test in the bargain here is a lot of the outside the toll plaza, we will be right back
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>>robin winston: know the problem would still free thinkers cross it will stay that way nine minutes from the maze of fremont street >>mark: and unannounced performance with the dixie chicks >>reporter: were use to fiancee bringing down the house but not at a cut in music association awards she has stayed unannounced to perform that lessons that a standing ovation
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because it was nothing on surprise after spending three years away we won the only tailless what came back as a presenter confirmed this he was in the cold house along the by estrogen they're supposed to keep the secret you can watch hollywood to day life following law and order
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>>james: per boy is traumatized and now has to take medication for nightmares a gruesome
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discovery made at a busy park and oakland the woman's body was burned but because they did not smell and smoke that leaks are body may have been dumped clearing out of the but tonight we see this break in the action until the next one the tear for tomorrow online
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>>reporter: 10 to mostly in the '70s in terms of geography getting most locations although still '60s before tomorrow overnight shower watching out for sunday morning and mostly sunny for san francisco 71 with scattered clouds mild in the success jose is warm and sunny to mostly sunny
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>>robin winston: who over to the right it is getting sluggish only to pass plans available but it is a pretty good writer and left it is wide open the fast- track lines of the problems for now our downtown here is 92 this is the san mateo bridge the connection to the peninsula and so far it looks good the commuter traffic heading to foster city is only 13 minutes to make that connection to in on the drive times so far come out of the east bank only a good ride just about everywhere >>robin winston: is that is the ride is the nice transition into lafayette know the problems of zero inside the east shore freeway only 13 minutes from
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highway 4 and the south also hot spot free >>james: a gas station clerk suffered major injuries we have pictures taken the low this happened around 9:00 wednesday at the gas station on broadway st. of a cent to men into the gas station and left with the case of red bull the store clerk chased the outside and that is when he was hit by their car he suffered a major injury to the left leg and is currently in the hospital there in that early 20s swing about hundred pounds and have dreadlocks. >>phillipe djegal: it happens
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more often than you think special needs children and adults to victims of the sexual assault that and aberrations said diana the sea of part of the of burlington and nonprofit to provide support services to people with developmental disabilities and she is referring to a 15 your boy in concert saturday night. >>phillipe djegal: police said 38 your man followed the boy into the bathroom lock the door behind and sexually assaulted him the boy with down's syndrome the centers for disease control and prevention says about 50 percent of children aged 3 to 17 have been this one the the the mental disability. and the percentage of them who
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are sexually assaulting is much higher. >>phillipe djegal: but often people with developmental disabilities are reluctant to report a sock, especially the boys. in a recent case police said the boy's mother was waiting outside of the bathroom and immediately called police when she heard what happened the man was arrested. the event will benefit from mental health counseling but thinking bigger picture she said created task force of law enforcement and missile experts to respond to cases like this would raise awareness.
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>>james: it demonstrates the problem that start rolling along the hardwood floor
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>>gabe slate: this guy playing his guitar his plane for audience of last we will be
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right back
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>>james: his body was found by the employee covered dirt and debris buried in shallow grave
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home >>james: it is clear here let's find out with the rest of the friday and the weekend has in store >>reporter: 0 from the delta
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house later on today less checked things out and go upstream waiting for some cloud cover >>reporter: particularly by the latter portion of the day before midnight on or around santa rosa de to showers this takes a lot to 3:15 a.m. were going out exactly 48 hours and did some clearing by that point it shows you how quick of the mover india sunday it should be ok ms 7 is a
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work for my coming in about 76 close readings come over the east bay hills >>reporter: you will notice to all of this to the 71 san francisco calling a partly cloudy down to san jose or san mateo county it and c 60 a pacific a 70 going on for daly city
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>>robin winston: nice try heading into the north to bay won't pick up after seven plenty of time to be the rush the would now if you're using 11 of quick
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23 minutes from cochrane morgan hill of to the guadalupe parkway in san jose >>james: 20 mi. stretch along was about interstate 80 has a new look traffic information bordet went active give motorists a snapshot of driving conditions. >>phillipe djegal: overhead
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electronics signs that life of during accidents relating to drivers with justice bees during the collision in which lane should be used or voided to keep traffic flowing california department of transportation for caltrans says the stress among the top-10 worst in the state averaging 25 wing blocking incidence late this summer this markhor door assembly $9 million investment in the early returns are in through mid october caltrans says the overhead signs have been activated in least 18 times this year the average
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speed with 21.84 mi. from our last year 23.27 mi. per hour alex is a professor of electrical and caring in computer science and director of the institute of transportation studies at uc-berkeley it shut
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down two lanes near richmond but the system was not turned on as track and it's more congested is a lot of interest and driverless cars >>james: would take a look and are made and how that could improve the commute
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>>james: a study from scientology says the nine universities said and as a common phenomenon and it comes down to three reasons one is the pace of the song of beat temple that people can move to a simple structure to a song also makes it easy to remember 90% people experience in in one song the least once a week was the number one song that people seem to get stuck that will be that romance
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: the bay bridge not having much intrusion on the we're getting a little bed and the central valley pretty close to close by you will notice half moon bay as well as livermore ready for school forecast 67 by high noon in mostly sunny pickup's 7471 all around the bend
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>>robin winston: a great ride across the upper deck into downtown a complete track check coming up in just a few minutes >>mark: the body found in a shallow grave in sonoma state university the embassy and said it is the body of 18 year-old now investigating his death as, he's been missing since october 17th his body was found wednesday night but university employee covered in there and of the debris they're trying to set broad exactly what happened
5:02 am
>>darya: no word on a moment and no arrests will continue to of the historic drop the morning it seems as though the body burned before it was dumped at a part it was found yesterday at in riverdale park and hear is pictures of police and the coroner's office taken the body away the woman was not killed at the park. >>james: it was just the body that was born so they think it was dumped their it they searched the park for evidence
5:03 am
not unclear if they found anything we're trying to get that confirmation the people live in the park said the crime is a regular occurrence police have not released any sort of suspect description invested is asking people who live in the area to check their surveillance cameras tech the video may be captured if you think you do hours to give them a call she
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was last seen the when she was dropping off her friend in san leandro police found her car >>darya: there are investigating this disappearance calling his suspicions the contra costa d.a.'s office is as old and a news conference several police officers are said to be involved in the sex scandal involving the teenage daughter the 19 year-old jasmine is filed legal action against several cities in the bay area sensuous scent to exploited by two dozen officers while she worked as an under age call girl is scheduled to be
5:05 am
arraigned on five misdemeanor charges the police say they ran the woman's name in a confidential law-enforcement database >>darya: here is a picture jackson is the man you conceal surveillance video slapping a 17 year-old worker across the face- an assistant to mr. minute
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battery chargers half's >>mark: on tuesday the troops into the city limits for the first time in more than two years look a million civilians are trapped in the setting they're using them as human shields is the last major one and iraq and the expected in the coming months
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>>reporter: clinton not carolina playing of the world series victory trump also campaigning in the state for his path to what howls the key supporters are fanning out across the nation president obama stomach for clinton in florida and democratic vice president putting his skills to use an arizona on the republican side ted is something would like pens and michigan is a place for
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reelection the coverage our team of reporters will be spread out across the bay area hundreds of families are expected to sign up to register the sacred heart holiday food and toy program hough >>will tran: eashere it is somee
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with sacred heart once that becomes a member which is a free membership that come in and sign up in detail on how the parents
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were able to capture and you might notice your water taste and smell funny
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>>reporter: some rain of to the north to bay looks like it does develop as the projects at 10 or 15 look it was going on for today
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>>mark: this is experiencing is best conditions since 2013
5:18 am
>>reporter: that allegedly showed a babysitter in attacking the six month old son
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>>darya: a mass in the custody for south of a professor he's
5:21 am
been held and the connection of a murder of a college professor david the teacher was shot and killed last july the murder is still being sought by his colleagues
5:22 am
>>darya: living in the western open berkeley hills from crockett to sam and will be affected official said they are rerouting were a source people live and at here are going to get their water from east bay as a directive from the sierra there might be a slightly notice will difference and they insist even if it smells a test where the in a safe distance much change will allow for $22 million project to modernize the district largest water treatment plant and a random
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>>robin winston: we will be right back his more traffic >>mark: the body was discovered late wednesday night >>reporter: good morning and the search continues at sonoma state university after the body was found buried in a shallow grave at the end of campus we do not know the name of the person who was found we have a pitcher his name is kirk kimberly he was only 18 years old from pataki to have been missing since october
5:32 am
17th his body was from facedown and covered with brush the believe they found human remains in a shallow grave on campus about the investigation they're keeping in contact
5:33 am
>>james: we have the video here the bus mauna to choke her son and pinned him down with his knees you see a player on the left side of the screen
5:34 am
>>mark: 0 boy was sexually assaulting and this one have a chance are speaking out and they save people with special needs are being targeted often >>phillipe djegal: it happens more often than you think special needs children and adults victims of sexual assault she's referring to a 15
5:35 am
year-old boy encounters saturday night at the pittsburgh bird stationed on police sale 38 your man followed him into the bathroom walk the door and sexually assaulting him the boy with down's syndrome the centers for disease control and prevention says about 15 percent of children 3 to 17 has and is one of a little disability and he says the percentage of them who are sexually assaulted is much higher off some people develop mental disabilities are reluctant to report the assault
5:36 am
on the court is in hospital
5:37 am
police are looking for the car they were driving >>darya: we will be right back
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>>mark: you to see how large the fire is right now we're getting these pictures in southern california
5:41 am
>>mark: he with have been denied 39 points with seven rebounds and one assist 29 of those points came in the first half of the game and finding out that also own the other ties he wore a vest like them
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>>darya: the body was burned before it was dumped in was found around noon yesterday in
5:46 am
oakland the contra cause such the d.a.'s office told a news conference and then on to announce the results of the investigation >>robin winston: during the 5:00 hour ride around now is only 11 minutes from the foot of the major out of fremont street
5:47 am
5:48 am
>>reporter: dropping through most of the bay area through the overnight hours by sunday to maybe a few loose uncles and shower score half of the afternoon hours that advisor
5:49 am
crystalline place for the afternoon for have - 7 since december to sell. >>darya: the 46 year-old who was arrested yesterday afternoon of
5:50 am
the detectives questioned him at the police station he was charged with two count of first- degree murder for the shooting death of the sergeant and urbandale officer justin martin if convicted he could get an automatic sentence of life in prison without parole told officers she had been locked in this 30 by her boyfriend was reported missing from that same time has yet to be found
5:51 am
>>mark: that took control of the gadgets and launched an attack >>gabe slate: he had into it
5:52 am
from his job and that is why we see wanted to control economic and do whatever he wanted for
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extra protection
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>>darya: content and is about army medical refuses to kill people and is awarded the medal of honor
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now.
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>>reporter: ready for school forecast puts a said 67 will take a closer inspection of the drawing business.
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>>robin winston: to get from hillcrest out to 242 does emerge on to south to 42 in south 680- crowding you concede the rest of that trip leaving pleasantville >>reporter: of the search answers continue after the body was found dumped in a dark corner of acanthus the crime
6:03 am
scene tape is still appear police are still on the scene that have identified the person that was found there recall been bought a 45 tuesday night after landscaper called and said he believed he found human remains in a shallow grave on campus firefighters the battling
6:04 am
a massive fire that broke out overnight. >>james: you can see there is a is one ladder trucks bring water we have been able to find out this is appalling dark that burn is lots of fuel to brokaw little after 4:00 this morning
6:05 am
>>darya:, will have no details as soon as they become available. >>mark: police are looking for the person who burned a woman's body they searched the part
6:06 am
evidence in people who live near the park say crime is a regular occurrence the news
6:07 am
conference set for 11 this morning at the d.a.'s office in martinez >>darya: police and the east they're looking for a woman who reported missing wednesday night the 21 year-old is a volunteer with the alameda county sheriff's department she was lasting drop and a friend in san leandro the yes today in
6:08 am
police found her car he visits to misdemeanor battery charges a special forces launched an assault against a since militants the fighting has been the most intense combat since the offensive began of to expel they're trying to dry ice is out of the sitting of a bulldozer and car merged prices held
6:09 am
territory and they believe it is packed with explosives and they believe they're preparing for suicide attacks >>reporter: tom also campaigning in the state considering this path to the white house
6:10 am
democratic vice-president putting his skills to use of arizona
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>>mark: we will be right back
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>>robin winston: the ride across the san mateo bridge across the bridge and over 2101 across the golden gate the connection from the north bay and san francisco on the left southbound only 20 minutes from highway 37
6:16 am
>>reporter: 50 is cover most the perimeter of a 49 up to now 40 if novato goes spots as before its territory as the tech look a little bit from the delta to make note of the debt is about it that of a motion from the rain we had a few days ago not much is going to be intruding the rain business as all the way
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for don't forget to turn the
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clocks back an hour by saturday night. >>james: we know that is one of the attackers was killed in that attack investigators said was a car bomb the one alternate police stationed in this video just to the news on the to the massive damage that was done in that attack burning buildings to conceive holes in the ground these pictures just coming in moments ago one to share them with you to a massive amount of damage and destruction as a result of this car bomb attack will continue to follow the
6:19 am
story but for now that is the latest in the newsroom. >>darya: jews arrested mondesi was driving to another job police of not reaching out to other families to hire to mention there are no other allegations three-quarters of
6:20 am
the california still remains in the drought mostly in central and southern california will use the trial as a form to discuss sacramental lack of help for homeless he started pushing up- his face back as september at a charity event the mayor responded by punching him in the face.
6:21 am
>>darya: he beat her and ron to issues in the hospital for more than a month before she died from her injuries a fingerprint found in the home of the deputies if convicted he faces life in prison >>mark: howe according to
6:22 am
harvard university they would post the scouting report and the incoming freshmen on the women's soccer team the decision to forfeit the remaining games including the playoffs if said the practice was widespread and had gone on for a list and a 12th they agree with the decision the soccer team responded with an schoolman's that the same they will all the female athletes are being reduced because of their physical appearance
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>>mark: it will allow for $22 million a project to modernize the district and london
6:26 am
>>darya: the event is aimed at encouraging kids to consider a career in science
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>>mark: facebook of the gangbuster quarter of a bear out logo on forward >>reporter: mid-50s for temperatures going on for richmond and san francisco still
6:31 am
warm on a saturday overnight showers and develop into your sunny morning.
6:32 am
>>james: now you see the attack this happened back and a from it just became available to his especial need student she's demanding that the police do something the family of agencies
6:33 am
and nonprofit helps said they did file a police report according to the contra costa unified school district it was inconclusive saw the bus monitor is still riding on buses with children and she will not stop until the bus employee is fired
6:34 am
as some of the boy cannot she found out what happened and they're arrested the man. >>darya: they're urging anyone to reported who's been a victim of sexual assault that looking for to men after a violent robbery that have been an american canyon it was our old gas station.
6:35 am
>>mark: so much to go over and will suspend it for the election coverage it will be spread out
6:36 am
>>will tran: it stretches ride around the corner hundreds of people already there will be
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given a cool calm or voucher
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>>darya: >>james: >>mark: last night it was howe on they would interact let's go to the game there was no interaction in the first quarter was brought to charge in the thunder had intensified believed west will finish with 20 points to an assist and six rebounds kevin with started 9.7 rebounds and one assist as a
6:43 am
parade 108 years in the making and is happening right now the cubs are in chicago flocking to downtown you can see in this live shot everyone is getting the best view possible when celebration starts in the cubs started rolling down the street to the rallies to start about 9:00 by the time they get to it and in 2015 the estimated 2 million people we will be right
6:44 am
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>>reporter: to the 74 cast saturday night turn the clock to back the hour on monday will be having some might
6:50 am
>>robin winston: if as i was walking over i spotted this incident into san leandro lead early definitely consider 580 west instead it 80 know that may turn into a hot spot
6:51 am
>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: so many people have complained about ride share drivers and blocking traffic they tried to explain his mobile this driver is the
6:52 am
driver cannot arrive shed driver but many of the line to jump out of their car to avoid giving the moving violation their large amount of rice and a drive to block traffic in the process of picking up and dropping off passengers by the way in their
6:53 am
$230 to one. on director.
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>>mark: it is a very difficult
6:57 am
experience is sought inspiration in the three legged dog with this is hope she was found on the side of the road and a serious injury tore at the london her leg had decapitated they rested her raise money to cover her medical bills and now she is healthy and enjoy her life with a foster family and inspiring hope and others she will soon be available for adoption the body found on the campus and sonoma state university is identified we have a lot of forms with the latest + the warriors the mahlers the thunder and he ices out westbrook + he is getting ready to wear a full cup
6:58 am
uniform to the crowd headed to chicago for the big victory parade
6:59 am
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the morning. >> thank you for joining us on this friday morning. we are watching weather and traffic. let's start with the weather. but good morning and for today maybe some filtered sunshine as this line of high to mid-level clouds seems to be moving through quickly. it should be a sunny afternoon. this guy holds an opportunity for saturday showers. probably clearing out for your sunday. 57 oakland, 53 hayward still looking at 40s when you get out to those inland spot your in contrast to yesterday we are pretty close only a couple of degrees in striking distance. we have 67 and ready for the forecast. look for mid-70s with lots of sunshine. we will have more details on that weekend fo


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