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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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] connection lost ] ,>> now, ; shocked about it. >> now, mythey çwent to holy ugames fáw3u! high school ymñrñrwith t(v:t(rogers bw3zv keçand worked along taylor. she says taylor supervised the kib3a resolving ñt(conflict. >> oknice and friendly. helping w9t+ the kids, very htw3 is a 23-year-old xdlaura rogers was i]a ñrbubbly okgirl w3who became uuiet band stopped interacting with ñrw1çcustomers too,. >> always quiet. we never spok
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he guys, no, mostly ñr girls. t@&ñno t(one [oswe spoke t(to felt they could be ñrcapable u!t(of qbr killing ça ñrperson. they /,ác uspected çs f being xd behind w3a murder w3v:ñrwmnrqonce worked at the kfc with roger who sw6had dreams of çóa s areer in law ñr enforcement. >> i believed in here. she çp r, çu!kot(to fáw3s s çi] khoef that -- to achieve that goal. >> reporter: ç a goal ?edat ñrwill ok not sodbe achieved. we will keep you updated. rogers ands taylor will u!be arraigned ñooit this i]ñrcoming fáq another b.a.r.t station. today, chp released the name of %qñq the t(w3xdman they put behind bars. spencer blake a as more t(v:on what happened on saturday night. #f
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t the walnut creek bart ñrstation. figure out what fámade s çu!him shoot a gun okyou on the freeway. >> a w3little bit of road rage might go e into çzvthe best çof us. this had case really got out ofa lphand. >> ça qñrregular 9-ing okthat ci#pened. so, why take it that far? 4-h@>> highway patrol got aall q%t çclock p.m. có one ñrcar trying to force another off of xthe -- 9:00 p.m. one car trying to force another one. then another car, someone was shot ñrat on i]the ñrfreeway. >> ñrthings can vynñstart from little to ñoosomething major. >> reporter: sch p fa%id the ñróxçw3 suspect ñru!car jfqand ú to pull it over but the drivçñri] would not do it. creek when the car exive, went tngards the b.a.r.t okzvparking w3q lot. >> çñrreporter: çthe officer ñrsaid eventually ross parked t(his ñrñrikmi]car b. and started complying with the officer's orders. county connection driver q
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in a shooting. bull lets hit the v:outside of a ok car. now, çross in jail ñrand scheduled w3 to appear ñrin court on tuesday. the t out of control. if t(you get caught if çñvçin the what ççyou can i]to 9i]safely ú you. a ñrlot of clouds çd8around the bay ñrarea today. xl
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v:i]zvup with cloudy skies and w3maybe q thick fog early on. apernoon partly cloudy ñrskies and mild temperatures. generally in e b60s and the 70s. wsr9q) ier!?eçweather t(on the way. we will have more on that coming up in just a couple of t( minutes. >> u!ank you mkw÷xdvery komuch. xdbig qnews v:tonight, a çówoman who has been çónicknamed ñrsuper mi] mom has not been seen since the middle of last ñrweek. tonight u!the search is on for this .j]:rgg wife and mother of oku! two. 34-year-old sherry from zvredding disappeared while okon ñra jog on çó wednesday the investigators t(say o7othat she texted her husband earlier that day but you when he returned ñr home myñrfrom çwork koshe was nowhere to be found. she had not picked up ñ ñrher ñrñrtwo children from daycare. her husband tracked her iphone and ymfound ñrit on a çóuaáá ly0çbelieves u!that she was çóçómyabducted. 4&h- she t(t(was last seen çin a çpink s ç
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jogging suit. faculty i]at sonoma university are reminding peoplem to çço[be safu çafter oka body of a teenager t(iv%was ñrfound on campus iñzv with a stab wound. we go to the camp us whera that body was ñrfound tonight. tonight we komyhave ñrmore on what -- where that body was çófound b tonight. a> reporter: it fáis alarming for students w3here ñrwho don't i] in this wooded i]area i]at ñrthe edge of w3the campus ç university employee i]found /o now. not knowing who did that. >> reporter: qxd s ]kimber was found in a shallow grave in a rugged area filled with btrees and brush g#at the edge of zvjj@campus. this o7bñris video zvof i]the scene from our xdpartnership with t(í okabc 7. she ç was fáreported qóñrñ2çóqbs ymr3:rgg on october ?;u!
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17th. the w3i]ñru!investigators v:say he was stabbveral times. >> psa if the building s n v: campus, zvmaking a point to give us safety ñrtips ñron what kodo differently to bd0w3aware of your surroundings ñrbqand okymqtrust your instincts if you think something is çgoing wrong. >> çw3nothing fáconcrete for!çmore w3ñr security or the police patrolling. have okmade a øpoint of saying kim %3 make i]these students feel w3safer. ¿ er. he was around my age. just rú situation i am in. >> still a life %qzv could ñrfáñr does not matter. >? reporter: kimberly was çlast ñrñrxdó 6cj& seen w3oks nkomyroeuding h&y kbike -- çw3ú riding q%his v:bike on ñrcampus. back çóto uu. a man is dead after ñrhis
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reportedly speeding ñrmycar okcrashed ikmu! into a tree and caught qon t%fire in q%santa clara. it happened çi]around noon w3today at the i.t$rsection of homestead xdqroad and iñthe express way. the driver, a san u?;ose zvman d8in his 20s, was in okyma ñrw3ñr+t(2010 chevy cam xd-- a stop iñlight, ?3vthe investigators ñriñú say xdw3the car swerved right, striking the sidewalk, a tree then caught on qfire. the other car binvolved in this ñrq race fled the scene. xdthe police say t(that no injuries were reported ñrin dif7uju ú this morning w3t(xdin ñrboakland. on m6ud street near the t(12th ç st>m occupied car. there is no0çñrñroksuspect ?;ymin that case. the second shooting occurred at two cl? in the morning on holly street just a block t(fáeast ñr from international boulevard.
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the ttçpolice çsaid they ñrhave identified iñko?[3one victim ?> koi]zkçthe oak on 9átland raiders çótook my gn!the iñenver broncos tonight ñrñrb and beat them at t(home. the final =)score, ñrvomg#30-20 raiders. we are qlive u!at the coliseum tonight. mark, i zvam guessing ñru!the reaction ñrout there s çis a positive one? >> reporter: very, very positive. now, all y) this year (he team has learned ko7
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than half of kow3that. and/3 touchdowns çymu!he got himself zva hat trick. aod, the raiders ymdefense w3that d8v: has drawn criticikg rover xdthis season on point. held denver to çjust ñover kwj30 =)ñ rushing yards, çforced two turnovers and another /7ybig ñrwin for the d they xdare now ymñrt(1st place in the afc west. let's ñrhear t(ñrt(from derek carr and murray. >> it was a u!fun ymthing u!to watch. i am the ñrbiggest fan of that. but, you çóknow, in a game &ike ñrdy that i t(don't care if we run dit 58 times, çóyou ks)ri don't care. you ñrknow, but when i]you get cal upon you have to hit your shots. just bthink it is w3a start. you know, we çgot to $x-- we got i]a s lot fçv:ñrw3of t(i]mygames left. we are in a tough division. so, this thing can go any way. we çknow that. we know we can not look at çthis game as t(bsomething ñri]that is going to define us or define this season. ve to earn every game çfáu!t(that
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u!we have to may.z# this is a rare prime time appearance do$ññrthe raiders. earlier hadç ad week, del rio said he ñrexpects to be in more of the games and expects to a/awin ko more t(ñrof ñrthe games. after tonight it appears to be direction. the ñrraiders ñrçnot going away. next week as they ú their ñrbye-week u!and okafter ñrthat they face the zvñrw3texauin ÷new mexico. back to you. >> thank qyou. 0fefore tonight's game people rallied to ñrcope u!kothe raiders in oakland. fhis is talks htafter moving çthe team ñrto vegas heated up. group save ñrokoakland qi]sports handed out 310,000 çsigns to raider fans s ]they say okstay in oakland. they are çxdt(i]trying ymokto send a messageú)a
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the rai@ kland. >> we u!love the raiderqi e1that t(guy. don't be ççxdthat okñrmyñrçguy. what would you$ he made that mistake one ) 0@don't w3zvqmake the mistake twice. >> i have a message for you. no reason çówhy we can't have the raiders in oakland. >> s ]don't btake the raiders away. this is ñrour i]hometown. we have ñá.trhere0çsince day t(1 for the ñrfirst day =q . raiders! >> çi zvwant iñto go to an oakland raiders i]game. raiders! >> how do you say xdno that girl. >> it is unlikely we will see ñrba u!?;ymkoq coming up t(i]on q t what ñrhe did and ñrwho çs )u-p6cj& managing his tweets. plus new developments ñrñrzvñrin
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ñra myt(qg#çóçox 6cj& broughtal murder brought -- brutal w3okfáfámurder in south0ç rzolina. finabñrout how many çt(u!w3u!people the suapect now admitted killing. ì
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oman pulled up okñrto i]her garage on pennsylvania avenue she realized a man in a pickx noit -- it was strange. >> reporter: instead of ñr stopping t(she kept çógoing. the man followed. frightening event. happen a lot. -- called 911. a frightening event. it is ñrádof the ordinary. we i]u don't have stuff fálike this kos happen a i]lot. >> he had a machete and a away. after a qstruggle he was placed under i]a$mt "n4cññrt(and thrown in jail. he is charged with
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nt to commit assault, possesssjrxdzvs ]of ú controlled substance and violating his probation. deb ra, who normally i]walks ñrher dogs late at ect reminder for people to be aware of their out t(iw5of the ordinary, qñrñron't jñ hesitate "o"ta+ñ okñcall 911. back to you. koq3wwe are joined çright t(now by ou)hmeteorologist. calm and cool? >> yeah, you know, showers early on this morning. by the antdrnoon the clouds &ç king its wai çin the pacific northwest. far northern california seeing light s drokt(showezs!myfrom the system. i think the pattern just about shifts gears here a i]g#little s /ybit. let's go ig?for a closer look q now. scattered t(mylight showers near
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fort bragg. showers. most of it moving to the mountain top çónow. it %yis all mlight rain. that e1is high pressure building in now. so, we started out qéñq! a"#mkdfy couple of rainquojs early on this morning. locally. some places upwart&8/100th of qñrxdw3t(s çw my) an i]inch of rainfall. but, other places just a trop ñr in mythe bucket. getting çthe çóground wet. that is about xdit. kind ófdbquiet out there. looking from berkeleyáú0@6cj& a kolot çkoof clouds up above. we have changes coming our way. not a big rain pro dusker but lost a lot çof moisture çós çin the :9vw looking towards the golden gate bridge, getting okkow3the idea. a ñrsoupy komix. a oklot of moisture bxdoutsidd dense qfog developing out there. watch out for that overnight tonight and xdearly in the mornig' especially w3the u!bay ñro d b.xdnorth my bay val$eys. expecting dense fog. tomor+ow, morning clouds, sunshine, high çclouds, then, the temperatures will qfástart to w chance q%of rain probably coming on saturday. .2pp:hb
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head0çinto s çw3the weekend. the ñrtemperatures ñrout i]çóñr]i,0he xddoor right now. 50s and 60s holding on. b%kler, 53 çu!degrees, 63 in çsan jose. and 62 in oakland. as you head out the door myokthis xdi]ñr evening, well, çthe tel@eratures ñr will w3stay fairly mild. 50s and 60s in most sp&>&, the clotta continuing to çrollover ç tp1t8qw partly u!cloudy skies. impressive storm ñrsystem ñrw3off qof çw3 the s çxdcoastline. generating okñrú d. speaking of. heading into t@e!ymhigh qcountry. the temperatures are towards ñrxd the thaçtahoe area, ñri]getting record-breaking warmth, then, overnight qlows, down qg#in the i]ñr middle]xdñrçó30s. traveling around the state. you will 8eo phebgs tour of sunshine.u! -- mixture i]of sunshine. working its way northward. a zvnbqfew leftover clouds for us
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in the morning. starts to break w3up. sunshine, v:kou a couple high c,m s. the temperature is not all that bad. the numbers w3u!t(around ñrthe bay area. , w3ñrçóa tmmylot of sunshine. san jose in the afternoon. the temperatures topping(ott in the 70s. early on in çqzvthe çmorning. partial clearing in the afternoon. the temperatures in the 60s. oakland ñrt(looking t(u!at mostly cloudy starts. lots of sunshin!ñ+igh clouds, going ñrback up çin the 70s. view xdñrfátomorrow. 73 in napa. and about 72 degrees in santa xlçt(çó%q rosa. next fáymñrñrfew days we will see some )- nice sun shine, drier weather returning in the bay area. then, bñrñra qi]qweak system sliding boy. more clouds on wednesday. the next best chance çof rain looks like that will xdbe ñron saturday. that storm ymsystem does nou÷look like a çóbig w3deal. a weak storm çsystem. taking v:a closer look at the qu! zone kofáforecast coming up. the temperatures can be neat
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all around the bay ççarea. >> ñrw3d8yma nice change. >> yes. okt( feeling good6 3 >> all right> thank you very 5uch. >> all çright. >>
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possible thavother ñrbodies xdi]will be uncovered. jury selection continues in ú the death penalty tria> reportc zvuhç it this!n city hall looks like tonight. about two t(s ozedñpeople have s dñr been qymliving on the steps since early friday morning. that is t(htwhen ççberkeley zvkomypolice
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shutdown their encampment on t' ave grown in numf'm. we çhave w3a lot more support coming out and staying with us. >> reporter: people like adam who came from modesto s rto support u!v:the v:protesters. he says t] ity qñrshould leave encampments alone. >> if people xdlike this had zvba q place where they 1ei]could [w3stay without being evicted they could start to build someth$ and they t off of the ñri]v: streets xdin they want to. >7 reporter: james, a homeless veteran tnnd activists grees. >> ua:q have q @own i]zvpersonal space. they are chased around on the streets day after day by the police saying çyou bokhave no right ñrxd to shelter v:or to survive. it is oppresiveú3 >> reporter: for throw weeks had ñrgroup has been çasking for qñrñr sanctioned çxdv:land they can camp
10:23 pm
on. ¿ çanitation and mental health services. people we talked çto u three repl t teld ñrñrymme u!if they have b planning to shutdown çthe camp. they -- plans to shutdown ñrthe camp. but u!the police were xdthere and i] let people know it ñaas not appropriate qfor them to zvymcamp there. reporting in berkeley. back to ñri]you. coming up, prkey ñrtrouble. t&f- find ñri]out what oks r ild çbirds are w3doing myin davis w3that has h/!le u!calling qxdñrthe ú gate fáhalf marathon happened today in san franciscl
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a run. the golden gate çhalf marathon. runnrepresenting 47 states and w330 ñrdifferent n the w3 golden gate bridge. >> xdit is a beautiful i]v:course. lots of fun, u!ótáqpá people, ñr e presidio and zvover the bridge it is u!fantastic. >> reporter: g#the overcast i] conditions zvmade for s7a better run. >> xdxdit 1eas awesome this morning. nice weather. it was good. >> you wi little ñrñkbit (mju(p:u. you i8b5know, it t(is uhçfágood. makes qit much better çi]than it v was really, really hot. >> reporter: the first runner to finish in just about an hour and 20 minutes. he says çthe hills ñrwere!çthe hardest2part. >> i did xdnot know how w3i was w3ñrt(
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ggiog to finish. people were ahead of me áe my entire race. i just çfell -- the last few )ofyñ miles i ñrpushed it as u!hard as i could. >> reporter: now he won xdhtthe title çói asked w3him ñri]ñrwhat w3d8kois next. >> actually ñr:s oing up to sanoma to go wine tasting. still ahead, we set our clocks ñrymback írone hour last night. did ñrkoyou check w3xdyour smoke detectors? we will explain why they say ó @6cj& doing okxdthis v:is zvso critical. after lphe break, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal çóñris now over. find out çwhat çthe myfbi had to say about the new e-mail review.
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proposition 61 is a very, very important step forward. the time is long overdue... for the american people to stand up to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. so i hope that proposition 61 passes - and i thank the people of california for putting it on the ballot.
10:29 pm
it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. another i]bombshell w from the fbi, the agency has i]finished
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its review of new e-mails connected to hillary clinton. >> also the ú reportinw ,!at donald i]ymtrump's team banned him from posting s/won ym twitter. this fái]is what they çkoñrare deal i]qñrt(fight to the finish. this ñrñras fbi director ños çsent a letter to lawmakers on sunday that his agency has t(not changed its u!opinion w3g#that hillary clinton should not face criminal charges. >> we re glad to see as we were -- on qbthat s e found we matter is resolved. >> repnbter: it çómafter a ko review of new e-mails discovered in çóa zvseparate çw3 investigation of anthony my weiner. earlier on r as a criminal over er çprivate i] e-mail rurver. >> qif she were çare to win it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. >> ñrwith the weight of the qfbi
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investigation lifted clinton made an s ppeal to cf$% to get to work for w3u!ñrqyou. this çks@bout ñrwhat we can do together. it is about the futurure we can create ççand uxdw3build. >> reporter: more star for clinton d8nba player lebron james shows qq!his support for clinton t a ral myqnecleveland, ohio w3-- at a rally çóin clevela($b nd be knowledgeable about what is going ñron. see !what our future entails and thik (=5an has the brightest future for fáñrour world. >> reporter: meanwhile trump y&(1ning heavily on ñrhis ñrñr family. his daughter is qokmeeting ñrmyçówith a small group in çnew hampshire t( and okhis runningmate getting voterred excited in ñrflorida. >> we voters xdexcited t(in florida. >> we are just two days away from voting day in florida and across the çóunited states myt(of
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america. >> reporter: on fáñrmonday they w3s have jam i]ñrpacked line ñrups, bruce, barack zvobama, ñrfirst çñrñri] lady, clic w3s çq%chelsea clinton and i]!jon okbon ñrs ovi&rfor xdñrher s zrfinal zv michigan. trump's twitter access taken away by his cam pain ?;staff fá today -- ú while campaigning for hillary, barack çóobama poked fun. >> ñró(tharently w3his campaign has taken away çe1ñrhis wvçñrtwitter. [ laughter ] s in the last çtwo days they had so little confidence in i]rij self-control çthey said we t(are /a6 just going fáto w3fáñrtakeaway nv twitter. if somebody can not handle a twitter fáu!account. [ htlaughter xd] -- they mycan'é
10:33 pm
handle the çnuclear account. [ laughter a >? çcalifornia çvoter registra#n has hit an all- time high nearly i]20 çókookmillion w3i] californians registered on s óvote s çt& in tuesday's general election. that is 78% ñrof eligible californians. 2012 held the previous çs ecord t(w3u! at çñra ç18.3 million voters. this election çósea3o8k5% qt( democratic, kow3my26 as republicans and the rest no party p oerence. >> many are going out on çóvote early. >> i]here is t
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volunteers myin oakland and they have not requested an jn absentee ballot. then at 8:00 a.m. iñ on çótuesday ñrv@.)nteers will ñr7
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onced t(in the two stole numerous electric items, a neighbor surveillance ñrmyvideo n8m çable to 4&h- capture the pair zvñras they were i] leaving ñrxdxdthe house and getting into ñru!the@rzv3 series bmw driven by a third suspect. the two suspects who entered ç the ñrhome xdare described htas white men wearing qg#v:black shorts, white t-shirtsúçqs ith ñrmedium length hair. officials ñrare urging ç]i residents t(to take caution i]ñrwhen zv using their credit cards. an okalert gas station one of okñrthem çós laced =kdf skimmers are not usual visible unless the co ñrfápad is otgg. the çofficials say to make sure there u!is qñra security seal on the ym gas pump v:rand ñrñrñrexam card readers for anything thapúspv ook suspicious. avoid pumps out of ñrñrthe site of ok store ñrw3employees i]and check rñryour u!w3ñrs credit çcard statement regularly for ny unusual$çcharges -frp 4@(he çóofb(rp&s are reviewing security çfootage koin çóñrokmys n
10:36 pm
attempt to identify the suspect. 0gi=e police are looking for ñra man who pulled out a knife o. rsomeone at v:safe ua2. it ñrhappened after two men were involved u!w3in htñra ev÷road rage incident. th]@ çzvtwo men went s ]into safeway where jfsu çs scalated. the suspect pulled out a small folding knife threatening to stab the other man if he did not çs eave the store immediately. the officials are loo d8h#or the man in question. they were able to htcapture ymthis picture of the man and a pi that is what you are looking at now. he çwas last seen leaving ?nmtñ the officials okñin fairfield say a trabr(hstop led to ?;ña drug and gun d5't. this m3ñris çóym ku happened on november 1st when the officers pulled #gover w3a w3 driver who failed to 3u!stop at(ça ÷@sáop sign.
10:37 pm
suspended license and placed him under arrest. onceztbe police conducted ?9ía q search of the car they found ra 9mm handgun i]çw3hidden under the"#mk÷ driver's seat. they located xd120 çós(e1 i]myokfá psuscription pills. the suspect is currently in jail. clocks back because daylight savingh(xsq as w3ñryesterday. i am sure you did. fire çdepartments ñracross the bay area were combing the streets encouraging residents q%3w3to change their smoke detectors over 2,00 people die in home çfires ñrñrv: on ] each year. the u!myofficials say many kowho qu!die do t(not have workingh eries, remove you it from the smoke kodetector rñf push and hold xlçthe test button. the smoke detectors will hold a ?> the officials suggest maki sure that r>everyone qin your family ymoutside your home changed their ñrbatteries çótú ñr weekend. coming up, q1 dchild was shot
10:38 pm
in the w3w3t(face at i]a popj r grocery store in texas. find out what t(led qto the shoaling. a california [mom may bed my headed to okjail for myselling(çan illegal substance throueh@ , after the break
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a suspect opened fire as a qñrñrko family ñrwas leaving a s" ce say it started xdwhen a vehicle pulled ñrñr&jñrup ñrçb.vzçto the family as they were leaving a food mart. then çallegedly koa ñrzvperson çózin the car started a fight and things ç escalated. the suspect fáthen ñrñri]rushedto a car wash that was across the street, ñrreturned with a w3gun and xd fired s çi]multiple shots. one bullet fit the girl in the face. she xbçi]xdñrwas ç; where show underwent surgery. t police say it is unclear if
10:41 pm
the girl's family and the suspect knew each i]other. tiu kou!police t(have identified a person of interest. a cal cal woman ñrhas been cited qfor selling a s çsub-- ñrt(qñr california woman has been qcited xd for selling food, engage w3in i]ñr part qof a facebook çóg#group u!called çñr 209 qs$od spot. share recipes, and oku!occasionally q sold what ñrthey ñrcooked. she ko2was contacted by someone looking to8rbuy ñra plate o food. it ñrwas ñra sting zvbecause most of the 209 food v:zvspot w3members qdid not have d food. the group was sent a warning t-rj@before charges are handed zçdown. >> it çmyçóis i]like unreal that they were saying you could face çup to a year in ñrjail t(s çmy don't t(t(zvzvlike it. the myçlegislature felt that this
10:42 pm
d8 myrisk çi]to the public. >> selling food without permits w3 undercuts business owners who get permits that make their food. the only çone that korefuse to @lead down i]to 3 years ym probation. she is now headed to çñrtrial that fá gj99q ould end up in jail. coming up, thanksgiving just çxdaround the corner a ñrs :w3s çñrcity çt( in california v:çis dealing okwith ñrñr a /+major turkey problem. what is prompting these people to call 911. >> a lot çñrof u!clouds itwe.:yy tonight. tomorrow, shnges coming our s r way, ççwarmer weather, too, we will talk about that next. ñrwe areúçñrtalking qzvsports. hakland ñrraiders are in action and oh, boy it is a good one. ç highlights after the break ç
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vz out this for months, tu@keys, ñrzv to 911 dispatchers. >> -9how can i help you? >> çit is q g-stre@and çó$xfádavis. i have a huge twr y surrounding 3kot(my ñrt(car, circling mow r>circle -- circling me, qi don't know what to bñrdo. >> i t(can s çnot çóleave. i am nbstuck here and two urkeys >> zvcan ñrbñri help you? >> hi. >> yes, so çthere is a turkey
10:46 pm
between ym4th and -- [indiscernible] and it is chasing ñrt(after people. foul. 100 of (he birds roamed the 6cj& streets of the county ñrtown xdokover the last wn decade. with dozens hanging out i]çóin a city cemetery. some will qualify to çbe ñr,p6cj& permanent residents okthere. now that w3davis city councilmembers çvoted on çóçóa u!ymkonew turkdi management plan that killed and others will be j- well, qa beautiful shot of san francisco myhere. >> a"çvery w3nice koym=)weekend. a ñrv:little rain here h nothing ñrto e ruin anything. >> i was thinking about a xd turkey u!forecast even t(though we 6cj& are a couple weeks out. [ laughter ] >> e that is kodoog, long, long- range. full of stuffing çand all w3kinds w3ym of good qstuff. r6will tell you about that.
10:47 pm
[ c'çzvv:u!ta,ghter okw3s r] it will look like the clouds they are moving in rr w. another storm system ñrt(moving ççin from the okpacific. this ç ñone will be different. high pressure building ?;ñinto çthe south of v:vomit. right ñrs7oq)e xbçwe i]ru!ñs ]are at. sending the clouds streaming to the north. light scattered@rshowers, part ñr -ñv:northern california, things are settling down here, though, ñr we did have 8th of an inch xdñrof v: rainfall here overnight and into early this morning, now, ñryeçç things quqe.%9g downright now. because of the fámoisture w3left i] behind, i]we are starting çñrto see thick qfog develop zvko/o!in some spots. t@fut the door çt(we go to san jose. middle to high-level clouds there. other wise, a çónoise zvñrevening r>in san jose. today's highs, well, running abovu ,!e average for this time of okthe year. 60s, but, topped off ñrñrat 67 iu ñr degrees koçin san francisco. 70 in oakland, 74 degrees, the had high çóin san jose/0 71 d8in livermore u and concord and
10:48 pm
68 w3ççodegrees in santa rosa. well, tosáj afternoon, i think the temperatures may çi]ñrbe u!ym jáwt a little warmer. let's plan xdu!on upper 60s in +-8wsan i] francisco. oakland, 72 degre]. make sure qñrthe sun is shining, csy mostly ? qqsunny ñrskies, middle 70s as we look towards san jose. sgjrqimpressive okd8ñrlooking storm system. ahead in the gulf of las çlas. but, again, high pressure ñri] beginning tw yxdv:çónbmove in. building into the bay area ovep ññrxdrain, ?;?nmt(dzit will move çfarther t(and faveq o the north. it will dry us ñrout ñrxdw3 coming our way. now, hu(rv ense fogg. ]tch out for that çin qthe north valleys and ñrjust in kjfthe xdbay. jj@then, heading in towards thgo6oko0@6cj& aq 9oon tomorrow, it will bmix (- out qa bit. sunshine, high clouds, u!really, u!w3ñr
10:49 pm
67 degrees. golden v:gate park. 72 in. pargter south you will find s çñr70s ñr and also in sunny valley. looks like 74 degrees in san ñr jose ç-- further g#south $a find 70s and ñrlpñkoalso çin çsunny valley. looks qlike "ñ?ndñrdegrees ñrxdokin san jose. now, 73 w3degrees in 3wwalnut creek. a i]ixture zvof u!sunshine and high clouds, in the óomi]north okbay. soee!ñrfog early on. by my]iqqthe ñrafternoon we will see sunshine in w3ñrs ru!çóthere ñrñru!as well. a lot of 70s and 73 in napa. now, the next couple of days u!we will see warmer ú way. high pressure kind u!of ñrtakes over here. going to go ymthrough the jet stream çñrfurther ñrto the north. ed with, a ñrv:weak ñrsystem coming our way. a few more clouds, no rain. but, we could very well see a couple ñrof w3w3raindrops ñrby next
10:50 pm
saturday. the system, ñagain, looks very similar to through today. that did not produce a lot of rain. >> xdçwe .511 tion day. guess. get uout bs nd i]xdw3vote. >> thanks. & time now for kron4 sports. the radars hosting the bronkor in ça high stakes match up for the first place myin t(the afc west we fáñrçógo to ñrthe t,çvideo. q óñrt(time gce two house six the silver and black play zvon çxda sunday2night football ?;game. carr ready orto qface i] ñw3roff ñrqñrqymñrzvqu!against von myeler. w3d3wq a tough ñrdenver defense. mh re zvñrcoyá denver. now, trevor fires, looks ç?;for xdñr his i]man, firing right there. 36 yard touchdown, ñrymw3on t(jordan. now, that would make it a 6- point game. we go to çççthe ?;okq4th quartep@
10:51 pm
ómoñrw3troys to get t(s -- he ñre tries ñrto get v:broncos back. he i] ght. under ç2 minutes latest. broncos driving down the fold. he gets d8-- f'iwhat w3ñrdoes he get? he gets kicked zvoff by nelson. raiders win it ko30-20 and take q sole position of 1st place in the k'rafc west for the first time since 2011. win. that is -- not just this game ñrñr that is every game, you know, you zvgo myñooout, you preparw, we are creating a culture where, again, çói think you v:r&l be me now, we don't ókp aught çóup in what the game is umyqon the 3woutsid% r looking in. we çget focused in on i]ñrour job. >> focused on winning. myq9ers off of their u!bye-week.
10:52 pm
hosting now new at levi stadium. kaepernick looking for the first win s çof ñrthe season against ñr drew xdbreeze and bñrxd!e saints. in çs7he 2nd çñrqug2) 1ñd8another guy, though. mark,ngxw3he qwill !uqrun it çóreally far> ÷with 158 omçi] yards and 2 touchdowns, 28-10 saints. now, cap, keeping san w francisco w37
10:53 pm
hope the ñrñrxd 49ers have ymin this@o game. they lose heir çóñr7th myñrg#v:game in a row. c >> ñri nbwould say so. [ laughter i]] still ahead tonight,ñr celebrity çóchef made an yms appearance fáin san ñrfrancisco ñr today. find ñrout ñrwhat was being cooked up ñrw3at a charity event
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
ymcelebrity chef cob storm. last jight she was honored and ñréí made qi]a dish of grilled ulamb i] among ñrother things. chef0oçóand will ñrbe d8sharing some
10:57 pm
t secret recipes later wzis week on dine t(and v:dish moo i]all of the good c'gigs. >> right? well, election day is çmy almost xdhere. no charges will be filed against hillary clinton. . >> w3we have the lpest in the scandal on what is n" suoçfor the is upon us. the xdnows is back xdin ñrñrñr3 qnow -- çu! the nkm+m is iwçu!i]bat9hrg 3 minutes ñrok
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
(d our ñrbig ym election day. another okbombshell from the f.b.i. thanks for kot(d8s oining çfáñrñrus at 11:00. the agency is now finished ñrko1/ e w3review of new e-mails connñk d to hillary clint onand the result, ñrçóa relief to the clinton ñrcampaign as ymthe presidential candidates are ñrmyqin g# the final countdown. moo $ is a fight to


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