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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 9, 2016 3:45am-7:01am PST

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with rut-busters to balance work/life/family. >> we all have things coming from every direction, everyone's busy. i have a lot of decisions to make at home with the kids and family or at work. exercise is helpful for me if i feel cluttered. getting into the zone to clear my head. sometimes a long shower, getting those 15 minutes to mself. >> you do that? >> i lock the door. >> because i am interested in the work/life balance, propriet? that's something i haven't mastered and i know you work with your husband. i briefly, for maybe one week tried working with mine, and thw long it lasted was one week, because i said this: maybe this is too much information, we are in the bedroom and about to go to sleep. i said: what did you do with that social media ad, and it was just over. >> i never intended to work with my husband, but we do,
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and our life is blended. i actually, went into labor with our first daughter 10 years ago on the first day of training for the 6 employees, from day one we have been building our family and company together. there are times when he will try to ask me something work-related and i will be in the zone, and i will give him a look like "really". we are not doing this now. >> it can work, husband and wife working together. sometimes you see it in the doctor's office in medicine. it can work, but at other times you see it fails quite dramatically. >> i guess communications is a really important thing in the whole equation, it can get stressful if you don't communicate successfully. >> we communicate a lot. >> and the good news is, there's a ton more when it comes to helpful hints in lisa's new book, "power your happy" and for everyone in the audience you will go home with your own copy! lisa, keep up the great work.
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>> dr. travis: a lot of folks spend hundreds of dollars on their hair to keep it healthy and looking great. one change when you sleep can keep your locks from breaking. it's simple. silk pillow cases! whoo! [ applause ] >> dr. travis: when you move around at night, your hair creates friction with that coten pillow -- cotton pillow case and can cause the hair to break. silk, of course, feels oh, so luxurous and keeps your locks from breaking. >> another benefit of silk from your pillow? your skin. it helps when you lie on it, leases wrinkles and helps you retain moisture, not just in the hair but in the face, as well. leaves you looking rested and fresh. [ chimes ] >> dr. travis: you guessed it! fresh is the "word-of-the-day"! >> go to our website,
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and enter the word "fresh" for a chance to win fhi's brand stylist thermal styling brush, that heats up. defrizzs, smooths, straightence and curling your hair -- straightens and curls your hair. valued at $139.99. >> dr. travis: i see a lot of beautiful hair in the audience, but are you all game? you want one? >> audience: yeah! >> dr. travis: do you want one? >> audience: yeah! >> dr. travis: you are all going mome with one >> announcer: coming up, after today's doctor's prescription, you might never drink coffee made on an airplane again! that's coming up! ♪ >> dr. travis: here's what's breaking in today's news in two: >> dr. travis: in the battle of his life, bube -- michael buble puts his career on hold to save his child abdominal pain? bloating? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid.
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>> dr. travis: if you are ready to win big, join us in the studio audience here at the doctors, you could be part of the "word-of-the-day" giveaway, log on to our website at or call us at 323-the-docs.
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that's 323-the-docs for show tickets! [ applause ] ♪ [ applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dr. jampolis, do you have 2 minutes for me? >> yes. >> dr. travis: all right we will check out the doctor's news in two. [ laughter ] ♪ >> canadian singer michael buble and his wife have put their careers on hold to focus on helping their son noah, recover from cancer. they thought the boy had the mumps, buble, and his wife were devastated by the cancer diagnose, their son is the oldest of three children, and undergoing treatment in the u.s.. we have a long journey and we hope with support from everyone around us, we will win this battle god-willing. >> hundreds of students at a prestigious west coast university have been diagnosed
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with norovirus, health officials are the university of southern california believe this was spread primarily in campus resident halls. sanitation efforts are seped stepped up. á norovirus can spread easily. vomiting, nausea, muscle aches and fatigue, usually go parks way in 48 hours. á students are asked to rinse fruits and vegetables thoroughly and wash their hands often. >> illinois, there's a salmonella outbreak linked to a chili cook off. multiple people who attended the bellville chili cook off, experienced fever, pain, diarrhea, the illinois department of public health advises anyone feeling ill who attended the event to cont tact their -- contact their
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primary care physicians. it -- to avoid the spread, the health department says it's important for food to be cooked thoroughly and wash hands after restroom use and before handling food. that's today's news in two. >> dr. avis: the holidays are approaching. millions of folks are flying to see loved ones. the doctors prescription is this: consider it wise to buy yoir coffee before you board -- your dauv e your coffee before you board the plane. the epa, finds problems in the water tanks of the airline. the tanks, apparently, that houts water are not clean as often as you would think. water boils at a lower temp at 35,000 feet, your coffee might be more of a burnt taste. >> it's so expensive. >> i don't like coffee on the airplane, unless you are
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sitting up front. maybe, then it may be a little better. >> it's the same coffee, buddy. >> it's not gonna taste the same. >> announcer: what is your drink of choice on the airplane? >> if you are on have akay, you don't -- vaykay, you don't have to drink coffee, drink wine. >> thanks and thanks for being with us,
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: the latest in a pot is one of the most controversial of lexus and united states has ended in a way that most not expect donald trump is victorious and will be the next president. >>reporter: donald trump quickly gathered more even tore all boats than he needed them to win the president's position however look at the popular vote is the most closer race is the first to
4:01 am
be expected the first person who never held office before the campaign now the united states president she entered leading in national polls will political experts say is a clear path to
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the two larger 70 votes needed to win the race. >>reporter: key states like for ohio and north carolina went to trump sold its a state of wisconsin the clinton campaign about a lot of clinton had a night of not enough when a person of the african-american vote but not as much as president obama and captured four years of she also won less in the latino whites and young people than president obama
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>>james: police in berkeley have made arrests in the process this morning this is video from our partnership with abc seven rent- a-center of the screen we are zooming in least 50 protesters marched from downtown to highway 24 before 2:00 this morning.
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>>reporter: today we're looking for similar day as yesterday there appeared to be holding nicely is just about caring know from berkeley over to the east bay and out toward the bay in san francisco 55 from 73 by high
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noon those and lynn areas in the upper 70's maybe not as close when you see a nice recovering
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>>robin winston: 10 into a lot of san francisco doing fine is only 21 minutes to get from highway 37 over to the san francisco side her campaign walk
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out on stage last night and sent home the large crowd of supporters
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>>james: metal was podesta we will hear more from helleri she's expected meanwhile back in california and other approved prop. 64 that legalize recreational use of marijuana we
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will be right back.
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>>reporter: the high surf advisories about 20 ft. possible to the rest of the we we're talking mostly sunny in the '70s it would take as of friday overnight saturday shower the saturday morning of the weekend looks pretty good as our sun shine another run shot to the and winston these particular
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models are not bullish it will verbally mention the possibility
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>>robin winston: on into the south bay 88280 to 37 here is the speech did he gave following the announcement.
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she has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time now at this time for
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america to bind the wounds of division they want a better
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brighter future for themselves and for their family working together we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation will want to fix our
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inner cities highways and bridges and hospitals we will
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also will finally take care for green veterans.
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>>: america will no longer settle for anything less than the best we will seek common ground not hostility when an
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attempt news a leak in one of the world's was popular tv shows.
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>>robin winston: another update and a winner later moving we have all of that and more >>reporter: and should this for to find out what happened next line online all widely reported close contains what appears to be a summary for the entire upcoming season 7 the thriller from troubled studio has been bumped from the scheduled release to next march delhi was
4:26 am
one movie set for the wide release and current about boy possessed by demons according to a statement the divorcing her son a legal agreement continuing the previous agreement she has custody and the kids continue their punitive visits who blastopore was still seeking to drum custody
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>>james: who california from recreational use legal use of cannabis is not allowed to rock the entire west coast and general it will be similar to out all
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>>reporter: the temperatures will be nice to see santa rosa 49 everyone else pretty much in the '50s territory the next
4:31 am
eight hours 55 mostly sunny 12 where some 7369 and the general forecast calls for 69 san francisco 76 going on for 0777 for san jose and 21 minutes
4:32 am
from novato over to san francisco chipping in on the drive times looked gray the quick 13 minutes from hillcrest and antioch out to 242 in concord.
4:33 am
>>james: emerge victorious. >>reporter: daunt some celebrating victory early wednesday if hillary clinton campaign addressing a somber crowd of the supporters several
4:34 am
key battleground states considered essential didn't tip in favor of the republican nominee he won ohio florida and north carolina nail biter races continued to the morning hours with thin margins and because of thing in the hampshire where they were at 15 separated by just 18 votes >>james: a baby found on the street a sad story that ends with an unexpected twist
4:35 am
>>haaziq madyun: here is what really happened according to oakland police the investigators said after learning about laws protecting the person turning in a baby the family came forward with the truth will please say
4:36 am
happened was the birth mother's sister pretended to be the good samaritan along with a family friend both claiming they found the baby the two brought in san to highland hospital this for now the babies in the custody of child protective services the newborn's future will be determined following the investigation into what happened and 11 your boy harassed will stay with the
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community is saying skipping breakfast a doctor has a bias on how to break the bad habits.
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>>james: we have more on how to pick some of those unhealthy habits. >>reporter: the start the day with food is a high in protein
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skipping the lesson waffle's will appeal board in in in the crash another that haven't tried to rely on memory for everything can be stressful people know but handy at work or home can help alleviate some of that anxiety to you should avoid watching tv or using your phone hour before bed and tried to get a hours of uninterrupted sleep
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>>james: about 300 cause mothers die while pregnant or childbirth this says more than 6 million babies die before their month old and many of them could be prevented by following the new recommendations
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>>james: the accounting when
4:44 am
well into early this morning reported that she called donald trump to concede the contents and deliver a victory speech that are set to take on the dallas mavericks they will be running into a pair of former faces a harrison barnes and
4:45 am
andrew bogut will be suited up for dollars but there will be on steph curry to tonight's game has a tip off at 730 >>reporter: a live look that the golden gate bridge and check again with satellite it looks like we're talking about scattered-to mid level clouds to deal with it will make it through and we will stay on balance and mostly sunny
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>>reporter: fairly quiet we're off to a great start the 4:00 hour usually the best our you concede traffic is nice and smooth out on a west approach in the bay bridge toll plaza no hot spots know the problems through downtown all the way to san francisco great commit only nine minutes from the foot of the maze to the fremont street accent checking in on the san mateo bridge alive look to break like gypsy on the right-hand side if we have plenty of time
4:48 am
to get out there and get through the toll plaza into the north bay no problems connecting with one on one pair was 101 across the golden gate bridge a nice commute pretty quiet beyond a toll on to door richardson lombard city streets look good in san francisco that drive north of only eight minutes to
4:49 am
the pleas of looking for man or rasta na 11 year-old boy in >>phillipe djegal: headed home just before 330 monday afternoon of voices he was harassed by a man he spotted stand in front of this store on a colorado avenue people working in the area said they saw police searched the suspect who still has not been found as the boy walked down the street he tells police the man ran over to him and wanted to talk with the boy paid no attention that is when the man grabbed the boy by the shoulder startled he ran off and told the parents who called police the harasser is described as having facial hair and spoke with a spanish accent
4:50 am
this is an investigator said this incident is not appear to be related to a similar case reported last month on which to street when a voice said a man approached him and ran off that person also is still at large children need to be on alert for potential creditors
4:51 am
>>james: the unified school edition declined to comment on the investigation the suspect in the murder of the stanley and a woman were in court the body of the 21 year-old was found beaten stabbed and burned in an open park last thursday we now know that the two suspects were dating and ronald a local store with the victim they plotted to kill or for several days she was stabbed multiple times and set on fire lawyers explain that the have set the terms because of conflict of interest and could arise if they're represented by the same person both suspects
4:52 am
appear behind a barrier they did not enter a plea but they will be back in court on november 29th someone fired but none of them were hurt no rest of the may we will continue to track this story we will be right
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>>james: as you work your way to the front of the plane there were some familiar faces bill clinton the man to challenge his people freeze and dramatic poses a protest in the east bay
4:57 am
fire on the presidential election
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>mark: he shocked and surprised the political system and a stunning upset donald trump is a lot of the 45th president of united states on this day after the election were we are just now reporting a that he has won clinton conceded him at 230 this morning given him a phone call. >>reporter: if hillary clinton is going to be speaking to the press and just a little bit at 930 in the morning and is the
5:01 am
first few expected donald trump the first person since the what is and how will never held office before the campaign now the united states president he spent his competitor democrat hillary clinton who called him to concede the race but did not address supporters clinton as a deduction they leading in national polls will political experts say was a clear path to the 270 electoral votes to win the race through the night that
5:02 am
past narrowed to close completely key states like florida and ohio and north carolina went to trump
5:03 am
>>reporter: the bay area erupted in protest we do have a very dramatic video from the success we want to give you all look at that yesterday hundreds of students marched from the plaza and berkeley and down telegraph avenue first responders on the scene to pull out those fires but the bart station had to be closed for a time for safety reasons during those protests it has since reopened protesters
5:04 am
also try to walk on to the eastbound lanes of highway 241 protester was hit by a car on the claremont avenue >>darya: the protests appeared to have been more peaceful than the process' and berkeley and oakland
5:05 am
>>reporter: here is a look at berkeley we have going on scattered high clouds metal level clouds out here before we go into favored mostly sunny nice temperatures come with that most readings are in the '50s
5:06 am
>>robin winston: to be a russian a major hot spots a great ride all the way across and two down time for rest and to diminish amazing to skyway
5:07 am
>>mark: they were down 800 points we pulled back now and then only down about 200 and
5:08 am
>>darya: california 49th district off their representing parts of san diego county and they hold a slim lead over his democratic challenger
5:09 am
>>will tran: and donald trump won the election that he will take over the l white house in january he said he cannot believe this he thought there will be a revolution before this election he was hoping clinton would win and saw the results
5:10 am
come in he was saddened >>james: they treated like alcohol it would impose a 15% sales tax cut-it voted when it
5:11 am
5:12 am
passed an oakland and also pass 72% >>mark: international news breaking that we're following our great britain there train derailed in london a crash resulted in some loss of life but is not clear how many people have died these appear to small
5:13 am
country and some people celebrated and others were in shock
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5:17 am
>>reporter: this is what looks like from space scattered clouds and we go to clearing skies for the ballot this saturday and for sunday.
5:18 am
>>robin winston: approaching the toll to men and stout 2101 and san rafael here on south 680 if
5:19 am
you have to come also know into fremont under control wraping up but attracting a lot of attention backing of to mission north a little sluggish between those two axes overall not bad leaving small heading into fremont. >>darya: you may just be waking up and hearing it for the first time donald trump is the president elect he will be the 45th president of united states it was just decided late last night early into the morning he received 48 percent of the popular vote and she got 47 percent we are waiting with and
5:20 am
5:21 am
the hour for hillary clinton to speak >>james: that is because it is
5:22 am
still too close to call 93% there is not have enough votes and to confidently say either yes or no but we will let you know when we find all live competing measure on raising the minimum wage will start with the measure be be sponsored by the city in the past would 66 percent this increases the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
5:23 am
>>mark: shed the fellow democrat on is counted, was woman should recall the first african- american to represent california and the state senate he held the seat since 2013 to liza has defeated fellow supervisor for the state senate seat vacated by the terms mark nominal still ahead will
5:24 am
continue to get reaction from around the country right after people from a donald trump had been elected president
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>>reporter: you did inland temperatures in the fall nicely at the next eight hours veep's
5:31 am
5:32 am
>>reporter: libidinous still lunatic for the was a lesson of the places around the bay area some of the process' the most destructive ending in the east of that i will be here to watch
5:33 am
the morning with more of date >>will tran: 0 watching the election results they're giving up this morning getting their couple of coffee for the not very hard to get a reaction
5:34 am
half spins >>will tran: half
5:35 am
5:36 am
>>james: it also has and what the passage the mayor will agree upon this commission plus an eerie commissioners to oversee
5:37 am
ask the oakland police department cash
5:38 am
>>james: cacophonous and then pass 72% 50 requires funds from a bond be spent locally on affordable housing in the big issue off off bifurcate
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>>robin winston: comment beyond all battles alone trained half of to a whopping 80 minutes to make that trip and was sore from hillcrest out to 242 lynwood oakley antioch in was bound for don't consider using 10th or 18th those can be used as alternates when things did a bad bet on the freeway after bailey be on that accident. >>darya: to recognize the happen overnight a body was sound and a burn home in antioch they recalled on man video way after
5:42 am
they got a report it was suspicious activity in this bacon home when they put another from a man's body burned in the home they're still in the early stages of the investigation dolores' have been made \
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>>robin winston: his west for ed bailey we have an injury accident involving several vehicles blocking two lanes its use was for is when to be a very slow commute we don't know when they expect to have a out of the way the have not issued a traffic alert but we have a so many cars and of course they take time to clear very slow you to see the slow traffic coming out 100 minutes to the drive times that of all the way into lone tree back in antioch when get bad if you live in the area of the errors test and also leland i will get hot five
5:46 am
westbound commuter will keep eye on that
5:47 am
>>reporter: missile the next opportunity 545 in the morning tear is another shot to look at some rain before zone forecast for the east bay shoreline mid- 70s, berkeley 73, and over the east bay hills 77 and antioch and mid-70s covering the backed
5:48 am
73 paulo out till and mountain view 75 percent is at work for the south bend the morning cloud cover will have to thin out for the afternoon. >>reporter: 65 stinson beach sand or sell 72 and up to seven is a long 10178 will do along for vacaville and ample napa >>mark: it was an historic race with tense moments all the way into the last minute after hours when the vote close and they were counting the republican nominee the verge vitoria's
5:49 am
5:50 am
>>darya: is least 50 protesters marched from downtown to highway 24 on 2:00 a.m. one was hit by car in the amount of an off ramp
5:51 am
>>james: we will have to wait for the final numbers will vote to ban plastic bags is leading in the car account
5:52 am
>>darya: reaction to about to the donald trump elect presidency passed the historic upset
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>reporter: one of what we're talking sunny at 75 and hear so stacks up >>mark: no confirmation from the canadian officials with the election played a major role so many people will go on to the
5:56 am
web site it crashed taxes and inspire a sense regarding moving to canada and become a canadian citizen are 04 thousand% this morning we will be right back - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: in a stunning upset he is the 45th president of the united states of america with 280 electoral votes to reach clinton has slightly in the popular vote of
6:01 am
>>: 5 in love this country and >>reporter: first few expected the first person pull never held office before this campaign knobs united states president elect he thanked his competitor democrat hillary clinton who called him to concede the race but did not address supporters who gathered in the glass ceiling convention center for what they had hoped the her victory party
6:02 am
6:03 am
>>reporter: protest the world did after the announcement you want to show you the video we have of those protests offices will be assessing the damage after the protest protest are
6:04 am
expected to continue to get out the bay area and san francisco state university will be a protest letter on this afternoon we have a complete
6:05 am
election coverage and local election results of that on our web site >>robin winston: it is one to be about two hours to get from antioch and pittsburgh lead
6:06 am
early coming out of antioch and to bird brain would but after the crash after the rest of the commune bay. comp will define headed over to the bay bridge toll plaza of business as usual it is a normal back of nothing major going on slow down the ride into san francisco 315 to 20 minutes from that point to get off to fremont street faugh
6:07 am
>>reporter: it looks like a mostly clear know it will be some high clouds will be sharing the sunshine into the afternoon hours pretty much universally in the '50s with the exception being santa rosa that does happen during the last hour 55 going on for oakland to 31
6:08 am
currently 1.2% less of a lost and we had on monday to forget monday the dow jones industrial average was up over 300.
6:09 am
one race to be decided in the california >>darya: right now and they hold a slim lead over democratic challenger dug out of date is team coverage continues this morning as we go live stuff she
6:10 am
was in california. >>will tran: this morning as non and the president here is his reaction to the strong regime. >>will tran: 6 actually in a
6:11 am
couple minutes we tracked down a trump's supporter and hear why she voted for donald trump and not hillary clinton hist
6:12 am
>>james: it takes effect immediately to those who want to smoke and cultivate still in use marijuana recreational but if you're retell location or someone to start a business you cannot open your doors until january 2018.
6:13 am
sk >>james: and the name talk are you concede did pass stolidly through all three districts we're looking at going into effect it would not issue three and half a billion to replace track tunnels and train systems in the next bit of legislation we want to look at we continue
6:14 am
to show your reaction to come being elected president of united states as you're walking up this morning will have more on that route the morning >>robin winston: highway 4 at a call right now crash still working in pittsburgh all the details coming up after the break stuff
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:17 am
>>robin winston: 2 car stuck together on highway 4, the tow truck driver stuck in traffic trying to get to the scene less to look at the map was for at bailing this crash happened shortly before 5:00 it is still blocking to lying's a tough commute for those coming out of antioch oakley brentwood trying to get into pittsburgh's big fight in concord no estimated time for clearing you concede just how tough it is that is
6:18 am
making things worse for those who have to connect from the nimitz is backed up on to 880 south from to 38 on to the west
6:19 am
90 to merge 25 minutes from 880 out 2101
6:20 am
>>reporter: possibility of personal today we have showers and we have the balance of today and saturday looking good for sunday another rain shot looks like it may cover the bay
6:21 am
>>darya: she is up by hundred and 40,420 million votes cast in her leave the about hundred and 50 trump's 10 wells selection with what he got several swing stakes including ohio n.c. and florida after the victory and the let the president struck a different tone and the vice
6:22 am
president mike are going to be sworn into office friday january 20th and we are waiting within
6:23 am
the hour for helleri clinton to let her confession speech
6:24 am
measure b b and c c one sponsored by the city the star with the measure bv sponsored by the city increased the minimum- wage by the year 2019 and ties to the consumer price then there's measure c.c. that one approved 66% although it does the two years sooner than one plan in place what happens now that both of these have passed? >>james: the people behind both measures work out a compromise behind the scene in that plan will not take affect in the city of berkeley
6:25 am
6:26 am
6:27 am
>>mark: may cover much of the south bay including san jose cupertino and fremont democrat wrote, deceiving mike honda may help the sea since 2013 san francisco supervisor has defeated federal supervisor for the state senate seat vacated by the time about they garnered 52
6:28 am
1/2% for the 11th state senate district would continue the coverage of down time when the presidential election
6:29 am
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>>rob black: wall street tends to be dramatic at times with that being said there will be some big changes expect a lot of volatility in all so it is not like he's been very clear about any of his policies continue as
6:32 am
6:33 am
it is his sister of the more
6:34 am
independent and he has a of a republican, i would say in the pharmaceutical and health-care looks attractive today
6:35 am
>>robin winston: trying to get through this definitely considered east 18th 10th or even leland has an alternate route 93 minutes to get through the back of
6:36 am
>>reporter: we keep this going on and to the end of the week but again friday night you might see little chance of shower the public over into saturday morning >>mark: the protest the breakout after it was announced that he won the presidency >>reporter: poultices also shot
6:37 am
to walk onto the east about lanes of highway 24 of the map protista was hit by a car on a ramp now protests are expected to continue today
6:38 am
>>will tran: if she went to the polling place and she had a lot of her mind and she voted from donald trump here was the reason why.
6:39 am
>>will tran: thinks the he should be the same as everyone else but she said let's give him a shot she wants to tell the she blames hillary clinton for been dousing.
6:40 am
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>>james: ultimately ending and the resignation of former police
6:44 am
chief great sir
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
>>robin winston: it is one to be behind schedule because no. 3 was cancelled we're talking delays up to one hour in the wanted broad thrust of the trip the bay bridge toll plaza normally quiet 21 minutes out to fremont street
6:48 am
6:49 am
fat and donald trump celebrating victory early >>reporter: hillary clinton campaign addressing a somber crowd of clinton supporters
6:50 am
after a bruising several hours to the democratic nominee- shocked much of the nation they started off well enough for clinton as a total but as the evening press on the clinton's lead in several key states began to shrink several key battleground states considered essential for trump did indeed take in favor of the republican nominee he won an ohio florida and north carolina know by races continue to the morning hours
6:51 am
>>james: it will acquire the to be directed to a specific program is one to use money and
6:52 am
that was approved by voters back in 1992 instead to build an average small viewers into permanent affordable housing the future is the down over 200 look here of 55. right now
6:53 am
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>>darya: so many people have been checked not canadian web sites that crashed to the searches after he won the republican presidential nomination still have the out we will continue the day after the election of donald trump as president a complete team carvers of all reaction of the
6:57 am
results on the big propositioned and measures in california
6:58 am
6:59 am
it is time for america to get together. for all republicans, democrats and independents across the nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people should make a stunning upset. donald trump is elected the 45th president of the united states of america. with 280 electoral votes. hillary clinton has a slight lead in the popular vote. >> that vote is still being counted this morning. we are waiting for hillary clinton to give a concession speech. she did telephone donald trump after midnight. within the next 30 minutes, she
7:00 am
is supposed to concede. we will carry that life. >> the election went late into the night last night. it looks like not only do the republicans have the white house, but the senate and the house of representatives as well. donald trump becomes the first person in u.s. history to be elected president of the united states without holding an elected office jamaican morning shipment we have a lot to cover this morning. with elections and all of the results on the local propositions as well. also covering protest. some of them turning violent across the bay area. first we want to go to new york city and get the latest from cnn. standing by with the latest right now. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump will not take the oath of office for a couple of months. but he is heading to the white house very soon. upon president obama's invitation, he will be there tomorrow. the two will talk transition after donald trump made his victory speech a few hours ago.


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