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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 11, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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few jokes at thursday night's screening of cinema twain. [ indiscernible ] >> you're everyone's problem. i don't like you because you're dangerous. >> that's right. ice man. >> it's been 30 years since "top gun," val has kept a relatively low profile. it was this photo of the star looking frail in may of last year that was alarming. >> earlier this month val's friend michael douglas said val was battling the same oral cancer that he had. kilmer took to facebook to say michael was misinformed. what do we know about his mystery illness? all the star referred to is a lump in my throat. i have no cancer whatsoever and i still have a swollen tongue and am rehabbing steadily. >> up next, val will continue to
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promote his film. he has another appearance thursday and is hoping to book more. [ indiscernible ] >> no matter what is going on with val, we wish him well. meanwhile, what's going on with janet jackson? >> she could give birth by the end of the month, but last night an apparent bombshell from her ex-husband debarge. for yeaas rumors perristed that janet had a baby with james. >> i read an article, and it said that you came out and said that you have a daughter with janet jackson. >> a shocking public revelation from janet's ex. does she really have a secret daughter? >> i'm tired of secrecy. i'm tired of the truth not coming forward when it comes to it. >> james was confronted by his daughter on the show growing up
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hip-hop. this is a shock to me. my dad is now telling me that i have a half-sister and with janet jackson? i mean, very, very weird. >> it's not the first time james has alleged janet hid a pregnancy from him. in fact, he's made the claim before that their brief marriage from 1984 to 1985 resulted in a child and that he's been contacted by a woman claiming to be his and janet's daughter, but he's never met her. ♪ ♪ >> a former member of the pop group debarge, james has had a troubled past. arrested in 2011 for drug 2012 for assault with a deadly weapon, he was convicted and served three years in jail, but perhaps he's most infamous for being janet's first husband and while she's getting ready to welcome her child with her husband, she has yet to comment on james' allegations. >> here's somethinggwe know for
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sure, things are getting serious between prince harry and his new american girlfriend because it looks as though meghan markle is meeting the family. the prince's new girlfriend meghan markle was snapped leaving a london grocery store yesterday. the daily with the exclusive photos of the actress just before she returned to kensington palace. security nowhere in sight. >> unless and until she becomes a royal girlfriend and that's official, i.e., a royal engagement, she will not need protection or prince harry will pay for it. >> meghan's london crash pad is pretty sweet. >> meghan is staying here at kensington palace which is just behind me. this is prince harry's home and it used to be the home of william and kate and meghan has had the opportunity to meet william and kate. >> as for the prince's schedule, it's pretty packed. >> this morning he observed armistice day in london and tomorrow he's supposed to attend
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a rugby match and london bookies are betting 20 to 1 that meghan will appear with him. >> the speculation whether or not meghan will join harry on this tour, this is an official tour that harry is carrying out on behalf of the queen and they're carrying out royal duties which is why they're seeing each other now. they wanted to have time together before marry flies out at the end of next week. >> the stallone family are not royal, but they were certainly treated like it last night because his three daughters are about to make golden globe history and we were there for the big reveal. >> meet the new miss golden globes times three. >> you guys are usually accompanying your parents on red carpets. now your parents are going to accompany you. >> it's an extraordinary opportunity. i mean, they can step off to the side. >> it's the first time the trio
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has received the honor. sophia, 20 years old is a student at usc, sistine, 18, as a model and scarlet youngest at 14 is clearly a daddy's girl. >> we're extremely blessed to have this opportunity to meet everyone and talk and tell everyone who we are and just to be stallone's daughters. >> they were chosen by the hollywood foreign press and lorenzo soria and we have been there as all three have grown p up. p> she's getting so big. >> jamie foxx's aughter corinne, rumor willis and dakota johnson have all had the job the stalloneisters will hand out the award sunday on abc and we had to show them the flashback photo. >> this was taken ten years ago at a premiere. >> oh! >> my hair! >> my mom dressed all of us. >> i look like a pilgrim! >> boy, have they grown up
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beautifully. >> bryan cranston and james frankel have both won golden globes and i don't know if they'll get a nomination for why him, but i'm sure they'll get your attention and onlyy"e.t." can take yyu to the set. >> unequivocally it was the moso fun i've ever known. >> why him? the universal question fathers have asked their daughters for centuries. in this case, the him is frank owe. >> yes! >> oh, my god! >> get up here. >> father, daughter, daughter's boyfriend. on christmas day i'll ask stephanie to marry me and i would like your family. >> the answer is no. >> like children we were playing every day. >> you call me son and i'll cal& you dad. >> i don't think that's going to happen. >> i think it will happen, dad. >> stop it. >> all right, dad. >> if you're cracking up on set and that's your job, it's amazing. >> it's too much? i was ram belling? >> the story hits close to home for bryan who has a 23-year-old
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daughter taylor. >> as your little girl grows up it seems like no guy will ever be good enough for her. very protective. it's the one thing when you become a father it's, like, okay. that's it. there's finally something in this world that is far more important than myself or my wife. >> why him opens on christmas a day james and his two brothers will be spending with their mom. >> none of us have children so it feels like this is a holiday that needs children soon. my youngest brother is getting married in february. maybe he'll be the first. >> it will get your mom off your back, right? mom, where are the kids? >> i want to hug you right now. >> good night. sarah jessica parker gives us her relationship goals on her date night with matthew and how are their kids helping them to be better actors. why mork and mindy star pam dawber left hollywood after her
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fame and her tears over robin williams. plus inside laurie's new dancing rehearsal and how she's using val's big brother maxx to push them into the
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all the care your family needs. all connected for you. the palm springs international film festival just announced it wil
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you know, that is impressive. they turn the edge of 17 premiere into the mannequin challenge. kyra sedgwick and haley seinfeld, they even ot the paparazzi to freeze. you know, nance. >> oh! i see. >> fake out. meanwhile, there were two other big premieres in motion last night and eddie redmayne confessed he left his fashion to a special expert. >> i've had a lot of help from my wife. she's a very stylish person, but i enjoy wearing a suit. >> fantastic job, hannah. eddie aced the red carpet in double-breasted tweed. the new dad brought hii fashionista wife since becoming a new dad,,and still missing
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little daughter iris. >> she just laughs and smiles. >> meanwhile, in l.a. these fashionable parents also slayed date night. sjp in black lace and her suited up hubby matthew broderick arrived for his premiere at "rules don't apply" including their new teenage son james and he helps his mom with lines at moment and do sarah jessica and matthew assist each other. >> we do sometimes run lines, we do sometimes, but not a whole lot. you were helpful in divorce. i enned up having so much. >> you were helpful. >> yes. matthew stars alongside warren beatty and annette benning. the couple has been married for 24 years. this isn't their first movie together and it is the first time warren has directed annette. >> so fun. >> would you do it again? >> oh, yeah. >> in a heartbeat. >> i would do whatever she says,
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but i don't like to say it in front of her, but she is the best actress alive. >> still ahead, why does mork and mindy star pam dawber walk away from hollywood? >> my kids have never seen anything i've done. i'm just their mom. >> her life today with hubby mark harmon. >> this is not your hubby's cooking show. >> clash of the grand mass right now. >> we are behind the scenes for all of the craziness. >> does anybody have a cold beer? >> plus inside laurie's new dancing rehearsal as val calls for reinforcements his big brother maks and cameron matheson. >> let me show you the same thing but fast. i think i pulled a muscle. >> closed captioning provided by --
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my gut is not so sure about monday, but it's pretty confident about the next one so we have to make the semifinal. >> she called it right here on "e.t." sharna burgess will return from her injury to dance with james
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hinchcliffe on monday "dancing with the stars". >> i'm a big fan of hers, but not a moment too soon because this competition is about to get fierce. big bro maks is about to help val and laurie. >> there's going to be a third persoo in the mix here. it's not just one s per kof ski. it's two! >> maks will be back to perform a trio dance. >> they'll give me a run for my money. >> they did? yeah, because you guys are so cool together. >> you get it from a source, you know? this is the reason why i'm flawed as a teacher and he makes me up who i am and what i'm not and he opened up a studio and i'm a product of his teaching. >> six, seven. >> how are their teaching styles different? >> they're kind of the same. >> maks has this persona that he's so tough and so strict, but
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i mean -- >> he's a big teddy bear. >> can you guys show me one simple aspect of your trii? i'll play maks. >> she turns around and looks at us and tells us to get it together. >> get it together! >> and then we start to dance very slow. >> and then he goes, all right, let me show you the same thing, but fast. >> all right. let me show you the same thing, but fast. >> there you go. >> wow! >> i think i pulled a muscle. >> i'm okay, everybody. i'm being on, but one couple will be feeling the pain monday night because someone will get the boot and just miss out on making that final four. >> i can't believe it's almost over. >> since this is flashback friday she was on top of the sitcom world in the '80s. >> pam dawber. >> we all remember her from "mork and mindy" and "my sister
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sam." at the height of her fame, she walked away from hollywood and she told me why. >> i'll be married 30 years. going on 30 years. i don't think people can work all of the time in show business and stay married. >> pam married mark armon in 1987. at the time she was starring on the sitcom "my sister sam," but couple's two sons, she walked away from fame for famill. >> i did everything i could do in this business and then i had children. i wanted to drive my kids to school and be there for their birthdays and bring cupcakes and done outs and do the school festival, and i did and my husband was working all of the time. >> and he still is. >> and still is. >> you guys were our, like, you know hollywood couple. >> yeah. the "it" couple. >> you were our "it" couple and you stayed together. >> but notice you don't see us in the magazznes.
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when you're married that's real life. and to go and plastee your kids, i'm sorry. i'm not for that. my kids have never seen anything i've done. i'm just their mom. they don't care about what i did. they care about what they're doing. >> their dad is iconic enough. i'm just their mom. >> your dad used to bring you here when you were little. >> earlier, pam made a rare tv appearance in "the odd couple," and had given her and robin y williams their big break. >> mork, what are you doing? >> i think it's -- anybody that knew robin -- it's emotional for pam to talk about robin. shortly before his suicide he coaxed her out of retirement so they could reunite on his show "the crazy one." >> hi, simon. you know it's after 1:00 in the
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morning? >> what do you miss most about robin? >> well, i hadn't seen robin for 20 years, and i did that episode because i wanted to be with robin. i wanted to see robin. that was the gift. that was such a gift. >> she loved him. she really did. >> try as they might to keep their sons away from hollywood, we're talking about pam and mark. they haven't done it. 8-year-old mark has played marc in "ncis". >> i never hide the fact that mark is one of my favorite people. >> he is. there is another tv show on food network that you have to see. it is hosted by our very own cameron matheson and we think it will be a hit. i mean, just look at the title. >> ladies, for real. rolling, rolling, rolling. >> clash of the grandmas begins right now. here we go! >> it's such a grandma out there trying to take down the other grandma. it's hysterical. >> the premise is pretty simple,
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each episode grand mass from across the country compete to be queen of the kitchen. >> you are going to make a family favorite. pot pie. >> pot pie? >> we don't have enough time. >> there's always a time limit and everyone is fighting the clock. >> stop the clock! >> i can't stop the clock! >> don't you argue with nana! >> three, two. >> no! stop! >> hands up! >> they want to win. it's $10,000 every episode on the line. >> lord have mercy, this woman, i need to watch out for her. >> okay. >> flying around the kitchen at speeds i would never have imagined. i've had a push-up competition with ooe grandma. >> i can do a push-up right now. >> one, two, three. 25, and i'm 69. >> i've got it. i'm walking away. >> what's been the toughest part about being on "clash of the grandmass. >> just remembering how to cook. >> kenya, how is your stuffing?
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what's your go-to stuffing? >> remember we're grandmas. >> you never know what you're going to get. it is so fun, you have to see this. >> i cannot wait to see this show. we'll be right back.
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before we say good-bye on this veterans day, we certainly want to thank all of the men and women out there, right, of our armed forces who have kept us so safe. >> we appreciate your sacrifices now and then for our country and we will never forget. monday on "e.t.," we're with jennifer garner. >> bye, everybody. >> thank you. i am so glad you came. >> our night out with jen after teaming up with hollywood's best moms and we are with proud papa dwayne johnson. >> we'll see. >> and our new andy cohen interview dishing out secrets about his famous
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