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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 12, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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val kilmer struggling to speak. the shocking new video after denying he has cancer. >> what's really going on with his health? plus, brad pitt's first interview since his split? >> it's really nice having the support. >> as new details about the child abuse investigation surface, what angelina wants the world to know now. then why prince harry can't keep quiet about his new hollywood girlfriend as the stars speak out on the royal romance. >> i want to sit back with some popcorn and watch how the royal family deals with this. plus the cast of happy days reunited. >> can you imagine how extraordinary it was. >> behind the scenes as the stars remember their mentor, garry marshall.
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>> it makes me want to cry right now. >> and we're on the set of melissa mccarthy's new movie. >> how cool was i? >> sure, she's hollywood's funniest actress, but can she play racquetball? >> now, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us. >> let's get right to the latest hollywood news. >> startling new video of val kilmer, the star struggles to speak out for the first time since denying that he has cancer. >> i went to rehearsal down in florida, and i started having trouble with my speech. my tongue swelled up and i had to cancel the tour. >> you could hear the 56-year-old taking labored gasps for air, often wiping his mouth with a tissue. nearly a year being spotted out with a tracheostomy tube sparking fears he was battling
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throat cancer, he was able to crack a few jokes at the screening of his film. >> you're everyone's problem. i don't like you because you're dangerous. >> that's right ice man. >> 30 years since top gun, val has kept a relatively low profile. but it was this photo of the star looking frail in may of last year that was alarming. earlier this month, val's friend, michael douglas, said val was battling the same oral cancer he had. kilmer took to facebook to say michael was, quote, misinformed. so what do we know about val a mystery illness? all the star admits to is, quote, a lump in my throat. i have no cancer whatsoever. i still have a swollen tongue and am rehabbing steadily. up next, val will continue to promote his film.
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he has another appearance thursday and is hoping to book more. let's move on now and talk about the new break through in brad and ang lee's na divorce case. >> we have been following all the new developments after brad went public and fired back at angelina's request for sole physical custody of their six children. here's the latest. >> brad, brad! >> it's really sweet. everybody has been really kind out here. >> this is brad wednesday night. smiling, working the allied premiere, taking countless selfies with fans. about four hours after we got the news that pitt was cleared of all child abuse allegations, he proved that nasty divorce and custody battle will not keep him down. >> as red carpets go, i love this. this is so civilized. i feel like i'm back in the movie. is it reminding you of some of the glamour of the film? >> not really.
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>> with the two-month investigation finally over, sources tell us, quote, there was no validation or proof of abuse. nothing inappropriate happened. it was totally a child/parent disagreement. angelina's reaction? the actress was, quote, relieved. her rep tells "e.t." the department of child and family services is satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal. >> i think of the joy that we have in our family because we are together. >> i love being a mom. i love my kids. >> brad also stepped out on tuesday. he was supported with a hug by close friend julia roberts. brad was not wearing his wedding band. he introduced the film he executive produced, moonlight. >> if i were representing brad pitt, i would advise him not to answer any questions about his personal life or this abuse investigation that's pending. why? because that could impact his case in court. >> as for brad's custody strategy, well, the clock is ticking. we learned this week that brad and angelina signed a temporary
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custody agreement. the six children stay with her, and he gets therapeutic visits. >> they say possession is nine tenths of the law. whoever has the kids has control. the longer this temporary plan goes where he has visits only with therapists, the longer the kids are going to get used to life without him, and courts are not likely to disturb status quo. now to a budding high profile relationship and something you rarely see by the way. am i right? a royal opening up about his personal life. >> major. >> prince harry confirmed this week that he is dating american actress, the very beautiful meghan markle. >> you said it, cam. this is a big deal because harry doesn't kiss and tell either. so why break his silence now? well, he's mad, and he's slamming the press for how they're treating his girlfriend. >> the private life has to be private. >> prince harry was adamant. he wants the press to back off. harry defended his new girlfriend, american actress meghan markle in this statement
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released tuesday by kensington palace. in it, the 32-year-old condemned the media for, quote, abuse and harassment. >> there has been a tsunami of interest in her life, her family, and the media have left no stone unturned. and that is what is at the root of this unprecedented and utterly extraordinary statement. >> it also mentions, quote, the nightly legal battles to keep defamatory stories out of papers and her mother having to struggle past photographers in order to get to her front door. harry also took issue with what he called the, quote, racial undertones of press coverage. meghan's father is white. her mother is african-american. she has described herself as biracial. the prince's new girlfriend was snapped leaving a grocery store thursday. the with exclusive photos of the actress just before she returned to kensington palace. security? nowhere in sight. >> unless and until she becomes
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a royal girlfriend and that's official, ie, a royal engagement, meghan will not have royal protection. if she's going to need protection, she'll have to pay for that herself or prince harry will pay for it. meghan is staying here at nottingham cottage. this is prince harry's home. it used to be the home of william and kate. of course meghan has now had the opportunity to meet william and kate. >> on friday, prince harry observed armistice day in london. but a week from sunday, it's off to the caribbean. >> there is some speculation about whether or not meghan will join harry on this tour. my sources are saying no. don't forget this is an official tour. harry is carrying out on behalf of the queen. his focus is going to be on carrying out royal duties, which is why they're seeing each other now. now we turn to an update on the heartbreaking news we learned late last week. michael buble's 3-year-old son noah is battling cancer. this week we heard about how the grammy winner's family is holding up and the prognosis. ♪
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>> liver cancer, that's the reported diagnosis for little noah after a biopsy was done in l.a. he has reportedly started chemotherapy and will be undergoing treatment for four months with the possibility of surgery afterwards. ♪ the diagnosis came after extensive testing was said to be done in argentina. the family then turned to doctors in the u.s. the sister reportedly told a newspaper, quote, for personal and family reasons, mike and my sister decided to fly to the states. she went on to say we have faith in noah being able to overcome this. my nephew is a warrior. but there is good news for the 3-year-old. doctors have apparently told the family that noah has a 90% chance of beating the disease. ♪ the family first made the announcement last week, telling fans they were taking time off from their careers to be with
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noah. michael has canceled his appearance at next month's bbc music awards in longd. and lieu he's ana was said to be filming a movie with hayden christianson but those plans have been put on hold. our thoughts and prayers are with noah and his entire family. >> we have much more to get to. coming up. we're behind the scenes as the happy days cast is reunited. >> then our face-off with melissa mccarthy and behind the scenes kicking butt with scarlett johansson as the a-lister reveals her softer side to "e.t." then katie holmes as jackie. matthew perry as teddy. the controversial kennedy miniseries returns, recreating the chap quidic ss ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible.
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who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. dr. banks? >> there it is. that is the sci-fi epic arrival. we're talking amy adams and
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jeremy renner. trying to surgically remove dr. strange from that top spot. >> absolutely. you know, cam, amy even has a tougher job at home. i know you know what this is like. she's raising a 6-year-old daughter, and carly steele got the latest details. >> teaching her how to read. so now that you've played someone who's an expert in communication, did that help? >> well, no, because ultimately i'm not the best teacher for her. i get kind of like i want for her so bad, like she can feel my anxiety, and i have to remember to calm down and she'll get it in her own time. i'm sometimes -- we have fun with it. we laugh a lot. >> you are committing an act of treason. >> amy's also a mom in arrival, and it's aliens she's trying to communicate with. she brought her daughter to the set and co-star jeremy renner also brought his daughter, ava. he's been teaching her, but the subject is math. >> you're teaching a
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3 1/2-year-old anything, you have to keep it fun and games. it's going to be difficult when she's going to know more math than me probably. >> she's such a sweetie. i think we bonded a lot over being parents. >> now that's a proper introduction. >> you guys both had your children there. >> their names are actually quite similar. >> oh, i think that's adorable. now to another movie out this weekend, billy lynn's long halftime walk. it stars vin diesel. vin told me when oscar winning director ang lee asked him to do this movie, well, he just couldn't say no. >> it's going down. >> what? >> he said, you know, this is a soldier that is a cross between rambo and buddha. >> you're my spirit animal. we're a nation of children, billy. we go somewhere else to grow up.
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>> the thing i was going to say, you're kind of a cross between rambo and -- i'm serious. i feel like you are. you've got this tough as nails exterior, but we know you're a softy. >> so true. >> what do we owe the pleasure of your listening? >> private lynn, an ang lee story is that 25-year-old british born newcomer joe allen. >> such a talent. >> kristen is another of joe's famous co-stars. >> it's really good to have you back. >> what was that like working with him? >> it kind of goes like this. obviously. >> it was -- >> intimidating. >> it was intimidating. >> were you able to look her in the eyes? >> absolutely not. >> he plays a wartime hero who
9:15 pm
experiences post-traumatic stress. >> we did two weeks of boot camp together. very, very tough. >> did you have to go through boot camp with the rest of the fellows? >> no. i did my boot camp in saving private ryan. up next, scarlett johansson, cameron mathison. in new zealand. >> i can't believe you're here. >> only we are on the set. find out what it really takes to be an a-list star. >> everybody needs toilet paper. >> then feisty wendy williams on prince harry's new actress girlfriend. >> i want to sit back with some popcorn and watch how the royal family deals with this. >> plus the controversial kennedy miniseries is back with matthew perry recreating one
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and welcome back, everybody. we've seen scarlett johansson go from sexy love interest to a
9:18 pm
take no prisoners action star. >> and now she is playing her third butt kicking character. by the way, i traveled halfway around the world to be first on the set. >> action! >> those gunshots sound sometimes louder than anything i've ever heard on set. you're hard core out there. >> jumping in. doing a deep dive. >> taking cover. >> so right now, they're blocking out a scene that's going to take four days to shoot. one scene, four days. scarlett plays a combat ready cyborg with a human mind. >> i like the wig. >> it's my hair. >> it's your real hair? >> maybe. >> i liked your hair is what i meant to say. it's a good look. i think it would be weird if the person that your everything
9:19 pm
suddenly looks like the person that's not your everything anymore. >> of course rose is scarlett's 2-year-old daughter. >> lucy, black widow, now major. these are some pretty kick ass characters. >> i think more than anything, i want my daughter to, you know, feel comfortable taking risks and know that, you know, you can -- sometimes you fail, and then when you win, it's awesome. >> dig in there, man. perseverance whatever you do. >> peaks and valleys. >> and in this world of scarlett's task force, fighting cyber criminals, it's got to be high tech. >> a parade of awesome cars. i saw the interior. i thought it was yours. >> why, because it's baby blue? like your eyes? >> it looks like we're in some asian metropolis, right? actually we're in the heart of wellington, new zealand. is it less of a paparazzi issue?
9:20 pm
>> i'm pretty low key anyway. >> to them, that's fascinating. getting scarlett johansson buying toilet paper. >> i do need it. everybody needs toilet paper. >> the shock they're waiting for. >> i know, it's shocking. >> you rock. >> thank you. you rock, in wellington. i can't believe you're here. >> hanging out with scarlett johansson. >> tough life. now, don't be surprised if you see the black widow again. we believe scarlet will be in the next avengers film. >> now to the transformation of katie holmes back into jackie kennedy. look at her. you'll remember the original kennedy miniseries came under fire amid concerns that a few of the scenes were more fiction than fact. so how will this sequel be received? we have the first look. >> it's not about what you can get away with. it's about who you want to be. >> this time katie is jackie in the late 1960s after the assassination of robert kennedy. the clothes and hairstyles
9:21 pm
reflect the times. the original miniseries scored huge sers despite the controversy. >> our makeup and hair and wardrobe, they were fantastic. when you walked out of the trailer, you felt different. >> i wish i had died. >> matthew perry transforms into senator ted kennedy with the help of a prosthetic nose. in this four hour sequel, the family's tragedies are played out, including the chappaquiddick scandal where campaign worker mary jo co-peckny drowned in a car ted was driving. >> you think the girl's death will affect your chances of being the president. >> the last time katie played jackie was back in 2011. she was still married to tom cruise. >> it was daunting because everything has their idea of who she was. you're never going to please everyone. >> from jackie's headline making second marriage to billionaire air stotle onassis to the tragic
9:22 pm
love story between her son john jr. and carolyn bess et. the new miniseries combines all the drama. >> don't let it be forgotten that for one brief shining moment that was known at camelot. >> now to a netflix series which is one of the most expensive shows ever. i'm talking about the clown. now, it tells a story of the early days of queen elizabeth ii, but is it binge worthy? we went to the london set to find out. >> action! ♪ >> the crown starts with a wedding. it's an obvious love match with prince phillip denouncing all his foreign titles to be with elizabeth. the two started corresponding when she was just 13 and he was 18. no one wanted her to marry him. she did it anyway. less than five years later, she would be queen.
9:23 pm
>> that's what i love the most about them. they are genuinely trying to have a relationship and a marriage. >> plenty of family drama to work with, but what about eye candy? >> absolutely not. >> the crown casting the royals in the bit of a new light. prince phillip played by matt smith comes off as a stud who sleeps in the nude. but when the clothes are on, they're stunning. not only were replicas of the queen's exquisite gowns created to exact detail, elaborate costumes for more than 7,000 extras were also custom made. it's no wonder the series so far has cost a reported $100 million to make. >> and action! >> season one is ten episodes. season two is already shooting. netflix is planning six seasons in all. >> each season is going to be taking a look at the different decades that queen elizabeth has gone through. but clearly got to talk about
9:24 pm
something. >> what is it? >> the crown. >> the actual crown. >> did it really fit? >> they had to stuff it with lots of stuff to make it fit. you do have to hold yourself properly, and i did have to practice with it quite a lot. >> what are you hoping that the royal family's reaction is going to be if they do tune in? >> well, i hope they invite us out for dinner. >> that would be nice. >> if it was me, i'd be intrigued to see it. i'm vain. >> i've been there and done that and want to probably just get an early night. on the way, melissa mccarthy and kevin fraser, wild times on the racquetball court. >> then wendy williams on prince harry's new actress girlfriend. plus why she's going off on mariah's big breakup. >> i told you he wouldn't mary you. >> and toddlers and tiaras star revealing what her life is like after leaving the show. ♪ >> closed captioning provided
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, janet jackson's secret baby confirmed? while ready to welcome her first child, janet's first husband james debarge appeared on growing up hip-hop, claiming he once fathered a child with jackson. >> the truth is not coming forward. >> janet had not commented on these latest allegations by our deadline. number four, mariah carey's unsigned prenup? details have leaked and we're told her fiance james packer discussed paying mariah $6 million a year for every year they were married with a max of a $30 million payout. ♪ other details include james would give mariah her own credit card, her own private aircraft to use, and a wardrobe allowance. ♪ tuesday night, mimi hit the
9:29 pm
stage in mexico and was still wearing her engagement ring. ♪ number three, prince harry goes public. he made his first appearance thursday after confirming he's dating american actress meghan markle. harry made his devotion to meghan loud and clear, defending the actress in a statement. harry condemned the media for, quote, abuse and harassment about his relationship, characterizing the coverage of having racial undertones. meghan has described herself as biracial. number two, brad's first interview since angelina filed for divorce. >> everyone has been very kind out here. it's really nice having support. >> at the premiere for his movie, not making any mention of his truce with jolie. he and angelina signed a temporary custody agreement where their six kids stay with her, and he gets therapeutic visits. brad has been cleared of child abuse allegations. and the number one story this week, top gun star val kilmer
9:30 pm
struggles to speak after denying rumors he has cancer. >> my tongue swelled up. >> gasping and wiping his mouth with a tissue, it was kilmer's first time speaking about his health in public since sparking fears he was battling throat cancer nearly two years ago. before thursday's screening of his film, the star admitted to having, quote, a lump in my throat. i have no cancer whatsoever. i still have a swollen tongue and am rehabbing steadily. >> go to for the latest. now, mariah's headline making breakup is total fodder. i'm talking about wendy williams. we found out the feisty talk show host has a lot to say about the love lives of mimi and, well, a few other famous folks too. >> mariah, i told you he wouldn't marry you. i told you your antics would make him sick.
9:31 pm
with an attitude like that, no man is going to stick around. >> wendy has famously feuded with mariah in the past, calling her too fragile for reality tv. and now she's throwing more shade. >> no man wants all this all the time. tone it down. put on a t-shirt. if she doesn't turn this off, this is not an act. it's really her. >> should she give this $10 million ring back. >> what she should do is take a hammer, crunch it up and make a really beautiful collar for one of them cats because that's all she's going to have to keep her warm at night. >> she's got a lot to say about another famous couple, prince harry and meghan markle. >> i think it's fabulous. i want to sit back with some popcorn and watch how the royal family deals with this. >> but for all her swagger, the woman with her own home shopping network fashion line is pretty down to earth. she invited us into her closet where price tags don't matter. >> this skirt, which is one of my favorites, i got this from target, walmart, i forget which
9:32 pm
one. >> so now who is somebody you really look up to when it comes to their style? >> i love jennifer lopez's style. i love sarah jessica parker's style. i love victoria beckham's style, but let me say i love these women's style. it doesn't mean it's right for me. i don't fill out jeans the way jen does, nor does she fill out a blouse the way i do. and victoria beckham, the way she does it, you know, never smiling and all, i'm just not that cool. but it's fun to watch her, you know, be the cool, mean, rich lady. >> one of these days, i really wish wendy williams would tell us how she really feels. >> tell it like it is. >> if you also want to talk sassy, listen to this. ♪ >> oh, yeah. that's the song that help maked her one of the biggest stars on toddlers and tiaras. >> how much has she changed since her pageant days? >> the thing i loved most was getting on stage and performing.
9:33 pm
>> my name is eden and i'm 4 years old. i'm the world's youngest superstar. i hated the hairspray. i mean now it's not that bad because i'm used to it. >> it's been five years since eden left the world of child pageants. now the 11-year-old quit home schooling and is now a cheerleader in arkansas. but she isn't ready to hang up her tiara just yet. >> i know i'm going to do pageants when i'm holder because that will be fun. but i have got some dresses, and maybe i'll wear them. >> i like it, but i like the other one too. >> we went dress shopping with eden and her mom. ever wonder where all 300 of those crowns she won went? well, eden sleeps with them right here in her bedroom. eden made a triumphant return to toddlers and tiara as last week,
9:34 pm
but this time she was a judge. the little contestants and their moms treated her like royalty. >> it's been a long time. i'm back. >> as for the future, eden will be walking new york fashion week in february. but her big goal it to be like her idol, taylor swift. >> i am on the road for being a megastar. >> i love a girl with big dreams. >> look out. >> she's got them. they don't stop at taylor swift. she says she also wants to be an actress. she could be your next co-star. >> straight ahead, speaking of actresses, melissa mccarthy is hollywood's funniest actress, but can she play racquetball? >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes of her new movie. >> how cool was i, huh? >> plus i am in the kitchen with some feisty grandmas locked in >> plus i am in the kitchen with some feisty grandmas locked in food network's battle >> plus i am in the kitchen with some feisty grandmas locked in food network'♪ ♪ttle
9:35 pm
when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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what are you, the pope? >> it seems like that makes it easy to say melissa mccarthy is the queen of physical comedy right now. she's so good. she always gets us cracking up with her fearless on screen humor. >> i'm still laughing right now. when she's off screen, you know she's just as funny.
9:38 pm
maybe a little competitive. kevin frazier got taught a lesson when the two of them hit the racquetball court. >> i'm going to come down and hit a couple racquetballs with you. >> we're going to hit that ball. i'm going to see if you've got moves. ♪ >> anything goes. the more you hit your partner, the more points you get. >> okay. >> the camera guys i hope are wearing cups. >> that was terrible. oh, i got it, i got it. >> nobody is safe in a game with melissa. not me. not the cameraman. not the other cameraman. >> oh, my gosh. >> speaking of not safe, melissa's husband, ben falcon has been in harm's way a couple of times too. as melissa's lawyer in the boss.
9:39 pm
>> you know what? >> and her boss in tammy. >> she's disgruntled. >> ben, who's directing life of the party, where melissa gets divorced and goes back to college, pops in for cameos in almost all of his wife's films. >> uh-oh, what's that? >> i got to get back to my seat. >> he always has a role. >> he didn't get hit by anything. i think maybe that's the first time. >> we've seen her daughters too in the boss. that's melissa's youngest on the left. here's the oldest. vivian plays a younger version of melissa. >> what's the matter with me? >> they're in it just because they're always on set, and i like them to know that when we're here and not with them, we're actually working. i do think sometimes it's good for them to come and see, like, you have to stand still. you have to do this. >> to complete the family affair, melissa and ben's fathers make cameos here. michael had one other super quick moment.
9:40 pm
>> i had a period in the boss. i slammed a door. ♪ but i slam it better than anybody. >> you moved the whole family here to atlanta. >> we pick up and move like a tribe. we don't separate well. i get real weird without ben and the kids. i get real squirrely. it's too quiet. all you want is i'd do anything for like a little quiet time. then after 45 minutes of quiet, i'm like, where is everybody? >> and as for our little on-court competition, i finally got payback. >> uh-oh. >> i love that video. ouch. now, from kevin playing racquetball with melissa to mr. cameron mathison with some seasoned cooks. in the kitchen with the grandmas. >> me and the grandmas go way
9:41 pm
back to my soap opera days. the new competition show premiering this weekend. it's called clash of the grandmas. we've got grandmas. we've got holiday cooking and all the twists and challenges that i throw at them. take a look. >> ladies, this is for real. rolling, rolling, rolling. >> clash of the grandmas begins right now. here we go! trying to take down the other grandma. that's hysterical. >> the premise is pretty simple. each episode, grandmas from across the country compete to be queen of the kitchen. >> you are going to make potpie. >> there's always a time limit, so everybody is fighting the clock. >> i can't stop the clock. >> don't you argue. >> three, two -- >> no. >> they're flying around the kitchen at speeds i never would have imagined. i've had a push-up competition
9:42 pm
with one grandma. >> i do push-ups. i can do a push-up right now. one, two, three. and i'm 69. >> i'm walking away. >> what's your go-to stuffing, kenya? >> you got to talk a little louder. >> i got to talk a little louder? >> remember, we're grandmas. >> so much fun with those grandmas, even if i did lose the contest. there's also big money to be made. every week one grandma goes home with $10,000. now to a food network star who is using her fame to help others. i'm talking about sandra lee. she's a tv host who overcame breast cancer and is now sharing her latest crusade with us. sandra lee is on a mission to give back. >> you would think that there would be utter despair, but it's not like that. there's a sense of pride and a sense of honor and of hope. >> in the one-hour special,
9:43 pm
uniting through food, sandra documents her visit to haiti to raise awareness for childhood hunger. >> we should be inspired to make sure that everybody has enough food to live on. >> sandra has used her fame and success to fight for those in need and was just named unicef's special nutrition emsarry. >> the show is based on a best selling cookbook which donates its proceeds to the u.s. fund for unicef. still to come, happy days reunion. mrs. c, richie, ralph malph, come together to honor garry marsha marshall. >> then our gradeland flashback with priscilla presley as he had gives us a tour of the attraction that lets you live like the king. >> that's ahead, but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar
9:44 pm
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♪ two of the biggest sitcoms of the 70s, happy days and of course the odd couple came from an amazing man, garry marshall. >> garry passed away just a few months ago. the stars got back together at the perfect place for a tv tribute. >> you can call me mrs. d.
9:47 pm
>> well, actually, that's mrs. c from happy days, marion ross. she's one of the many stars from garry's iconic show who honored him this past week on the new odd couple. >> what does it mean to you now to be doing a tribute for him? >> it makes me want to cry right now because first of all, i can't believe that he's not here. he changed all our lives. >> your father was a very wealthy man. crazy, crazy wealthy. >> oh, wait. wrong file. >> ron howard, who was richie, showed up as a lawyer, and potcy and ralph malph guested as patrons in a bar. >> some of our happiest days were working for that guy. >> is it therapeutic to get back together with everybody again and celebrate him? >> we were more than actors to him. we were his kids. >> garry played matthew perry's dad on the show. in this special episode, his character passed away, and oscar
9:48 pm
and felix encountered his old pals when they went on a road trip to scatter his ashes. >> i was completely star struck. i watched every episode of happy days. >> i'm supposed to be cute, not athletic. give me a hand. >> for don most, the episode was bittersweet because he was with garry right before he died. >> i was at the hospital the night before he passed. and there were several other producer/writers from happy days there. he was in a coma but they said he could probably hear us. and we started laughing about stories. and then one of the guys said they saw him open his eyes up. i know he was hearing us, you know. so as sad a time it was, it was a time to remember and enjoy and share laughs with him even then. >> he would have wanted us to laugh. you know how he was. >> so even his passing, people would be smiling. >> yeah. >> they're going to take garry's heart with them through this show. >> yeah. we will keep garry right here.
9:49 pm
now to another talent that is definitely gone too soon. elvis presley. his world famous estate, graceland, is like no other place on earth. now you can stay at graceland. we're giving you a personal tour right now from the perfect person. >> hello, everyone. i'm priscilla presley welcome to the guest house. >> the new guesthouse at graceland is adjacent to the king's mansion. pris sill less helped design the interior to make it feel how elvis would have lived today. >> there was a grand staircase in the front room of graceland. the chandelier is a larger version of one that's hanging there now. >> "e.t." has been a frequent guest at graceland. it was converted into a museum and tourist attraction back in 1982 to help pay for the massive upkeep. >> the problem is we're dealing with economics here. and if there's to be a graceland at all, this is the way we have
9:50 pm
to do it. >> the rooms inside the mansion reflect presley's style from the ornate music room to the lavish dining room to this tropical jungle room. his only child, lisa marie, grew up here. she once told us her dad wouldn't enjoy the kind of spotlight celebrities live under today. >> there's no difference now in the private and public life. i don't think he would have fancied that very much. so he would have been more reclusive than ever at this point. >> elvis died here in 1977 and is buried in the back yard of his estate along with his parents and grandmother. over 600,000 fans visit each year to pay their respects. >> his spirit is there. i think many people feel the same way. >> at the hotel, the chairs in the lobby were created to look like the collars on elvis' famous jumpsuits. in the king swiuite, there's a d velvet draped bed with a tv on the silent. >> we have five restaurants, a man cave in the bar and grill, which has a big pool table which elvis loved to play.
9:51 pm
>> it was a 30-year process getting the hotel to come together. >> we have a 464-seat theater for live events, movies, and large events. >> priscilla says elvis always planned to build a guesthouse for visitors at graceland. this one just on a larger scale. >> he was so proud of graceland. anybody that came in that was a newcomer, the first thing he did was show them all over graceland. there's a bit of elvis everywhere here. >> i love seeing that old footage. now, you're not going to believe this. elvis bought graceland in 1957 for just over $100,000. today, it's estimated to be worth around 55 million bucks. that is some home equity. now to the story of an olympic gold medalist in the fight of his life. figure skater scott hamilton has battled two brain tumors in the past and now sadly scott tells "e.t." in his first interview about his health, he's been diagnosed with a brain tumor again. >> when my kids ask, you know, do you have a brain tumor, i do.
9:52 pm
it's okay. i got this. 2004, then 2010, now 2016. i guess this little guy is going to come back every six years. i mean a pattern has emerged. so now that ultimately changes the way i approach treatment. but i've got time because i caught it early. usually after surgery, they stay away. but this one's decided to come back, and we'll figure it out. >> he has a benign pituitary tumor. although not malignant, it can be dangerous because of where it is on his brain. the last time he underwent nine surgeries and after surviving that, he says nothing can take him down. >> worry will not add one hour to my love. as it says in the good book. i want to love every minute of my life. i'm not going to allow anything, whether it's this or anything that i've had in the past, to throw me off, you know, enjoying myself. >> in the late '90s, he defeated test tick yew lar cancer. he credits his wife with being
9:53 pm
his rock through sickness and health. his daughter and son were adopted from haiti in 2014. he feels with family and faith, he can beat anything. >> this brain tumor has given me a lot more than it's taken away. you know, this is a brain tumor i was born with. you know, without this, i wouldn't have been in and out of the hospitals for four years. without this, my parent wouldn't have been so exhausted that they needed to give me a morning off. and the morning off they chose was a skating rink. there are no accidents. >> it's just great to be alive, isn't it? [ cheers and applause ] >> we were with scott in cleveland. his organization provides supports and resources to cancer patients. on november 20th, cheryl crow, sarah evans and jewel will join him in nashville. >> i've kind of become somewhat of an activist, a 5-3 1/2
9:54 pm
activist. >> scott, let me tell you something. you are a giant at heart. scott is also still very active in skating. >> he's got a skating academ
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
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look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. anne hathaway is 34. jimmy kimmel is celebrating turning 49. and whoopi goldberg is 61. now, take a final look at your choices. which oscar nominee has the giving tree book cover tattooed on his arm? that is ryan gosz liling who is this weekend. happy birthday. monday, it's our night out with jennifer garner. >> thank you. i'm so glad you came. >> what has her teaming up with hollywood's favorite moms? that's monday. >> we're almost out of time this weekend. for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website >> before we leave. check out this emotional new video for their single "you're not there". >> it's off the self-titled album. enjoy it, everyone, and of course the rest of your weekend. bye. ♪
9:58 pm
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this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 10 starts now. raking news. a 5th night of protests across the country. after tuesday's presidential election. protests in los angeles on the right side of the screen. and portland happening right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. tens of thousands of americans on both sides of the coast are denouncing donald trump as their commander-in-chief. now with the latest demonstrations, oakland, what are we seeing? >> it started around 8


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