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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 16, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PST

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♪ ♪ tonight, the making of the sexiest man alive. >> bring the sexy. >> bring the sexy. >> the rock snagged this year's honor, but we're revealing why he was chosen. >> i have to change jasmine's diapers every morning, but i would do it in a way that's sexy. then gwen gushing over blake. >> blake shelton? >> yeah. that fellow. >> what she's only telling "e.t." about their love story and how he rescued her from divorce. >> the new all-female ocean's 8 movie. the cast is phenomenal. >> here's the question, will he make a cameo? >> and -- ♪ ♪ >> we are first with new kids on the block and paula abdul after their big tour announcement. >> we're bringing in joy, love and happiness back to the world.
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we're bringing the happy back. >> now for november 15, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." dwayne johnson is "the sexiest man alive." it was just announced this morning, but we knew last night before it became official. >> we knew and he knew, but the rule of sexiest man alive is you never, ver, say a word until "people" magazine make the announcement and that made for an unusual interview last night. >> how would you feel about being named the sexiest man alive? >> if i were to be named sexiest man alive. that would be an awesome thing. i would still have to get in my pickup truck and go to work and i would change jasmine's diapers, but i would do it in a way that -- what's that word? sexy. >> dwayne "the rock" johnson was such an easy pick. if you look at his muscles it makes it very obvious why we
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chose him. >> here's what made the pick so easy. he's the king of the box office and he's the highest paid actor and he made $64.5 million last year. the second factor, this guy works hard. >> this is a phenomenal business. it's fantastic. >> that was the rock in 1999. his first "e.t." interview. >> the rock has certainly come a long way. he has a production company called seven bucks and that's a reminder to himself that he once only had $7 in his pocket and that's why he's able to stay humble and stay grounded. >> the rock was overwhelmed on "ellen" today where he talked about another thing that we love. he's a hands-on dad. >> i havv a 15-year-old daughter, simone and an 11-month-old, jasmine, and right here we're playing one of our favorite game which is is drumming on daddy's head. >> there's one more interesting element to all of this. the timing. last night was the premiere of
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disney's new movie "moana." it's out a week from tomorrow and dwayne lent his voice to the film. he performed with hamilton star and creator, lin-manuel miranda who wrote the movie's original songs. >> we already knew he could sing. ♪ and i say to myself ♪ being in hawaii is such a wonderful world ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that was so beautiful! oh, my gosh! >> oh! yes!!o cf1 o >> serenaded by "the rock" that was fun. >> from the sexiest man alive to the women of the year, because some very special ladies were honored last night by "glamour" magazine. >> that was a very impressive list of honorees and headliningo that list is gwen stefani before giving her man, blake shelton, an emotional shout out for the ages.
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♪ ♪ >> it was a year and a half ago i was in a pool of tears, and i was so disappointed, and i'm really, really grateful to blake shelton for kissing me bacc to life. thank you so much. i am ---i'm blown away. >> can you describe your year? >> this year wassincredible. this year was, like, someone said hey, wakk up! and i was, like, whoa! oh, my god! i thought i was seeing in color, but now i'm really seeing in color. >> a year and ten days until after they officially started dating, gwen and blake are making us feel all of the feel. >> blake shelton? >> yeah, that fellow. >> it's incredible to have a best friend like that guy. he's an amazing person. >> check out what it took for this couple to be together for gwen's big glamour women of the year award. ♪ ♪ >> at 9:45 a.m. the two take a chopper ride leaving blake's oklahoma ranch. cuteness alert and then they
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board a plane together, and a burger is the meal. >> as gwen gets glam, blake takes "the voice live." around 7:00, she steps off the runway marchesa gown and blake is there in time to see gwen honored as a throwback photo. >> gwen as a little girl was always kind, sweet, thoughtful. >> you've come out stronger and ever and better than ever. >> what do you attest that to? >> just that little seed that was planted in me when i was a little girl and just that little seed of faith and watching that grow through tragedy. now here i am. >> called perseverance, right? >> there was plenty of that last night on "dancing with the stars" and the biggest joys with unexpected tears. i don't know how you do it. >> such an emotional moment. we don't have to see a star cry during the middle of a dance,
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but that is exactly what happened to laurie hernandez. ♪ ♪ >> right before the 16-year-old olympian performed a fox trot, the show played an emotional video, revealing her beloved grandma had passed away last week. >> i think -- >> our producer came over and said you'd probably want to cover her ears during the package. i was breaking down because no one's covering my ears. >> laurie performed through the tears and earned a perfect score and a standing ovation. >> how did you possibly focus and get through that? >> it was hard. val and i were able to create this connection as brother and sister. at this point i needed one of my brothers and he was there for me to pick me up, so, yeah. >> also dancing it out, indy car driver james hinchcllffe and pro partner sharna and they kept her out of the competition for the
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past new weeks and the pair performed an epic argentine tango and sharna was blindfolded and james ended up doing a handstand on the chair. >> i'm a little crazy and that might have been a risk. >> now that i think about it i'm thinking maybe she didn't want to be with me anymore. she was trying to re-injure herself. >> as for the elimination -- >> the couple leaving right now is dara and sasha. >> besides earning two perfect score it was reality star tara jolay. >> i felt like i gave it my all, and i feel like i'll never be the same after "dancing with the stars." i'm very grateful. >> i went out on a high note. >> right from episode one i have loved her positivity and she has not lost it. well done, tara. >> rounding out the final four is jena and it all comes down to next week and one couple will be eliminated on friday and the final three will battleeit out on tuesday to see who the champion is. let me say this, it's anybody's
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game. these four couples are so good. >> these three ladies are certainly oh, so good and they star in the all-female "ocean's 8." it's not a total girl's club. matt damon will crash the party and make it a cameo. he confirmed it with our carly steel. >> ocean's 8? >> i think i'm doing a little bit in the movie, and i haven't read it yet, but the cast is phenomenal. i'm excited to see what those women do with it. it's going to be fun. >> matt won't be back in ocean's until 2018, but until then damon is crazy busy. he got to this premiere fresh from shooting the george clooney premiere suburbicon. matt produces the family drama starring ben's brother and his co-star casey affleck. >> what's your favorite family memory? >> it involves bickering.
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>> we clash in a really good way creatively. he just cares so much and that's in the world, and i'm really, s really proud of him. >> in the movie, casey and michelle williams play an estranged couple. >> you guys are holding hands and enjoying this moment. ♪ ♪ >> he's giving a little bit of maryland and i've always admired him for such a long time and i've always wanted to work with him. >> they had a dollhins creek reunion with phillips and he's godmother to michelle's daughter. >> coming up, which 61-year-old star just became a father for the seventh time. >> that's a lot of kids and is dad. >> plus? >> welcome, "e.t." to the set of "this is us." the breakout hit, mandy moore
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reveals what it's like working
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valentina is the daughter of his brother kevin which makes two kids for kevin and now makes nick an uncle twice. >> kelsey grammar just became a dad and capping tonight's show and tell, lucky number seven. >> kelsey and kate made the announcement this morning. baby ellis joined the family yesterday. he's the couple's third child together and the seventh for 61-year-old kelsey and did we mention he's also a grandfather? she couldn't wait to meet the newest addition. >> i am about to be a big sister once again. i'm so excited. >> baby grammar's got a lot to grow up to, named after singer james taylor and kelsey's great-grandfather. they tell us mother and son are doing great. natalie portman framed her growing belly with a sun. natalie was at the l.a. premiere of her new movie "jackie" and stars as the iconic jackie
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kennedy after jfk's assassination. >> and the people's choice awards gets trendy with the mannequin challenge. >> two, one, break. >> i felt like i was going to get a charlie horse. i was, like, this hurts! >> molly shannon and wilmer valderrama were the presenters and big stars dominated this year with tom hank, jennifer lawrence and george clooney. >> a sweet reaction to her first-ever nomination, that made our day. >> i feel kind of lucky that i was on stage to do that. that was pretty awesome. >> voting is now open on people's and you can see if your favorites win january 18th on cbs. another show that toured really big ttday was three people's choice nominations "this is us." tonight, we are on the set of the breakout show with three really good reasons you should be watching. >> we have the most handsome -- >> gentlemen! >> plus --
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♪ ♪ >> we are first with new kids on the block after announcing the big tour with paula abdul. we flashback with the boy band. >> stay in school. peace. eat your vegetables. >> we are with the star as the new "hairspray live" musical with two past tracy turnblads. >> coming up on "e.t." >> closed captioning provided by --
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ ♪ . coming soon, the total package tour. >> we're bringing the happy back. ♪ >> we're bringing joy, love and happiness back to the world. >> announced today, the new kids will join boys 2 men ann paula abdul on a 40-plus city tour
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next year. >> what are you most looking forward to? i love all of these guys any in many ways we all grew up together. >> time does fly. we were with paula when her first album went number one. >> i am in shock. >> donny was just 19 when the boys were touring out of junior high. >> stay in school. peace. eat your vegetables. >> hello, hello, hello "entertainment tonight". >> and the average age of boys 2 men was 22 and now the best-selling r and b group of all time. >> everyone will pollinate. >> pollinate??o cf1 o ♪ ♪ >> it's going to be a sweet tour. ♪ ♪ >> i just feel so grateful every day that i am able to do things that i love and more impprtantly, do it with people that i love. >> the people certainly love nbc's break-out hit, "this is us."
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the show was nominated for people's choice awards. so what is the secret to all their success. as leann aguilera found out, it doesn't hurt that the men can't seem to keep their clothes on. >> you almost broke the internet when we saw your bum in the pilot. >> i -- >> that's mill osh -- >> justin? and sterling? >> we have the most handsome -- >> all of them have their shirts off and it's just, like -- >> it's not just the shirtless actors that keep them all coming back each week, it's the emotion and the plot twists and one of our favorite tv couples jack and's becca and tonight we see them on the verge of breaking up. >> is there any way to move the meeting because the scout kevin is coming and it's a big day for him. >> it's a big day for me.
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>> okay. >> there are people that are fans of this couple which i'm a fan. i'm ableeto read the script and watch our storylines on tv, and go, i'm rooting for this couple. it's, you know, this is not a great time for them. >> can you turn the light up, please? >> we found out handy and milo have a strong parental bond with their co-stars even though they're only about four years apart. >> we had dinner two weeks ago, and i was randomly at the head of the table and they're, like, thanks, mom and dad. >> and i'm, like, that's my boy! >> it's such a family show and people are going to watch it with their families and they'll turn into mini viewing parties. what do they need to have with us? >> a nice drink or mocktails and i feel like this is a show that you want comfort food.
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>> i think that's kind of thee idea. you want to be together with people. if you watched them by yourself we are hugging you from inside the tv because we will break your heart. >> my guilty pleasure. such a good show. >> you are a big fan of "hairspray" and it is headed to tv in december. in a surreal moment i bumped into three of the women who played the iconic role of tracy turnblad. i did a triple take. >> it was one of those days that i was speechless. that doesn't happen very often. i can't wait to meet these ladies and including the newest miss turnblad. >> the role of tracy turnblad will be performed by maddie bellio. >> she was one of a thousand young women who auditioned and it brought on the tears. >> i had to call my mom because she's my number one supporter, and i called my mom, and i said
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mom! i got tracy! >> she belted it out in the original broadway cast and rikki lake was still a college student when she played tracy in the 1988 movie. >> you almost didn't go to the >> true. it was during finals week at ithica college, and i drove five hours and i got a ticket on the way. >> you don't think about her getting the guy, and it did open every door for me. it gave me this crazy career i've had for almost 30 years. ♪ ♪ >> you won the tony for the role. >> for a chubby, like, short chubby girl to be an ingenue on a broadway show, it's basically what you just said, it's not given to us every day. ♪ ♪ >> harvey fierstein is re-creating his role f tracy's
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mohamm edna, along with ariana grande and kristen chenoweth. >> are you freaked out about this cast? >> yes. ariana grande is playing my best friend, kristen chenoweth, one of my big of the ide wiols is ie show, too. it's crazy. >> the cast nailed their mannequin challenge and she's had to train to keep her stamina up for those dance numbers. >> i'm running on the treadmill and singing every day and with a milkshake in one hand. ♪ ♪ >> i'm going to a now you until this comes on. >> working out and holding a milkshake. >> they hinted to me that they're all going to make a sneak appearance in "hairspray live" and look for that on december 7th on nbc. just in time for the
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holidays, here is something for you to look out for. >> get ready for window warfare. what i like to call drama rama. >> eight designers will battle it out on the new competition show, window warriors. check out the contestants and just how much is at stake.
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footage of the suicide squad's extensive cut. it's all at there are a lottof things that we love about kuwaiatie cu and one is that she's always so open and honest. >> the big bang star lets it all hang out. >> bye, everybody. >> i fell in love with it and i said this is my thing. >> she opens up about everythhng from her love life to plastic surgery confession. >> then, could there be a new jon and kate gosselin custody war?
1:15 am
>> i'm going to call my attorney. >> what he is only telling us. that's tomorrow. the insider tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> he tried to kiss me three times. when i rejected in a, he asked me when my contract was up. >> megyn kelly makes more shocking claims against former fox news boss roger ailes. >> did any part of you think you should have come out earlier? >> that would have been a suicide mission. >> dwayne the rock johnson may be people magazine's sexiest star, but he's just dad to his daughters. the red carpet sizzle. inside the fashion frenzy. >> were you nervous getting dressed tonight? >> this is amazing. >> plus, your insider bonus. grammy winner amy grant returns with her first christmas album


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