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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 22, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>james: they continue to work to figure out what caused the car to go into reverse and kill borland the memorial marks the location where he was hit and killed by a car as it was backing up a 12 your was behind the wheel charging his phone one somehow the car began to lurch backward into the killing before your boy in there all guest at a birthday party at the senior center the child who died has been identified the old one had minor injuries he is not clear if use in the driver's seat the families involved were put in touch with come from services. >>james: we would to you what
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>>reporter: fairly clear shot we have just about everywhere will have little good in the wake of the winds kinda like a little bit of a minute play on saturday and but as compacted
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the north to the peninsula south really are unaffected listed to the key to cast your the car we mention. >>reporter: again will have all that moisture and served as harry go with the wins less make no that is what the line is to concede a 45
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>>robin winston: know the problems and 92 still smooth and moving at a limit getting into san francisco on a new west is nice and light so far yesterday we had a mixed bag of traffic
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nice and like 22 minutes is the average driver turned. >>james: 01 tuesday been the
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will receive refunds for the lost angeles concert he had already canceled days earlier after his wife was brought the gun point in paris >>reporter: he hasn't yet held press conference but monday he released the video outlining goals for his first 100 days hist.
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six he promised action on national security and the release come to the controversy involving another video recorder the saturn conference some of the national event giving announce his aloof says
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6.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of japan that triggered the tsunami warning feels the
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quake is most likely an aftershock from the magnitude 9.1 to local earthquake that struck in the same area back in 2011 >>reporter: and badly damaged adaption nuclear and shima hist
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>>james: sit there now a game is
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a role they put end w collin undefeated on the four game road trip
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>>reporter: is giving the
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musical in january the latest cost the favorite she is joining the march to the matter universe is scheduled to start production early next year in recent years and february of 2018.
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springs are pursued or raw was led to a fatal crash a will or live with the latest from the scene will have his obeyed his ally of the outside the san mateo bridge
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>>james: an attack on will lose after she was beaten and robbed in the eastman the woman was walking near the part station
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she was hit several times and the head by a blunt object the 42 year-old stood in the station's back park a lot screaming fists. the bus was carrying and five
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student 23 had been taken to hospital for treatment >>reporter: that will start to spell out in the east bay shoreline ride after sunrise here is a look at a rent coming our way you conceded reaches south about 9:00 our time more
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it came through the central part behind it it will be brought against a heavy rain overnight hist last friday shoppings wanted to know where you are such
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>>reporter: preparation for the storm coming \ shaw's >>robin winston: see that is normal only to cash lanes open and there's always a shift change
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>>will tran: about four hours
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ago they took off from san francisco that overturned about maybe 15 yds from that location
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says multiple police officers are here including the san francisco police department sphere
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>>haaziq madyun: says she is reading a message she rode in memory of her friend antoine who was shot to death saturday night outside of the south shore lane bowling alley in alameda the 19 year-old who was a popular high school senior said new teammates
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love to men as well you could see them writing and by messengers on his locker off the circumstances prior outside of the bowling alley are unclear if the alameda police investigators say they received a call saturday night at around 9:00 p.m. office arrived at the scene from m.l. shooting victim who was transferred to local hospital where he died from his injuries such some
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>>gabe slate: should therebe it ... but it is still a big problem set you can million or
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taken into store. stores are not participating steps we cannot go to those stores to help set persisted it
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>>reporter: this if we may not
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even see rain to early in the afternoon approach and son sen
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>>robin winston: leaving haywood from 880 out 210114-will keep an
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eye on it checking out the rest of the south bay looks good some >>reporter: sauce serbs the
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bureau collects 95% on all transactions fifth set and a decline gold hammer would explain the information is brought from a third-party the
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supplies and to other agencies the database consist of the identified information the database does not contain information identifies the date the location the marginal items purchased hist still the senator and there is no way of proving lack giving the bureau's independence for for >>james: recent snow means good news for ski resort near tahoe it opened over the weekend and several others are set to open tomorrow
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>>reporter: south it definitely is a listener to recede as a beautiful sight for skiers there happen to my sphere if you can build a snowman because they would not condone if they go gliding past four hist hist this 10 year-old can sing a love song as she goes along during the unshrouded debris sits some
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>>james: address from the does the have prices on the menus will to you why that popular
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>>james: people are treated to free turkeys in contra costa county afternoon on market street and concord and the monuments of the organization dish of food over thousand three registered low-income families
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: vitally after some
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said it will carry with us local lands are to pulsate in goal with leftover just some scattered showers it will greet us again for wednesday morning fix move selling on the home from will be on the mostly caught sunny sky conditions
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>>james: but incremental whether we are tracking will continue to push off web attracted to rob the bank and see if it continues to be the case green across-the-
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board track a method but on time conditions for airports from coast to coast >>robin winston: still smolders on to be a nice tribute for those of you who have to use the >>darya: a police pursuit turns into a deadly crash of sunnyvale the chase ended of el camino real out in sunnyvale
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>>will tran: off one person was ejected in started around 1230 in san francisco you would not
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be able to access this will choose right in front of you and this is the sea its feet it will be shutdown until 730 >>jackie sissel: according to authorities as far as the
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writers have the base fare most of them say unfortunately there are not surprised
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>>reporter: hot after interviewing and his son they uncovered the young girl was intentionally drowned in the pool is not clear whether family
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visited the church they're being very tight-lipped about most of in a statement sunday night there was a tragedy in the church a little girl lost life when police in this investigation we will know more in the meantime just play for the family and community health
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it was found on the bus the school district did say what it said but the police are investigating they said the students from the irresponsible it could face suspension or expulsion >>mark: let's go to the game they're down a touchdown the fighting to be is for the deep a 75 yd touchdown a car looking for some stephen lasers throng
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batteries did the things that happen when they play in that stadium
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>>reporter: they're not in the slave bills adobe listening but in the lane is glistening to
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recede as long as a beautiful sight that happen to live or lease it will be when they get inside
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>>reporter: ahead as you go forward with ones that will be a cleanup job in thursday looks like a mostly sunny bill is one
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to set the timer early afternoon henry will be early as saturday as well >>reporter: >>robin winston: howe about the bay bridge ride into san francisco checking and all the
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drive time and the censors this is sunnyvale the police pursuit that ended in a fatal accident >>darya: he is in the hospital this morning being treated we are told for exhaustion after he
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abruptly canceled the rest of his or and that all after he pulled a fast one did sacramento people pay to hear and what they heard was the 20 minute rant he has addressed this yet but he opposed to the video discussing his agenda last night
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he did not mention to build on wall u.s.-mexico border to release the video cause he's facing another controversy a video recorder and over the weekend shows his supporters celebrated his victory by given the losses to
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>>mark: he watching for some rain headed this way more on the forecast for the is giving, the time now let's talk basketball
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>>reporter: this is where the heaviest rain will be and timing 915 crossing over the middle portion south
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>>robin winston: it's definitely slow tracking police activity in a high-speed chase still looking for alternate consider homesteader no reports of any major delays will definitely keep an eye on and let you know to start to back a traffic
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>>darya: it turns into a deadly crash of sunnyvale will live on the scene will have more what happened >>will tran: just add a little bit to what robin just said we were told that this scene in sunnyvale should be shut down
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that 18 your passenger was ejected from the car as well as manslaughter >>james: lesson in a team there now the driver of the bus 24 year-old is charged with five
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counts of vehicular homicide rate to reckless and bingaman and reckless driving the bus has a black box recorder
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>>haaziq madyun: cute shot to death saturday night outside of the south shore lensboard alan alameda sh the football
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teammates love to men as well you see them writing the by messages
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cash sphere the advent-surf
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>>robin winston: from the mes out to fremont street >>darya: to many of the cases are handing in schools the lieutenant government met with students and bird and high when
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asked by reporters like he shot the officer he said a cold society does not allow one to see his son he said the have been several custody battles he is accused of shooting and killing the detectives at his death was the 58 a deadly shooting
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>>mark: but don't have any detailed description of the attacker might father accused of killing his own for your daughter the driver of the bus behind bars the bus flipped on this side of christ into a tree many in the neighborhood said
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the bus was going too fast >>robin winston: still attractively set to the here and sunny well there was always
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homestead and there's also read averell they run parallel >>reporter: we know the score lumbers last hour in the north bank showing up from novato and santa rosa 41 for napa and 43 for the lay home and round out into the 40 watching this line showers coming this way is it will strike most of the bay by
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again with cloud cover increasing of there will clouds
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such south >>mark: a said of the cambrian from the campaign promise were donald trump said you did a special prosecutor hist such
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>>darya: he and his parents complained after his teacher used an analogy that upset him says for a teacher to be expressing these views upon children who are very impressionable
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surf >>reporter: half if and also carry up to approximately 1 oz of the earth and can grow to six plants saw offs listed in
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california has more than a year to search out the process for nonmedical convinced it is possible for the state to issue a temporary carmines said and there is this loophole will recreational cannot be sold to can be given away
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>>darya: he wants people to pay what they feel is appropriate and what they can afford to pay a breaking news will following a police chase turns deadly we're
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live on the scene will get an update on what led up to the chase morrison graffiti from six this is the sixth time and less the amount hear with the school is same
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: also for santa rosa here is what we're talking about the increase in cloud cover right in the backyard about 930 or so quickly after that at some scattered showers that will be the tail all the way into tomorrow morning in the strike a cleared for the local front on thursday in
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>>james: is the travel plans tickets for that part of the country you may run into some delays as a result of them out their chicago will track the for you as for here along the west coast is the rain is part of the system it could bring this in shower and offer loans showers as a head into the holiday weekend
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>>will tran: it started at around 1230 in the morning less what you to the chain of events is start with an armed robbery the chp took over the pursuit and ron wilson avenue the two robbers got off the freeway in down to the city streets at around will for at this location the shopping complex the loss control of the car bounced off the pole bounce off about 45 park cars and you see the investigators and ultimately about 20 yds later
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>>mark: and donald trump is doing this to help heal the country after a long election he
6:07 am
is still on a loose but if >>jackie sissel: of this and a dozen riders here in east bay bart stations worry we have a chance to talk to some of them they say they're not surprised to hear about it obviously they're letting people know they should be aware of their surroundings
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>>darya: his nine year-old son was standing next to him the girl was pronounced dead at the hospital people living in the area are weighing in on what happened is routinely left a lot of has a sanctuary for nearly
6:09 am
two dozen children have to go to the hospital in the wake of monday's daily elementary school bus crashed the driver is now under arrest we have arrested the bus driver of the school bus >>reporter: the bus he was driving hit a tree was almost flat half and five children were all for one elementary school the oldest with was a fifth grave the dundas only in the kindergarten they rushed to
6:10 am
the scene to find their children for hours after the crash many were still trying to figure out whether their children were safe >>mark: this the second time the graffiti has been found here is a pitcher from last week
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>>mark: they come home to take gone and the panthers and what
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the state department as a wise and people to do on vacation
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>>darya: snowfall in this era of
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good start to the season in the early start several other ski areas will be opening up tomorrow 3 ft. of new snow fell
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court >>reporter: thursday looks cool and we're watching for new system come friday that will be spreading all over the bay area
6:18 am
>>robin winston: a lot of stop and go traffic into san francisco starter norm 530 and
6:19 am
still have already backed up into the maze the rest of it is ok to two minutes from hercules down to oakland >>mark: this was a seven. for
6:20 am
quite a stroke off the coast of fukushima the 9.0 the spawned a did a tsunami in the same region because modern islamic and nothing high enough to one of their traveling to europe during this holiday season did by its recent is the credible information indicating an alkyne the militants continue to plan
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and tax such such and >>mark: he's recovering in hospital we also have a brick
6:22 am
down he had on stage and now it is a brick down his
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>>darya: it happens sudden calif. they say he was driving the wrong way on the freeway hist donald trump off announcing he is canceling a meeting with the new york times today
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>>mark: all-time record high in the light around will continue in this up another 56 points
6:30 am
>>reporter: would put about 1015 you to see marching through the central bay behind another line it will be in the dead of night but left with scattered showers will linger into tomorrow morning
6:31 am
>>mark: will live on the scene >>will tran: they're still on the scene is should be shut down for at least another hour or so is the continued to get measurements the sea its feet to
6:32 am
go to the pursuit from ralston ave the pursue a matter highspeed rate of more than a hundred miles per hour the decided because a few cars on the road and because of the nature they had to chase them at that speed >>will tran: and the driver was
6:33 am
taken to the hospital as far as el camino riyal only the southbound direction \
6:34 am
>>james: 15 minutes later he posted this perhaps a new meeting will be settled with the new york times that is according
6:35 am
6:36 am
to law enforcement officials it could continue even after he moved to the white house and go
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for a new page for the family was rich about $5,000 stuff, the man shot near the scene he is recovering some another man involved in the shooting ran like
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>>robin winston: already clear in the carpool lane we don't see it
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>>darya: >>james:
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>>darya: he drowned her in the baptismal pool and the catholic church and carried her body to a nearby police station
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>>reporter: during the day to buy the evening hours and let the rain will be coming out of the south bend sit well with the breaking another quick layer that comes in saturday evening
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at hot car >>robin winston: so it will take
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you 22 minutes to get from the dublin and to change if it 80 doing find a little sluggish but moving from san leandro sit the average five time in 32 minutes >>darya: hist many cases something is happening in the schools sh sphere if
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>>stanley roberts: will all have something in common fans everywhere around the parking lot there signs that read new parking some to adhere these two
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ladies remember one parking lot there 10 days shy before finally being told staff and his you're wondering the cause of haven't told off at the small into a
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>>darya: for nine months and she carried her daughter's child accretive by her daughter and her son-in-law because they your risk for tumors of the daughter cannot carry the baby the mother was her mother and grandmother she is 48 years old and she offered to go ahead and carry the child she is ready to be astaire did mom again per daughter and son-in-law never won another child for now she could fill the mother and grandmother role ahead we will be right back
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we continue to follow breaking news out of sunnyvale where a high-speed pursuit that started in san francisco ends with a passenger killed. coming up, a live interview with chp. as donald trump transitions to the white house, taking back a promise he made on the campaign trail. we are tell you what -- we will tell you what he is saying about hillary clinton. getting you ready for the thanks of a holiday. storms hitting part of the country. even the bay area we will track the travel forecast coming up good morning. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, november 22nd. getting you ready for thanksgiving on kron4. >> we have team coverage whether you are leaving town or staying here for thanksgiving. james fletcher has a travel forecast.


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