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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 23, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: there are some holiday the world before you head out last year drivers on the day before thanksgiving compared to the four weeks prior according to a alloway's traffic also drivers reported 26 percent more to see traffic hazards
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>>reporter: no concern basically this to clear all fairly rapidly telling us where did some clear skies which means the sun to come on to the performance that texas to six a year for were going to mostly sunny mode and all locations mid-40s and work 50 to 401
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>>reporter: us will handle to few to cast the sea would says possible the does appear to be come together for mostly sunny and high temperatures and lower 60s
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>>robin winston: is only 12 minutes from the foot of the major lost a fremont street we are in good shape for the richmond san rafael bridge there is a trouble spot south 280 in woodside road and the city of what side and overturn crashed it is the culture commute direction it is not backing up traffic we have one lane block expect a minor delay southbound 280 and overturned accident the july recess on out watchers be the role of the slick
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>>james: it happened around 130 yesterday morning at the university of have police described the attacker as a black male with me you complexion along with speakers
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candlelight vigil was held there was a wall compassion for people posted messages of support for one another >>james: she was rushed to hospital of the medical emergency if she died and it was ruled a homicide and determine she killed her husband before taking her own life for her death is the 45th homicide of 2016 police identified the for your girl who was killed on sunday for a father is accused
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of drowning her in church >>dan kerman: he looked visibly upset as he sat in court in a wheelchair shackled at the rest to face charges he murdered it or your daughter police say his four year-old daughter and his nine year-old son for st. john's catholic church and hills bird sunday evening when the defendant drawn before year-old in a baptismal pool in addition to the murder charge he is charged with felony child abuse the resulted in the child's death and a misdemeanor account conflicts and emotional distress for having his nine year-old son with him at the time of the alleged incident he did not enter a plea and criminal proceedings for four on hold after the attorney asked the defendant be medically evaluated to see if he is mentally competent to stand
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trial >>james: it will be conducted over the next few weeks the suspect is due back in court next month the family has set a pace to help with funeral expenses will supplement to that on our web site national headlines police a 24 year old was speeding and swerving with a crass the bus that killed five children in tennessee in loss control hit and of the driveway and then hit a mailbox smashed into a telephone pole these been charged with five counts of vehicular manslaughter one girl told her mother and the driver was speeding around a curve and asks the children all you all ready to die the mother described are on their brief.
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he says >>james: 6 our intensive care and the police confirm the driver was involved in another accident we will be right back
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>>reporter: by high noon a so mostly sunny will get those caught more clout >>reporter: internet to their the called low wages to ignore
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that would give us their fifth-- there >>reporter: we've already noticed the couple spend out nothing major nothing less cause a big backer of the ride into san francisco the when find the drive time 12 minutes from the foot of the maze
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>>robin winston: highway for lights and quiet for the west bowrider know the problems 580 west looking good so far out of morgan hill into san jose and >>james: it is a line but he repeated over and over again the
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court energizing the base in fuel and fire exchangers with hillary clinton did so the minute times that he does not want to hurt the clintons some supporters howe about the shift the new york mayor defended president elect
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>>james: we have surveillance photos that was released yesterday and they want you to hope we identified this thief's >>charles clifford: they came in
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to rent a snowboard she is given a set of skis and her parents for christmas she talk with us
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about her new plan >>james: she describes for public-private effort the run a lot or she recent agreement with the group to form a new stadium if approve the deal will be on the site where the coliseum is now they have won eight straight
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games and 12 and 2 on the season >>reporter: most people look forward to the holiday is but not to the extra pounds the come along with all those banners and treats the breakfast starting
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the day will the small but satisfying breakfast and give you more control your appetite we will be right back
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>>robin winston: a closer look fatten and distributor the new company vicious can't feed mill driven >>reporter: received six nominations including best feature the more than any of the
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film will be held the day before the oscars of february >>reporter: this may be the most high-profile manikin challenge she sent this video know what it was this a good in and that trend
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♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you.
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>>james: he did not enter plea and criminal proceedings the judge refused to grant him bail he will be back in court on december 28th of those results combat
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>>reporter: down to the south
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who good as well even across a whole united states >>reporter: mayor insisted and bring in the waiver early this morning but then travels out to the mountain as he was talking about earlier tsongas
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>>robin winston: horney is to try and connecting with north and south won 01 is wanted holiday like it probably better than yesterday and no big problem 680 is a good ride leaving, and as a wall of crete out to alamo filled with problems for 580 leaving with a more into dublin if nothing would green 680 out of slow to fremont us face shifts
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>>reporter: will report about a rash of car burglaries and hercules of what happened sunday night of the mall a man came on a barbecue and the summer looking into his car window the susman got in his own car and tried to plow the victim no one was seriously hurt and there were able to get a license plate number that the police arrest a dominant police said these
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crimes are usually opportunity and she had a plan for when they do black friday shopping >>reporter: they have not made any other arrests in recent cases but they don't think it is connected to them
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>>james: 41 robert for our government cockpit of the knitted at him what a of the search is pockets so
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>>reporter: so this is indeed the home the police visited monday afternoon investigative service search warrant here and arrested two men from san francisco office in connection with the rock located on west the robber was discovered earlier this month after being tipped off by neighbors of suspicious activity around the house they then conducted an undercover operation was
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confirmed the prostitution ring the president of sara high school said new rockets across the street comes a surprise sentiment shared by members of the student body
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>>gabe slate: to his video well was discovered by users have complained the bill i went back to my home screen i launched my e-mail and then that is pretty much said it froze up and under five seconds of the bill seemed harmless enough to show the person next to a bed is a career of did that crashes devices the video text was o'clock in memory management
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>>james: her death the san jose 46 homicide of this year a man was robbed at gunpoint by a mob of nine people it happened at 2 on the morning yesterday he said one reporter gun and pointed at him while the other eight search his pocket and said they made off with a couple cell phones orders were able to track down and arrest of is one of those roberts meanwhile the warriors are back in town aftere gon
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>>reporter: them until very light overnight into saturday for chilly dummies saddam looked so what do most of the day looks like it will linger into sunday as well
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>>robin winston: maybe heading toward hercules another spin out this was the second one of the morning remember to watch your speed up this ran off the road into a ditch the right land partially blocked no major delays getting through coming up will take a look at the south of a checking in on 10128237 soph >>james: the place is so on bay
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in they are the ready reserve fleet and the water copter gives us a good look of locals call the mothball fleet a group of commercial vessels overseen by del sphere their 12 ships
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currently in the reserve fleet one of the more here it is called the green mountain state it began as a commercial cargo ship adjutancy is been converted to have been in the 1980's it was a transition to the crane their sister ships to those and not the duty that means these vessel docked in the
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bay exist as a backup for replacement parts when they first open the reserve fleet host of a fraudulent 35 by 1952 had risen to 340 >>james: is still has a large number of vessels and the united states
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>>james: to have the bonus they came out to personally distribute there were donated to
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low income families and they will be teaming up to produce the stand-up show into unseen counter specials
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: one of the biggest travel days of the year and millions of people expected to hit throws and had to the airport all across california
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>>reporter: how do we stand basically close to 50
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>>robin winston: it and i don't think you have more problem with heavy traffic you need to watch a speed that is the biggest concern we are tracking this sentence overturned accident of the morning
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>>will tran:: 76,000 passengers will take off today and another 76,000 passengers will ride of we do expect out between the morning traffic to pick out but it is just taking off soda speak this talk to some of the passengers we always wonder why people way the day before thanksgiving to travel light
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>>mark: the attacker was a black man about 5 ft. 8 he is about 20 years ago with dreadlocks and a goatee
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>>james: on monday cash and jewelry were stolen from home on south bernard or all five roberts the thieves broke in through window
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>>mark: the little girl has now been identified her father in addition to the murder charge in his charge of felony child abuse he had his nine year-old son with him at the time he allegedly drowned daughter inside the church
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>>james: we'll learn more >>james: he was speeding unswerving the court appears to your loss control had an elevated driveline off for some
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>>james: this was the second bus crashed into month's but he was a part of the september he was robbed and a minor but crash site >>mark: of the mall to reports of hate crimes across the country a number of speakers addressed the rhetoric they believe that if this will be the first step to mass incarceration many feel the japanese community experience the unjust said it is been 75
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years since the japanese americans for more than a hundred 20,000 americans were held prisoner at the segregation center alone says police are looking for a people after a man was robbed the gunpoint and have been drawn to the morning the man said one person pointed a gun of him what it others searched his pockets six
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♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>>mark: people get ready to head up to the mountains 515 loss talk more about what to clinics that were otherwise
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>>reporter: more recitation as we headed to the weekend here is berkeley and my shot along the east bay shoreline if >>reporter: across the bay
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everyone looks good down to so cal also looks good to be the green line it appears to be good remember her as only if the clock and the east coast >>reporter: her rain this weekend will be in an hour program the next eight hours 59 by 1:00 as she struggled to the to lower 60s
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>>robin winston: the drive times greater holding of 14 minutes from the nimitz out to the 101 connector this is the second overturn crash of the morning and the rows are slick you need to watch your speed west for at all home run off the road took over the right lane partially blocked keep an eye on a number of the delays getting through traffic santa cruz mountain northbound 17 a class that may be blocked in two lanes we only have two lanes and turned into a big problem it
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depends on how long it takes for see history in of the emergency crews to get this out of the way leaves early no. 17 across blocking two lanes was also trapped in traffic near bay area airports to get over to a ok and the nimitz are looking good the problems north or south on the peninsula 101 at the limit as well as 280 we don't see any major delays headed to the san jose airport 101280 in the guadalupe parkway >>james: the carcasses there is a problem with the last one of the sliding doors the door to come all along the car is moving it affects models made between 2011 and 2016 the have not said if the malfunction caused any injuries or deaths but they said it is still working on the problem and plans to notify owners in mid january
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the group identified and he has pleaded not guilty to charges of selling animal abuse and animal cruelty the dog was taken to be grown at a pet smart and the san mateo the a says he was angry because the dog was not cooperating they show the dog had been strangled suffered two broken ribs and a punctured lung. >>mark: he is expected to appear for maggiore as soon as next week the couple's lawyer said there been numerous complaints of other animals being seriously injured or even killed while in the care of pets more room is across the
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country they do not comment on pending litigation nice >>james: receive 7% fewer votes the use electronic voting machines and they believe the pattern as significant enough- that is in the their findings to the top aide last week and have not yet commented on the matter hist
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>>reporter: one of several issues were listed now striking a different tone and in return to the he does not want to hurt the clintons some supporters former mayor and talk trout advisor defended the president elect during the campaign he rejected a scientific consensus that they play a role in climate change speaking to the times to the he has a totally open mind saying he thinks there is some connectivity he suggested that
5:23 am
his stance on torture has changed said one of the potential secretary retired general james told of you never found the court to technique to be useful
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>>vicki liviakis: is of sessions for a deep-fried will help you solve hauler the dilemma the judges go while for all of the side dishes and especially the mass the tattles in the and
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nonconventional weapons out smoked turkeys smoke the competition had rose a close second deep-fried turkey come down and least at this and is giving table
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>>reporter: livermore 48
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indicating where getting drier happening for today morning sprinkel still possible >>robin winston: we can call this holiday light for now the
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size trackers are getting through without any major delays to the minister in downtown oakland to downtown san francisco the rows are slick with have a number of spinoffs focus on in a little too fast west for martinez alhambra avenue the right and is partially blocked know the lanes along their called police patrol and they're expected to add a bigger visibility you will see
5:33 am
officers on the 247 we're told there will be assigned a part of their shift at the desk >>reporter: they will be there later were also told if it is successful they will expand in
5:34 am
>>reporter: no one was seriously hurt in there were able to jot down the license plate number
5:35 am
that help the rest domenic ounce suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon the crimes are usually opportunity so far haven't made any arrests in recent cases that don't think amos is connected to them apple
5:36 am
is expected to release some of the again is a harmless prank just a simple restart will make it:. >>mark: the red hot waters won
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eight straight games and now 12 and 2 on the season the last time they played they were embarrassed by 20 points.
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>>mark: according to national retail federation average person would do have their shopping online we have some tips about how to protect your personal information forced mr. your password is complex that it will be hard to crack
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>>mark: he sexually assaulting
5:44 am
the student this happened on 130 yesterday morning at the university affiliated to the cooperative they described the attacker as a black man medium complexion the father drowned her in the hills bird chirps the little girl identified.
5:45 am
>>robin winston: here at the bay bridge toll plaza not getting a huge break there is a back of some folks have the day off will
5:46 am
have thousands of travelers heading into a out of the bay area of if you're heading over dropping some moffett in some golf >>reporter: up to san francisco
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56 stinson beach you will see these come out of the sun 63 for now all may be pretty good on balance until after sunset and saturday is a washout clearing into sunday afternoon
5:49 am
>>james: police believe they drive a silver for door sedan and hoping that maybe you'll recognize to these people are >>mark:
5:50 am
>>reporter: they're providing hope and progress in the discussion to keep them in oakland in addition to than one major question is and go for this file does give full approval and whose home will go a first as of now the plan is
5:51 am
for nfl owners discussed the law's biggest film
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>>james: they all receive the highest u.s. civilian, from the president and is one of the
5:55 am
busiest travel holidays of the year.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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asked >>robin winston: who have a word of a major injury accident deaths strode a pedestrian is on clear how this person got on the freeway
6:02 am
traffic is backing of giving up to the scene of this is the come you consider how off the freeway and the exit before tennyson not impacting the southbound traffic >>james: they're flying to the holiday destination the busiest
6:03 am
travel days the reason why schools of letting our earlier and family up taking off monday or tuesday of course there always people ticking off the day before concluding this gentleman >>will tran:
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>>mark: i am sorry will i did not hear you >>mark: gas prices around the bay area open to 66 will the average gallon of regular of penny less and san jose and san francisco
6:06 am
>>reporter: they're called control the islamic expected to add visibility for officers at two stations in san francisco won and upholstery in the other and civic center these police are hoping it will add visibility for officers and deter crime that the stations there were chosen for specific reasons to launch this project and have the highest number of riders the shopping and also has a constant influx to towards many writers are familiar with the area as they travel to the museum >>reporter: given to apparently
6:07 am
met the man online they say he's about 20 years old would dreadlocks their similar
6:08 am
robberies that same day on henderson avenue four days later someone came through a window on tasman drive >>mark: her father and did not enter a plea yesterday they're asking for medical evaluation to see if he is mentally competent to stand trial
6:09 am
24 year-old was speeding and swerving when he crashed he lost control and not elevated driveway and a mailbox smashing into a telephone pole he's been charged the five counts of vehicular manslaughter we're hearing from a mother who describes the moment she learned her son was one of the victims >>: he was one of the once did on the scene and they say in
6:10 am
this was the second bus crash in two months that walker had been involved in he was involved in the minor crash no one was hurt in that incident >>mark: seems to be changing this as a lure of the presidential campaign he spoke with reporters for his most extensive interview since being elected >>reporter: as a line dogtrot
6:11 am
repeated over and over again the threat anodizing his base in fuel and fire exchanges the vote campaign promise several issues on which they are striking a different tone telling the new york time he does not want to hurt the clintons some supporters of former new york mayor top top adviser defended the president elect during the campaign he would just to the scientific consensus speaking to the time to give a totally open mind saying he thinks there is some connectivity between climate change and and and that activity
6:12 am
>>mark: thyssen dow yesterday and said he was here to consider him for the position now we're learning he's made an offer there was no word on whether they will accept the offer they will be the first african- american member of the cabinet
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>>robin winston: we don't know why this person was on the freeway would definitely passalong but now hauler daylight we have the backed up on the nimitz freeway if we do
6:17 am
have skye's seven here is a live shot when not sure how long the freeway will be close but we need to plan ahead
6:18 am
>>reporter: 50 starting to enter into the radar zone he concedes the zone to look kron 4 in the lower mississippi valley right to the ohio valley sit that is a
6:19 am
major also because a little bit of a chain reaction if all the other airports at this hour look ok will continue to monitor all this morning and let you know how they're doing
6:20 am
>>mark: the community experience unjust incarceration for when roosevelt authorized the military to in prison japanese- americans 6 is half
6:21 am
>>darya: clear what will the problem plans to notify owners in mid january >>james: the item would
6:22 am
distributive between october 30th of november 18th neither the company said there been any illnesses reporter the dog henry was taken to the gloom that had smart the san mateo the a's said he was angry because henry was not cooperating the dog had been strangled suffered two broken ribs and a punctured lung is expected to appear for the jury's next week >>darya: >>james: this is in the east of the will tell you how they call the attacker
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from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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>>robin winston: showing you and fatal accidents that happen at around 546 this morning
6:26 am
>>james: take a listen to what he had to say about ellen >>: is easy to forget now we've come so far renown marriage it on the law how much courage was required for allen to come on the most public stage almost 20 years ago this house and poured it was not just for the eligibility committee before all was to see someone so full of kindness someone we like so much someone who could be our neighbor or minus to have worn apartment we realize course our country in the direction if she
6:27 am
managed than the man second challenge video fit
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>>reporter: they tried to confront the suspect and that is very dangerous neither of them was seriously hurt and they were able to write down the license plate number for them looking for to men in connection for the deadly shooting hand al-sabah
6:33 am
to detectives believe he was at the capri club and elsewhere on to say when some sought argument broke out >>mark: the health plan to try and keep the raiders from leaving we have a chance to chat with her she said the 40
6:34 am
niner's running loss amid a plan to the board of supervisors yesterday >>mark: they would need approval and the oakland city council that can be discussed publicly will be at the city council meeting on december 13th asked if they can get a stadium built in the coliseum that have an effect to help the aged and the new ballpark as well
6:35 am
>>reporter: it could potentially prevent a conundrum and was the city had to oversee construction for both of them and the a's the change in management means a promising foundation for a new water from ballpark one major question is to of both of this pot tested for approval and whose home will go a first as of now the plan is
6:36 am
for info on a to discuss the results of a good deal if at the upcoming meeting but hopefully was brewing and oakland is enough to convince them that
6:37 am
they should stay put
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6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin winston: they got caught on 546 this morning that a pedestrian was struck and killed on the freeway that is northbound traffic is backed up into union city and the growing almost into the city of fremont if you have to use 880 north you before off the freeway at what all that is as far as you can go you also consider city streets it runs parallel to the nimitz freeway southbound that is on the right hand side all lanes are open but this is attracting a lot of attention subcontracted is backed up through hey what into san leandro almost out to
6:42 am
238 >>james: instead of complying he stepped on the gas and drove away the victor was hit by a ball as the robber shot at him but he will recover just fine the driver decision to keep this car and drive rather than park at the gas is a may have saved his life saw fit you're
6:43 am
confronted by an armed robber is always best to comply and look for ways to get out of the situation
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>robin winston: we're following breaking news out of hayward weather freeway is closed and northbound direction asked after a fatal accident near the industrial accident skye's seven over the scene you casino along traffic is at liberty stop the industrial on iraq disclosed we also have people stuck in the backup status justin as to men
6:46 am
880 north an investor will be closed at least from a the southbound side you can't see it right now it is completely open but lost a rubber knackers and in there was a nasty southbound backup the stretches all the way into san leandro a big vat of
6:47 am
convicts at that in both directions >>reporter:: check out the car review the radar we have some showers and subtle and more land this again some leftover showers on top of all this for the balance of the day however we will get three generations offer and is giving way to play the next thing we've been talking about that appears to be late in the day and that will be covering the north the isn't over my shower getting to yesterday's performance
6:48 am
>>reporter: lower to middle sixties approached for the east bay shoreline mostly sunny skies like 63 percent in the war brought what his bird antioch similar performance here as 63 mountain view paulo autobahn 62
6:49 am
>>james: they were arrested monday and a home across the street from the high scorer in this is to start after a receive complaints from neighbors about suspicious activity a range
6:50 am
from micron which can be quite devastating to milder deficits that we need to be aware of this and of a $63 million fighting the virus >>james: this is the second time to c.s. tampered with food if he is put some sort of substance on the soles of our and about how fresh the cause of your wettable to the hospital their concern that if he could do it again in the food for
6:51 am
cause of both places where he was seen tampering are good and because of that they were able to quickly determine the full was being tampered with >>mark: stuff that will be back in time as the coach of the lakers as they are in town to play the warriors >>mark: and the last time they played the lead of the loss with 20 points at the state will center
6:52 am
>>robin winston: it is causing major delays in both directions will have more details on the back of the alternate routes and the drive time coming up after the break
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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>>robin winston: the nimitz freeway is closed right now in the northbound direction the city of hayward of the industrial axis sky 7 live of the scene showing some the traffic being deferred off the freeway this is know about a 80 and industrial is a fatal
6:56 am
accident to a traffic alert issued this cause a major delays if you have to head north you before off the freeway but the backed up now stretches all the way into the city fremont the opposite side the southbound direction is open but there was a major delay because this is attracting a lot of attention >>james: take a look at this international news and alyson rescued almost at the last minute after he fell into a ditch filled with water for some it to people saw him just in time the health the struggle of the water to prevent him from drowning in a little pull dead elephant out with a tractor the elephant would have died within
6:57 am
minutes if it was not seen right away he was later released back into the wild will have the latest on the commute problems coming up after this,
6:58 am
6:59 am
this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news starts now with breaking news. >> breaking news that we're following this morning a huge
7:00 am
traffic p mess in the east bay. a pedestrian hit and killed in hayward. >> this happened at 5:45 this morning. the freeway has been shut down ever since. it looks like finally maybe some traffic beginning to trickle through. >> the damage done here. robin tracking the traffic trouble this morning. >> some of the folks are trapped or stuck in the closure. chp is trying to get some of the traffic off the freeway by getting them by on the shoulder. it is completely closed on one of the busiest travel days of the year. a lot of folks have to get to the airport. >> a lot of folks heading to oakland international to take off before thanksgiving this is a big problem for them. >> people coming out of fremont trying to get into oakland. as you can see from this live shot the backup goes int


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