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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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joins us live at the scene. >> reporter: it was a single car crash that led up to the scene that we see now here outside sunnyvale. both are closed off indefinitely as the investigators trying to piece out what led to this deadline crash. they crashed into a center median. and bystanders were the first to get to the scene to help them out and responders were then able to extra indicate the second victim from the vehicle. their identities have not been revealed. this just happened around 5:35 this evening. we don't know if weather has played a factor. as traffic investigators are
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trying to find out and we will bring you the latest. both lanes in either direction are closed off. make sure you use any detours. a lot of accidents, a lot of slick roads. are we at a point where we might get a little reprieved a little bit. >> no. it's just picked up a bit. rain showing up in the bay area. cold front coming from this morning. then we got behind the cold air. and you see another storm. and that's coming into the bare area overnight tonight. and will bring us some more rain and maybe some snowflakes. rain is continuing to hit outside. south bay, you can see the
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yellow and the orange really starts to come down now. we are seeing heavier amounts of rain in that location. let's get a closer look. pockets of the orange and the dark orange, heavy amounts of rain sliding on through. we can see embedded thunderstorm sh gust winds. you name it. showers also continuing across the peninsula. where you will continue to see rain fall. and also seeing heavier rain as you make it into the north bay. let's take a closer look. you are going to run into good downpours. watch out for that. a really thunderstormy night. a quarter of an inch in san
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jose. getting near an inch of rain fall and there's more coming down right now and more on the way. looks like we are going see some stormy weather tonight. from berkeley cam, there's plenty of shower and plus all that snow later. back to you, spender. the high peak is getting as much as 2 foot of snow. valley will get to 6 to 12 inches of snow. you can track this storm by downloading the kron4 mobile app. we will send out important weather push alert. it's a free download in app store. another story is muni ride
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has been freed this weekend. that hack was discovered friday. >> reporter: a little confusion. >> can i buy a ticket. >> reporter: at this muni station. realizing they don't have to pay after the san francisco mu municipal transit agency got hacked. most people we spoke with thought the free ride was going a pro motion. >> they have access to that then they have access to anything else, bank accounts and anything. >> reporter: others wonder if they want to hack the transit
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system. >> why hack muni seems counterintuitive. >> the san francisco transit agency is trying to fix that problem. initially they are trying to get that issue fixed by today but has not happened yet. freedom the audio clip 34-year-old was found thanksgiving near i-5 disappearing while jogging. the mother of two was very emotional after being released by her cap ters. two hispanic women left her near the interstate.
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civil rights group is asking for police protection. according to the los angeles times, islamic centers have gotten the same hate letters received in san jose. "the children of satan. and donald trump will clean america starting with you muslim." san jose police spokesman said they have opened an investigation and treating it as a hate incident. what caused the fire that burned an oakland school. it happened 4:30. that preschool was fully engulfed in flames by the time they got there. >> reporter: at this time it's good to have rain.
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this fire needed was significant amount of rain. as you can see we have one ladder truck and we have an engine. >> nobody got hurt. but we still don't know who started the fire. more information about the chatanuga bus crash. the driver's demeanor behind the wheel before the crash. two students complaining about the driver. the driver would stop the bus and move their seat and hit their head on purpose. he was off the did esignated route when he crashed on a curvy road while he was carrying 37
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children. two men escaped from the jail are still on the lose. the sheriff's office offering 20 thousand dollars reward for their capture. that escape happened wednesday night when officials noticed they have gone missing. cutting through bar. officers did quickly cash two of the inmate. authority says who sees them should call 9-1-1 without approaching them. regarding the racially motivated murder on williams on november 12. a richmond residents -- especially during the a time when we are experiencing a
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nationwide surge. the sheriff's office says simpson has been robbed and beatened at the club. officials are still looking for the suspects in connection with that crime. small business saturday is picking up momentum. on a local small biss. merchants from mom and pop shops are offering special deals. santa clause was on site there. you see that snow? of course, not real snow. more shoppers are embracing the movement as well. >> for small business to say
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thank you to all the customers. thank you for what you do for us all year. >> that event is on its third year. officials expect an even larger turn out next year for small business saturday. amazon is revealing the cyber monday deals. there are deals are products including toys, electronics and books throughout entire week. if you are looking for a travel deal, you may want to log on as well. slow summer sale may end up to big hotel cuts especially to the caribbean. shopper are expected to sell 3 billion dollars on cyber monday making it the biggest shopping
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day on history. porm president obama and president-elect trump has different way of showing if ing ing inging -- don't go away more coming up next.
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. a san francisco officer is in critical condition after being hit in the head with skateboard. police say somebody waved down the officer. but when the officer approached the suspect he sped off on a skateboard and then hit the officer in the head with the board. the officer is currently in hospital in serious condition. the suspect is arrested on suspension with attempted murder and assault with deadly weapon. fire was reported on 10:45. according to officials that fire started in the garage which converted into a living area. there is heavy smoke damage. officials don't know what caused
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the fire yet. 3 adults and five children lived in that unit. a car ran into a light rail train. the train was heading south on first street while the car was heading on the other. the train has been put out of service. investigators say it's unclear why that crash happened. showers are here right now. we know there's a lot of them. they are back and forth swing right now. >> i saw rainbow. and here comes the shower again. that rain is rolling on through the bay area. there's a storm just toward the north. that's a much colder storm system. date of into the south bay this
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evening. these are the oranges and yellow. let's take a closer look now and see how things are. showers making into south fremont. you are seeing some rain fall there. and further to the south, you can see some are making their way to the mountain top. the rain rates over an inch an hour there. it's coming down in spurts. as you travel down the bay area, be very, very careful. and it will tail off and then more showers move in. there's pockets north of heavier rain fall. and the east bay we continue to see the rain drop scattered
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amount in liver more. and so it's going to be a stormy night. high country, all that snow and you can see that next band of moisture making its way up there. that's going to make some real dangerous traveling condition. maybe white out condition around there. dropping to 35 hundred feet tomorrow. up to a foot of snow as you make your way lower. chain control likely. just kind of dangerous making your way up in the mountains. scattered showers. morning showers probably cloudy and tomorrow afternoon. a chance of more shower as we head into monday morning.
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it looks like the cold front just dropping in now day and bringing with it much colder air in bay area. and we say see some snowflakes. things will finally settled down by next monday. so far away from this point. the long tradition of giving where a holiday toy drive exceeded expectations. rides-for-toys program brought the community together with a collective effort to help those in need. >> reporter: what better way to spend the saturday than giving back to the community and cruising around town in a fire engine. >> the donations now are needed more than ever.
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it's good to help and be part of the solution. >> reporter: a blast for them, their parents. >> it is awesome. >> reporter: and our local heros themselves. in sunnyvale, police officer do you double as firefighters and emt makes up public safety which more than 20 years partnered up with sunnyvale services. in exchange for cash donations. >> it's another wonderful example of sunnyvale being a big small town. >> reporter: volunteers hope to select over 1,000 toys and reach the goal of 10 thousand toys by christmas eve. >> they will get as well healthy food. >> reporter: and everyone left with a smile on their face.
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almost as big as the smiles those receiving these presents will have for the holidays. lots ofhearted work by crew members working behind the scene and it's definitely paying off. in sunnyvale kron4 news. next. does your drinking habit lead you to a stroke? >> coming up. are you thinking about heading to the airport? well, let's go over some do's and don't's before you put your keys in the ignition. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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. there's more evidence of
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having a couple of glasses of wine could be good for your health as published in bmc medicine. reduce a risk of stroke by 8% but people who had more to drinks will increase. jump by 18 percent. what about those who don't drink at all. the reviewer say none drinker should not start drinking just as a health measure. people are experts when it comes to traveling and others are just behaving badly. here stanley found some of them behaving badly. >> reporter: there are a few do's and don't's to keep in
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mind. don't activate park anywhere button because some may come and ask you questions. >> who are you waiting for? you see "taxi"? you have to be on the inside. you have to go back around. >> reporter: few people notice the taxi zone and had to shoo away. >> there's no parking. if you are passenger who are not being picked up --. >> reporter: i know you miss elie but with your vision block, you might not miss something else. you might not know this, stopping at a cross walk and
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start loading can cause you getting a ticket. you have to follow the rules of the roads which means you have to use handsfree device. put it down and back into your pocket. thank you. so get a handsfree device, or better yet wait at the cell phone lot. that's where i always wait. euer and lift are not permitted on the lower levels. a concept many have failed to understand. and there are smoking sections at the airport. so try not the smoke close smoking area. and never leave your car or baggage unattended. if you follow the do's and
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don't's, it will make your travel smoother. enjoy your flight and have a safe trip. if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, just e-mail us. still ahead people are reacting to the death of fidel castro greatly depends on where people are. >> see how the trump family are making money off of their own secret service protection.
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. today's rainstorm has rick has to have on the road. take a look at the bay bridge traffic that's backed up up to an hour around 3:00 o'clock. kron4 spoke to drivers trying to
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keep out of harm's way. >> reporter: this is what stands still traffic on the bay bridge looks like around 3:30 saturday afternoon. >> the traffic jams that come along. >> reporter: at least eight known cars involved in 3 separate cashes. the rain didn't stop people from their saturday strolls. >> i like going out. >> reporter: those from east coast say they are used to harsher elements. >> this isn't too bad. >> reporter: he says he loves the rain. >> so we can go eat the fruits and vegetables. championship are saying that
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it's good to slow down in rain and make sure your car is working well before you start driving. fidel castro has died. the former president was 90 years ago. for years he has been out of public eye. his brother made that announcement on cuban television. looks at reaction from washington and from the world. >> reporter: president obama says extends hand of friendship. "of this singular impact on the world and people around him." "today the world marks a passing of a brutal dictator." led a revolutionary unpoplar
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dictator with a promise of democracy. communist government in place just 90 miles away from american soil. with fidel castro's brother in power -- in cuba relation. florida the first cuban american in the house. >> there's no free decent. >> reporter: the news of fidel castro's death prompted celebration in miami's havana. >> i hope and pray that my brother will be out of there as well. >> reporter: in cuba, however, it's a different reaction. >> we wish him wherever he is that he is blessed. >> green party jill stein is
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going go ahead with recount and president-elect donald trump is not happy about that. stein has raised money for the recount. with wisconsin. they are moving forward. donald trump calls the recount scams. people have spoken and the election is over. and this is what stein has to say. >> he maybe creating his own track here. and he has been known to do that. he himself said it's a rigged election. having a secure election process benefits us all and i invite everyone donald trump's campaign and hillary clinton's campaign, this should be a none partisan
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and people power so that we can rely on the integrity of our vote. >> meanwhile, the president-elect family may skyrocketed. >> >> they are fantastic people. so i want to thank the secret service. >> reporter: also known as trump tower might be getting a new tenant. the security service. they are considering renting the whole floor of the same tower ensuring the safety of the future first family. the wife and son will continue to live in trump tower. when asking about the timing of
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their move, trump said this. regardless of when they relocate. the demand post of trump tower won't be cheap. 1.5 million dollars per year. it's not just the cost that's raising eyebrows. the trump organization owns the tower. so taxpayer will be paying that. official tells cnn the plan is still evolving. and how often the president-elect plans to visit them in the meantime. >> the number of n yshgs yshgs pshgsypd cop could cost up to 1 million dollar a day. just to focus on the security for the future president.
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oakland official is standing behind. in north dakota on the standing rock. she was reelecting and is fighting the pipeline. earlier this month hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of san francisco. the pipeline are harm the environment and destroy sites for the native americans. after police say a man was threatening people. when officers search the area for an armed suspect, they couldn't find one. it caused ten minute on the line. there were no reports of any injuries. a bizarre grocery store had shoppers thinking they were inside a scary movie.
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. when two men asked to purchase cheese from the richmond, virginia cvs they didn't get the reaction they expected. >> reporter: something change happened to these men when they went shopping. he asked the employee for one thing. >> all i asked was for sliced cheese. the two employees just vanished. >> we looked around 30 to 45
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minutes. >> reporter: a third customer was also in the store. >> he had a bad tooth and he wanted some gel. then the employees disappeared and we all became a weird event. >> reporter: the police showed up. they worked together to find the employees. >> we were joking about it. >> reporter: snapchat to find the employees. police found another phone call. >> they were hiding because they were scared of us. they completely flipped the script on all of us and we had no idea what's going on. >> >> seems like you are in a
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movie and you got booted. there got to be more to that story. >> let's look at the storm. still coming down around the bay area. a lot of rain over night tonight. another storm system moving in. a lot of moisture. what a mess up there at sierra. the roadways pretty dangerous bet getting up there. heavy downpours in south bay right now. concentrated around the mountain tops. and morgan hills and san jose also seeing some rain. it's a bit lighter but to the north, pocket of rain fall. will scattered showers will continue outside. and you can see just to the north more rain.
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just making their way on shore. in toward parts of east bay. look at this, just making its way over the mountain. pretty strong making its way as you your way to the 68. look at that mass that's sliding into the bay area right now. overnight we will continue to see heavy alternates of rain fall. this is a colder system. we are not going to total light days. half an inch. this storm system could be interesting. it's coming down from gulf of alaska. so there could be some chance of seeing snowflakes. plenty of snow in the high country. very dangerous getting there. more snow tomorrow morning in
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the attahoe area. if i were traveling up there, i would want to p travel tuesday. >> computer models picking up right now. 3:00 in the morning another band of moisture come on through. more scattered showers. then looks like we will dry things out for better part part of sunday. and early monday morning, more rainmaking way to the bay area. unsettled you weather ahead. moving in. you can see half an inch. about a third of an inch in the san jose. with that in mind, storm weather continuing. and bundle up. and maybe drying up on tuesday. your shopping filled weekend could make you a victim of a crime. up next a video to keep you and
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your bag of stuff safe. >> a pang video is being passed around. that's coming up on crop news. me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system
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so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco. . the actor known for his role brownar harass has died. we have got a warning for shoppers this holiday season. you might become next victim for
8:45 pm
auto -- kron4 shows you the officer even made a video to help get the point across. >> reporter: it only takes a few seconds for someone to become a victim of smash and grab auto burglary. the police provided a video reminder to lock their door and hide their packages when they are shopping this holiday weekend. >> you shouldn't show the stuff in the car. >> reporter: and those holiday gifts. >> you don't want to have them exposed like that. >> reporter: this shopper agree
8:46 pm
that she often leaves stuff in the car. >> the if you are going to drop off stuff in the car, maybe do a tour in the parking lot and park something different so they think you have left. >> reporter: this is a town with low crime rate. like other cities, all the burglaries tend to spike during holidays. >> even this is the nice place, we keep things in the trunk or covered so no one sees anything. >> reporter: because seeing something interesting in your car, is a holiday gift auto burglars are looking for. and speaking of black friday
8:47 pm
weekend, booming gun sales. and they are expected to continue throughout the entire holiday seasons. one store in new jersey said they sold 15 guns today. many owners stock up on the guns. this owner say anyone in the gun industry is happy with the election result. kron4 tech reporter tells us how it works and if you fall victim to it. >> reporter: and now it's being packed around social media and messaged around family member and is friends as a prank. this is my phone and i had someone send me a link. this one here from josh.
8:48 pm
as soon as i click on the message, it plays the video automatically. after playing the video i go back to my home screen, i launch my e-mail and that's pretty much it. it froze up under about 5 seconds. my phone was toast. couldn't do anything. the video seems harmless enough. but it's a corrupted empty file that crashes devices when play played. it play a flaw. and unresolvable loop. so when your device tries to stop it, it crashes. if you do fall into this, you hold down the power button and the as volume decrease button. or home button and power button for hard reset. overall it's harmless.
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just annoying. and unsettling when security flawed. i called apple on this but no comment yet. right now they will come out with update in a couple of days. if you would like to connect with tech reporter, you can join him on facebook, twitter or e-mail. chilly temperature can make it hard to stick to your work out routine. into your health minutes. >> reporter: here are some tips for staying active during the holiday season. choose a parking spot that's far from the entrance. and make a full lap around the
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mall before you shop. if you are around small children, that take advantage of their energy. you will be squeezing in some exercise. and why not plan some activity with your family. the holidays are always hectic and some people find it hard to stick with exercise routine. as long as you don't let the work out go too long, you are okay. . sports. this point in nfl season, the next game for the raiders are especially important. we will tell you why. after the break.
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! know better sleep with sleep number. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. . i can just about garjt
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guarantee he is watching the game today. i don't know if he was happy about the outcome. actually i do know. the coach was looking for his first win with second in the game. michigan 17-14. 23 yard touch down and headed things into overtime. jt with the 7 yard touch down to make the score 24-17. they caught a five yard to tie up the game. 15 yard touch down to keep ohio states hope alive. lose to the state 30-27. and i'm sure jr still shred some tears over that as well.
8:55 pm
open raiders will host the panthers. luckily for darrell, they won't have to worry about the line backer, because he is still recovering from concussion from earlier this month. kick off in oakland at 1:25. i know lawrence is going to watch that game. >> how long has it been to say first rate raiders. >> early 2,000; right? . >> after that as raiders' fan, it has been dark days. finally and it's been exciting this year. they have these wins where they have the come backs.
8:56 pm
and here we go. this is a dangerous game. the panthers were just in the soup uper bowl last year. >> the uh, did muddy field. >> that rain will continue to fall outside. and throughout the night tonight as that system slides on by. a lot of snow in sierra. you can see all the rain sliding across the bay. and it will continue to come through and picking up after midnight and left lingering shower. and by tuesday it dries up. and speaking of the raiders. if you headed out to the games you want to pack some warm clothes. a bit of breeze and slight
8:57 pm
chance of rain. and hope for a raider victory tomorrow. >> good night everyone. thanks for joining us.
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our weekend special inside celebrity homes. >> come on over. >> our tour of christy brinkley's hamptons mansion. is she online dating at 62. >> i'm free this saturday night. >> then dancing's real life couple gives us a tour of their new love nest. >> hello, "e.t." come in. >> at home with new dad nick carter. what's he reading in his baby? >> then eight real housewives and eight lavish mansions from beverly hills to new york, the home tours you won't see anywhere else. >> whoo. >> also inside the private estates of two music legends. >> come on, let me show you around. >> how priscilla presley is expanding graceland. >> there's a bit of


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