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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 29, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: going forward what
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do what will get most of all or fifties lower 60s probably appear to the north bay in some spots tonight don't forget we will have cloud cover moving here and then maybe pretty generous of alarm to to to fall below 40 is
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>>robin winston: >>james: and witnesses say they
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heard a series of gunshots ring down just after 9:00 another big
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story we're following of three people are dead and five of us are sick after eating of free thanksgiving dinner held official but trying to pinpoint calls hosted by the golden hope community church
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>>james: >>j.r. stone: news of sickness and death after the kings giving dinner have many like jeff was home was what officials work to determine the cause church leaders did issue a statement this account to help officials informed us that the source of the illness is not known and could have come from any of a number of sources our dinner and and that the only one of a number of possibilities the county health is investigating what woman would spoke with such a thing as giving dinner at collegian and things were faring volunteers to work the
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dinner told us there were gulags and the food was heated >>james: 81 people on board their claim their are a handful of survivors these are some of the latest pictures and the sea
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debris on the ground sections of the damage look like windows there had been an honest reporter in the area of our handful of survivors the look to question. >>james: 9 your girl was
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sexually assaulted at all trying to happen yesterday when she was sitting on the train and a man next to her began touching her inappropriately a family member intervened in the exit to strain at the bay if their station the man stayed on the trend of this is what it what to track comedown and is one witness at the station was also discovered
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>>reporter: down to the south of a little bit to make chilly were we will have those clouds building on the light side after
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that it's all said and done and all sonarman slightly this 39 to start 42 going on for a a.m. to live side by 12:00 only a modest 54 with the temperatures of 56. >>robin winston: still at the limit of the problems of the peninsula since the immigration
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of highway 4 was out of antioch and to counter--concord >>james: this kid from the jail wednesday night when the trail of one of them appeared to lead to a motel numerous sources according shared apartment that
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we say they're highly, and one of them had been staying in a second-floor room he was not found bathroom is now sealed for possible evidence for the broker are rarely to are still out of a loose the dogs sent to a pickup person heading north toward santa clara >>haaziq madyun: because costa
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county deputy district explains why another chief by the defendant did not pull the trigger of the gun that shot him not pursuing the death penalty does not go far enough says the defense attorney because he says his client this conference is rooted in the fact that his client has been jailed for week in the prosecution has yet to produce any evidence against 10
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>>haaziq madyun: desolation was a pitiful the judge who ruled against releasing him off on his own recognizance. >>james: the investigators are trying to pin down the attackers lower >>reporter: corp. he was an ohio state university student of somali descent who transferred from columbus state they said he was the perpetrator of violent campus attack the
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question now is why? there are looking at facebook postings the suspect grievances about attacks on muslims and the radical khmer and what i can't cleric they said it posted close to the time of the attack >>reporter: last night curs of
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thought and a candlelight vigil >>james: please send a four year-old was drawn by her father last sunday in the baptismal pool inside the church they were in town to attend her funeral the judge suspended the court process of the heat could be further evaluated by dr. estelle transfer to the timeline of what happened fifth the days
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represent the seven points over all the to- >>james: they finish with 25 points each what it was draymond green who makes today and still win bar, making his case for the defensive player
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>>reporter: ahead she will be
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honored a ticklish januarius said and what the festival run and to drain or a 16th metallica debuts and won the bay area rock as a new album debuted at the top of billboard's top two other out on charts by 7 291,000 units in the first week of release the oscar winning film screen of selected theaters for details
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and troubleshooting and union city leaves one dead and two injured
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>>james: to happen about 6:00 in the evening the 37 year-old man was shot just outside of this house know shooters have been
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identified and the investigators are still working to find a loaf--motive >>james: more than 800 people was served the cause of the illness is still under investigation
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>>reporter: during a shade to the rear cockpit and we're still in the upper 50s in some locations back to their it is
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sunny and cool the we're look for gradual warming as we headed to the weekend >>robin winston: so far is not backing of traffic on the bridge they're heading over to check it out and accident involving a big real and overturned on the peninsula this is solid one-to-
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one and millbrae ave of vehicle flipped over a blocking one lane the far left lane no delays so far it is wrapping up its research the gem of traffic and want to show you this is right next to the airport keep that in mind >>james: the story we mention in the east bay the man who was killed in the trip was shooting in union city
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>>will tran: you consider all the cars in the parking lot and lots of people were out last night having fun and christmas shopping the texas roadhouse is where the semi truck as making a left turn loss of witnesses they say they do not stop the gunman from opening fire at three people one person died one person was taken to hospital in serious condition the police officers drew within a short distance of this location they got here with and about a minute or so
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>>james: he was leaving the trump tower yesterday >>reporter: the promise of a big day in washington that will
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repeal the of four will carry at the plant to replace the care that tempered his stance on president obama care since the election what has been steadfast saying that after the supreme court upheld the law in 2012 their leading contenders for secretary of state including retired general the questions of the former cia director after he
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pleaded guilty to removing and retaining classified information >>james: for republican nominee and a former house speaker and former new york city mayor also
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identified the 25 year-old of richmond and he walked into the move appeared without a ticket we will be right back
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bridge camera showing us a pretty easy ride with traffic at the limit in this section of 92 that is the right hand side from the east of it out across the bay and onto the peninsula
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>>james: the repligen them to
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has been tapped the warriors host james carter and the rockets on thursday
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>>reporter: even up to the north where we can see more in the way warming for tonight not as cold because we had a change with lomb
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>>robin winston: nice and smooth if you need to get into san francisco no problems to worry about so far
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>>reporter: so much more than 50
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american flag several of them did phase would pro slogans of that half hour after the discovery lost power they
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believe they know who was behind this and is partly motivated by a neighborhood dispute >>james: we take a look at the data from the european space agency >>reporter: millennium tower is marked with several data point the scientists analyzed the data from the european space agency shows the building a sinking
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>>james: pop music least impose a few things to consider washout in this holiday season and one
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dead and the troubleshooting twitter live in union city
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>robin winston: we will check this one we come back
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>>mark: one man was killed in union city had a triple shooting >>will tran: one person died at the scene to others, hospital one in serious condition at
5:03 am
high >>jackie sissel: as you said
5:04 am
eight people came down with serious illnesses three of those people died for treated one remain in the hospital to help the officer tried to determine whether map all vacations also live in the same a sister living community
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>>james: according to aviation
5:06 am
officials to declare an emergency before and down there are five survivors amazingly considering the amount of destruction >>mark: people who live and the neighborhood of surprised by what happened in this
5:07 am
surveillance video of them may have showed what happened >>reporter: and who the perpetrator of filing cab was attacked the federal law enforcement say they are
5:08 am
looking into facebook postings to suspects grievances about attacks on muslims in a reference to the radical american-born out haida they said posted close to the time of the attack a thorn is caution against rushing to judgment
5:09 am
>>mark: a girl was sexually assaulted on bar the spokesperson said she was sitting on the train yesterday of them remember intervene and called police the suspects stayed on the train and our identified as a 260 build a will to detain him in the least one witness is a jovial motorcycle
5:10 am
cop and the south san francisco city hall will be led up in blue for seven straight months of donald trump expected to make a major announcement will tell you who could be joining his cabinet
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>>reporter: you can see a dozen degrees behind alan areas that
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have a dozen a cell meanwhile the fare for a little bit of head of the ball game at 58 go
5:16 am
on in san jose checks and at about 60 the next three days a slight chance of a shower >>robin winston: of sal the ball
5:17 am
at the toll plaza on no. 4 for the big red strut is gone traffic this mold hot spot free no tricolored the drive times looked great >>james: the city and has been hit artist this video was coming out this morning all trees and downed power lines so far at
5:18 am
least 30 buildings have burned in the fire is also threatening local korea with 10,000 animals and side police said they is a blast wednesday and the investigators said one of the man was last seen police a dog to pick up the scent heading toward santa clara
5:19 am
>>mark: they're still looking for possible witnesses >>reporter:, so the big day in washington, donald trump is expected to announce more cabinet picks including georgia representative tom prices helping him services secretary in is a form orthopedics surgeon and president obama care credit and had the most recent bill
5:20 am
includes tax credit in putting money aside and helped savings accounts he tempered his stance on a bomb care since the election where has been steadfast and this after supreme court upheld the law in 2012 after he pleaded guilty to removing the retaining classified information >>mark: to this and is unrelated to the presidential election instead it would decide a close race as an accounting the law requires of gold in any contest
5:21 am
where the results of what an 1/2 over% of their 10 races door closer to trigger recount we were there as tempers flared in the courtroom is one of the suspects face a judge
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>>james: a man shot by security
5:25 am
guard was intoxicated and making threats prior to that shooting that identified him as the 25 year-old from richmond he was unarmed but he was extremely inebriant they say when you walked into the theater he bar stand without a ticket he stopped to them he apparently got belligerent and rental security guard had a gun and was not afraid to use it >>mark: it was not easy against your blackhawks late in the third this last month steph curry finding that durant and terrain steph curry better shot from beyond the arc the senate's with 25 points each 50 points
5:26 am
combined with was draymond green return from injury with a big block in the game saver the 11 05 to 101 person killed two of the some hospital coming all will tell you if a policeman in their arrest
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>>reporter: san jose's 60 everyone and joined the sun shine there are the little chance of showers happen when staying concentrated to the
5:30 am
north of a peninsula and the afternoon a little chance of all this thursday clearing out drying out and it looks good into the weekend >>robin winston: south san jose we're tracking a fatal accident because it is so early is not causing a big delay this setup will model railroad to investigate a federal accident
5:31 am
>>will tran: it was an act of sitting for eight and half hours will continue over the past five minutes the last police car rolling away from the scene on the ground in my bill to seize the glass on the ground this took place at 9:00 last night in the parking lot of union landing which is of very popular shopping center one person shot and killed died in a parking lot to others in the hospital including one of them in serious condition at this point they do not have a modal there was a couple of police officers that
5:32 am
did it is part of the two we told you about that shut this down for about eight and a half hour you can pick up the car we spoke to all lovely family there at the movie theater at the shopping complex that walk out
5:33 am
with their kids limassol all the chaos she shielded her children >>mark: the mansards of hate crime and the pleading not guilty >>haaziq madyun: the prosecution would not pursue the death penalty against a 31 year-old and the will semmes hate crime murder case come to costa county deputy district attorney explains why another key factor the defendant did not pull the trigger that shot him not to
5:34 am
assume the death penalty does not go far enough to the defense attorney because he says his client had absolutely nothing to do with an his confidence is rooted in the fact of his client has been jailed for a week in the prosecution has yet to reduce in the evidence against them the deputy told the court that their arrest warrant has not been written because the investigators are busy searching for two remaining suspects wanted for his murder that explanation was good enough to the judge ruled against releasing him from jail on his own recognizance if he will remain behind bars with nobel
5:35 am
>>mark: she was laid to rest guest to lay family members in town for the funeral will also in accord will mirror visibly upset they're still trying to put to gather timeline of what happens >>james: when you stretch the data out of the 17 months of
5:36 am
oxidation is some almost 3 in. the amount of engineers said it will sink in three years and son can total 16 and since the man behind marshall gunfire the charges he is facing
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>>robin winston: it's already backed the beyond 880 and now it is almost at the foot of the maze less than 15 minutes off to fremont street >>mark: them were found alive and now the family is speaking out this morning they went missing on sunday they call their son to tell them they're stuck in the snow in some directions officials were able to amass the directions and eventually found the minister that authorities say the couple
5:40 am
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>>james: one man is dead after looks like a drive-by shooting and castro valley it happened last night police have not yet released in information prepared for dead and five others hospitalized after having thanksgiving dinner and antioch it hundred and 35 people were fed at the thanksgiving meal there invest it recalls the illness but they do not think it is a risk the general public >>robin winston: we're
5:45 am
attracting a fatal accident in south san jose christian copt the bridge and the san mateo bridge and 92. >>robin winston: to cut the drive time lasted 15 minutes out to fremont street this fatal accidents in south san jose from the 2:00 hour those who use monterey road the southbound lanes a close and the capitol expressway a car struck a pedestrian 20 minutes from the
5:46 am
dublin and to change to missions out in fremont >>reporter: the inland
5:47 am
temperatures will be traveling all day today in a little different story a little warmer this afternoon 51 going on for fairfield was check this out is wall-to-wall sunshine even tonight 915 the cloud cover not developing >>reporter: that rain still a way to go with the potential of the falls apart when it did around san francisco san
5:48 am
francisco 58 presidio and 5859 as a fall along the coast >>reporter: the size of on the road for wednesday the rest of the week recovery. temperatures are still modest a slight warming happens for this weekend looking rain free >>james: he done to the argument that it did not involve the victims and he took off after
5:49 am
the shooting both victims are in stable condition >>mark: they receive the letter and mail saturday the letter says donald trump is born to do to the muslims were hitler did to jews in december to a letter sent to a mosque in san jose for writing letters have been sent to moscow and los angeles and fresno the fbi has been called in to investigate >>gabe slate: they're offering of 55 and smart for katie before $400 down from 700 a runs through wednesday even more than
5:50 am
past years by all of these the tellers is the term cyber week it is clear they're moving past the site monday one of the best
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search functions on the web site is dedicated to showcasing all the best deals from around the web >>james: tomorrow morning how we have something a little special an exclusive backstage pass to #one musical the lion king we're
5:52 am
following bridge in new the wildfire burning out of control new video am the amusement park being threatened
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: we're watching the morning commute howe or doing so far south skin
6:01 am
>>robin winston: this if your car pulling double helped to save some time the catchlines pretty backed up all the way through the maze swiss and the drive times 15 minutes from the foot of the may is out to fremont street tracking a fatal accident
6:02 am
>>will tran: to listen hospital including one in serious condition this happened this when many people are eating or watching movies they're plenty of witnesses the police officers were able near the scene they heard a report early heard the
6:03 am
gunshots it didn't take them very long to come to this area 3 gunman arrested we don't know the motive of this behind the murder at this point we do know they are being questioned at the jail as far as the victim's identity the one person who died his name is not being released to the public as far as the two other people their names also not being released so many people they were stuck occupancy the car's right behind us three people are dead and five of those arrested following a free thanksgiving dinner and antioch
6:04 am
>>jackie sissel: all eight were admitted to the hospital three of those patients died four others were treated and released a fifth remains in the hospital golden hill provided and they've been doing this for 20 years and never had an issue some 800 people showed up for the dinner on thursday and so
6:05 am
far as only event that a that have been affected either city health officials like to find out if anyone else had any of the symptoms we had a chance to talk to one person who 8 and took some home and was planning on eating it now not so much time is the health officials are investigating
6:06 am
>>james: aviation official said the plane declared an emergency just before when down
6:07 am
>>mark: the sheriff conducted the first interview with the woman who disappeared while jogging three weeks ago she was from thanksgiving morning near
6:08 am
interstate 5 beaten and change of assignment erode and he has not spoken detail with investigators we're reviewing the interview but there is no reason to doubt the abduction they're releasing few details as they investigate the adoption >>james: one of the country's largest college campuses 11 people hospitalized and we're
6:09 am
and columbus with new information a woman of motivated the attack >>reporter: he was a student the writings posted close to the time of the attack authorities cautioned against rushing to judgment last night at ohio
6:10 am
state university in columbus >>mark: they were able to detain brown
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>>reporter: some lower 60s mostly is going to be upper 50s to some lower 60s tonight is on to be quite chilly
6:16 am
>>robin winston: it continues to grow it will get the worst longer you wait before it's too bad 18 minutes over to highway
6:17 am
101 >>james: that burns out of control and tennessee you could see the video just how intense it is the dollar what they've park under threat right now
6:18 am
>>mark: police said she was mcqueen said his bail was set at a million-dollar the south san francisco police officer was attacked with the state board
6:19 am
fellow officers say the entire department is emotional over the attack some people process' and the election burn the american
6:20 am
flag the supreme court affirmed the right to desecrate the american flag historically contentious issue in cases before the high court >>mark: the transition to the white house >>reporter: the promise of a big day in washington donald trump is expected to announce more cabinet picks including georgia rep helping him services secretary the appointment could be the campaign promise to
6:21 am
repeal the affordable care act in a plan to replace president obama care the most recent bill he tempered his stance on a bomb scare where he has been steadfast saying this after the supreme court upheld the law did
6:22 am
maintain the tally need to be completed by december 13th
6:23 am
>>james: in his charge of five counts of vehicular homicide and another count will be added his attorney said the accident has been devastating and his family and is open for a quick investigation he left the designated bus route and was speeding when it crossed the bus, from 21st he will briefly appeared in court today to delay a clear hearing until december 5th.
6:24 am
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6:26 am
>>james: the service is sound for people over 65 have fallen 24% that translates to 1 million fewer than suffered from that condition that number that is
6:27 am
expected to triple has people live longer and the population increases
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>mark: the rally started to continue this morning will prices will bring you updates throughout the morning >>reporter: we of going to check
6:30 am
into that to see what the rain looks like and checking in the seventh day as well
6:31 am
>>mark: one man killed and a triple shooting outside a restaurant in union city >>will tran: about an hour ago they took down the crime scene tape is part of howe was a crime scene for about eight and half hours three gunmen have been
6:32 am
arrested and there were police officers nearby it took about a minute or so to get to the scene they pulled over a car they found the three gunmen one person died at the scene to others in the hospital sent
6:33 am
6:34 am
>>james: he had no known gang ties and criminal histories
6:35 am
level hist hist recent 12 month
6:36 am
periods of the tower sank 1.6 to 1.8 in. >>james: officers identified the man of the 25 year-old from richmond they say he was unarmed boat was extremely inebriated he burst into the movie theater without the ticket confronted by security guard he get angry told the security guard had a gun it was not afraid to uses the guard
6:37 am
was questioned and has been released by investigators for program tomorrow morning will have something a little different exclusive backstage access to the world's number-one musical the lion king we will show for all that goes on there sit
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>>mark: they're resisting off prices dropped 3% on friday, he is still in the hospital and not expected to go home anytime soon
6:54 am
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>>robin winston: along with the police department as is room occupancy the international we definitely stay on top of the of the stars to cause a major delaying one man killed two
6:58 am
lungers' injured after outside restaurant we will be right back after this break [music]
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following breaking news out of union city, one person killed, to others in the hospital after shots fired at union landing, coming up i will tell you if police made any arrests. health officials in the east bay trying to determine if a thanksgiving dinner may have caused the death of 3 people. that story coming up in a live report. breaking news this morning, at least 75 people dead after a plane carrying a -- a soccer team crash in columbia, the information we're learning about what led to the crash.


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