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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at eight. we were on lockdown for code blue close our doors, turn off the lights san jose schools disrupted as police launch a series of raids looking for a pair of jail escapees. tonight the two are very much still at large. whoosh in the east bay. the growing toll from that deadly thanksgiving charity meal in the east bay. health officials still not sure what has made so many people sick. there are 17 total. three of whom have died whoosh a bold burglar breaks into a benicia restaurant. police hoping his distinctive footwear will land him in jail. "the video in this case is our key piece of evidence"
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whoosh and the latest on the tennessee wildfires that have damaged homes and destroyed lives. you're watching kron four news in prime time. now at 8. more people are sick tonight. after eating a thanksgiving dinner served in the east bay. thank you for joining us i'm
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steve aveson. and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. although health officials know the source is food's still unclear how it killed three people and sickened more than a dozen others. kron-4's charles clifford joins us live tonight. charles are investigators any closer to figuring this out? well, we now know that 17 people have been sickened after eating food from a thanksgiving day meal at the veteran memorial building in antioch. most are recovering but 1 person remains hospitalized and 3 have died. now health officials are scrambling to figure out why. contra costa county health officials say they have launched a full investigation into how so many people could become ill after eating food from what was supposed to be a routine thanksgiving dinner. while the investigation is still ongoing, they now believe that the most likely cause was a food borne illness. whether that was a virus or some sort of bacteria they still don't know. sot we are going to be learning things that we can come back and share with you. the one thing that has become clear is that everyone who fell ill ate food connected in some way to the thanksgiving day meal. some people ate at the event but others ate food brought home by family or friends. health officials are trying to determine which item
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or items may have been contaminated but the food served at the luncheon came from a variety of different sources. for example, the stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes were made at the veterans building but the turkeys and pies were brought in by guests. some people also tried to donate food to the event, but were turned away because organizers didn't know where that food had been prepared. those people just started giving it away. sot we understand that there was such a long line for food that some folks did take that food. sot the food came from a lot of different sources it's going to be hard to... at this point, the health department is not releasing many details about the victims. they are only saying that those who got sick ranged in age from teenagers to people in their 70s. autopsies are being conducted on those who died to try and find an exact cause of death but it's possible we may never know for sure. sot it's really hard to recover an organism from people or food so it's possible may might not know. thank you charles for that report. grant lodes continues our team coverage now.and grant we're learning more about some of the victims. >> grant:the identities of the three people killed as a result of what appears to be a food borne illness. have not yet been released. the contra costa county sheriff's department says autopies are still underway and
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next of kin have not yet been notified. the state department of social services did confirm that all three victims were residents of two assisted living facilities in antioch run by the same operator. two of the victims had been living at minerva's place on palo verde way. the third person was a resident of minerva place 4 which is located just a few blocks away. a neighbor was sorry to hear about the deaths which have still not yet been definatively linked to the big thanksgiving meal. " all that food is donated you dont' know where it's coming from, that's the other thing i was thinking how long those turkey's had been sitting out not that it's been hot but it don't need to be hot for food to go bad. that's a tragedy that really sad." we are learning that one of the original eight patients hospitalized was a resident of another adult residential care home. that patient had been living at rosa's garden, a facility that is not connected in any way to the other minerva's place homes. that man, identified as jim carrillo jr is still in the hospital but he is said to be doing better. he's now listed in fair condition. sheriff's deputies say they're getting closer to catching the two inmates who escaped from the santa clara county jail the day before thanksgiving. today there was a lot of activity in san jose as part of the search. kron four's spencer blake is live there tonight.
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do they know where the two men are spencer? no, but they did make another arrest related to the case. and earlier today, they thought this r-v might have held clues for them, as well. a swat team raid of this motor home did not turn up either of the inmates on the run. but police are closely tracking and interviewing associates of rogelio chavez, which is what led them here to the east side of san jose. "today's operation is not tied to the days inn. it's part of the many public tips we get, and its part of our investigators' work of building this case." the motel sergeant rich glennon is referring to is the place in gilroy that deputies searched sunday night. that operation led to the arrest of emily vaca, whom police suspect of helping chavez by driving him around the county. a couple hours before these teens grabbed some snacks on the way home tuesday, they were holed up in their classrooms at overfelt high school, which was on lockdown during the search. "i called my mom right away to make sure she knew what was going on, and i told her it was code blue. and she was scared, she was telling me to stay in class, not go outside, or anything." this ninth grader didn't even know about the escaped inmates until after the lockdown was over. "i kept looking up at the helicopters passing by and i kept telling my friends i was kind of scared." most holy trinity school and katherine smith elementary were both close enough to the scene to be on lockdown, too. people in the area could hear the flashbangs used by the swat
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team, which you can see from our helicopter partnership with a- b-c seven news. "you always hear about things going on over there, but i stay away from there."
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while chavez and his partner in crime, laron campbell, are still on the loose, the sheriff's office says several recent leads are very credible. "the information continues to come in. it's been steady since the announcement of the 20 thousand dollar reward, and we're going to continue until we bring them both back into custody." tips are also coming in from all over the county; deputies *do think the two men are still in the area live in san jose, spencer blake, kron four news. thank you spencer for that report. we told you about this breaking situation as it unfolded on our kron-4 mobile app stay connected on breaking news by downloading our free app today and opting in for push alerts. >> steve:nearly a week after she was found wandering on a highway 150 miles from her shasta county home. we are learning the details of sherri papini's ordeal.
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the 34=year=old wife and mother disappeared while jogging and turned up three weeks later on thanksgivign day. now her husband has broken his silence. keith papini did not speak directly to the media. instead he released a lengthy statement to abc's good morning america. ussing language that was noth candid and lurid. he said "sherri was taken from us for 22 days, and suffered incredibly through both intense physical agony and severe mental torture." and that when he first saw her "my reaction was one of extreme happiness and overwhelming nausea as my eyes and hands scanned her body. " what he said he saw was an emaciated body of 87 pounds covered in multi colored bruises, severe burns, red rashes, and chain markings. her signature long, blonde hair had been chopped off. she has been branded and he said, "i could feel the rise of her scabs under my fingers." keith papini assured g=m=a viewers, "all the visions swirling in your heads of her appearance, i assure you, are not as graphic and gruesome as the reality." authorities interviewed her extenseively monday afternoon. shasta county's sheriff says he
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has no reason to doubt papini's account. but he has not released any new information. in the east bay - friends and family members are grieving the loss of a beloved father - who was gunned down in front of his home. 37-year-old caesar plascencia was fatally shot last night. it happened outside his castro valley home... while his 9-year- old daughter was inside. police say the suspect opened fire...striking caesar multiple times. alameda county sheriff's deputies say they are doing everything they can to figure out who is responsible. a memorial in front of caesar's home...was held today by grieving friends and family
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members... so many still in shock about the ordeal.. trt:17/ "here for him" investigators are asking anyone who may have surveillance video in the area... to come forward. three homicides in 24 hours. and they happened within a mile of of each other in oakland. a man was shot and killed monday night on 32-nd street and martin luther king jr way. that happened only about 10 hours after a double homicide less than five minutes away on 39-th street and martin luther king jr way. police have not yet identified the victims. thousands marched at airports around the country today.
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as we go into tomorrow a few showers clustered 6:07 a.m. these will not produce a lot of rain at all and then quit moving as they go through the day with the rest of your work week tracking what is in store for the rest of your work week coming up in your full forecast about 10 more minutes
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who police have in custody tonight. plus. police asking for your help after a thief steals money meant to help a person with a serious medical condition. the future of the raiders still in question. tonight we talk to football
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legend ronnie lott ---fighting to keep the team in oakland.
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it appears the wheels are turning when it comes to an attempt to try and keep the raiders in oakland. today the mayor met with city council members and former 49er and raider ronnie lott's investment group. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live toinight in the newsroom. j.r. what can you tell us about today's meeting? >> j.r.: former 49er readers call famer it is his investment group that is trying to work this deal with the city a deal that would keep the raiders here insiders have told us a majority of the money will come from private entities and try to compete with $50 million that is on the table the city is too much million dollars public funds are the thoughts on the raiders being in oakland.
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>> steve:in union city... three people are behind bars following a deadly shooting. police were called to the union landing shopping center around 9 last night... after reports of
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gunfire. one of the men died at the scene... the other was taken to a hospital in serious condition. witness descriptions helped police locate a getaway car.. which happened to be a block away. there... police found three suspects and evidence. a third victim was found during the arrests and also taken to the hospital. police plan to identify all three suspects tomorrow morning.
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a burglar broke into a popular benicia restaurant.stealing an undisclosed amount of police are on the hunt for the thief. it happened saturday night.inside the nine-0-seven grill on first street. the burglar was caught in the act.thanks to the help of video surveillance cameras. police say the thief got away.with money raised to help beloved restaurant manager, josh rose, with a serious medical condition. employee's say.they've never seen this suspect inside the grill before. with little evidence in the investigation.officers are asking for the public's help in nabbing the suspect. ,. >> britteny: we're going to still see cold conditions and factored tracking even cooler air as we go into next week ago over that 74 casts night and cool air is coming and as we head into the rest close average clear conditions here but clouds but moisture here's a
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little bit taking shape here on the pacific northwest as a get through tonight 3 and 8:00 a.m. and then we also see a chance of showers cerros that even and for san francisco. wednesday and thursday and friday lots of cool conditions plan heading this year over the next three days expect cool temperatures during the day 46 unconquered 42 in livermore and then the 48 san francisco we
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stay there for 57 net of 58 and on view in a seven day forecast shows we will see clear conditions lots of sunshine thursday friday at 3 tomorrow with clouds. a bizarre episode at the airport. when a passenger ejects out of the emergency exit and makes a run for it. plus. a customer's rant goes viral. after she claims the store discriminated against her. here's what we're tracking tonight at ten. package thefts typically rise during the holiday season. now a bay area police force has a message for porch pirates.not
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in our town. how it plans to turn the tables of would-be theives. that's tonight on kron 4 news at ten. anchor lead - if you're looking to save money on holiday gifts this year or looking for a way to make a few bucks
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or sell used items. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate tested it out. sot - julie "it's amazing how much stuff you go through as a parent, they grow so fast, i'm constantly running through
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seller who just prints it out and mails out the item stand up - there are several of these types of apps and websites out now that hook up people living or working in the same area by buying and selling used goods and services for a closer look at the other options out there find my tech page on our website kron 4 dot com or on our mobile app. wytrgs ahead at eight. death and destruction. as wildfires sweep through tennessee. a look at the rising damage toll. plus. the possible punishment donald trump is proposing for burning the american flag and next. isis claims it's behind the attack on ohio state university. what investigators have uncovered about the man who carried out the violence.
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>> grant: the entire complex has been emasculated and it we're there right now getting shut down and then omniscience street intersection of four pleaser confirming that part of it confirmed a chronicler of order is three at the scene of working
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to confirm and we will track the traffic impact " no reports of and any injuries the motive behind the attack on all house the university including the possibility of terrorism there right now, the f-b-i is piecing together the motive behind the attack at ohio state university, including the possibility of terrorism. agents have recovered at least
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two devices belonging to the suspect. they are also looking at his online activity. eleven people were hurt after the attacker plowed his car into a crowd, and then slashed victims with a knife. pamela brown reports on what we know now.
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today isis is claiming responsibility for inspiring the attack on the campus of the ohio state university, releasing a statement on its propaganda news website. there is no evidence the claim is true. investigators will only say they are looking at terrorism as a possible motive. josh earnest/ white house press secretary: "there is plenty of available evidence to indicate that this individual may have been motivated by extremism and may have been motivated by a desire to carry out an act of terrorism." a post on abdul artan's facebook page just before the rampage pays tribute to al qaeda cleric anwar aw awlaki and admonishes the united states --- saying "by allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the muslims. you will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday." investigators are scrutinizing his cellphone and laptop and interviewing those who knew him to learn more about his motivations. louann carnahan/ neighbor: "they asked me the same
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questions everybody else is asking, you know, about his character. you know, his character was presentable. i mean, he didn't seem or appear to pose a threat to anybody. the owner of a convenience store near artan's home says he came in regularly, including on the day before the attack hicham ouhammou/ store owner: "he came in, he grabbed whatever he wanted, and we talked for a little bit, like hi how are you doing, how was your day. i mean that's pretty much it, and he just left smiling like usual. that's it." cnn has learned artan was born in somalia and moved to pakistan as a refugee in 2007. he came to the united states with his mother and siblings in 2014 on a green card. a u.s official says his family went through more than two years of intense vetting before being allowed into the united states. once he arrived he attended a community college and then transferred to ohio state --- where he told the student newspaper he was self conscious about showing his muslim faith. artan and his family also apparently spent 23 days in dallas in 2014 according to a faith based group who worked with them, but they left for
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unknown reasons. philip mudd/ cnn counterterrorism analyst: "this was an 18 year old. he had just transferred schools. we don't understand his background with the family. he's an immigrant. we don't understand the issues he had emigrating. one of the difficulties in these is looking at what he's claiming and comparing it to the rest of his life." an ohio state university police officer shot and killed artan after he failed to obey orders to stop. three of the eleven people hurt in the attack remain in the hospital. now to another big story we're tracking tonight -- deadly wildfires tearing through hundreds of homes and businesses in tennessee -- including tourist attractions. grant lodes is back now with the dramatic new video. three people have died in the wildfires near the great smoky mountains. authorities are going door-to- door to make sure everyone is safe. about a dozen people have been injured. gatlinburg's mayor says they firefighters are still battling hotspots and there will be a curfew in effect tonight. more than 14-thousand residents and tourists were forced to evacuate the tourist city in the mountains. top congressional republicans are distancing themselves from donald trump after he suggested anyone who burns an american flag should face consequences. such a prison time. or loss of citizenship. the president elect tweeted the controversial comments out today. the first amendment protects flag burning as an exercise of free speech. and house majority leader kevin mccarthy says congress has no plans to take action against flag burning. he told reporter he does not support the idea of flag burning but does support the first amendment.
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former goldman sachs chief information officer steven mnuchin prono: me-new'-chin is donald trump's pick for treasury secretary. that's according to an official briefed on the decision. he's found fame in hollywood as a producer, founding ratpack- dune entertainment and financing hits like "batman versus superman" and "mad max: fury road." mnuchin has been one of trump's closest economic advisers throughout the campaign and during the transition process. it was a star studded event in san francisco bring the community together this holiday season. and even the celebrity guests.couldn't shine as bright as the special tree on display for spectators to see. hundreds attended the 10th annual tree lighting event. benefiting bay area sprots legend ronnie lott's " all star helping kids organization". >> vicki: he does support the first amendment. and golden should tax chief stephen the treasury secretary this according to officials and found them in hollywood as a producer founding new entertainment
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>> steve: the california street holiday tree lighting event in concept the benefited ryan all start position grammy award and no concerts' wait for christmas tree 80 ft. tree covered 200,000 and it was beautiful. >> britteny: satellite earth
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shots show quite conditions we are tracking a week weather disturbance that moves closer 6:00 a.m. what the clouds and three ukiah moving into the rest of the late morning hours by 1130 and to the lunch hour we're expecting a few little light showers along the coast. where's the tracking really light showers closer's sprinkles short-lived and then the san jose kron 4 clocked we see little bit of activity there. if
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the eight differences goa
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screaming customer berates a store employee. now the woman behind this viral video is taking action to help the worker. and a passenger makes a bizarre escape off a landed plane.out of the emergency exit. and it's all caught on camera. still ahead at 8. another target of hate. the northern california mosque the latest to be sent a threatening letter. shares purchasing items a woman asked for by large they say they
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do not tolerate discrimination kind and is investigating the incident. >> reporter: concord city hall leading to create and improve a mandate to stop read increases above 2 percent for least a holiday still had another part of the case in another california moscow the recent a
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threatening letter. we hear from sports business expert on the oakland city and plan.
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>> vicki:a stockton mosque is the latest to receive a letter threatening genocide. nadeem khan... with the islamic
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center of stockton...received the letter in the mail on saturday. it claimed that muslims were the children of satan... and that their day of reckoning has arrived. it noted that "the new sheriff in town"... donald trump... would do to them... what hitler did with "the jews". the letter is the same photocopy that has been distributed to mosques in los angeles, san jose and fresno. despit receiving the letter, khan has also had to face another issue. trt:11/ "to be okay" the local chapter of the council on american islamic relations... says its turning over all the letters to the fbi for investigation. last week oakland mayor libbly schaaf announced that an investors group headed by ronnie lott reached a deal with the city to finance a stadium in an effort to keep the raiders in oakland
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raiders owner mark davis wants to move to las vegas where a stadium financing plan has already been reached they according vauquelin deals sustain an and the key plan can now from financing ronnie lott's group mark davis the honor of the raiders has not commented on this. irish officials for the
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a's and also with jerry west and the memphis grizzlies. here's a guy at the trust. ronnie lott
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and dave stewart field pitchers really good guys and loan had the sunday night showed only three guys please and a limousine to take a guess up and they're the only three guys. and when you come down for the show they ask the of $20 second to the limo driver. their home field sort of speak getting ready for the chicago bears will be the university of central florida their 10th straight loss came on sunday the bears are not
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very good either 49ers are only a polite and appoint half underdog everybody wants to talk to him but we lay off politics tonight and then on top of the close calls and a losing streak. this will give us today the california state court of appeals impact report in san francisco the final major hurdle to lawyers breaking ground
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schedule go in 2000 and 19. warriors off until thursday when the houston rockets leave town. one of three teams maybe interested in performing for an agreed to stay with the new york mets 110 million over four years. if you're a power hitter were the hardest parts at&t the hit home runs in filibuster posey if the money is close equal your ego where you can go over the fence in be interesting to see if indeed the giants candlepower hitter to come here it is not easy. tiger woods back in october comes back and supposedly began here did not
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work so he is practicing in the bahamas on his own event of a
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person is in custody no one was hurt and there is more on that we keep you posted. >> stanley: and the subway project in san francisco an exhibition of people behaving badly
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