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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 9, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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and mrs. smith" and she was spotted again while pregnant with shiloh. >> of course, right now angie and brad's lawyers are fighting in court over custody issues. brad is seeking to keep court documents private and wants more unsupervised time with the kid. they go before a judge in january. >> will there be an endinn to this any time soon, hopefully? >> hopefully. >> here's someone else out of hiding. kanye west, yesterday in l.a. he made his first appearance since his hospitalization and breakdown last month. the rapper who has now dyed his hair blond hit up an art exhibit at the museum of contemporary art, and since it was a furniture display, kanye took it upon himself to have a seat. >> we have more news to report. let's go to cameron matheson in new york. >> bristol is expecting another child with her once on-again/off-again love. announcing baby meyer spring
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2017. photos taken last week in alaska, bristol who is about four months along still fits in her jeans. >> baby number three joins almost 1-year-old daughter sailor and nearly 8-year-old tripp. bristol and dakota meyer announced we are so excited that our family is expanding. god has blessed us so much. >> i don't think it will get any easier. it's just different stages. >> bristol who is 26 is known for her work promoting abstinence after her teen pregnancy made headlines in 2008. >> what if i didn't come from a famous family, and what if i didn't have all these opportunities. it wouldn't be pretty. pause before you play. >> this pregnancy announcement comes six months after the couple's surprise secret wedding in june. remember dakota and bristol had a rocky rirp. they announced their engagement in 2015, two months later they called it off and one month after that, bristol reveals she
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was pregnant with dakota's baby and while it was, quote, a huge disappointment to her family, i do not want lectures or sympathy. the two had joint legal custody and co-parented for months before falling in love again. they now tell "e.t." they are, quote, thankful for new beginnings. >> congrats to bristol. we are with another new parent, as "gq" honored the man of the year. >> new dad ryan reynolds stole the show. we were first at the red carpet at the star-studded guy's night out. >> what does it feel? does it get you cool points at home to be man of the year? >> cool points for changing a diaper, but yeah, this doesn't suck. >> he's sexy and he changes diapers. who is this guy? ryan and wife blake lively welcomed baby number two in september, a little sister for their daughter jane. >> i have someone who has a
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message for you. if you can give it a listen. >> congratulations, ryan. oh, how wonderful. >> oh, that's so sweet. ? how does it feel hearing from you? >> she has no idea she's the mother, but yeah. there you have it. an exclusive right here on "e.t." >> how does it feel now that the family has expanded. is your new little one anything like her older cyster? >> they look alike. and she's a mini version of our older girl, but no, it's great. it's a actual, cohesive, working, functioning family. >> ryan walked the red carpet solo at the gq men of the year party and we couldn't love him more after hearing this. >> i admire your lovely wife and she's posting on instagram that she's eating right to get back in shape. how do you feel about that? >> i don't know what you speak of get back into shape. she looks fantastic. >> t.j. miller who had blood
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gushing from his ear and on to his suit. turns out it was all just part of a prank rom his conan appearance earlier in the night. >> there's this safety pin -- and if you look right there -- >> i'm sorry, did you just put that in? >> backstage, i did it last minute. >> not a joke, his arrest early this morning. miller who witnesses say looked intoxicated allegedly slapped his uber driver after gettingg into an argument. he was released without bail just in time to host the critics' choice awards this weekend. his next appearance will be before a judge january 9th. >> our news desk has been working on. is prince harry's hollywood girlfriend getting ready to visit him for the holidays? >> any plans for the holidays? maybe a little trip to london? no plans? >> today meghan markle was asked by. rzy about her next rendezvous with harry. the actress was walking her dog bogart in toronto. no security detail in sight.
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meanwhile, is there another royal family wedding in the works? >> kate's younger sister pipa middleton and james matthews, a hedge fund manager will wed in the country church may 20th next year. pipa is not a royal, but became an international sensation at kate's "i dos" in 20 lerche. princess charlotte may be flower girl and prince george a paige at the wedding and kate is not expectee to be a bridesmaid, but could do a reading at the ceremony. >> this stunning diamond and pearl tiara that was worn by princess diana. kate along with william, the queen, prince philip, prince charles and duchess camila were decked out for a deputy matich reception, but where was harry? >> it features the reigning monarch, the next in line and the future king so harry, sadly, was not included in the photo-op. let's talk about what a
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great week it's been for madonna. she was twerking up a storm with james corden doing carpool karaoke, she made a spectacleein florida flirting with her ex sean penn and we were there as madonna received a big honor. >> did you have fun? >> oh, my god, so much fun. >> it was crazy and so wild. my body was hanging out the window. >> it went viral with almost 3 million views in almost 48 hours and billboard magazine celebrated her legacy. >> congratulations, woman of the year. >> it is an honor and it's great to come here and receive the award and more importantly to speak with women in general in the world today. very important times. >> the magazine honoring the serve-time grammy winner for the spectacular three decades-plus career and $1.3 billion earned from concerts including the rebel heart tour now a documentary on showtime. throughout her career, the now
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58-year-old madonna has had some shocking moments. on monday in miami she raised eyebrows while raising funds for the african nation of malawi while she invited her ex sean penn to make a sizeable donation. >> and i'm still in love with you. >> you said you would marry sean again for a $$50,000 bid. would you? >> i never said that. he bought the dress for $150,000. we'll talk about that later. >> coming up next. >> so where is the mirror ball? >> we're with dancing champ, laurie hernandez, why her ballroom days aren't done yet. >> i can't wait. >> what you never knew about "the dick van dyke show," did he have an off-screen romance with mary tyler moore? >> i said she's a little young. >> one-on-one with kelly clarkson. >> i'm a hot mess. >> revealing her toughest moments. >> there are days when i hug a
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bottle and a bible. >> only "e.t.'s" cameras are there. the reboot debuts on vh-1 this monday with rita ora taking over tyra's gig as host. >> she's the queen. this was never filling anyone's shoes and taking her legacy and making it our own and with a new panel. >> you can still expect a few tyra cameos which makes judge ashley graham very excited. >> tyra taught me that. she and i text a lot and
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stars including cheryl hines
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laurie and val! ♪ ♪ >> that was the moment when gold medal-winning gymnast laurie hernandez became a "dancing with the stars" champ and cameron matheson was with laurie just before he hopped on a plane for
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new york. cam, there is a lot more dancing to be done. >> that's right, kev, the pros are heading out on tour, but they will not be a lolone and laurie will be their special guest and i was first to check out rehearsal. >> the best part about being on a tour? >> all of the food is catered. ♪ ♪ >> talk to me about some of the numbers from the season that you will include on the tour? >> we are doing soapbox and the tango. >> yeah. we are doing our viennese waltz. >> yeah. >> we're doing our freestyle. >> brand new. >> and we're doing our samba. and i also wrote a new number. >> she's part of the group dances and she's part of the cast. >> i can't wait. it's so cool. >> are you nervous at all? >> i'm excited. >> also causing excitement, the countdown to the very first
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dancing with the stars baby. maks and peta are expecting their baby boy to arrive january 2nd. >> i want to spend more time with my family. when the time comes will you take more time off of the tour? >> the tour has been kind enough to let me go. i will go see my nephew, but i mean, in general, after the tour is over and the season starts hopefully there will be a break for me, and i'll go back home. >> is he going to be super hands on? >> what kind of uncle am i going to be? >> the one that gets him shoes all of the time. >> yeah. >> this kid is going to have awesome shoes. >> still ahead, did dick van dyke have a secret affair on mary tyler moore? >> i had a real crush on her. >> stories you've never heard from the tv icon and you have betty white with her still acting at 95. >> and kelly clarkson's new mommy confession, her plans for
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her baby's first christmas and the one star people confuse her with? we don't stand alike. we don't look alike. closed kapgdzing provided by --
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>> 'tis the season for kelly clarkson and it's a first for new son. >> you know what? i know. it's so second child syndrome, y'alll okay, because i learned from river last christmas. she doesn't know what's going on. he's 7 months old so he's going to be, like, ooh! he doesn't even do anything yet. kelly telling us she loves the holidays. in fact, she and husband brandon plaquestock have had their home decorated for some time now. >> did you say early november? >> i'll be honest with you, the lights were on before halloween and that's because we threw a masquerade ball, and i thought well, that's perfect for the evening and we're like the rednecks that have christmas lights on at weird times of the year. ♪ ♪
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>> that is kelly christmas 2014. her annual holiday benefit concert raised $400,000 for local national charities and this year's concert will include a-listers like kelsey ballerini and stepmother in law reba mcintyre. she feels it's part of being a good mom. >> i've never been more confident as a woman as i am as a mother. there's always so much going on, and i think of getting so much confidence that i feel like, i don't know, my kids might end up in therapy or something,,but i feel like i'm nailing it. >> it's hard to believe, but betty white will turn 95 years young next month and there is absolutely no sign of her slowing down. we were on the set as betty shot her latest tv role. >> is there something -- is there one thing out there that betty white still wants to do? >> robert redford. >> i finally found something
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that betty white hasn't done. >> we have to set up a meeting, right? >> oh, no. no, no, no. if i ever met him i'd faint. >> that's the secret to being betty. she's truly humble. you're one of those folks that your picture pops up and your name is mentioned and people just fall in love. >> oh, god, i think you're exaggerate, but i appreciate it. >> please, please know how deeply i appreciate it when you walk into some place and a perfect stranger is your friend and that's a great privilege. >> betty is guest starring on the freeform sitcom young and hungry. she'll play a neighbor who has had five husbands. >> what's the secret to staying so young and active. >> it's still a secret to me, no, but i think it's good health. i'm so healthy, and at 94 you but i am, and i love what i do. >> "the dick van dyke show".
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>> "the dick van dyke show" has been turned into color for the very first time ever for a holiday presentation and we joined dick and carl reiner at carl's home where they share stories you've never heard before. >> "the dick van dyke show," starring dick van dyke. >> i had the idea that comedy should be in black and white, and this process they did, it looks like it was shot in color. there was nothing fake about it. i discovered i had brown hair. everybody thought i had black hair. >> and mary tyler moore. >> mary got her big break as dick's wife. reiner cast the former model and dancer despite he age difference between hee and dick. >> i said she's a little young. >> what's the difference in your age? >> 12. 12 years. >> i said nobody will -- nobody ever, ever even mentioned it. the first time they kissed on
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the pilot, that was it. they were together. >> i just felt romantic today. >> i had a real crush on her. they really were attracted to each other, but they both had relationships and they were very circumspect, but they were really attracted to each other. >> i -- i -- i -- i don't think it's right for you to wear that dress when i'm not with you. >> we became an improv and you could tell us a scene, and we could make it up. she read me very well, and i read her timing very well, and it was such a pleasure to work with her. >> running from 1961 to '66, dick played a tv comedy writer for a show where reiner was the egotistical star. the show won 15 emmy awards, but wasn't a break-out hit at first. >> we got canceled at the end of the first year, and we thought it was over, and i think it was the summer re-run people saw. >> did you know one out of every
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50 million women have the wrong baby. >> that's a cute trick. how did she manage that? >> we used the audience, and now when a door slams you hear the track. >> now with two colorized episodes airing sunday night on cbs, the 90-year-old legend was feeling nostalgic. >> it was never work. never. i would still be doing it. there was nothing like it. nothing like it. >> if you want to know more about the story, just go to our website, now these stars are gearing up for mistletoe moments. >> and we teamed up with gillette and oral b available at to help you get ready for your close up with stocking stuffer essentials, the chilled razor will give your man a smooth and kissable face. >> they'll give it to you with blue teeth. for more last-secret bit of
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7:58 pm, your destination for entertainment news. >> primal consideration provided by -- >> that's pretty much all of the time that we have for tonight. we have one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> have a good week end,
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everybody. bye-bye. >> are you dating anybody right now? >> i've been date, but i've pulled back a little bit. i'm kind of like in the middle. i'm open to new ideas. >> real housewife of new york city bethenney frankel is moving on from her bitter divorce. >> i used to feel so hopeless and not understand why, and this has given me an outlet and a reason forrit and some place to put my sadness and some of my sort of depression and hopelessness. >> be strong is bethenney's charity initiative. it's linked with another organization giving back to wwmen in need, dress for success. as for bethenney's 6-year-old daughter brynn, she's focused right now on christmas. >> this year we actually did t
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now at eight. one week after oakland's warehouse fire. a father mourns his son. a lot of things i wish i had said to him that i'll never be able to. a fire official agonizes over the lost lives. this is the thing we are supposed to prevent. whoosh tonight exclusive pictures of what may be a crucial piece of evidence. as atf engineers try to trace the fire's origin. whoosh nat their team may have lost to the chiefs on sunday but raiders fans have something to cheer about tonight. we'll tell you about the new plan to keep them in oakland. whoosh and tech reporter gabe slate shows us how criminals are using technology to outsmart even the smartest cars. you're watching kron four news in prime time. >> reporter:a refrigerator is officially ruled 'out' as a cause of the ghost ship warehouse fire. thank you for joining us -- i'm catherine heenan. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. it has been anmo


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