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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 25, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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two people dead including a teenager and alcohol is to blame. good evening. merry christmas and happy hanukkah. were joined live from the scene of the crash. you spoke with those who knew one of the victims. what did they have to say?>> reporter: the group grow -- droid here, they are related to a woman who swerved across the median killing those inside along with herself. she took care of her five-year- old daughter. take a look at the image. it is jarring but it is a good reminder to not drink and drive. the fire department officials are saying this is a dui related car crashed. half-hour after midnight,
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jessica was under the influence of alcohol. she hit a silver lexus and she carried a man who is not been identified along with the 14- year-old boys. man was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. family and friends are here to pay respect to both families. >> she was a great mom and hard- working woman. were going to think about this each year on christmas. my condolences to their family.>> reporter: it is an unfortunate incident. the picture is a stark reminder for people to not drink and drive this holiday season or ever. they are urging people to not
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drink. kron-4 news. there's a tragedy in the south bay. a woman died and a man is in custody. it happened last night around 7 at a home on north 10th street. upon arrival, the feeble vehicle suffered from multiple stab wounds. and was taken to the hospital where she drive -- died later. a suspect is in custody and he is believed to be the husband of the victim. and did not think this was in my neighborhood into my brother told me it was just across the street. i'm afraid to find out who it might be and i hope i never see them but sometimes they get released in a violent way.
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the please no one else is wanted in connection with the crime. the identity of the suspect and victim has yet to be released. one man is in custody and another is being sought after a christmas morning shooting outside of a san francisco nightclub. this is what it looked like around 2:40 this morning. where the shots, you can see what appears to be a gun. you see the officers walking down the street. they say two men were shot. there was a 32-year-old and a man in his 20s and they are expected to be okay. they tried to break up a fight when he was shot. what he knocked a man to the ground and another trip to him and hit him in the head. showcases were scattered all over the place. the road was closed off and a suspect was taken into custody
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and another is on the loose. they are investigating the case. a suspect has been taken into custody and his name has not been released. two people were stabbed in the mall in san francisco. it happened near the sports bar. the man stole a butcher knife from the bar and went after two people who were sleeping on the sidewalk. a victim was cut in the hand in the mail victim was cut in the face. they arrested a man a short time later. the north bay police are looking for a suspect who victimized two businesses. we are live and you spoke with those who work there and they say -- what are they saying
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>> reporter: they are saying these incidences are not isolated. this was one of two businesses that was that last tuesday. they say it is part of a growing trend and an increase in crime. this christmas, there burglarized two businesses. surveillance video last tuesday shows the suspect pulling up to the super stop just before 4 in the morning. the thief gets out of the sedan and smashes through the glass windows. a store employee says this is one of several businesses that it been hit in recent months.>> this place across the street was broken into.
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the jewelry store was broken into. that was in the last couple of months. we knew it was a matter of time before we were broken into. we switched around our procedures so they could not get money.>> reporter: just minutes later, employees at the chevron arrived to work to find that the minimart had been broken. they believe the same person is responsible for both burglaries. they say these crimes are on the rise and venetia. >> for the past six months, the crime rate is more than doubled. it is petty stuff. people stealing things out of people's cars come a vandalism, just breaking in. the apartment building, people are moving out in droves because of the situation.>>
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reporter: the police believe the same suspect is responsible for similar burp there's burglaries in napa. he was driving ace dark-colored sedan. we having other package theft to tell you about. the whole thing happened with the security video on december 21. the open the bag and put the packages in it and walks away. the man took the packages 15 minutes after they were deliver. the homeowner says these were christmas gifts for daughters. they hope to catch the thief. if you recognize the package dave, contact the police.
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it has been called. any relief in sight? >> the temperatures are warming up over the next couple of days. this storm is off the coast line on christmas day. there are a few clouds in our direction but we are dry outside. other than a fewclouds, it is a white christmas. we have clouds. the good news is, it will hold the temperatures up overnight and it will not be quite as cold. will likely see rigid temperatures and some of the interior valley. we are looking at san francisco with partly fluffy -- partly cloudy skies. it is 43 degrees in san francisco and 45 in oakland, 42 in concord and 39 degrees in santa rosa. tomorrow morning, we have
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frosty conditions in the morning. you will see mostly clear skies by 8 am. the temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s. it might be warm tomorrow but we have more weather ahead. thank you. if you're looking for something christmasy to do tonight: ima you might want to head to richmond where a teenager set up quite the show. this is a festive house covered in lights. what is the story? >> reporter: this is put on by one teenager. he has been doing the show for three years. normally he does is at the top of the hour. you can look at the show. is something that we hope will lead to the acre things.
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program does programming these lights to music is no easy task. i have 32 channels to control the lights. i have 48 channels i build these receptors.>> he is only in high school. he liked the look of his reindeer. he started to do yard to core and his own. i want my house to look like that. he taught himself how to set everything up by watching tutorials and asking how to do it. he starts the show in november and it is bigger than the last. you see a progression this year. there are christmas lights in the off-season. how much does the end up spending? i do not know. i hate to think about it
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because it's probably worth a car. i was not sure how is going to be. >> he does it to make a profit. >> i got a nice donation. i bought a new eiffel tower and reindeer.>> reporter: perhaps the biggest payoff will be after high school when he can turn it into a career. i would like to work for disney on right design. >> he knows how to captivate an audience. he does. there is an audience here catching this bonus show. we have a finale and look at this. the fountains, even water is incorporated into that. it gets bigger and better. mixture, he says he is hoping to have a secret feature that
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helps people get more interactive with the lights. you will have to check out next year. kron-4 news. >> i could be consent watching that all night long. the lights will be running until january 6. he -- george michael who walked into stardom with wham! has died this christmas. >> [ music ] >> the cause of death was heart failure. he says the icon passed away peacefully at home in england. he gained popularity in his career delivering hits such as "wake me up before you go-go"
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and "freedom". he sold over 100 billion our homes over his career. he was 53 years old. were learning more about those who are killed in a plane crash outside of russia. christmas celebration at the vatican continues today. the crowd came up to watch pope francis. and how it all bay area organization is making sure those less fortunate have a hot meal on christmas.
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authorities say that members of the red russian choir are victims of a plane crash. the military plane carried 92 people when it crashed in the black sea. this was minutes after takeoff. a memorial was set up to date to remember the victims. over 3000 people were flown in from across russia. there searching the black sea for human relate this remains. latimer pollutant spoke about the tragedy and called for a day of mourning. pope francis delivered an address at
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the vatican, calling for speed -- peace. he focused on the reasons for war and he addressed the international community. the urged israelis and palestinians to put away revenge. queen elizabeth is recovering from a heavy cold this christmas day. officials say the queen was unable to attend church services. the queen will participate in the world family christmas celebrations throughout the day. they had to delay their travels and they are resting. we covered the last-minute toy
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drive yesterday. volunteers were up all night long counting the guests and the results are in. the raised 1500 toys, exceeding their goal by 3000 toys. they distributed over 10,000 toys yesterday. community centers in the district and western addition, 5000 toys were given to the most needy and at risk children. and on that note, you know, when you see the giving online commenters great. >> you think how many kids were smiling. >> i love kids smiles. >> yes. you must've had a good christmas.>> it was pretty good.>> all of that eating. we have a lot of sunshine and we have cloud moving by as the
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storm system is moving off the coast line. there are few more clouds and we are seeing rain and were scattered showers and we have a lot of activity. is staying dry in the bay area. it is likely going to keep the overnight lows a few days. southern california, they are picking up showers. santa barbara is still dry but they could have scattered showers on christmas night. otherwise, were partly cloudy skies right now@it is chilly in spots. the temperatures will drop ended it is mostly sunny skies with cool temperatures are brownback a area. there's a chance we could see showers as we head into new
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year's eve. outside, it is 43 degrees in san jose and 45 in oakland. we have 39 in nevada and santa rosa is 39 degrees. snuggle up and enjoy. you have cold temperatures continuing outside and are mostly clear skies. this is spinning off the coast line. it is going to move up the coastline and close to the bay area but over the next couple of days, will watch the system spent away. it will creep closer as we get into tuesday. in the high country, it looks good. you have mostly sunny skies and it is warming up in the 30s. traveling around the state, you will find the 50s and 60s. it is 50 degrees in los
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angeles. we're going to be on the cold side again. ill be 48 degrees and santa rosa. the temperatures are not as cold but we expect patchy fog early tomorrow morning. i think things are going to be on a warm and. there is more to come with the temperatures as we head into tuesday and wednesday. and you believe it? next year is almost here.>> one thing at a time. >> there was a magnitude of an earthquake at 7.6 and chilling. it happened around 6 am. it was south of the nation's capital. damage such as crack roads, they can be seen throughout the area. tsunami warnings were not a factor but people were evacuated from the coastal
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areas. injuries were reported. the holiday vacation, y woman had to be airlifted from a carnival cruise. i am counting down the best of the worst for 2016.>> >> she does not even have a drivers license.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. as we get closer to the end of 2016, were counting down the best of behavioral -- people behaving badly. they took the top 10 favorites. tonight, here is number
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eight. these are people behaving badly. >> i do not need corporations to represent entities. >> i need to start the beginning. >> that's fine. this is the oakland area office. pay attention to bet -- to this.>> warranties on the car? >> she hands him a letter.>> do you have your id on him?>> driver usually has a form of id but the officer had to make a radio call. this one on for quite a while and then the officer took a different approach. she asked that he call the sheriff deputy to respond.
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have you ever had a california driver's license? >> she reads the letter. >> there is a lot of info here. she does not want the camera around.>> he has the right to record in public. and since the driver did not have a form of id or insurance, she questions the officers right to pull over. >> you are a public roadway in california.>> she does not have a drivers license orators.>> she did have a valid license at one time.>> she is driving a vehicle with a suspended drivers license. >> it is a person who gives up being a citizen of the united states. >> this is a ticket for driving a -- with a suspended license. >> i came to pick you up.
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>> husband claims -- yes they not impound the car. i would if she didn't have a prior in the car. she ignore the ticket. that she reads a manifesto.>> the end. the car was towed they were transferred to another vehicle. roberts with crime for news. you have an idea, email us. a woman had her trip cut short when she got sick on a crew shift -- cruise ship. she was loaded onto the stretcher. they say the woman had symptoms of pneumonia. she was not responding to the treatment and ship.
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the coaster -- the coast guard sent a helicopter to retrieve the woman. she was flown to a hospital 15 miles away. christmas around the world and how the holiday is being celebrated across the globe. how it bay area churches helping out the homeless today.
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people from all around the world celebrated christmas today. they attended religious festivities and others participated with family traditions.>> [ music ] >> reporter: pope francis led christmas mass. he delivered a message to those who crowded into st. peter's square.
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he used the christmas remarks to draw attention to conflicts around the world and to call for assistance in aleppo. for the first time in two years. christians in iraq were able to hold christmas mass. the town has been held by isis into recently. fidel castro's death and the soccer teams playing crash were depicted. there was the american dream and donald trump and a massive wall between the mexican and american borders. across the united states, families decorated trees. the set up light displays in homes and yards to celebrate. these neighbors have a good- natured feud over christmas light. one spends a week setting up the displays any other puts a ditto sign in his yard. >> we wanted him to park this
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in your. >> a man in pennsylvania did that. he re-created a scene from christmas vacation. is complete with the rv and the station wagon and cousin eddie. >> many of us appear that. the rescue mission and richmond is a local organization that is putting out meals for the less fortunate. they have done this for over five decades. the staff and volunteers have worked for the last three days to prepare for the festivities. >> christ was born and we want to share what we have and be together and have a joyous occasion. >> people go hungry. i would like to help the homeless and the needy. we have a rapid recovery program. want to make sure everybody gets a well-balanced meal. >> they not only provide free meals on christmas and thanksgiving but every day of
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the year. is a new organization served 300 people breakft and 200 for lunch and hundreds more for dinner. and tonight, the idea give back to the community, this church served 5000 meals to the hungry. we have highlights of the christmas menu. >> the morning and welcome.'s>> reporter: hot meals is not anything new for this church but christmas has always been extra special.>> we have ham and turkey.>> houses of people walked to the doors for the holidays. >> [ music ] >> reporter: they attended a church service. >> i am in charge. and i have family.>> were there upstairs and down, it was a
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fulfilling day.>> it has been very nice.>> they cater to large crowds.>> reporter: hundreds of volunteers were on deck. >> come in.>> reporter: from the little ones, the football team is giving that was more fulfilling the getting.>> i decided to do this. >> it is fun to give back.>> this woman is grieving her mom's death. it is nice to have a place to go for the holidays. >> they open doors for people of colors.>> reporter: everyone here is dealing with their own circumstances. >> i am in between movies and i have no income.>> we have seen our usual people but there are
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some new people.>> reporter: reported in san francisco, kron- 4 news. you maybe hovered around the christmas tree tonight and tomorrow. they're asking you to think ahead when it comes to take in the tree down. they are encouraging residents to recycle holiday trees. trees on the curb will be turned into compost. the tree must be free of tensile and ornaments. they will limit the number of trains running. they say fewer trains will run on the line this holiday season. rather than a five-minute intervals, the train will run every 10-15 minutes. the schedule all only applies to the weekday in the midmorning to midafternoon.
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they will receive regular service on january 2. it is hard to make food choices during the holidays. they break down eat this or that are things you should or should not eat. it is a cold christmas night outside. we have chilly temperatures but what about the forecast for the end of the year?
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we have an update on the condition of carrie fisher. fisher is in stable condition. the mother thanks friends and fans for support. fisher was on a flight to los angeles on friday. she suffered a cardiac event. the actress became ill as the plane was preparing to land.
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she was transported to an intensive care unit in los angeles. she played princess leia in the original star wars film. she is had roles in other movies and best-selling books. were joined with the most important thing of the night, you said it was called. >> yes. in here kicked in. >> i woke up sweating. >> i know. it is very cold around the bay area. we have a storm system off the coast line. this is swinging and missing. it is headed due south. you see showers in southern california but other than a fewclouds, we are looking dry right now. it could stay that way throughout the night. >> the skies will clear out and the temperatures are cooler. as we head to the night, we will see more showers in
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southern california. we could have some showers working its way towards los angeles. it looks like it can pull away off the coast line over the next couple of days. were partly cloudy skies. then we will start to clear out it is cold in spots. it is 39 in fairfield and 39 degrees and santa rosa. we have chilly temperatures it is probably going to be similar because the high -- there is more sunshine coming your way. we'll low pressure that came close to the close line -- coast line. it is part of a way to keep us dry. the clouds will not bother us much. were the cold air in place in the temperatures are going to be chilly and spots. it is 36 in hayward and 36 in
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san jose. the temperatures will stay cool in the bay area. it is 51 degrees here. there is lots of sunshine in sunnydale. in the south they, it looks like the mid-50s. in eastlake, a little bit cooler as you make your way into the tri-valley. there is plenty of sunshine. is 56 degrees in hayward. union city will see lots of sunshine. the temperatures will be in the mid-50s. there is a frost early on and lows in the 50s. it should be dry. and in theater here, there is a slight chance of showers for saturday night and sunday. for some, the holidays can
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consist of cookies and cakes and chocolates. for those with diabetes, that food can be harmful. mary maloney has tips on what to eat this holiday season.>> reporter: the holidays are packed with great foods. you can be troll for diabetic. here are things to keep in mind. count your carbohydrates. carbs raise blood sugar so look at the total carbohydrates, not just the sugar. watch out for fruits and dairies and starchy vegetables and grains. watch salt. broth is usually parked with sodium. cut back or use a low-sodium broth. cut down on fat spirit one tips: you can find a healthy version of soup with last that. do not forget to eat protein at
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each meal. do not forget to limit sugar intake, especially in deserts. try fresh fruit or frozen fruit with no added sugar or canned fruit and fruit juice. finally, be prepared when we're going to potluck to take a healthy option. everything else is on the unhealthy side, you will have something to eat. this weekend is a big one for movies. i will tell you which one is the most popular. wearable market has been successful and new companies are focusing on smart jewelry. i will tell you what this can offer you.
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we have a unique weight- loss program. >> it is not a one-size-fits- all program?
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>> everything is customized for the patient. >> if you struggle with weight loss issues, step out. the wearable market has been successful.
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companies are focusing on smart jewelry. we have a line of smart rings and it gained a reputation that they are simple to use.>> this was designed for women. they want to know when something important is happening. a phone call or text, an email, anything. >> it will vibrate and light up on the side of the ring when you get a call, text or email or notification for a particular app. here is a example of a notification. it will vibrate on the table. >> using apt, you compromise your ring. there are four different types of vibrations and different colors to choose from. you can assign it to different types of notifications. >> if flashes blue when i get a phone call. i have email sent to one buzz.
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>> customizing the notification is easy. you'd tap the vibration you want and slide for the color you want. there are over 80 apps that you can get notification from.>> snapchat and all of the popular apps. >> i want to create something that women would get excited about wearing. they would want to wear it if there was no technology. >> we had semi-prescient stones and it will not wear off. technology is second. >> you can choose to notify if one person calls or text you. feel want to know if your spouse are cuter boss is trying to reach you, you will know. the problem with connector jory is at the initial process is a pain. >> i have my phone. let's see how hard or easy this is to get the devices connected. >> i make sure the bluetooth is
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turned on. open up the app and it found my ring and i clicked on that. it asked for permission and that's it. it simple. it took five seconds. that i had christine a test to me to check it out. it worked. when i school thing, to charge the ring, you put it back in the box at night. this is a charger. gabe slate. for new movies opened ahead of the holiday weekend. audit they stack up against rogue one? rick has the countdown.>> i'm going to ask stephanie to marry me. 40 movies top the top five. replacing this movie with the opening.
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assassins creed was in fourth place. the deep space romance of passengers attracted moviegoers. >> i'm sorry>> the animated animals saying their way with $35 million.>> wrote one of star wars three had ticket sales. the box office numbers provided do not include christmas day or the day after christmas which are part of the holiday window expect the films to improve with the final numbers when they report next week. we'll talk on sports. we're going to talk about car
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and the oakland raiders. you're looking at warriors video.
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we are minutes away from sports live we will talk all sports for the next 30 minutes. we will start by talking about derek carr. he has been the talk of the bay area and the talk of the nation. the star quarterback for the raiders with the -- went down. there is a video. they are calling it a broken fibula. he is going to have to have surgery. we'll talk about how long he
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could be gone and when he could get back. this is devastating news for the oakland raiders. they have matt mcgloin who is the backup quarterback. he will play next week and he will hopefully lead them down the play out -- the playoff drive in we'll talk about how good he has been in the past. we will also talk about the golden state warriors. you have to give it to him. look at the holly fans. they are both wearing sweaters. >> it was a good one. it went down to the wire. they are in favor of the golden state warriors.>> they only had 15 points on the shootings. they struggled a bit. this team had 19 turnovers.>>
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it was a close game lost by one point in we will tell you what people are saying and if they are worried about the game>> if you plan on having a big feast on christmas, you might want to include pumpkin pie. i prefer chocolate but pumpkin works also. not always a christmas day but pumpkin pie day, we can to -- to lolled -- to lolled. it is an american tradition. will be doing? >> am i in a commercial for pumpkin pie? >> i like chocolate pie. >> maybe apple pie. is notorious for having a lot of fans on the dinner table. we had pumpkin pie upstairs.
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think the produces a pair expected to eat it all? >> i think so. they went to town on the pumpkin pie. >> that's amazing. their focus is pumpkin pie. your focus has been on the cold? >> reporter: it is called. it is chilly outside. we have this spinning off the coast line. it looks ominous as it rolls off the coast diving into southern california. there are a few light showers and a couple of raindrops towards los angeles but things will be dry here. this is the bay area on thursday and are more clouds coming in our direction but it is about the cold temperatures and the overnight lows are going to be in the 20s and 30s. we will see frost in the morning. at noon, we had a similar temperatures to today. there could be a little more sunshine. the skies will start to clear
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out and the temperatures are going to warm up over the next couple of days. do not expect a heat wave at the end of the year. it could top out at the low 60s on friday. there is a slight chance that we could see showers on new year's eve. that would be good news for people around the bay area. it does not look like much but we will keep our eyes open. this might be the week where we are comfortable. >> the potter will be great. it is powerfully -- powdery snow in nevada. it is nice and clear. you do not have to worry about ice on the roads. >> i like to snow board. i'm not done it but i would like to try. i have to go with the elbow pads. thank you for joining us and we hope you have a merry christmas
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and happy hanukkah. sports is coming up next. have a great evening. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models.
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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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the raiders have tried to move on. who will they turn to come playoff time. the 49ers, they finally win. the missed an opportunity. ball about.'s >> rock your christmas sweater. merry christmas and happy


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