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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 28, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PST

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know better sleep with sleep number. story. "so i want to say man look, keep your head up, count every day as a blessing, every second, moment, hour, because you never know when your life can be taken from you" tyrone griffin's words spoken a month ago seemed to foreshadow his own fate here inside of this target store in hayward this past christmas eve "we had been shopping all day" griffin was doing some last minute christmas shopping with his girlfriend tondaleaho davis and his two small children. "we still needed wrapping paper and bows and his son josh and one more toy than his daughter jade and he was adamant about getting that one more toy" she says to speed things along, the two split up inside the store, each taking one of the children with them. she says at one point she saw one of her friends in the checkout line. when did you know something was
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wrong? "she said, somebody got stabbed up back there, and i was like in target and she was like yeah" she said she immediately called his cellphone but there was no answer "so now i'm scared" she asked a man standing near by
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if the man injured was black, white or latino? "he said, no, he was black and he was withhis son and i just ran to the back" when she got there tyrone griffin was bleeding profusely "i was going crazy and he was like, josh? still worried about his son, still worried about his baby, the only reason they did anything to him in the first place" witnesses told davis that griffin got into an altercation with two men after asking them to turn down some profanity laced music playing in the presence of his son. the two men were arrested and remain in custody, yet to be charged you want these people to go to jail? "yes! i want them gone" davis says tyrone turned his life around after becominga devout christian and was a joyful person "he was a very happy man when he left this earth, a very happy man in hayward haaziq madyun kron4news >> steve:stunning allegations of racist behavior at a high end bay area retail store. a lawsuit claims employees at the versace outlet in livermore used a 'secret code' to alert them when a black customer entered the store.
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kron4's alecia reid has a closer look at the lawsuit. >>alecia: one by one the class- action lawsuit against the store last complaints from former employee christopher for non compensation race discrimination unfair business practices quarter african- american says that during training when manageress of at&t for 10 code used to lure other employees so whenever a black prison term in the store. and they say that i was told the casually say de for 10 hold a
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sure win the same the croats and since the code used on all clothing. according to the complaint responded by telling the managers who is african- american after that he didn't receive a he considered proper training although he believed he met or exceeded expectations he was fired within weeks of his hire date. all being let go he is accusing managers of telling him he didn't understand luxury because he doesn't know the luxury life. a court hearing is set for march 21st. even find the documents our website.
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those >> reporter: in the bay area that remembers care pass of 6. and from the flowers last of the glove as well. the picture was put up on 18th and castro underneath the picture leapt metaphors be with her. candle was lit saying it may the force
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be with you. >> reporter: 54 this afternoon a cement truck courtnall on larsen avenue rolled onto its side and monday thinking when it collapsed known was injured driver nicolas able to get out ok or in person was not enter the same home was hit by a sliding dump truck back in april in the case of your damage was done to the garage work being done today was active owners attempt to rebuild from the last accident. owners were not in town at the time heading back to assess leader to inspect the damage. >> reporter: enough said the
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starbucks coffee shop no injuries were reported even though shoppers were still in the area. they have yet to release descriptions of the people involved stating only that more than one car was seen speeding away shortly after the shooting. for san francisco superior court judge denied a request and by the police officers' union to block implementation. the pleas >> reporter: team says it's not over and they will continue to see this through in the courts.
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>> reporter: after being hit by caltrans a hadron to 37 of the burlingame station person as trespassing on the tracks while they were shut down how trained its provides shuttles for the next stop trains running on just one track imbibe 0415 all trains are packed full operation. in checking a chance of curing for your new year.
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>> britteny: sunshine wednesday thursday retract into existence as we get a friday and saturday here's the first one to the self here's what happened you notice then slowly works its way up and mansell probably stays to the south of our area and the possibility of august could
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shift a little closer to us and restraint evident friday another system drops down on saturday and this is what looks like right now could stay to the east and again watching both of these systems closely has to go into friday saturday and on sunday more unsettled weather r.i. temperatures are going to drop as well as we get close to the week and changes next few days i smiled lots of sunshine six is a maxwell subsidiaries half moon bay's 61 in non view 63 in san jose tomorrow 56 and seven sisters 62 and will be chilly as we go to saturday during the day sunday new year's day said chance of showers cooler weather sticking around.
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