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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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tuesday morning and they approached her. according to contra p d steven minor close try to steal her purse. and held on tight. he ran off with nothing. and a number of senior citizens living on grand on circle early see strangers on his block.
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hap >>alecia: and the beach near oakville road. how does a suspect detain him petition and the victim was able to identify him as her attacker. miners in custody charged with sexual battery and other view and a robber. believe isolate incident if the information how to the case please.
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>> vicki:a big story we are covering tonight.the sudden death of a hollywood legend. debbie reynolds died today.just one day after her daughter carrie fisher. her son todd fisher.telling cnn "my mother passed away a short time ago. she spoke to me this morning and said she missed carrie." cnn's stephanie elam looks back at her life. right news broke that debbie reynolds passed.celebrities and regular people immediately shared their thoughts and memories on social media. >> reporter: to being spotted in a beauty pageant. hearst are officially launched a just a few years ago after a spirited performance. and three months potbelly jazz and a shed to children from her terry fisher.
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the marriage ended after publicized divorce when fisher left to marry her close friend elizabeth and painful the trail able to joke about the scandal years later. her second and third marriage ended in divorce each time causing reynolds' financial pain and it was recognized in 2015 when the screen actors guild honored reynolds with lifetime achievement award. she loved every minute she spent in show business and her 2013 autobiography on and unthinkable create assist parkinson's of humor along with talent he that
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she will be remembered for the periods >> grant:ellen degeneres tweeting: i can't imagine what carrie fisher and debbie reynolds' family are going through this week. >> grant: i
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send all of my love. mario lopez posted this picture with reynolds. writing, i'll always cherish our dances together. adding the, icon, debbie reynolds. actress debra messing tweets: "so heart-sick. debbie went ot be with carrie. it's such a devastating 1,2 punch. she was my "mom" for years and i loved her dearly. a legend. pop star star miley cyrus.tweeting this flattering black and white pic of reynolds.adding broken heart emojis.and the words: wow.this sad news makes me wanna hug my mama and never let go. and mark oakland native who starred as hans solo alongside carrie star wars. posted this image.sharing a sentiment so many people
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share.we've seen countless legends pass away. hopefully debbie reynolds is the last of the stars we lose in this calendar year. a popular ski resort in tahoe says it will reopen tomorrow.after fire ripped through a building on the property. the blaze ignited overnight at the homewood mountain resort. tonight crews are still monitoring hot spots. new tonight at eight. kron 4's hermela aregawi got a close look at the damage. dozens of fireighters were at homewood ski resort's south lodge for more than 12 hours wednesday. the first group showed up just after 3 in the morning when the 2 alarm blaze started in the resort's administrative offices, crews then spent hours putting out the flames. sot steve mcnamara, battalion chief we rapidly started fire supression efforts with the help of numerous of our mutual aid neighbors all the way from south lake tahoe all the way to truckee. once the fire was under control. firefighters began to work through the rubble to salvage what they could. and while they were doing that, it sparked new flareups. sot steve mcnamara, battalion chief
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we brought an excavator in to the site and that allowed us to pull some of the materials back from the structure. and what that did is that opened up pockets of heat that will actually flare up as you pull the materials back. crews will be on site throughout the night to manage any more flareups. they will continue working through the rubble as part of their investigation after the sun comes up. the resort says it'll open again thursday at 9 in the morning. crews say the fire started in the back of the building. but are still trying to determine the source. reporting in homewood, ha, k4 news. the ground was shaking near lake tahoe this morning. rendell >> britteny: has a show saturday night however that means a listees still see close does of the region in tonight's concern nice and cool tomorrow and mid-60's it back on the map as it pushed closer the weekend colder air starts to falter in and we also see a slight chance of rain and forecasts. an arctic air will shift to the south. he set a sunday night monday the peak of that the blast will be dragged to the north and northeast of san francisco.
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coming up with to get closer look temperatures get as the closer to a new year's eve weekend. i have those in this about 10 minutes. in this >> vicki: 82 lady and the authorities believe that the woman has been dead for several days. they show us the that is fed up. 20 >> reporter: people are living here and never say it is more like 50. 70 miles southeast of lake tahoe where a wall spy this is the opening right near the highway where people go into the encampment. the chp estimates there are about 20 people living here but neighbors say they've counted upwards of 50. "there's like a green tent that's where the body's at" alicia cruz shows me where a woman's body was found wednesday just after 11am. investigators say the woman was inside a tent. inside a transient camp located near 280 in san jose. her cause of death still under investigation. "there was a man who was also in the tent with the deceased
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female, he was taken to the hospital." this isn't the first body found in the encampment. in september, police found a man here with multiple stab wounds. neighbors say the encampment is a haven for illegal activity. - "a lot of drugs, a lot of prostitution, i have seen children live in the back too, like 10, 11 years old." cruz says she's had enough.
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she's says people are constantly breaking into her and her neighbors home. she also seen people from the encampment stealing her water from her front yard. running up her bill. "they were coming with those big 5 jugs, they were filling them up with water." another neighbor says the encampment is also a fire hazard. "every two weeks they have a fire, they're cooking and then all of a sudden there's a fire and what if we are not home and we can't take care of our house." cruz says she's pleaded for help. but no one is taking action. "there's no help at all, who have you called? caltrans, i send letters out i call the police, fire department, i called so many people i don't know where to turn now." a chp spokesperson says there are efforts to relocate people from homeless camps to safer areas. but many come back. "typically the residents will come back into the area after a couple of days." we did contact caltrans and the mayor of san jose. neither of them were available to speak with us. we're still waiting for their response. reporting in san jose, lydia pantazes kron4 news. >> vicki:new details in the case of a pawn shop owner who was fatally shot... vallejo police released detailed descriptions today... of the two investigation. both are described as men between ages 18 and 30...with
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light complexions. one is said to be about six-feet tall with a thin build. the other... said to be about 5- foot-6 with a medium build. 49-year-old timothy pult was shot last tuesday at his vallejo pawn shop. a store employee was seriously injured...and a dog was killed in the shooting. burglars target an east bay motorcycle dealership but are unsuccessful in the process. police interrupted the in- progress burglary at the hayward dealership... at around three- thirty this morning. the manager says the would-be burglars tried breaking through a window. a person staying at the motel next door heard the commotion...and called police. the suspects took off in a stolen u-haul truck... leading police on a pursuit. it ended in west oakland... where the driver was arrested. the two other men are still at large. some good news to share tonight. the brass menorah that was stolen from a san francisco park.will be replaced. thanks to a donation from the east coast. the 100- pound, six-foot-tall menorah was taken from washington sqaure park christmas morning which coincided with the first night of hanuakkah. a guy named 'mitch' bogart, from massachusetts makes menorahs. and heard what happened. so he decided to send a new one. valued at about 700-dollars to the rabbi who put the first menorah in the park. the brand new menorah will make it's debut saturday evening at washington square park. ahead at eight. it's a deparment racked by scandals, which hasn't had a chief in months. but tonight find out why the oakland police department is calling 2016.a success. plus, the suspects in the deadly stabbing of a father at target, appears in court. hear from both sides of the family.who have very different versions of what happened. and new at eight.a popular bay area restaurant suddenly shuts down, without notice. now employees are trying to figure out when they will get paid.
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happening today: the two brothers accused of stabbing a man to death on christmas eve in the hayward target store were in court today. and tonight, we speak with the suspects' father.who has a
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different story than what police are saying happened. first thouh.grant lodes is here with how the victim's family is handling this tragedy. tyrone griffin's family is heart-sick.and looking for justice. the 36-year-old from hayward was killed with his young son by his his hometown target. today.we caught up with griffin's family.just a short time before they learned the suspects were charged with murder. jesse archuleta, 25, and frankie archuleta, 22, both of hayward, were arraigned in alameda county superior court in oakland this afternoon for the death of tyrone griffin and are scheduled to return to court on thursday to be assigned attorneys and possibly enter pleas. sot- "i put my condolences out. i really regret the situation that happened -- i wish it never did." you're listening to the voice of 22-year-old frankie archuleta and 25-year-old jesse archuleta's father. the two brothers arrested on suspicion of murdering 36-year- old tyronne griffin. we spoke with mister archuleta at the courthouse in oakland. he doesn't want to share his face or name. but says he feels obligated to come to his sons' defense. sot- "frankie and jesse have been separated since this incident took place and they didn't have time to collaborate a story or anything and they're both telling me the same thing that frankie was attacked. someone got upset because he had his music on." on the night of christmas eve. +
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mister arhculeta says his son's say the incident inside the whipple road target store in hayward happened like this. frankie and jesse were inside when they alledge griffin asked frankie to turn down the music playing on his phone. mister archuleta says griffin and his boys exchanged words. and, then when frankie -- pictured here -- walked away, mister archuleta says his son's allege grffin hit frankie in the head with a champagne bottle pulled from a shelf. sot- "so, you're saying they were provoked. frankie was provoked? that's what both of them are telling me, and they've been separated and they're stories pretty much go with each others." mister archuleta says his son jesse came to his brother's aid, admitting his son had a knife and stabbed griffin who later died. mister arhculeta says his son acted out of self defense and believes surveillance video will vindicate both brothers.
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sot- "i talked to frankie last night, he told me everything that's come out on the news, it dont look good. he goes, everything will come out when they see the videos." in the meantime, the archuleta brothers remain in custody. and, both are due back in court thursday. p neither entered a plea during their arraignment. and, bail is off the table. in oakand, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> steve:new tonight at eight.a popular bay area restaurant closes its doors, without notice. ' pasta pomodoro has 15 locations. employees tell kron 4 they found out about the closure through a text messag. kron 4's charles clifford is live in san bruno at one of the locations. charles.we understand the employees are still waiting to be paid? sot paula employes did not see this coming. >>: here. i got hired right after brian vasquez was a host here at pasta pomodoro in san bruno. he worked last friday and then day after christmas he lost his job in one of the worst ways
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possible. sot i got a text. on monday, pasta pomodoro management informed it's employees via text message that the company had ceased operations, that all employees are now on unpaid furlough, that they should not come to work and that their final paychecks would arrive by friday. when brian came to the restaurant looking for answers he found locked doors and these signs. sot it's like the worst timing for it to close. right after christmas. everyone spent their money. we were just expecting to come back to work after christmas. it appears that all 15 pasta pomodoro locations around the bay area have suffered the same fate, putting hundreds of people out of work during the holidays. it's also unclear why the company has shut down. pasta pomodoro was founded in san francisco in 1994. in 2012, the original owners of the restaurant chain sold it to a private equity firm. we tried to contact pasta pomodoro management by phone and email, but as of late wednesday no one had responded. we also tried to visit an address listed on the company's website, but it turned out to be a post office box in a san bruno shopping mall.
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brian says he's disappointed by losing a good job, but he's trying not to let it get him down. sot i don't want to get to deep into it, i'm just trying to move on. as of wednesday, there has been no mention of the shutdown on pasta pomodoro's website, twitter feed, or numerous facebook pages. president-elect donald trump is claiming another victory tonight.
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>> britteny: close military force on forecast. it shows nothing. clear skies no rain forest. and then the system to the south with another wert 1 down from the northwest. to weather disturbances track for you. and then you can see will stay pretty far to the south. alice a chance to concede the range, and friday. and then either one of these systems will be the least of a slight chance friday saturday that saudi see this like chance of showers. a we only because off guard. close to like it that system coming from the south. and then close increasing from the south bay's own traveling a bit farther east in a few scattered showers in some of our higher
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elevations said fresno dusting of snow with the system. entablatures right now 87 cisco >> britteny: 1 in nevada. 37 fairfield and then still overall we're still warm than yesterday. the warming trend will continue as a push into your thursday from lows tonight 33 manioc 31 in santa rosa 34 degrees tonight in nevada and then 41 also in mountain view. monetize 65 and san jose close to 56 and 65 in san rosa. over what to expect full-year year's weekend.
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>> steve: brought turner rape conviction mrs. presiding in the case take a look back. 2007 is shaping be a big consumer technology. oh yeah the of a divide expect the cut.
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apple samsung amazon google facebook all the big ons and new comers. are working hard to release new products in 2017 that will make you drool. and pull out your wallet. nats - stage all eyes will be on apple this year when they release the next iphone. it's the 10th anniversary of the smartphone and expected to be a big upgrade rumors include an all-glass design https:/ hone-8-design-reportedly-bezel- less-with-5-inch-and-5-8-inch- curved-screens-airpods- production-starting-december/, wireless charging, a super high speaking of iris scan. i used that in a phone this year. and it was awesome. i think it will replace the finger print unlocking system. however, soon after i tried it
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it went away the samsung galaxy note 7 was the first phone to feature iris scan. but ofcourse the pone was recalled so samsung is going to come out big in 2017 with their next set of phones the galaxy s=8 series. they will have to dazzle consumers and the tech world. to gain back the good name their brand use to have. i believe this extra pressure on them to innovate and excite us is going to lead to an impressive new device. nats - speaker voice control is going to be big in 2017 and work it's way into more of our devices. nats - speaker it's likley you or someone you know will be using one of these voice assistant home wifi speakers like google's home or amazon's echo they answer your questions and play your amazon or google music by vocal command.
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apple is late to this party. and will likely release one of these gadgets in 2017 so their users can call up their itunes content on demand. you'll also likely walk in on a friend or family member this upcoming year acting weird wearing a funny looking headset google, sony, facebook, htc, and samsung all have their headsets now on the market. and with two of them being under $100. vr is accessible and will grow in popularity. thousands of developers are working hard on creating content that will get you to strap one of these on again, apple is late to this party. and is expected to release their headset in 2017. there is a large number of people who will buy nd play
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with anything apple puts out. so and stay tuned. next week c=e=s is going down in vegas. the world's biggest annual consumer electronics show. a lot of new technology and gadgets will be unveiled i will be covering the show. should be an interesting week back to you. ahead at eight. murders, rapes and robberies.all down in oakland this year. what's behind the trend.the department is calling a step in the right direction. plus.he was convicted of raping a student on campus, and served just three months. the bay area crime that sparked outrage across the country. if you're hungry.listen up!
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a look at what some of the bay area's best restaurants are serving up in a special edition of dine and dish. the city of oakland has something to cheer about this holiday season despite, a year of scandals and revolving police chiefs -- the city has a seen a decrease in violent crime compared to last year. kron 4's dan kerman has a closer look at the numers. for oakland police it was a year of scandal tied to this woman and a revolving door of police chiefs, yet in spite of that violent crimes and property crimes are down sot officer johnna watson/oakland police oakland police say comparing this year to last through christmas day, oakland has seen slight drops in homicides, assaults and shootings and significant drops in residential burglaries but city officials say while a step in the right direction, it's still a far cry from where it needs
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sot noel gallo/oakland city councilman going back to 2012 the numbers are more impressive homicides down 36 percent, overall violent crime down 26 percent and burglaries down 21 percent. police say that's tied to several factors: greater analysis of where and how crime is happening and refocussing resources based on that information , its cease fire program giving known criminals a way out and a better working relationship with the public sot 125/that is key as we get closer to 2016. we are highlighting some of the biggest news stories of 2016. tonight we take you through the story of brock turner. the stanford swimmer convicted of assaulting an unconsious woman. it's a bay area crime that sparked outrage across the nation.
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>> reporter: impassioned letter to her attacker. everyone is talking about feeling of outrage and encourage rural attorney found until to three felony counts of a sexual so. transformation from linda coates told a public enemy began here and a dumpster near the capital see it for eternity. it found him on top of a conscious woman and he tried to chiefly the chase manhattan and four police had been drinking heavily and thought that the sex was consensual the jury didn't buy it and the d.a. s for six years in prison. the father asked for
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leniency same has and should not be penalized for what he called clements of action item list a. and plus years of life. catechumens in the county lockup trigger national state. ....... >> reporter: airplane carried a banner over the san for graduation ceremony and not on
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his judgment. i'm back to his family home and over ohio where he registered as a sex offender.
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>> reporter: and the words as tours victim's his words have been allowed again and again. keith because a consumer could technically not proved and an actor and have and in its december issue. they selected goldman now known only as family and of its whim of the year she wrote the victims and survivors and survivors are going to be doing more than surviving. >> steve: turner remains close with family more than 1.3 million people signed up change petition to have to judge impeached however after careful
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review california commission cleared per ski of judicial misconduct and first remains on the bench here unhinge >> reporter: >> britteny: like temperatures the spots to cushion the mid-60s and the late new here. parts of the san jose and saturday more so for the north today. and in the peninsula cooler
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temperatures for saturday and sunday into next week and a veteran now for for cochrane. low 50s and center felt 50 pesetas a low '40's and santa rosa. south like grid are not showing us a whole lot that's why we see clear skies and rain to track and is not a picture here is see little bit of a weather disturbance in the corner of your screen and then on to hand side could give us a little bit of rainfall. for so isn't he also know the will a second system moving in northwest a 130 saturday giving us a little bit of snow shower activity high country and then to care for traveling saturday it will have slippery road conditions. this cold arctic air moves closer to us and then you see this sunday and monday that's only see the colder air
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closest san francisco expected ditchers to reflect the hon in new year's eve and often year's day. >> britteny: and the very low 50s closer to see to the trips, the 40's. and the 74 cachepots temperatures low fifties and fifties are here to stay he and the most of next week.
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as we say good bye to 2016, we've seen bay area restaurants come and go - like the old - sinbad's on the waterfront.or pasta pomadero. tonight on dine and dish - a year thru the rear view mirror. we're serving up a sampler plate of survivors - places that keep cooking up great meals. my top ten most memorable restaurants
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and food personalities looking back at 2016. what's old is new again. original joes of westlake made a comeback - and made big points with the locals. mr. jiu's made a splash - with a re-imagined chinatown eatery. so good it earned a michelin star. and bon appetite's best bakery in america - a tiny hole in the wall called "ariscault bakery" in the city's richmond neighborhood. here's a place that's all the buzz. bob's steakhouse in the omni hotel makes it's own honey and even employees it's own bee-keeper.
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and tony's slicehouse really knocked it out of the park - pizza master tony gemignani bringing in a couple of ringers to make pizza for charity. and the hideout in lafayette - couldn't be more obscure. and more popular. if you got to have yourself a po-boy or fried gator. nola po boy and gumbo kitchen in the outskirts of concord run by a former cop. as for food personalities - ayesha curry - spiced things up with her international smoke bbq. and the first female iron chef - cat cora - back in the bay area briefly - to cook up a southern greek dish. and the winner for most out-of- this world cuisine. the multi- michelin star rocca brothers from spain whipping up dessert that communicates with aliens. . i discovered some of these great dine and dish establishments from your recommendations. keep sending em in. 2017 is a whole new year! in sports. we'll check on how the warriors are doing against the raptors from oracle arena. plus. raiders backup quarterback matt mcgloin feels ready to fill the shoes of derek carr this sunday against denver. mark carpenter has the story and all the sports coming up
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>> reporter: and begin ebay wal- mart our ankles three-fourths of them's on customers to shop on mobile and have that advantage as well. and there echoes sold well as in for katie these. analysts still able to do big things of big numbers and rollouts. $775 for one share of the amazon. and then practice
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retirement of some of the psychic could be great. >>
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reporter:the last time matt mcgloin started an nfl game was back in 2013. and he threw no touchdowns and 1-interception in a loss against the chargers. but-- that was before jack del rio. and that was before this roster had 7-pro bowlers. so now, the hope is the fourth year player can jump in continue the team's return to greatness. here's a look at the 27-year- old.taking the first team reps at practice this afternoon. the top priorities-- sharpening his knowledge of the playbook and building chemistry with the offense. he's 1-5 in 6 career nfl starts, but this time around, he's ready to take control.
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in the meantime, we have a derek carr sighting.courtesy of tmz sports. photographers captured the franchise quarterback. with team owner mark davis by his side last night at a los angeles hotel restaurant. you can see carr's foot in a cast.and elevated on a stack of pillows. now, something must have happened between carr and tmz because hours after the photo surfaced.' he posted this video on instagram with the caption 'what you really want to do when you just want to eat dinner with family and walk outside and tmz "has" to get the first shot. but you don't because god's got you!':15 all seems to be fine now. as carr tweeted thank you tmz for reaching out to me.i'm glad we cleared up the misunderstanding. meanwhile, the 49ers don't have much at stake in their season finale. the goal is to just end the year with a victory. and possibly ruin seattle's playoff seeding. the niners are the 2nd worst team in the league and have been
8:52 pm
out of playoff contention for quite some time now. but despite all that, chip kelly still plans to play the starters.and not throw in backups just for the sake of it. he says it wouldn't be fair to the first-stringers.and this not a time to hand out gifts staying in the nfl--- a two-time super bowl winning coach could return to the sidelines next year. tom coughlin.reportedly met with the jacksonville jaguars about their head coaching vacancy this morning. he was the franchise's first coach.when it was founded back in 1995. but-- most of his success came in new york. where he led the giants to two world championships in 12- seasons. he'll be 71-years old at the start of next seaosn. yesterday-- kevin durant railed against the nba's last two minute report. and apparently, he's not the
8:53 pm
only superstar that thinks that needs to go. lebron james. echoed kd's sentiments. and some changes need to b made to that process. durant called the reports pointless because they don't overturn the results and he feels the nba is throwing the officials under the bus. here is the cavs' star take. a program reminder. kron four is the only local station that will ring in the new year *live across the bay area. catherine heenan will be joined by gary radnich.and they'll show you celebration around the world. also - the fireworks from san francisco's ferry building.
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kron4's "new year's live" starts at 11:15 saturday night. the bay area is ringing in the new year with free public transportation. >> britteny: and then all we
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like a philosopher resource more coming eclogue and see a net. with all the free rides around to not drink and drive. 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 10. see you then. goodnight.
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