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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 5, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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pilot flying the plane she was on was hurrying to the get o the ground. >> what is the eta. >> it is making up time. it's in 10 minutes. >> five days later the call from debby's house. the dispatcher quickly trying to get the medical history from a nurse on-site. >> i just confirmed that blood pressure was -- >> just wondering about medicall history? does she have any other history? okay. ma'am. we will be there shortly okay. >> okay. >> i'm concerned becauss my mother is not feeling well. >> debbie's health problems surfaced ii the new documentary saturday.d to debut this >> my mother, she will forget, she's not 35. >> debbie started to actually get illlduring the filming. we were quite shocked when carrie went first. >> that documentary's release date was moved up after both ladies pass aid way. we move on to breaking news on morning show wars.
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megyn kelly, as you know, left fox and signed a deal with nbc. it is rumored she will take over the 9:00 hour of the today show which reportedly didn't go over well with everyone in the peacock family. >> there are reports that matt lauer is livid at the yied that megyn kelly is coming to nnc news. >> was matt lauer angry? a report claims the "today" show front man blew a gasket when he but an nbc source tells us that report is completely not true. >> matt lauer is known to beter norral over the today show and perhaps rightfully so. he does have quite a brand to protect. >> a separate source telling "e.t." while there is excitement over megyn's arrival at nbc, some on-air talent are losing it over concerns that kelly the take their spot. >> any time you bring on a-list talent there are a lot of egos in play there and a lotof imilar real estate. >> meanwhile new details's
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emerged about the deal that prought the fox star to nbc. >> it is in the realm of $20 million year. she hit the big time and this is as good as it gets for anyone in television industry. >> kelly is rumored to anchor the 9:00 a.m. hour of the today show taking the slot left vacant py billy bush's dismissal. >> this is the sort of megyn kelly era of nbc news, the "today" show going forward. i think they will putting billy bush behind them. >> and more today fomegyn's pri time slot is filled by tucker carlson. and megyn tweeted out her congratulations calling it a great decision bit network. now what is next for mariah ccrey? she is moving off after the new year's eve nightmare. but ryan seacrest finally speak out. >> things happen on live tv. it is just unfortunateethat it comes to all of this. >> ryan's comment come after mariah threw shade at him to recent statement saying quote dick clark would nottlet an
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artist go through that. >> heading back down several blocks ought other stage. i didn't have a visual. >> mariah's manager of 20 months, stella, waged a week-long war with the show's producers but now tommy mottola seems to be calling stella out. kari's ex-husband and former manager urging mimi to quote hire more seasoned and respected professionals. stella firing back calling tommy a relic. >> you are fierce over your client. >> i joke she is my sister wife. i have her back. >> the force behind mimi, stella a reality show producer, shaking things up, filming the antics for her e docu series, mariah's world. >> are we getting a new season? >> i don't know. we just finished filming. >> mariah's big tease for the
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with new boyfriend and back-up t dancer, tanaka. >> you will have to keep watching to see where the kiss came from. >> next in 2017, more music. touring with lionel richie as his guest. >> hope play potential duet with lionel. >> we have a scripted drama we are developing that hasn't been announced that mariah's life will be incredibly poignant. >> oh, juicy tidbit. wonder if the whole new year's eve depack el will be part of it. >> mariah isn't the only one looking for a fresh start. kim car dasha went into seclusion in 2016 after being robbed at gunpoint in pair pips now a different kim is slowly stepping back into public eye. >> happy new year to you and your family. >> after spending the end of 2016 virtually in hiding after her paris robbery, kim stepped out yesterday facing
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photographers head on. >> what is your new year's resolution? >> 2017 may be the year she becomes the covered up kardashian. this is kim last year at this time. now gone or the skin-tight dresses, flashy jewels and heavy make-up. they are replaced by oversized hoody, ripped jeans and barely there make-up. a source telling "e.t." thaa though she isn't ready yet to talk about the robbery she is ready to get back to work after having lost millions and millions of dollars by passing on jobs the last three months and social media is a huge part of her career. her first post in 93 days wasn't a sexy selfie. it was a 2 1/2 minute clip on her app giving us an inside look at her family life. pany of the hhart warming moments captured at kim's time-out of the spotlight. our source telling us she is in
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a good place and ready to get back into the swing of things. >> one other kardashian nnte, lamar odom finishing his stint in rehab and returning to l.a. in th is a big week for viola davis. nominated for a golden globe and this morning receiving a star on the hollywood walk of fame. initi any shel /* /-. >> innthe moment it hit me. so many moments since i turned 50. doing the work and as a result of the work it is just my life is just coming to fruition. >> viola davis looking incredible at today's walk of pamer is mooen. receiving the very first star of the new year. >> it's an honor to be here for my friends. >> meryl streep was the uest speaker. >> she is a blaziig inkas can decemberant talenn.
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i can't believe my life right now. meryl streep spoke at my hollywood walk of fame ceremony with my had her scenes cut from the movie. >> which dancing couple just made their romance official? >> and do not mess with
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>> just one of the stars sell
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giving away a mmllion bucks. >> and the grand prize at a new dance show that she is producing. the host in j.lo gets her gal.
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>> jenna's got the gig. and channing tatum will join world of dance. and announcing the news on instagram. keeping the she's executive producer as well as a judde alongside derek hough and neo. the competition will air on nbc later this year. next, news surrounding that other dancing show. >> this is absolutely amazing. i'm soup eer happy. >> amber rose confirming on her pod cast that she and val chmerkovskiy are in a romance now. >> it has been awesome. his fammly is great. >> they met on the show when am bers was paiied up with val's brother, maks. and jamie foxx is a ppotective papa. >> your kids, oh, man. my young ef aughter is eight. but she is, like she has a -- she had a little boyfriend. i'm like, what? >> jamie is reuniting with michelle mon han for the thriller sleepless about a cop
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looking for his kidnapped son. some of the fight scenes got a little real. >> i think i said out lood, they are scrapping. i'm serious. i think michelle got the best of him. >> michelle was right here. and you know, homey going to be like, yo. got to get back to the gym. >> it as fun. and he took it. >> did you hit him in the mouth really? >> i popped him in the mouth. i chipped his teeth. >> oh, snap. >> whatever happened to punky brewster? we will with the star today with her kids following in theii mother's foot steps. >> jagger wlab do you want to be when you grow up? >> then, we sit down with sylvester stallone's golden globe girls. fighting over nominee's. >> and our hilarious flash back with meryl streep. >> would you like sit and be comfortable? okay, just do that.
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. the best tv host goes to, carly -- >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> you were not there. flattery will get you everywhere. but i know what she was really doing right there. giving sylvester stallone's daughter, very nice of you, a chance to rehearse. >> it is a big night for them, nancy. they will be up on stage giving awards to some of the biggest stars in hollywood and just maybe even becoming stars themselves. >> who is more nervous, you guys or your parents? >> a hundred percent, the parents..o cf1 o they are giving us so much advice and just worried if we mess up or trip. >> the stallone sisters, sophia, sistine and star let be making history. are one but three miss golden globes. >> golden globe winner will be on stage presenting.
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looking forward to any special family or maybe doing something with your dad? >> it is going to be an amazing night. >> ann a sneak peek seating cards ahead of sunday's show. at one table presenter and nominee justin timberlake is one seat from fellow nominee and former mickey mouse club buddy ryan gosling. the stallone daughters are hoping to present an award to. >> might be some hair pulling, claws coming out. >> what about the other? >> you are going. >> that's what we call any interest in following in your dad's foot steps? >> i tried it. didn't work out. >> what do you mean it didn't work out? >> dii did a movie. let's just say i didn't know my it is literally four words. to it wouldn't mess up. >> none of us got tte acting
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gene. >> what a cute trio. >> sophia, sistine and scarlett, -pmayyhand an award to meryl streep. do you know ttis? the most nomination answers ms wins of anyone in history. meryl became the queen of golden globes. >> meryl streep. >> meryl streep. >> meryl streep. >> she won eight times. nominated how many? >> nominated 789 times. >> 30, really. "e.t." first caught up with her for nomination number eight. already a seasoned pro by then mp. >> are the golden globes >> they are extremely important. it helps to haae recognition from the critics. >> but it is not her track -precord that makes her queen o the golden globes. reason one she had moments like this on the red carppt. >> oh, my husband makes me better. >> woman comes prepared.
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>> oh, you got your own -- >> i remember a few years ago, you arrived atted to goen globes and ou were hysterical. you had brought your flask and you whipped it out on your platform. >> i had that with me. >> you do again? >> not with me right now. >> this is for you. >> very tall. >> number three, meryl is not affaid to say or do anything. >> would you like to sit and be comfortable? just do that. >> sounds good. >> objection. >> all i'm worried about is thii is -- >> you see what i mean? completely through my dress. sometimes it is hard to be dressed up. likes to be relaxed. and wearing something that is several thousand years olddthat i had in high school.
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>> i think i worked with everybody in the room. >> that's the number four. she earned the respect of all of her peers. like annette benning who worked with her in "post cards from the edge." >> i was so nervous. i didn't realize they were rolling film ecause i was so nervous working with her. it was great lesson. >> tom hanks who produced "mama mia." >> she puts on a linic every time you sit down to watch her. >> meryl doesn't miss a party. >> tell me how you are going to >> i'm going to take my daughter around to the parties on a leash. and probablyygo home and have a hamburger. >> thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. something to celebrate. because she is guaranteed to take home some hardware. she is receiving the award for outstanding contributiones to the world of entertainment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> wow. remember punky brewster? it has been 30 years since soleil moon frye became one of the biggest stars. >> she lives right in the heart of hollywood but she is all about being a mom now and by wait, she is totally outnumbered. >> hi, i'm cameron. >> this is my mini-me. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> should haveeseen that coming. and it makes totallsense when your mom is the punky brewster. >> better watch out for her. >> soleil was just eight years old when we first met her in 1984. tv's favorite foster kid is grown up and mom to four kids of her home. >> do you watch the old episodes? >> i finally showed them and then it was embarrassing because my true love started calling me punky everywhere we went. >> married to tv producer jason goldburg, running a production
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company with ashton kutcher, she is a full-time mom with ybut si handedly taking on the namly's 4,000 square foot home. john malcovitch used to own this home? >> yes. and he recorded many pieces to morocco, so it has different pieces from wmorocco. >> what will we see next? >> i will show you the kitchen that's been a huge labor of love anddtakkn me many, many months and years to work on. >> that's not ought only transformation in her life. after baby number four, the 5'1", 40-year-old, drrpped weight in months. meet the knew tnutrisystem spokesperson. >> it what was hard. i didn't walk out with a crock pot. >> you know i had to ask, would she be okay with the rebirth? >> jagger is my little punky. she looks exactly like punky.
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everyday they ask when they can bring the show back so she can do it p. >> soleil is in development for a new show but she wasn't able to talk about it yet. who knows. >> you know who is talking? golden globe nominee andrew garfield. coming up, he talks about his freak-out on the small world ride at disney llnd. you do not want to miss that, next.
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>> golden globe nominee, andrew garfield having an amazing experience at disneyland. he was there with a friend, emma stone. >> they were talking about their crazy day. he snacked on special brownies that. take a listen. >> i think everyone add different freakout at a different place. how about space mountain three times in a row? and it's a small world. i was like -- >> reporter:now at eight. she's two years old she's fightig for her life right now >> reporter:a little girl, hit by mother in a car in east oakland. >>whoosh >> reporter:a new storm
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bearing down on the bay area. today's lull giving bay area residents a chanceto prepare for the worst, >>very worried, yes >>whoosh >> reporter:it's dog owners versus the national park service. what a new site called woofie leaks revealed about the battle to restrict access to public beaches, >>whoosh >>he was bloodied he as battered >> reporter:a chicago police officer talks about finding the special needs teenager whose torture was posted live on facebook. and the charges against the four suspects. >> reporter:you're watching kron four news in prime time. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:heavy police presence in oakland. after a 22 month old baby girl is shot. >> steve:the toddler was with her mother. in a car when it happened. >> steve:thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. - >> pam:the shooting happened this afternoon in the area of outlook and 66th avenues. tonight kron-4's charles clifford joins us live from the hospital where the child was taken. >> pam:charles how is she tonight?


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