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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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breaking news at ten: violent and destructive protests in berkeley. i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson.the protests began in response to a planned speech at u-c berkeley by a controverisal alt-right figure. the event was canceled -- but the protests continue.... right now demonstrators are on the move... through the streets of berkeley. this is a live picture.. the crowds have thinned.. we have seen multiple instances of vandalism -- and also some violence. in the last 30 minutes we've learned bart trains are not stopping at the downtown berkeley bart station. we want to show you the scene... on the u-c berkeley campus just hours ago. that was just before 7:00
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tonight... we brought this all to you on kron4 as it unfolded live. there have been fights -- fires set -- and windows broken now a protest and march are continuing in the streets of berkeley.. this all started because of a planned speach by breitbart news editor milo yian-nop-po-lous.. he is a man who calls himself an internet troll... the event was called off. toss to alecia
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toss to jr stone.
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toss grant he's a 32 year old...born
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in greece, raised in england. he's now the news editor of brietbart news...the alt right website that was co-founded by another polarizing person...president trump's senior advisor steve bannon. yiannapolis is a self- described internet troll...who's comments have been criticized as racist, misogynist, anti-muslim and white supremacist. he was banned from twitter...for life last year for what the company called "inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others". i have been evacuated from the uc berkeley campus after violent left-wing protestors tore down barricades, lit fires, threw rocks and roman
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candles at the windows and breached the ground floor of the building. my team and i are safe. but the event has been cancelled. i'll let you know more when the facts become clear. one thing we do know for sure: the left is absolutely terrified of free speech and will do literally anything to shut it down. we condemn in the strongest possible terms the violence and unlawful behavior that was on display and deeply regret that those tactics will now overshadow the efforts to engage in legitimate and lawful protest against the performer's presence and perspectives. while yiannopoulos' views, tactics and rhetoric are profoundly contrary to our own, we are bound by the constitution, the law, our values and the campus's principles of community to enable free expression across the full spectrum of opinion and perspective. tonight's planned appearance was the final stop on a yiannapolis' nationwide
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campus tour....pam. we will continue to follow this breaking news...our crews are out in berkeley -- and we will bring you any developments as soon as they happen. now we want to get to our other big story tonight: a stormtracker four weather alert... rain and high winds set to hit the bay area. tonight kron=4 has team
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coverage. charles clifford trackinng the latest in the north bay... first our chief meteorologist brittney shipp is timing out the rain and wind for us...
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the north bay one of many areas hit hard by recent storms. kron4's charles clifford is standing by. in downtown san anselmo, ever vigilant sand bags sit in front of almost every business ready to push back flood waters . . if need be. fortunately, san anselmo creek was quiet and clear today. a far cry from just a few weeks ago when raging waters came within in inches of flooding and forced the evacuation of downtown for several hours. with more rain on the way, neighbors are hoping to avoid a repeat of this scene.soti like the cold wet winter.judy
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morris works downtown. even though she's been through two floods here. in 82 and 06. . she normally doesn't mind the rain. but, with more storms on the way she's feeling mixed emotions.soti'm ready. in a lot of ways i'm over it, but i know we need it.soti like the rain.kelly white and steve bunce were out for a walk through downtown. kelly was here for the last big flood.sot i remember hearing the siren arghhhh and thinking uh oh. . .despite the danger, they are ok with more wet weather.sotwe could always use more rain. everyeone i talked to today also agrees that saying good bye to california' drought is a good thing.sotwe got what we wished forsoti like the rain. it means we are out of the drought. sotit's nice not to be stressed about everthing being so dry. make sure you have the kron4 app to track the storm.
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we'll also keep you updated about severe weather or traffic problems in your area. more big news:an off -duty deputy in the bay area... shot and killed a suspect in a home invasion. it happened in alameda -- and left people who live on the normally quiet street pretty shaken up. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. "somebody broke in the house, somebody got shot""next thing we knew he was laying out on the ground, they we reviving him"the deadly home invasion occurred at around 10:45 am on the 2000 block of buena vista avenue in the quiet east bay town of alameda"surprising to me, very surprising, everybody walks their kids up and down the street, their dogs, we never have this problem" investigators say it appears an off duty contra costa county deputy armed with a gun confronted a male on near or inside the property. police
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say those facts are still unclear at this point"it's either a burglary or a home invasion we have to sort all that out"alameda police had residents shelter in place while their swat unit was called in to make sure there were no additional suspects in the area. "we do get our fair share of everything, we have a population of 73-74-thousand people, so you're going to get a little bit of everything but yeah this not normal for our city"the suspect was transported to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. his identity is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. the contra costa county sheriff's office is not releasing the name of the deputy involved in this shooting at this time. however a witness told us off camera that the deputy is the son of the man who owns the residence where the home invasion occurred. in alameda haaziq madyun kron4news another big story:we are closely tracking president donald trump's first 100- days
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in office. today -- the president took an unexpected trip to dover air force base in delaware.. for the return of the remains of a navy seal killed in yemen. this is video of president trump and his daughter ivanka taking off this morning from washington. chief petty officer william "ryan" owens died of wounds suffered during a weekend raid against al qaeda. the 36-year-old was the only u-s service member to die in the operation. and also today: president trump officially has a new secretary of state. the u.s. senate approved former exxon- mobil c-e-o rex tillerson. now, secretary tillerson, was cleared with a vote of 56- to - 43... with all republicans in support .. and most democrats voting against him. also today: supreme court nominee neil gorsuch -- making his first trip to capitol hill today president trump's choice to replace justice antonin scalia is stepping into a highly charged partisan battle. .... it could end with republican leaders
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tearing up the senate rulebook and invoking what's known as the nuclear option. that refers to blowing up one of the senate's longest standing traditions ... abandoning the 60=vote super=majority needed to confirm nominations in the past. president trump told senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, if that's what it takes to put neil gorsuch on the supreme court, go for it. "if we end up with the same gridlock that they've had in washington for the last, longer than 8 years in all fairness to president obama, a lot longer than 8 years but if we end up with that gridlock i would say, if you can, mitch, go nuclear. "senator mcconnell gave no hint of his intentions as he posed with neil gorsuch and vice president pence.a planned meeting with minority leader chuck schumer was postponed, after schumer said he needed more time to go over the nominee's record. "we in the senate have a constitutional duty to examine his record robustly,
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exhaustively and comprehensivel y. and then advise and consent if we see fit. we have a responsibility to reject if we do not."democrats are still smarting over mcconnell's block of barack obama's court nominee merrick garland, activists like filmmaker michael moore are pressuring them to filibuster against the nomination.under current rules. stopping a filibuster requires 60 avoid a permanent rule change .... the nuclear option ... majority leader mcconnell will need to persuade eight democrats to cross the aisle.some are ready to do that, if you want the third branch of government to work, then you've got to have a nine-member supreme court. so if republicans did something, and now democrats are going to do something, two wrongs don't make a right.some digging in.: "if i conclude that he is out of the mainstream on issues like privacy rights and women's health care like row v. wade or worker or consumer protection, i will use every tool at my disposal to block his nomination."
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by some accounts, as many as seven democratic senators have signalled their support for neil gorsuch. the first committee hearing is scheduled for six weeks from now. republicans are hoping for confirmation before the supreme court's june recess. the integrity of evidence ... that's what took center stage in the sierra lamar murder trial today. the 15-year-old teen vanished on her way to school in morgan hill back in 2012... but lawyers for the suspect antolin - garcia torres... have questioned whether there is really any proof sierra lamar is dead. kron4's rob fladeboe was in court for day- three of the trial. áááááá
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the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter appeared in an oakland court room today. noor salaman is the widow of omar mateen --- the man who killed 49 people a the pulse nightclub. the mother -- who now lives with family in the east bay -- had previously been indicted by a federal grand jury... tonight -- we are learning more about why: the government says salman admitted she knew her husband was going to conduct the attack ... and helped provide a cover up for his family that fateful night. however, her defense team says, noor salaman does
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not have the mental capability to do that.. they claim she was a special education student in school and is not able to plot and plan a calculated. the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation.... salaman's family and attorneys say, she was in an abusive relationship with mateen and only stayed.. to be with her son. toss weather light rain will start to move in tonight until fri.
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video from earlier this evening on the campus of u-c berkeley where protests turned violent.. demonstrators have moved to the streets of berkeley.. we are keeping an eye on developments.. more details ahead. coming up new at ten:a tragic death... how a tooth ache led to a young father dying. then -- new at ten: the big wave surf competition mavericks in jeopardy tonight. why some are concerned it might not take place this year at all.. and next:claims a computer problem at a bay area court have led to people being wrongly arrested.
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tongiht -- there are claims a computer issue at the alameda county court that has resulted in some people being wrongly arrested. this is all being blamed on some new software.... kron4's maureen kelly talked to the public defender about the alleged problem. court computer problemsoakland brendon woodsalameda county public defender16-34me56-114 chad finkealameda county superior court executive officer122-129149 std the new case management system called odyessy was rolled out in alameda county's crimiinal justice system in august....and since then the 4-point5 million dollar software program is creating headaches for the clerks using it.....and some much bigger problems for some of the
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defendants.people who have been wrongfully arrested, people who have been in custody longer than they should have there was a conversion issue where peopel who were supposed to be registered as drug offender there were people who were sex offenders, there are people who resovled their cases as misdeamoners and they showed up as feloniesthe public defender's office has filed motions for 22-hundred cases that could be at risk....right now they know of more than 50 people actually affected.....but believe the real number could be much higher." i would guess we are talking hundreds and hundreds....because we only bring forth what we catch so if a client gets held two days longer than he's supposed and doesn't notify anyone then that just goes awaytuesday the public defender and someone from the district attorneys office argued in front of a judge.....but this time...they were both on the same side.....trying to get the problem fixed....or go back to the old system...the judge is expected to issue a ruling
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next weekthe executive officer of alameda county superior courts says they problem is that old system is at least 40 years old...and not supported anymore.we dont' have a back to go to and just go forward and say where can we go next if we can't make this system work for us what's our plan b the problem is plan b will mostly likely take money....and the court is in a deficit. tyler technologies, the company that makes the odyessy software, says the same computer system is being used successfully in many different courts across the country. they say committed to work with alameda county to analyze the maureen kelly kron4 news coming up in a brand new edition of people behaving badly... we look at whether or not bicyclists realzie they have to follow the rules of the road. then -- we hear from a family...after a young father dies following a toothache. and we are following breaking news;protests turning violent in berkeley -- our crews are standing by live. crews are standing by live. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places
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breaking news coverage tonight.. violent and destructive protests in berkeley still underway at this hour tonight.the protests began in response to a planned speech at u-c berkeley by a controverisal alt-right figure. in the last 30 minutes we have seen the protests thin - but policed remain on alert... you are looking live from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news... this all started because of a planned search by breitbart
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news editor milo yian-nop-po- lous.. he is a man who calls himself an internet troll and provocatuer ... the event was called off. let's get to kron4's alecia reid.. alecia you were on campus when the protests were at there peak. . protestors left the u-c berkeley campus about 2 hours ago, rallied through the streets and now a number of them are back .they're standing on telegraph avenue right now.and there are a number of officers blocking the entrance to the school preventing those people from getting back on the campus. this protest started at 5 o'clock this afternoon, and has been going since.around the 6-o'clock hour, it got violent.a small group ripped down barricades, started fire,s and shot fireworks directly at officers.all this to protest a man, they believe represents racism, transphobia, and misogyny
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among other forms of hate.the school ended up canceling the event because of the chaos that took place here tonight. u-c berkeley says amid that violence, destruction of property, and conceern for public safetty it was necessary to remove milo yian-nop-oulos from the campus and cancel his speaking engagement. the school condemns the violence that was on display tonight, and says it overshadows the efforts to engage in lawful protest against the performer. a school spokeman explains why police did not push in on the small group that got violent. sot - there were dozens of additional police officers on duty tonight.thankfully there no injuries that have been reported.reporting live from
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u-c berkeley light rain will start to move in tonight until fri.
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new at ten:a shocking a tragic story... a sacramento area family grieving the loss of a young father..... he died early monday after a tooth infection
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spread to his lungs. reporter nicole comstock talked to his devestated family.
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the family is still accepting donations on go-fundme. and we are following breaking news; protests turning violent in berkeley -- our crews are
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standing by live. coming upso you can't hear me because you have dual earbuds and you ran a red light a lot of bicyclist in san francisco run red lights, just not in front of a fully marked police cruiser, i'll explain in the next editon of people behaving badly next editon of people behaving badly what are you doing up? mom said i could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack.
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quietly, though. okay. yeah. mmmm. shhhh. hey i'll share my yoplait custard if you share your yoplait dippers? deal. deal. mmmm. the family favorite. yoplait.
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so berry good. we have received
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so many emails from viewer... complaining about people running red lights in san francisco ..but it's not drivers they are complaining about.. stanley roberts explains this is a red light and this is a bicyclist stopped at the light, behind the rider a
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fully marked sfpd cruiser nats: ambiance notice how the rider rolls through the crosswalk and goes around pedestrians who have the right awaynats of police horn i'll come back to the rider in a moment there is a problem with bicyclists stopping for red light, many have the felling if there is no one around then they don't have to stop now before i show you all the riders i caught blowing through red lights. permit me to show you this, nats: ambiance here's another sfpd cruiser at the light. notice how the bike rides wait for the light to change nats ambiance here is yet another example, again an sfpd police cruiser and the two cyclists are not rolling though the crosswalk. in fact, they wait patiently nats ambiance now let's remove the police from the equation and watch what
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happens . this cyclist gets to the light and stops then after sitting for a moment rolls through the red light nats: ambiance this rider just blows the lightwith little regard for pedestrians then another rider follows suit and rolls through the red light bicyclist is required by state law to stop for red light and wait until they get a greenlight and must stop for stop signs not yield for them the interesting part: i did not go out with the police we all just happened to end up in the same place for different reasons which bring me back to the rider wo ran the light in front of the sfpd cruiser so you can't hear me because you have dual earbuds and you ran a red lightdid you see the cop car there i wasn't whay are you filming me in the end, the rider was issued a ticket for failure to stop at a red light there was a red light there were peds in the crosswalk you also getting cited for weaving through the pedestrians that had the right of way in moral of the on a bicycle don't run red
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toss weather light rain will start to move in tonight until fri.
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toss sports/ gary. steph curry was back from the stomach flu tonight... aginst the charlotte hornetsand he surprised his father dell a color analyst for the hornets before the gamethen steph went offhitting three 3-pointers right off the bat 12-5 warriors early still 1st quartercurry another 3- pointer 38-17 warriors2nd quarterklay thompson. hits one of his 6 threes 52-28 warriors2nd quartercurry it was officially from 31 feet but it's looks even father out 73-51 warriors3rd quarter
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curry one more time falling into the crowd final: 126-111 warriors next up: at l.a. clippers thursday
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nfl commissioner roger goodell in his annual "state of the league" address today talked about how the league is looking at the raiders submission to move to las vegas including this week's collapse in the financing of a stadium there goodell went on to say
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ownership of a team or stadium by a casino would be in violation of league policy sands owner sheldon adelson pulled out of a deal to put $650 million toward a proposed $1.9 billion stadium in las vegas earlier this weeknow mark davis may have to at east listen to ronnie lott whose fortress group he says is ready to finiance the builing of a new stadium on the existing oakland coliseum site davis has said he is still committed to las vegas but with limited financing in place his wiggle-room is limited san diego has reportedly reached out about relocation there but the best they can do is a refurbished qualcomm stadium it's unlikely davis would want to move away from the teams fanbase to go from one outdated stadium to another outdated stadium the raiders will be going back to mexico season... they will play tom brady and the afc champoion patriots... oakland beat the houston texans this season in azteca new 49ers general manager john lynch kept his candidacy a secret as a testthe niners have has a recent reputation for leaking information to the media so lynch asked ceo jed york and executive paraag marathe to keep it a secret during their g-m search lynch said he wanted to see if he could "trust this buliding" with keeping information in- househis name was successfullt kept a secret and lynch subsequently became the team's
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g-m last week d guitar ♪
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you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. the annual mavericks
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surfing competition out of half moon bay might not happen this year. the reason: the main organizer of the event has filed for bankruptcy. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. the event that normally takes place between november first and march thirty first draws the best surfers in the world.. kron 4's gabe slate met with
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local mavericks board members and city officials who were caught off guard by the chapter eleven filing. sot - brianbrian overfelt sits on the mavericks invitational board, they are the local organizers of the event, him and the other board members hired a third party to operate their website and other aspects of the contest to make it bigger.. sot - brian according to these court documents, los angelos based "cartel management" and their affiliate company titans of mavericks llc are filing chapter 11 bankruptcy and both currenlty have large debts to settle. sot brian - sot sabrina - san mateo county harbor commissioner sabrina brennan says this couldn't happen at a worse time because this years mavericks was going to make history sot sabrina - i could not reach cartel management today for a comment but in this press
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release they sent me they said that since 2014, up to $3 million has gone into developing the brand and staging the annual event, and that they have well positioned the mavericks event to move onto to bigger heights with the organization that steps in to run the show sot sabrina - losing mavericks would mean a big loss for the local economy. sot brian - sot sabrina - brian told me they still try to put in on a smaller grassroots way since surfers are already here from around the world waiting for it to begin. but for now the event is off. in half moon bay gabe slate kron 4 news. things are finally settling down...after a settling finally things are
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