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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 3, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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dining at london's soho house. patrons say they were open about being together and the hht spot may have a special meaning. >> megan's best friend, marcus anderson, former consultant, is rumored to vint duced the couple there last year. >> yesterday morning after the big night out, the prince spent the day tending to royal duties. he was in london. megan was not with him but royal watchers are buzzing about what might be next. a romantic royal ski trip. >> world protection officers, a popular destination for royals when it comes to skiing, very exclusive ski destination. harry loves to ski. and i'm sure that he introduced that side to megan. >> perfect for those two. helmets, goggles, pull the jacket up, no one will recognize them. >> the big story this weekend is super bowl 51. kevin frazier has been all over down in houston. hey, kev.
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>> here is the deal. we know which two teams will take the field on sunday but will beyonce join the halftime show? that's the big question. meanwhile, gaga is go-go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> when i'm in the nrg stadium in houston, i'll do it my way. >> you're in better shape than the athletes. >> i don't think so. it's a different kind of shape, different game. >> helping gaga prepare for the game? we got a sneak peek in her all-white dressing room where she was getting a foot massage after rehearsing her show four times in heels. all this so she can be in fighting shape. >> i'm eating healthy. when i work out a lot, and i also do climbing while i sing. i'm singing the show while i'm doing it, yeah. because the show is full-on cardio. >> what big question is, will
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beyonce, who is pregnant with twins, join gaga on stage? >> you want to do this, honey babe? >> this, what appears to be today's dress rehearsal list. it has people talking. now we're not sure if the crumpled up confidential document is doctored or not but the details are definitely gossip worthy. >> after gaga performs "just dance" she sings "telephone" then descends, b does a solo then performing together with over the top pyrotechnics. beyonce beyonce's sister,cy l silange, already in houston and had a concert last night. >> it is good to be home. >> what does it mean, good to be home? >> an event planning source told security she might ascend
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silage's show but decided to stay in l.a. instead to prepare for the grammys. as of now there is no confirmation we will see beyonce on-stage with gaga. could do no wrong. >> so with the xm set on radio row. >> tell us about the custom-made jackets. >> i'm wearing one. >> and the other one is resistant to lady gaga. >> leave it to two two to what their takes could be for beyonce and jay-z to name their twins. >> we have dj. donnie and jenny. >> oh, bj. beyonce and jay-z. got it. that works. >> that works. >> i love donnie and jenny. all right. coming up later, we flash back with the biggest super stars of the world. rocking the super bowl halftime show. >> now a story we've been
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following about michael buble. >> we are hearing from michael for the first time since his son kass buying knowsed with cancer and thankfully it is good news. >> michael buble and his wife, luisana report, we are so glad that noah has been progressing positively in his treatment. noah is reportedly undergoing chemotherapy in los angeles. a source close to meichael tell "e.t." that he has been with his son everyday and the experience changed him and until his son is better, nothing else matters. luisana w luisana's sister is reported to saying her nephew's cancer is gone. she later reported, do not use
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a my name in the media about details i did not say. michael shot this video for his new single, i believe in you, before noah's diagnosis. he since put his career on hold to be with his family and enlisted the help of his friend, derek hough, to direct the official version. on the set derek told us he just wants it make michael proud. >> my prayers go out to him. for me, i'm trying to do the best job can i here. >> it is so awesome that derek is doing that. as the mother after 4-year-old son, i can't imagine what michael and his family are going through. we are so grateful his son is doing better. >> no kidding. also getting stronger everyday, we've got more good news now. tracy morgan and of course we remember the devastating accident three years ago in which he almost lost his life. buttcheck out tracy now. back on the big screen, doing what he does best, making people laugh. >> let's go! >> i've got a lot of good people
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around me. i'm doing what i love do. >> after sufing several broken bones and going over a year of speech and physical therapy tracy's still got it. >> in a fistfight, tracy plays a high school gym teacher who comes to the aid of charlie day who is about to suffer a beat down by a history teacher. >> this fight going to happen after school, because of that. >> you goinn to fight campbell? >> yeah, whip him bad. >> may be bad news for charlie but good news for his movies. the last five comedies opened number one. >> maniac. >> maniac. >> as for the big fight, it took eight days to shoot. >> i'm like, man, i got it, i got it, i got it. until i seen how long the fight was. then wai was like, oh, man, thi is going to take a few session. >> up next, how amal clooney celebrated her birthday in
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amal clooney celebrates her 39th birthday with a walk on the wild side. loving those wedge leopard print boots while arriving today at barcelona airport. with husband george and his parents. 2 1/2 hour trip back to london, amaa access rised with a chic black beray and this $3200 handbag. stepping out for dinner in the spanish city, george kept it casual in jeans while amal chose a little black dress and stilettos. 39 never look sewed so good. she never disappoints in the fashion department. >> never. >> a low-cut valentino gown at the remere of 50 shades. >> that is one sexy dress.
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but the movie is hotter. carly steel found out how they get ready for those steamy scenes. we know something about that, don't we, cam? >> yeah, we do. >> you guys have a pregame ritual before these scenes? >> he does push-ups and i lay there and drink. >> dakota and jamie dornan add bit of a competition with who had the most ris risque humor on the set. >> he thinks he is webetter tha me with everything and he is misinformed. i grew up with four brothers. i will win. >> 63-year-old kim basinger plays christian gray's ex lover. the notoriously shy star skipped doing interviewed last night. jamie was just a 3-year-old boy growing up in ireland when her sexy fiim "9 1/2 weeks" came out. >> i was like, what is "9 1/2
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weeks" and then i was like yeah okay. now i know why i wasn't allowed to watch it. i still can't believe i'm in a movie with her. >> kim looks amazing. >> i used to have such a big crush on her. still do, by the way. movie sneak peek for the stars onset. >> you're never getting these -- >> margot robbie with tonya harding's temper tantrum. and mariah carey and her animated new role. and biggest flash back. who had the worst halftime show ever? and will tim tebow be the next bachelor? >> think i should do it? >> all about ratings, people. >> closed captioning provided --
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where does mariah carey buy her workout clothes? she posted these shots, hitting the gym in fish nets and high heels even on the stair climber.
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that's got to be a good workout for your calves, you think? >> by the way, i had that on in the gym this morning. very glamorous, darling. now, do you know where else mariah brings the lam? in the voiceover boots. mimi is working on the lego baaman movie. >> a little birdie told me you might be acting again. >> an animated movie. isn't that exciting? >> yes, daaahling. check out her mayor mccaskill. >> today is a victory for the i have the zens of goth emcity. >> i did a little auditioning thing. >> wait, mariah carey? >> i don't care. >> the first lego movie making almost a half million and carey is confident in this follow-up. >> something tells me it will do well. >> i am batman. >> will around setback as batman. theejoker, rosario dawson.
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and remember in this meeting in 1999 the bachelor? next, margot robbie channels tonya harding's temper. on the georgia set of the upcoming movie, i tonya, recreating scenes from the disgraced skaters life before and after the nancy kerrigan take. like one of many moments where the real tonya melted down in front of the judges. >> i said, well, you know what, if you can come up with $5,000. but until then -- >> just stay out of my face. >> finally, oprah's metallic new movie role. check out a golden lady o in l.a. taking a break from filming "a wrinkle in time." in the live action adaptation, oprah plays the magical mrs. witch. she will be doing her own stunts. >> yes, tomorrow. yes. >> whatever oprah does, i'm here
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for it. >> can't wait to see it. >> a sight to see for sure. this is a sight to see too, on who wants to be a millionaire first, because some of your favorite contestants are hitting the game show. >> can you imagine what kind offed withing a million bucks would buy for shawn and kaitlyn? >> who wants to be a millionaire? >> kaitlyn and shawn will probably be a train wreck. you know what dumpster fire, you have to stop and watch the dumpster fire, that will be kaitlyn and shawn. >> he makes everybody feel so relaxed, even though he just called us a dumpster fire. >> every time i'm around that guy, it is just so dramatic and intense. >> maybe that's because one of the last times we saw these three together, shawn was proposing to kaitlyn on the season 11 finale of the bach lor et. now a year and half later the couple live together in nashville but have yet to start planning their wedding. >> what about a wedding? >> we thought would you never ask. we decided to announce it on o
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who wants to be a millionaire. >> if we win, we will pick a date. >> promise? >> yeah. >> others playing for charity includes season 4's dee delawia season 7, and chad. >> i would like chad to be here, not like it and choke me out. >> you think this is fun and games in this is my life. >> you know who a lot of people who like to see on the bachelor? tim tebow. >> he is one of the nicest guys to ever play in nt fl. he told kevin he has been asked a couple of times. >> would you ever do the bachelor? >> i would not do the bachelor. i would love to see the 20 women that tim tebow gets. >> for television's sake, i would bring in a few crazies. >> are you prepared for that? >> no, probably not.
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>> i need to know, can you make it happen? >> fingers crossed. >> i seriously grabbed him off to the side after and said, dude, have you to be the next bachelor. i don't knoo if he will do it. i do know what will happen sunday at the super bowl and that's that lady gaga will put on a spectacular halftime show. we have been covering the biggest names who rocked the big game. >> are you ready to rock? >> how excited are you to do the super bowl? >> amazingly overwhelmed. >> "e.t." was with katy perry who had the most watched halftime show ever. 18 plus million viewers in 2015. more than watched the actual game. >> how did it go? >> beyonce in 2013 set the record for tweets. 2688 thouz /* /- -- 268,000 per minute. >> it is good to know the hard work paid off. biggest show in america. and so many things that can
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happen and god was on my side. >> it is an epic speck cn epic. >> how was it. >> great crowd. great event. >> incredibly for the first 24 years, the halftime show was mainly marching bands and the review, up with people. when viewers started counter programming, the halftime show shifted to ppp stars. michael jackson in '93. in 2001 britney spears took the stage along with her then boyfriend justin timberlake. >> they called me up and asked me, and i was like, yeah. >> starting in 2005, network went to classic rock like the stones and paul mccartney. >> i see you are wearing red and blue. does that mean you're rooting
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for the pratatriots? >> no, just slow down honey mp. >> in 2011 black eyed peas coming down from the roof in texas. lady gaga, take note. >> headlining in 2014, bruno mars sat in on drums at one point. >> drum solo for bruno. >> bruno back last year joining beyonce in her third appearance and koeld plldplay in their fir. >> halftime performers don't get paid but of course their expenses are covered. and they do see benefits in other ways. for instance, koldplay's record sales jumped 365% last year after their performance. beyonce and bruno mars also saw a spike in their record sales. monday morning, get ready for a run on gaga music. we'll be back with more in a moment. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: keep your umbrellas handy. rain returns to the bay area. how it will affect your weekend and how long it will stick around. nearly two dozen reports of cars getting hit with objects on the highway. we investigate the rash of incidents in the east bay i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at ery of "wow" savings.e
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- is this price right? - acceptance... and "boooyah." wait for it... "boooyah" has three os. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ right now, buy two assorted frito lay party size chips and get one free. maybe five years. >> it's all at ♪ ♪ tonight on nbc, don't miss "last man standing." it shoots right next door so we stopped by. tim allen has very special guests. >> we welcome the air force tonight.
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>> the cast, the air force in the house, because kaitlyn who plays tim's daughter, makes a life decision. >> she finds out she gets into the air force academy. >> good night. thanks so much for that. >> build it up a little bit. >> we worked hard. >> eve has a really important decision to make. >> see if you can survive telling your mom. >> yeah. good luck with that. >> an honorable thing do. >> i have to give a shot out to my special guest. hae whooshalso tonight ... i said, 'i think i've been shot'a frightening new peril on east bay freeways. whooshand the door whooshalso tonight ... i said,
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'i think i've been shot'a frightening new peril on east bay freeways.whooshand the door is open again. the blockbuster ruling on president trump's travel ban. it puts a stop to it immediately nationwidewhooshnat and a welcome sight in the south bay,what those overflowing reservoirs mean to your water're watching kron four news in prime time. >> reporter: we have over 300% pit


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