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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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what we can expect. lawrence? but somewhat fortunate the storm system moves so fast. we're seeing a lot of showers behind it. out the door we continue to see plenty of raindrops falling. some of them, some pockets of heavier amounts of rainfall. in for a closer look you can see some of those showers, yellows and oranges those are some heavy downpours occurring now just south of half moon bay. sliding into woodside. and making its way across the peninsula and the bay right now. into fremont that rain is now just picking up, heavy downpours down -- union city, hayward coming your way very shortly. get ready in the next few minutes. rain is going to be dumping in your neighborhood. rain picking up in towards san jose. most of that is fairly light. but you get the idea. pockets of downforce showing up around the bay area. traveling outside be extra careful. a lot of puddles on the roads. into san francisco looking fairly dry. north bay a couple scattered showers but we've got more storms headed our way.
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details coming up in a few minutes. the constant rain may be good for california but some restaurants say they've seen a drop in business. kron 4's lydia pantazes is live in burlingame or was live earlier and has more on the conditions. >> reporter: for some businesses the rain is a sign of a drop in customers walking through their door. >> what is businesslike when it rains? >> nonexistent. pretty much. >> pretty slow. >> nobody gets ice cream when it's cold and rainy. >> reporter: the serve up ice cream and a variety of other treats at preston's my screenshot in burlingame. they naturally see a drop in sales but tips as well. >> minimum wage. no tips in the winter. >> yeah. >> reporter: the rain also affects restaurants that don't deliver. philip santos is one of the managers at the steakhouse in san mateo. >> the fact we don't have takeout is near the restaurant
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-- it affects us a little. let's say 20 to 30% depending on how heavy the rain is. >> reporter: santos says it affects walk-ins and new customers but he says the loyal customers will make the trip no matter the weather. >> we do have faithful customers that come here every week. we love to serve them. >> reporter: while those that don't deliver see a drop, those that do deliver like village host pizza bar and grill see a spike. >> people don't want to drive in the rain did everything. they want someone else to do it. >> reporter: john bruney says his restaurant sees a 25% spike in deliveries when wet weather hits. >> it affects business and it does it for the better. that's what is great about having a delivery service. >> reporter: while employees are taking advantage winter weather, -- a and lena are excited about the future. >> yeah. in the summer that's when great tips come in too. >> yeah. i lot of families and lines out the door.
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the better season to work at an ice cream store. >> reporter: in burlingame, lydia pantazes, kron 4's -- kron 4 news. a man was shot and killed by a fremont police officer earlier this evening. happened on mallory avenue and such a. area that was closed off earlier. kron 4's ella sogomonian is in fremont and has details. a deadly officer-involved shooting shut down a major roadway for hours. officer responding to a disturbance open fire on a suspect killing him. police wouldn't say if any witnesses were at the scene. >> people will be interviewed. the scene will be processed. appropriately. so it's going to be several hours at this point. several our journey. >> reporter: mallory avenue was closed on logan drive. little is known at this time what led up to the fatal shooting sunday night around 4:15. >> i do not know if the officer was assigned to the detail by
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dispatch. what i do know is the -- the officer located one of the involved parties in this earlier incident or altercation. >> reporter: the officer who killed the suspect is recovering in an area hospital. with nonlife threatening injuries. as per the officers bill of rights, he won't be questioned for several hours until an attorney is present. now a criminal investigation. >> are investigations unit will now complete a thorough investigation basically on what happens at the beginning to what resulted. >> reporter: the only questions able to be asked were in which direction did he fire? and if there was anyone outstanding still in the streets that may be a public safety threat. sergeant cortez says because the suspect involved was killed, that is no longer an issue. ella sogomonian, kron 4 news. it's the greatest comeback in super bowl history. the new england patriots came back from a 25-point deficit to beat the atlanta falcons 34-28 in overtime. two bay area natives made big plays in the game tonight. tom brady now the first
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quarterback to win five super bowls and an unbelievable catch by julian edelman who somehow kept the ball off the turf on a diving grab of a tipped pass that bounced off a defenders issue. the atlanta falcons lost again in their second super bowl, after leading 28-3 in the third quarter. after matt ryan's second touchdown pass. >> in tom brady's hometown of san mateo things were a lot different during the first half of the super bowl compared to the second half. i stop by tom brady's neighborhood where he grew up and the family, good family friend of the bradys they say tom used to play football in the streets with their boys. i was over at their house for a viewing party. tom brady does not forget the names either. a signed photograph that he had given her on his last game for michigan. he signed it tommy. spencer blake, kron 4 news. law enforcement agencies across the bay area are
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stepping up patrols on super bowl sunday. they are on alert for drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. chp officer ryan five he tells me super bowl sunday contributes to 41% injuries -- more dui crashes than any other sunday in the year. now, one thing to consider when driving drunk, even if no one gets hurt, you're looking at at least $10,000 in fees. so keep in mind there are a number of other ways to get home including triple-a tipsy tow program, where they will take you and your vehicle home for free. reporting from san jose, alecia reed, kron 4 news. the ruling by a u.s. district court judge to temporarily block president trump's travel ban will remain in place. at least for now. both sides have until tomorrow to file legal briefs before the court makes its final decision. meanwhile, vice president mike pence is adamant that the
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commander-in-chief's travel ban will resume. trump's executive order suspended immigration from seven muslim majority countries for 90 days. and suspended all refugee entry to the u.s. for 120 days. still ahead, get ready for a wet and windy work week. meteorologist lawrence karnow is back with what to expect.
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well, another stormy night around the bay area. series of storms headed in our direction. cold front moving through today bringing with its strong gusty winds. over 40 miles an hour out nears the coastline. continuing to see the rain happening tonight. showers on and off around the bay area. heavier cells in the yellows and oranges moving in. some of those stretching along the peninsula across the bay and into the east bay.
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closer look we are seeing some of the rain rates embedded in the storm systems almost an inch an hour. significant storms sliding on through. out the door, be prepared. some heavy downpours and sliding over the east bay now as well. pleasanton, just seeing that make its way in your direction. the rain is going to be pounding on your rooftop very soon. lighter showers and fremont. more rain as you make your way toward milpitas. some scattered moderate amounts of rainfall around the bay area. that's the way it's going to continue throughout the night. and into tomorrow. brentwood right now also seeing a pretty good downpour as another sell slides in your direction. antioch got likes -- light showers now. san francisco, a rather dry right now. in the north bay just widely scattered showers. but there is plenty more to come. the winds have been a big story. some strong gusty winds but overnight lows will start to subside. still pretty good breeze tomorrow morning but no more 40- mile an hour gusts.
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storm system of the coastline you can see the train of moisture going to be focusing in the bay area bringing with it heavy rainfall. and a lot of snow in the sierra nevada. winter storm warning into tonight and tomorrow. some snow one to two feet about 6000 feet. wanted to show you this real quick. showers today. moving through. and then what's happening? the moisture begins to lineup. 9:00 a.m. scattered showers but by the afternoon the rain picks up and continues right through tomorrow night. heavy all around the bay area. that will continue right through into tuesday. with that in mind we've got stormy weather on the way. potential for some flooding out there as well. especially the north bay. watch all the small creeks and streams. the main rivers will stay within their banks but scary next five days ahead. that's for sure. >> thank you so much. keep your umbrellas out. thank you so much for joining us. see you tomorrow morning.
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- [news anchor] today is the third busiest travel day of the year for airline passengers. - kron 4's will tran continues our team coverage now at sfo, where a good number of those folks will be taking off this morning. hey, will. - it is kind of old to cover the day before thanksgiving travel, but it's necessary, because so many people do travel. it's not the busiest travel day of the year anymore. people wanna know, still. we're talking 76,000 people will take off through sfo today, and another 76,000 will land today, and i'm not gonna lie, i like being at san francisco international, because you can't have transportation without tran. boom. mic drop. (chuckling) - happening this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee and our own police chief, tony chaplain, and fire chief joann hayes-white


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