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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 10, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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this is what it looked like friday heading south on highway 17. to say it was a slow go doesn't even begin to tell the story. standup dan kerman/hw 17and here's why as we approached the summit road exit, southbound 17 turns into one lane then the slow go as cars began to exitsotonce off highway 17, another slow go down summit to soquel-san jose road sotand as a result some have just decided to pack it in.sot109/i'm not
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we now know the identity of the 109/i'm notsot109/i'm not
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we now know the identity of the worker who was killed yesterday while clearing a mudslide on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. 54-year-old robert gill of los banos died after a dump truck backed up...hittimg him and another crew member - who was pinned under the truck for a time before rescuers were able to pull him out. he was taken to the hospital...and was conscious at the time. both men worked for a watsonville-based construction company... which was sub-contracted to caltrans. the accident is being investigated by the c-h-p and state safety investigators.
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meantime ...two fund-raisers have been set up online... one is to help with funeral expenses for the gill family.. another is for a "gratitude meal" -- to thank the crews working so hard to clear the roads.. you can find links to both - on kron-4-dot-com also in the south bay...highway 35 in los gatos is now indefititely closed. you can see why in this video courtsey of our partnership with a-b-c-7 news. the road is completely washed out.. c-h-p says this happened near las cumbres road. there is no esitimated time for when it will reopen. you might call this the calm after the storm....althou gh it's still a huge mess. we sent quadcopter four over guerneville today... to check on the flooding status...
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this is what it looked like... the nearby russian river is already past flood stage...and homes and a pee-wee golf course are underwater... sonoma officials say nearly 600 people were forced from their homes because of the high rising waters. this is the fourth time this year that people who live in the area had to evacuate and find another place to stay... and now the major concern is mudslides and landslides... the fire chief also says
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everyone is glad to see the sun come out..they're hoping a break in the rain might ease all the problems...alth ough....after the weekend -- 'another' storm is set to hit the area. highway 37 in novato remains closed right now. this is the third straight day that section of the highway has been closed. briefly thursday one lane of traffic was open east bound but once the rain started falling the flood waters moved back in.and caltrans is using pumps around the clock to try to move the water away from the highway. forget about getting to least in any reasonably easy eay. a large mudslide has closed a stretch of i- 80....and the c-h-p says crews are working "hard and fast" to get the mess cleared up... the c-h-p in truckee released video at photos....saying that if there's any good's
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the fact that chain controls have come down for the parts of 80 which remain open. a mudslide is blocking 80 near baxter in the sierra... so if you're headed to tahoe's north shore -- it will take you extra time. westbound lanes were highway 20....and eastbound at it immediately lanes will re-open. also....and it's major mudslide mountains..highway 50 in kyburz is on the peninsula... here's video of crews working to dig out highway 84 in woodside this afternoon. that stretch has been closed east of skyline for days now because of a landslide on one side of the road and a washout on the other. they are hoping to have one lane open to traffic today but the over saturated soil is making it tough. kron4's maureen kelly reports that this is not the only major artery closed in that mountain
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community, making it tough for those trying to get around. closed...blocked.....and detoured.driving anywhere in the mountains around woodside has been a challenge...the intermitent rain was the least of motorists troubles today.....take a listen to one driver explaining what conditions were like this's been crazy you can't take skyline to the 92 you can't go 84 into woodside i have a remote control to go down bear gulch road they won't even let me go there. this is what it looked beyond the barricades on highway 9 east of of many places drivers had to turn these movers.we are on a schedule we were supposed to do load up a house and now we have to go all the way around.i met one long time resident who tried to talk her way around this closure.i'm tring to get to my post office i just moved some cones...i was hoping to get away with this but i can't the roads
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opened just to locals are still full of small hazards.... like rockslides spilling into the street.....roadsides have turned into waterfalls....he re's one spot on old la honda road.. that looks like a mudslide in the making....making a very narrow road even more tricky to drive on....that road is dangerous it's not meant for two cars going both directions and then you got bicyclists on it too makes it even more dangerous it's crazy.but not all of the signs up here are bad news.....for those who like to look on the bright least the fire danger here is low....maureen kelly kron4 news. toss to lawrence kar-no expect partly cloudy skies and
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a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend. and remember you can track the storm wherever you go with live radar - on your phone. just download the free kron 4 mobile app.
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some encouraging news today about that crumbling spillway at lake oroville in butte county.state water officials say the rains stopped just in time.they won't have to use an emergency spillway .... a move that could have had catastrophic consequences downstream. water will continue to pour down the concrete spillway.the bottom half is almost completely eroded can see the water turning brown as it flows out of the breach and onto the surrounding hillside. with the water in lake oroville just five feet from the top of the dam, officials had been predicting they'd have to use an emergency spillway to the's how it looks on google earth. it would spill water onto open land, potentially sending a tidal wave of trees and debris into the feather river below. today, they said that won't be necessary.lake oroville is one state's the biggest reservoirs. it's currently at 96 percent
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of capacity ... nearly 150 percent of its historical average at this time of year. shasta, the biggest in the state, is at 92 percent of capacity, also well above average.smaller trinity lake nearby, is two=thirds full, about average.east of sacramento, folsom lake is three quarters full, 141 percent of normal.and new melones lake, a vital water source for central valley rarners, is just half full, still below average, the storms are filling up the reservoirs with rain ... but another factor is the unseasonably warm weather that is melting the snow pack, the source of a lot of the state's water in the summer months. the bay area is still reeling from two monster storms this week. still to
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come on kron four news at five. more road closures in the south bay due to mudslide...we'll tell you what areas to avoid. also -- after president trump's travel ban prevented her from traveling to the u-s... a 17- year-old refugee has landed in the bay area. her story - at 5:30. and next, a mudslide that slammed into an east bay home.. has neighbors concerned if they are in danger too.
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it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. a major mudslide that
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happened this week in orinda - - only got bigger overnight. the home in its path is getting buried by even more debris and mud... the dry weather today allowed contractors and engineers to get on site and size up what it will take to clear away the mudslide... kron4's haaziq madyun was there too. thursday's storm released more mud down the hill and into this home on van tassel lane in orinda. you can see how the debris has pushed even deeper into the rear of the home. the height of the mud is now just short of the roof top. with a break in the weather came the opportunity to survey the damage from above the slide. down below a pair of civil engineers got an even closer look at where the mudslide came to rest behind the home"i am concerned about the houses across the street"several concerned residents in the
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area are also keeping an eye on the fragile situation "it's just incredibly deep, i just feel like there is no way that anybody can move back""oh i have never seen anything like that but a lot of houses have to sure up because of mudslides, we're kind of use to the ground moving but nothing like a whole hill coming down"the whole hill has not come down yet, however more than enough of it has slid causing the county to declare the home an unsafe designation. the county has also yellow tagged the residence next door. it also sits precariously at the bottom of what is left of the rain soaked hill. after closely examining the hill ... the engineers say they now have a better understanding of the what it will take to remove what was described as tons of debris. the x-factor is waiting for the weather to stay dry long enough to safely begin doing the orinda haaziq madyun kron4news
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niles canyon road re- opened this morning in fremont after major flooding problems.. at one point people who live in the area say there was roughly 2 feet of standingwater on the road... the nearby alameda creek was rising fast and overflowing.... bringing an enormous amount of water -- and uprooting many trees in its path. in the south bay - this weeks storm triggered several landslides. two landslides that happened just 4 miles apart. on the left you are video from black road and gist road in los gatos which is shut down due to a mudslide. c-h-p officers were out there helping a driver who got shut this morning. and four miles to the right is bear creek road which is also shutdown tonight. kron four's will tran - shows us some of the damage from bear creek road.
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expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
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coming up, now that the appeals court has ruled against re-instating president trump's travel ban....what's next? the white house considers a new strategy... .
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and next... we take you back in time... to an new exhibit showcasing the history of the black panther party --- whose roots are right here in the bay area.
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kron four is celebrating black history month... fifty years ago the black panther party started in oakland .. and its mission caught fire across the united states.. their message resonated with black and poor communities frustrated by a world they felt did not treat them fairly nor with dignity.. kron four's pam moore - is here now with how history is playing out in today's society. grant and catherine, people always hear about the black panther party politics .. the guns and confrontations with police .. the controversial side of the panthers.. an exhibit at the oakland museum of california.. traces that history, but adds more .. including perspective on what's going today in our
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country. the exhibit is called "all power to the people".. open on nats - activity at the chairtrack -huey newton's picture in the chair became as iconic as the black panther party symbol itself ... and a bronze art replica of the huey chair .. greets visitors as they enter the 'all the power to the people' exhibit. more nats or possible mos heretrack - rene' de guzman is the senior curator of art. track - "black panthers at 50" takes a fresh look at the remarkable and controversial movement that gained national and international momentum and significance .. it's also a chance to learn things you maybe didn't know about 'the black panthers'.. -" what often gets lost in the story of the black panther party is all they did in the community... free health clinic, free senior
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transportation, free groceries and a free breakfast program .. some of these programs are a part of the american culture today.. the panthers believe the real revolution stared with taking care of the community first." track- this is an interactive experience. you can see the interviews. hear the voices of huey newton, bobby seale and others who led the panthers - feel the sensation of being behind the jail bars from huey newton's cell and see a sampling of the thousands of the intelligence reports .. closing sot outcue- " the exhibit
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will run until the end of february - black history month.. at the oakland museum of california in downtown oakland.. so, there's still time to go.. the exhibit has the time to go..there's still downtown california in museum of oakland month.. at the black history february - end of run until the the the exhibit will run until the end of february - black history month.. at the oakland museum of california in downtown oakland.. so, there's still time to go.. the exhibit has already seen record attendance .. 45-hundred people on one recent day..we are posting our black history month stories on website.. kron four dot com. grant and catherine? still ahead, as the new education secretary tried to visit a washington d.c. school today.... but then changed her plans. plus... a 17-year-old refugee finally arrives in the bay area - after pesident trump's travel ban put her move to the u-s in jeopardy.
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her story - next.
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the trump administration apparently will 'not' go to the supreme court in an effort to reinstate its travel ban. at
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least not right away. today they said that will 'not' be their first move. a white house official says the administration will probably argue the merits of the ban in district court.....rather than appeal a restraining order to the supreme court. a ruling yesterday from the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco challenged president trump's expansive use of executive power.. the president also seems to be leaving open the possibility that his team could rework the original executive order...which temporarily halted entry to the u.s. of refugees and those from seven majority-muslim countries. on air force one earlier tonight - he made it very clear that he's not giving up... the president earlier tweeted more
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criticism of the court's decision thursday...calling it 'disgraceful.' he's also indicating that he won't wait long to make his next move....suggestingthere could be a new executive order as soon as monday or tuesday.. a 17-year -old refugee from ethiopia was finally able to meet her foster care mother in the south bay... her travels were initially canceled because of president trump's temporary travel ban.. the teenager had been living in a refugee camp... until she was cleared to enter the u.s... kron4's jeff pierce was at san jose's airport - where she was welcomed with open arms.
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president trump has said he will do whatever it takes to keep our country safe. in a press conference today he promised to unveil new security measures but gave few details on the plans...which he says will be released next week. "... that president trump made
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that comments during his meeting at the white house with japanese prime minister shinzo abe... the two leaders talked about trade and a mutual defense treaty. today's visit is the president's second with a head of government since he was sworn into office. it was a chaotic day for donald trump's new education secretary -- betsy devos. she arrived for a visit at a washington d.c. school....but was met by protestors... they blocked her from getting inside... she eventually managed to get in through another door.. . the protestors reportedly included members of the
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washington teachers union. the union president had notified everyone of the education secretary's visit on twitter - asking protestors to say "no" to the privitization of schools. expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
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still ahead... san francisco is making final preparations for the annual chinese new year celebration. what to expect from this year's parade - plus some important road closures to tell you about. and next, a girl scout in union city is robbed of all her money and cookies. how police are helping....inclu ding the release of a suspect sketch.. . on wallstreet... stock indexes closed at record highs for a second day running, in a broad-based rally led by miners and other raw materials companies. the dow - adding more than 96 points. the nasdaq - gained 19 points. and the s&p... jumping nearly 9 points.
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jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. union city police officers are doing their best to help a girl scout who was robbed at gunpoint on wednesday. they've released a sketch of the suspect... police say the 12-year old girl and her mother were outside a safeway when the man approached them demanding the money. no one was hurt -- but he got away with the cash. police have now donated more than a thousand dollars to the girl.... and the union city police officers association bought all of her remaining boxes of cookies. national news: four people charged with hate crimes... after allegedly torturing an 18-year-old man
5:42 pm
with special needs... were back in court today. all of them pleaded not guilty. the chicago case recieved national attention after the attackers streamed the beating on facebook live. in the video you can hear them taunting the victim and shouting profanities against white people. at their first hearing, a judge called them a danger to society and refused to allow them to post bail. the four also face aggravated kidnapping and other charges. still ahead... baseball season is right around the corner... meaning the giants are getting ready for the annual fan-fest.. after the break - the coach and some players share their thoughts on the new season. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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there was drama. let's check in now with pam moore in the newsroom. thank you catherine..... the flooding in the bay area is pretty bad in some places... but in reno today... is was life threatening. three people got caught in fast rising flood waters and needed to be rescued. at six we'll tell you who helped get them out to safety. and we have the video. plus... we'll show you the new maps just released that puts the state's drought problem in perspective. that's coming up at six. but now lets get back to the news at five. hard to believe it's already that time of year again, but spring training for the giants begins next week. the off-season
5:47 pm
certainly came and went. before the team heads off to scottsdale, they'll officially open the new season this weekend with their annual fanfest at at&t park. fans will get a chance to meet their favorite players and coaches. mark carpenter talked with some of the team today.... and joins us with more.. mark? from watching the players and coaches greet each other, it really felt like it was the first day of school again. everyone enjoys the offseason, but you could tell they are ready to get back to work. last year marked the first time since 2010 the giants were eliminated from the playoffs. that means some extra time off, so let's hear what the giants were up to over the last several months. "my wife's got family over in europe, so we went to italy and i just love to eat too, now that i think about it.""i got married. that was pretty big""pretty low key, saw some family that i haven't seen.""i went to bermuda""it's good to
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see all the guys today. they looked energized and this fanfest i think will just get them more fired up to get to scottsdale and get going." but before the giants get back on the grind, some players still couldn't get over how last season ended. after having the best record in the league through the first half of the year, the orange and black...stumbled in the second half and barely made it to the postseason. it all came to a head in game 4 of a division series against the chicago cubs...when the eventual world-series champions erased a three-run deficit in the 9th innning to advance to the nlcs. "sometimes teams are destined and last year was the cubs year. we felt great about our team, the last two weeks of a playoff stint. there were so many spectacular moments and a lot to build off of to really grab and grow into a 2017 campaign." with a solid starting rotation that's loaded with aces, the giants added some key fire power in the spot they needed it most. by signing closer mark melancon, the hope is he'll be the anchor of a bullpen...that
5:49 pm
racked up a record 32-blown saves last season. "obviously, we got who we think is one of the best closers in the game and we can work down and we think with the arms that we have and the experience from last year, it's only going to make them better.""it's exciting. i think to have four guys throw 200 innings last year on the rotation. matty combined from the al and the nl. i don't think you see that too often. so i think that's a goal we'd like to have out there for us again and just to keep pitching deep into games and give a chance to win games. to have a starter go out there everyday with a chance to win a game themselves it's pretty cool." it'll be a packed house tomorrow at at&t park. the event starts at 10- am...and it is free and open to the public. as we look live at the golden gate bridge....the reports of weather-related problems across the bay just keep coming.. highway 84 in woodside is now
5:50 pm
open least one lane is moving. the problem was a landslide... lawrence kar-no is here.... wth some 'amazing' rain totals for the season.. expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers
5:51 pm
tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
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san francisco is gearing up for the annual chinese new year parade tomorrow. this is video of last year's celebration. it's a tradition that's been around since the gold rush times. the parade will take over downtown starting just after 5 p.m. at second and market streets. one of the event's highlights is a 22-foot golden dragon that will snake through the city, using a team of more than 100 men and women. the event is the largest celebration of chinese culture outside of asia. coming up, father-to-be george clooney is
5:53 pm
getting some parenting advice - from one of his closest pals. this after the 55-year-old actor announced he and his wife amal are expecting átwins. we'll have more on this story - next.
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5:55 pm
george and amal clooney are joining the hollywood baby club! the couple revealed they will welcome twins this june, the insider's louie aguirre joins us from los angeles with more...
5:56 pm
intvógeorge clooneyóeventó iyómptfó20161002ó001óconcaten atedó135558.sub.1 1:21:34kk: whats the most romantic thing you've done in the past two years?george clooney: in the past two years? // honestly i could tell you, but what is this a half an hour show? rev vo#1those gestures are going to be less romantic dinners for two.... and more midnight diaper changes for two! sotóinómatt damonóreógeorge and amalópregnancy 14:47:30md: it's gonna be a lot of work and a lot of diapers and a lot of sleepless nights. la: i mean there's twins. md: i know, i know, it's gonna be you know a blur for a couple of yearsvo#2i was with george's close friend and father of three, matt damon! he told me that as a first time father at 55, george may want to broaden his bromances for the most up to date baby advice.. sotóinómatt damonóreógeorge and amalópregnancy 14:47:57md: it's funny, i think most of his close friends like that he's been around for thirty years, like all their kids are like leaving the nest now. la; right. md: so now george is gonna be the one with the you know the full nest.
5:57 pm
satólauraóclarkóclooneyópare ntingómom me 11;07:28more people in their 50's are choosing to have babies now than 20 years ago // 11:11:00 babies do not care how old their parents are as long as they're getting all the love and nurturing that you can give themvo#3before george, janet jackson was the latest a-lister to become a baby first timer in their fifties. our parenting insider at mom dot me, laura clark explains the benefits of waiting until this later phase in life.. 11;07:14for a listers specificially // you have more financial stabliity and you really know what your values are your life experience // 11:07:29 theyre also at a point in their careers where they can settle down $w3 33 c2.5 g 0 that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. grant lodes and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. in the sunshine... we are getting a better view of the damage trigggered by the series of major storms that have pounded the bay area. roads washed out... mudslides... flooding... making it difficult to get around. then a new distruptive movement is popping up across the nation.
5:58 pm
find out what's on the "indivisible" agenda. it's all coming up next on kron 4 news at six.
5:59 pm
now on kron 4 news at six: the russian river floods again .... swamping homes in guerneville. the same area hit just a few weeks ago... is dealing with high water again tonight. good evening i'm pam moore. and i'm grant lodes... steve is off tonight. several hundred people are seeking higher ground because of the rising river. this makes the fourth time since the beginning of the year that some residents have evacuated in guerneville. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, it is not just the river that's causing problems.
6:00 pm
tes: 00-05 here in guerneville - homes being threatened again because of the rising russian river. here's a look from above from quad copter four - you can see water just gobbling up whatever was in its path like this home - and pee wee golf center. sonoma co officials say nearly 600 people were forced out of their homes due to high waters. a boat is a safer bet. bruce and his son hunter navigated the water rather than risk getting their vehicle stuck. sot/tc: 38 hunter macdonnelll/guerneville resident you just can't tell how deep it gets and i don't want to risk it. and there is this major concern now - mudslidessot/tc: 53 steve baxman/monte rio fire chief there is just no where for the water to go. monte rio fire chief steve baxman says - everyone was glad to see the sun come out as they watched the russian river rise up once again - hoping a break in the weather could provide some relief. sot/tc: fortunately it looks like it wont be as bad as it has been. yet - the river has a mind of it's own - and while it may not be as bad as predicted so many in this area are feeling the effects of many long days of wet weather. sot/tc: petticort it has not been easy i still have mud in my home. sot/tc: we are just hoping the sun comes out for good. but yeah,
6:01 pm
another storm is coming next guerenville te we put up our quadcopter four drone this afternoon and went to the pee wee golf center in guerneville. and once again... it has flooded. it has been underwater
6:02 pm
several times already this winter and this latest storm swamped it again. guerneville is not the only place dealing with damage from the storms. a little farther to the north and east along the river... there are problems in rio nido. this is what our helicopter partners at a-b-c 7 spotted this afternoon. a rather large mudslide... but it does not appear to have hit any buildings. and that's not all. follow the mudslide down the hill and there is a waterfall of sorts that has popped up. toss weather .. lawrence expect partly cloudy skies and
6:03 pm
a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
6:04 pm
the traffic nightmare continues tonight for people trying to get to or from santa cruz on highway's still not an option. there áhadá been two way traffic in the southbound lanes up until yesterdays accident which claimed the life of a worker. since then, cal - osha has shutdown work to reinforce the sliding hillside as a result, debris has been moving towards those southbound lanes. this is video from our partnership with abc 7 news. that's why 17 is now closed northbound closed at granite creek and southbound closed at summit road , that's where kron 4's dan kerman is with how this closure is impacting drivers standup in dan kerman/hw 17 commuters heading to and from santa cruz were diverted off
6:05 pm
highway 17 friday, now that the road is closed in both directionssotsotthe closure created a very very slow ride both up to the closure and even on summit and soquel-san jose road which is being used as an alternate route sotthe closure added at least an hour to most commutes sotsome just found it to be too much and gave upsotstandup dan kerman/hw 17
6:06 pm
we now know the identity of the worker killed while clearing the mudslide from highway 17 yesterday... 54-year old bobby gill from los banos died ... after he and another worker were hit by a dump truck.. gill worked for the granite- rock construction company for 15- years.. the other worker who was hit was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. there are two fundraisers set up online.. one is for funeral expenses and the family of gill.. the other is for a "gratitude meal" -- to thank the crews working so hard to clear the roads.. you can find links to both - on kron-4-dot-com another alert for those in the mountains in the south bay. highway- 9 is closed from the santa clara county line ... to redwood gulch road. cal-trans says, it needs to clear a mudslide that has covered the highway. it expects the road to reopen on
6:07 pm
sunday. happening now.... highway 35 i n los now closed indefititely. you can see why in this video... courtsey of our partnership with a-b-c-7 news. the road is completely washed out... c-h-p says this happened near las cumbres road. there is no esitimated time for when it will reopen. drivers on the peninsula don't have it much easier. highway 35 in woodside had been closed east of skyline had been closed for several days... but just an hour ago.. as we reported on kron4 news five... one lane has re-opened now... kron4's maureen kelly spent the day on the mountain roads above woodside and shows us the trouble spots. here's video of crews working to dig out highway 84 in woodside this afternoon. that stretch has been closed east of skyline for days now
6:08 pm
because of a landslide on one side of the road and a washout on the other. it's just one of many spots where road closure signs were up...keeping drivers out until the rain related problems are resolved.for many it's been a headache.he bat guys tell us you can go one way and then we get there and turn us around mudslides, after that there's a tree down it's really really bad.this is what it looked beyond the barricades on highway 9 east of of many places drivers had to turn these movers.....but they took it in stride.what can you do, it's mother nature, she's our mom and you have to listen to mom here's one long time resident who tried to talk her way around a closure to get to her post office....she says it's just something you learn to deal with up up here. i get in and our periodically. i'm tring to get to my post office i just moved some cones...i was hoping to get away with this but i can't the roads opened just to locals are still full of small rockslides spilling into the street.....and mudslide in the
6:09 pm
making...hopefuupcoming break in a enough to help our roads get ..maureen kelly a major mudslide that happened this week in orinda - - only got bigger overnight. the home in its path is getting buried by even more debris and mud this latest mudslide on van tassel lane comes in the wake of other major problems in orinda .. all connected to this series of recent storms. kron4's haaziq madyun talked with one resident who feels like her town deserves a break from the wrath of the storms.. the storms of 2017 have taken a toll on residents here in the east bay town of orinda "between the sink hole on minor road and this hill coming down, i feel like the little town of orinda is falling"during tuesday's storm this hill behind paul vittimberga's home came crashing into the back
6:10 pm
bathroom...while he was inside "about 9:30 in the morning and i was right in this bathroom over here"he told me that he actually had to climb over the rumble to get out of the bathroom. "i couldn't imagine it coming into my house" his neighbor hillary fabian recalls hearing mudslide slam into vittimberga's home"it went on for about a minute, we were in bed and we heard what sounded like a very long clap of thunder with no lightening" as the rain continued wednesday and thursday more mud came down pushing even further inside her neighbor's home"it's devastating, obviously, i can't believe it happened in our area but i am glad that they are okay"the home has been red tagged. a yellow tag has been placed on the residence next door. it too rests at the bottom of the rain soaked hill. ... on friday the civil engineers took adavanatge of the break in the weather to examine the situation up close. they say
6:11 pm
they now have a better understanding of the what it will take to remove tons of debris. they just hope the weather will stay dry long enough for them to get the work orinda haaziq madyun kron4news highway 37 is still closed tonight in the north bay. the roadway is flooded and cars cannot get through between atherton avenue and highway- 101. and we are told it was getting worse this morning. take a look at this video from this afternoon. cal-trans crews have the pumps going, trying to clear all the water from the roadway. you can see from the pictures from our helicopter partners at a-b-c 7 ... that a good portion of the highway is still underwater. people trying to get to lake tahoe tonight probably want to wait until tomorrow...or maybe don't go at all. highway 88 is
6:12 pm
closed because of heavy snow. highway 50 is closed because of a is interstate 80. check out the situation on 80...a mudslide there pushed dirt and debris onto the freeway. that and the other freeways we mentioned are closed indefinitely while they work to clear the road. this slide is in baxter- near colfax- just after 9:30 this morning. the roads are an absolute mess tonight between all the slides and washouts. want to stay up to date? go to kron four dot com. you can then click on the traffic tab and choose to view the live map or take a look at some of our traffic cameras
6:13 pm
and see where the trouble spots are around our region. chaos at a congressman's town hall meeting. we have seen it california.... and now in utah. meet the people behind a nationwide grassroots movement that calls itself "indivisible." plus the weather causing more problems in the sierra tonight. three people get stuck in floodwaters... who made the call to help save them. and a new twist tonight to the legal fight over president trump's travel ban. why he might decide not to take the case to the supreme court.
6:14 pm
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powerful earthquake has killed at least three people and injured about 80 others in the phillipines. the quake also damaged buildings and an airport. magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit in the surigao del norte province. the city's airport was temporarily closed due to cracks in the runway. the philippines is in the "ring of fire," which is a line of seismic faults in the pacific ocean where earthquakes and volcanic activity are common. a day after a legal setback -- the big question is what's nextfor president trump's travel ban? we are getting some idea of what the administration's next move might be...and catherine heenan is here with the details..
6:17 pm
the president is making it clear that he's not giving up on his fight to get the travel ban re-instated... but we know he's probably "not" heading directly to the supreme court... that could come later....but first his team is suggesting that they might arguethe merits of the ban first in 'district' court...or start from scratch with a reworking of the original executive order... this -- a day after an appeals court in san francisco shot down his case yesterday. the president told reporters on air force one today...that he's confident he'll ultimately win his case.. the president
6:18 pm
tweeted out more criticism of the appeals court decision today...calling it "disgraceful." he's indicating tonight that he's in a hurry to make things happen with a new order.. possibly as early as monday or tuesday.. president trump met with the prime minister of japan in washington d-c this morning.. this is the second world leader at the white house. the president says he is commited to the security of japan and bringing ties even closer. the two leaders are now in florida where they are expected to play some golf. this last presidential election has been said to be driven by angry voters. and one look at what happened last night in utah... helps make it is clear, people are still upset. things got so rowdy a congressman ended his town hall 45 minutes early. but it also highlighted a growing movement called "indivisible." kyung lah with our partners at c-n-n shows us the chaos
6:19 pm
created... and the motive behind a nationwide, grassroots campaign. natsthe town hall welcome for congressman jason chaffetz.nats jeered...natsdrowned out... rep. jason chaffetz/ utah:"i'm trying to be as representative as i can."natsa crowd of one thousand... viscerally tired of d-c blather...natsanother one thousand people, say police... outside.nats congressman chaffetz... seeing firsthand the national tide of angry voters.natsin california... protesters swarmed this town hall... chasing out the congressman. natsfrom nebraskato pennsylvania to indiana nats knocking on district doors sitting in, uninvited. channeling post-election anger a progressive movement called indivisible.nats
6:20 pm
indivisible was founded by former congressional staffers who saw firsthand the power of the 2009 tea party to stall president obama's agenda. indivisible now claims three- thousand groups and one-hundred thousand members spread across every congressional district.donald aguirre/member, indivisible utah:"these are things that we need to ask jacob chaffetz." it's organized... donald aguirre live streaming an action plan to indivisible utah 24 hours before congressman chaffetz's town hall.kyung lah/reporter:"this is directly in response to the election?"donald aguirre/member , indivisible utah:"100 percent. from one donald to another, i'm not going anywhere. and there are millions of people like me that are going nowhere. and for the next four years, we
6:21 pm
will be at everybody's doorstep."the new administration is noticing. white house press secretary sean spicer dismissed these protesters as professionals. sean spicer/white house press secretary:was a very organic movement. this has become a astroturf-type movement."kyung lah/reporter:"are you a operative?"courtney marden/foundeutah:"absolutely not. i'm a nurse. i'm a mom." courtney marden founded once a registered declared, anti- progressive town hall donald aguirre.declaring victory... congressman chaffetz town hall 45 minutes early.kyung lah, cnn, salt lake city, utah. toss weather expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
up next: rescued
6:24 pm
from a shed. who three people can thank tonight after they got stuck in some rising water. and what is going to be done to fix the massive hole that's opened in one of california's largest reservoirs. the emergency solutions that are being considered tonight. and coming up new tonight at eight... union city police release this sketch of the suspect accused of robbing a girl scout cookie stand, and taking off their the girl scout troop managed to get its money back. that's tonight at eight.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
it is still unclear what caused a freight train to derail in suburban sacramento this afternoon... according to officials. sending more than a dozen of the train cars into the swollen consumnes river. take a look at this... a levee break nearby could have caused the
6:27 pm
train to slide off the tracks... but right now that is unclear. only three people were onboard. no injuries were reported. it looks like about 15 of those train cars ended up submerged in the river... hazardous materials crews came out as a precaution... they have not said what was in those containers. people are being asked to avoid the area. three people were rescued from flood waters in reno today a t-v news crew was on the other side of the water and heard someone screaming for help... and called 9-1-1. the men were holding on to a shed in a flooded cattle pasture. rescue crews arrived... and used boats to get to them. the men were taken to the hospital for treatment. we have been telling you about the spillway at one of california's largest reservoirs crumbling. tonight... the emergency fixes being considered as the
6:28 pm
reservoir reaches capacity. and it is not just that reservoir... dealing with an overflow... we will take you the sierra where a water treatment plant is releasing water. what officials are telling people who are worried it could harm drinking water and the environment. plus what a difference a year makes. see the dramatic impact this wet winter has had in helping to pull california out of the drought.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
and we are getting word right now from the highway patrol in the santa cruz area... that the section of highway 17 that has been closed all day... will be partially re-opened within the hour. the chp says it is preparing to re-open the southbound lanes. northbound lanes are still closed indefinitely. this was the case earlier this week.. with one lane being used for southbound traffic .. and the other northbound... between summit and granite creek.### another rmudslide to tell you about ...this one in los gatos on bear creek road. three miles off of highway 17. you can see the ground
6:32 pm
became so wet that it could no longer hold up the mud and trees on the hillside. it topppled down in the overnight hours and is blocking the roadway. these mudslides are popping up everywhere in the area so crews are really busy. they are unsure when bear creek road will reopen. with all the heavy rainfall...mudslides in the guerneville area are popping up everywhere. firefighters say the russian river is still a threat to ohmeowners worried about flooding..but a break in the weather may help with that. here in orinda...thursdays
6:33 pm
storm send more mud down the hill and into this home on van tassel lane. civil engineers took advantage of the break in the weather to get a good look at the damage to the home. after a close examination of the home...engineers say they now have a good idea of what it will take to remove all the mud.
6:34 pm
this is one of the more dramatic pictures we have seen this week... a spillway in northern california crumbling... and a huge hole opening up. workers in butte county are still scrambling to deal with that huge hole that openedin the oroville dam spillway.. catherine heenan is here with the latest.. this has been frightening to watch...and no one wanted to hear that the hole in the spillway doubled in size in less than a day... the latest on the rush to deal with this problem -- it's now believed that an emergency spillway - an extra one that's never been used - might not have to be brought into play. state officials say they believe they can avoid emergency releases from
6:35 pm
this key reservoir -- while still protectingthe oroville dam. they're reminding everyone that the hole is only on the spillway....not the dam itself. but part of the ongoing concern -- the reservoir is at 96 percent capacity. the problem was discovered tuesday....when a maintenance worker realized the extra water was blasting away chunks of concrete from the spillway... water officials don't expect higher water releases today to causeflooding.. also - workers spent a second day trying to rescue millions of baby salmon at a downstream hatchery... grant
6:36 pm
and pam? there is an environmental concern in the sierra due to all the run-off from this week's rainfall. the emergency overflow basin at the water treatment plant in el dorado county has exceeded it's capacity. the plant is now taking in 8 million gallons per day- which means a small percentage of the water going out is wastewater. officials say the amount of waste that is being pumped back into the adjacent hangtown creek is minimal. they want to assure the public that it is not effecting the drinking water supply for placerville. "it's minimal, the environmental threat, but i won't say there's none. there is a possibility, but are you ever going to be able to find it, or measure it? probably not because of the amount of flow that is going down that creek right now." the water is only being released now to protect a major break in the emergency basin. tonight we can show you
6:37 pm
how big of a dent this wet winter has made in the drought. these maps come from the u-s drought monitor... and you can really see the difference. look on the left... that is california from this time last year... the darker the colors... the more severe the drought. on the right, that's the state this week. basically ... northern california is out of the drought. southern california could still use a little more rain. toss weather expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry
6:38 pm
this weekend. expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend. a reminder... cannot watch kron 4 on the
6:39 pm
television.... you can take us with you through our mobile app. we have live radar... the forecast for where you live... and you can watch our newscasts as well on your mobile device. it is available for free for apple and android devices. it is one of the biggest chinese new year celebrations around. details on tomorrow's parade in san francisco and one of the highlights officials say will dazzle the crowd.
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san francisco's annual chinese new year parade is set for tomorrow night. it is billed as one of the largest celebrations outside of asia and draws tens of thousands of people every year. it starts at second and market streets a little after 5 p-m. it features floats, performances and this year... a massive golden dragon that will snake through the route. if you plan on going, parade officials are encouraging people to use public transportation to avoid the expected heavy traffic and
6:43 pm
parking crunch. in sports... gary will join us with his lovely wife alicia to read fan emails... plus... the a's and giants are getting set for spring training ... the orange and black are preparing for the annual fanfest... gary has the story and all the other sports coming up. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. ♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. the warriors begin a
6:46 pm
three game road trip in memphis against the grizzlies. right now... new 49ers head coach new 49ers new 49ers
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
right now...grizzlies. against the grizzlies. right now... new 49ers head coach kyle shanahan continues to complete his coaching hires six assistant including former falcons coach bobby turner. meanwhile, the raiders rewarded jack del rio with a new four-year deal. the second year head coach led the black to a 12-4 record and clinch their berth in 14 years. owner mark davis released saying: "we are excited to building on the strong foundation established and this is a significant step in goal" big weekend ahead for the giants... tomorrow morning at&t park will be backed for the team's annual 'fanfest.' the grounds crew was out on the field setting up the stage and tents. today-- players and coaches met with the media... and a topic that came up often-- how last season ended. marred by constant problems, the giants the 2nd half of the seaosn, playoffs, and packing by the cubs. the team hopes to have found a solution by signing closer mark melancon. here is bruce bochy. "obviously, we got who we think is one of the best closers in the game and we can work down and we think with the arms that we have and the experience from last year, it's only going to make them better."
6:49 pm
tiger woods pulls out of his next two tournament due to dealing with back spasms. meanwhile down in pebble beach... it was a foggy day in round two. but that didn't bother jordan speith... he makes the birdie putt... moves to seven under. derek fathauer kept it close... he finished the day eight under... he didn't finish the round speith finished the day with a 65 and leads the tournament 10 under par.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. how did you celebrate your birthday? >> crying mostly. crying and drinking. >> number one, george clooney joins the first-time father's club at 55. >> most of his close friends, their kids are leaving the nest now. >> what clooney can expect as an older dad. >> then what james corden brings carpool karaoke to the grammys? inside the plans to control the beyonce-adele diva battle. >> there is a strong chance we'll mess the whole thing up. >> and number three -- >> fifty shades darker gets whipped by the critics and the stars fire back. >> we didn't really make it r the critics. >> plus our couples confidential. >> hey, insider. >> jenny mccarthy and donnie wahlberg show us the perks of marrying a new kid.
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>> you're looking for good, everything at play. >> and you're not in "black-ish" anymore, anthony anderson. >> i can't see it. >> why the prime time star is going head to tails with the animal kingdom. >> the more danger the better. >> oh, yeah! oh, yeah! >> right here on "the insider". >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. george and amal clooney join the hollywood twins club and it is the number one tracking story today. >> we're so happy for them. >> yeah. >> the couple revealed they will welcome the babies in june. george has long joked about fatherhood, so at 55 we had to ask just how ready is he for one of the biggest roles of his life. >> what's the most romantic thing you've done in the past two years? >> in the past two years? there are so many. honestly, i could tell you, but -- what? it's a half an hour show? >> romantic gestures are going to be less, dinners for two, and m


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