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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 10, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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this shot, strategically using a binder to hide her tummy. >> you did a hell of a job keeping it secret. >> he didn't tell me to keep it quiet. he told me. i told my wife. congrattlations. and new that the secret doesn't get out if you don't tell anybody. >> but george kind of probroke pregnancy rule when he dropped the news to matt last fall on the movie set that clooney is directing. >> i said how along is she? >> he is like eight weeks. >> i'm like, are you out of your mind? don't tell anybody else! don't you know the 12-week rule? of course he doesn't. just shut up, man. four weeks later, i'm like, we're good, right, we're good? >> bringing joy little children. >> this is what a forensic artist imagined the twins would look like if they were a boy and girl. we will wait and see but one thing we know for sure is that
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39-year-old amal will have thee best pregnancy style. >> she is always, since the day i et her, she always had this inssnely ecceetric but fun sense of fashion. >> you had to probably expand the bachelor closet a little bit. >> you mean for her? >> to make room. >> are you kidding? yes. another bedroom,,i think. >> can we go back to the memes for a second? this has to be my favorite. george's face photo shopped on beyonce's body. speaking of the real beyonce performing sunday night, i expect to ken you aand he is be coy about what whats for show time. >> if that happens it will be amazing. >> we learned beyonce's performance may include the singer dressed in gold, pairing on a giant turntable. the theme, beyonce's journey and
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evolution with actresses playing her in different stages of life. but don't look for any high-flying acrobatics or over the top stunts. beyonce's pregnancy is considered high-risk due to her age, 35, and the fact she is carrring twins. >> wouldn't it be any special ac accommodations made because she is pregnant with twins and her tummy did not look tiny when i saw her. >> it is not tiny and i saw it last night. but she is, the glories of motherhood. you know, she looks more radiant than ever. she looks so beautiful. >> beyonce's grammy seating card is in the front row next to hubb$ hubby jay-z. last night her friend gwyneth paltrow was at the runway show in new york. >> beyonce made the announcement wearing sexy lingerie. how excited are you for her that she will be a mom of twins? >> very excited. babiis are always a good thing.
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babies bring good luck. >> a lot of celebrities announced having twins. what do you recommend for women who are expecting to still look sexy and sexy throughout that period? >> wear what makes you feel good. do not let anyone tell you what you cannot wear or should wear. >> what do you get the mom who has everything that is expecting twins? >> i don't know. maybe a good foot massage. sunday night, but you know whole be here? the weeknd. i add chance to talk po james corden's a corden and he told me about some special tributes taking place. >> tribute to george michael. i know your first car pool karaoke was george michael and he meant a lot to you. >> a tribute like you never imagined. >> this legend will also be
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remembered. >> there is a big moment for prince, by one of our superstar performers. >> we hear that will be bruno mars, one of several artist honoring prince. >> all i can tell you is he will burn the place down when he plugs in that guitar. >> we know lady gaga's performing with metallica. yesterday she got grammy ready at a skin care salon. while we can't wait for the collaboration, like many stars his girlfriend, selena gomez, had to deal with the massive blizzard in new york. >> are there any artist stuck on the east coast that would normally be here? >> not yet. it is a concern. >> the storm did affect kelly balance reasony, she is here in l.a. thhs sunday is her fers tiirst ever up on the grammy stage. she is doing a duet with lucas graham. she talked about it with our senior editor.
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>> tell us about the performance. >> his huge massive hit "seven years" and my song "peter pan". we mashed it up, tells a story. it is pretty. i'm excited. >> another thing kelsey is excited about is that she is engaged and she showed us the ring. and since we are talking about couples, how about this one. james corden's parent will be here sunday night for grammys and it is their 45th wedding anniversary. i will give you one secret to the show, nancy. i hope their marriage survives the night. >> sounds like a trick up his sleeve for us both. we also found out a tip of the hat no car pool karaoke. a big day for adam levine as he got a star on the walk of fame. adam beaming, wife documenting every moment. and bringing the cute, their 4-month-old daughter, dusty rose. that is gwen stefani shouting be
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nice to blake shelton before he takes the stage for a jab. >> imagine my disapppintment when i found out that this isn't a roast. >> we also got to see the sentimental side to their bromace. >> i've never add more honest and loyal friend than adam levine. >> i'm not going to down play this and pretend it is not the coolest thing ever. i have a daughter, i have the most beautiful wife in the entire world. i'm one of the luckiest people who ever lived. >> after the ceremony, all about dusty rose. >> congratulations, adam. don't forget adam will be back on the voice when the show returns february 27. >> hitting theaters today, is the lego batman movii with mariah carey, channing tatum, jonah hill. >> and zach galifianakis, how do you not focus on them? and you don't want to share a voiceover with us. >> what is the best thing abo
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getting your whole film from the booth? >> no hair and make-up.& >> yeah. >> oh, there's mice in here. >> okay. here we go. >> i am batman. >> and in the wabatman lego mov, the snarky cape crusader will arou will arnette and zach. >> i looked in the rearview mirror and i looked in the back to see his reaction. i just see him look, turn and he goes, [ big sigh ] . >> now i'm free. now i'm moving. come on batman, let's get groovin.
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is the voice of his sidekick robin. there are rumors the show will be back for a fifth season. >> who would you like to play the young version of your character in the flash back. >> kevin costener. >> somebody who looks liie they are not in the band counting kro crows feet. >> someone came up with that joke this morning. counting crows feet. >> good one. >> former bachelorette. >> i had a bald spot on the back of my head from stress. >>cate l >> and matt damon how he got into shape for his new movie. >>
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legendary music executive clive davis will hold his he pregrammy gala saturday
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will you marry me? >> well one of the only ones who fell in love withcate li$ kaitl bristowe on the bachelorette, we all did. there is a lot that she never
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revealed about what it was like to be on the show. she is finally dropping those bomb shells with "e.t." on-line. >> looking back, is there aaything would you have done differently from that time? >> no. it is kind of a blur to be honest with you. it is unlike any other situation you will ever be in in your life. i lost hair during it. like chunks. i ahad a bald spot on the back f my head from stress. >> did you stay friends with the producers? i imagine you get close with them. >> trust them, then once you watch the show back, you're like oh, i don't trust you aay more. they are doing their job and we're just suckers on the other end. >> i feel like i'm constantly disappointing people. >> she also revealed there's a therapist onset to help contestants cope. as you never see anybody actually eating on a date. >> they feed you before you go on a date so you're not hungry when you sit down. you don't want want to watch someone talk with their mouth full. >> kaitlyn says she has no
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regrets about doing the show. >> i obviously found the love of my life out of it. it is worthhit. immediately after the show you're bitter because you went through so much. but now i'm like, okay, i can laugh at it. yeah, i'm happy. >> kaityn and her pick, shawn, are in nashvilll but are yet have a date set. >> we were in hawaii and thought, should we just get married? we're more excited to have babies than we are to sign a piece of paper. but at the same time, i can't wait to marry him. >> as for her ex, current season the bachelor, she is not talking about has heard about bad girl corinne. >> who's stupid now? >> if that's who she is, then all the power to her. i don't think she cares what people thinks and i like it. >> kaitlyn said she doesn't care to have a 9 to 5 job after the
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bachelorette so she is writing mmsic and will start a pod cast soon. >> in a new movie, what his wifo and daughtee think. >> you're like, who's hair is this? >> more grammy gossip out of host james corden. better watch what you say, james. >> i never said that! what the hell happened to this show? >> closed captioning provided by --
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. what is it they want? >> to feed. >> there are a lot of amazing things in matt damon's new movie "the great wall" but probably the thing that jumps out the most is matt's epic man bun. yeah, and if you think it is easy tt take care of that bun, think again. >> if i'm to join you be i'll need my bow. >> the man bun, the leather, what was that like? >> all new. >> what did your daughters think
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of the man bun? >> they loved it. the first week they were into but after that they forgot about it. >> it took hours. 700 extensions finally glued in extensions. >> so you goot weave? >> yeah. -pthen i had to care for the weave. that's the issue. i have a whole new level of appreciation for any wife and daughters. then when you sleep, first night twoint sleep and all this hair, right, is all over my face. and not your hair. you know what i mean? and it is really -- then you're like, who's hair is this? who is this person? >> i've been a fool. i'm done with it. >> that hair is because matt played 12th century mercenary soldier in the film he calls a fu full-on battle movie. for stunt work he needed to be in great shape. >> does it get tougher as you get older to do these action movies? >> much, much harder. of stricter diet. more energy expended in the gym. when you're 25 you can kind of do anything. when you're 25. you know, like you're go tock
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fine. but when you're 45, it's no joke. >> that's still young matt and with five ladies in the damon household you know he's been cooking up holiday plans. >> valentine's day, how do you handle that? >> the kid wwll come home with little hearts and stuff that they make at school. and i'll do something special with my wife. that doesn't involve the kids. >> of course we will see matt again at the oscars on the 26th. his movie "manchester by the sea" is up for best picture. he was producer. back to grammys. check in with cameron mathison. >> hey, guys. back to the absolute green room. it is an official spirit sponsor for this weekend grammy awards. it is going to be a party. and the host with the most is james corden. and he let us in on what we can look forward to. >> are you ready? >> i'm not messing around. i couldn't be more nervous. i couldn't get to sleep last night i was so nervous.
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you know, you're nervous when you want to do your best and i don't want to mess it up. i don't want to let anybody down. >> someone saad are you going to sing at the grammys? i'm like, you know who is at the grammys, right? i'm not singing. there's beyonce and adele and bruno. >> if kocar pool karaoke you do. >> that's sharing in the joy. and i need to be quiet for a minute. listen to this, is this on? very different. >> by the way, would you ever make an album? >> no. no one is interested in that. >> are you kidding me? i've seen the look on some of celebrities faces when you hit notes and they are like -- >> that's different. that's because you're an singer. once you have an album, people be like, who the hell does he think he is? i'm not doing that. >> have you rehearsed the meeting with bee on sigh. like do you come up, shhke, go
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in for the kiss, what dooyou do? >> i know exactly. >> what is it? >> that is not her voice. >> this is what i will do. you be beyonce. >> okay. >> that's the one. >> you may lift. you may lift. >> i'm so excited for you. i really don't think there is anything you can't do. >> until monday. then it is all over. >> his wife is going to divorce him. >> oh, i never said that. why is my wife leaving me? what the hell happened to this show? >> he's the man.
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grammys this sunday on cbs. >> since you mentioned cbs, do you know the eye network has been number one under daytime for 30 years? what an incredible win streak. the stars got together for an i amazing photograph that will bring back some fond memories. the photo is stars from seven-day time shows inspired by this iconic cast from 1977 celebrating cbs's 50th anniversary. >> we all get goose bumps. >> you see mary tyler moore, walter cronkite, i will be laughing through the picture. >> the only one in oth shots is this guy. >> bob barker. >> i would have to explain to people that this was barker at one time and this is barker now. because i ain't looking like i did. >> bob hosted the price is right for 35 years. >> i'm often asked, what do i miss the most about it. the money.
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>> evidently the price was right. when we come back, the grammy camp jazz session on our stage and ready to blow you away. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: relentless rain takes a toll on the bay area. shutting down highways and triggerng landslides. leaving behind a trail of damage. and the search is on in the east bay for a man who robbed girl scouts... at gunpoint. i'm grant lodes. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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ey set i love you yet? >> all good stuff. >> >> travel consideration provided by >> a big weekend, don't forget grammys air this sunday on cbs. and 30 minutes before the big show, red carpet interviewing celebrities. that's cbs.
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and all of the highlights for you on monday's "e.t." >> can't wait to talk about the highlights and great perform uns for us right now 33 high schoolers from across the country come to l.a. every year. >> that's right. shz. >> selected as this part of the grammy camp jazz section. we have 12 of them on our stage. you ready? take it ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ entertainment tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ now at eight: sunny skies and frustrated's crazy two powerful storms leave a legacy of washouts, mudslides and detours.gonna take us an hour out our way.whoosh reservoirs a concern in the bay area and the sierra ... as they fill up faster than they
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can be emptied.whoosh quadcopter four brings us a unique view as we go live to the flooding on the russian river, there's no place for the water to go. the ground is saturated,whooshthe latest on the search for a robber in the east bay who robbed a girl scout cookie stand ... at gunpoint!you're watching kron four news in prime time. collapsed highways... flooded neighborhoods... and roads shutdown. the storm aftermath taking a toll on the bay area. you're looking at video of some of the worst damage. all because of heavy rain, wind, and overly saturated ground. thank you for joining us i'm grant lodes... in tonight for steve. and i'm pam moore. the bay area will see a short break in the rain --- but it could return next week. we'll check in with meteorologist lawrence karnow momentarily. but first happening now.... highway 35 in los now closed indefititely. you can see why in this video.


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