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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight at ten: major road closures across the bay area... with the potential to seriously affect your weekend plans.. good evening, i'm pam moore. and i'm grant lodes in for steve aveson. the stormy weather may be gone for now -- but the problems seem like they're getting worse. happening now -- closures on highway- 37 in novato, highway- 17 in the santa cruz mountains... and just hours ago -- a large part of highway- 35 in los gatos collapsed. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in that area tonight.... ella that looks like a huge repair job.
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this is bear creek road where drivers ae now rerouted because of the closure - that's adding more than an hour to their commute depeding on when their going. pkg this is what's left of skyline road just west of las cumbres road.the video courtesy of santa cruz resident jake gould who was on the scene when it happened.a gaping wide hole split open as the road succmbed to heavy saturation.the region that sits in the middle of ella sogomonian"now you can't really see behind me but this is now where that road ends." the hole is estimated to be 200 feet wide and a quarter mile deepwith sr 9 and 17 closures as well - drivers are having to detour up to an hour away using bear creek and black roads."
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that portion of skyline is no closed in santa cruz county ella sogomonian kron 4 news. the southbound side of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains.... is open tonight... after a massive mudslide shut down the highway... caltrans crews are ástill managing the flow of traffic by holding cars at times in the southbound lanes. the decision to re-open the northbound side
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will be made tomorrow afternoon... engineers are still trying to figure out the best way to clean up the mess...and minimize the chance of yet another mudslide... the clean-up work has proven to be very dangerous. yesterday two contractors... working for caltrans... were run over by a dump-truck. one of them died...the other was seriously injured. the worker killed has been identified as robert gill of los banos. two fundraisers have been set up online -- one for funeral expenses.. the other is for a "gratitude meal" -- to thank the crews working so hard to clear the roads.. if you'd like to help -- we have links on kron-4-dot-com. and highway 37 in the north bay is still closed tonight. there's an area that floods consistently during and after big storms.. and right cannot get through between atherton
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avenue and highway- 101 in novato. caltrans crews have been busy...24-7... pumping the water out... this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. this is the third straight day that section of the highway has been closed. on thursday one lane was briefly open in the east bound direction but once the rain started falling again...the water once again covered the whole highway. breaking news... we just got word that one lane of interstate -80 in the sierra is now open.but it is slow going for drivers across the mountains.ááápam/voááá cal-trans just tweeted out... one eastbound lane opened at ten.the interstate was shutdown due to a mudslide near baxter.right now.. cars and trucks will be able to use one lane through that 2 a-m.. big rigs will be allowed through. highway -50 near pollock
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pines... is closed.this is a picture from the scene. a mudslide is blocking all lanes - you can see a jeep was caught in the slide. that person made it out okay -- the c-h-p says, the road will remain closed until at least tomorrow. expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
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parts of the russian river region in sonoma county are still dealing with flooding... this is video from quadcopter four. the pee wee golf partially underwater. it's not the first time this winter. and while the damage is bad... the russian river did not rise as much as was expected. kron 4's hermela aregawi visited the area today... she shows us who was hit the worst. well, the county estimates about 600 people are displaced. so they set up a shelter.but those most affected by the floods.. are dealing with it on their own.this is how some people in guerneville are getting around tonight.the
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road to their homescompletely under's how it looks from the sky courtesy of our partnership with abc 7.the russian river crested at 34-point-4 feetabout five feet under what was expected. so places that typically flood..are dry tonight.but that's not the case for people living along neely road.for the third time this year.. bruce macdonnell is taxing people by boat.sot bruce macdonelli am just taking my friends and neighbors and anyone who needs to get across that water back there to this side or from this side or to that side for whatever reason no question asked.a 39 feet prediction prompted county officials to set up an emergency shelter for those expected to be displaced.. but it turned out to be largely unnecessary.those most
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affected chose to stay with friends and family.sot glenn kondysar last night i was able to get out but i had some business to take care of so i stayed not at home last night. now i gotta wait to get home so i figure around midnight i'll be able to get back home. sot pat danzeisenthere's no outlet so we're stuck back there. not fully prepared we don't have all the food... bruce might bring me back across right now but if he does that, i'm pretty much stuck there until whenever i know the water level is down and i can get past.for the most part.. residents are taking it easy.sot glenn kondysar it's more of a convenience than anything disasterous like tha past floods.but the water is always a concern.the water is expected to recede overnight. county officials tell me that means they can start their clean up this weekend. reporting in guernville, ha, k4 news. a major mudslide that hit a home in orinda got worse overnight. it's not the only serious storm problem in the area. kron4's haaziq
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madyun talked to people who live in orinda who are on high alert. the storms of 2017 have taken a toll on residents here in the east bay town of orinda "between the sink hole on minor road and this hill coming down, i feel like the little town of orinda is falling"during tuesday's storm this hill behind paul vittimberga's home came crashing into the back bathroom...while he was inside "about 9:30 in the morning and i was right in this bathroom over here"he told me that he actually had to climb over the rumble to get out of the bathroom. "i couldn't imagine it coming into my house" his neighbor hillary fabian recalls hearing mudslide slam into vittimberga's home"it went on for about a minute, we were in bed and we heard what sounded like a very long clap of thunder with no lightening"
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as the rain continued wednesday and thursday more mud came down pushing even further inside her neighbor's home"it's devastating, obviously, i can't believe it happened in our area but i am glad that they are okay"the home has been red tagged. a yellow tag has been placed on the residence next door. it too rests at the bottom of the rain soaked hill. ... on friday the civil engineers took adavanatge of the break in the weather to examine the situation up close. they say they now have a better understanding of the what it will take to remove tons of debris. they just hope the weather will stay dry long enough for them to get the work orinda haaziq madyun kron4news coming up:protests .... after more than 100 - people in california were arrested by immigration officers.. tonight -- the promise san jose is making in response. then:a girl scout robbed at gunpoint selling cookies outside a safeway... what we know about the thief --
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still on the loose tonight. and next: new at ten -- a bay area crime warning: windows smashed and vehicles burglarized... the items in the cars the thieves are targeting.
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♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. new tonight at ten...more than two dozen cars were burglarized in san ramon, danville and authorities believe the crimes are connected.kron4's lydia
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pantazes is live in san ramon. lydia, what are police saying about the burglaries? "i try not to leave anything inside, that's right."esha ray is being extra careful now when she goes to the gym..."i heard that there were multiple cars that were broken into a couple nights ago."the majority of those break-ins happened monday night in the parking lot of this 24-hour fitness on norris canyon road in san ramon.police say the burglars busted out the windows of 14-cars in this parking and another 3 in an adjacent parking lot."i come to the gym pretty much 4 to 5 times a week so not that i leave a lot of my valuables in the car but it's definitely worrisome, i feel like it's been a safe neighborhood so far so it's worrisome."another six cars were burglarized in the blackhawk plaza on monday as well.3-other cars were hit
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in danville."that feels like a group effort and that just doesn't feel right for a community like this, i'm concerned.""for that many to happen in one day, that's definitely a rarity."corporal mike pistello with the san ramon police department says most of the items stolen were left in plain site including purses and laptops."suspects see that and they go for that as sort of a crime of opportunity kind of thing so basically you know when the items are in plain view people tend to go after those cars more than those that are locked with no valuables in sight.""i would actually leave my purse in the front seat.. so now that i know i'm not going to leave it there." stephanie rapley works nearby and got a warning from her employer about the break-ins. "they told us just to be aware of you know that there has been break-ins... just to keep your stuff safe."there are surveillance least one of the parking lots.police are following up on several leads but so far, no arrests have been made.a spokesman for the san ramon police department says they are increasing patrols in the areas hit by the burglars.reporting live in san ramon, lydia pantazes kron4 news.
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president donald trump and first lady melania trump are spending the weekend at the president's florida estate. with them -- japan's prime minister shinzo abe and his wife. this is the group at dinner tonight -- also there: new england patriots owner robert kraft. this getaway comes one day after a federal appeals court panel .. ruled to keep the administrations controversial travel ban on hold. now we're learning the white house may not immediately appeal the decision... reporter kristen holmes has more on what could come next. pres donald trump: "we also have a lot of other options, including just filing a brand new order"president trump telling reporters he's considering signing a new executive order on immigration---specifically focused on extreme vetting after the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled against reinstating his travel ban thursday. pres donald
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trump: "we are going to have very, very strong vetting. i call it extreme vetting and we're going very strong on security. we are going to have people coming to our country that want to be here for good reason." white house officials say they are weighing all of their options-- with its legal team working through the weekend-- president trump aboard air force one en route to his golf club in florida indicating no announcement would come until early next week pres donald trump: "we need speed for reasons of security"not on the table right now---immediately appealing the ruling to the supreme court-- over fears the administration could lose. however--president trump left that door open-- again saying he believed the administration would prevailpres donald trump: "we will win that battle. the unfortunate part is that it takes time statutorily, but we will win that battle. in washington, im kristen holmes. the emotional arrival of a teen refugee took place today... after the ruling that stopped president trump's travel ban. the 17-year- old refugee was welcomed by a group of
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representatives from catholic charities. the teen had spent years in a refugee camp in ethiopia... and when the president's order was announced... her journey to america was stalled. thanks to the ruling by federal judges just yesterday... she was able to complete the trip... and to reunite with a friend who she had known from that same refugee camp in ethiopia. the foster parent of the teen quickly escorted her out of the airport and to her new home. this emotional reunion one of many for refugees allowed to united states once again. tonight, immigrant advocates are outraged after a series of arrests during in-home immigration raids. these have happened in at least six states this week...including the couthern part of california..
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protesters angry about the raids gathered in downtown los angeles last night. advocates believe the arrests mark a shift in enforcement under the trump administration. immigration and customs enforcement says 160 people were arrested in the l-a area during a five-day sweep targeting immigrants with criminal histories and deportation orders. they called the raids "routine". san jose mayor's sam licardo...reacting strongly tonight, sending a message to his city: "all members of our san jose community-whether they have legal status or not-must know that our san jose police department will not participate in any way in any ice investigation or enforcement.
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toss weather expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
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still ahead:whether you plan to go and watch it in person -- or if you are going to avoid the traffic mess.... we have what you need to know, ahead of the big chinese new year parade tomorrow. and next: police want you to take a good look at this shoe.. why it could help them to get the bottom of a gruesome discovery on a bay area beach. - grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings.
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right now, get ball park jerky in assorted flavors for just $2.99. happening now: police want your help to catch the thief who robbed a girl scout at gunpoint... it happened in union city -- the girl and her mom were selling girl scout cookies. now investigators have released a sketch of the suspect.
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kron4's charles clifford shows us.
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new at ten: the sonoma county sheriff's office has released a photo of a shoe.. similar to the one that washed ashore on doran beach tuesday that contained remains of a human foot.. the shoe was found south of bodega bay. officials have not released the identity of the remains found in the shoe. coming up: a look at the new progressive grassroots movement ... designed to disrupt president donald trump and the g-o-p... and next:the dramatic
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images... as bay area reservoirs deal with having "too much" water.
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rising reservoirs causing some spectacular scenes around
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the bay area... tonight -- water managers around the state are doing what they can ... to keep things under control. it's hard to believe we were in a drought not too long ago. kron4's spencer blake checked out anderson lake today -- where an enormous amount of water is being released. that powerful the roar of massive amounts of water.flowing from this relatively small pipe áevery secondá."it's unbelievable. a lot of water. lot of water coming out of there.""boy, this last storm put a lot of water in the reservoir."right now the anderson reservoir is at 93 percent capacity - well over regulators' safety limit of 68 percent.there are seismic concerns on the 60-year-old dam that mean the water district is trying to get as much water out as it physically can."while it's pretty impressive to see 416 cubic feet of water per second pass through this outflow, remember the inflows into the
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reservoir are two thousand feet per second." "that's why the water level is continuing to rise."when next week's storm rolls around, the water district thinks the lake will fill to capacity."i love it. i can't wait until it comes over the spillway. it's gorgeous." from the top of the dam, you can see how close the water level is getting to the spillway.though there aren't real flood concerns here now, they could be coming."when and if the water goes over the spillway, we can't control the amount of water that's flowing over, so that's where you see flooding concerns."even still, the water district spokesman marty grimes isn't anticipating major issues.some other reservoirs in the valley, like uvas, are already spilling over.these drought- stricken southern california tourists couldn't believe their eyes at anderson lake. "it looks like a lot of wasted water going down the creek, but obviously there's a purpose as to why they're releasing the water."as for those seismic concerns, remember - it would take a ámassive earthquake, on one specific fault line, during the time the reservoir is cause a water catastrophe.grimes says that is highly morgan hill, spencer blake, kron four news.
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the rains stopped just in time to avert a crisis at that crumbling spillway at lake oroville. state water officials say they won't have to use an emergency spillway .... a move that could have had catastrophic consequences downstream. water will continue to pour down the concrete spillway.the bottom half is almost completely eroded can see the water turning brown as it flows out of the breach and onto the surrounding hillside. with the water in lake oroville just five feet from the top of the dam, officials had been predicting they'd have to use an emergency spillway to the's how it looks on google earth. it would spill water onto open land, potentially sending a tidal wave of trees and debris into the feather river below. today, they said that won't be necessary.lake oroville is one state's the biggest reservoirs. it's currently at 96 percent of capacity ... nearly 150 percent of its historical average at this time of year. shasta, the biggest in the state, is at 92 percent of
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capacity, also well above average.smaller trinity lake nearby, is two=thirds full, about average.east of sacramento, folsom lake is three quarters full, 141 percent of normal.and new melones lake, a vital water source for central valley farmers, is just half full, still below average, the storms are filling up average, the storms are filling up the reservoirs with rain ... but another factor is the unseasonably warm weather that is melting the snow pack... the source of a lot of the state's water in the summer months. a train derailment in sacramento today... take a look at this video. more than a dozen of cars from a freight train... slipped off the tracks and ended up submerged in the consumnes
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river. none of the three workers onboard was injured. tonight we learned, the train cars were carrying food products. people are being asked to avoid the area. police in south los angeles were led on a wild chase when a shooting suspect jumped in his car... and took off down the 1-10 freeway. helicopter footage shows how erratic the suspect was driving. he weaved in and out of cars on the freeway...hitting several of them. police came to the rescue of a women who's car was overturned. they say the suspect even fired rounds at the officers during the chase... but once his car could no longer drive... he surrendered. a friendly reminder... san francisco's annual chinese new year parade is set for tomorrow night. it is billed as one of the largest celebrations outside of asia and draws tens of thousands of people every year. it features floats, performances and ... a massive golden
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dragon that will snake through the route. here's a look at all the roads that will be closed tomorrow evening. the parade starts at second and market streets a little after 5 p-m. it winds through chinatown and spills onto columbus avenue. if you plan on going, parade officials are encouraging people to use public transportation to avoid the expected heavy traffic and parking crunch. for a look at the parade forecast- we turn to kron4 meteorologist lawrence karnow. expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
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another big story we are following tonight. new questions about what the president's national security adviser talked about with russia during the white house transition. there are reports that michael flynn talked about sanctions ... with russia's ambassador .. following the election. a trump administration official says, flynn quote - "can't be certain" the topic didn't come up. now congressional democrats are calling for an investigation into flynn.... saying his conversations may have broken a law barring private citizens from conducting diplomacy. protesters physically blocked pesident trump's new education secretary from entering a washington school today. betsy devos was at the school to meet with the
10:36 pm
chancellor and other officials. devos got back in her car as one man shouted "shame." she was able to get into the building through another entrance. some of the demonstrators were members of the washington teachers union. the president of the union publicized the education secretary's visit on twitter - she called on protesters to say "no" to privatization of schools. there is a new grassroots movement taking shape -- it is called "indivisible". it's targetting g-o-p lawmakers... with rallies - phone calls -- and now rowdy town halls. reporter kyung lah shows us the impact it's having. natsthe town hall welcome for congressman jason chaffetz.nats jeered...natsdrowned out... rep. jason chaffetz/ utah:"i'm trying to be as representative as i can."natsa crowd of one thousand... viscerally tired of d-c blather...natsanother one thousand people, say police... outside.nats congressman chaffetz... seeing firsthand the national tide of
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angry voters.natsin california... protesters swarmed this town hall... chasing out the congressman. natsfrom nebraskato pennsylvania to indiana nats knocking on district doors sitting in, uninvited. channeling post-election anger a progressive movement called indivisible.nats indivisible was founded by former congressional staffers who saw firsthand the power of the 2009 tea party to stall president obama's agenda. indivisible now claims three- thousand groups and one-hundred thousand members spread across every congressional district.donald aguirre/member, indivisible utah:"these are things that we need to ask jacob chaffetz." it's organized... donald aguirre live streaming an action plan to indivisible utah 24 hours before congressman chaffetz's town hall.kyung lah/reporter:"this is directly in response to the election?"donald aguirre/member , indivisible utah:"100 percent. from one donald to another, i'm not going anywhere. and there are
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millions of people like me that are going nowhere that was kyung lah reporting.. the white house has dismissed the demonstrations as "professional protests". coming up music highway 101 going south it's crazy the bay area is under's an invasion so sneaky and so destructive by the time you see it, it maybe it's already too late, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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complaints have been coming in about the conditions of roads since the bay area has had record rainfall.roads are flooded, some are closed and some are having problems that affect almost every one on the road and probably will be here for a while they're appalling, i mean i've never seen anything like this their getting bigger and bigger a lot of water sitting in them it's hard on your car its heavey traffic due to pot hole repair work that going on it's the attack of the killer potholes, and while they are not killing people .they are killing something else i had to get new shocks i'm serious
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and in some areas if your not watching yourself you hit these big potholes man and your worried about if you're going to mess up your suspension up if you drive on highway 101towards the airport oh my god when you get past candlestick park going south it's crazy some people have had to buy new tired and in some case new rims then there are the lucky ones i have not experienced a flat tire yet that even more scary weve had an unusual amount of water i don't think the government are prepared to deal with these kinds of problems because it's unusual in california and it's even worse if you're riding a motorcycle because riders are trying to duck and dodge unattentive drivers and now potholes i feel like i'm being attacked by these potholes it's crazy tony majowicz a producer at kron commute on hie harley daily even in the rain when it's raining not only does it
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break up all that assault and leave like these little chunks all over the place but it makes these holes worse makes it harder to see and it slippery you hit one of these things a lot of people what to place the blame squarely on caltrans saying they are behaving badly by not maintaining the roads .but it's actually not 100% their fault according to caltrans they are filling as many potholes as quickly as possible and they are dealing with flooded roads, sinkholes, mudslides, and other storm related problems and one other thing, there is a rumor out that, if you damage your car because of a pothole you can file a claim well, the rumor is true. with one caveat you are going to have to prove that they pothole has been there for more than 30 daysin san francisco stanley roberts kron4 news
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toss weather expect partly cloudy skies and a few showers tonight before slowly clearing. it should be mostly sunny, warmer and dry this weekend.
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toss sports gary
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the warriors have stuggled against the grizzlies this season... they've lost their last two games against memphis... but tonight they made sure to take care of business. memphis' head coach david fizdale was ejected in the third quarter after receiving a pair of techinicals.1st quarter klay thompson got the warriors rolling early... he nailed four triples in the quarter... had 14 out of 17 points the warriors scored in the first 1st quarterthe grizzlies kept it close steph curry drains a three while falling on the
10:53 pm
play 28-22 warriors2nd quarter draymond green had a historic night... he became the first player in nba history to record a non- scoring triple double 3rd quarter klay sets up javale mcgee for the slam. final: 122-107 golden state after the draymond green made it clear he was proud of being part of nba history new 49ers head coach kyle shanahan continues to complete his coaching staff... he hires six assistant including former falcons running bak coach bobby turner. meanwhile, the raiders rewarded jack del rio with a new four-year deal. the second year head coach led the silver and black to a 12-4 record and clinch their first playoff berth in 14 years. raiders owner mark davis released a statement saying: "we are excited to continue building on the strong foundation that has been established and this is a significant step in achieving that goal"
10:54 pm
tiger woods pulls out of his next two tournament due to dealing with back spasms. meanwhile down in pebble beach... it was a foggy day in round two. but that didn't bother jordan speith... he makes the birdie putt... moves to seven under. derek fathauer kept it close... he finished the day eight under... he didn't finish the round speith finished the day with a 65 and leads the tournament 10 under par.
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thanks gary.. we'll be
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physical violence or emotional pain -- it can also impact your child's education. reporter kim hutcherson explains how bullying can impact your child's capacity to learn... hutcherson.
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our top story tonight.... the storm may be over... but it left major problems around the bay area... good evening and thanks for joining us i'm grant lodes... in for steve aveson. and i'm pam moore... the bay area now dealing with major road closures... and they seem to be getting worse.. a large part of highway- 35 in los gatos collapsed. kron 4's ella sogomonian is in san mateo county tonight.... with a look at the huge repair job. pkg this is what's left of skyline road just west of las cumbres road.the video courtesy of santa cruz resident jake gould who was on the scene when it happened.a gaping wide hole split open as the road succmbed to heavy saturation.the region that sits in the middle of ella sogomonian"now you can't really see behind me but


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