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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 13, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the trees are underwater ... the water is rising real fast engineers struggling to stave off a catastrophe tonight. water continues to cascade out of lake oroville ... threatening to flood towns along the feather river,tens of thousands of people now living in cars and cots in evacuation centers after the emergency order to get out.and then the sirens started goin' offfire trucks were screaming get outthe only thing i thought at that moment was 'get out' now at 8. mass amounts of water unleashed from the oroville dam. a race against time for crews trying to repair the dam and ease the swollen water levels before the next storm. all this as the damaged spillway threatens to flood communities.. already forcing nearly 200-thousand people from their homes. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore. tonight we are tracking the upcoming rain which could make things worse for oroville. and spencer blake is at an evacuation center tonight. but
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first, our grant lodes is here with what the governor is calling for tonight? grant ? governor brown is asking the federal government for assistance for the three counties affected by this emergency... about 190 thoudand people had to quickly leave their homes last night in butte, sutter and yuba counties. right now...water is flowing from the main spillway...which is damaged...but functioning. and the best news tonight is the lake's water level as the emergency spillway is being repaired. for a little perspective we'll use this daily mail map... the problem at lake oroville started last tuesday when a massive hole opened up in the main spillway. the hole...30 feet deep...200 feet wide.feet deep...200 the hole...30 feet deep...200 that issue prompted water managers to stop using the main spillway. that meant water in the lake...swollen from all this winters storms...started coming over
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the emergency spillway. the emergency spillway is just dirt and rocks... and with all the pressure from the water level so high... the concern...especially yesterday...was that the dirt and rock could collapse... and that would mean a 30 foot wall of water would come charging down this dirt hill... some into the feather river...but tons and tons
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would keep coming downstream...flooding towns as far south as marysville...30 miles south of the lake. tonight the governor gov brown said he spoke with a trump administration official today about thei issue...and though the governor has criticized president trump on many of his initiatives, of his trump on many president governor has though the issue...and about thei official today administration with a trump said he spoke gov brown there are several evacuation centers set up for those who had to leave their homes in
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oroville.the largest one is in chico, about 20 miles northwest of oroville.kron four's spencer blake is live there tonight.spencer, how are evacuees holding up? it's not surprise that generally, people want to go homebut most of them are also wise enough to wait for the all clear.before leaving the evacuation center on their own. the silver dollar fairgrounds are the temporary home for about 15 hundred evacuees monday night - about twice as many as slept here sunday."we have kids. i can't just go and put myself in harm's way with the children."the red cross closed the shelter in paradise and moved those three or four hundred evacuees to chico in the afternoon."we opened one
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wing of that last night, and we're filling the other wing and kind of the connecting piece."those who preferred a hotel bed over sleeping on a cot had to be either fast or lucky."i was calling everywhere. chico's all booked out. so finally i got a hold of somebody here in red bluff at this hotel."that hotel is another 45 minutes beyond even chico.but one 12-year-old is putting his boredom to good use."i've been helping people like with their dogs and stuff, taking them outside to get 'em, take them to go to the bathroom and taking them back up to their hotel."back in chico, the chico state men's soccer team stopped by to help kids with cabin fever burn some energy.this man brought his guitar - and his dog hank - just to cheer up evacuees in the best way he knows how.volunteers didn't forget about the pets, either. "she's a mixture of chihuahua. i adopted her about a month ago."huge bags of dog food were among the piles of donations, and one of the fair buildings is being used as a kennel.while the salvation army churns out breakfast, lunch, and dinner for hundreds of people, the red cross says there have been only minor logisitical hiccups."the resources are really snapping
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into place to really meet the needs."the red cross plans to keep the center running for as long as the county deems necessary. something to keep in mind, while the food, water, and snacks that people from chico bring in are put to good use, the red cross doesn't really have the means right now to distribute donated clothing. live in chico, spencer blake, kron four news. there are several evacuation centers set up... in addition to chico. the glenn county fairgrounds on east yolo street and in paradise.. the elks lodge is also opening its r-v park for free to evacuees. space is limited in the r-v park. in woodland - the yolo county fairgrounds is also open for those who need to stay there. for a full list of evacuation centers in the area - just go to nearly 600 inmates have been evacuated from oroville to alameda county.
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it's the first time there's been an evacuation order at the butte county jail. the evacuation included all levels of offenders. the inmates will stay at the santa rita jail as long as it's necessary. alameda officials say there is plenty of room at the jail...which can house 5-thousand inmates a day. toss weather showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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today's clear weather allowed water officials to get a better idea of the extent of damage to the dam's spillways. crews have some urgent repair work to do before more rain rolls in. the oroville dam
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overlook has been turned into a make shift rock quarry... big rigs are hauling in stones and boulders to the area... so they are ready to be used to repair the emergency spillway. officials also have a pair of helicopters .... and dozens of bags filled with material which can help shore up the damaged spillway. meanwhile, crews are trying to release as much water as they can from the dam.. before the next storm. so far, the water level has decreased six- feet since last night. water resource officials say their goail is 50 feet in the next couple days. so, when it comes to what officials are telling us - and the public... kron 4's vicki liviakis is here to show how quickly their statements went from no threat - to evacuate, this is not a drill. here's a timeline of how quickly things moved leading up to where we are right now. on tuesday a massive hole began to form on the spillway of the dam. the hole formed during the
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heavy rain and it has continued to grow ever since. at around 5 last night...things took a turn for the worse. officials ordered people living downstream to evacuate saying a "hazardous situation is developing" after an emergency spillway severely eroded. last night, the butte county sheriff's office said the emergency spillway could fail within the hour. by 8 last night, officials said 188- thousand people had evacuated. while the spillway has not failed, causing a 30 foot wall of water to flood entire towns, officials are working to get the situation under control. just before midnight, the national guard was put on stand-by. 23- thousand soldier are ready to deploy to the area if needed. vicki liviakis kron 4 news you can track the oroville dam crisis online ... and on our mobile app. visit kron-4 dot com for the latest updates... evacuation centers and road closures. you can also find out how you can help those affected by the evacuation. and stay connected on breaking updates by getting push alerts from our free mobile app..
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highway- 17 in the santa cruz mountains is still a mess tonight. debris from a mudslide last week is still blocking the northbound lanes. kron 4's dan kerman was back out there today....where work was at a standstill.
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meanwhile... highway 35 in los gatos is closed indefinitely... after a landslide friday. you can see the land completely gave way in this video courtesy of our helicopter partners at a-b- c 7. caltrans needs a geologist to determine the best course of action. from simply filling in the dirt and paving it to building a bridge. the sheriffs department is in the area
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helping with traffic. families who live nearby are concerned that increased spectator traffic on detour roads ... may cause them to collapse as well. highway -37 in the north bay is also closed. the highway was shut down last thursday due to flooding from recent storms. crews will begin an emergency road work project ... to raise the level of the roadway which has sunk. this work will hopefully prevent flooding from closing the roadway in the future. all entrances to the road off highway- 101 are closed. eastbound traffic has to use atherton road to detour around the flooded section. cal-trans is running pumps in attempt to divert water from the route. still no word on when the highway might reopen. we are tracking breaking news out of oroville. where tens of thousands of families are still evacuated tonight. ahead at eight.. we talk to people forced out of their homes.
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plus. dozens of potholes posing problems for east bay drivers. the rush to fix the crumbling infrastructure before more rain arrives. and next. questions about whether the oroville crisis could have been avoided? in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. breaking news out of the
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nations capitol.a key member of president trump's cabinet just stepped downlet's get
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right over to grant lodes..he's this stunning development...grant? less than one month into the trump administration...and just minutes ago...the president's national security advisor...michael flynn...resigned. flynn's been embroiled in controversy ever sicne his communication with a top russian official revealed flynn may have lied to vice president mike pence. pence has publicly vouched that flynn did ánotá discuss sanctions with russia's ambassador to the u.s. before the inauguration. but flynn has since told the white house...that sanctions ámay haveá been discussed when he talked to the russian ambassador. flynn...a retired army lt. general...was a close ally to president trump...having counseled him on foreign policy and national security matters since early in the 2016 presidential race.
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new tonight at 8.. we are learning that there have long been concerns that the spillways at lake oroville could become a problem.yeah, the oroville damn was built back in the 1960's and more than a decade ago a motion was filed with the federal government requesting that those spillways get an upgrade. kron 4's charles clifford has spent the afternoon looking into this situation. charles, do we know if any of those concerns were addressed?well, like many dams in california the oroville dam and its spillways were built to the standards of the 1960's and over the years there have been attempts to make improvements but sadly the dam remains pretty much the same as when it was built. natsback in 2005, several groups, including the sierra club and the friends of the river, filed a motion with the federal energy regulatory
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commission, or ferc, requesting that the oroville dam emergency spillway be upgraded. the authors of the motion noted that the hillside just below the lip of the spillway is unprotected soil and that water released over the spillway could do significant damage there. they worried that "the amount of soil, rock, and debris that would fall into the feather river could be very large, depending on the depth of erosion. there could be damages to downstream structures." they also worried that if the spillway itself wasn't improved, managers might eventually lose control of it.despite these concerns, neither the ferc, the army corp of engineers or the california department of water resources made any of the suggested upgrades among other reasons for not making the changes, officials pointed to federal regulations which allow emergency spillways to be built to lower standards. the federal guidelines for dam safety states that "emergency spillways may be used to obtain a high degree of hydrologic safety with minimal additional cost. because of their infrequent use, it is acceptable for them to sustain significant damage when used and they may be designed with lower structural standards than those used for auxiliary
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spillways."in a press conference on monday, california department of water resources acting director bill croyle, who joined the department in 2007, said he was unaware of the concerns raised more than a decade ago. soti'm not aware of the findings or what that was based on so i can't respond to that. now, earlier today the friends of the river said in a statement that they are hoping the lessons we are learning right now at lake oroville will be used to make better decisions in the future when it comes to making safety upgrades at spillways. pam. in the east bay - crews spent the day filling potholes in danville. we're told dozens of potholes were filled today across the city, and at tis park and ride. a large stretch of the road started to cave in after water seeped under the area. crews say they are working fast to try and beat the next storm coming in at the end of the week. toss weather..
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showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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new ahead at 8. a woman plunges to her death in
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a horrific fall from a escalator what she was trying to grab before it happened.
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wars are heating up.for the first time in five years .... verizon is now offering an unlimited data plan. in response, hours later. t-mobile sweetened its unlimited data plan . kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate joins us now who says all this tit for tat is great for consumers carrier plans are getting cheaper i love this..the more they fight and try to one up each=other, the more we benefit verizon was the last carrier holding out. refusing to offer unlimited plansbut now they are.if you are a t- mobile or verizon customer you can start saving money right now with these new plans. if you're with at&t or sprint likely. within a week or two they will announce new plans to better's how the unlimited offerings stack up to eachother at&t's unlimited talk, text, and data plan is $100 a month plus taxes and $45 for additional lines. verizon's plan is $80 plus taxes and $45 for an additional line. t-mobile's is $70 or 2 lines for $100. those prices are inlcuding all fees and taxes.
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your phone will start to act slower when web surfing or streaming video. with all the free wi-fi everywhere it's hard to use this many gigs but if you are heavey user of cell network data.. then perhaps.. consider t-mobile one last thingthese new plans by verizon and t-mobile won't automatically go into effect for you you have to call them or go into a store to enroll in these. at&t: 22gbsprint: 23gbt-mobile: 28gbverizon: 22gb gsk4n if you have any questions about these plans .. i know they can be tricky.. you can always hit me up. or if you want to see the comparrison between the plans's laid out on my tech page on kron 4 dot com or on mobile app. ahead at eight.. the presidents meeting with canada's prime minister. the topics that came up plus. the flu is spreading across 40 states... the urgent warning tonight from health officials. and next... flee and seek shelter. tens of thousands of people under evacuation orders... as the oroville dam spillway sits on the brink of disaster. a live report...straight ahead.
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a lot of stress for know as state officials work on fixing the oroville dam, hundreds of thousands of evacuees are unsure of what their future holds. yesterday, many of them had to pack up and leave their homes within hours.kron 4's alecia reid joins us from the yolo county fairgrounds tonight.... where the evacuation center is filled with are they doing tonight? at last check there were still some families waiting to get the time they got here yesterday, they were all out. they're hoping they won't have to sleep in their cars again tonight.pkgevacuees are trying to get as comfortable as they can in their new living quarters.sot - they're gonna bring more beds, we just don't know when. and with my babies
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standing there it's just horrible.anthony mendoza, and his family including one year old twin boys benjamin and alfredo had to rush out of their homes . leaving necessities behind.ana hernandez - sot - empty my suitcase i didn't even pack it all. my diaper bag. i completely forgot their diapers and got this box here. while the state continues to work on ways to prevent the reservoir's retaining wall from collapsing, the evacuation center at yolo county is caring for seniors in need of care, pets, and hundreds of children.rita eisenstat/volunteer - sot - at first it broke my heart to see all these children, but then the city brought in things for them to play and now they're all they try to settle in, meddie lozano realized she left one important thing.meddie lozano / evacuee - sot - spacing out and rushing i packed clothes
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for 2 days, but i left socks, and my thyroid medication that i have to take every day. standup meddi's husband was able to drive back to their home, and run inside to get her meds. they're now all back here safely waiting to find out when they can go home. reporting from yolo county fairgrounds. hundreds of evacuees are spending a second night on cots and in cars at the silver dollar fairground in chico. as kron four's will tran found out... they all have a story to tell.
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we are at the chico fairgrounds.... evacuation center now ...and about 900 of the 180,000 peopleevacuated are here and have been here since around 630 last night includign this young man give us your story on when you got the calli was in my dorm room and we go about an hour warning to evacuate and you know all these fire trucks are screaming and saying get out of town and evacuatebumper to bumper traffic, it toally did not feel realyeah it just seemed unrealit is real. it's what happening right nowthat might be a car to you and me but for these people...this is home for however long it's gonna are staying in this prius. i don't even know how you guys fit in this with your dogsthis is a little like noah's ark. they have their dogs and cats inside because this is their home.breakfast is being served right now ... you can see how long the line is.meantime they're also
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thinking about their homes. did you see the water rise? yes, oh it's been scary. i've seen it every day. and i drive for a ministry so i've been watching it and i've never seen anything like this before. the mood's been pretty good, it seems like everybody's family and we're all in this together,yes. people are giving up their cots. people are giving their blankest up to elderly. i;ve never seen such human kindness. and especially from my town, i hate to say this, which is known not for human kindness, but there's god here.wt, k4n toss weather
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showers will taper tonight but flash flood warnings will continue until tomorrow mornings for southbay zone.
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the closest of neighbors -- with very different world views. today president trump welcomed canadian prime minister justin trudeau to the white house the two talked trade, immigration and a crucial alliance. prior to the visit, trudeau said he'd seek common ground with president trump, but respectfully highlight areas of disagreement. one key area -- trade. especially candidate-trump's campaign rhetoric regarding nafta, the
8:37 pm
clinton-era trade pact with canada and mexico, that the president has vowed to rework or void entirely. jeffrey sandusky, the son of convicted sex abuser jerry sandusky, has been arrested on felony and misdemeanor child sexual abuse charges. that's according to court documents from the state of pennsylvania. the younger sandusky, who is 41- years old, faces 14 - counts, including sexual assault of a child older than 11... and sexual assault of a child younger than 16. you may remember, his father... former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky, was found guilty in 2012... of 45- charges related to sexual abuse. he was sentenced to no less than 30- years in prison. the the inauguration
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portrait pulled.... the glaring typo that forced it to be yanked. and next.. she died after a tragic fall from an escalator. what a woman in new york was doing.. in the moments before the accident. did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness?
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weekend in new york city. police say a young women fell over 30 feet inside the world trade center oculus. 29 year old jenny santos of kearney new jersey was with her twin sister. when she slipped off of an escalator...and fell to the main concourse floor officers believe the victim was trying to retrieve her sister's hat. when she apparently lost her balance. with the incident currently under investigation. some wonder if safety rails or glass walls could have saved her.
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the peak of flu season may be almost over... but health officials are still urging people to get vaccinated. the center for disease control and prevention says, more than 14-thousand cases of influenza have been reported across the country. nearly all the states in the nation are experienceing elevated levels of flu and flu-like illnesses. seven pediatric deaths have been reported in the last week. influenza is a highly contagious viral infection... and is more severe than the common cold. symptoms include a fever or chills, headache and muscle soreness. take a look at the president trump inauguration print from the library of congress. see whether you can spot the error that was overlooked by the library and the pictures' creators? it reads... "no dream is too big, no challenge is to great. nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach." but it uses the preposition "to" instead of the adverb ---
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spelled t-o-o. it was a social media user that pointed out the error. the library of congress removed the print from its website. the eight-by-ten inch print was available to purchase for 16-dollars-and-95-cents. in sports... steph curry and the warriors have a tough night in denver...... and the u-conn lady huskies make sports history... gary has that story... and all the sports... coming up ♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai.
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warriors in denver shorthanded without klay
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thompson and threee other playerssteph curry didn't have it tonight 1-for-11 on three-pointers for only 11 pointsmeanwhile the nuggets red hot from behind the arc jameer nelson 3-pointer 105-80 nuggets after 3 quarters host sacramento wednesday before heading to the all-star break
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kevin durant's return to oklahoma city saturday night had one major theme "cupcake" signs were all over the arena this was in reference to an instagram post russell westbrook made after durant signed with the warriors intimating durant was a "cupcake" for leaving the thunder steph curryand draymond green got into the joke however donning cupcake t-shirts after the gamehere was durant's reaction to his teammates wearing the cupcake shirts then durant's mom wanda got into the act wearing a cupcake t-shirt of her own with the caption"after this tough & crazy weekend, i realized how much i love a
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great!!! cupcake"the website "warriors world" is now "warriors the website "warriors world" is now selling the t-shirts with the proceeds going to charity
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the uconn lady huskies making history...the 10-time national champs and winners of 4 straight title going for their100th straight winit was close for a whilr versus #6 south carolinabut behind gabby williams' 26 points the huskies pull away in the 4th quartergeno auriemma and his team win their 100th straight game the most men's or women's in ncaa history the 2nd longest the uconn huskies with 90 straight from 2008-2011 ucla under john wooden holds the men's record with 88 straightfinal: 66-55 uconn aldon smith may have run into a road block in is attempts to get reinstated into the nfl
8:51 pm
and return to play for the raidersaccording to a tmz report authorities are reviewing a 'domestic incident' thathappened saturday morning in san francisco between smith and an unidentified woman. the specifics of what exactly happened are unknown... but smith was not arrested and has not been charged. the 27-year- old was out for all of last season... after violating the league's substance abuse policy. spring training is heregiants pitchers and catchers reported today in scottsdale, arizona many position players aslo came in three days earlier than requiredmadison bumgarner, jeff samardzija, and matt moore...were among those to show up today.johnny cueto will not attend until later in the he is taking care of his ailing father in the dominican for the a's-- their pitchers and catchers check in at mesa tomorrow
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tonight at 10 typically what they'll do is pull up with their pickup truck tie off to one of these posts with some string and just drive off they've got it set up where it takes them a second to unload a problem in a hayward industrial park is the focus of the next edition of people behaving badly law and order s-v-u is next.
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then we're back at 10:00 ... with all the day's big stories..also - gary's sports and your four-zone weather forecast. kron 4 news at ten... right here on the bay area's news station. last weather and goodbye
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