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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 18, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PST

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tonight, is jen garner finally divorcing ben? nearly two years after splitting, and all those many reconciliation rumors. >> we did our best. >> what "e.t." knows about a possible divorce filing. >> harrison ford is back in the air just after his plane scare. revealing confusioo in the cockpit. >> oh, sorry -- >> did he forget what he was flying. >> plus is justin bieber spiralling out of control he again? alleged headbuttings and new police investigations. >> and new scenes from a britney spears movie. her fights with justin. are they really going to settle it with a -- did someone say dance-off? >> few for february 17, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight.
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>> news of jennifer garner split pr ben affleck. >> now there are reports jen is ready to bring their marriage to an official end. solo and all smiles leaving an l.a. nail salon. moment snapped just hours before a report broke she is bear gearing up to file for divorce from husband ben affleck. news editor spoke to a source close to the couple today. >> this source knows the couple well he and says quote not one thing changed since their split was announced nearly two ears ago. adding that ben and jen have been die hard committed to co-parenting. >> you make all that work. you got a lot going on. >> we did our best. >> this divorce report is interesting because for a while now ben and jen he seemed to be on a path to reconciliation. attending church together on sundays. i ha vacations in london. even voting together on election time. ben is living on the property that he used to share with jen in bren wobrentwood, california
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but in separate houses. >> first meeting on the set in pearl harbor, in 2005 they tied the knot and had three children. this 2015 they announced separation after it was alleged ben had an fair with the nanny. he denied the cheating rumors. nearly two years since the split ben continues to celebrate holidays like christmas and halloween with his kids. >> i don't think there is any bad energy here. there is a whole world of, might be looking at cyborg or the flash. we are skiing in montana, matt damon's family and my brother's family and it should be fun. >> harrison ford's airport mishaps, he had a close landing at john wayne and faa is investigating but the audio from harrison's communications have been released. >> harrison was flying at 2600 feet above santa monica monday morning when he sounded confused about what he was actually flying.
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>> helicopters, heli -- sorry -- >> the 74-year-old has been flying helicopters since around 1999. but monday he was flying a single engine husky. so was it a simple misstatement when he gave his tail number? listen again. >> helicopter he, heli -- sorry, husky -- >> confusion or misstatement aaide, there did appear to be confusion in the air moments later when the controller told ford he was talking to the wrong tower. >> husky, santa monica, l.a., 1, 1, niner. >> he was at john wayne airport when ford landed on the ttxiway, not the runway, narrowly missing a boeing 737. he reportedly then said to controller, was that airliner meant to be underneath me? everything cool. >> y look greet, harrison.
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>> hair srrison was back in the cockpit, this time flying a cessna citations jet out of santa monica. near misses in the air don't seem to phase him. he had one hard landing in 2002. >> on the runway like, nothing i had ever seen. it was ugly. >> you heard harrison say helicopter by mistake. he crashed a helicopter when he was taking a lesson in 1999. moving noun, justin bieber celebrating at pregrammy party when he allegedly headbutted a guy. now the incident is investigated as a possible crime. >> justin, how you doing, man? >> angry justin last friday night outside a west hollywood restaurant where hours later things allegedly got violent.& before bieber enners he is involved in an alleged road rage incident this woman. >> is this a red rage incident -- >> what did justin bieber say to you? >> you were in the way of his
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car. >> it is unclear if those two interacted later but inside pregrammy bash the biebs seemed to shake it off, posiig with a few pics with a music producer friend. >> but authorities tell "e.t." a witness claimed he quote, saw justin bieber get into two separate altercationes with two bartenders and asked beeber to leave. justin reffsed and started to argue with the patron and allegedly headbutted the patron. bieb bieber things got heated after someone recorded him on a cell phone. he left at 2:28 a.m. before authorities arrived and now is being investigated in connection reps for bieber did not respond by our deadline but this wouldn't be the first time the biebs has been in trouble with the law and earlier this week "e.t." obtained in this report filee by man that says bieber hit him in the face after a
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cleveland game last summer. that was allegedly over an argument of bieber being photographed.& >> no fights broke out between the beauty who turned out last night for the sports swimsuit issue, showing off her baby bump and proudest mom of all had to be christie bbinkley. >> that fire engine red jump suit is proof that 63-year-old christie might be a flawless genetically gifted super human. when posing next to her daughters on the red carpet or swimsuit for si we need to know her secret like now. >> you take care of yourself, eet right, we don't have to fear agg. >> i want to be 68 will will years old in a bikini and that empowering for all women. >> we're all different types. all different heights. i'm 5'3". she is tall blonde. and mom, you know, defies age. she has curves. she has actual hips. it is a beautiful thing. it is about showcasing every
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type of beauty and beauty from the inside out and that's what it's all about. >> pregnant hannah jeter, leonardo decicaprio's girlfrien and chrissy teigen joining us after she posed nude and offered to do it for charity. >> i would do it in heart beat. for charity. i would sign it in heart beat. you should have brought it. >> and her famous swimsuit slide? >> i like this one. i'm lazy. i'm like, let's did this. i lay on my side. pop my butt. and that's makes me, i just feel good that way. i love it. >> the party continues because ladies go straight it houston for a fan festival happening tonight and tomorrow. >> nischelle turner hanging out with the cast of the hbo series "big little lies" including nicole kidman and reese
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witherspoon. she put the cast to the test by spreading a few little lies. >> i want know who knows each other better. nicole's nickname in high school is legs and she is deathly afraid of butterflyes. >> she is not afraid of butterflies. she was probably called legs. >> actually -- -- i can't even pronounce what that is. and it is a let foitophobia. >> looks like we may not know everything about nicole and that is the premise behind their new hbo show. "big little lies." >> i thought you knew. >> a new dress, new friend. >> seven-part mini series based on the novel by a group of moms in a wealthy northern california commune pipt. >> and you have to see it. this method to the madness. >> a single mom new to town and zoe carafi
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zoe kravitz is the new wife to reese's ex-husband. >> i will read to you a truth and lie. shealy woodley pack rat. she went told her agent she was camping in new zealand. >> that's true. >> you are correct. >> yes. >> we're going to have to play that game. >> that would be good. >> by the way, reese and nicole are executive producers of "big little lies" which premiers sunday on hbo. >> coming up, dancing debut, maks and peta debut why they don't want their son to follow this their foot steps. >> why steven spielberg's daughter is ditching her dad's last night and the movie business. >> and the stars invading the set of price is right. >> and on the set of the good wife spin-off getting scoop about one of the 6 cc1
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. allison williams makes a her
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debut and
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♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. and he can still sweep his gal jenna after her sweet. all playful in hawaii. >> so nice to see. we are waiting for maks and peta to walk down the aisle. ouu favorite dancers debuting last month and talking to
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night's family edig of know and te. little shai making his debut. >> you changed the first name. >> little shai alexander swept through most of his gm a appearance, with maks and peta may be dancing with the stars but not buying tap shoes for little shai just yet. >> how long until he starts dancing? >> i figured if he is like around 6'6", and just a billion dollar contract. >> you're thinking nba. >> i'm thinking a billion dollar contracc. >> from first bo rn to graborn kids. >> the cool grand parent. >> we have no doubt. tom and rita walked the carpet in an unforgettable evening and cancer research fund in los angeles last night. rita is a breast cancer survivor and the couple chaired the event but their absolute pride and joy definitely three young grand children. >> going to be entertained by them every moment that you can. sit back and watch the show. >> and entertained by you. >> you know, i don't think so.
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i think they just put up with us. >> finally, steven spielberg and kate cap shaw's daughter also at the event and she isn't going into the movie business. >> i mean, i'm modeling now. so that will be good. >> looking forward to meeting one of theenight's honorees but when it comes to her performance name the 20-year-old said -- nix that. >> an iconic name. when you hear spielburg you think of steven. i'm trying to go by allen becauss that's who i am. it will always be on my back. i am part of the family but then again he is my dad. >> look who's back? >> what do we do after this. >> bachelor chad. talking about the possible return that will have him looking for love again. >> everyone is here. >> plus, a celebrity price is right takeover. only "e.t." is behind the scenes with the stars. >> brand-new car. >> then an exclusive look at
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britney spears movie. justin versus britney dance-off moment that everyone will talk about and star's edition tape. ♪ i love rock and roll ♪ .
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♪ ♪ ♪ that is your first look at the infamous dance-off between britney spears and justin timberlake, in the new lifetime movie about brit's life. lance bass told us that that never happened but it sure is entertaining, just like the rest of the movie. >> what is happening? >> today? >> what about the beautiful hotel? >> it got leaked.
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>> it was suppsosed to be an engagement party for britney and kevin federline's surprisinged withing in 2004. brit ewhite lace is down right and they replicate this moment putting on the garter. ♪ >> but the romance we still can't get over is justin and britney. only we can show you at audition tapes of 3 1-year-old nathan keyes who is
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hawaii. >> smart girl. there is a reason for fan foes get excited buzz a spin off called "the good fight" is on sunday. >> christine steps back into the role that earned her six emmy nominations. >> what a ride. >> this is my turn. >> no, it was your firm. >> the drama picks up about a year after the good wife and that memorable final scene between christine's diane and
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julie an margea julie ann margeaux lees. >> yes, there's a lot that diane processed. diane would see at the top of of the new show would be a very happy woman at the top of her game. >> coming from the city's most vulnerable african-american community. >> when did you get so cynical? >> also returning as lucca quinn. >> going back to england and they were like, oh, we might be in the film. >> got fight is the first original show on the new service, cbs all access. >> you might recognize new cast member from the "game of thrones." >> rose is far from real life boyfriend kitt harrington, aka, jon snow. who films mostly in northern ireland. >> i was wondering how you managed to balance that and make time for each other. >> oh, it can relate to all
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sorts of fashions he and whether you are going to be a doctor or even lawyers and actors and i think you make the time for your loved one and that means sending -- >> thank goodness. >> thank goodness. >> you make little appearance on the series? >> i think he is a busy man. yeah. a busy man. >> well you never know. >> you never know. >> can you imagine that spike in >> through the roof. >> oh, first up, so sunday on cbs, streaming on cbs all access but they are going to stream one new show a week. >> i like that. >> and bad chad is back. yeah, you heard me right. details when we return. e and her husband, shia
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labeouf. >> i have great respect for him. >> all on "e.t." on-line.
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so remember this guy, chad johnson, aka bad clad from the bachelorette and bachelor in paradise. >> how can you forget? >> i'm going to have to ask you -pto leave. >> now you make me want it throw your ass down. serious, man. you think this is fun and games? this is my life. this is my life. >> they were all vibing me until they realized they aren't supposed to be vibing me because i'm bad. what do we do after this? >> despite the disastrous stay in paradise, we find out the villain is in talks to return for bachelor in paradise for another shot at love. >> crazy.
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>> on monday, with the tulsa native to find out what he h the "insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, is jennifer garner finally filing for divorce from ben affleck? >> are you living the life you're supposed to live? are you connected to people you should be connected to? >> inside the new report that the reconciliation is off. >> then maks and peta's son makes his tv debut. are they hoping he follows in their dancing footsteps? and number three, our night out in new york with the "sports illustrated" swimsuit models. >> honestly, i have chills. >> and are the legends ready to make luna a big sister? >> plus your "insider" bonus. >> i hope she enjoys the film. >> britney's unauthorized biopic is crazy. the rumored


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