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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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our top story tonight.... for a second night in a row... thousands of people will not be sleeping in their own beds ... because major flooding has forced them out of their homes.. and now we know... it could be a long time before any of them will be able to return... you're looking at video showing you just how bad it is... the floodwater is contaminated water.. mixed with a whole bunch of car oils and even sewage.... good evening and thank you for joining us tonight... i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. a mandatory evacuation order remains in effect tonight for some areas of san jose.... and although the water is receding at coyote creek .... there is still fear and anxiety tonight ... for people trying to go back home... kron four's
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j-r stone is live in at one of the worst hit areas tonight... san jose's rock springs neighborhood... j-r, how is it looking out there? natsflood victims quickly working to try and salvage their belongings that were damaged by water.sot oh yeah everything still has water. water levels are receding, leaving a trail of mud in many areas. neighborhoods where flood damaged cars have been marked with x's. frustration now building over what many say was a lack of notification before the flood hit.sot they weren't expecting thisthe water was pretty bad.sot the
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emergency evacuation from the city only came after it was too late to go.sot nobody messaged us anyway telling us that the surge was coming and that it was worse than it wasand that it was going to be really bad. if it had been then we would have moved more things upstairs and we would have been better prepared.san jose mayor sam liccardo addressed those concerns on wednesday.sot if the first time that a resident is aware that they need to get out of a home is when they see a firefighter in a boat then clearly there has been a failure.sot there was a failure as i said and we're going to try and understand better in the next couple of weeks what that failure was. out here live this evening that water is still a problem in this rocksprings section of san jose. water leves have gone down at least a couple feet but it appears they now still need to go down another couple feet.
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tonight some people are doing what they have to do to pump the floodwater out of their homekron 4's hermela aregawi explains how miuch of a big mess they are strating to cleanup... this is what south 19th street looked like just over 24 hours ago..sot joey bastian and sot scott buskeyit got to about 4 feet right down here below our driveway. knocked down two fences across the street as well, knocked down trash cans. you saw trash cans floating down the middle of the street. bikes were in the middle of the street. the water. it was just taking everything.people who live here say they didn't see this coming.sot jill case, having water pumped out of her homeit's been crazy. because we all watched the creek rising but no one really thought it would flood. residents frustrated about what they say is the city's lack of proper communication. joe cervantes's mother lives here..sot joe cervantes, mom's home flooded there was really
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no way to get in. they weren't letting people that live here come in. there was no public notice of what's going on. all of this is just telling people you can't come in here. you can't do this. you can't do that..this is water being pumped out from underneath his home.sot joe cervantes, mom's home floodedit's a crisis over here. and we had no way t help. we didn't get any help. they were just telling us we couldnt come where we live. where we have family members. i mean its important to communicate to the people that live here. what's going on whats important and what we can do.two restoration companies have been in the neighborhhood pumping water out of homes.the cost, 2- thousand dollars and up... some of it covered by flood insurance.not everyone here has it..jill case says she's glad she did.sot jill case, having water pumped out of her homeits started to come down really fast down here. so i left and my house had . there was no more water inside. but you could see.. probably about an inch of water got into the entire house.standup.the companies tell me they've already worked on more than 2 dozen homes in the area. they anticipate they'll have pumped water out of 50 homes by the
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end of the night.reporting in sj, ha k4 news. the american red cross is helping those who have been forced to leave their neighborhoods. many of those who were evacuated went to james lick high school...on north white road in san jose... and the other evacuation center is at evergreen valley high school on quimby road... which is about five miles north of james lick... volunteers were extremely busy today... trying to help all those who were evacuated from there homes late last night. more than 300 people had to be rescued by boat... the red cross is providing food, shelter and a cot to sleep on to evacuees. "we're we lucky that this was a week of february break that we could have this school but we are available to set up a third shelter if needed and we are going to take care of our clients as long as we have to."
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and we have posted a list of evacuation centers on our website ... there - you can also find a link on how to help those - who lost almost everything in the floods. it's all on kron 4 dot com. the people who live in the golden wheel mobile home park in san jose... were able to go back into their homes to assess the damage... but.. they cannot stay overnight. kron 4's lydia pantazes is live at the mobile home park with details on why they can't go back to their homes, lydia?
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in san jose... several hundred people were forced to evacuate the rock springs neighborhood. tonight...some residents returned to grab personal items from their homes. needles drive, welch avenue and rock spring drive all remained flooded through the day. some neighbors especially concered about the murky waters and sanitation. they say the flood happened
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so fast... without much warning. right now... all eyes are on coyote creek with hopes its banks are not breached again so soon. one of many concerns tonight in san jose... is what is in all that flood water. grant lodes is closely monitoring that dangerous part of the story. one of the reasons this water is so contanimated... it's traveled about 20 miles in coyote creek...from anderson reservior in morgan hill...all the way to san jose. along the winding creek...fertilizer and
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pesticides from people's lawns and gardens...runs off in storms into the creek. not to mention the vehicle gas and oil that's seemed into the water after those cars were inundated. animal waste...and probably most disgusting...the contents from backed up storm drains and sewage lines that have been compromised. if you've been's clearly critical to get clean. the good news...all the firefighters and rescue crews wading through all that water have not experienced any side effects related to working in
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the dirty water. and keep it tuned here on kron4 news for our continuing coverage of the massive flooding in san jose... we'll show you many homes near coyote creek that suffered major damage. as well as we'll take a look at anderson resvervoir... that reached capacity over the weekend... we'll hear from nervous neighbors who live near the dam. that's coming up at 10:30... and you can get all this information kron four dot com. a few lingering showers will be possible through early thursday morning, mainly offshore and near the coast. in addition, there is a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms across the
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coming up on kron4 news at ten.. breaking news a police chase in sacramento turns deadly... after a c-h-p officer crashes into a pole during pursuit... what we are learning about the officer tonight... and after the break.... how the trump administration is working on border security... and after the break... we're following breaking news tonight out of southern california where protests are growing tonight in anaheim over an officer who shot at a groups of teenagers... details after the break...
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here in the breaking news center...we're tracking two big stories. first...a young chp officer in south sacramento...has died. lucas chellew was on duty tonight...on his motorcycle...involved in a pursuit...when he crashed...reportedly hitting a pole. the 31-year-old who's married...who's a dad...was airlifted to u-c davis...but passed away shortly after 6:00 tonight. he was with the chp's sacramento division for the past eight years. his colleagues...tonight...trying to stay strong for his
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family...while also mourning a horrible loss of life. chellew comes from a law enforcement least one family member who's here in the bay area. doug pittman, who's the public information officer with the marin county sheriff's department posted on facebook tonight asking for prayers for his son in law. tomorrow morning the chp will have a bell ringing ceremony to honor officer chellew. tonight...they're asking for thoughts and prayers. now to southern
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california...where people in anaheim have been protesting what an off duty l-a-p-d officer did yesterday. investigators say the officer shot his gun during a confrontation with what appear to be a group of young teenagers. no one was hit by gunfire...two juveniles were later for making criminal threats and battery...the other for assault and battery. other juveniles present were interviewed. officer was cooperating with the investigation and was not arrested. the incident is being investigated by anaheim pd...because the incident happened well as l-a-p-d since the officer works for that department. the u-s border is front and center in the trump administration today as it lays out plans for aggressive enforcement of immigration laws... this all comes as we await details on the president's new travel ban.
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reporter karin caifa explains how this comes at the same time president trump's secretary of state and homeland secretary travel to mexico to meet with officials there. president trump... moving toward on making good on a top campaign promise:president donald trump: "we will have strong borders again."the trump administration issuing new guidelines that direct immigration and border agents to deport any undocumented immigrant charged, or convicted.... or if an immigration officer believes they are a security risk. including misdemeanors or traffic violationsit's a more aggressive approach than previous presidents -- sparking fear in many immigrant communities.greisa martinez/undocumented immigrant: "we're concerned about what donald trump means for our family, will be separated from our mother?"the white house says... it's enforcing existing law, and there won't be massive roundups.sean spicer/white house press secy: "there's a law in place that says that we have an obligation that says the people who are in our country are here legally."some lawmakers - even republicans- question how law enforcement officers will approach more
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sensitive issues... like separating families..rep. devin nunes/-r- california: "the tightrope that the administration will have to walk will be what do they do with the people that are already here, the young people." the white house emphasizing that "dreamers' -- those brought to the u.s. illegally as children -- will still be protected. under the obama administration's 'daca' program...but the white house...appearing to leave some wiggle roomsean spicer/white house press secy: "there is a prioritization on how we deal with immigration both illegal and legal and we'll have more on that later." some undocumented immigrants uneasy with that uncertainty...greisa martinez/undocumented immigrant: "or is it that donald trump wants to have it both ways, show mercy in public.. and then in the middle of the night pluck undocumented people from their beds." in washington, i'm karin caifa. happening tomorrow. highway- 37 in novato, which has been shutdown by the barrage of bay area storms over the last few weeks... is set to reopen. this four- lane freeway, located between atherton avenue and highway 101... has been closed on and off due to heavy flooding. crews have spent
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nearly a month fixing the highways asphalt... and replacing the drainage system with larger pipes. while caltrans officials warn... these improvements will not make the highway flood -proof... they say the upgrades will ensure future flooding episodes.. are shorter in duration.. and a popular roadway in alameda county has reopened tonight. caltrans says... it had a busy day clearing mudslides along highway -84 near fremont... better known as niles canyon road. this was one of several slides it had to remove. traffic is reportedly running fine tonight... but this has been a spot that has closed several times over the winter ... due to debris falling onto the roadway toss weather a few lingering showers will be possible through early thursday morning, mainly offshore and near the coast. in addition, there is a slight chance of showers or
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thunderstorms across the higher terrain of the north bay through this evening. otherwise, drier and cooler conditions are forecast through friday with chilly overnight temperatures. unsettled weather conditions return by the weekend with another storm system approaching the coast.
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coming up.... find out how the city of oakland is trying to continue it's nexus of pot-based business and not let the communities of color fall behind during this new "green rush".. plus... the thief who stole money from a grils scout cookie stand has been arrested... where they found him.. coming up. and after the break... details on a sheriff's deputy who was hit by a bus...
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an alameda county sheriff's deputy ... is in critical condition after getting runover by a jail transportation bus. the accident happened at about six
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in this morning.. at the santa rita jail parking lot in dublin. this is video of the scene . . . officials say, a deputy driving the bus ... hit 60-year- old mike foley.with the front of the bus . . . he was taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek.foley has worked with law enforcement for 30-years. the driver... who is a senior deputy... is currently on administrative leave. tonight... a 17- year-old is in custody ... suspected of robbing a 12- year-old girl and her mother selling girl scout cookies. the incident happened two weeks ago in front of safeway along decoto road in union city. a mother and her daughter had a booth set up in front of the store. . . that's when police say, a teenager approached them asking about buying cookies. they say he came back a short time later... and flashed a gun, before taking cash from the girl's mother. an investigation led to police to arrest the teenager today. they say, he confessed to the robbery. police donated the money which was stolen to the girl... and bought her remaining cookies.
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police in palo alto need your help identifying these two burglary suspects. a surveillance video system caught them trying to get into a home. the attempted- burglary happened back on february ninth at a home on roosevelt circle. you will see a man with a star wars jacket walk up... to the home and attempts to open a door but can't get in. he looks into the home and after a short time he walks out of the picture... but returns and tries to open the door again and once again looks inside a window. and then leaves. eventually we see our guy with the star wars jacket walk past another camera. behind him... a second burglary suspect.. wearing a gray sweatshirt. the two briefly stop to look around and then take off. police believe they think they were able to burglarize another home earlier that day.
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coming up... we'll show you the many homes near coyote creek that suffered major damage. plus... concerns tonight over the anderson reservoir... it reached capacity over the weekend... we'll hear from nervous neighbors who live near the dam.
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now at 10:30.... more than 36-thousand families have evacuated their homes in san jose since coyote creek flooded parts of the city. there has been a lot of discussion about who should have sounded the alarm about the flooding from coyote creek. the water district is in charge of anderson reservoir... we know that. the city is responsible for evacuating people, but it is up to the santa clara valley water district to monitor coyote creek and take steps to prepare for the next storm. kron 4's dan kerman is in san jose tonight .. with that part of the story. natsthis is the issue here where we have debris collect on the treeswednesday, crews with the santa clara valley water district were working their way up and down coyote creek clearing debris in anticipation of the next round of storms.sot don duran/santa clara valley water district 15-25if the deris is collecting in the middle at this level of flow that's not as much of a concern because it will blow right past, but if the debris is collecting toward the levee, then it will push it into the levee and damage the leveethat's why
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tree branches like these were removed both upstream and downstream of the downtown area it's all part of the water district multi facet approach to monitor the creek and prepare for the next storm sot gina adriano/santa clara valley water district 45-55we do have stream gauges that allow us to monitor the creek and we have crews that measure the stream flows and we have hydrologists and staff that monitor weather reports from the national weather service. other crews were out identifying high water marks near bridges and homes that flooded in hopes the information will allow them to better predict what happens in future storms.111/future storms
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flooding along coyote creek started when anderson reservoir was overwhelmed by storm runoff this past weekend. and when the reservoir reached capacity... water surged over the spillway causing flooding all the way to san francisco bay. kron 4's charles clifford went to morgan hill to check on the reservoir tonight .. he talked with nervous neighbors who live just below the dam.
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natswednesday afternoon, water continued to surge over the spillway at anderson reservoir. according to the santa clara valley water district, the water level in the lake is at about 103 percent of full capacity with two feet of water flowing over the spillway wednesday evening. the reservoir actually peaked at 106.2 percent early tuesday morning and the water level has been dropping ever since.natsjust below the dam, the huge 80 foot spillway water fall that appeared earlier this week is still going strong. further down stream coyote creek continues to run high, fast and muddy although there are signs that the water level has dropped a bit.sotso yeah, it's pretty scary stuff. lives just below the anderson dam. his house sits only a few feet away from the creek. before this week he never thought flooding would be a problem.sot tuesday morning when i woke up and coyote creek was about two feet from the top i thought it might spill over, but till then, no, i never though about it.with more rain in the forecast, tuan hopes his home will remain above the flood waters.sothad some tense moments the past couple weeks
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but i'm not to worried because i trust the people that manage the damn and figure they know what they're doing. still ahead... we'll tell you how the city of oakland is trying to continue it's nexus of pot-based business and not let the communities of color fall behind during this new "green rush". that's in tonight kron4's in-depth story.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy.
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so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. the legalization of
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recreational marijuana in california is setting the stage for the birth of a new industry. it is an economic influx that could be a big boost for the city of oakland ... which for years has been seen as the bay area's nexus of pot- based business. but now, there are fears that the city has been falling behind as it tackles how to make sure communties of color don't get left behind during the green rush. kron4's maureen kelly takes an in depth look at this issue. 2:19 we have to consider all of our options we don't want to move, it's not easily to uproot, it's not like a threat or anythingdark heart nursery
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grows marijuana starter plants.they've been doing brisk business in east oakland since 2007. and they want to stay here. but are worried they might not be able to. we don't have a permit, we need a permit it's going to be vital to get the permit in california,like many cannabis related business dark heart nursery has a business liscense and pays taxes to the city but under new state regulations they're also going to need a cannabis operating permit issued by oakland by 2018 and that permitting process stalled before it even really got started.the issue that has the permit process clogged up at city hall is how to make the cannabis industry equitable for those communities of color that some would say were unfairly targeted during the war on drugs. the city council recently scraped a plan to set aside half of the city's operating permits for those convicted of marijuana related offenses or those who have lived 2 years within certain east oakland police beats with high number of
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marijuana arrests. a plan criticized by many cannabis business operators for being too restrictive the debate around this issue has been waging for months. meanwhile there are those that are worrying that other cities will benefit from oakland's delay.santa rosa looks good, richmond looks really goodmatt hummel is the chair of the city's cannabis regulatory commission. he says interest in oakland as a marijuana mecca is withering.cut 19:25 we had people calling i want a permit i want a permit all day long until about 2 months ago because cities across the state have picked up the ball and started running with it because we set it downand that could be costly for the city. oakland has been collecting taxes on pot profits for yearsraking in more than 13 million in just 5 years. money that goes into the general fund and is funneled
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to things like police and fire services, libraries and parks. that number is expected to keep going up now that prop 64 has passed.unless other marijuana friednly municipalities lure pot businesses and investors elsewhere.we are making amends, i guess the word would be for the travesty that happened for the war on drugs orver the past 40 50 years and how it's affected people of color ebele ifedigbo is the co founder of the hood incubator, a non profit which is working to increase participation of the black and brown communities in the cannabis industry. while she admits the city may miss on some economic opportunites with all of the debate and delay.she says it's worth it. 11:06 yes the conversation has gone on for 8, 9, 10 months now but this is stuff that's going to set the tone for generations over generations so if it takes a little while to get things right that's ok bitedon't get me wrong we need to get this right, race and equity is not an solveit would be a shame that even the equity doesn't happen because the industry as moved onthe city council is set next month on a new equity plan that
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offers help to the disenfranchised in other ways loan funding, tax breaks and support for their burgeoning business.they don't want to see the industry here in oakland dry up.just as it's starting to take root. maureen kelly kron4 news. we've obtained city records detailing the growth of pot related business and tax revenue in oakland. we've posted that information on our website, kron4-dot-com. toss weather a few lingering showers will be possible through early thursday morning, mainly offshore and near the coast. in addition, there is a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms across the
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higher terrain of the north bay through this evening. otherwise, drier and cooler conditions are forecast through friday with chilly overnight temperatures. unsettled weather conditions return by the weekend with another storm system approaching the coast.
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toss sports gary. cal's with a big change to get out of the ncaa tournament bubble with a win over number-6 oregon...wally haas the son of the man cal's pavilion is named for walter haas jr.2nd halfjabari bird on the break for the dunk cal up 15 49-34 with less than 10 minutes leftbut the ducks come back 56 seconds left dillon the friendly bounce off the front rim for two 64-63 oregon10 seconds left oregon up 65-63ivan rabb gets the follow inside technically it was basket interference bears get two regardless 65-65 tie ensuing possessionbrooks sinks the 3-pointer with 2-tenths of a second left oregon wins!final: 68-65 oregon
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cal : ncaa tournament hopes take a big blow tonight still on the bubble stanford vs oregon state down on the farm1st halfreid travis jump hhok 32-17 stanford 2nd halfmarcus allen running the floor on the break throws it down 58-38 stanfordfinal: 79-66 stanford the warriors back at work after the all-star breakthe host the clippers tomorrow in a nationally televised contest the big names were not in attendance today as they rest up from all-star weekendafter the clippers game the warriors continue the post-all star break portion of their season by hosting brooklyn then are on the road 7 of their next 8
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games ending in san antonio hello steve nashsteve kerr held nothing back in voicing his displeasure with the schedule "five-game trip back east. come home for one. fly to minnesota and then have a back- to-back in san antonio. it's like, 'here you go golden state here's your marquee game against the spurs on a saturday night on abc and it'll be your 8th game in 12 days with 10,000 miles. it's insane." chris christie... may have another career lined up when he leaves office later this year. according to reports, the
10:51 pm
new jersey governor may be among the candidates to replace sports talk radio host mike new york's 'wfan'. the timing would work out as francesa is expected to retire in december.. and christie's term ends shortly after. being a fan is about the extent of his pro sports career, but he has expressed curiousity in the station's program director had interested and we're interested, it's worth pursuing' tom brady is having some fun with the mystery of his stolen super bowl jerseywhich was taken from the team's locker room while brady celebrated on the field after the gametoday he posted on nstagram a "suspect board" with all the people who may be under suspision of the theftamong them included his teammate and fellow peninsula native julian edelman as well as halftime performer lady gagayesterday the worth of the jersey was put at $500,000 with one aution house saying it could go as high as $1 million thanks gary.. here's what's next... coming upi'm one of your
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biggest fans and i just got caught speeding no license no insurance but i'm a pretty big fan of yours that all that matters while many people in san jose are dealing with flooding the california highway patrol still has to deal with traffic issues no matter who they are, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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it is not a requirement or a right.. to drive. it is a privilege. and if you abuse that privilege you can find yourself looking for an alternate means of transportation. but what's interesting is that the very ones that probably shouldn't be on the road are the very same ones that stick out like a sore thumb... there are things one can do to draw attention to themselves nats: ambiance one is going faster than everyone else on the freeway this white suv
10:56 pm
was paced at 82 on highway 101 in san jose the maximuim speed is 65 exit, exit, the freeway i'm riding with officer vicini of the san jose area office of the california highway patrol. and hes going to have a chat with the driver nats ambiance: door slams shut: now this was a unique stop because the driver not only was speeding he was missing a few things and the first thing he says is so doomed officer in case you couldn't hear, he told the officer he was so doomed registration and insurance, i'm sorry do you have a license registrations and insurance any of it it turn out he was missing everything, except the registration and that's because it wasn't his the officer takes the keys . now the resona whay the driver claimed he was doomed was not because of the officer it's was because of the passenger ..que the snap chat are you really snap chatting right now i'm one of your biggest fans and i just got caught speeding no license no insurance but i'm a pretty big fan of yours that all that matters he was suppose go to the dmv to get
10:57 pm
an actual license in a couple of days he was ordered to park the car and have someone with a license to come and pick it up and since he didn't have a license his photo was taken and he was issued a ticket nats: ambiance this next driver wasn't speeding but he had a visible sign something was not in order, his registration tag had expired 6 months agowhen asked for a driver's license the man presented an id from the mexico consulate which meant not only did the mini van have expired registration he had no drivers license and couldn't provide proof of insurance nats: ambiance in this case the driver was issued a ticket and the officer took a thumb print plus the vehicle was impounded by a second officer ..which arrived on the scene to assist nats: ambiance but it wasn't all tickets . while driving through an are of san jose which just experienced a major flood officer vicine stopped to render assistance to one of the flood victims . nats: ok give it a shot but the car took on too much water in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 news heavy hearts in the law
10:58 pm
enforcement community.. enforcement the law heavy hearts in heavy hearts in the law enforcement community..thanks for joining us at eleven..i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore.within the last hour.. we learned a c-h-p officer died after crashing into a pole during a police chase in south sacramento. grant lodes joins us now with more on the incident..and how the chp is honoring the fallen officer... grant? lucas chellew was on duty tonight...on his motorcycle...involved in a pursuit...when he crashed...reportedly hitting a pole. the 31-year-old who's married...who's a dad to a young girl and boy...was airlifted to u-c davis...but
10:59 pm
passed away shortly after 6:00 tonight. he's been a c-h-p officer for the past eight years. his night...trying to stay strong for his to stay strong night...trying night...trying to stay strong for his family...while also mourning a horrible loss of life. governon brown releasing a statement about 15 minutes ago... saying in part..."anne and i join all californians in offering our deepest condolences to the family and friends of officer chellew, who worked day and night to keep the people of california safe. officer chellew's great courage and sacrifice will never be forgotten."
11:00 pm
now to the devastating floods ravaging parts of san jose... several neighborhoods...are still under water can see the submerged cars in this video courtesy of our partnership with abc 7.the water is slowly receding... but many families still cant get to their homes. now the city of san jose is taking the blame for not getting people out before the floodwaters rushed in.kron 4's j.r stone has the latest. nats


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