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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 25, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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♪ oscar host jimmy kimmel reveals his surprises for hollywood's biggest night. >> it could be a disaster. >> everything you don't know about the academy awards. >> it's big. >> then george clooney's fatherhood fears at 55. >> baby crying like [ crying ] it's going to change a lot of things. >> his first red carpet with a pregnant amal and first interview about their twins on the way. plus angelina jolie breaks her silence on her divorce drama. does she still think brad is a good dad? then mariah carey gives us the reel scoop on her new romance. >> what exactly do you want to know? >> they say they're a couple. why her ex nick cannon isn't buying it. >> then behind the scenes of a
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new michael jackson movie. and celine dion moving forward after losing her husband through music and laughter. ♪ the wild side of the singer you've never seen. ♪ now, this is "entertainment tonight." ryan gosling, nicole kidman, meryl streep. it is oscar weekend, and we are on top of all the academy awards. >> what jimmy kimmel is only telling us about hollywood's biggest night as the press reached a fever pitch this week. >> is the oscars sort of like on your mind pretty much all the time? >> yeah. not only that, i wake up sometimes in the middle of the night thinking about the oscars and about jokes. >> don't be nervous, jimmy. but an estimated hundreds of millions of people worldwide will be watching on sunday night. so we talked about the one person who is hoping jimmy falls flat on his face. >> i'm going to be in the crowd wishing him horrible things.
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i'm just sad that chris rock isn't hosting the show. someone who is actually funny. >> jimmy's long time rival, matt damon, is nominated as a producer for "manchester by the sea." >> i don't want the film to lose. i want him to lose. i would like him to go home with nothing. >> we heard your fighting words for matt damon. i want to make sure you're aware he told "e.t." specifically that he is absolutely rooting against you. >> i don't think it's much of a secret that he's pretty unprofessional and not very funny. >> it's so sad. he's such a sad person. i feel sorry for his wife, who is a lovely woman and she has to live with him. i feel sorry for the great wall of china that it had to be in a movie with him. i really -- i have a lot of sympathy for that guy. i'm praying for him right now. give me one second. >> well, we don't have much time, so make it quick. >> okay. that's it. >> you're good now? >> crews are also busy getting the dolby theater ready for the big night. the oscar set will include over
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300,000 swarovski crystals and backstage a 1,000 square foot green room sponsored by rolex. the producers hope this year's broadcast will connect with the viewers. >> we kind of think everything should either be funny or emotional. so we're trying to mix it with love of movies and inspiring you to remember what you love about film. >> the movies are a great reminder of you come together with 300 people in the dark and laugh at the same thing. you're not so alone. that >> of course we'll have more oscar coverage straight ahead. >> now can i bust a move like nominee ryan gosling? i got a lesson from "la la land" cor reographer. our academy awards flashback with the expectant star. >> hold on. did somebody say pregnant. amal clooney is now doubly blessed and george is opening up for the first time about becoming a father in his 50s. >> we're really happy and
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excited. it's going to be an adventure. >> that look of desperation as clooney's maybe half joking response to becoming a daddy of twins. when asked how he's preparing, the 55-year-old says -- >> lock yourself in a room. my favorite part is all my friends who are all my age have already done this, like you. the kids are all grown up, on the way to college. and they're laughing. >> friday, george attended an event in paris, receiving an honorary cesar award, france's equivalent to an oscar. can we talk about amal giving us a first look at that beautiful pregnant belly. the 39-year-old was radiant in her custom made gown. the parents to be didn't stop smiling, and amal kind of showed up her man. clooney needed a french translator for his interview. [ speaking french ] >> amal is fluent in the language. [ speaking french ]
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>> the expectant couple is already changing their lifestyle. clooney is vowing that from now on, he and amal will avoid traveling to danger zones around the world. >> 15 bombs hit this tiny village. >> clooney has worked as an activist in the suzanne, adan, has tried cases that could make her a target. >> how is she doing? >> she's very good. she's out of the maldives and into sha re lan ca now. >> you must be worried about her in these situations. how do you deal with that. >> it's tricky because she won't let me go with her because she's a grown woman with her own career. it's tough when they're stabbing her co-counsel in the head a couple of days before she gets there. it's a little nerve-racking. but she's doing the right thing and doing it for the right reasons. >> with the twins due in june, the couple is also thinking about a more permanent home.
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clooney said we have the chance to live between three countries, italy, america, and england. as soon as the children go to school, it will be necessary to choose wear to settle. george clooney's a daddy. >> i love the visual. >> this weekend, george's buddy brad pitt could have a reason to celebrate because "moonlight" is up for best picture at the oscars. >> this week he kept a low profile as angelina was on the verge of tears speaking out for the first time about the dramatic end of their marriage and the ongoing custody battle. >> we know an incident occurred which led to your separation. we also know you haven't said anything about this. would you like to say something? >> it was a very difficult time, and we are a family. and we will always be a family. >> after a dramatic split, angelina seemed to be finding common ground with her ex, brad pitt. first in an interview with the
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bbc and again in a satellite interview that aired tuesday on gma. >> in the past, you described brad often as a wonderful father. of course he's part of the family. do you still believe that? >> of course. of course. we will always be a family. always. >> you filed for divorce last september. you said for the health of the family. is your family healthier now? >> uh, we are -- we are focusing on the health of our family. and so we will be. we will be stronger when we come out of this because that's what we're determined to do as a family. >> last weekend was emotional for the actress who attended the premiere and a press conference in cambodia with her six children. 15-year-old mad oxz, 13-year-old pax, 8-year-old twins knox and vivienne. 12-year-old zahara and shiloh.
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who said she loved cambodia in the native language. [ speaking cambodian ] >> angie directed the movie, first they killed my father. which tells the story of the cambodian genocide. maddox is from cambodia and is a producer on the film. it was angie's first red carpet appearance since she filed for divorce last year. >> we've all been through a difficult time. as i said, we are and forever will be a family. so that is my -- that is how i'm coping. i'm coping with finding a way through to make sure that this somehow makes us stronger and closer. >> right now brad is allowed visitation, but angelina has primary custody of the children. and while the split has clearly been difficult for jolie, she says she's finding comfort in family and routine. >> usually i wake up trying to figure out who's going to get the dog out, who's going to start the pancakes, and did anybody brush their teeth. >> three of the kids got to experience something exotic, a
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taste of some local cambodian delicacies, crickets, spiders, and scorpions. angie cooked them up herself. >> see the hard part where you have the teeth? take the fangs out. it's actually really good, the flavor. >> i'm going to be clear. i do not kwr that a delicacy. >> i'm not saying a word. just leaving that one where it is. >> good for them. >> let's come back state side. let's take a step inside miss mariah's world. she's talked to kevin frazier about everything basically. her new boyfriend, her new music, and is her new song, i don't, a dis aimed at her old fiance. >> what exactly do you want to know? >> what goes through your mind when you're singing that song, i don't? what's the feeling? >> i don't know what you mean. >> m.c. knows exactly how to play it, flashing that 35 carat engagement ring with the saying, no billionaire, don't care attitude she had when she burned her wedding dress in the music video. >> people probably think that song is about one person.
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you know, this is applicable to so many different people that have been in my life. >> come on. come on. >> maybe not so many, but at least -- >> of course mariah's moved on with her backup dancer bryan tanaka, but many, including her ex nick cannon, called her out saying the relationship was just a showmance. >> they wrote the story. the billionaire doesn't know. and here's the handsome young dancer. >> and you explain this to the free world, okay? >> fine. he dances for you. in an interview, refer to him as your boyfriend. >> i would say he's my boyfriend. >> kevin, if i refer to him as something, then wouldn't that be what i was referring to him as? >> but i want to clarify. i don't want to go on tv and get it wrong. i want to be right. >> but you already heard me. >> but i just want to make sure. i want to make sure. ♪ he's my boyfriend . come on. >> mariah invited "e.t." into
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rehearsals for her all the hits tour with lionel richie. it's been postponed due to lionel's knee surgery complications. >> hi. >> rescheduled for this summer, mimi will have many chances to sing live outdoors onstage and prove she's still the queen even after this new year's debacle. mimi showed us exactly how she says a malfunction with her earpieces was to blame. >> oh, this is on, so i can hear the music. ♪ ♪ do we have a microphone ♪ yes, we do okay. i know that sounds horrible. >> it actually sounded so good. >> i still don't have my microphone from that disaster because there was something wrong with it. it was a gold one that was fabulous. put these in your ears and you're good. they fall out, and your foiled. >> the girl knows tv. i'm telling you. she's a good interview. >> yeah. >> mariah later performed at the
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dubai jazz festival and she got in a little getaway with her boyfriend and those cute little twins of hers. meanwhile her ex, he's got a new baby. he welcomed a son with his ex, brittany bell. i love this, his name. golden cannon was born on tuesday. lots more music on the way. celine dion. >> and gwen stefani's ex breaks his silence. >> ncis star takes her real-life stalking claims to i accept i don't race down the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. hdid you get that email i sente wyou...before you wake up. ... when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing. ♪an a canned soup can goodness? ♪ well yes! a soup in the right direction.
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♪ >> she fights crime on tv, but ncis star pauly perrette has been the victim of a real life crime. pauly says she's been dealing with a stocker for more than a decade and now she tells kevin frazier she has a new plan to take action and help others. >> i have been stalked for 13 years and counting. you're frightened. it's like you have to be on
9:15 pm
guard, on guard, on guard at all times. it's exhausting. it's a terrible way to live. >> we know pauly as the lighthearted abby sciutto on ncis, but in real life perrette says she's often afraid to even leave her house. >> if i go anywhere, which is rare, i go some places that have like such extreme security. i don't go anywhere alone. >> how does being stalked affect you in your everyday life. >> i've described being a stalking victim as the theft of your life. there's nowhere to go. there's nowhere to run. it's 24 hours a day. >> pauley doesn't want to mention her alleged stalker's name but says he casts a shadow over her life. >> i live by very strict rules. i never say where i'm going. i only say where i've been after i'm not at that place anymore. >> what do police tell you when you go to them? >> i had a stalking detective tell me, you should have stayed and let him break your arm. then we could have done
9:16 pm
something. another police officer said, well, we're trying to solve homicides. and i'm like, we're trying to prevent them. >> pauley is part of this saturday's special 48 hours focusing on victims of stalkers, and she's leading the charge for stricter stalking laws. >> if i can change the law and save someone else's life, it gives me something to the story other than i'm a stalking victim. coming up, gwen stefani's ex. what he's only telling me after their split. >> then, where was tom hiddleston after his taylor swift tell-all. his one revelation that surprisingly went viral. >> i was very honest. then behind the scenes of this weekend's best picture nominee "la la land." we're with the choreographer telling all about the stars. and i'm with melissa mccarthy's stunt double. >> we had her on wires flipping around through the air. >> how they worked together
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♪ [one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do] ♪ nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple
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♪ everybody loves it. that's the thing. he's in trouble this season. >> the claws just might come out. it's been a year and a half since gwen filed for divorce from gavin rossdale. there was so much said about their split, but you really didn't hear much from gavin, until now. >> one of the most admirable things that i have witnessed, i've never heard you say one bad thing about gwen. >> right. why would i? yeah, i would never do that. i mean she's a lady, so why would i think any less? >> are you happy to see her happy now? >> of course. >> yeah. >> it's a sign of love. >> fyi, this never happens. a star being so open about their ex and her new love. did you sign off on blake, or did you have to meet him? >> no. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> no, no. it's like obviously nothing to do with me. we're not that modern. >> it's been 18 months since
9:20 pm
nanny gate and the end of gavin's nearly 13-year marriage to gwen. the 51-year-old rocker now is doing his best to move on. you said your kids are ready for you to get out there and start dating again. are you ready? >> the beautiful thing about love that you don't have any control over it. it sort of has control over you. everyone goes at different speeds, how they process a divorce. and for me, i'm still where i want to be which is all about my kids and all about working hard. >> when he's not co-parenting with gwen, gavin is all about his music. his band's new album black and white rainbows features songs about love, loss, and hope. >> were you writing when you were going through your divorce because i felt like i could feel that journey. seriously, through the music. >> it's hard to separate yourself from the most monumental thing that happens in your life if you're an artist. >> what does black and white rainbow come from? >> it's just the idea of a new start, a new beginning, and a rebirth. so it's like that idea kind of when the rainbow goes a bit off
9:21 pm
kilter, and then, boom, it's going to come back all colorful. >> gavin is a voice coach too by the way. he is on the voice uk, and he's going into the battlegrounds this weekend. let's talk about a movie hitting theaters next month. it stars oscar winner brie larson and golden globe winner tom hiddleston. recently tom broke his silence about taylor swift saying the relationship was real and he thinks she's incredible. i sat down with tom to talk about his movie and the feedback he's gotten over his taylor tell-all. >> people just seem to be really appreciative of the tone of the article and the interview, and i was very honest. so that's a nice thing. >> we also learned from tom's story that he's quite a cook. his bolo naz recipe went viral. >> i can just about get an english breakfast hot on the plate. that's the tricky thing about breakfast. >> timing. >> it's all timing. toast is hot so the butter melts
9:22 pm
on it. eggs are fresh. bacon is sizzling. sausages are good. >> in his new movie, he's a master tracker from the british military. >> he is truly monstrous in size and scale and scope. he's 90 feet tall. >> the film is set in 1973 at the end of the vietnam war, and hiddleston and brie larson are part of a team tracking the giant ape. >> we're captivated by congress's power and majesty. he is a mystery of the unknown, a terrifying force of nature with an intelligence we don't understand. most of the principal characters are coming back from the vietnam war. you have credence clear water revival on the sound track. ♪ >> samuel l. jackson and john goodman join tom and brie on location in hawaii, australia, and vietnam. brie was kind of a tour director. >> there was holding baby koalas. >> giant snakes. >> yeah, we held giant snakes.
9:23 pm
>> and unlike past king kong movies, brie does not play the damsel in distress. she's a photographer. >> it's huge, and we're talking about one of the greatest myths of all time. i couldn't resist. >> last year during awards season, the best actress, golden globe, s.a.g., and oscar winner for "room" had to improvise her red carpet looks with her stylist from the remote set. >> i'm working. i'm filming king kong. i'm spending my days running around in the jungle with no phone signal. so i don't have the time. i have no service to try and find a dress. >> it would be the most thrilling action, rugged, raw, exciting. >> you know i'm pretty much up for anything. tackling snakes, handling snakes, that is not one of them. >> no? i would have thought different of you, cameron. challenge. >> oh, no. >> now, if you want to talk
9:24 pm
about a fearless movie star, look no further than melissa mccarthy. part of what makes her so funny and incredible is all of that crazy, wild, physical comedy that we get to watch her do. the question is how much of that really is melissa? well, i found out. >> here we go. i try to do as much as i can until someone goes, you're not doing that. what's the matter with you? ♪ >> when the stunt gets too crazy for melissa, usually stepping in is this woman. 35-year-old stunt woman lucy romberg. >> what kind of injuries have you had? >> i've been super lucky over the last 12 years. i've only had to go to the hospital once for some stitches. >> that's amazing when you consider shots like this on identity thief. that's melissa. that's lucy. on ghostbusters, melissa. lucy. on the boss, directed by mccarthy's husband, that's
9:25 pm
melissa. >> you're going to regret this. >> and that's lucy. >> she wants to do all the stunts herself. on the boss, we were doing the section where she gets flung against the wall off the bed. she's like, i can do it. and her husband, ben, is like, yeah, you can do it once. >> lucy took that hit but amazingly on her famous super bowl commercial, lucy says that's mostly melissa doing the stunt work. >> we had her falling down the crevice, getting picked up by the rhino, shook around. >> when else do you get to be picked up like a rag doll and literally thrown around? >> she can do the splits. i mean she's -- >> i saw that picture of you both in the splits. holy cow. >> she's incredible. >> what has been the craziest stunt that you and melissa have done together? >> i would probably have to say the helicopter sequence on "spy." getting to hang from a helicopter and she killed it too. >> meaning a lot of that work was mccarthy herself. it took three days to shoot that scene. >> your hands go numb, and you
9:26 pm
have weird blisters. i really love that stuff. >> lucy stays in shape by free running. it's a competitive type of running that includes gymnastics and acrobatics. and crazy me, i just had to try it. >> you can do it. >> there you go, okay. [ screaming ] >> i really like the athletic nischelle turner. seeing that side of you. >> i thought you were going to give me the what for for that. >> no way. i can see you got it. >> my shirt said warrior. it was a train wreck. >> your shirt should have said athlete. straight ahead, more oscar coverage with the movie set to sweep the awards. i'm talking about "la la land." meet the film's choreographer who taught ryan gosling his smooth moves. >> one, two, yes! >> and cameron mathison. does being pregnant help your chances to win oscar gold?
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just head & shoulders? (gasp) i thought it was just for, like, dandruff new head & shoulders. cleans, protects and moisturizes to... ...get up to 100% flake-free and unbelievably beautiful hair it's not head & shoulders, it's the new head & shoulders if you're just joining us, here are the top five stories of the week. number five, flip or flop star tarek el moussa opens up about his divorce from wife christina. you're still working together. >> mm-hmm. >> no weirdness on set at all? >> i wouldn't say that. there's no fighting. it's just more of a quiet day. >> after one reported argument, christina called 911 and police say they responded to a possibly suicidal man. >> that's totally untrue. >> it seems like there was something going on, though. >> to be quite honest, it was a complete misunderstanding. i can legally carry a firearm. i just decided to go hiking that day. >> number four, our just uncovered interview with possible future royal meghan markle. >> i like to take risks, as i think you guys can tell. >> this was meghan in october.
9:31 pm
no one knew yet that she was dating prince harry. but, look, there is that beaded bracelet they both wear. meghan opened up about her days as a struggling actress before being cast on "suits." >> i had the most beat up hand me down ford explorer sport. number three, oscar host jimmy kimmel takes on archrival matt damon. >> he told "e.t." specifically that he was absolutely rooting against you. >> pretty unprofessional and not very funny. >> i feel sorry for his wife, who is a lovely woman. she has to live with him. >> no doubt matt will be in jimmy's crosshairs at the oscars sunday night. >> i'm praying for him right now. number two, angelina jolie speaks out about her split with brad. >> it was a very difficult time, and we are a family. and we will always be a family. >> angelina was in cambodia last weekend with her six children for the premiere of her film, first they killed my father. she told the bbc she's finding
9:32 pm
comfort in family and routine. >> usually i wake up trying to figure out who's going to get the dog out, who's going to start the pancakes, and did anybody brush their teeth. >> and number one, george and amal in france walk their first red carpet friday since the news broke that they're having twins. >> we're really happy and really excited. it's going to be an adventure. >> when asked how he's preparing for those twins due in june, the 55-year-old said. >> lock yourself in a room. my favorite part is all my friends who are my age -- and i have many of them -- have already done this like you. the kids are all grown up, on the way to college. and they're laughing. >> also in the news this week, all of the preparations leading up to the oscars, the front-runner, "la la land" with 14 nominations including one each for its stars emma stone and ryan gosling. >> with all that amazing foot work, the unsung hero is the movie's choreographer. i got a lesson from this woman
9:33 pm
who was essential in getting stars off on the right foot. >> five, six, seven, eight. ♪ >> she's the master who taught me some of the steps she created for ryan and emma. ♪ her name is mandy moore, and, no, she's not the mandy moore who stars on "this is us." >> i can't say enough about mandy moore. she just was an unstoppable force of good will. i shudder at the thought of her not having been a part of this. ♪ >> she's the most incredible, patient, brave, amazing woman. that was honestly my favorite part of the entire experience was getting to learn to dance with her. ♪ >> what was your first impression of his dance skills? >> he's very hard on himself. but that's really -- that happens to me a lot as a choreographer. you learn something and immediately it's like, i'm
9:34 pm
terrible. >> he and emma worked with mandy for six weeks separately before they even started training together. >> i would work with emma in the mornings. she's a morning person. she loves to work early. we'd be in at 8:00. then ryan loves to have his day and then come later. ♪ >> the first few days, first few rehearsals of them together. >> a lot of giggles and a lot of feeling like, oh, i can't get this. there was definitely that initial nervousness. ♪ >> emma has a sweating thing. she laughs. i have a sweating thing. ryan is sweating on me and this whole thing. >> everybody has got their thing. mandy also choreographs those big group numbers on dancing with the stars. i competed on the show. i admit i'm not exactly a dancing routine. >> big step. go, one, two. yes! ♪ >> look at this guy.
9:35 pm
[ laughter ] >> woo! >> oh, come on now. i had seven minutes to learn. they had seven months. it was all right. it was okay. in case you're wondering, yes, mandy was just a little bit distracted when she first met ryan. she said he'd walk into the rehaerszle hall and she'd be like, dude, you're very handsome. >> i think i might have said that to you a time or two. >> i don't remember that. >> dude, you're very handsome. now, when it comes to the awards, is there a sure fire way to win. plenty of stars will hit the red carpet carrying a good luck charm. this year, at least only natalie portman's will be a baby on the way. >> natalie portman looked ready to deliver last month at the s.a.g. awards. >> you have a name yet? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> or is that i'm just not going to tell? >> no, no. >> you got to meet a baby before. >> will she win a second oscar with a baby on board? in 2011, she won best actress
9:36 pm
for black swan while pregnant with her first child. >> the baby was kicking a lot during the song portion of the show. a little dancer. >> it's not easy navigating the red carpet when expecting. the bump, the gown, the heels. just ask cate blanchett. >> it's a little more challenging when your pregnant. >> everybody kind of cleared the carpet area for you. >> i know. pregnant woman about to give birth, i think. >> how is your stomach feeling right about now? >> all of it is very jumpy. >> meryl streep, who is nominated again this year, was expecting her second child when she won her second oscar for sophie's choice. >> meryl, do we know for definite it's a girl so you can't call it oscar? >> no, but i have several dresses that i've bought. >> she was one of the first stars to arrive on the red carpet. >> i kind of wanted to get here before it got too crowded because when you're pregnant in crowds you get a little panicky. you get very protective of the baby.
9:37 pm
>> designers will often create a special maternity gown for the oscars. amy adams, kyra nightly, emily blunt, and nicole kidman have all strutted their baby bumps with confidence. and you got to love jessica alba's honesty about fitting into that marchesa dress. >> it took a little more time today. >> and katherine zeta jones was in her ninth month when she won best supporting actress for chicago, saying pregnant say brain affects even oscar winners. >> i need to write it all down to remember this night. i can't even remember my own name right now. >> you saw nicole kidman in that piece. she's is up for supporting actress this weekend for "lion." but her littlest co-star has already stolen so many hearts. you know the 8-year-old has been touring america. he's been to disneyland. he's also been right here on our "e.t." set. this week kevin frazier tagged along with sonny when he met one of his heroes. >> who is that guy? >> sonny is a big fan of wwe
9:38 pm
superstar triple h, and this week the wrestler and his wife handed sonny a championship belt and even gave him his own wrestling name. >> the lion. >> he also got sonny to show off his wrestling moves. >> can i just say because this is oscar weekend, talk about an oscar snub. that little one right there. >> he was so good in that film. >> amazing in the movie. >> and unbelievably cute. up next, my one-on-one with celine dion. what has her breaking into song in our new interview? ♪ then first britney. now michael jackson. we're going behind the scenes of the lifetime movie about the king of pop. plus we're talking to 90210's look perry. what he knows about a cast reunion. >> i was a brandon girl back in
9:39 pm
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9:41 pm
♪ oh, heart throb luke perry is back on television. only this time he's playing a dad. luke is archie's father in the archie comics-inspired river dale, and i talked to him about that and life now at 50. >> don't take this the wrong way. i was a brandon girl back in the day. >> it's never too late. >> it's never too late? >> we can change it. we still got room for you over here. >> i can come over? >> of course. >> you'll still take me back? just take that brandon, spin it around. most likely it's going to be me on the side with a much better
9:42 pm
look. jason, you'll be kissing the paint once again. >> 20 minutes with mr. charm over here, and, yeah, i think i'm team dylan now. luke at 50 still has that james dean bad boy vibe going on even in his new series riverdale. but why they got to mess with his 90210 hair? >> back then, how long did that take? >> it took a minute to put that all together in the morning. at one point, three of us had to be working on it at one time. you know, shaping it, putting all the fiber glass that held it. on the first season of riverdale, i let archie had the cool hair. i wanted to give him a head start. i told him now i'm coming back to it. i told him, second season, i'm coming to get you. >> in a very addicting drama based on the archie comic books, luke is a devoted single dad. it's a role similar to his real life. his two kids are all grown now. 19-year-old son jack made headlines for his official sports name. he calls himself jungle boy.
9:43 pm
can we play proud papa here? he's a wrestler. >> i don't talk about that. >> you're proud, though? >> i am, of both my kids. >> it's crazy to think it's been nearly 17 years since 90210 aired its final episode. so would the cast be open to making a return to that very famous zip code? >> i think everybody is interested in doing it. we know we had a lot of fun getting back together. we just want it to be something good. we want it to be stuff that when people watch they're like, oh, yeah. >> i still have questions. >> i think we all have them. that would be a good way to answer this of them. >> he is one of my favorites. his co-star, gabrielle car taris told us a few weeks ago she had some of her buddies from 90210 over for dinner and she and luke were so excited about his new gig. still to come, the michael jackson lifetime movie. i'm behind the scenes with the guy playing the king of pop. >> i used to work for him as a decoy. plus vegas sensation celine dion.
9:44 pm
her new role on the voice and the wild side of the singer you've never seen. >> i'm going to tell you to stop the interview and keep going our way. >> great to see her smiling again. that is ahead. but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which parks and recreation star provided background vocals on a maroon 5 album? is it amy poehler, rob lowe, ora album? is it amy poehler, rob lowe, ora she before fibromyalgia, album? is it amy poehler, rob lowe, ora she i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing,
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♪ did you happen to check out lifetime's tv movie on britney spears last weekend? a million of your closest friends did, and now michael jackson is getting the lifetime movie treatment. i went behind the scenes with the guy playing the king of pop. >> make a wish. >> you know what i wish for? i'm not supposed to tell. >> i wish we could go back home to neverland. >> we can't ever go back to neverland. that place has been contaminated by evil. >> who is the man cast to play michael? his name is navi, the trinidad native says that for 17 years he was hired by jackson himself to work as his body double. ♪ the 40-something performer has had numerous plastic surgery operations changing his nose, cheekbones and chin just to look more like the king of pop. it's shocking how similar you
9:48 pm
look to him. >> i used to work for him as a decoy, and i performed at his birthday parties and when he went through the trials, i stood outside the courthouse, and i stood there with a sign saying smooth but not a criminal. to me, it was important that i wanted michael to know that i believe in him. >> michael jackson searching for neverland focuses on the last three years of m.j.'s life as told through the eyes of his two bodyguards. one family incident you'll see is blanket miss chiviously pressing one of the panic buttons throughout the house. the armed guards come running. >> everybody down. >> blanket, that's not funny. everybody get over here. everybody, time for school. i thought about owning a gun once. then i realized, probably too many people i want to shoot. >> have you spoken to the family or the kids about this film? >> i've spoken to the family in the past, but i haven't spoken to them about this project.
9:49 pm
but, you know, i believe that when this project is out, they will know it's a fair and true portrayal. >> paris jackson has been invited to the set but has yet to come check out the biopic which is based on the best selling book, remember the time. navi's goal is to give an authentic performance out of respect to michael himself. >> if you knew michael jackson, he would answer the phone and was so disconnected against his own will. i stood with him in a hotel room and looked down at fans that were gathering, and he would sometimes put on outfits and disguises and go out there because he would send pizza in the middle of the night because they were cold. you know, he loved his fans. >> when you're done with this, will you go back to impersonating him, or do you feel like you will leave that chapter in the past of your life? >> i'm going back to pick up my glove, put on my shoes and get back on the stage. >> yeah. ♪
9:50 pm
>> i know you're sitting at home like me right now and thinking, i cannot believe how much navi looks like michael jackson. now, this group has not gotten the lifetime movie treatment, but the backstreet boys are getting a residency in las vegas. next week they are taking over the same theater used by j.lo, britney, and lionel richie inside planet hollywood's resort and casino. i got a special peek inside rehearsal. next week on "e.t." back street is back. the band's shocking new interview. sharing surprises from their new vegas show. think you know the backstreet boys? think again. ♪ next week, only only "e.t." oh, the backstreet boys, takes me back, doesn't it? now, brian la trel celebrated his birthday during rehearsals this week. he is 42. now, just down the strip from where the boys are headed is a music icon, celine dion.
9:51 pm
i talked to the legend in vegas about her life today after losing husband rene to cancer a little more than a year ago. ♪ >> it was a tough time last year, and going back onstage before the passing of my husband, i said, i don't want you to worry. this is not -- this is not fair that you've been suffering too much. you don't deserve that. so i got you, okay? the kids are fine. >> now she's moving forward as a single mother. >> when he left, he came inside of all of my kids' hearts and mine. my oldest, 16, is not the man of the house. you have to have your own dreams. and the twins, they didn't suffer because i told them the truth. ♪ where does my heart beat now >> she says rene's spirit is always with her, and now she has to manage life and her career on her own. is this a more confident you out
9:52 pm
there? >> definitely. >> that's amazing. >> we used to be 50-50, and now i have to stand up for myself and say, i'm not sure. i need time. give me time to think about this. i'm not quite sure because i didn't even have any questions, any questions for anything. i mean if you said, we do this, we go on tour, this is what we do, this tv show, not this one, not that long. he was on top of it. he was my husband and my manager. but today it's like i have to like let me pause on that. i'll come back to you. >> celine says this whole ordeal has only made her stronger. she is still loving life, and boy, does it show. >>. ♪ i'm a singer and you're a talker ♪ . >> she just couldn't help herself breaking into song at every turn. ♪ look at the sun. it's showing bright for you ♪ >> what better place to share that gift of song than "the voice"? >> you're on gwen stefani's team as a mentor.
9:53 pm
what advice would you gf a younger version going on the voice as a contestant? >> i would say believe. be yourself. don't hold on to just one dream. life is more than a song, baby. >> la la la la, hey. >> celine kept singing all through the press conference to launch the collection of luggage and accessories. >> this is something you and rene had talked about, this plan, this project? no? so this is your own baby? >> no, it's not something that we have talked about. but i'm pretty sure that he would be very proud. >> she is so full of love. she's so full of music. you will be hearing more from her in the upcoming live action return of beauty and the beast. 25 years ago. you remember? the classic animated film won her several grammys, even an oscar now. she's back performing an original song on the new movie's sound track. >> i love that. john legend and ariana are doing
9:54 pm
a cover of celine's classic song for th my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
9:55 pm
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♪ look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. chelsea handler is 42. michael bolton is celebrating turning 64. taylor ownny, 51. take a look at your final choices. which parks and recreation star provided background vocals on a maroon 5 album? that is ra she da jones who is 41 this weekend. monday on "e.t." >> this is big. >> we're with the stars as they reach for oscar gold. >> i'm there. >> breaking down all the fashion and showing you how the celebs celebrated. monday on "e.t." we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, >> before we leave you, check out the new video from katy perry for her new song. >> it's up for upcoming album and the video featuring a theme park, still not too far from here at california's six flags magic mountain. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody.
9:58 pm
>> bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ñ that breaking news
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tonight... 28 people injured ... including children ... after a truck plows into a crowd watching a popular mardi gras parade in new orleans... ñ thanks for joining us... i'm j-r stone.... 21 people were taken to the hospital and seven others declined meical treatment... here is what we know... the crash happened just before four this afternoon our time... six p-m in new orleans... in the mid-city area during what's called the "krewe of endymion" parade... the parade before the main parade ... witnesses say a speeding truck


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