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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 2, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> i love the peekaboo lingerie. and i love this custom necklace. it's custom. it's all safety pins. >> i want to meet j lo. jrod. >> jrod didn't disappoint with their red carpet debut. even though jlow was wearing the most covered up look in a long time. it's a valentino. inside, jlo got her groove on dancing while arod sat back. ♪ can't keep my hands to myself ♪ >> big night for couples. tom and gisele. john legend and chrissy tyi ssy. hands down our favorite, was selena gomez and the weeknd. kissing, hugging, whispering and can we talk about those smiles? justin bieber is clearly 2015
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and selena has arrived 45 minutes wearing the same part in the middle bob and not much else. >> i told my wife five days ago we were coming she could have killed me. dinner and a show. katy perry changed from her red ensemble to leather and vinyl for her performance. what happened inside the party? only we can show you that. they danced like nobody was watching. halle didn't allow her sheer jumpsuit and gorgeous long train get in the way. and red carpet mvp rihanna got a little help retying her $850 laced-up stilettos. kilyely jenner took a break.
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>> hi, guys. >> she gave us a peek about how she got ready. more of her dress on and have you seen these meme? solange knowles posted herself looking like a sleeping bag. this is what happened to diddy who laid down on the steps while his girlfriend posed. we're all sarah paulson freaking out over seeing madonna. >> what is in here? i want to know. >> a beverage. >> a naughty beverage. >> a rose. >> i love rose. >> i'm of legal age. >> but the queen of the night was celine who passed on the crown to our carly steel as only celine can. ♪ >> oh, my god.
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>> you look great. >> bye. >> celine is always singing. >> she is always singing. >> she looked incredible, too. if some of those other gowns seemed outrageous, just wait until we break what the stars changed into the after-party. who wore pajamas. that's ahead. >> it's crazy. right now an update on gwen stefani, she ruptured her eardrum. "e.t." online got new details. from gwen's boyfriend. >> i got to get an update on gwen's ear, how is she doing? >> okay. >> she's getting better, you know, something like that is just slow, i mean, when you pop-blow your eardrum out. i mean, i don't even know how that happens. i don't know how it heals, either, but she says she can hear now. >> well, that's good. >> it's just slow, i think. >> last week gwen suffered that ruptured eardrum while on a plane. it forced her to cancel a charity performance in las
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vegas. >> i think the cabin pressure in her airplane, she had a head cold and then, once they got up to a certain altitude, they say not to fly if you have a head cold but we all do but that's the thing, i guess, that could happen. >> i feel like this is an original for you. >> gwen was back in her coach's chair last night, and posting pictures from backstage. blake and alicia keys shared the good news that gwen's recovered enough that she'll be singing tonight on "the voice." >> she's doing good. >> yeah, she's back it? >> oh, yeah. no greater joy than watching the birth of your child. well, last night, an emotional jimmy kimmel revealed house his son's birth last month turned from a celebration to a parent's worst nightmare. >> i try not to get emotional. it was a scary story. kimmel fought back tears, as he told viewers about the frightening moments following his son's birth.
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>> they did an echocardiogram. of the heart. he was born with a heart disease. >> at three days old he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. where they operated on his blocked valve. >> the operation was a success. it was the longest three hours of my life. this poor kid, this is what he looked like on monday. but, this is what he looked like yesterd yesterday. poor kid not only he got a bad heart he got my face. >> billy will need two follow-up operations but is expected to live a happy and normal life. kimmel had a long list of people to thank. >> everybody that matt damon sent flowers. >> jimmy tweeted this picture
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and his wife posted this, i am thankful to love and beloved by these two brave guys. both crier and please send prayers for families whose children are still in the hospital now. because they need it. >> there are few things going into a children's hospital. >> it breaks your heart. will arnette will fill in tonight. anthony anderson and david spade will round out the week. meanwhile, nischelle turner is here, another star parent making a big announcement. janet jackson. >> absolutely, she's ae suming her world tour and she broke her silence about her divorce. janet hers confirmed her split with wissam al mana. >> yes, i separated from my husband. we're in court. the rest is in god's hands. >> source close to family tells us she'll be in court to flush
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out the dissolution of her marriage. speaking of touring, also something we learned from janet's new posting. it's back zmron. >> i'm so excited. i'm so excited. >> the tour now called state of the world will open in lafayette, louisiana. >> i can't wait to see you on stage, september 7th. ♪ >> janet also admitted to gaining some baby weight. >> i have put on quite a few. our source tells us that janet will begin rigorously dieting. she wants to look her best for herself and her fans. thank you so much. >> no, thank you for getting back on stage, janet. >> i'll be there. up next, new trouble for batch lore chris soules what
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investigators just undercovered about the fatal crash. and the double elimination on
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♪ bruno mars. celine dion
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bachelor chris soules purchased alcohol before causing fatal crash in iowa and leaving the scene that's the new allegations from investigators tonight. they say they found partially consumed containers. last night on "dancing with the stars," two couples got eliminated. so, backstage, our cameron mathison brought in bindi irwin for backup. >> that was amazing! we still got it. we're ready for action. >> but out of the action -- >> nancy and artem. nick and peta, you are eliminated. >> what are you going to take
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away from this experience. >> it's fun to get out of your comfort zone challenge yourself. >> will we continue to see you on tv stay at home and change diapers. how do you look this hot? after having a little, i mean, seriously. >> lot of makeup and hair. >> i think it's just you, honey, honestly. >> speaking of makeup, rashad jennings had a new look for his horror-themed paso doble. >> you should have seen us putting the eyeliner on. >> i can't -- >> he was like -- i just pour. >> don't touch my eyes. >> makeup is not easy.
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>> i'm a man who wears makeup, trust me i get it. all right, still ahead -- the met gala after-party fashions. which poprs rocked pajamas. then -- >> from the ages of 20-24. >> come fegss from an empire star. >> the property brothers bring "e.t." to their on-set prank war. >> let's see what he's up to, shall we? closed captioning provided by --
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>> katy! so, let's break it down. coral sparkly body suit? check. pink-hooded sequin jacket? check. industrial garter belt? yeah. katy went from red tulle to -- well, we're not really sure what to call it. somehow it works for her. >> we're just out here to show you love, katy, that's all. that's all. thank you, katy. >> meanwhile, after-party host riri opted for something a little more comfortable. than her uber structured gala gown. of course, she's looking through rose-colored glasses. j lo's cleavage cover-up continued into the after-party. it was all legs in this black and red valentino. paired with a flowing coat.
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but kate hudson wins the night for not one, not two, but three stella mccartney numbers. she channelled her inner flapper in this fringed and later, slipped into this body-conscious design. at least she kept the same shoes on. mr. fashion, who were your favorites last night. >> first out, shout out to zendaya. halle berry. ruby rose, i loved her look. i love the short hair. and in la la anthony, carmelo, i know you guys just broke up, you need to go home quick. get home quick. >> i love j lo. in the blue valentino. she looked like a princess. she looked like elsa from "frozen." with her prince charming. huge honorable mention to blake lively. >> it was quite a night at the met gala. carly steel a busy woman before
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the met gala, she headed to texas to hang out with the property brothers. jonathan and drew. >> with the wedding coming up, i take it you're going to be best man. >> he actually said he doesn't know. >> maybe it's the older brother. >> hgtv's reportedly $20 million men are officially off the market. jonathan's dating jacinta kuznetsov and drew is engaged to linda phan, both work for their production company. right now, the guys are shooting season five of their competition show "brother versus brother." >> we're here in galveston, texas, with the property brothers. right now, jonathan is scouring the beach behind me, so, let's go see what he's up to, shall we? >> heads up. >> oh, my god! >> yeah, that's just a glimpse of what life behind the scenes is like with the 39-year-old twins. these guys are nonstop cracking
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jokes and always trying to one-up each other. >> this is his strategy. he tries to act all confident. jonathan does this, it's his zoolander. he does that all the time. >> the last show we did, jonathan pranktd me by putting a crocodile in my house loose. >> it was an alligator. >> but this little dig had to be our favorite -- >> drew admits to being in a boy bands. also reaching to the camera ♪ i want it that way >> nobody wants it that way. >> no. >> no. >> linda does. ♪ tell me why >> they have jokes. by the way, nischelle did you know that drew and jonathan were actually actors before their home renovation domination. >> i didn't know that. >> drew had a small role on smallville and jonathan was on x files. empire star gabourey sidibe.
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we got gabby to show off her gift of gab in person. >> you were a phone second operator. >> i was a phone sex operator from the age 21 to 24. my voice was around here. this is the normal girl. then there's barely legal or college girl and she's a little bit up here. because she's a little bit dumb. and then there's dominant girl who yells at you. it's improv. i was actually doing that not knowing it was preparing me for precious. i that was my acting school. >> can i have a basket, please? i don't know yet. still think about it. >> the 33-year-old oscar nominee and empire star is brutally
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candid in her new book. "this is just my face, try not to stare." from being in foster care to her weight loss surgery last year, after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. are you happy that you did it in your life. >> i'm happy. >> no regrets? >> no, not yet. i'm really glad about the way i did it. i didn't tell too many people. the thick about my body it's mine. the only opinion that matters is mine. i don't tell people when i change my hair, either. i just do it. >> gabby is living a healthier life. she just directed her first short film. fame is still something she's getting used to. >> being how did i get there? do you think right now you're meant to be where you are? >> i think so.
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i just want to say this is who i am. and that i'm working on myself. >> her instagram is gabby three shabby. she needs change it to gabby not shabby. i love this girl. she's turning 34. happy birthday. when we come back -- we'll tell you about a big honor for two big music superstars. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a battle brewing in the east bay....communities divided over one's school's plan to split from their district. we're live as parents to voice their concerns. a mother uses a knife to stab another woman after a road rage incident. she tells kron-4 why she did it. i'm steve aveson. i'm vicki liviakis. the news -- at eight -- is next. (laughs) come on! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline gold. its triple action formula
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before we go, today we with actor jane krawoski. >> which broadway show will be this year's hamilton. >> we have that as we say good night. good-bye, everyone. >> really, you're going to ask me question. >> okay, no playing favorites. this year's race is close. the great comet of 1812 got the most tony awards. hold dolly is a close second with ten nominations including now at eight ... a passionate fight in the east bay ... as a
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school district battles a move by one high school to secede. whooshroad rage in the school dropoff line in san francisco one mother in the hospital with stab wounds ... another claiming self defense "she looked like she was going to strike me....:whooshpoisonous rattlesnakes in the grass ... an unwanted byproduct of the beautiful weather: they love the heat. so they'll be out thereone bay area hiker, recovering in the hospital tonightwhooshwhat kind of dog do you want?call it tinder for would=be pet owners.the matchmaking app that will find your perfect four=legged soul're watching kron four news in prime time. (steve) now at 8. a packed now at 8.(steve) now at 8. a packed house in the east bay. as two communities debate over a divisive issue...whether to break away from the mount diablo school district.(steve) thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.(vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore tonighht.


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