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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 9, 2017 1:15am-1:31am PDT

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>> you do not want to miss the rest. >> bye, everybody. "the insider", tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> are you going to host this? please tell me yes. >> this is "american idol." here we go. whatever you want. >> number one, kelly grills ryan for "idol" answers as mr. and mrs. seacrest share what they know about their son's rumored return. >> he is superman. then, mtv's movie and tv awards is a night full of female firsts. >> emma watson, "beauty and the beast." >> as the wild weather forces a red carpet shutdown. it is hailing! and number three. how did kim kardashian's kids help kathy griffin out of a bind? >> i need two babies right now. she was like, i'm on it. plus, your "insider" bonus.
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>> five, six, seven, eight. >> what could keep simone biles and sasha from dancing gold? >> not that i hate it, it's just like, ugh. and -- inside the 90210 reunion turned feud? which costar did tory spelling and jenny garth just put on blast? >> we know her, which we don't speak of. >> "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> a year after ryan seacrest signed off "american idol" for now, reports say the show's return is full steam ahead with ryan and his new network. it's the number one tracking story today. >> this is big news. >> yeah, it is. >> so many questions. so, who better to get all the answers from ryan, or, at least try to, than his new "live" cohost, kelly ripa. >> let me start by saying, i like it. i like it a lot. and i'm hoping that this is true. that abc gets close to a deal for "american idol" return.
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okay -- i think this has to happen. are you going to host it? please tell me yes. >> whatever you want. >> yes, okay. >> you're my work wife. i say yes and bow to you. >> with a bow and a blessing from kelly, ryan continued to be vague about his "idol" return. >> no, i don't know about that part yet. we haven't gotten that far. so, this was news to me, actually, last week. i had said at the end of the series good-bye for now. we say to you from hollywood, good night, america, for now. hoping somewhere it would come back. and it was rumored to be going back to ore networks. i had no idea it was being talked about coming here. so, i made a phone call. and i said, that's kind of good to know, since i work here. >> while here is referring to abc, could it also be hinting to a will rrelocation? >> here in hollywood, this is your finale week and this is "american idol." here we go! >> the singing competition had a 15-season run in hollywood and
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for eight consecutive seasons beginning 2003 it was the highest-rated show on television. seacrest playing a vital role in that success. >> please welcome your host, ryan seacrest. >> so, with the 42-year-old taking the job alongside ripa, it seems natural for abc to bring "idol" to new york, and its new partner also giving some clues that the reboot could be happening in the big apple. >> i don't know if i can host it. >> yes, you can. you can. >> so, there you go. >> here's what i know. >> well, you know it all. >> i know that you're busy in the mornings. i get it. i understand it's hard doing double duty. you've got the radio show, you've got this. but your nights are free. you don't have that much to do. you can do this. >> you know the preparation i have to do for this show every night? >> but you can do this. you can disconnect for that. i promise on the days where it is the day after, i will totally --
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you won't even have to think. i will do it all. >> well, he is superman, so. >> ryan's proud parents connie and gary seacrest seen arriving at l.a.x. yesterday know a busy schedule is no match for their son. >> i always love to see him on tv. that's the best for me. >> mom giving her seal of approval for the "idol" revival. >> whatever they decide, i'm sure it is the right thing. >> i know a lot of people are excited about "idol" coming back, but come on. we need paula, randy and simon, right? >> that was the dream team. all right, moving onto the mtv movie and tv awards. tracking at number two. yo joining us. talk about a shower of girl power. >> emphasis on shower, deb. the ladies ruled the night, while the rest of us were just trying to stay dry. it is hailing at the mtv movie awards. the mtv movie and tv awards red carpet ended abruptly after a hollywood hailstorm shut it down.
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>> they're taking everyone to the garage because there's lightning. >> but before mother nature had her say, billy ray cyrus proudly supporting his baby girl's mtv debut. >> noah's got a great performance coming up. ♪ >> she's an original, for sure. >> the 17-year-old had big shoes to fill, following her sister's 2013 mtv vmas performance. >> is there any special surprises tonight? >> i mean -- it's fun. it's just fun and different. >> what do you think about her saying she wants to recreate herself? >> i think that's great. miley's always been -- like she gets passionate about things and she's always been nothing but herself. >> now who you excited to see inside? >> adam devine is hosting this thing, and he never disappoints. >> moments later hailee steinfeld was right beside her "pitch perfect" costars as belle to devine's beast. ♪ movies and tv
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>> emma watson, "beauty and the beast." >> the award show breaking down barriers. for the first time, presenting gender neutral categories. best actor in a movie went to emma watson. >> the first acting award in history that doesn't separate actors based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience. >> and the best kiss went to that "moonlight" smooch. >> this award is for us artists who are out there that need to step out the box, to do whatever it takes to get people to wake up. >> and "this is us" star crissy metz while presenting best duo to hugh jackman and his "logan" pint size costar must have gotten some flack for this red hot latex dress. after her appearance, metz fired off this tweet. "for the record, i wear what i want, when i want. news flash. it's my body. #thankstho." show of the year, "stranger things" and its leading lady, 13-year-old millie bobby brown
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cheerfully accepted the award for best actor in a show. >> i want to thank my family. paige, charlie, ava, you guys give me light every day and i love you guys and my mom and dad for being so supportive. >> movie of the year, "beauty and the beast." the musical's costar josh gad giving us the scoop on the rumored sequel. now -- you can't do a sequel to this -- >> "beauty and the beasts?" "beauty and the fantastic beasts and other magical free sures?" >> "beauty and the beasts you didn't know about?" >> "beauty to beast?" i don't know. >> i would love to see a sequel but i don't see it happening. and i'm bummed about it. >> this is hollywood. anything can happen. >> exactly. i'm not giving up hope. >> see you in a boat. moving on to the race to erase ms. presented kathy griffin telling us all about her babysitting side hustle for her famous neighbors, the wests. >> so, yes, i live next door to kim and kanye. a week ago, my mom is going to turn 97 next month, was just
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feeling like, a little down. i text kim kardashian and i said i don't know if you're even in the country, but i need two babies right now. she was like, i'm on it. >> enter north and saint west. the race to erase presenter confessing kim's kids saved the day. >> half hour later, they come over. my mom just lights up. she gets in her grandma mode. she was asking them about their future. it was the funniest thing. ♪ it's gonna be me >> lance bass joining all those memes poking fin of nsync's often misunderstood lyric. ♪ it's gonna be me >> lance introduced his long-time bestie, "the soprano's" star jamie lynn sigler, who received the 2017 medal of hope award. the 35-year-old was diagnosed with ms when she was just 20 years old. >> i want to share this honor with my friends and family that are here tonight. i hope i can somehow be able to express to each and every one of you how grateful i am for all the times that you have pushed me. >> and it's hard to believe it
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will be ten years next month since "the sopranos" ended with that controversial last scene. >> we just had a mini reunion last week in d.c. it was such a special time in my life. >> it's going to be a great little date night out for us. >> "dancing with the stars" real life couple maks chmerkovskiy and peta murgatroyd enjoying their time with baby shai since being eliminated from the show. >> it allows me to get one bath time in. so, that makes me very happy. >> obviously nicer to have him around more often. >> the more the merrier. >> i can't get enough of him. >> also on the red carpet peta's former partner bachelor nick vial and fiance vanessa grimaldi.. so, will nick use his new skills to get his bride to be ready for their first wedding dance? >> it was actually the other way around. she's really good. >> now there's a lot of pressure for that first dance. >> i mean, she's well trained now, so we're good. all right, coming up -- >> oh, yes, it's hitting me. it's back. >> debra messing tells us
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everything she knows about "will and grace's" return. then, why simone biles and sasha were going in different directions when it came to tonight's song choice. >> it's just like, an annoying tick. plus, meet hollywood's go-to hair guy rye. >> he is so creative and he loves what he does. >> i'm with the man the stars trust with their red carpet tresses. and who is giving the morning joe engagement news? the comedy treatment -- >> being real naughty. maybe you need someone to punish you. >> it's coming up next.
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yes. oh, yes. it's hitting me. we have pictures on buses, big posters. we start the end of july. they're writing right now. they're keeping it from us so we don't spill the beans. >> we are so excited about this. >> yes, we are. >> debra messing reacting to the highly anticipated rueturn of "will and grace" this fall at the gladd awards this weekend. >> let's get to the other hollywood hot topics. the morning joe engagement still one of them. yo back with us at our social state. i love that "snl" went there. >> oh, yeah. they're keeping it all in the nbc family. the show opened with joe and mika's obvious love connection. and that stops tonight's inside take. >> we're going to address the elephant in the room. >> oh, boy, did they ever. >> okay, we're being -- >> i'm not -- >> pushes it buttons. >> does it?
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>> "snl"'s kate mckinnon and alex moffat channelled newly engaged couple and "morning joe" hosts joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. >> you're being very naughty. >> am i being naughty? >> yeah, you're being real naughty. maybe you need someone to punish you. >> the skit highlighting their on-air flirtations were hilarious. but for me, the funniest thing was watching the contributors react. >> willie geist, what are you seeing here? >> ah -- >> mike barnacle, who is going on with this bill? >> it was a good ratings night for "snl," which pulled in nearly 7 million viewers among them scarborough who took to twitter adding it was the mike barnacle cutaways. >> would you even consider a 90210 reboot? >> i don't think so. >> okay, now we may have an idea why that might be off the table for tiffany thiessen. cue tori spelling and jennie garth.
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>> how do you say it? >> that which we don't speak of. >> talking about thousanding some shade. the west beverly high alums were guest judges on friday's "rue pal's gragg race" for a 90210 parody which included a drag queen dressed as thiessen's character, valerie malone. >> we know her as that which we don't speak of. >> all right, coming up -- >> you look stunning tonight. >> thank you. hollywood's main stylist gives us secrets to getting that red carpet glow. and why simone biles' post-"dancing" plans are not what you'd expect. >> that would be nice. can i come? >> yeah. >> and what celebrity couple is living out their spider-man fantasy? that's all straight ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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