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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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officials tells me there have been more than 10 vehicles set on fire between those this week. and dating back to 2016. the fires have some things in common leading them to believe the same person or people are responsible for all of them. tongiht - a serial car arsonist is still on the loose in contra costa county.five cars have been set on fire this week alone.and police believe the same suspect may be responsible for several othersrobert marshall/contra costa fire marshall: we are not being specific about those commonalities and there's some information that we need to withold for the integrity of the investigation. but these fires all have somethings in common and because of that we believe either the same person or same group of people are responsible for the fires.two cars were set on fire this morning in is unusual. it is. and its a quiet community and its relatively save but you can't be too safe anywhere. it's shocking its terible.two other happened yesterday in walnut creek and lafayette.while the fifth happened earlier this week in martinez.yeah its kind
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of scary to know that someone could come by early in the morning or something like that and set my car on firefire officials says all the fires happened overnight.and are asking the public to keep some tips in mind for protection robert marshall/contra costa fire marshall: be aware of the surroundings. be aware of the things that are going on around them. and then you know if they see a person who doesn't belong in the area if they see a suspicious car, we asked them to go ahead and call 911.make sure that you don't have a bunch of combustilbles that are stacked up next to the house. make sure you get that stuff cleaned up.(hermela aregawi) fortunately no one has been injured in any of the incidents.officials ask that you call the arson tip line if you see something suspicious. that's 1866-50 arson.reporting in pleasant hill hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. ((steve))now to a developing
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story in the south bay. multiple parents have reached out to kron 4... telling us they had to pick their kids from camp campbell ...because of some type of illness. the camp is part of the y-m- c-a of silicon valley. it's located in boulder creeek... in santa cruz county. according to one of the parents... many of the adults running the camp started feeling sick. the parent also says the camp has been closed due to health inspections. apparently some of the kids there were from linda vista elementary school in san parent told us they were taking their child to the hospital as a precaution. we have reached out to the camp -- but have not heard back yet. we will bring you an update as soon we get more information. (pam) on the peninsula.. police are searching for the man who exposed himself to a woman hiking with her toddler... this is a sketch of the suspect.. it happened wednesday afternoon on a hiking trail at the palo alto baylands. the woman says, she was walking on the trail along the northern
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boundry of the palo alto airport... when she heard something in the bushes.. she turned and says, she saw the man naked in the bushes. the victim says, he is about six feet tall.. with a thin build.. and had his hair pulled back in a bun.. she also says... he has tatoos on his arms and legs. (steve) tonight a tribute to a young south bay high school student who died while she was playing basketball.. the homestead high school sophomore kimberly nuestro is being honored by her family and friends..along with her favorid n-b-a player...steph curry. on sunday, nuestro collapsed during a game at mission college and later died. her coach said she had suffered a seizure about a year ago but seemed fine until this happened. nuestro was a huge fan of steph curry. the n-b-a player loved by many in the bay area granted her father's wish by signing a pair of nuestro's step curry shoes. (becky chui/junior varsity coach):" she had made a blue and yellow dream catcher and if you looked in her closet, she has three air of curries
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and honestly, it was unreal, she really loved the warriors..."(steve) classmates have been wearing blue and yellow to school this week in her honor... ((steve))now to a story you will only see on kron 4.a north bay mother..has quite a story to tell about her new bundle of joy.((pam)) she delivered the bouncing baby girl in a car... during thje morning rush hour along highway - 101. kron 4's ella sogomonian spoke with the family.. in this kron 4 exclusive. sot:ella sogomonian/santa rosa//just minutes into their drive toward the hospital baby kainoa was rushing more than anyone on that early moring work commute forcing mom to give birth in traffic on highway 101 near cotati.sot: victoria williams, mom// pretty much let nature take its course and it definitely did that."victoria williams is a north bay doctor who has delivered hundreds of babies but never like this. planning for a may day baby - her due date was pushed up another day. last tuesday she unexpectedly had to deliver her own newborn.
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sot: victoria williams, mom// "i got to put my own name on the birth certificate as delivering physician which was pretty cool."her first baby 20 hours to deliver in their previous home -this time around williams wanted her trusted colleagues at petaluma health center to do the jobthey just didn't make it in time.sot: lena, big sister// "mommy catched her in her lap."sot: ella sogomonian, santa rosa//"how cool is that?" sot: lena, big sister// "so cool!"fiften minutes on the road - baby kainoa was born inside a moving car in rush hour traffic on highway 101 near cotati.sot: ella sogomonian, santa rosa//"dad adam williams kept his cool and his hands on the wheel he managed to slow down but kept driving."sot: adam williams, dad// "and we were in pretty heavy commute traffic so i couldn't just whip off to the side and pull over so it kind of just happened that way because it was so fast."sot: ella sogomonian, santa rosa//"while mom was in the front passenger seat delivering her own baby and the news 'it's a girl!" altogether the delilvery only took 40 minutes.sot: victoria williams, mom// "we weren't dilly dallying at home. we
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didn't take our time. we left within 20 minutes. we weren't expecting twenty minutes late to have a baby."sot: ella sogomonian, santa rosa//: "what would you say to people who wonder how could this happen to a doctor?"sot: victoria williams, mom// "i think the main take home point is that labor can go so many different ways. nature can give us anything."sot:ella sogomonian/santa rosa//mom and dad are happy it all worked out.kainoa is a healthy baby girl who just days old already has quite the story to tell. in santa rosa ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (reid)
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news.> here in san francisco, the police department says they have arrested two men 36-year-old billy lockhart and 33 year old benjamin martin on charges of possession of child pornography. lockhart works as a psychiatrist at ucsf and investigators believe he may have used the wifi connection at the hospital to upload and distribute porn. the police department is also asking that if anyone has had suspicious contact with either of these men or feels they may have been a victim to please call sfpd's special victims unit. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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((pam)) the weekend is almost here... and it is expected to be much cooler than last weekend. ((steve))meteorologist brittney shipp is back to tell us when things will finally start to heat back up. this is the story
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of how q got curly. quin was crazy about curls. curly fries. curly straws. curly haired dogs. even those cute curly tails on pigs. but to quin's chagrin everything about her was so very straight. which made the next twist so amazing. did she expect to find a high-end hair curler at a mind-bendingly low price? never. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. marshalls. your surprise is waiting. the surface cold front
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associated with this parent upper low is serving as a dividing line between an area saturated with marine stratus to the south and a cooler, unstable air mass with cumulus clouds to the north. along this front, a thin band of mid to high level clouds has been responsible for a trace to a few hundredths of rain in sonoma county. for the
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remainder of the day, some increase in mid to high clouds should be expected. clearing skies will briefly precede the arrival of the cold front as this mornings marine stratus continues to mix out by the encroaching air mass from the north.
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president trump speaks out. >> he's a showboat, he's a grandstander. the fbi has been in turmoil. and the return of melissa mccarthy as spicey. then, photo mystery. who's the nude dude lying buck naked on a shark? is he the famous sandwich king? and how to have good manners on a plane even when bad stuff happens. >> these people behind me are driving me nuts. look at my seat. it's bouncing all over the place. plus, steve harvey memo controversy. did he really instruct his staff not to approach him? >> steve september a detailed e- mail, and it has


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