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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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to them or their neighbors.tim mcconnell/neighbori think it's one of the things we've kind of decided that with this kind of going on and now the vehicle fires. if people are driving through your neighbhorhood i dont think there's a real problem of asking if you have any suspicions do you need some help or are you looking for something. just ask questions to see who's driving through here. hopefully people aren't put off by that but its kind of what you have to investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the parts of walnut creek and lafayette that were targeted in hopes of getting more information about the suspect or suspects.(hermela aregawi) police in lafayette and walnut creek say they'll be on high alert.while fire officials remind you to call their arson line if you think you have information that can help investigators.reporting in pleasant hill, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. an off duty alameda county sheriff's deputy killed in a crash early today .. is identified as sroeuy khin...
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khin was driving home from a 12-hour overtime shift at santa rita county jail in dublin, when he was killed. .. he was driving on eastbound interstate- 580 when his car was hit by a bus carrying tesla employees.. khin was a ten-year veteran of the alameda county sheriff's office.. and worked for stocken plolice before that. he is survived by his wife and four children .. tomorrow would have been khin's 51st birthday. ((steve)) vacaville police have released this video showing why vaca pena middle school was placed on lockdown this morning. there were reports of a student with a gun -- which turned out to be a b-b- gun.police say they found it inside a 15-year-old student's backpack... the teen boy was arrested and charged with bringing a weapon onto school grounds. ((steve))now to a story you will only see on kron 4. a bay area woman says... her wrist was burned by a fitbit.kron4's ella sogomonian spoke to the
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woman in san jose... and has a response from fit-bit. friday morning around 10 denielle briseno of san jose says she felt a burning sensation on her left wrist underneath her fit bit bracelet.sot: denielle briseno, claims fitbit burned wrist//"i noticed a hot feeling to my wrist and irritation, a little, a little bit of an irritating feeling. shifted the fit bit up a little, noticed a burn." briseno says she has worn the fit bit night and day since her husband bought the tracker back in december and has never had issues.sot: denielle briseno, claims fitbit burned wrist//"it came as a shock i've had no problems with it. i sleep with it. the only thing i do not do is shower with it. it's given me no problems whatsoever."her husband immediately contacted fitbit's online support service about the alleged burn. he says a representative called him seemingly shocked by the news and offered a refund for the fit bit.the fit bit. sot:phillip briseno, husband// "they just were very surprised they said and they wanted to get the fit bit back to do testing on it. they
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again were just surprised saying it wasn't something normal or that it was rare." the briseno's say they just want the company to recall the product until they can pinpoint what may have caused the skin irritation - calling it a public safety concern.we reached out to fitbit for comment regarding the claim. fitbit takes every customer complaint seriously and would like to discuss this report with the customer directly. based on images and video we received of the device, it appears to be intact with no damage to it. our medical expert does not believe this is an injury caused by the fitbit device. in san jose ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ((pam)) it is being called the biggest cyber attack ever... and it's still unknown who is behind it. a ransom- ware virus is spreading like wildfire across the globe... locking users out of their computers unless they pay. more than 70- thousand devices have been infected in ninety- nine countries. banks and telephone companies overseas have fallen victim.. and in the u-s.. fed-
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ex's computers have been infected affecting deliveries. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate talked to cyber security experts and they say.. it's only going to get worse. ((pkg)) varun badhwar /cyber security expert - ceo and co-founder of redlock says:cyber security expert "vah-roon; bahd-wahr." with redlock cloud security based in menlo park, has been tracking this massive ransomware virus spreading across the globe. varun badhwar /cyber security expert - ceo and co-founder of redlock says: when ransom ware infects a computer it instantly encrypts all the files it freezes the computer. locks it up. and you can longer access any data you have stored on that machine. it's terrifying an immediate loss of everything this is the pop up screen victims saw when they were hit with this virus. demanding $300 to be paid through bitcoin for their data to be released.and if they don't pay
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by a certain time the data is deleted varun badhwar /cyber security expert - ceo and co- founder of redlock says:this is one of the most sophisticated attacks ever.. varun badhwar /cyber security expert - ceo and co- founder of redlock says:and from how easy it is to spread from one machine to another it's going to get worse.. varun badhwar /cyber security expert - ceo and co-founder of redlock says: to protect yourself make sure your operating system and anti virus software is up to date. security patches have gone out.. if you're updated, your safebut also just in case make sure all your data is backed up to the an external hardrive so you don't have to pay hackers. varun badhwar
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/cyber security expert - ceo and co-founder of redlock says: in menlo park gabe slate kron 4 news. (kerman)here at the contra costa county district attorneys office da peterson is under fire. the civil grand jury is seeking his removal from office due to misconduct. sot: "mr. peterson appears to have in over 600 inctences converted campaign funds to personal use" in the mean time the deputy district attorneys that work under peterson are also turning up the heat. the board of the union recommending a no confidence vote. that vote expecting to take place two mondays from now. as for mark peterson he has denied
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contra costa county dan kerman kron 4 news. here in san jose the tracks on the new south bay bart extension are now electrified. vta is going door to door in neighborhoods from warm springs in south feemont to berryessa in north san jose, warningpeople about that. the tracks are protected by a high fence topped with razor wire and there are signs warning of the danger. testing of trains is set to begin this summer with the system expected to be up and running by the end of the year. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. in palo alto... police are looking for a man who they say exposed himself to a woman walking on a trail with her toddler when heard someone clear their throat.(take vo) that's when she saw a naked man in the bushes, about 20 to 30 feet away from her. she's says the man was touching himself and made eye contact with her.he didn't say anything and the woman walked
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away with her child.the woman then asked two joggers if they could escort her to her those joggers were escorting the woman to her car, she saw the man again.this time he was fully clothed and smoking a cigarette.the victim says he is about six feet tall with a thin build... and had his hair pulled back in a bun.he also had tattoos on his arms and legs.(tag)reporting in palo alto, lydia pantazes kron4 news. (pam)the mother's day weekend is finally here... and it will be much cooler than last weekend.(steve)meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete forecast.
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cooler than normal temperatures along with breezy onshore winds can be expected through early next week. while most areas will remain dry through the weekend, there is a slight (but decreasing) chance of rain region-wide late monday into tuesday as another system approaches from the north. a warming trend is then expected late in the forecast period as a result of building high
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>> melissa mccarthy takes it to the streets. one of the most epic snl skits of all time. and trump versus colbert. >> the president of the united states has personally come after me. then, the steve harvey memo controversy. >> can you just respect myspace. >> how he should have written it. >> i think he could have been much softer in his tone. >> and you've never seen a family like this. >> we went from mother and son to father and daughter. >> the 11-year-old boy who wanted to be a girl. >> i'm a girl trapped in a boy's body. >> and his mom who said she was meant to be a dad. >> if my child can do this, i can do this. >>


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