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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 15, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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be extremely fraudulent. meanwhile, katy's recent move in a power move in the voice versus idol battle. former idol contestant jennifer hudson who will be a voice coach in the fall avoided talking to reporters and kelly clarkson skipped it completely. with the seat still open on kelly's season on the voice and with two spots to fill at the "american idol" table, who are the top contender. >> reporter: you were so amazing on "american idol" and the voice is looking for another coach right now. >> i think i have my hands full. >> jennifer lopez has the world of dance on nbc. but idol contestant chris daughtery is available. >> would you be on the new
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show -- >> nicole richie told us her dad lionel would be down for a gig on the singing competition and he loves tv, he loves the camera and he loves having all the attention. i'm sure he would do it. >> he'd be great. >> yes, he would. meanwhile, nbc just weighed in on grabbing kelly clarkson and jennifer hudson as coaches, they said they've been talking with them for a long time about joining the voice. no connection to idol coming back. >> yeah, right. kevin hart is a busy man these days -- new movie, new comedy material, a new baby on the way. it's a boy for kevin and eniko, the happy couple announced their big news fittingly on mother's day. >> oh, happy mother's day. >> but hold on, i got to call kevin out for a second. i asked him directly in march about a baby, when eniko was
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already secretly pregnant. watch closely his reaction. see that smile. i should have known. >> me and my wife are in an amazing place. >> you made $700 million last year. you could have more kids. >> it's not about that it's having patience about having another kid. i have to make sure i have the patience to follow a baby. that age of that baby is just calling you all the time. that's tough age. dad. dad. dad. dad. you turn around and go, look. called me 20 times for that. >> kevin is already a fun dad to his other kids, 12-year-old and 9-year-old. they have epic dance parties. the 32-year-old model has just starting to show. here she's five weeks ago. she'll be active throughout her
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pregnancy. what's the mom to be doing now. >> she's enjoying all of this right now. >> that's kevin being kevin. we go to his buddy the rock's new baby, his latest movie baywatch. a glitzy star-studded premiere on the beach in the backyard of miami. all the stars had their families in tow. ♪ ♪ >> i mean, everybody came. this is what happens when you is a premiere in your hometown. >> dwayne's immediate family included mom and daughter, kelly rohrbach brought her proud papa. >> it has to be amazing watching your child. >> absolutely not, no, no. >> with alexandra daddario was her look-alike sister. look at the eyes.
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>> all the girls in the family. >> oh, my god, you're sisters. so excited. >> my parent, aunt and kun >> caller: are here. taking this all in. as i am. >> i brought my mom's sister. also in the beach party, david hasselhoff and pamela anderson, both of whom have cameos in the movie. does your life go into slow-mo like that. >> yes. >> i had to do a scene with the rock, i got in the gym for six weeks. he's like a man and a half, you know. >> you may have a few fans here. >> it's cool. i'm stoked. >> we watched these stars in their red and blue bathing suits. for the premiere, they cleaned up nice. >> i thought it was really sweet and feminine and we're in miami, so why not. >> it's baywatch, it's fun.
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zac efron kissed my lips, he's happy about the movie. >> he's the happiest man by the way, no rest for dwayne. meanwhile. riyanka chopra also very busy. her finale of quantico is tonight. "dancing with the stars" tonight. >> now, they're down to the final four, which includes pro football player rashad jennings. we have seen this. guy's ripped. how does he do it? i found out the hard way. >> i don't train, you know, to get jacked up. i train to be an nfl running back. >> so, basically, if you did train to make your body look good it would look more perfect than this. >> it would look different. i'd say that. i woke up at 6:30 a.m. to get
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here at 7:00 a.m. the weight room earlier this morning. now we're going to hit the field. ♪ ♪ >> are we done? i mean, is that -- >> we're just warming up. >> think about sticking that butt out. >> you're like a horse that's having a seizure. next up, resistance running. it's like a ski workout. and then there's the sled. we're talking 200-pounds plus the weight of rashad. >> come on, man, push this thing. >> to finish our 45-minute workout, sprint. >> that was a photo finish. you got it.
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>> in addition to his daily 3 1/2-hour training session, rashad spends another five hours in the dance studio rehearsing. he's totally determined to take home the mirrorball trophy we're down to four going into the semifinals. who's the one couple that you'd be like, you know what, if i could remove this couple i'd be in? >> normanni is absolutely magnificent. she typed in the wrong address in the gps one day you wouldn't be upset. >> you wouldn't be upset. >> i wouldn't be upset. you know what, that story we just saw made us think, what can cam do? >> we're going to find out. i'm not sure that i can. coming up -- we kick off our new cam can series.
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can he become a america ninja warrior. >> ladies and gentlemen, cameron mathison! >> intense training session before he tackles the obstacle course. >> not pretty but effective. then, is russell crowe dating bindi's mom? >> we all love russell. and what [ birds chirping ]
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so exciting. will and grace is coming back this fall on nbc. so is must-see tv on thursday night. >> absolutely. will and grace is going to be joining this is us. >> jennifer lopez also calls nbc home with shades of blue and she and a-rod land td another new gig. couples edition of know and tell. it's jrod world.
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>> are you happy in your relationship. >> very happy, thank you. >> happy mother's day. >> after their sushi date last night, today she was gushing about him joining shark tank in season nine. >> i'm really proud of him. >> a-rod among few other guest sharks including bethenny frank el this fall on shark and tank. >> we're taking everything one day at a time. schedule is challenging. next, channing tatum's wife romanced jessica biel's husband. jenna dewan-tatum got together back in 2002 when she was his backup dancer. >> were you the rebound chick in. >> no. >> we're still good friends. not as salacious as everybody
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thinks. finally is russell crowe's dating steve irwin's widow. >> some speculation about our friendship with russell crowe kind of blossoming. er thei irwin out with bindi and steve, cleared up those romance rumors. >> we're just friends but he's amazing we all love russell. just not in love. >> that sets the record straight. >> it sure does. peta and maks made the gala debut. she celebrated her first mother's day yesterday. maks posted this photo of shai. coming up, rachel is telling all. plus, jim parsons' wedding. inside the star's weekend i dos. and cameron is put to the test as an america ninja warrior.
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♪ >> and that was some "entertainment tonight." >> can he get through the obstacle course? closed captioning provided by --
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it's day one of we're playing zombie tag! i'm tired, but i'm teaching them hopscotch. i'm starting a garden with my neighbors so our kids can eat better. and we feel happier! i have more energy at work. i feel stronger! small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity,
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high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day. it's been a month, and we feel better! a big congratulations to big bang star jim parsons who tied the knot this weekend with todd spiewak jim and todd have been together for 14 years and that's the kind of love connection tv's new bachelorette rachel lindsay hopes to find when the series starts one week from today. she sat down for an exclusive chat with "e.t." online. >> as time goes on and i get to know these guys we'll see what happens. >> 31 men will vie for rachel's affection. there's at least one date that involves horseback riding, a pushup throwdown and man tears will be shed.
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>> what three qualities are you looking for in a husband? >> definitely confidence. a man that's secure and self-aware. a guy who has good morals and a funny guy. >> what are your deal breakers? you won't tolerate. >> i don't like a cocky guy, i like a confident guy. i can't stand a cocky guy. >> the 31-year-old attorney from texas said we'll see more of her sasy self than we did on the bachelor. >> what will happen with the law career. >> i'm taking a sabbatical right now. i plan to go back to work. >> there's villain on every season. how will you handle yours? >> i won't. if guys come to me about a villain in the house i'll take note of it. i won't make decisions off of what other guys are running and
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telling me. >> hopefully things will turn out as well as they did for jo jo fletcher and jordan rodgers. the wait is over to put this man the test. >> i've been waiting for this moment. to watch these -- >> breathe, brother, breathe, breathe. every day this week, we are sending cameron to the furthest reaches of the planet to pit him against some of the truly great challenges that the world has to offer. today's battle -- can cam become a ninja warrior? >> yes. >> let's see how he did. >> come on. i'm getting ready for the big day. i'm training with american ninja extraordinaire who's going to show me a few things. hopefully not that my training started where every course begins -- the floating steps.
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>> ready. >> give it a shot. >> i feel good, i feel confident. i'm okay. after a few more tries, i think i got it down. >> so good. >> so good, right. >> yeah. >> i just pulled a muscle. i'm okay. >> next, jesse tested my upper body strength, my agility and my balance. uh-oh. not pretty. not pretty. but effective. ninja trains in all different ways from rock climbing, trampolines, pretty much anywhere than a traditional gym and jesse does it with her pet pig in the living room that she renovated to a full ninja gym.
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time to try to real ninja course. we're in cleveland, now, i'm telling you right now it's getting real and my ninja on the ground, the one that's going to help me, ninja natalie. >> natalie showing she's among the best. >> so i'm going to be with you on the sidelines. i want you to listen to me. because i'm going to help you out with the cues. times you need to slow it down, speed it up. breathe. you forget that a lot of times. >> before i knew it the stage was set, the sun was down and i was up. it was my moment of truth. >> first up, tonight, the man from "entertainment tonight," the first one to tackle this course, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome cameron mathison! >> well, here he goes. tackling the course. about 6'2". on the floating steps.
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>> nice, cam, good. >> now on to the rolling log. >> we know that cameron has nice hair but this is going to get crazy. he has to get busy on the rolling log. >> coming up -- come on. >> cameron looking relatively clean shaven. also goes with the stubble. cameron trying to keep that hair dry, akbar. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh. and that was some "entertainment tonight." >> i think cameron mathison got a glimpse of his own handsome reflection in the water, it distracted him. >> a hard impact. bull all and all a great effort from cameron mathison. >> it was, matt. i went down in obstacle number thr three. >> all right. i'll take that. >> good job. >> i'll take that.
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>> i know i could have gone a little bit further. >> did that hurt when you fell? >> it hurt. they invited my again next season. the new season kicks off june 12th. >> one challenge in the bag. the part ty just started. tomorrow it's about cam's need for speed. tomorrow's question -- can cam beat his buddy josh duhamel in a maserati race? who will win? >> what is this by the way? >> that's tomorrow. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: president trump accused of sharing classified secrets with russia. what he reportedly said... and how the white house is reacting tonight some security experts warn the global cyberattack is not over. and that more threats could be on the way. what you must do to protect yourself. i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel consideration provided by -- ♪ there they are the backstreet boys rocking kiss fm wango tango festival this weekend. >> she's phenomenal. she got to meet everybody for the first time. >> i just go -- >> as for the concert, this l.a. times head line really says it all -- the back street boys ate now at eight ... numerous
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sources saying president trump shared highly classified information with top russian officials.whooshwhat we are learning about the marin county babysitter and chess teacher accused of taking lewd pictures of children entrusted to his care.whooshnew at eight ... tech reporter gabe slate says the worldwide ransomware threat is not over ... and now is the time to protect your computer fileswhooshand a family of coyote pups ... orphaned when their mother was hit by a car,the samaritans who came to their rescue coming up on kron four news in prime time. there's nothing that the president takes more seriously than the security of the american people. the story that came out tonight as reported is false. (pam) denials from the white house tonight .. about reports that president trump revealed highly classified secrets to russia's foreign minister last week. good


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