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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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sources saying president trump shared highly classified information with top russian officials.whooshwhat we are learning about the marin county babysitter and chess teacher accused of taking lewd pictures of children entrusted to his care.whooshnew at eight ... tech reporter gabe slate says the worldwide ransomware threat is not over ... and now is the time to protect your computer fileswhooshand a family of coyote pups ... orphaned when their mother was hit by a car,the samaritans who came to their rescue coming up on kron four news in prime time. there's nothing that the president takes more seriously than the security of the american people. the story that came out tonight as reported is false. (pam) denials from the white house tonight .. about reports that president trump revealed highly classified secrets to russia's foreign minister last week. good evening.. im pam moore.(steve)
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and i'm steve aveson..the washington post and new york times saying those secrets have not even been shared with american allies ... and could jeopardize a crucial intelligence gathering channel. grant lodes is here with what we are learning about the leak. (grant) the meeting took place at the white house.president trump and foreign minister sergey lavrov, plus russian ambassador sergey kislyak. according to the times and post, president trump began with a boast.they quote him as saying, "i get great intel. i have people brief me on great intel every day," and then he told them of an isis plot to use laptops against airliners. more damaging, they say he revealed where that
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intelligence came from: a third party in syria who had "not" given permission for the u-s to reveal its source.the president's security adviser says that never happened. " the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries including threats to civil aviation. at no time, at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed. and the president did not discuss any military operations that were not already publicly known. two other senior officials who were present, including the secretary of state, remember the meeting the same way and have said so. they're on the record and their accounts should outway the other sources. i was in the room. it didn't happen. thanks everybody. thank you. (grant) general h=r mcmaster took no questions.the washington post reporter who broke the story says the white hosue is
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playing word games. "why did the national security council, coming out of this meeting, feel it was necessary to contact the cia director and the director of the national security agency to give them a head's up on what trump had just told the russians.(grant)for almost anyone in government, it would be illegal to reveal classified information to a country viewed as an adversary. but as commander in chief, president, trump has broad authority to declassify government secrets. (pam) new at 8, two men remain behind bars tonight .... facing multiple charges for possession of thousands of images of child pornography.(steve) both men, one from aptos and the other from tiburon, worked with kids and allegedly took picture of the children in their care. kron 4's charles cliffiord is live for us tonight in the newsroom with an update on this story.. charles. . . well, it's a parent's nightmare. that a babysitter or teacher might be take
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sexually explicit pictures of their children and post them on the internet. tonight two men are facing decades in prison for doing just that. in this indictment filed in federal court last week, two men. . . 19-year-old ryan michael spencer of aptos and 24-year-old bryan petersen of tiburon are charged with multiple crimes including possession of child pornography and conspiracy to distribute and receive child pornography.according to the department of justice, the fbi received a tip that petersen had child porn on his computer and in a dropbox account . last month, the fbi searched petersen's home and allegedly discovered thousands of pornographic images and videos of children. upon further investigation they also learned that petersen and spencer had been sharing those images.according to the fbi, both men worked with children. petersen was as a chess coach, a babysitter, and tutor in tiburon while spencer worked as a camp counselor, babysitter and teacher in training in aptos. investigators say that they used those positions to take pictures and videos of the children in their care. we
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visited petersen's home in tiburon on monday, but no one was available for comment.both men remain in custody and if convicted of any of the charges they could face a maximum of twenty years in prison. both men are scheduled to be arraigned in court tuesday morning. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) police have arrested a woman accused of breaking into a pre-school and causing 10-thousand dollars in damage. san jose police say the suspect got into the "tomorrow montessori" school by breaking a window back on may 4. once inside investigators say she vandalized the school. and took items. the school was forced to close for repairs-- affecting more than one hundred students. police arrested leticia monila last friday. and charged her with burglary, felony vandalism, and possession of drugs. (pam ) tonight, a prayer service will be held for an 18 -year old east bay teenager ...killed in a car crash early sunday morning. (pam)
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shane marcelino's mom was driving when their car was hit on the way home from prom. (steve)kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live at the saint anne catholic church in union city. j.r. this has to be heartbreaking from everyone in the community. it certainly is. marcelino would have graduated from high school next month. this prayer service here at the saint anne catholic church is set for 8:30 tonight. this is a picture of 18 year old shane marcelino. she was an honor student at james logan high school, played flute in the band, and was referred to by one friend as "an amazing human being." marcelino was killed around 2:30 sunday morning. her mom had picked her up from prom. the two were headed back home. they were in their black toyota attempting a u-turn. that is when their car was struck. three people including marcelino's mom were hurt. shane was killed. we talked with her youth pastor this
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evening."you know we talked yesterday about her mom wanting her to get home safely from prom so she did what any parent would do and picked up her daughter and they were so close to home and yet it was a tragedy what happened. authorities are now trying to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved.again this prayer service is set for 8:30 here at the saint anne catholic church in union city. we'll have more from here tonight at 10. live in union city, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (pam) in santa cruz county... a doctor and a nurse have been arrested for sex crimes against minors. watsonville police arrested
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doctor james ko-hut yesterday... on suspicion of sexually abusing at least one minor. rashel brandon -- who was one of ko-hut's nurses -- was arrested last week in connection with the case. she is facing eight - felony counts of child sex abuse. according to the charges -- there were two alleged victims... one younger than ten- years old... the other child was under age 14. (pam) a former u-c-s-f doctor has pleaded not guilty to child pornography charges. prosecutors accuse billy lockhart of having some 15-hundred images ... and more than 2-hundred videos of children. police say, some of them show infants as young as six- months old. lockhart was arrested last week after an investigation revealed he allegedly used his job's wi-fi... to upload the illegal content. he is out of jail after posting 155- thousand- dollas bail... and will be back in court in june. (steve) questions tonight about what caused an emeryville construction site to go up in flames for the
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second time in less than a year.(steve) the first broke out early saturday morning, destroying an apartment and retail complex that was just 5 months away from opening. (pam) fire investigators have not yet determined an exact cause, but as kron4-s dan kerman tells us, the building developers think there is an arsonist on the loose.. firefighters continued to put out hotspots monday afternoon at this emeryville construction site which went up in flames early saturday morning. ironically, the development which is set to include 105 apartments and 25- thousand square feet of retail space was also destroyed by fire last july sot aisha knowels/alameda county fire dept. 19-22it is unusual for a fire to happen in the same place twice. debris removal prevented fire investigators from getting inside the building on monday so a cause has not yet been determined. but the building's developer has a theory.sot rick holliday/project developer 32- 42i almost don't know what to think other than there's an arsonist that doesn't want this building built and we need to find out who it is and stop them.rick holliday says
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after the previous fire in july, they had to start from scratch. but before they did, they installed numerous security cameras and hired a different security firm, which was to patrol the site 24 hours a day.sotit's hard to understand how someone can get in and start a fire with so much protection but i hope the cameras will help us.july's fire generated a 15 million dollar loss and holliday thinks saturday's fire will be similar, but he says that's not going to stop him from getting this development built. sotvery very frustrating but i just can't quit because i cant let somebody of some people throw a wrench into this standup dan kerman/emeryville 128-138developers were ten months into construction this second time around, with an opening slated for october 15.. .now they will likely have to start all over again. in emeryville, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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(steve) a suspect search is underway after two people were shot in yet another east bay freeway shooting. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with details. (vicki) yeah steve we've got a real problem on our roads. there have been over 100 freeway shootings in the bay area since 2015. and you can add last night's to the list. it happened just after nine last night on a southbound 880 off-ramp in hayward. officers say a toyota tacoma was exiting the winton avenue off-ramp when a driver pulled up next to it and shot at the people inside. two passengers in the back seat were hit in the legs. the toyota then veered off the off-ramp and into an area south of it. chp says the occupants of the toyota appear to have been targeted officers say this wasn't a random shooting -- it was gang related. but it's too early in the investigation to tell whether it's related to a number of other east bay freeway shootings. pam, steve?
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(steve) over the past two years... dozens of shootings have been happening in the east bay(pam) both political leaders and law enforcement have been calling on the state to help crack down on the ongoing violence. and that assistance is finally here. help is on the way in the form state funding. about 1- and a half- million dollars will be used to set up a special surveillance camera network using shot spotter technology. the surveillance camera network will cover west to interstate-80 in richmond.... to east highway-4 in antioch. the command center will be housed at the pittsburg police department. "shot spotter had to reengineer for us. when there are shots fired up on the freeway shot spotter will turn the cameras in the direction of the gun fire an alert will be sent to our task force commander so we will basically have law enforcement eyes on the freeway within seconds of the shooting"" (pam) the d.a.'s office
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anticipates installation of the cameras will begin over the summer. ahead at eight.. convicted of murder --- now a jury will decide his fate. a preview of the penalty phase of antolin garcia torres and how could stay off death row. plus. oakland's mayor giving you a way to score seats to tomorrow's warriors game! and a cyberattack that spread worldwide... experts now warn this could happen again...what you must do to protect yourself.
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on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno.
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that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. (steve) another big story tonight. the global cyber ransom-ware attack called "wanna cry" continued to spread over the weekend. it has affected more than two hundred thousand victims in one hundred and fifty countries. security researchers are now looking at possible connections between the global "ransomware" attack and north korea. though one firm cautions that the connection is "weak and too soon to tell". a kill switch was discovered to free infected computers. but then hackers caught on and patched that kill switch.... rendering it use=less. although some security experts believe the infection is near its end. others think the virus could keep spreading, pam is here to tell you what you can do to protect yourself... this current "wanna cry" attack is expected
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to grow... and the cyber security industry predicts, there will be more incidents like this.. coming our way.. all making your chance at being a "ransom- ware" victim a real possibility.. kron's tech reporter gabe slate says, you need to back up your data right now and he shows you the best options for doing that stand up -if you get with a ransomware attack. and all your data is being held from you until you can't go to geek squad and have them fix it. these viruses are to got two pay the hacker and get your data backor you laugh at them.and think to yourself "nice try hackers".. my data is backed up. "you won't get a penny from me"then wipe your machine clean by re- installing your operating system, restore your data.. and go about your business as nothing happened.stand up - there are two ways to back up..hardware or the cloud. let's start with hardware you buy an external hard drive you just plug into your computer and you drag and drop it pops up on your desk top. and you drag and drop your files onto itif you can leave
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that external hard drive plugged in. operating systems these days will automatically look for it and back up your data that can be turned on easily in settings.stand up - you can get these everywhere drug stores, best buys, targets, frys cheap as $40. your average person has between 200 and 500 gigs on their be safe.. get a one terabyte drive that's 1,000 gigs. now let's talk cloud..there are dozens of services online where you create an account and you can have your computer backed up to a cloud based service.most will offer automatic backing up as well. some of these services are free some charge a monthly rate.this is convenient because you don't need any physical gadget..and you can access your data from anywhere in the world on any internet connected deviceif you're going to go this route i recommend google's google's easy to use and the first 15 gigs is free and an upgrade to a terabyte of storage is a $100 a far google drive has not had any major hack or breach of all the data they are storing but cloud based back ups are in the cloud. the internet is still involved they can be hackedor if someone gets your password.. they can get into your back ups so i recommend doing the external hard drive
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physical back up.. varun badhwar /cyber security expert - ceo and co-founder of redlock says:"i don't think this is going away i think us as to make sure we implications of every precaution as we can, every click online counts" cyber security expert "vah-roon; bahd-wahr." with redlock cloud in menlo park, warning that attacks are varun badhwar /cyber ceo and co-founder of to be everyone's safe, "doing it now.. try to every sunday night once a week take the 5 minutes i know.. it's losing all your videos, your tax records everything on your and then 5 (steve) life in prison or life in (steve) news. (steve) life in prison or death. those are the options a jury will weigh when the penalty phase of the sierra lamar murder trial begins tomorrow.(pam) that jury convicted 26- year old antolin garcia- torres last week. now, both sides will try persuading the jury again. this time on how to punish him. away from the jury, today, the prosecution and defense sparred over what evidence and which witnesses will be allowed, as both sides hope to influence the jury's decision steven clark/legal analyst " the prosecution is going to focus on the impact the death of sierra lamar has had on her family and friends and the other victims will testify about the impact these crimes had on them...""....and the defenses goal is to save garcia torres' life and they're going to point to all aspects of his life that make him someone who doesn't deserve the death penalty..." (pam) the jury could begin
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deliberating the fate of garcia -torres in about two to three weeks. (steve ) oakland mayor libby schaaf is donating two warriors tickets to benefit west oakland fire survivors. the tickets are for game two of the western conference finals. the warriors will be playing against the san antonio spurs. they are being donated to the san pablo avenue fire recovery and relief fund. organizers say donations of 100 dollars or more will give people the chance to win the tickets. the drawing is set to be held at 10 tomorrow morning. (pam) a live look outside now at s-f-o cooler temperatures and then a warm up ahead this week.(steve) our chief meterologist brittney shipp has the forecast for the week.. the surface cold front associated with this
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parent upper low is serving as a dividing line between an area saturated with marine stratus to the south and a cooler, unstable air mass with cumulus clouds to the north. along this front, a thin band of mid to high level clouds has been responsible for a trace to a few hundredths of rain in sonoma county. for the remainder of the day, some increase in mid to high clouds should be expected. clearing skies will briefly precede the arrival of the cold front as this mornings marine stratus continues to mix out by the encroaching air mass from the north. (pam) in the south (pam) in the south bay...
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five coyote pups are recovering at the wildlife center of silicon valley ... after their mother was killed.
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san jose residents discovered the coyotes in their neighborhood earlier this month, and set up a camera to monitor the den. the residents noticed, one day the mother was no longer there... and discovered she had been hit by a car and killed. wildlife experts rescued the pups -- which were severely dehydrated and covered in fleas. the baby coyotes are about six- weeks old. they will be released in the fall... when they are fully weaned and able to fend for themselves. new ahead at 8. death by too much caffeine? one family says it happened to their teen and they want to warn others(pam) plus. an iconic race known for its share of rowdy behavior. how organizers are hoping to tame runners this year at bay to breakers ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast. we update giants- dodgers. giants trying to stay hot. they're working at at&t. and also what's a sportscast these days without a little, at least today, without zaza pachulia, dirty player or not. we'll talk about it, later in this broadcast."
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(pam) with an iconic san francisco race coming up on sunday, we are giving you a preview of 'bay to breakers' tonight..for runners, it can be one of the best ways to see city landmarks... (steve ) but for some people, it turns into an excuse for bad behavior.kron four's spencer blake is live in the city this evening.spencer, are there any new rules for this year's race? (live adlib)no new rules, really, but i spoke with the race's general manager, who tells me they have a renewed focus on safety this year.i'm at the starting point - howard and main, and this weekend there will be 40 thousand people crammed into the streets here.
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7 that's not including spectators.7 private security, but can't be everywhere. need people to look for things.7 as runners head west across the city, these might be the two biggest things to remember. "there is no alcohol allowed onto the course, and big things as far as a safety standpoint, no floats. i know it's something that was part of the past with bay to breakers, but it's something that we've really tried to work with sfpd on to make sure everyone out there is being safe on the course."(vo) general manager chris holmes says bay to breakers wants to be a good neighbor.7 attended about 20 community meetings throughout the past year to hear concerns straight from the horse's mouth7 made sure to have enough porta potties, clean up trash.7 things have kind of calmed down in recent years. 7 50th anniversary of summer of love7 still register online
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through thursday.7 after that, register in person, but price goes up.7 live in san francisco, spencer blake, kron four news. ahead at eight.. a police officer nearly dies on a traffic stop... after what he encountered in a suspect's car. plus. murder on mother's day. people in shock over a disturbing crime
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with a gruseome twist at a grocery store. and breaking news tonight. a woman arrested in a crash that killed a three year old boy is in trouble again.(pam details about what she's been arrested for now after the break ((brittney tease))i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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(pam) tonight... the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy.. who has been arrested for d-u-i in a crash that killed a three year old... is once again in trouble with the law.(steve) grant lodes is here with the troubling update to this story. (grant) yarenit malihan was arrested for public intoxication in pleasanton friday afternoon...just before 3:00 on las positas boulevard.
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details in that incident are limited. but the pleasanton woman has been arrested for d-u-i twice in the past year... most recently, in september...when investigators say the car she was driving...rear-ended a stalled car on 680 in san ramon...killing three year old elijan dunn. last june...malihan was involved in another dui incident. she has not been charged in the deadly the district attorney investigates...she has not been in jail during that investigation. again, now we're just learning...another arrest related to substance abuse...this one for public intoxication in pleasanton. "they killed him. they fed him lethal doses of alcohol and they killed him. (steve )three months ago their son died at
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this penn state fraternity house.(steve) tonight the parents of timothy piazza are shairing their grief and outrage. the fraternity chapter has been shut down... and eight of its members are facing charges that could put them in prison for 20 years.. catherine heenan reports.. the parents of the 19- year old say, the school needs to do much more. "they treated him like road kill, like a rag doll. they slapped him around, they threw water on them, one kid punched his area that was clearly visible." "they said the spleen was shattered." "it was chilling as a parent, it was chilling. he was, in my mind it was murder. they let him suffer for 12 hours. they let him die a very slow death. it's not any way anybody should ever be treated. there were people in that house that knew he was dying and when they knew that death was imminent, the next morning, they waited 42 minutes to call for help while they told people to clean up, cover up the evidence, get rid of it. this wasn't boys being boys. this was criminal activity."a grand jury found he was put through a hazing ritual at his fraternity house called the
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gauntlet, forced to drink dangerous amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time. prosecutors say surveillance video shows him unable to stand and repeatedly falling. first, down 15 feet of stairs, then hitting his head on a stone floor, on an iron railing and a door before falling down the stairs again. authorities say fraternity members waited 12 hours before calling 9-11, and then tried to cover up what happened. "when i walked into the room, it looked like he got hit by a car. it was bad. um, but i got to see him. i got to say goodbye.""when you got to the hospital, he was still alive, were you able to talk to him?""i remember i think i held his hand telling him we love him and what not, but he was certainly not visibly with us, but we did see a tear come to his eye and roll down his cheek ."beta theta pi, where piazza was pledging, was supposed to be a dry fraternity, a result of a suspension 8 years ago. "this was an alcohol-free hazing-free fraternity with an adult athletic trainer living in the house, but there were years of parties documented on the tapes. nobody paid attention to anything. i blame all of them." "what do you guys want to see happen in the future?"i mean, i think the first thing that has to happen is that we need to go through these trials and hopefully make a statement to the country that this can't happen. tim piazza is not just our son, he really represents every son and daughter of every family that is looking to go to college and potentially participate in greek life in the future. we need to make these changes for them."
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(pam) the epidemic of heroin and opioid addiction sweeping the nation... is becoming increasingly deadly. one of the reasons is an apparent rise in the illegal use of the powerful painkiller fentanyl.(steve) the drug -- also threatening the safety of police and first responders.that hazard became clear in ohio friday when a police officer was hospitalized.friday night in east liverpool... undercover officer chris green accidentally overdosed on what is suspected to be fentanyl and happened after he helped arrest two men. when the suspects were pulled over police say they
8:35 pm
tried to destroy the drug evidence by smashing the deadly drugs into the carpet of the car. "officer green does a great job and it was just a freak accident that he would accidentally bump up against something while he was searching this vehicle and for him to drop out like that is shocking." captain patrick wright says within minutes of returning to the police station green began to feel the affects of an opioid overdose.officers called 911 as soon as he passed out.he was given several doses of narcan and is expected to recover. (pam) a gruesome story coming out of oregon. a man carried a severed head into a grocery store on mother's day. police say, the head he was carrying was his mother's. they say, on sunday afternoon... he killed her at home before going into the store and stabbing an employee .. when police arrived they say, the man was in a "catatonic state" after being subdued by other store employees. he was booked into jail today on
8:36 pm
charges of murder and attempted murder.. (steve) a live look (steve) murder.. attempted murder.. (steve) a live look outside on this monday night.. (pam) brittney has the forecast for the week.. the surface cold front associated with this parent upper low is serving as a dividing line between an area saturated with marine stratus to the south and a cooler, unstable air mass with cumulus clouds to the north. along this front, a thin band of mid to high level clouds has been responsible for a trace to a few hundredths of rain in sonoma county. for the remainder of the day, some increase in mid to high clouds
8:37 pm
should be expected. clearing skies will briefly precede the arrival of the cold front as this mornings marine stratus continues to mix out by the encroaching air mass from the north.
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still ahead at 8. a boston school facing growing backlash tonight ...after they punished students for their hairstyles. plus. a man asking his girlfriend to marry him wasn't his only surprise. what he revealed during the proposal. and next. a father is warning other parents tonight about kids' caffeine consumption.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. (pam) we hear a lot these
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days about drug overdoses, but now a teenager's death is linked to an overdose..... of caffeine. (steve) kron 4's vicki liviakis is with with some cautionary words from the teen's father about the potential dangers from caffeine. (vicki) caffeine is what jump-starts many of us in the morning. and thru the day... but for one teenager - it put him over the edge and killed him. he's a high school student from richland county south carolina... davis cripe wasn't into drugs or alcohol but was ok with a caffeine kick - not aware that too much could be dangerous. students say davis downed a mcdonald's latte, a diet mountain dew and an energy drink all within two hours. he collapsed in the classroom and couldn't be revived. davis cripe's death is listed as the result of a "caffeine- induced cardiac event." information davis' parents want to pass on as they mourn their loss.(sean cripe/father)
8:42 pm
i stand before you as a broken-hearted father and hope that something good can come from this. parents please talk to your kids about the dangers of these energy drinks. and teenagers and students please stop using them. there's no reason to consume them. they can be very dangerous. medical experts say that caffeine affects everyone differently. longtime users might have greater tolerance. they also say while energy drinks can contain all kinds of stimulants--it's the caffeine that carries the most risk. pam? (pam) a school is massachusettes is facing backlash ... after punishing black and biracial students for their hairstyles. parents say, the students were disciplined for wearing braids with hair extensions. according to school policy-- hair extensions are not allowed. those parents argue.. white students have not been disciplined for coloring their hair-- which also is banned under the dress code. the a-c-l-u has
8:43 pm
filed the complaint against the school.. with the state department of education, for what it calls .... a discriminatory policy. school administrators say, the ban on hair extensions is designed to create an environment focused on education rather than style and fashion. (pam) a man who surprised his girlfriend with a proposa ... had another surprise . (steve) one she had been unwittingly wearing around her neck for over a year! for their one year anniversary ... an australian man made a necklace for his girlfriend for a year and a half ...she wore it every day. then, while visiting a cave in scotland, he broke the necklace open ... and revealed an engagment ring that had been inside the whole time. by the way, the cave where he proposed thought to be named for the norse word for "hiding place" (pam) in sports... we have an update on the giants... as they host the rival dodgers at a-t&t park... (steve) ... and was zaza pachulia's close-out on kawhi
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good time to be looking for a job. (rob black): not only is it a good time to be looking for a job but you are probably going to get a raise along the way. american workers are on the move at record highs and as far as this job expansion goes, unemployment is sitting real low right now. that creates an opportunity where people want to jump jobs. 27 percent of employees jumped jobs in the past 12 months. 27 percent, that more than one in four. three years ago the number was about 23 percent of workers leaving on job for another job. you have a little
8:47 pm
bit of leverage. people want you, people need talented employees. they are willing to pay you more. up to 13 percent in that scenario with four point four percent unemployment, the ability to earn higher wages is great. one of the interesting things about that is since a lot of firms are limited in how much they can pay, they have to reward their employees in other ways which is good for you because it's a hyper- competitive environment. if people think they are being recognized they are much more happy at the work place so now is a good time to take to your boss.(mark dannon): alright so when people are moving jobs they're not leaving their homes. so not a lot of turn over so that's really hurting the real estate market. or making it rise.(rob black): the whole ecology, environment of the real estate market is struggling right now. stay or go? rise in interest rates is creating a situation where people decide to renovate their homes versus buying a new one because they got a great mortgage and they don't want to change that for a high mortgage. people are giving up on looking, they are doing home improvements is the idea. people are moving less, that creates a drag on the overall economy. there's fewer commissions for real estate brokers. it's incredibly
8:48 pm
competitive so for single people or for people who want to get their first home, they're having a hard time getting it because it's so competitive with so little inventory out there.(mark dannon): alright thank you, rob. thank you, steve, for the you questions on rob's facebook page. we will try to answer them on the air here on kron4. the warriors epic 25-point comeback yesterday has been overshawdowe d by kahwi's leanard's injury and the questions as to if it was a dirty playin the 3rd quarter of the warriors win in game one of the western conference finals leonard went up for a 3-pointer shot pachulia closed out too tightly and leanard landed on the warriors' center's foot re-spraining the left ankle he injured last week against the rockets and had tweaked earlier in yesterday's game leonard left the game and didn't return he will not
8:49 pm
play in game 2 tomorrow at oracle arena the warriors proceeded to run that sparked their comebackpachulia was called for a normal foul no flagrant for what many are saying was an "undercut" of leonardmark carpenter was at warriors headquarters today and has controversey(sot: carpenter package) as the warriors prepare for game 2, much of the talk at practice today centered around the moment that's changed the series-- zaza pachulia's closeout on kawhi leonard. a play that spurs head coach gregg popovich had some strong words about."a two-step, lead with your foot closeout is not appropriate. it's dangerous, it's unsportmanlike. it's just not what anybody does to anybody else and this particular individual has a history with that kind of action."and that's just the start of gregg popovich's heated rant against zaza pachulia.popovich went on to document pachulia's resume of quote-unquote 'dirty plays' including one last season when he was with the mavericks and grabbed leonard's arm while diving for a loose ball. "this is crap. because he has that history, it can't just be 'oh it was inadvertent, he didn't
8:50 pm
have intent.' who gives a damn about what his intent was, you ever hear of manslaughter? you still go to jail i think if you are texting and end up killing somebody, but you might not have intended to do that. a ll i know is what i saw. all i care about is what happened and the history there exacerbates the whole situation. it makes me very, very angry.""i don't agree with the calls that i'm a dirty player. i'm not a dirty player. just love this game and i play hard. that's how i was taught since day 1." "i really feel bad for the guy. i wish it didn't happen and had a different result basically." acting head coach mike brown says he doesn't expect to see pachulia face any disciplinary action from the league... and this entire situation won't get in the big man's head. "i don't think anyone talking about him is gonna affect him. zaza's mature, maybe if he was young, but he's mature. people take shots at people all the time. people say things about people all the time. he's been in this league long enough. he's just gonna go play his game." and we'll see what kind of drama unfolds in game 2 tomorrow night.
8:51 pm
eastern conference but some bad news for the giants hunter pence was placed on the 10-day disabled list tonight with a strained left hamstring.the move is retroactive to saturday an mri exam revealed the strain. the 34-year-old pence who underwent torn right hamstring last season and played only 106 games after 52 in 2015 is batting .243 home runs and season. colin eastern conference semi-finals game 7celtics fans pouting into tc garden to see who will plays the cavs in the conference finals,,,4th quarter/ 101 93 celticsbradley
8:52 pm
beal hits the 3-pointer and is fouled his free throw cut the lead to 4(beal: 38 points) 4th quarter/ 103-97 celtics isiah thomas nifty drive and scores with the left hand celtics up 8(thomas: 29 points, 12 assists)3 = minutes left celtice up 7kelly olynyk hits the dagger 3- pointer 10-100 celtics (olynyk: 26 points off the bench)final: 115-105 celtics boston wins series 4-3 game 1 against lebron james and the colin kaepernick may finally be moving on to another team seattle seahawks coach pete carroll said today that the team is considering kaepernick and robert griffin iii as possible backup options to starting quarterback russell wilson.trevone boykin served as wilson's backup last season but has run into off-field issues during the offseason. carroll often praised kaepernick when he was with san francisco.none-the-less it appears kaepernick's hopes of remaining a starter in the nfl are becoming slimmer tonight at 10 i'm sitting
8:53 pm
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