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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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the washington post is reporting president donald trump revealed highly classified information to russia's foreign minister and ambassador to the u.s. sergey lavrov in a white house meeting last week.the report alleges president trump disclosed details about an islamic state plot-- that could potentially expose the source of the information in syria who has inner ties with the terror group. sot: sen. nancy pelosi, house democratic leader// "you never want to target to know that they're the target or that you're on to them in a certain way. and that has accelerated their actions in the past so that's another danger."university of san francisco school of law dean john trasvina who worked on capitol hill says for almost anyone in government it would be illegal to reveal classified information to a country viewed as an adversary. sot: john trasvina, dean university of san francisco school of law //"classified information is handled very religiously by all sectors of the federal government."but that the commander in chief has authority to declassify government a press
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conference the national security adviser denied the claim.sot: general h.r. mcmaster, national security adviser// "there's nothing that the president takes more seriously than the security of the american people. the story that came out tonight as reported is false."and republican senator of arizona john mccain says he's waiting on more details before jumping to conclusions.sen. john mccain/-r- arizona: "well if it's true, obviously it's disturbing but i think we've gotta find out more before i can comment." but if it turns out president trump did reveal sensitive information with russia - dean trasvina says that could mean compromising ties with u.s. allies who are said to have been left out from that intelligence. "the information can either make or break other intelligence operations , it jeopardizes the safety of our military personnel, and those of our allies."in sf ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (pam) the trump adminstration also defending its revised travel ban today in court. a three judge panel from the ninth circuit court of appeals.... heard arguments on the executive order in seattle today. the ban targets six- mostly muslim countries. the trump adminstration wants the
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court to block the injunction on the ban.... issued by a federal judge in hawaii. no word when a ruling might come down -- but many legal experts believe the issue will ultimately end up in the u.s. supreme court. (steve) the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy.. who was arrested for a deadly d-u-i crash that killed a three year old... is back in trouble with the law . police say yarenit malihan was arrested for public intoxication in pleasanton friday afternoon on las positas boulevard. malihan has also been arrested on suspicion of d-u-i twice in the past year... most recently, in september...when investigators say the car she was driving...rear-ended a stalled car on 680 in san ramon...killing three year old elijan dunn. she has not been charged in the deadly the district attorney investigates. (pam) tonight an east bay community is in mourning.a prayer service was held for a teen killed in a car crash over the weekend. shane
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marcelino's mom was driving... when their car was hit on mother's day on the way home from the prom. kron4's j.r stone has the details. 18 year old shane marcelino lost her life early sunday morning in a car crash. monday night hundreds of her classmates and community members attended a prayer service for her. many telling us her loss is still hard to comprehend.sot still surreal hadn't sunk in a whole lot yet sot my heart dropped immediately i'm still in shock sot it has been very sad she was always very bubbly and happy when i saw her.shane was a matter of weeks away from her high school graduation. she was an honor student who played flute. early sunday morning is when the accident happened. shortly after her mom picked her up from prom. sot she did what any parent would do and go picked up her daughter and they were so close to home yet tragedy what happened.her mom made a u-turn in this intersection and that was when their black toyota was struck by another vehicle. killing shane. her friends say it has been a difficult 24 hours but they will remember the good times.sot i think the biggest thing that most people will remember from her will be
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the smile and the laughter.sot i remember she was always smiling laughing and positive to people around her and yeah sot i think the most memorable thing about shane to me was her laugh and i even told her that her laugh was the happiest and the most contagious laugh out there.
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(grant) questions tonight about what caused an emeryville construction site to go up in flames for the second time in less than a year. this is what it looked like saturday morning when fire raced through this emeryville construction site...which will include 105 apartments and 25 thousand feet of retail space. fire investigators haven't determined a cause in fact they haven't been able to enter the building yet. firefighters were still putting out hot spots today and crews have been removing a mountain of debris. investigators are looking at arson. (sot) "i almost don't know what to think other than there's an arsonist that doesn't want this building built and we need to find out who it is and stop them." (grant) regardless of what
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authorities determine in terms of arson... the developer vows to rebuild the construction site....for a third time. here in the bay area, two men remain in custody facing multiple charges for possession of child pornography. 19-year-old ryan michael spencer of aptos and 24-year-old bryan petersen of tiburon are charged with multiple crimes. according to the fbi, both men worked with children. petersen was as a chess coach, a babysitter, and tutor in tiburon while spencer worked as a camp counselor, babysitter and teacher in training in aptos. investigators say that they used those positions to take pictures and videos of the children in their care. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. here at contra costa county district attorney's office in martinez, they are pleased to announce 1.5 million dollars in state funding will be used for a new shot spotter surveillance camera network. the cameras will be placed on
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i-80 between richmond and highway-4 in antioch the d.a.'s office anticipates installation of the new cameras to begin this over the contra costa county haaziq madyun kron4mews here in san jose the penalty phase is set to begin in the trial of the man convicted last week in the march 2012 kidnap and murder of sierra lamar.having found 26-year-old antolin garcia torres guilty of 1st degree murder, the jury can sentence him to life in prison or it can impose the death penalty. opening statements to begin tuesday when the defense is expected to ask the jury to spare the defendant's life because he had a deeply troubled upbringing. in san jose rob fladeboe (pam) coming up -- we are tracking a chance of showers -- and a warmup (steve)
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associated with this parent upper low is serving as a dividing line between an area saturated with marine stratus to the south and a cooler, unstable air mass with cumulus clouds to the north. along this front, a thin band of mid to high level clouds has been responsible for a trace to a few hundredths of rain in sonoma county. for the remainder of the day, some increase in mid to high clouds should be expected. clearing skies will briefly precede the arrival of the cold front as this mornings marine stratus continues to mix out by the encroaching air mass from the north.
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. district of columbia! >> she's a nuclear scientist. and social media firestorm over what the new miss usa said. then, morning news anchor norah o'donnell's cancer scare. >> what do we need to know? plus, monique's meltdown. her extraordinary rant against tyler perry and on the part practice. >> thank you, ms. oprah winfrey. then, the photo stirring emotion around the world. does it really show the staircase to heaven after three people were killed in a terrible car crash? >> absolutely, the pathway to heaven. and avocado danger alert. >> why people are ending up inemergency rooms around the country. >> the proper way to slice an


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