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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 18, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PDT

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tonight -- an uncovered couple alert. does taylor swift have a new man? ♪ >> everything you need to know about her rumored actor boyfriend. >> very overwhelming. then brad pitt back in the spotlight. >> yeah, i haven't been out in a while. >> why his new look has people buzzing. plus, your first look at the new the big bang theory" spin-off. >> you have a bit of a mustache. and -- ♪ >> make some noise for cameron mathison! ♪ all right stop >> our can cam series takes cam way out of his comfort zone for an epic lip sync battle. >> you know what you're really good at? >> i don't know. >> your jumping. >> can he channel vanilla ice?
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>> you got to stop doing that. now for may 17th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." does taylor swift have a new love strategy. you know, he's famous for telling the world for all of her romances in photos. >> but there's a new taylor now who's been hiding from the public eye for months, and apparently, hiding a new boyfriend as well. you're going to meet him right now. ♪ i go on too many dates but i can't make em stay ♪ >> say hello to joe alwyn. 26 years old. according to reports, the secret british actor boyfriend who taylor has been dating since march now this is the last time we saw taylor. she went home to nashville for mother's day. she hopped on a private jet we confirmed landing in london. where joe shares a house with his mom and dad. taylor has a type, joe's tall and got an accent like her exes.
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he's an actor. like jake gyllenhaal and taylor lautner. ♪ >> what do we know about joe? his first big film was the 2016 military film billy lynn's long halftime look. >> what was it like working with kristen? were you able to her in the eye? >> no. >> joe has a modeling past. he posed with taylor's bestie gigi hadid for vogue last august. he likes to kay owe key to emin eminem. emma stone back in 2008 was the original swiftie squad member. emma just wrapped a movie with joe. we reached out to reps for both taylor and joe but neither
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would comment. you know, brad pitt went into hiding when news of his divorce broke. but guess what, brad is back. he was the man in manhattan. late-any r night tv appearance to a special screening of his new netflix movie "war machine." >> brad held on to his popcorn after last night's screening, but it's pitt's look that has folks buzzing, specifically, those trousers. baggy and oversized, we wondered if he's ahead of a trend. he was out promoting war machine. he stopped by stephen kolber. >> do you think beauty is really only skin deep? >> i don't know. i have never taken my skin off. >> next stop, the screening where brad posed with co-stars. >> nothing about war's easy. >> pitt plays a four-star commander in afghanistan. in an interview he said he found one connection with his
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character, hubris. which is defind as excessive pride. you start believing your own stink. any time i've gotten in trouble because it's because of my own hubris. news on another breakup. it's official. amy schumer and ben hanisch have split after a year and a half of dating. amy was emotional that night at her premiere. we're sad it's coming to an earned. >> ending her promotional tour with co-star goddie hawn. they spent time together. but missing. happy posts like that suddenly became scarce.
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her last pic was posted may 5th in the caption she called him her support system. just two days earlier, schumer delivered this bomb to howard stern. >> are we talking marriage. >> we're talking about today. i love the idea of committing to somebody. but right now we're not in talks. >> amy released a statement to "e.t." saying they remain friends. but we're really going to miss her relationship wise cracks that started almost immediately after they met in 2015. >> a picture of him dancing with his grandma at a wedding. it was sweet. i liked him right away. i'm going make this guy wait. and i did. like all through dinner. >> you know when these things happen it's always good to stay busy. she was back to work today. she posted this picture at the table read. >> if you want details we have them about the big bang theory's new spin-off theory. it will revolve around jim
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parsons' character. the six degrees of young sheldon. >> i don't care how dim witted you are. scientific principles have to make you smile. >> jim parsons is an executive producer and the narrator of the series about how his character sheldon from "the big bang theory" became the nerdy supergenius. "young sheldon" is already in high school at the age of 9. >> we reference sod many things in his past. the more we talked about it we realized there's pomt we created a treasure drove of information. >> high school is a haven for higher learning. >> you may recognize the young actor -- he's 8-year-old iain armitage. he played shailene woodley's son ziggy on the hbo hit "big little lies." jim and iain are already bonding, the two took in a broadway musical together last week. >> you have a bit of mustache. follow him through his eyes. what's like it. the world around him >> sheldon cooper's mom mary on "the big bang theory" is played by laurie metcalf. her real-life daughter is "scandal's" zoe perry, and she's
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playing young sheldon's mom on the new series, the resemblance is striking. >> i got to go on youtube and remind myself, you know, what dialect she was using. a natural gestures and sound come out of me anyway. >> everybody excited to start school on monday. >> i am. look who else has a brand-new show, shemar moore. tv's edition of know and tell. >> so i got a year off and i got to kind of chill and play with my dogs. then all of a sudden, god, karma, the universe, hollywood said, hey, enough sitting in your backyard we got something for you. >> a lead role on the '70s show "s.w.a.t." >> take care of business, fellas. >> after 11 seasons on criminal minds, shemar is now taking care of business as a sergeant on the streets of l.a. they can expect to see his guns
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on full display. >> i work out to be sexy cool for the ladies. now i have to work out because hondo is a beast. up next, "grey's anatomy" is getting a spin-off like the new drama from executive producer shonda rimes will be set in seattle. we'll meet some of the characters next season. another new show that looks really, really interesting. harry potter daniel radcliffe is trading his wand for wings, as he stars in "miracle workers." and owen wilson will play god. the show premieres next year. up next -- the baywatch stars kiss and tell. >> the greatest thing you have ever tasted. that's what it's like kissing me. i mean, kissing her. >> and does zak efron has eyes for his co-stars? plus, our zoe saldana
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exclusive with her look-alike sisters. >> you feel guilty of having those three, four glasses of wine. closed captioning provided by --
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right now on "e.t." online diary of a wimpy kid. alicia silverstone on her
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and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. will smith descended on the cannes film festival along with jessica chastain. they're serving on the jury who will determine the winners. meanwhile bayside, baywatch is headed to theaters from a week from friday. it's sexy and wait until you see all the kisses. what about kissing efron okay, all right. >> you got to say it, like, wait anymore. zac efron has some soft lips,
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guys. >> who kissed better? >> are you being serious sf. >> obviously the rock. >> she was a better kisser, for sure. but, but it was funnier to look up and see dwayne's face. >> looking up and seeing alexandra's face actually had zac a little smitten. during our press day he was tweeting pictures of the two of them with, quote, peep those eyes. what is it like looking into her eyes. >> it's crazy. just look into the cameras, you'll see. there's different blue you haven't seen before. >> it's like they have superpowers. your own eyes have superpowers. >> strangly enough they haven't been superpowersy. >> there were also long looks and kisses between dwayne and ilfenesh hadera. >> tell me dwayne, what was it like. >> i want to imagine your favorite milkshake. i want you to add the greatest thing you've ever tasted. mix it all up.
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and that's what it's like kissing me -- i mean, kissing her. kissing her. >> kidding, of course, but the rock has to feel about himself, he had just flown in from the set of what might be another blockbuster, "rampage," based on the '80s video game. how are you balancing all of this. >> it's crazy. crazy. but it's good. the number one thing i need to keep the family close, where i go they go. then i go to work. >> you know that baywatch scene has become close. the funny thing, alexandra said it wasn't just romantic kissing zac because there was too much clo reen in the water. all right, still ahead -- melissa mccarthy's husband -- >> i love her to pieces. >> his hilarious parenting story. plus -- ♪ >> our can cam series hits a high note with an intense lip
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sync battle. the hardest part of his vanilla ice transformation. >> i think that went well.
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ice ice baby will always have a place in history or infamy. now, cameron mathison has tossed his hat into that vanilla ice ring of fame. >> i really went for this one. i'm thinking to myself, how did i get myself into this one. >> all week long, we're pushing cameron to the limits. asking him to do things that are beyond the reach of mere mortals. tonight's challenge -- can cam lip sync battle. backstage at "lip sync battle," so much goes into every one of these performances, from the props to the wardrobe, to the choreography, and i only have 24 hours to pull it all together and hit that "lip sync battle" stage. here we go. ♪ ♪ let's kick it >> all right, i've been singing this song for years, so, i think i got the lyrics down. but i need some help with the dance moves and choreographer danielle flora is the one to help me out.
1:06 am
you know what i'm really good at. >> i don't know. >> jumping. are you? okay. >> i can do that kind of stuff. hold on a second zp. >> did you stretch? >> i'm all right. it just stings a little bit. ♪ there you go. yes, yes. you're going to be fine. i wish you all the success in the world and thank you for saying that while laugh zblg and don't show anybody this. >> okay, i think that went well. all right, now i got some vanilla ice's moves down. let's channel the overlook down. no better than jeannie check who is the costume designer here. >> i feel very naked. like, i'm almost wearing nothing. do i need a shirt?
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>> she came up with a lot of great combos. but you'll have to wait for the final look. okay, i got about 18 hours left and i got to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse because i can't seem to get the lyrics done and tight. and the dance steps tight in the same take. okay, i got this. 18 hours. all right, here we are, it's the day of the show. i got an hour and a half before i have to go live in front of that audience. i hope to have this down. the next time you see me i will be vanilla ice. wish me luck. >> this guy is the best thing to come out of canada and tonight he's representing "entertainment tonight" as the man who would do anything, make some noise for cameron mathison! ♪ let's kick it >> all right, stop, listen ♪ ♪ ice is back with my brand-new edition ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ if there was a problem i'll solve it ♪ ♪ ice ice baby >> say what, say what? go get it now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ice ice baby >> word to your mother. >> my man cameron mathison. you looked so much like vanilla ice. it was incredible. >> the jut most professional interview on this entire planet
1:09 am
so to see you like that was awesome. >> it was so much fun. i can't tell you how much fun this show is. thank you. thank you. >> not kidding, that was an a-plus. >> give cameron some love. >> can cam, can he? can cam lip sync? well, i just did it. that was for our show and not the real deal. i could have thrown down with ll for real. >> you're on fantasy island right now. >> listen, lip sync battle tomorrow night on spike. tomorrow on "e.t." -- well it's ladies' night. >> three, two, one -- >> totally wrong. >> tomorrow's question, can cam make it as a chippendales' dancer? will cameron bare all on their vegas stage? that's tomorrow. melissa mccarthy's crazy
1:10 am
antic hosting saturday night live helped the show hit its seven-year ratings high. her huff bell falcone. >> what is the best thing being married to your wife >> i love her to pieces. >> uh-oh, someone found a souvenir. >> she's a nice person. ben and melissa met studying improv comedy 19 years ago so you got that believe it's rubbed off on the couple's two little girls. >> my kids around the dinner table now. my older daughter has a character called the businessman and she's like, hello, i'm the businessman and it's just this bizarre take on what a businessman would be like. >> can you see a little bit of, you know, the comedic and the acting in your daughters? >> yeah, i can. >> you seem so excited i get nervous about it.
1:11 am
because it's a tricky business when you get into it. but they're both really fun and great kids and if they wanted to pursue that, you know, they should when they're 25. >> ben shares more parenting insights in his new book, "being a dad is weird." melissa wrote the forward, but the book pays homage to ben's >> i know that this is love letter for your parents, especially for your father, is this more of a love letter to your daughters? >> oh, absolutely. yeah, and to melissa. i mean, it's just about the whole adventure of it allened how i grew up and the things that my dad would do and the way i'm different than my dad with my girls. it's kind of a big, happy mess. >> a whole bunch of weirdness. melissa and ben also executive produced the v tvland's "nobodies." still ahead -- zoe saldana and her look-alike sisters.
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. travel krgts provided by -- provided by -- hi, guys, we're the saldana sisters. >> come on, zoe saldana had her hands full with those three. zoe and her sisters look like triplets. they're about a year apart. >> the sisters have their own web show, rose, a roundtable. they talk body image in the new issue of "shape" magazine. including what motivates them to work out. >> you have fl feel guilty of having that three, four glasses of wine. >> let her do her thing.
1:15 am
she has twins. >> bye, everybody. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today -- number one, does taylor swift have a new man? >> is this a big deal. >> hmm. >> but just who is joe alwyn and is taylor moving too swiftly. >> taylor reportedly rented an apartment near his home. then, brad pitt's comeback tour takes new york as miley confesses her biggest career regret, wrecking ball. >> i'll always be the naked girl on the wrecking ball. number three, why you should be hyped for abc's new fall lineup. >> i'm so excited to be a new idol on "american idol." and roseanne makes a surprise return pl


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