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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 19, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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bangoura is 21 month old.he's black, with brown hair and brown eyes. 3 feet tall and weighing 40 pounds. alex bastian/sf assistant district attorney: the mother and the father are in joint custody of the child. when the father did not come back with the child, the mother went and obtained new custodial status from the court then subsequently filed a police report late yesterday and we immediately worked on the case and since working on the case, we were actually informed of some erratic behavior and that's why we immediately started the process of the ambert alert. (hermela aregawi)that is the explanation of why there was a day's delay in issuing the amber alert.yesterday it was simply a mother looking for help getting her child back
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from the father.but after signs of erratic behavior.. it got bumped up to an amber alert.investigators aren't saying how long the father had the child or when he was supposed to return him at this time.we'll stay in touch with investigators and bring you latest as it comes in.. reporting live in san francisco, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. alex bastian/sf assistant district attorney: the father are in joint custody of the child. when the come back with the child, the mother went and custodial status from the court subsequently filed a police report late immediately worked on the case and since case, we were actually informed of some erratic that's why we immediately started the process of the ambert alert. (vicki) we're following more breaking news this evening... the search is on tonight for 3 men believed responsible for robbing a costco in danvillle. if this sounds familiar, it should.. the same store was robbed less than 2 weeks ago. kron 4's dan kerman is live at police headquarters in danville where the chief just wrapped up a news conference dan
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i heard one gunshot this woman was inside danville's costco store about 12-15 friday afternoon, when the unthinkable happened.. an armed robbery, the second one in less than two weekssot steve simpkins/danville police chiefbecause this was the second one this one, shoppers weren't quite sure if what they had heard was a gunshot karen ibarra paniagua/costco shopperbecause it was something that had happened in the last couple weeks people weren't sure something had dropped really loudly then all of a sudden people started running and a man ran and said duck duck and people were ducking behind their carts. danville police say the two robbers than ran out with stolen jewelry and wathches to a late model silver toyota
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the warming trend will continue this afternoon and into the weekend as high pressure builds off the west coast.
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cooler temperatures returning by the early and middle part of next week. dry weather is forecast through next week. ( grant )president trump on his way to saudi arabia tonight amid a flood of explosive new revelations.our news partner c=n=n now
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reporting that white house lawyers are researching their possible defense against impeachment.(vicki )and the justice department russia probe is now said to be focusing on a current high=level white house adviser..catherine heenan is here with the details. (catherine) we're just learning that james comey has agreed to testify in open session before the senate intelligence committee. that's just the latest in what's been a week of bombshell headlines. "trump fired jim comey because the most dangerous thing in the world if you're donald trump is a person who tells the truth, is dogged, you can't control..." a close friend of comey broke his silence today, as ever more damaging leaks painted a portrait of a president under seige.the times reported the official white house notes of the president's meeting with russian officials last week reveal that the president told them, "i just fired the head of the f.b.i. he was crazy, a real nut job," he added, "i faced great pressure because of russia. that's taken off."
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the appointment of robert mueller as an independent prosecutor is likely to have the opposite effect.he's reportedly already identified a current, senior white house adviser as a "person of interest."and we are hearing more from comey's friend about this encounter with the president just a few days after the inauguration. "comey really didn't want to go to that meeting. he just really doesn't believe the president and the fbi director should have any kind of social relationship or shows of warmth." benjamin wit-tess described in detail how the six-foot-eight comey tried to blend in with the curtains in the back of the room in hopes he would not be spotted. "trump singles him out in a fashion that he regarded as sort of calculated.""he's become more famous than me!" "what he told me was, it was bad enough that he was there, it was bad enough that there was going to be a handshake. there really wasn't
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going to be a hug. and so if you watch the video, he extends his hand, and comey's arms are really long. and he extends pre-emptively. and trump grabs his hand and kind of pulls him into a hug, but the hug is entirely one sided. comey was just completely disgusted by the episode. he thought it was an attempt to compromise him in public." n(catherine) the white house press secretary did not deny the reports that the president called comey a nut job. he released a statement saying once again, that the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly classified conversations.. vicki? (vicki) neighbors say a troubling trend is developing in vallejo. in recent months, people living there say home burglaries and car thefts continue to rise... and, they tell kron four's philippe djegal they only see the problem getting worse. (philippe) mounting frustration for neighbors living in the vallejo hills off columbus parkway. one man woke up last sunday morning, reviewed his surviellance video and became alarmed when he saw this... what appears to be three hooded teenagers or young men trying to break into his car. fortunately, the car was
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locked and the suspects didn't get away with anything. but the same can't be said for the rest of the community. over the weekend, there were at least 15 auto thefts or name/victim- "i believe that they're watching the neighborhood." this man, who wishes to remain private, says his car was stolen a month ago, off knights circle. he turned his car on in the morning, went back inside to grab his bike for a workout... and, the car was no longer on the driveway when he name/victim- "it was that quick." he says his car was eventually found in sacramento. and, so far, no name/victim- "i mean, even though you have a camera, they're not -- they don't really care about the camera, so they're not too scared." retired san quentin state prison correctional officer darleen henley lives around the corner... and, says her car was stolen from outside her house on her birthday darleen henley/victim- "and, my neighbor, they got their house broken into approximately six months ago and the son and aunt was at the house and it was very scary for them" darleen says the theives are not intimidated by the neighbood watch signs. often she says the criminals steal cars, dump them in her neighborhood and steal more. and, getting an immediate and
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thorough police response is difficult.darleen henley/victim- "back in the day, it, you know, we used to know our officer's name, you know, um, we could have some kind of relationship." but those days are long gone, she name/victim- "hopefully, these people get caught. i mean, people are getting tired of it." neighbors just hope the burglars take their act somewhere else. in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vicki) a major step forward in the fight to save an embattled mobile home park on the penninsula. what today's developments mean for those who live there. (grant) plus what the giants are now doing to protect fans at games this season. (vicki) it's one of the first wildfires of the season. the effort underway in the central valley to put out this fire that has burned thousands of acres already.
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(grant) friends of a man shot and killed in front of a san jose restaurant last night say they believe he was a vicitm of a drive-by shooting. police were in the area of first street and edwards avenue around 10 p-m when they heard gunshots. when they arrived at the wienerschnitzel restaurant...they saw a man on the ground who had been shot. investigators say this area is known to have high gang activity. they have been talking to witnesses and searching surveillance camera for any leads. (2-shot/grant) an update now on a story we've been following for months now on the peninsula.(2-shot/vicki)
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kron four's rob fladeboe is live in palo alto to tell us the latest on a break through in the long running effort to save the embattled buena vista mobile home park. rob? (rob live) it looks like one of the last mobile home parks in palo alto and one of the most affordable places to live will not be sold off and replaced by commercial development after all, at least not all of it. after months of negotiations, the santa clara county housing authority has announced a tentative agreement to buy that park for about $4o million dollars. it's going to be a 3-way partnership between the housing authority, the county and the city of palo alto. the effort had three goals: save about 100 units of desperately needed low incomehousing, ensure that the property owner got a fair deal and to prevent 400 people from being evicted, including about 100 children. tenants here have been in limbo, worried what would do if they were evicted.
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myra escalante/park resident" it's been very stressful to think about it because it's so expensive to live anywhere else. being here is just so affordable, we were all stressed out worrying about what happens if we had to move out and where we would go..." myra showed me here 2 bedroom mobile home she shares with her husband and two kids.myra says anything comparable in palo alto would cost at least three times what whatthey pay now. (rob live) the partnership
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will put up about $29 million with the federal government kicking in the rest.the deal is expected to be approved by the housing authority board next week. live in palo alto rob fladeboe kron 4 news (vicki) the giants have quietly been installing barriers around willie mays plaza to protect fans and other pedestrians. kron4's maureen kelly talked to a spokesperson for the team who says the decision to take this precautionary measure is not tied to any specific threat. this is precautionary.this is a fun environment we want this to be a fun environment but we also wanted to be safesteel and concrete posts....or bollards are going in around willie mays at&t park.the protect the 41-thousand fans who attend home games.....and all of the other people who walk on the busy streets just in case a
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someone in a vecihle tries to drive up onto the sidewalk. it's an act that's made headlines...just this week one person was killed and dozens injured in new york by an alleged drugged and homicidal driver in new york's time square.there have been several other high profile terrorist attacks involving vehciles mowing down berlin and nice. but the giants say the idea to install these bollards was not linked to any single one of these's just the world that we live in unfortunately these days so much more mindful of the safety precautions that we take it out on our streets public facilities near the ballpark so really just need to clean being cautious so hopefully somebody does come up onto the sidewalk herethose out in front of the ballpark today think it's a good idea. that's great i mean obviously safety is first especially if you have crowds coming in for baseball games i think it's great i think it also helps control helps control the lines into the ballpark that's awesome because it's already a mess so just kind a help cleaning things up a little bit on even smoother transition to the game in a little bit betterthey began installing these bollards back in april but they're not done yet be more of them as well some cement plant it was a long king street as well as doubt they have to do the installations in between home
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games and events so they are hoping to have them all installed by the end of the year maureen kelly k4n (grant) firefighters are battling a fast moving fire in southern california.. it started burning near coalinga in fresno county yesterday afternoon... overnight it grew nearly three thousand acres.. it has now damaged more than 10 thosand acres..and is threatening 6 buildings. the fire is fifty percent contained. (vicki) it's been a crazy week for severe weather over a large chunk of the u.s....(grant) catherine heenan is here with more on a shocking string of killer tornadoes -- andeven spring snow...
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(catherine) it seemed like the tornadoes just kept coming... the national weather service confirms there was a series of tornadoes in texas,oklahoma, kansas and wisconsin... and that's just tuesday! wednesday and thursday there were 'more' severe storms...bringing everythingfrom downed power lines to lightning. colorado got spring snow on thursday.. and closer to home....there was more fresh snow this week in the sierra. at least three deaths are being blamed on storms. in wisconsin, an 85-year-old man says it was a very close call when a large tree fell on his house.. tom searles/homeowner we've had a lot of storms come through, but i've never had one that scared me like that. i thought god was coming down to get me (laughs) like that. see. so, here i am. thank god i made it another day. this is the mobile home park in northwestern wisconsin that wasflattened by a tornado this week.. one person was
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killed here....and more than two dozen others injured. the other reported deaths happened in oklahoma and iowa. vicki and grant? (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp. the warming trend will continue this afternoon and into the weekend as high pressure builds off the west coast. cooler temperatures returning by the early and middle part of next week. dry weather is forecast through next week.
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(vicki) a man says an alligator caused him to crash on a florida freeway. we have the video you've got to see. (grant) plus we're learning more about a teenager who was killed when a driver plowed into a crowd in times square.
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we're learning more about the teenage tourist who was killed when a driver plowed into a crowd in times square. authorities released this photo of 18- year-old alyssa elsman who was killed yesterday when
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police say richard rojas crashed into a crowd - injuring 20 others. elsman was visiting new york city with her family. her 13 year old sister, who was with her at the time of the accident, was injured and taken to a local hospital. rojas is charged with murder and 20 counts of attempted murder. he has a history of drunken driving and tested positive for pcp yesterday. (grant) in florida. a motorcyclist was thrown from his bike after hitting an 11-foot-long alligator. it happened this morning in hillsborough county. florida highway patrol says that the motorcyclist hit the gator so hard... he literally flipped off his bike from impact. authoritiies say his injuries are non-life threatening. the gator is barely alive and was taken by private trappers. (vicki) next:all week we've been taking you along with law enforcement tasked with keeping an eye on
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registered sex offenders.. coming up- we look at the new push to end lifetime registration for certain offenders.(grant) plus anthony weiner pleads guilty to child sex crimes. how long he could be sent to prison for the conviction. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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series on sex offenders and megan's law .... california lawmakers are considering ending lifetime registration for certain offenders.( vicki) a controversial bill has been proposed in sacramento... and in-depth tonight.. kron 4's maureen kelly explains why the idea of ending lifetime registration... is getting support from law enforcement. these deputies are part of the alameda county safe task force.checking up on a high risk sex offender in oakland. so this is ray moore, he's a high risk, full post offender he did a whole bunch of stuff back in 1984sodomy with a person under 14, oral cop in concert, rape by threat, rape of drugged victim, penetration with a foriegn objectnow they are checking on whether or not he lives where he says he lives. this small task force has nearly 25-hundred sex offenders to keep track of. there is currently an estimated 104-thousand of registered sex offenders statewide. (o'malley)the
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amount of work for local law enforcement to monitor all of those people who come in every year is overwhelmingááánancy o'malley is the district attorney of alameda county who's made a career proscecuting sexual predators and advocating for their she's the chair of the state's sex offender management board. (o'malley) which still cracks me up because i am the least sympathetic to sex offendersá californians have been able to search the megan's law website to find sex offenders living in their area since the 90's.. but there's been a sex offender registry since the 40's. (maureen ) as it stands now all sex offenders have to register with law enforcement for the rest of their matter if they committed a non violent misdemeanor crime like indecent exposure or a violent felony rape. and those that are at the greatest risk for reoffending are in the same cue with ever(o'malley)and the ones that are at the greatest risk are just in cue with everyone else that they have to pay attention to, it's a big burden that's on law
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enforcementánow o'malley and other leaders in california's criminal justice system are pushing senate bill 421 that would allow that certain offenders to be dropped from the list after a number of years. (o'malley) there are people who are still registering who are now 80 years old and they register every year because when they were 18 years old they exposed themselves, there's injustice in some of that.if passed into law sb421 would create a tiered system for sex offenders.7 tier 1: misdemeanor or non-violent sex offenders register for 10 years 7 tier 2: those convicted of serious or certain violent offenses would remain on the list for 20 years7 tier 3: violent high risk sex predators will remain on the list for the rest of their lives(o'malley)those individuals will stay lifetime registrants and there is no possibility for them to get off.áit wouldn't be automatic... those offenders who qualify would have to ask to be removed from the registry....and it would happen only after their petition is reviewed by their local district attorney....who would amoung other things consider their risk of re
5:32 pm it stands now most u-s states already have a tiered system for sex offenders. california is one of four states that still requires lifetime registry .... the others are ones on the opposite side of the country alabama, florida and south carolina.the mother of 10 year old christopher meyer, who was kidnapped and killed by a convicted sex offender agrees that the california sex offender registry needs reform...but hopes the state doesn't make it easier to remove certain sex offenders from the list.(mika moulton)"i know that there are people on this system that probably shouldn't be but, let's take it down a notch and slow down before we push things too fast." o'malley believes the tiered system would free law enforcement up to focus on the high risk offenders they should be watching.(o'malley) because the resources for monitoring sex offenders are getting smaller and smaller, that we need law enforcement on people who are posing the greatest risk of reoffending and it isn't the people who are committing misdeamor crimes and it's not evey statistically not even the people who have committed sexual assault crimes many years ago, so we really need to be smart with how we are using our resources to keep our communtiies safe and to stop any further victimization.áso he's not in any trouble right now, so let's not try protecting him and getting yourself in trouble proponents of the tier system say lightening the load of people like these deputies will give them more time to concentrate on high risk
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offenders who need monitoring. maureen kelly kron4 news ( grant) the bill s-b 4-21 is a bit of a political hot potato... a recent sponsor backed away at the last minute. it's now being pushed ahead by state senator scott wiener of san francisco and is making its way thru the legislature. if passed, it could go into affect by january 1st. (vicki) former congressman anthony weiner could be heading to prison for up to two years. today weiner pleaded guilty to exchanging sexually explicit texts with a 15-year-old girl. he cried on the stand as he apologized for his behavior...saying he knew his life's dream of working in
5:34 pm
public service has been destroyed. another blow to weiner came just hours after pleading guilty to the federal sex charge. his wife has filed paper work for divorce. the new york city judge says weiner must also register as a sex offender. (grant) next are retail jobs in jeopardy? how soon experts say they could be replaced with robots. (vicki) plus researchers look into the impact of social media on mental health. we'll explain which users are most at risk.
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[ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ]
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[ seagulls squawking ] (vicki) if you have
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noticed some problems with refreshing your twitter feed're not alone. twitter has been down for most of the day. a technical glitch on the social media site and on the app has caused troubles for users. a message has been popping up for people trying to use twitter all over the world. twitter acknowledged the issue and said it is working on a fix. (vicki) speaking of twitter...a health warning is going out about people who love social media. a new report from britain's society for public health says many popular media sites can actually be detrimental to young people's mental health. topping the instagram. researchers say it can make young women feel pressure about body image...forcing them to seek unrealistic goals of perfection. snapchat, facebook and twitter were also criticized for impacting the health and wellbeing of users between the ages of 14 to 24.
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the study encourages young people to take a break from spending too much time on social media. (grant) a sign of the times... looks like robots are taking over the retail world. they have already cost millions of factory jobs across the u-s. now they could wipe out millions of retail positions. a study by corner-stone capital group finds robots could replace six to seven-and-a-half million jobs over the next 10 years. expect to see fewer cashiers and more automated checkout lines. and stocking shelves and inventory control will be made more efficient with automation. the study also found that rising wages are helping drive the automated trend. (grant) next covering the warriors. we'll tell you everyhting you need to know ahead of the playoff game tomorrow against the spurs. will the dubs' opponant get
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their star player back? we'll discuss- just ahead. (brittney) i'm chief meteorologist brittney shipp, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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top of breaking news... an amber alert issued for a little boy. pam moore is in the newsroom with kron 4 news at six. (pam) vicki... police say, a 21 -month old boy may be in danger. san francisco police issued an amber alert ... asking people to be on the lookout for makai bangoura ... who was taken from his mother. police say, he was kidnapped by his father.... 30- year old jason lam. they are especially concerned because they say, lam may be suicidal. both his description and the car he is driving are on kron 4 dot com and our mobile app. we will have a live report with the latest on the search ... tonight at six. vicki back to you. (vicki) time now for some
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warriors talk-- by this time tomorrow night, the dubs... will be on the floor for game 3 against the san antonio spurs. (grant) golden state...seeking to continue its undefeated playoff run and get back to a 3rd-straight finals. but the spurs, could have one of their key weapons return to the lineup. mark carpenter joins us with the details mark? san antonio's mvp candidate kawhi leonard... listed as questionable with that ankle injury, but he is expected to play. and the warriors are preparing for him to be on the court. let's take a look at the warriors practicing this morning in san antonio. steve kerr made the trip, but he probably won't be returning to the bench for this stretch. the warriors are red hot coming into game they demolished the spurs by 36-
5:44 pm
points, but it's probably not gonna be that easy tomorrow. in each of their last two game 3's in the playoffs, golden state trailed, but managed to pull off a win in both instances. so they know they'll have to survive a rowdy crowd and a serious punch from san antonio out of the gates. "they feed off the mistakes you make. they get loud and then their team is feeding off them, so they have a great thing here. it makes it tough to win, but at the end of the day, it's not impossible." although the warriors are 10-and-oh in the postseason...they don't need to look too far back to remember the spurs are capable of putting them in a 25-point hole. so complacency won't be an issue. "we're confident enough to know that when we play well, we are pretty good. but we also know that when we are sluggish and don't pay attention to the smaller details, we can be beaten any night." one person that'll get a nice warm welcome in san antonio is zaza pachulia-- the man spurs fans blame for injuring star player kawhi leonard. zaza's
5:45 pm
teammates...know the 14-year veteran can handle himself.
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is the shortest distance of the triple crown races, just two weeks after the kentucky derby. it is time for the preakness stakes. last year, about 130,000 people came here to pimlico for preakness, the second race in the triple crown, determining just how exciting the finale at belmont will be in june."saturday's preakness has its own special place in the triple crown. gabby gaudet, maryland jockey club racing analyst: "this is what makes the preakness so much fun. we have the kentucky derby winner, and there's still hopes in the air of potentially a triple crown winner. and that's the hope here with always dreaming."the middle race -- just shy of the derby's distance - at one and three-sixteenths miles. maryland jockey club racing analyst gabby gaudet says a winning run at pimlico has some secrets.gabby gaudet, maryland jockey club racing analyst: "pimlico has kind of been known as a track that's kind to horses who are more forwardly placed, even closer to the rails. so that's obviously something that's going through the jockey's mind. but once you get to big races -- the preakness stakes - it's really about working out the right trip and just listening to your horse."the main event lasts only about two minutes.the celebrations -- well before and after. brendan dorr, b&o american brasserie: "a little bit of rye whiskey."where kentucky serves up juleps, preakness has black-eyed susans -- named after maryland's state flower. brendan dorr, b&o american brasserie: "this cocktail's been around for quite a long time. i think the idea was it was an easy cocktail for anyone to reproduce. something that was pretty accessible." and like the derby - it's time
5:47 pm
to dress up.grayson owen, hats in the belfry fells point manager: "this is a classic women's derby hat."so at hats in the belfry in baltimore's fells point, it's peak week. grayson owen, hats in the belfry fells point manager: "this is our busiest week of the year. most people tend to come in beginning of may through this friday to get their hats."after a muddy derby -- hoping preakness hats and horses are under sunny skies.karin caifa/baltimore, md: it's expected to be a fast track. the field, only about ten horses, much smaller than the kentucky derby. and in addition to the derby winner, always dreaming, he will be joined by four other repeat contenders making the tight turnaround - hence, looking at lee, gunnevera, and classic empire. the rest of the field, new shooters. at pimlico race course in baltimore, i'm karin caifa."
5:48 pm
(vicki) san francisco is gearing up for one of its biggest events of the year this weekend. possibly the only day you can see someone running for miles in a gorilla costume.. the one and only bay to breakers is happening this sunday. as always, the race starts near the bay bridge.... heads due west through the city.... and ends at ocean beach. law enforcement and race organizers have been working together for months to prepare for the big day to keep everyone safe.. officials say there will be officers and private security patrolling the course.. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meterologist brittney shipp.
5:49 pm
the warming trend will continue this afternoon and into the weekend as high pressure builds off the west coast. cooler temperatures returning by the early and middle part of next week. dry weather is forecast through next week. (vicki) next- as the weather gets warmer, more people are spending time outside. but before you run to the river we have some things to keep in mind.. (vicki) the warming trend will continue this afternoon and into the weekend as high pressure builds off the west coast. cooler temperatures returning by the early and middle part of next week. dry weather is forecast through next week.
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(vicki) next- as the weather gets warmer, more people are spending time outside. but before you run to the river we have some things to keep in mind.. next.
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with coming up and weather expected to hit rivers... with all of the rivers are they have been has some tips you're out on sacramento river to jump in. do, remember a when going to responders groups... or least, ahead of time, of the river you and... take vests.simple to use... every year, for local groups bring river banks. due to the early a "click it or chris harvey -- "children 13 and by law, and keep on your kids."use their h65 rescue demonstrations (rina nikano) nat --- the glistening sacramento river is so enticing... locals can't wait to jump in. but... before you do, remember a few things. nat--- when going to the river, first responders recommend always going in groups... or least, in pairs. tell people ahead of time, exactly what part of the river
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you will going to and for how long. and... take advantage of the free loaner life vests. nat -- "very simple to use... just goes over the head." every year, for memorial day, local groups bring out these loaner life vests on the river banks. but this year, due to the early warm weather, they're already out. remember ... for children .. there is a "click it or ticket" policy. chris harvey -- sacramento fire department "children 13 and under have to have a life vest by law, and keep a really close eye on your kids." saturday, the coast guard will use their h65 helicopter to do rescue demonstrations at west sacramento's river walk. it's to show that they have the resources... but they'd rather not use them. instead, they want to focus more on drowning prevention. rina- water experts what people tend to forget is, that even if it's 90 degrees outside. it doesn't mean the water is also 90 degrees. in fact, they say the water behind me is actually 50 degrees -- dangerously cold even for expert swimmers. and that's why they say it's even more important to have these life jackets. chris- "your body can also quickly become hypothermic you'll start to cramp up, and you'll lose your ability to basically swim effectively and get yourself back to shore." and this
5:56 pm
message seems to be working. since the loaner life jacket program started, sacramento fire saw great improvement in their rescue statistics. in 2015... there were 11 recreational swimmers who drowned within city limits. this excludes accidental falls. in 2016... there were none. and for 2017... they hope to keep it up. chris- "people continue to use these loaner life jackets, that with our increased patrols on the rivers, that we going to see hopefully again, zero recreational swimmers that are drowning." rnf40n (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.(granti) steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (steve) thank you grant and vicki... right now... an amber alert issued for a 21- month-old boy taken by his father. next at six... why police say the boy may be in danger.(pam) plus... a new bombshell revelation in the russia scandal. coming
5:57 pm
up... the names president trump reportedly called fbi director james comey.. and what he said about the pressure of the investigation.. kron 4 news at six.. is next. ñç an amber alert tonight
5:58 pm
as the hunt is on for a bay area toddler and his father. we just learned 30 minutes ago from police they be headed toward southern california. good evening... i'm steve aveson.( pam ) and i'm pam moore. the 21-month-old boy may be in danger tonight.. after being taken from his mother. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to the district attorney's office which is handling the investigation. she joins us live in san francisco with the details.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
( pam ) police in danville are on the lookout for three men who robbed a costco this afternoon in danville. ( steve ) it's the second time it's happened this month and this time they fired their weapon twice. kron 4's dan kerman is live at police headquarters with more. (dan kerman) another frightening day for
6:01 pm
costco shoppers in danville for the second time in two weeks, masked suspects in hoodies entered the store, broke a display case and stole jewelry and watches as they were heading out of the store, one of the suspect fired their gun in the air when approached by a store employeesot steve simpkins/danville police chief 19-27sotthis woman was in the store at the timesot karen ibarra paniagua/costco shopper 33-36still she says shoppers ducked behind their shopping carts waiting for an all clear. sotpolice say the two masked robbers exited the store to a waiting vehicle in the parking lot but one of them fired their gun for a second time when a car got in their way. now police are looking at similarites between this robbery and the one last week sot130/looking at
6:02 pm
( steve ) we have been sending out push alerts about all of these stories throughout the day. if you are on the go and want to stay in the know... download the
6:03 pm
kron four mobile app. just make sure you enable the push alert feature. the app... it is free for apple and android devices. ( steve ) new at six: we have learned the bodies of a santa rosa couple have been found in the sierra following a plane crash. mark richard and his wife brenda were found near yuba pass. their plane took off last month form truckee-tahoe airport last month for petaluma but never arrived. the sierra county sheriff's office says a citizen spotted the plane earlier this week. when they went to investigate, they found the couple's bodies inside. the crash remains under investigation. (pam) police are still looking for suspects who stabbed a man at dolores park in san francisco this week.. this happened around 5-30 wednesday afternoon... in broad daylight... the 23-year old victim says, he was chased across dolores park and then assaulted.. police say, the victim was beaten with golf clubs, and then slashed with broken bottles. they do believe it was a targeted attack... the vicitm has been released
6:04 pm
from the hospital. (steve) police in san jose say a man shot and killed in front of a restaurant late last night...could have been the victim of a gang-related drive-by shooting. police were in the area of first street and edwards avenue around 10 p-m when they heard gunshots. they pulled up to the wienerschnitzel there and found a man laying on the ground with gunshot wounds. he was transported to the hospital but later died. authorities say this is an area in san jose that is known to have high gang activity. witnesses are being questioned and investigators are looking through surveillance video to look for leads. (pam) a scary morning for one south san jose middle school.. the school was evacuated .... after staff found a backpack that had a suspicious bottle inside .. around 8-20- this morning, a janitor at bridges middle school found the back pack.. inside was a bottle labeled "nitro -glycerin"... which can be used as a powerful explosive.. the san jose bomb squad and fire department were called to investigate..
6:05 pm
found a backpack near the gymnasium, he opened it up and found a 750ml bottle about half way full with a liquid it said nitroglycerin on it. there were some chemical equations written on the bottle so obviously that's highly suspicious and he immediately let the principal know who called the police department and patrol came out here immediately they also responded with the fire department and then they called out the bomb squad. > (pam) the school was evacuated and mclaughlin avenue was closed for about three hours.. police say, they will test the liquid before they dispose of it. ( steve ) the penalty phase of the sierra lamar trial is set to resume on monday. the court took a break today after the prosecution rested its case. the defense is suppose to begin presenting its case... it has asked the judge to allow a psychologist to testify about antolin garcia-torres' childhood. the judge has said she wants garcia-torres' family to testify first, then she will consider the request. the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. a live look outside right now...(steve) let's get
6:06 pm
our first look at the weather with chief meteorologist brittney shipp. the warming trend will continue this afternoon and into the weekend as high pressure builds off the west coast. cooler temperatures returning by the early and middle part of next week. dry weather is forecast through next week. ( pam ) ( pam ) a big story
6:07 pm
tonight: president donald trump reportedly told top russian officials in an oval office meeting last week, that newly fired f-b-i director james comey was a "crazy" "nut job"-- that is according to the new york times.( steve ) and we have late word that comey plans to publicly testify before a senate panel some time after memorial day. the topic... russia and his firing. athena jones with our partners at c-n-n has the latest in turmoil surrounding the white house. --reporter pkg-as follows-- natspresident trump departing washington today for his first overseas trip... but unable to escape the controversies swirling around his presidency.
6:08 pm
the latest bombshell: a new york times report that the president told russian officials in an oval office meeting earlier this month that firing jim comey as f-b-i director removed "great pressure" on him."i just fired the head of the f-b-i. he was crazy, a real nut job," trump said, according to a document summarizing the meeting."i faced great pressure because of russia. that's taken off," he added.white house press secretary sean spicer not denying the account."by grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into russia's actions, james comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with russia," spicer said in a statement.the latest revelation comes as the president offered yet another version of the events leading up to the dismissal of comey, who was leading the bureau's investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia.president donald trump:"director comey was very unpopular with most people. i actually thought when i made that decision, and i also got a very, very strong
6:09 pm
recommendation, as you know, from the deputy attorney general."after saying this about the firing last week: president donald trump:"oh, i was going to fire regardless of recommendation."deputy attorney general rod rosenstein telling lawmakers on capitol hill that he wrote the memo after he knew the president made the decision to fire comey but making clear he takes responsibility for the document:"i wrote it. i believe it. i stand by it." rep. brad sherman/(d) california:"he knew that a decision had been made and at the same time, he observed that a decision is not final until it's final."rosenstein today briefing house members about his decision to appoint former f-b-i director robert mueller as special counsel in charge of the russia investigation.reporter:"do you believe mueller will conduct a fair investigation?"rep. darrell issa/(r) california: "absolutely. you know, the definition of fair will not be a republican definition. they won't like it. a democratic
6:10 pm
definition, at times they won't like it. and the president at times will be frustrated. but you know, again, this is about public confidence."natsthe controversy engulfing trump's presidency as he embarks on an eight-day, five-stop tour that one official describes as "kind of do or die."the president tweeting this morning..."getting ready for my big foreign trip. will be strongly protecting american interests - that's what i like to do!" ( steve ) trump is scheduled to deliver a speech in saudi arabia on sunday. the principal speechwriter - senior policy adviser stephen miller - is the author of trump's highly contested travel ban. ( pam ) coming up.. an amazing site... video of a northern california school campus inundated with fish ... you'll likely be surprised, like the school was, by where they all came from.( steve ) people living in one north bay neighborhood .. very worried tonight.. burglaries in their community are on the rise... and so far, no solution is in sight.( pam ) and if you thought the calexit movement was over... think again. the new movement tonight... for the state break away from the
6:11 pm
united states. (s neighbors say a troubling
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
trend is developing in vallejo. in recent months, people living there say home burglaries and car thefts continue to rise...(pam) and, they tell kron four's philippe djegal .... they only see the problem getting worse. (philippe) darleen henley says she and her neighbors don't feel as safe in their community as they used to. last year, her car was stolen on her brithdaydarleen
6:14 pm
henley/victim- "there was an abandoned car at the top of the street, and i guess, his car died and he came and stole mine." it was eventually found in fairfield. now, darleen covers the car up and takes other security measures to avoid become a victim once again... she thinks burglars and thieves are taking advantage of a vallejo police department that has its hands full.darleen henley/victim- "i think there might be still a shortage in vallejo, but that's not a welcome to come to our neighborhood and you know, vandalize here." over the weekend, there were at least 15 car burglaries and thefts in vallejo. a few of them in the hills off columbus parkway, where darleen lives. one neighbor shared this surveillance video of three teenage boys or young men trying to break into his car. his neighbor, who wishes to remain private says his car was stolen off his driveway last month. it was later found in name/victim- "i live here for about five years and i never thought it was going to happen to me." neighbors tell me home burglaries are also a problem. and, that even
6:15 pm
homes with dogs are being hit. no name/victim- "just look out for yourself and try to communicate neighbors." he says people are getting into the habit of writing down license plates cars passing through the community... but fear as the summer approaches and school lets out, the burglaries will continue to rise before they fall. in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four news. (steve) if you plan to visit san francisco's dolores park-- don't forget to pick up after yourself... litterbugs could soon be hit with a fine of up to one- thousand dollars. legislation introduced earlier this month would increase fines for littering and dumping in the park. the bill would also bans glass
6:16 pm
from all parks city-wide. city officials say littering has been an ongoing problem at the park. dolores park was renovated last year at the cost of more that 20 million dollars. ( pam ) wildfire season has arrived in california tonight... with at least two fires burning right now. the biggest fire is near coalinga... that is in the central valley ... in fresno county but close to the montery county line. the "elm fire" as it is being called has charred more than 10-thousand acres so far. but cal fire says... it is making good progress and the flames are 50-percent contained tonight. six buildings are threatened leading to a few evacuations. the fire started yesterday afternoon and quadrupled in size in a matter of hours. no word yet on what sparked. (pam) new at 6. firefighters say, forward progress has been stopped on a small brush fire in los angeles county this afternoon. the flames scorhced about seven -acres on a hillside in malibu. fire crews battled the flames by ground and air
6:17 pm
.. spraying water and foam. it is unknown whether any structures were damaged or if any one was harmed. the cause of the fire is under investigation. (steve) we often hear people say, it's raining cats and dogs... but have you even heard it's raining fish? kindergartners in oroville got quite a surprise at recess when they found their campus littered with fish. a campus supervisor says the fish were everywhere-- even on the roof. the fish hatchery down the street says there were no fish deliveries that day. so where did the fish come from? (shannon capshew/principle): "my first concern was who was on the campus that we don't know about? were they playing a trick, or angry with somebody? the campus supervisors out there didn't see any adults, and we were out there the whole time so we kind of ruled that one out". (steve) ÷ it turns out there is a weather phenomenon where objects can get sucked up from lakes or the ocean by waterspouts during a storm.
6:18 pm
if the wind is strong enough it can carry fish or other creatures for miles before dropping them. so there is a possibility it rained fish... but it's not likely. let's take a look outside right now for the current conditions in the bay area... (pam) chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now with the forecast. the warming trend will continue this afternoon and into the weekend as high pressure builds off the west coast. cooler temperatures returning by the early and middle part of next week. dry weather is forecast through next week.
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6:21 pm
(( pam on cam )) a double dose of bad news for anthony weiner in new york(( v.o. )) on the same day he pleads guilty to sexting with a young girl,his wife officially sues him for divorce.(( steve v.o. )) in the south bay 400 residents of one complex get some very goodnews that will save them from becoming homeless.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
former congressman anthony weiner pleaded guilty today to exchanging sexually explicit texts with a 15-year-old girl.... catherine heenan is here with details on a court appearance that left weiner in tears... (catherine) this is a court sketch.....showing weiner wiping away tears. this - as he pleaded guilty to a federal obscenity charge....telling the judge he has a sickness....but no excuse for what he did... he acknowledges that he send graphic photos and texts to a 15-year-old girl in north carolina over a period of months.. the 52-year-old now has to
6:24 pm
register as a sex for huma abedin....the top aide to hillary clinton has now confirmed that she 'is' divorcing weiner. they have a five-year-old son.. sexting scandals ended weiner's political career and embroiled him in an fbi investigation intohillary clinton before the election.. the crime he pleaded guilty to today - carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison... although prosecutors are talking about a range of 21 to 27 months.. weiner left court today without commenting to reporters..he'll be sentenced september 8th.. steve and pam? (steve) supporters of making california an independent nation are back to work today..beginning their secong longshot attempt to recruit voters for a newly proposed ballot measure. the measure just submitted to officials is taking a more gradual appraoch than the one withdrawn earlier this month. it would have governor jerry brown negotiate with the federal government to make
6:25 pm
california a self-governing state..which supporters call a "nation within a nation." more thenn 580-thousand signatures are needed to qualify for next year's ballot. (steve) just ahead.. visitors to a-t-and-t park will notice changes to the lay of the land .. all aimed at adding extra security to protect fans ...(pam) plus, a legendary guitar ... once owned by a legendary performer.. goes on the auction block.. we'll tell you when you can place your bids.. (steve) and one of the most affordable places to live in one of this highest priced neighborhoods in the bay area ... gets a reprieve ... you'll hear from relieved residents .. i have spent years taking over-the-counter products
6:26 pm
for my belly pain and constipation. i've had it up to here! it's been month after month of fiber. weeks taking probiotics! days and nights of laxatives, only to have my symptoms return. (vo) if you've had enough, tell your doctor what you've tried and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children less than six, and it should not be given to children six to less than 18.
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it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain, and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. after months of
6:28 pm
negotiations, a deal has been reached to save the embattled buena vista mobile home park in palo alto.( pam 2-shot) kron four's rob fladeboe explains what happened.. and has reaction from park residents. myra escalante and her two kids are among the 400 or residents of the buena vista mobile home park, long threatened by development,
6:29 pm
who are relieved to here that they won't have to move after all.myra escalante/buena vista residentthe santa clara county housing authority has announced that it, in partnership with the county and the city of palo alto, will buy the park for roughly $40 million dollars, preserving about 100 units of desperately needed affordable housing.tim wood/park resident " you go two blocks that way or two blocks that way you have to pay $3,000 just for a studio..."marie bratton/park resident" i can't afford a million dollar home, not on my wages, this will allow me to keep my job here in the school district, otherwise id be living and commuting from tracy or someplace far away..." the owners are said to have gotten fair market value for the park andwill still be able to develop part of the land here along the el camino.rob fladeboe/san josethe partnership put up roughly $29 million with the federal government kicking in the remainder. the housing authority board expected to finalize the deal next week. in palo alto rob fladeboekron
6:30 pm
4 news (steve) the giants are installing new security measures to help protect fans and pedestrians at a-t&t park. here you can see some of the steel and concrete posts.... or bollards... that are now lining 3rd street. there are more up on king street on the other side of willie mays plaza. the idea is to try and prevent someone in a vehicle from driving up and mowing down people on the sidewalk, which can be busy even on non game days. the giants say this is just precautionary and not sparked by some of the deadly terror attacks that have happened over the last year in stockholm, london, berlin and nice. those we talked to out in front of the ballpark
6:31 pm
think it's a smart move. (fans)i hadn't even even noticed it until you pointed it out like you say every time you turn on the news there something new it's kind of nice to see the city worry about the pedestriansit's really not going to the hurt the aesthetics of the park much at all and for fans there is that even if there's no terrorist attacks with all the traffic coming through i think it's a great option(steve) today we saw team executives meeting with someone from the department of homeland security about this installation. the giants say they plan to have the barriers around the perimeters facing the street done by the end of the year. (pam) we are learning more about the man accused of mowing down a crowd of new york - times square pedestrians with his car, killing an 18-year-old tourist. a police report says, richard rojas once told police in florida , he wanted to kill officers. rojas enlisted in the navy in 2011. the following year, he was accused of beating a cab driver in jacksonville at a naval station. rojas said, the cabbie had disrespected him by trying to charge too much. charges were
6:32 pm
dropped.. the report says, rojas told police after his release from jail, he was going to kill an officer ... his lawyer... has yet to comment. in san francisco, an amber alert for a 21 month old. police are asking for the public's help in finding the suspect - who is the baby's father. police say 30 year old jason lam may be suicidal and should not be approached without law enforcement. he was last seen yesterday at a business in menlo park. he was driving a 2000 tan toyota corolla with license plate 5sey238. police are concerned that 21 month old makai bangoura may be in danger. in san francisco hermela aregawi kron 4 news.
6:33 pm
in vallejo... over the weekend, there were at least 15 reported car burglaries and thefts. some happening in the community off columbus parkway in the hills. one neighbor shared this surveillance video of teenage boys or young men trying to break into his car. they didn't get inside, but other neighbors were victimized that night. neighbors say the police department is slow to respond to their calls and believe theives know officers have their hands full. and, unfortunately, some victims tell us the problem will probably just get worse before things turn around. in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four news.
6:34 pm
chief meteorologist brittney shipp joins us now... the warming trend will continue this afternoon and into the weekend as high pressure builds off the west coast. cooler temperatures returning by the early and middle part of next week. dry weather is forecast through next week.
6:35 pm
( steve ) ( steve ) how would you like to own the guitar from one of jimi hendrix's legendary concerts? dig deep. the price it is expected to fetch at auction.
6:36 pm
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. ( pam ) the guitar jimi
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6:38 pm
hendrix played at the monterey pop festival 50- years ago is going up for auction next month. the guitar is expected to fecth around 750- thousand dollars. the monterey pop festival from 1967 featured some of the most famous acts from the 1960s. janis joplin, the who and the grateful dead were among those headlining the show. hendrix famously set a guitar on fire at the end of his set.
6:39 pm
this is the one he used for the show... he then swapped it out at the end. (pam) new at 6. the six siblings of pop icon prince... will inherit the late singer's minnesota estate. prince died from an accidental opioid overdose back in april of 2016, and it has been a legal battle ever since. the "purple rain" singer ... did not have a will at the time. a number of other people tried to stake a claim on the estate, including women claiming to be his niece, and grand- niece. prince's siblings said, those people are not connected to the late musician. in sports... gary joins us with his lovely wife to read fan emails. plus... the warriors had their first practice in san antonio... we'll hear what the team had to say about facing the spurs tomorrow night... gary has that and all the sports coming up
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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(grant) warrant has been issued for yarenit malihan's arrest...she's being taken into custody as we speak.1. gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. 2. driving under the influence causing injury. a woman suspected in a dui crash that killed a 3 year old boy has now been charged with the crime. the crash happened in september. a statement from jeff hubins, the dunn family spokesperson: "we are extremely
6:44 pm
disappointed and saddened that the d-a chose to charge malihan with only felony d-u-i and vehicular manslaughter, and not charge her with murder, especially in light of malihan's other alcohol and drug-related arrests just months before and after killing elijah." court documents reveal on june 7th, 2016 she was also arrested and later charged with driving under the influence of alcohol....that was in pleasanton. court documents reveal malihan had a blood alcohol level of .13 well over the .o8 legal limit. pleasanton police say at the time of the june 7th arrest malihan had a child in the car and she was also charged with child endangerment
6:45 pm
sad day for bay area sports. legendary sports broadcaster, wayne walker dies at age 80 after losing his fight with pakinson's. in 2015 he was diagnosed with the disease walker spent two decades covering bay area sports. before becoming a broadcaster he played 15 seasons in the n-f-l as a linebacker for detroit. he had a great repore among atheltes and members of the media. he had a great relationship with the 49ers, including hall of famer joe montana. walker had two stints with cbs broadcasting most of san francisco's games.
6:46 pm
turning now to the warriors-- the team practiced in san antonio this advance of tomorrow's game 3 showdown with the spurs. warriors orchestrated a blowout in game 2....destroying the spurs by 36- points. but they know it's not going to be that easy this time around. let's hear from kevin durant.
6:47 pm
as for the spurs-- kawhi leonard...listed as questionable to play tomorrow night. the mvp candidate missed game 2...with a left ankle injury. the warriors expect him to play and are preparing as if he'll be on the court. for golden state, iguodala and zaza pachulia...both questionable to play. iguodala is dealing with a sore left knee... and pachulia has a heel contusion.
6:48 pm
i don't think steve kerr should return to the sidelines until the warriors lose a game.
6:49 pm
steve kerr will be back on the sidelines when he feels he's healthy. the warriors don't need to rush his return because mike brown is doing a great job they're still undefeated in the playoffs. come on, do you really think gregg popovich's methods are going out of style? gregg popovich trying to adjust with life without tim duncan. the western conference the team to beat now is golden state. the spurs window has closed. thanks for being so kind at the giants game. it's pretty funny how you left our family than immediately feigned anger on the radio.
6:50 pm
do you think zaza pachulia is a dirty player?
6:51 pm
my husband and i bicker just like you two. keep it up! ( pam ) (gabe slate)
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
about your kids having free reign on the internet. i'm tech reporter gabe slate and i'll show you an app that lets parents set time restrictions time limits and it will protect and will protect them from dangerous websites. that's coming up on kron 4 news at 8. > ( steve ) a bay area tradition is
6:55 pm
set for this sunday.( pam ) it's the annual running of the bay to breakers. the race was first held in 1912 and has evolved since then into something that often resembles anything but a footrace. participants frequently wear crazy costumes and in the past... has also been an option. but officials are cracking down on nudity as well as the drinking associated with the the race is sunday morning [ birds chirping ]
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thof how q got curly. quin was crazy about curls. curly fries. curly straws. curly haired dogs. even those cute curly tails on pigs. but to quin's chagrin everything about her was so very straight. which made the next twist so amazing. did she expect to find a high-end hair curler at a mind-bendingly low price? never. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. marshalls. your surprise is waiting.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, hollywood boulevard is overrun by pirates as johnny depp and his dead men tell us all their tales. >> how does it feel to be back, captain? >> am i back? it feels great. >> inside their massive premiere and orlando's future paddleboarding plans. >> seems like a good time. >> i'm a fun time. >> then listen up george and amal. julia roberts weighs in on surviving twins. >> where did they come from and when are they going? >> number three, harrytyles has nothing but love for corden's car pool karaoke. so why is liam hating on harry's solo style?
7:00 pm
>> i'll be honest with you. it's not my sort of music. >> plus your "insider" bonus. scandal's finale was full of twists an turns. >> call me when she's dead. >> we uncork the wine with the cast for the ultimate viewing party. >> wow, everything changes. and -- ♪ if i could turn back time >> who is giving cher an epic tribute? >> "the insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> julia roberts on george clooney's twinning moment. why she won't give him parenting advice. that's coming up. >> first, johnny depp and orlando bloom hit dry land for the big hollywood premiere of "pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales." keltie was there. captain jack is back. >> how does it feel to be back, captain? >> am i back? it feels great. >> i'm back. how about that? >>ha


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